Madame Zelda: Life is a Beach part 3

by Louder

Timmy slowely opened his eyes and rubbed the sleep from them. He could hear the sounds of little girls laughing. His eyes darted around the room. Something didn't feel right. He turned and dangled his feet over the edge of the bed. He looked at how he was dressed, with only a T-shirt that was slightly too small. It was a T-shirt that he hadn't worn in years! 8 year old Timmy hopped up and made his way to his closet where he saw unfamiliar clothing that all looked too big! He grabbed an outfit and got dressed. The outfit was baggy but passable. He then headed downstairs. 9 year old Timmy walked into the TV room and saw Kelly and another little girl of about 5 sitting together, obviously absorbed in the cartoon on the TV. He saw two smaller children sitting on the floor. He remembered that one was Suzy and the other was Lisa but he didn't remember them being so little. Everything was swimming around in his head and he couldn't focus.

'Hi, Timmy! I've got breakfast ready for you. Orange juice and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!' Kelly excitedly told him upon noticing his arrival.

Timmy didn't know why, but bells went off in his head: DO NOT drink the orange juice! And then things came into focus....this was the morning he and his sister were to do chores for Madame Zelda to repay her for...for..... THE YOUTH POTION! It all came clear. Little Suzy was his mother! Lisa wasn't really a 2 year old! He didn't recognize the other little girl but he figured Kelly must've had something to do with the scene he was seeing!

10 year old Timmy was back and remembered everything. He remembered how Lisa had tricked him into drinking some spiked orange juice....and tricked Suzy...his mother too! He remembered what had happened to Kelly's mother but knew the other little girl wasn't her. And then he knew why the ~breakfast~ that Kelly was offering was not a good idea. SHE must have the potion in HER possesion now and was trying to give him more! Had he gotten up just a few moments earlier, while he was even younger, he might've taken it without any worries or alarms going off. Fortunately, his memories had started filtering back just in time.

'Kelly! WHAT are you doing? Lisa and I are supposed to go work at Madame Zelda's this morning. I can't tell her about what all has happened. I don't think she'd be too happy with us! Any of us! How long have they been little like that?' he asked as he pointed toward the two small children.

'Ummm Since yesterday afternoon....' Kelly answered sounding a bit worried at Timmy's sudden outburst.

'Yesterday afternoon? Then Lisa will be too little until this afternoon for Madame Zelda to see her. I'll have to stall until Lisa can meet me there.... as her 7 year old self! Now, where is the potion? It's caused enough trouble!'

'I wanna keep it....' Kelly shot back.

'NO! I want it....NOW!' Timmy boldly ordered.

Kelly reached under the couch and grabbed the vial and clutched it tightly in her fist. The others all watched wondering what was about to happen. Little Lisa started crying.

'See what you've done!' Kelly scolded.

'What I'VE done?' and before Kelly could answer, Timmy ran at her and grabbed for the vial!

6 year old Kelly was no match for 10 year old Timmy. Timmy quickly had the vial in his possesion.

'OK, who's this girl?' he asked putting his hand on 5 year old Maggie's shoulder.

'That's the woman that brought us all home the other day....she came back and drank some of the water with the potion....'

'SHE drank? Where's her husband?'

'I dunno.... I never saw him....'

'What about your mother? Where's she?'

'She started getting big and ran off...'

Timmy vaguely remembered looking for her as she began to grow up. 'OK. I'm off to Zelda's. You don't tell ANYBODY what happened and when Lisa gets back to herself, you send her to Zelda's and tell her to keep quiet and play along with whatever I say. I'll say she had to do something this morning. OK?'

Kelly shook her head indicating that she understood the 'orders'. She thought about the spiked water and the orange juice. Timmy would be getting some potion from her as soon as she could figure out a way to 'get him'.

'....And before you get any ideas....' he said as he went into the kitchen a started pouring the contents of the pitcher of water and the pitcher of orange juice down the drain!

'Nooooo!' Kelly shouted but was too late.

'YOU just do what I say or YOU'LL be sorry' Timmy said as he walked out the door.


He slowly walked up to Madame Zelda's door and used the antique knocker to signal his arrival. His mind raced as he worried about what he would say.

The door opened....

Madame Zelda stood before him in her haggered old body, but still with her bright piercing eyes. She was holding a small baby. 'Hello, Timmy. I trust you were happy with my results of the potion? Where's Lisa?'

'Ummmm she hadda do some stuff so will be uhhh late....but the ~stuff~ really worked... OK, if she's late?' He answered nervously.

'That's fine. We have plenty for you to get started on and she can join you this afternoon.'

Zelda appeared to notice the curious look on Timmy's face as he stared at the baby. 'This is Frankie...Frankie is staying with me until his family can get some things worked out.' The baby drummed his feet and started crying. 'Hush, hush...little one...' she said.

Zelda pointed Timmy in the direction of some cleaning supplies. 'Might as well get this porch cleaned up' she told him. He felt her eyes watching his every move. 'Does she ~know~?' he wondered. Guilt was filling his body.

'Did your mother see the light and have 'fun'?' she asked.

Timmy's mind raced some more....Was she ~really~ asking or does she know? More guilt! 'She sure seemed to have fun...I guess'

'That's good'

Timmy tried to clean some spiderwebs on the porch but the guilt was starting to overwhelm him. He finally decided honesty was the best policy. No matter how mad she got now, she would be madder if she found out later he was lying to her...or if she ALREADY knew and was ~testing~ him!

'Madame Zelda?'


'Uhhhhh...things maybe got a little messed up..... uhhhhh Lisa kinda....welll I let her.... Uhhhhh....'

'I know, Timmy. I know all about it. I was just letting you tell me for yourself.'

'You know?!'

'Yes.... and maybe now we should fix things as best as we can. I think you've learned a good lesson from all of this. Let us go back to your house and get to work'


They walked back to Timmy's and found the girl's all still watching cartoons.

She sat the baby down on the couch and then said some strange words over him.

Suddenly, he began to grow. As soon as his body acquired the ability to speak, profanities started spewing out.

'Y,y, you b, b, bith...b, b, bitch Why you make me babwee? Y, y, you ol' fwiggin' bith..b-itch' The words were hard for him to form at first but came out more clearly as he rapidly grew back into his old body. His legs and arms grew out of the blanket. The blanket seemed to shrink around him. He reoriented himself as his body grew. His pudgy feet stuck over the edge of the couch cushion as he tried to sit up straight.

Zelda thought it funny that the baby's 'first words' were a stream of profanity! Only his body had been regressed, his mind was still fully adult.

His limbs lengthened and the baby fat disappeared.

Soon, a teenage Frank was sitting on the couch still cussing as he adjusted the baby blanket that once fully covered him so that it now could atleast hide his 'private areas'.

'The cussing is not so cute coming from a young man such as yourself. I'm growing weary of it. You know my power, so I'd advise you to stop it!' Zelda told him with a bit of disgust in her voice.

The aging Frank quickly wised up and did as he was told. He didn't want to spend another night as a baby! Finally, a 50 year old Frank sat on the couch covered only by a small blanket barely covering his mid-section.

He looked over at his wife. She was still a 5 year old without a care in the world. She only thought what she had just seen to be funny.... Kelly wasn't so sure!

'What about Maggie? You're going to change her back aren't you?' he asked.

Zelda looked at him with her piercing eyes 'She won't remain a child.' And with that statement turned to Maggie and waved a hand in front of her face. Maggie's expression changed to the blank look of a trance.

'Maggie, I want your older self to come out and talk to me....'

The little girl's eyes widened and she took in the surrounding with a look of shock. 'I'm....My god my VOICE.... everything.... I'm a little girl!!!!????'

'Maggie, I'm not going to leave you a little girl.... but I trust that you enjoyed the experience?'

Maggie slowly broke into a smile remembering the past few hours. 'Yeah it was kinda neat...'

Before she couldn't finish speaking, Madame Zelda placed a drop of liquid on her head. Little Maggie began to grow. She could see the world shrink around her as she moved up through the years. She hit a growth spurt and Zelda handed her the shirt that had once belonged to Frank. It was the shirt that he had purchased during his time as a young man the day before. Although it was short a couple of buttons now due to Frank's expanding midsection during his progression back to the 50 year old Frank, 11 year old Maggie was glad for the coverage it provided.

The shirt hung around her knees and the sleeves dangled below her hands. As she passed her 13th year it began to fill out in the chest area ever so slightly. The botton of the shirt slid up her thigh as her height increased. Frank watched as his wife once again blossomed into the body of a young woman. Her face had a child-like innocence that slowly was becoming just a bit more mature. Her hair took on a silky look. Her hands now appeared only partially covered by the sleeves of the shirt.

Frank had to admit to himself that his wife had been a young knock-out! The sight of this teenage beauty wearing only his shirt, sexy bare legs and such a beautiful face framed by her flowing silky hair was more than he could stand. He had to rearrange the blanket covering his lap in order to hide this 'opinion' before any of the others noticed his 'excitement'.

But then he also noticed something else.... She didn't look to be getting any MORE older! She simply looked frozen in her teenage beauty! Maggie seemed to notice it herself but before she could speak Madame Zelda again waved her hand in front of her face. And again, Maggie looked to be in a trance.

'Maggie, I told you I would not leave a child....and I haven't. You are now legally an adult of 18 years of age.....'

At that, a small smile slowly worked its way across Maggie's young face while her eyes still stayed focused on Madame Zelda's.

Frank cut in 'What? Are you going to make me 18 too? She can't stay that way if I'm an old ummmm... you know 50!'

'Frank, we talked about your ~exploits~. You haven't really led the purists of lives. Not once but many times you found love elsewhere while all the time being married to Maggie. Maggie, on the other hand, has been nothing but the picture of goodness. ....Even as she lived your lie of total devotion to her. You had your chance. I think it is only fair that Maggie should have a chance to relive those years and even a few more. If she chooses to stay with be it! But I would be careful with your ~momentos~ or ~trophies~ or whatever you call those keep-sakes of your past affairs that you have hidden.... Young girls tend to be a bit more passionate with the say...jealousy! She might be a little more ~curious~ about your coming and goings....'

'But she's not really 18....She'll only look 18!' Frank told Zelda trying to reassure himself.

Zelda ignored him and once again looked into Maggie's eyes 'Maggie, you will remember Frank as your husband and know of your time together....but that is ALL you'll remember of the last 33 years. You will only know that you were regressed back to this date...Which is, as a matter fact, your birthday. Only now, it is your 18th birthday. Your passions, dreams, desires, emotions, everything, ALL will be the feelings of an 18 year old girl. Unscarred by time. You ARE 18...'

Frank spoke up again 'But what about me? Make me young also! How can I compete with all the young guys chasing after HER? Look at her...EVERY guy will be hitting on her.....PLEASE... I'm sorry....'

'You ARE ~sorry~ Frank!' Madame Zelda spat out. 'You won't be getting younger so I would advise you give your young wife LOTS of attention.....and you might want to consider a diet and some exercise!' she sneered as she looked down at Frank's oversized waistline.

Frank hung his head low. Madame Zelda then turned back to Maggie.

'Maggie, when you leave here you will forget all about me and how any of this ever happened. You can then get on with your life....' She then waved her hand again and Maggie's expression once again changed. She looked happy and yet surprised at the same time. Her eyes, bright and wide, surveyed her surroundings. Then she saw Frank....

'Frank? You look.....~silly~. What on earth are you doing?'

Frank heard the sound of his now teenaged wife's voice. He looked at her 18 year old body and then glanced at his own 50 year old body. How could he keep up with an 18 year old? Frank knew his life was about to change.

'I believe this is yours...' Madame Zelda said to Maggie as she handed her the crumpled black dress that she had purchased the day before along with her high heels.

Seeing what she was wearing, she excused herself to change into the dress. Frank watched her young hips sway as she walked away. The loose material of the shirt allowed a couple of peeks at her upper thighs and rear end as the shirt-tail lightly flitted in the breeze.

In a few moments she returned wearing the sexy dress and heels. She sashayed toward Frank and sat down beside him 'You, like?'she asked fishing for a compliment.

Frank answered 'Yeah....sure' with a bit of a grin.

Maggie smiled and hugged him and then her faced soured a bit as she felt his ample 'spare tire'.

'What's the matter?' he asked as he noticed she lost a bit of enthusiasm.

'Oh....~nothing~' she replied unconvincingly.

Zelda smiled wickedly and handed Frank the rest of the clothing he had purchased the day before. She smiled even more as she thought of what Maggie was going to think of him in the outfit!

Soon, Frank and Maggie were out the door and off to their new life. Maggie was talking a mile a minute about what to do for her 'birthday' while Frank only wanted to get home and put on his favorite outfit: An old stretched T-shirt with the pocket on the front and a pair of well worn plaid pants.


'Now, I think we need to find and tend to Becki....' Madame Zelda told the others.


'Where is mommy?' Kelly asked the old woman.

'I believe we'll find her with her new young the beach!' Zelda answered.

'But shouldn't she be back to normal by now?' Timmy asked.

'Normally the spell would have worn off and she would've returned to normal, but I had to intervene. One of you pointed out to her that she was getting older. Once she KNEW and could SEE herself getting older it was too much for her young psyche to handle. She could've been traumatized so much so that it would change her personality. I froze her aging so that she wouldn't be affected by any more of the potion nor continue to grow up so quickly. Even getting to her when I did, I'm afraid things didn't work out quite as you might've expected. . But enough of that. What is done.'

'You mean you knew all the time what was going on?' Timmy asked as he realized Zelda seemed to know things that had happened without anyone telling her.

'Yes, I try to keep an eye on my spells.... But we're wasting time. Let us proceed'

Timmy figured that Suzy and Lisa would soon start to aging. He grabbed some extra clothing for them.

'Ahhhhh Good thinking Timmy.... And that reminds me.... I can't very well go to the beach looking like this!' And with that Zelda snapped her fingers and her body seemed to dissolve and then quickly remerge.

Timmy stepped back in surprise. Zelda was no longer the old woman that he had always seen. She wasn't even the mature lady that Becki had seen at the beach. The figure before them was a 20 year old blonde wearing only faded cut-offs and a neon green bikini top. Her skin was sun-kissed. Timmy did notice one striking similarity: The bright piercing eyes!

'Whats matter, silly? You think I have all these abilities and wanna look ~old~ all the time?'

'Wow!' was all Timmy could say. It was one thing seeing middleaged adults rejuvenated, but seeing someone as old as Zelda suddenly change into a 20 year old kid was incredible to him.

Young Zelda and the others were off to meet the bus. After what was becoming a familiar ride to Timmy, they were at the beach.

'So where is Mommy, ....Madame Zelda?' Kelly asked.

'Maybe you should call me Zelda, when I look like this' Zelda warned her 'My name is strange enough for a kid without the Madame in front of it.'

''K...Zelda...Do you know where Mommy is?'

'Ahhha....Over there!' Zelda said pointing to some teens frolicking in the surf.

Kelly squinted trying to see her Mommy but couldn't make her out. Besides, she thought, her Mommy wouldn't be hanging out with those ~boys~.

'I'm afraid that one there IS her, dear' Zelda said as if reading Kelly's mind.

The girl had obviously bleached her hair and also added a shock of bright blue coloring to her hair! By the color of her skin it was obvious that she had spent most of her time as a teen at the beach.

'Mommy, mommy!' Kelly yelled out, suddenly glad to see her mother again.

'No, no dear. She doesn't recognize you. She's 16 and you haven't even been born yet, in her mind' Zelda told Kelly.

Kelly's face twisted as she felt like crying. Her father had died soon after she was born. She now feared she'd lost her mother as well.

'Don't worry, honey. I'll see to it that she remembers you again. That's why we're fix things'

As Kelly looked back at the teens, she saw her mother kiss one of the boys! 'What's she doing?' Kelly asked.

'This one is turning out a bit differently than I had hoped. I never foresaw her drinking...the alcohol...You all wait here.' Zelda mumbled as she made her way toward Becki and her friends.

'Becki..Becki? Can you come her for a sec?' Zelda yelled as she approached.

Becki looked back at her friends to see if they recognized the girl that was calling her.

'Who's the hottie?' Ryan asked Becki.

'I don't know....' Becki replied, her young voice tinged with curiosity as she moved out to meet the stranger.

Becki slowly checked her out as the two got closer. Almost as if she was sizing up her 'competition'.

'Do I know you?' she asked. Before she could get an answer a Zelda used her hypnotic powers on the girl starting with the wave of her hand.

'Becki...I really need to speak to Rebecca' Zelda knew that Becki's teenage persona would be much stronger than Maggie's little girl persona to overcome.

No reply

'Rebecca, I know you're in there. Come on out. Don't let Becki stop you'

'Oh...what's happening....who ~are~ you?'


'Yes...' she replied with mounting confusion. She felt the warm sand at her feet and felt the breeze touching her stomach. That was something very strange considering she always wore a one piece suit! She looked downward. She saw two vaguely familiar but skinny legs one wrapped with a leather ankle bracelet. Brightly painted toe nails and even a toe ring shined back up at her. Her gaze moved back upwards to a belly button ring on an impossibly flat and tanned stomach. She felt the belly button ring and then looked at her young unlined hands, now sporting a thumb ring....Something to which she had thought of as silly. Her bleached hair fell around her face. She ran her hands through it and felt how soft it was. Her hands then slowly came to trace her face. It felt familiar, but yet much softer and unlined. And then she felt her nose. Her small upturned nose....her PIERCED nose!

'Yikes' she screeched 'Whose body am I in?' she asked try to reconcile her senses.

'You're in your own body....But it is younger now. I know this is difficult....'

'Change me back! I mean maybe I could be a little younger....but not THIS! How?' Her mind filled with questions.

'I would've loved to change you back if you had wanted that. I'd hoped that you could find a new love in you life. You've been too depressed for far too long..... But circumstances have changed'

'What? Circumstances? Oh my God! what about my daughter? Kelly, Is she OK? Does she still uhhhhhh~exist~?'

'She's fine. Everyone is fine'

'Then what circumstances? Why can't you just do whatever it is you do and change me back? Un-hypnotize me or wake me up or whatever it takes....' she pleaded, filled with panic.

'I can't.... I would've prevented this..If I could've seen it coming...but the alcohol...I clouds your mind...and so I couldn't 'see' you, your thoughts....' Zelda was stammering.

'Prevented? What are you talking about?'

'I can give you your memories back, your older personality, but they need to coexist with your teenage can't have such a young body with only a middle-aged mind and soul. Not as you are now... It wouldn't be fair....'

'Fair? Fair to who? Fair to me? Fair to YOU? Fair to Kelly? Who?'

'Fair to the baby' Zelda answered.

'What ~baby~?' she replied.

'Yours and Ryan's baby. Kelly is going to have a little brother...err or sister. You made love the other night on the beach and, as you know, sometimes it happens... you're going to find out that you're pregnant in a short while. That I know. I'm was the alcohol..I couldn't see what was happening....'

'Pregnant? Noooo.' she looked back down at her flat stomach and rubbed it 'I can't be....'

'This is not easy. And I have to warn you....when I release you from this trance Becki will re-emerge. You'll still have your memories but your personalities will fight for dominance. How much of yourself you can retain, I can't say'

Kelly came running up. Her mother looke down at her, a tear streaming down her cheek. 'Kelly, baby..... I'm sorry....I don't know how to tell you....'

'It's OK, Mommy. You're still my mommy!'

Rebecca turned around to look over her shoulder at the boy that would be the father of her baby. She still couldn't believe it. Atleast he IS cute she thought...but soooo young.

'You have some talking you're going to need to do with some people...Ryan and Kelly.... I'll release you and you can start on your life' Zelda waved her hand and Becki blinked as she re-awoke.

'Whoa....trippy.....No... I've got to concentrate. I can do this. I'll tell Ryan that you are my daughter.... no my sister's daughter... I'm not old enough to be your mother anyway....but we'll know I'm your mother....'

Kelly smiled as her teenaged mother took her hand. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to meet this ~boy~ or not, but she was happy to have her mother back.

As they walked toward the other teens, Becki focused on Ryan. He just looked sooooo young she kept thinking...but kinda cute..Her pace picked up the closer she got. A thousand thoughts ran through her mind. She replayed the story in her mind 'Ryan this is my niece'....She took another look at her teenaged body as she approached. Then she looked back at Ryan. He looked soooo mature, she thought, and had his own car and everything!

'Who's this?' Ryan asked as he motioned toward Kelly 'She lookes like a younger version of you!'

This made Kelly smile and instantly warmed her toward him.

'This is my ummmm little sister' Becki answered as she squeezed Kelly hand.


Timmy watched from afar. He wished he could hear what was happening. He saw all the guys checking Zelda out. He laughed at the thought of them 'checking her out' before her transformation this morning!

He felt a tug on his hand and looked to see that Suzy and Lisa were starting to grow. Still slowly, but he could see Lisa losing her baby fat and Suzy had already lost most of hers. He held on to their hands, one on each side of him.


Young Zelda returned alone to Timmy and his charges. Kelly was with her mother and Ryan.

Zelda could see that the two girls were returning to their proper ages. Lisa was atleast 4 years old and Suzy was now around 5. It wouldn't be long before Lisa was fully restored but there were still many years to be added to Suzy before she ever reached 40.

'I think they're coming back' Timmy told Zelda.

Zelda put her finger to her lips 'Shhhhhhh, We don't want to shock them'

Timmy handed Lisa one of her T-shirts. It was big on her now but would soon fit. He gave Suzy one of his T-shirts to wear.

'So kids, do you think everyone has learned their lessons? Timmy, did you learn to stand up for yourself? Not to be pushed around?' Zelda asked.

Timmy answered 'I guess if I woulda stopped Lisa right at first this would never have got so outta control'

Zelda shook her head in agreement.

Lisa seemed to suddenly grasp what had happened as she found her 7 year old self restored. 'Kelly tricked me! She made me little!!!!' she yelled as she stomped her foot into the sand.

Suzy, who was still long from regaining her adult self, didn't seem to understand the question. She wondered why she would have learned any lessons?

Zelda squeezed her hand into one of the tight pockets of her cut-offs. She wrestled her hand back free of the pocket and was now grasping some more of the powder which she then blew onto 9 year old Suzy.

Suzy coughed and then looked curiously at the young girl standing over her. She wondered why she had done that to her? It was now clear to all that Suzy suddenly wasn't getting any older.

Zelda again used her powers to bring Susan's adult persona out. Suzy stared straight ahead into Zelda's eyes.

'Susan? I need you to speak to me....Susan? Susan?'

The little girl's head suddenly looked every direction. Everything looked so big! The realization sunk in that she was just small. She remembered the youth potion. She was afraid to look at her body. She even had to look up to see her son, Timmy! How young was she?

'I'm just a child.....' her hands flew to her throat in surprise at her juvenile sounding voice. She knew she should have expected it but was still surprised to hear how young she sounded. In fact it sounded a lot like Lisa's voice. She looked at her small hands and feet and then traced her body under the T-shirt. She was scrawny, and she could tell that she was still a few years from even being a teenager.

'You're not going to leave me like ~this~...are you? I'm these kids MOTHER!' she said trying to sound authoritative but only gaining a few laughs from the kids. Even Zelda found it hard not to laugh.

'I think with everything that happened that maybe YOU didn't really learn the lesson that YOU needed to learn. I think if you spend the rest of the afternoon in that 9 year old body then you might start to understand..'

'Understand? Understand what? I'm EMBARRASSED! Look at me!' she said kicking up some sand. 'I'm a scrawny little kid....'

'Yes you are.... And I think we should take advantage of that!' Zelda answered and then snapped her fingers.

Suddenly, Zelda's image blurred....and shrank. By the time the image cleared she was not even 5 feet tall.... and now barely 8 years old! The bikini top was replaced with a one piece bathing suit. She still had on shorts only now they were smaller to fit her younger frame.

'Timmy, you stay here and take care of Lisa so me an' Suzy can play... 'K?'

'Uhhh sure.....But what are you ~doing~ ?' Timmy asked.

'Yeah, I don't want play!' Suzy yelled.

'Uh huh, C'mon' Little Zelda said as she tugged on Suzy's hand 'Just for a little 'bit.....Pleasssssse'

Suzy soon relented. She knew Zelda had powers and the last thing she wanted was to make an 8 year old Zelda mad at her. She didn't want to wake up in a crib!

She reluctantly followed Little Zelda, not wanting to go fast even though her body was bursting with energy. Zelda kept trying to run but Suzy would hold her back. It wasn't dignified to run she thought.

'Betcha, can't catch me!' Little Zelda teased and then blasted Suzy with a water pistol that she had concealed in the waistband of her shorts.

'~Hey~' Suzy yelled wiping the water from her face.

Zelda blasted her again and started running.

Suzy followed, running as hard as she could.

Zelda tripped in the loose sand and Suzy was quickly on top of her....laughing and trying to wrestle the gun away.

'Got it' Suzy proclaimed as she now had possession of the water gun 'Na na nana na' she said as she blasted Zelda with it.

Both girls laughed and Zelda got up and took off after Suzy. They spent the rest of the day playing.


Timmy and Lisa waited patiently throughout the afternoon for Zelda and their mother to return. Timmy was starting to worry because he knew it was almost time for the last bus. Then he heard the sounds of two little girls giggling. Soon, he saw Zelda and his mother returning. Both were still children and appeared to be very happy.

'Did you have a good time?' Timmy asked the little girl that was his mother.

'~Yeah~! Zelda shot me with her water pistol and then I got it from her and got her back and then we ran and she got it from me and got me back and then we ran some more 'til we both got too tired to run and then she showed me how to ride a pedal boat and... and then we saw a doggy..err dog and he fetched and everything and....'

'Whoa, slow down! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!' Timmy told her.

Suddenly her expression changed. She turned to Zelda 'I know the lesson now....THIS is what I've been cheating the kids out of! Just being ~kids~. And being with their family and just having ~fun~! Instead, I'm home couped up with my computer!'

It's OK Mom! We know you have to work....'Timmy told her.

'I don't ~have~ to work. Especially all the time! It just that work is all I really ever knew. I was just like MY mother was..... Thank you Zelda! Thank you for showing me what a fool I've been!'

'I thought you'd get it with a lil' help. You just needed some pushin' It was fun for me too!' Zelda answered 'We better hurry up now and catch our bus! ...And....I guess I better make you big again'

'Yeah, I guess so....' Suzy answered, her face looking a little disappointed.

And then Little Zelda stumbled over some latin sounding words before finally getting them right. 'This 8 year old tongue takes some getting used to!'

Everyone laughed and then Susan suddenly started to blossom. Her body grew. Curves formed. She rocketed through her teen years and then into her 20's. She kept trying to get peeks of various parts of her body as she aged. Her hands flew to her breasts in a vain attempt to stop them from sagging. Finally, 40 year old Susan was back.... but with a whole new outlook!

Susan bent over and hugged her kids. She looked at Zelda who was still a child 'Aren't you going to change back?'

'In a little while.... I kinda like this feeling....'

Susan smiled understandingly.


The last bus arrived and the four hurried to the bus. Susan, Lisa, Timmy and an 8 year old Zelda boarded the bus. Also on the bus were Kelly, Becki and Ryan. Becki was giggling and sitting as close as possible to Ryan. Neither Becki or Ryan could seem to keep their hands off of each other.

At one of the bus-stops on the ride back, a teenage girl and what appeared to be her grandfather got on the bus. Timmy looked was Maggie and Frank! Frank appeared worn out while Maggie looked to be agitated. Another teen also got on the bus. He sat down by Maggie and she quickly turned her attention to him. They continued talking and laughing while Frank only appeared to grow angry. When the bus finally pulled into Timmy's stop, and his group began to file out, Timmy passed Frank and their eyes met. Each started to speak and then each seemed to think better of it. Maggie never even looked up as she was engrossed in conversation with the boy beside her.

Once outside the bus, the four said their goodbyes and started to head their separate directions when Timmy suddenly remembered he still had the vial of potion in his pocket. 'Zelda, here...You better take this!'

'Wha? Oh.... Nahhhhh That belongs to ~Suzy~!' Little Zelda replied and then turned and began to skip on home.

Susan tightly grasped the vial and smiled as she watched the little girl skipping down the sidewalk.


Little Zelda entered her home. She was only a little worn out by the trip. She hopped up on the couch and her feet dangled over the edge. Her black cat jumped into her lap and she ran her hand over his fur.

'Well, Kitty. I sure had one busy day. But I kinda like how this one ended. Becki and Ryan will have some rough times but Becki's got enough money from her late husband's life insurance to get her over the hump. And Kelly and her will be like best friends when Kelly gets just a little older. That mean ol' Frank is gonna get what he's had comin' for a lonnnnnng time. Maggie will find herself a new guy I betcha! I think Timmy could be a real leader or somethin' if he just stands up for himself. And Suzy knows how to have fun now. And you know what? She still has some potion so maybe she'll wanna play with me some time. I sure had fun playin' with her! But, like I said, Kitty....I sure like how this one ended. It's fun not being an old woman sometimes. Oh well, tomorrow's another day!.'