Madame Zelda: Trading Up.... Trading Down PT.5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

by Louder

Staci knew from the relative quiet of the house that Marsha was not there. No blasting stereo...No TV.... all quiet!

'Uhhhh I don't want to get her in trouble. Maybe she stepped out for a bit since I was late?' Debbi finally said hoping not to cause any more trouble for Marsha.

Staci tried in vain to get Debbi to give her some information, or even a clue, about where Marsha might be. No such luck! She dejectedly hung up the phone after getting Debbi to promise to call if she hears from Marsha.

The rest of the morning was spent waiting.... followed by the better part of the afternoon! Staci alternated between pacing to the window to check outside and sitting and staring at the telephone. She had started out thinking that Marsha had probably ran an errand.... then decided she must be with a boy.....then imagined her kidnapped!

Her mind raced thinking about what must've happened- A stranger knocking on the door to use the phone or something.....Marsha being so trusting and innocent, inviting him in....then he would drug her and lock her in the trunk of his car! She wanted to call the police but she realized they would think she is crazy! The worry only built until she heard....

'Whatcha doin'?'

'Marsha!' Staci yelled as she leapt out of her chair and gave her a big hug 'Where have you been???? I've been worried sick!'

'Sheesh, I told you Debbi and me were going to the lake!'

Suddenly, Staci's mood changed 'Sooo what did you do at the lake?' she asked in a halting voice.

'Nothin'.... Just hung out, ya know?'

'~Marsha~...Debbi called for you to tell you she was running late and you weren't here!?'

'She ~did~?' Marsha's voice trailed off.

'So just where were you?'

''s none of your business!'

'Listen, young lady! It ......errrrrrrr' A long sigh later and she continued 'Damn it! You're right.... It's just that you seem so ~young~ and I feel like I have to protect you. You worried me! I've been thinking horrible thoughts about what could've happened to you!'

'Get ~real~! Like, I'm some scared little thing! As IF! I've got a life too, ya know!'

'But, look at you! Dressed like THAT...!' Staci said. 'There's all kinds of evil people out there!'

Marsha stood there barefoot, wearing only a T-shirt for a cover up, and looked at Staci increduously. 'Puh......Lease! Give it up! I'm gonna go upstairs!'

Staci watched Marsha leave the room. As the Marsha made her way up the steps, Staci could see that she was wearing a thong. Her thong!

Staci wondered what she could say to get through to her. She only wanted what was right for her. If she was only a little more mature she'd understand, Staci felt.

After a short while, Marsha re-appeared wearing only cut-offs and a T-shirt. She had brushed her hair out and pulled it back into a pony-tail.

'Marsha, sit down for moment... Please' Staci asked.

'What ~now~? Are you gonna, like, ground me or somethin'? Get off it!'

'No, I just want to talk to you. Maybe make a deal.... What do you think about going to Madame Zelda tomorrow and trading back?'

'TOMORROW? But I thought this was for a week! Tomorrow's not FAIR! Tomorrow, what kinda deal's that?'

Staci realized she hadn't gotten everything that she had planned on buying with Marsha's credit cards, but it didn't seem as important now.... or even like the right thing to be doing! 'I just thought maybe you'd had enough? And I really worry about you....'

'No...No, No, No! I have like all kinds of plans for this week! You said this was for me and now you wanna take it away....already? That's not fair! Why are you being this way to me? Why? It's only for a week....' Tears started forming in Marsha's eyes. Slowly a tear rolled down her cheek.

'It was just a thought. We can wait until the weekend...Don't cry....'


The phone was a welcome interuption. Staci quickly grabbed it while Marsha wiped the tears from her eyes.

Marsha listened intently to Staci talking on the phone.


'Yes, she's back, Debbi, but I don't think she can talk right....' Staci didn't get to finish the sentence.

'Is that Debbi?' Marsha asked excitedly 'Let me have it! I've just gotta tell her something!'

Staci handed her the phone, surprised at how sudden her mood had swung once again.

'Debbi?... I'm gonna get on the other phone! Hold on.' She handed the phone to Staci 'Hang this up for me when I pickup...Okay?'

Staci nodded and took the reciever and watched Marsha dart up the stairs, taking two at a time!

'I got it now...You can hang up..... Hang it up.... I GOT IT!' she yelled from upstairs.

Staci put the phone back on the hook. The next thing she heard was the din of the radio drowning out any chance of her heaing any part of the girl's converstion.

Madame Zelda: Trading Up.... Trading Down PT.6

by Louder

After what seemed like forever, Marsha finally re-emerged from her bedroom.

'Me and Debbi's going out tonight. Don't wait up for me' Marsha said as she ran out the door.

'But......' Staci yelled, but was too late. She saw Marsha running down the sidewalk and soon out of view. Staci didn't like all the mystery. It was beginning to worry her. Her formerly responsible mother was now unpredictable and terribly inconsiderate. Staci couldn't believe that she would run out the door without telling her where she was going to be! Staci decided to kill some time and take her mind off of Marsha by cleaning the house. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new vacuum!

The downstairs didn't require much work. Some dusting and straightening and it was quickly finished. She then moved upstairs. Upon entering Marsha's room she saw what looked like a disaster area! Clothing littered the floor. In one spot would be a shoe with its mate no where nearby. A few 'teen' magazine's were strewn about. Some of them had pictures removed. Others had ads circled. The phone cord was stretched to its limit and the phone was lying on the un-made bed. Staci started picking up the clothing and matching shoes and socks with their mates. Most of the clothing was hers.... although she could never wear it now in her current 'condition'! Marsha had grabbed most of Staci's summer clothing and brought it to her own room. Short tops ....cut-offs.... Tank tops.... T-shirts.... all could be found on the floor or piled in the chair. Staci saw that Marsha had taken her favorite jeans and cut the knees out and then had bleached them. She was a little peeved that Marsha had 'ruined' a perfectly good pair of jeans! She then opened the closet to see that Marsha had shoved all her 'old' shoes and clothing into the corner. A few short dresses of Staci's hung in their place along with a few items that she had never seen before. Staci shook her head in disgust and began cleaning and straightening the room.

After cleaning Marsha's room she moved on to her own room. It was in fairly good shape. The few items of clothing that she had 'borrowed' from Marsha were neatly folded on her bureau. Upon opening her own closet (Something that she had not had a reason to do since the 'Trade') she could see where Marsha had hap-hazardly rummaged through her things! She didn't mind Marsha wearing her young clothing but wished that she could have been more respectful and neat with them.

After cleaning all the rooms and thoroughly cleaning the shower, Staci could only watch TV and wait for Marsha's return. In only a short while in front of the TV, Staci was fast asleep. At around 1 AM Staci was awakened by the lights of a car pulling out of the driveway. She squinted to make out the car but couldn't. The one thing she could tell was that it wasn't Debbi's car! She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep as Marsha gingerly entered the room. It was obvious that Marsha was being extra quiet.

'ohhhh I thought I heard someone....' Staci said pretending to just wake up. 'How was your evening?'

'It was cool.... We had a great time....'

'Did Debbi bring you home?'

'Ummmmm yeah errrr uhhhhh, like, what is this... 20 questions? Geez! Gimme a break! I'm home...Look...Safe and Sound! I' ve not been, like, raped or murdered or anything!'

Staci bristled. She could tell that Marsha was avoiding the subject, but she knew she didn't have right to 'question' her mother's motives. Even if her mother was now younger than her! Still, she was worried about her.... 'Marsha, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. I just wanted to know about your evening. We never really talk anymore....'

'Yeah, welllll I seem to remember, like, this one girl, Staci, that never wanted to talk to her ~mother~. So now, like, you wanna be best friends or somethin? I only have a few days left and I don't wanna be hangin' out with some old..... errrr ya know!'

'But, it would mean so much to me! We could spend tomorrow together. Talk, get to know each other better.'

'Geeeez.... Like, we really have anything in common? As if! Me and Debbi have plans tomorrow afternoon anyway!'

'How about in the morning then?' Staci asked hopefully.

'Ummmm I dunno.... Ummmm I kinda wanted to sleep in.... '

'You could still sleep in, and we could have lunch. I'll get you up at 10 so you can get ready.'

'TEN? YUCK! I said I was going to sleep in!'

'That IS sleeping in!'

'OK...Yeah...whatever.... I'm gonna crash...Later'

Marsha kicked off her shoes and trekked up the stairs to her room.

Staci felt good to spending some time with Marsha. Although she had much more she had planned on buying with Marsha's credit card, it didn't seem like such a good idea anymore. She also hadn't spoken with Jeff in a while. It just didn't seem as important anymore. She started making plans for her and Marsha's lunch the next morning when a screaming teenaged voice sliced throught the air.....

'HEYYYYYYYY....My room!!!! You've been in my room! Where's all my stuff???? You don't have a right to be in here!!!! I HATE you!...' The door slammed and Staci could hear sobbing coming from the room.

She walked upstairs and stopped outside the room. 'I just straightened things a bit. I didn't go through any of your personal stuff' She knocked on the door. 'Mom? Marsha? I won't do it again.... I promise. I'm sorry. I didn't think....Is it OK?'

Sobbing, Marsha answered 'Just leave me alone!'

'OK, I'm sorry. Really I am. I'll see you in the morning, Hon' Staci recoiled as soon as the words came out of her mouth. She had just called her mother 'Hon'!

Staci, once again was up bright and early. She got herself ready and did her best to make her 39 year old body look its best. As soon as the clock read 10 AM she knocked on Marsha's door to get her up.

'What? Go away!' Marsha sleepily grumbled 'It's ~too~ early!'

'Come on. Get up sleepy-head' Staci said sweetly. 'You don't want to be late getting back do you?'

The door slowly opened and Marsh stood there, hair disheveled, barefoot, and wearing only a T-shirt. 'Do we have to do this?' she said as she yawned.

'It's important to ME. Now, hurry up and get ready! Please!'

'Oh, OK....' Marsha replied hesitantly. 'I'll be down in like a minute.' After MANY minutes, Marsha came down the stairs. 'I guess I'm ready.... Let's get this over with'

Staci looked her over. Marsha had on cut-offs and a tank top. 'Is THAT what you're wearing? I thought we'd go somewhere nice.'

'Get real. I don't even wanna do ~this~. This is fine for wherever we go...'sides, I don't wanna go to one of those fancy places with all those, like, stuffy old people!'

'I'm sorry, we'll go wherever you want. Let's get in the car. Time is 'a wastin'!'



'The car.... It's so yucky! Debbi's mom has got a really cool car with T-tops and stuff. It's got a killer stereo and everything. This one is so...~boring~. Maybe we can get a cab?'

'No. This car will be fine. It will get us where we want to go. It's a lot safer than a car with T-tops too! Hop in.'

The two got in the car. Marsha immediately slid down in the seat and put her feet up on the dash.

'Do you ~have~ to sit like that?'

'Like what?'

'It's not very lady-like....that's all'

'~Whatever~ let's just go' Marsha said as she turned her head sideways and made a face.

Madame Zelda: Trading Up.... Trading Down PT.7

by Louder

'So, won't this rig go any faster?' Marsha asked impatiently.

'This is a perfectly comfortable speed' Staci told her.

'~Comfortable~ like a horse and buggy...' Marsha replied under breath.


'~Nothing~' Marsha answered dryily.

'So where do ~you~ want to go, Marsha....errrr Mom?'

'It doesn't matter. Wherever, but would please stop calling me mom? It ~feels~ so strange! It kinda, like, ruins the fantasy...Know what I mean?'

'I'm sorry.... It's just so hard for me too! What do you think about that little cafe downtown? You want to go there?'

'Ummm that place is kinda boring...'

'You used to always want to go there???'

'Why not Pizza Hut?'

'Pizza Hut? When did you start liking Pizza?'

'That's mine and Debbi's favorite place! It's worlds better than that 'Homestyle Cafe' place.'

'If pizza sounds good to you, I guess I can deal with it.'


Staci carefully drove to the nearest Pizza Hut and the waitress found them a table. Marsha ordered a cola while Staci opted for iced tea. As Staci looked over the menu and tried to find a low calorie item she felt a whoosh of air and a paper hit her. She looked up from the menu to see Marsha giggling. Marsha had blown the wrapper of her straw at Staci.

'Good shot, Mommmmerrrr.... Marsha'

'I'm the ~best~' she laughed.

Staci had a hard time finding anything on the menu that wasn't too spicy or too fattening. Marsha continued fidgeting while she waited on her to make up her mind. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window and used the opportunity to 'fluff' her hair. Impatiently, she started drumming her drinking straw on the table. 'C'mon....You know I don't have, like, all day!'

Staci opted for a salad.

'Salad? I'm gonna get in on the pizza buffet!' Marsha told her.

Once they were both back at the table were their meals, Staci started talking. 'So, is being a teenager harder the second time around?'

'Huh? Oh...... I dunno...'

'I'm kinda looking forward to being a teenager again. I know that!' Staci said.

'It sure is easier shopping for clothes when you're, like, 17! There's all kinds of cute stuff.' Marsha stated.

'So what about 'boys'?'

Marsha dropped her fork 'Whatya mean?'

'I don't know. Do teenage boys turn you on? Do you feel too old for them even though you look 17? What's it feel like?'

'I'm not sure that's any of your bees wax! You sure are nosy.... Geez!'

'Marsha..... have you been with a teenage boy?' Staci asked, sensing that her mother was hiding that fact! 'Is that where you've been slipping off to?'

Marsha laughed at the suggestion 'A teenage boy?... Nope! You think I should?'

'I wasn't saying that.....' 'Ya know, That boyfriend of yours is kinda cute....'

'Jeff? Hands off!'

'Well, it's not like he's getting any off of ~you~ .....~mom~'

'Cut it out....that's not funny! Let's change the subject.'

'So you don't like it when the tables are, like, ya?'

'Well, you ARE my mother' Staci told her 'It really doesn't seem proper to talk about my love life'

The conversation turned to lighter 'girl talk' and pretty soon Marsha was ready to leave. They left a tip at the table and exited the building.

'We need to hurry. I gotta call Debbi'

'Hurry? You want to drive?' Staci asked sarcastically.

'Sure! I just hope no one sees me driving this stupid thing. I'd just die if one of my friends, like, saw me!..... So how do I adjust this seat?'

'Ummm Do you have to? I really have it where I like it.'

'Like you can't change it back' Marsha replied as she started pulling levers. The seat quickly sprung back.... 'Oooops...wrong way!' she said as she tried again to pull the seat up.

The trip home was uneventful, and quite a bit faster.

'Thanks for going with me, Marsha' Staci told her.

'No probs'

'I think that experience will really help our relationship when we trade back this weekend' Staci added.

'Uhhhh about trading back this weekend..... Why don't we wait until after the weekend?'

Staci was shocked. She had wanted to trade earlier and staying 39 for any more time than she had to was more than she could stand. 'I, I, I don't think so. I really think ~we~ need to end this 'trade' this weekend'

'We? Maybe YOU do, but I have life too. I wanna tell Debbi goodbye. She's like my bestest friend. I can't just disappear.'

'You could start telling her goodbye today....'

'NO! We're going to the lake today. I don't wanna spoil our day! We can talk, like, later. I gotta call Debbi and tell her I'm home'

Marsha ran upstairs and called Debbi. She picked out one of Staci's 2 piece bathing suits for the lake while the two talked.

'So, what did you and your mom talk about?' Debbi asked.

'She got pretty nosey. She goes 'Have you got some teen boy friend' and I like go 'what?' and then she goes 'you've been slipping off, ya know'.... Geez 101 question time....' Marsha continued on with the conversation while Staci took a little trip.


Staci pulled up at Madame Zelda's house. She used the large 'knocker' on the door. Zelda slowly opened the door.

'Ahhhhh Staci! Good to see you. I trust you are pleased with your 'trade'?'

'Madame Zelda.... Things aren't quite as I thought. Mom....errrr Marsha is just so young. I mean she is really immature. Her mood swings...'

'That IS a teenager dear. I'm sure you were the same way.' Zelda replied.

'Yeah, and I'm ready to trade back...But she's talking like she wants to stay young for a few more days. I don't know if I can handle it. Can't you just reverse the spell?'

'Oh sorry, Dear.... But I told you, with this spell you both must want to trade back and be here at the same time.'

'But what about a different spell? Just make us our real ages. Surely you could do that?'

'That is not how it works. I told you when you came here how you would need to reverse it!'

'Are you saying you can't....or you WON'T?'

'Don't they both mean the same thing to you?' Zelda snipped.

'You knew this would happen! You hid this from me!' Staci yelled.

'You haven't exactly been up front with me either....' Zelda told her.

'How do you mean?' Staci quizzed.

'The credit cards? The beer? You didn't want the spell for your mother's wanted it for your own selfish reasons!'

'You bitch! You bitch! You tricked me.... You knew all along what was going on and what was going to happen, yet you did this anyway! You're going to change us back or I'll choke you to bitch!' Staci yelled as she ran toward Madame Zelda. She lunged out at her throat but before she could reach her, Zelda seemed to move back. Then Staci fell on her face. An overwhelming urge to cry washed over her. She raised her hand up to wipe away the forming tears and saw the empty sleeve of her shirt dangling off her smaller arm.

'You made me wittle.... Make me big girl!' the three year old demanded.

'Do you see my power? As I told you...when your mother wants to trade back, that is when you'll trade back. Not before! Now, if you promise to be good I'll make you 39 again.....otherwise I could make you a sniveling baby or maybe a wrinkled old woman? It's up to you little girl'

'I be good girl....' she answered dejectedly. Suddenly, she found herself growing. In a matter of seconds she was her 39 year old self. 'So how do I get her here.... Can't you help me?' she cried.

'That would be 'your' problem.' Zelda angrily answered.

Madame Zelda: Trading Up.... Trading Down PT8

by Louder

Defeated, Staci returned home. She now completely understood that lying had been the wrong thing to do. All she could do was hope that Marsha would be reasonable and trade back when the time was up. Upon arriving home she could see that Marsha was again gone. The 'home-body' lifestyle that the 39 year old Marsha had lived was now replaced by a girl who was always out and about.

Staci once again found herself waiting for Marsha to return home. The sun had long since disappeared and darkness had fallen. One more night after this one and it would be time for Staci and Marsha to trade back. Staci only hoped that she could find some trace of maturity still residing somewhere inside Marsha, and that she could somehow reason with her.

Staci was startled by the sound of the door opening.

'I didn't hear you drive up?' Staci asked upon seeing Marsha closing the door.

'Oh Ummmm.... I.... Uhhhhh.... You must not've been listening' Marsha replied.

Staci wondered if she could have failed to hear Debbi's car..... 'Is my hearing starting to fail?' she wondered.

It was clear that Marsha had spent the whole afternoon in the sun. The sun had lightened her already light blond hair.

'How was the lake?'

'Cool...Way cool! We were on the boat, like, all afternoon. We should get a boat of our own so we could go anytime we feel like it. I even rode a jet-ski! WOW!'

'I hope you wore a life jacket'

'Oh Puh-lease!! Sheeesh!'

Marsha kicked off her shoes and headed upstairs. Soon, the now familiar 'boom' of Marsha's new favorite radio station was rattling the floor. Staci didn't think 'now' was a good time to try and convince Marsha to trade back as planned rather than waiting any longer. Staci didn't want to spend another day in her 39 year old body. Everything hurt! She didn't have the energy to do anything! 'Only one more day.... that'll be it.... She'll just ~have~ to agree!' Staci thought.


The next morning found Staci up bright and early. Marsha, again, had slept in. Marsha padded into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of juice. She joined Staci at the table.

'Marsha, this is the last day of our know? Tomorrow is when we're supposed to trade back. I'll sure be glad.....'

'What?!!!? Tomorrow? I thought we decided to wait until, like, AFTER the weekend?'

'No, ~you~ mentioned it, but I never agreed. I still want to do it tomorrow'

'That's not fair! You promised! You're just thinking about yourself! You never consider ME! I don't wanna do it tomorrow!'

'I think it's best to do it tomorrow. Please don't argue!'

'Why are you being this way? C'mon....What's a couple of more days? What can that, like, hurt?'

'Think for a minute.... You ~are~ MY mother! Your emotions are just all mixed up. As soon as we trade back, you'll be really glad. You're just like on a roller coaster right now.... one minute your up and the next you're down!'

'Only 'cuz you make me that way!'

'Listen to yourself. Do you really think you are being 'responsible'? Try to reason this all out. I want my mother back! I NEED my mother back!'

Marsha seemed to reflect on that part of the conversation. 'Ok, I'll think about it....' She finally said as she got up from the table and padded back out of the kitchen.

'Please do...' Staci told her before she left ear-shot.

Marsha spent the day lounging around the backyard soaking in more sunshine. A couple of times Marsha made some quick phone calls from the cordless phone. Staci was curious but kept quiet. She felt that it was best to let Marsha reflect on her last day of being 17. She was sure Marsha would want to make up a good reason to be leaving that she could tell Debbi. Staci even rationalized that the 39 year old Marsha could still write to Debbi...they just wouldn't be able to meet face to face! Staci wondered if the 39 year old Marsha would still find the 17 year old Debbi her 'bestest friend'?

As the sun started to set, Marsha came inside. Staci heard the shower start running....and running! After a long shower she heard Marsha rummaging around upstairs. The longer it went on, the more curious she got! Her curiosity was answered when she saw Marsha making her way downstairs. Marsha was wearing the short and sexy green dress that she had purchased at the mall. The tan that she had acquired during the previous week was the perfect compliment to the dress. She was wearing the necklace that Debbi had picked out along with a collection of rings and a leather ankle bracelet. Her blond hair was down around her shoulders along with a couple of braids to compliment the look.

'Wow.... You look great.' Staci said as she saw very little in the girl in front of her that reminded her of the Marsha she knew as her mother!

'You really think so?' Marsha asked.

'Yes..... perfect... What's the occassion?'

'If tonight is my last night like this, I just wanted to make it a little more special. I know I could never wear something like this when I'm ol...errrrr ....back like before.'

'I think I understand. Just have a good time and I'll see you when you get in.'

'I.... I need to ummmm borrow the car..... if it's OK?'

'It is YOUR car.... but the way you talked about it.... I never thought you'd want to be seen in it! Especially on a weekend!'

' IS mine...hehehehe.... I forgot..... Maybe we can 'trade' ~IT~ in.....' Marsha said as her voice trailed off and her mood seemed to swing again. 'I better go.... I guess....'

Staci watched her teenaged mother walk out the door. She was glad that even at 17 her mother could still be reasonable! She knew that this night would not be easy on her. Staci was glad the 'trade' was almost over. She sat down and began looking for something on TV. She used to enjoy ABC's TGIF lineup, but it didn't seem to hold her interest on this night. She finally settled on the Lifetime channel.

After watching only a couple of shows she heard a car pull into the driveway. A quick check of the clock showed her it was only 9PM. She saw an outline that looked like Marsha walking towards the house. The door opened and Marsha entered nervously.

'Ummmmm We, like...... uhhhh need to talk' Marsha stammered.

'What? What is it?'

'I'm not gonna, like, change back tomorrow morning....'

'Huh? Why? Don't make me wait any longer. Let's not wait until after the weekend!'

'Ummmmm no... not then either....'

Staci started getting nervous. 'What are you saying?'

'I....Uh...we...... hold on!' Marsha stuck her head outside and motioned for someone.

Staci about fainted as in walked.... HER FATHER.... STEVE! The man who had left her and her mother years ago. The man who couldn't make a support payment on time....if at ALL!

'Hi, hon...Staci?' Steve said as he saw his daughter who was now his own age!

'Dad? Mar...Mother? What's going on?'

Marsha grabbed Steve's hand and squeezed it tight. She twisted her foot nervously in her shoe and didn't seem able to look Staci in the eye.

'Staci.... I never meant for this to happen.... None of us did...How could we?' Steve explained 'I came over the other day to drop off a support check and this vision, this goddess, opened the door. I thought I'd lost my mind! Here was a girl that looked just like the girl I married.... only a little younger! Imagine my surprise when I found out that she WAS the girl!'

Marsha looked up at Steve with the eyes of a girl totally lost in her boyfriend. 'I thought it was Debbi..ya know? Coming to pick me up.... but it was, like, Steve. And he still looked so totally handsome! We instantly fell right back in love...'

'LOVE? He never loved you! He LEFT you! He only wants you now because you're YOUNG! Even younger than when you first met him. You'll get old again and he'll leave again! Noooooooo!' Staci screamed.

'I know this is all hard for you Staci. Marsha and I DO love each other.... ' Steve said.

Marsha then added 'Yeah.... The breakup was, like, all my fault...totally. We've talked soooo much about it and I know I pushed him away! He's helped to, like, show me what I did wrong!'

'~YOU~ did wrong? Nooooooo You're too young! He's using you! He's taking advantage of you!'

'I'm not ~too~ young! I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm gonna work soooooo so much harder this time! Steve has so many good plans.... When you were, like, born, I started pushing him.... I was so stupid! A total airhead! He has all these, like, big plans and stuff and I wanted to strap him into some kinda factory job or somethin'!'

'Yes...A JOB! You wanted him to get a JOB to SUPPORT us instead of running around all the time!' Staci argued.

'Staci, I'm older. Things can be different. I would never had been with any of those other women if your mother hadn't pushed me away. She knows that now!' Steve told her.

Marsha gave Steve a peck on the cheek and giggled.

'No...No, No, No! Don't you see? Now YOU'RE the naive younger woman! You'll get older and he'll do it all again...he always has! He won't support you with his 'plans'... how will you get any money? What about ME?'

'I can get a job!' Marsha shot back.

'You're 17! How can you get a one will believe you have ANY experience!'

'I can SO get a job. I filled out an application at Pizza Hut and they think I'll be, like, ~great~ so THERE!'

'Pizza Hut? A waitress? Oh my! Nooooooo....What about me? This is all wrong! Dad, you can't be doing this to ~me~....:'

'Staci.... ~I~ didn't do this....~ You~ did!' Steve answered.

Marsha weaved her fingers around Steve's and then smiled. They kissed.....and then kissed again..... Staci could only run from the room sobbing.


Meanwhile, Madame Zelda was confident that Staci, from this point on, would be very honest and always would be careful with what she wished for! Zelda didn't really want to leave Staci a middle-aged woman forever and figured she could 'right' that 'wrong' when young Marsha visited about her two timing husband!