Madame Zelda: Life is a Beach part 2

by Louder

Timmy sat the glasses back down on the table. He figured Frank and Maggie would be back in about 24 hours looking for them. He then went to the back door and yelled for the kids to come in. He really didn't like the role that he had been cast in, caring for 3 girls and a baby wasn't HIS idea of fun! The girls came in without argument. Lisa was carrying Rags. Rags was the pet cat....only now he was a kitten!

'Lisa! Rags? You coulda hurt him!' Timmy explained.

'He wanted to have 'fun' too! He looks just fine' She answered as she put him down on the floor. He playfully took after a bug. Timmy couldn't remember Rags ever being so full of energy.

'Lisa, that stuff isn't to play with. You're gonna get us all in trouble. Look at Kelly's mom!' he said motioning to the baby lying on the couch 'What if she needs her diaper changed? What if she gets hungry?'

'I'll take care of her!' Kelly answered, joining the conversation.

'You guys don't get it! We're all kids. Even our moms! If someone thinks we don't have parents and are here all alone, they could take us away! Who'd believe us? And when our mom's started growing up real fast then we'd have to tell about Madame Zelda. I don't think she'd like ~that~! We just need to let things get back to normal!'

'You're just being a meanie! We're all having FUN!...Right?' Lisa replied

'Yeah....we wanna pway' answered Suzy.

'Ok, Lisa, where is the potion?' Timmy asked in frustration.

'I hid it again!'


'I'm not tellin!'


'Can't make me tell....Can't make me tell....'

'She won't tell 'cuz it's a see-cet' Suzy added

'A secret' Lisa corrected her.

'Yeah, a see-cret!'

'It's almost bedtime. There is no one else here and there won't be so you can't do anything else...atleast I hope not! Just promise me that NONE of you will touch the potion until our moms are old enough to decide what they want to do about it. By tomorrow afternoon everybody should be adults again....except for Frank and Maggie since they got it later. I don't think they'll be a problem though.... I think they're doing just fine. So PROMISE me you all will leave it alone. Promise?'

'I promise' Lisa said half-heartedly.

'And you won't LET anybody else mess with it? PROMISE?'

'Uh Huh...I promise....'

Suzy and Kelly laughed.

'What's so funny?' Timmy asked.

'Nuttin'' Suzy answered in a half grin.

Timmy shook his head and hustled the girls into another room so they wouldn't wake the baby. He turned the TV on for them and went upstairs to get them some blankets and pillows.

'You guys almost got me in trouble laughin'' Lisa told the others.

'We couldn't help it....we saw you cross your fingers behind your back when you 'promised'' Kelly told her.

They all giggled.

'Whozat?' Suzy said pointing to a picture of her older self and her husband.

'Uhhh Which one?' Lisa asked.

'Both of 'em' Suzy said.

'Oh....that's Timmy and my daddy...'

'And that's your mommy?' she said pointing to the picture of her older self.

'....Uh huh...' Lisa answered a little unsure why Suzy didn't recognize herself.

The door opened. 'OK, girls...I guess you can call this a slumber party. Just don't wake the baby!' Timmy warned as he threw the blankets and pillows on the floor. 'And remember what you promised!' He told Lisa.

'She 'members' Suzy answered and the girls all started giggling.

'Little girls' Timmy mumbled 'I'm going to bed...I'll just be glad when this is all over! Good night ~kids~'

''G' Night' they sang together.


The sun streamed across Timmy's face. At first he pulled the covers over his head and tried to sleep some more, but slowly he realized it was morning and he remembered the ordeal. It should almost be over! He glanced at the clock and realized he'd slept longer than he had intended. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and stretched. Then he heard a crash downstairs. He sprang up and hurried to see what it was. There was Baby Becki, now old enough to walk, looking at a busted lamp. It was obvious she had pulled it off the table by the cord. She still had the cord in her hand! She looked at Timmy and then innocently put the cord in her mouth.

'NO! Quit that!' Timmy yelled as he ran toward her.

Her face twisted and she started crying. He grabbed her hand and led her away from the broken lamp.

'You can't chew on electrical cords. They can hurt you!' he warned her.

Her crying lessened 'I sawry...' she sniffed.

'That's OK. Atleast you can talk now. Do you remember being a big girl?'

She put her index finger in her mouth and shyily shook her head 'no'

Timmy noticed that the diaper she was wearing was now extremely tight. He loosened the safety pins but had a hard time as she squirmed and didn't seem to appreciate his awkward help.

He patted her as he said 'That's're wet!'

She started crying again. This time she took off waddling into the kitchen.

'Stop it Becki.....' he yelled as she ran off. He heard her padding across the kitchen floor. He had to get her before she got into something else. It wasn't like the kitchen was 'child proofed'.

When he entered the kitchen he got another shock. Suzy was there and she was now bigger. She was taller than Timmy and her body was starting to look more like a woman's than a child's. Somehow she had gotten one of Timmy's T-shirts and that was all she was wearing.

'Morning, Glory' she said.

'Oh, ummmm yeah...good morning'

'Are you OK?' he asked her.


'Do you know what's happening?'

'Yeah, I do now' she answered.

'Whew, great....maybe we can get everything back to normal!' a relieved Timmy answered.

'Normal? I just know you're chasing a baby and I've got some breakfast about ready. What are YOU talking about?'

That was NOT what he wanted to hear!

'Do you know anything about changing a baby?' he asked

'I've babysat some... I'm not too thrilled with it though'

'Could you find something for a diaper for her and just do it for me?....Please?'

Suzi took the baby's hand and took her towards the bathroom. Moments later they returned. Timmy could see that Becki was even bigger, and that Suzy was blossoming into a teenager.

'Wanna join me? I found some bacon and cooked it up. I was kinda hungry for some reason'

Timmy had to admit he was pretty hungry. He hadn't had anything except the hot dog yesterday. 'Sure' he replied ready to see his mother's perfectly cooked bacon and toast.

Unfortunately, young Suzy hadn't mastered cooking just yet! The bacon was almost burned to a crisp and the toast was barely brown!

She put the breakfast on the table and poured them each a glass of orange juice from the fridge. As she sat down Timmy could see that she was starting to fill the T-shirt out! She tugged on the bottom of the shirt to protect her modesty as she crossed her legs at the seat. Her legs even looked a little longer than just moments before.

'Sorry 'bout the bacon...I'm not a very good cook!'

'It's'll get better!'

When Timmy stared he thought he could actually see her T-shirt fill up before his very eyes! But then suddenly it seemed to stop. He figured it was his imagination. He felt a little embarrased for staring at his mother's chest anyway!

'Ooopsy' she said as she almost knocked over her orange juice.

'Funny' Timmy thought 'She doesn't look as old as she did just a couple of minutes ago....can't be's OK....what am I worried about?....~I~ can finally have some fun today!'

Timmy laughed as Suzy had trouble grabbing her Orange Juice again. 'First Day with new hands?' he joked.

Timmy reached for his glass. He only had a couple of drinks left. In baseball you would call it a whiff if a batter swings and doesn't hit anything. That is what happened to Timmy. He reached for his glass and totally missed it! He heard Kelly and Lisa behind him laughing.

'Hey....that not funny' he told them.

'Looks like somebody's not the BIG brother anymore!' Lisa taunted.


Suzy uncrossed her legs as they no longer touched the floor when she crossed them. Only her toes touched now!

Timmy looked at the 8 year old girl sitting across from him. He then looked back at his sister. His feet dangled in the air. Freckles were spattered across his face.

'We fixed YOU! BIG brother.... You were mean yesterday, but you'll do what we say today! You had the ~special~ orange juice for breakfast!'

Timmy didn't know what they meant but he knew he was scared.

'You wouldn't let us have fun yesterday so we're gonna get even now!' Kelly added.

Lisa pinched his ear and pulled him out of his chair. 'Mommy had the special orange juice too! It stopped her from getting big again so she can still have fun. We might give Becki some later but she's still too little to play with us!'

'I wanna pway too!' Timmy protested.

'We'll ~see~..... there's still plenty of Madame Zelda's stuff and if people are good they can have fun and play with us...but if they're bad, like you, they'll have to do what we say!'

'I'll be gooooood' Timmy sobbed 'I pwomise.....Pweassse wet me pway with you!'

'We're gonna go to the beach today. You were a bad boy at the beach yesterday, so today you have to carry ALL of our stuff.'

'I do it.... I be gooood!' little Timmy answered.

Lisa liked her new role as big sister. She had always been able to manipulate Timmy but now she could intimidate him! Timmy hurriedly gathered all the items that Lisa ordered for him to carry. He was afraid of what she would do to him if he messed up. His overloaded body couldn't hardly handle anymore. At that point Lisa took pity on him and allowed the others to grab a few items.

Now Lisa had a new problem before they could leave: What to do about Becki? Becki was still too young to be given any more of the potion, yet too small to leave behind. The obvious answer was to wait but Lisa wanted to leave NOW! Suzy noted that Becki was getting too big for a diaper. She told Lisa to find some old clothes that would fit Becki and they could watch her together. Lisa agreed and rounded up some of her old clothes that had been in stored in the closet. Shorts and a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on the front. They were a little big but Lisa knew Becki would quickly grow into them. Becki was happy to get out of the makeshift diaper. Suzy took a look at the situation and decided they were ready. The girls, along with Timmy, took off walking toward the bus stop. By the time they reached the bus Becki's clothing was starting to fit pretty well.

"Alright, let's sit in the back" Suzy stated.

"I don't wanna sit all the way back there!" Lisa replied.

"You did yesterday!" Suzy shot back.

"Today is diffrent!..." Lisa argued.

Before Lisa could argue more the other kids had already moved into the back!

Lisa fumed but followed.

As they got closer to the beach her mood improved. She saw some of the passengers staring at Becki. When she looked at Becki she saw why: The clothes that had fit the 4 year old Becki were now looking small on the 5 year old Becki. She was tugging on the material to try and make it more comfortable.

The bus pulled into the parking lot of the beach and emptied its passengers. Suzy led the way. She headed for the same area that they had been to on Saturday. 6 year old Becki followed, still struggling with the ever tighter clothing.

"This don't fit right!" she protested.

"It will after while...just wait" Lisa told her.

Timmy made a bee-line for some boys playing with a Nerf football. Suzy wanted Lisa to keep an eye on him while she tended to Becki. Lisa begrudging agreed and treaded off to follow him.

A new dynamic was developing and Lisa didn't like it! Suzy was now the oldest and was taking charge. Lisa wanted to take charge! She steamed thinking about how 'bossy' Suzy was being. Meanwhile, 7 year old Becki's shorts were tearing as they could no longer contain her growing body!

"What's wrong with me?" she cried.

"You are really big but we gave you some stuff that made you little. Now you're getting big again! You were a grownup yesterday and then a little baby!"

"What about you?"

Suzy had to think. All kinds of conflicting memories ran through her mind. More things than her 8 year old mind could comprehend.

Becki's clothing ripped even more as she became an 8 year old. Suzy handed her a towel to wrap herself in so that she could retain her modesty.

"Don't worry, we won't let you get too big. We'll get you some more stuff so that you can be little again but not a baby!"

"Huh uh! I don't wanna be a baby! You wanna make me a baby! Noooooo" Becki answered and took off running.

"Come back! We won't make you a baby!" Suzy yelled out.

"Noooooooo!" was the fading reply.

Suzy was going to chase after her but just then Lisa walked up with Timmy in tow. "I don't have time to keep up with him so he can just stay with us!" Timmy didn't look too happy but he knew better than to anger his big sister!

"Where is Becki?"

"She took off....she's really getting big. I told her we were gonna make her little again and she took off. She thought we'd turn her into a baby."

"She can't have any fun if she gets big! We better find her!"

They started following her footprints in the soft sand. Every few steps her footprints looked a little bigger. Unfortunately, they ended at the parking lot. The three kids scanned the parking lot and then Timmy spotted a girl huddled up by the bus stop. It was Becki, only now she appeared to be around 10! As soon as they headed her way she saw them coming and hopped up. A van pulled in next to the stop and she darted behind it. The other kids lost sight of her just long enough for her to double back around and head the other way.

"Where'd she go?" Timmy asked.

"I dunno. Keep lookin'" Lisa ordered.

"I bet she hid in that crowd of people" Suzy said pointing to the line of people arriving for the beach. "Let's go!"

They took off but didn't see her amongst the crowd. This was the most crowded area of the beach and it was easy to hid amongst the stands and people.

By now Becki had turned 12. She was still worried about what the others had planned for her. She wondered if she was still getting bigger. A quick check of how much of her legs were exposed confirmed that she was! The towel wasn't shrinking so she knew she was still growing! From her hiding place she saw the others pass by. She relaxed and started crying. 'She didn't want to be big...did she?' she wondered. 'Was she going to be OLD and wrinkled....' her mind raced trying to remember!

She jumped as a hand gently touched her shoulder. She turned to see a young woman with dark her and mysterious eyes standing behind her.

"I'm sorry about this. There's nothing to be afraid of.... just relax" said the woman in a comforting voice. "You didn't ask for this to happen but now it has. Normally, no one even notices growing up but you were told and now are growing up much too fast for your mind to understand."

"I'm afraid...." Becki told her.

"Relax, and I'll take care of you" and with that statement the woman sprinkled a mysterious powder on the young girl.

Becki's expression suddenly changed. Her tears dried and her 16 year old face suddenly brightened. "Wow...."

"I've taken all your worries away for now. You won't get any older, or younger, than you are right now. There will be plenty of time to fix things later but now there are lessons yet to be learned. Be young and be free, and when it's time I'll see that you grow up."

Becki didn't understand what the woman meant. Lessons? Grow up when it's time? Won't get older...or younger? She started to ask the woman but saw that she was GONE! She looked all around but saw no sign of her. Then she realized that she was crouched behind a hot dog stand wearing nothing but a towel!

'So where is my Mommy? Where'd she go?' Kelly asked

'I dunno. She's got to be around here somewhere!' Suzy answered.

'Kelly, we'll find her! She'll wanna have fun.... you'll see!' Lisa told Kelly.

'Yeah, she was having lotsa fun until she started getting big again!' Kelly said.

Suzy listened to the other girls' converstaion. She looked at herself. Everything ~looked~ normal to her. She was 8 years old and the oldest of the group..... but had SHE been older too she wondered? She tried hard to concentrate. Her beach clothes fit her just as they had when Lisa loaned them to her this morning. She wasn't getting any bigger.... but she started having a nagging feeling that maybe she had been bigger. Flashes of memory crossed her mind but her 8 year old mentality couldn't put it all together. She couldn't focus on any of the memories long enough. She was just glad to be the oldest one of the group!

'Becki's just a dumb Ol' girl! I wanna pway!' Timmy told the others. He felt they were ignoring him.

'Didn't Mommy always tell you to be 'spectful of girls?' Lisa asked him.

'Uh Huh' Timmy answered, his eyes focused on the ground.

'Well, you know what that means! You have to be nice to us!' she told him.

''K...I, I, I'm sawry' he meekly answered.

Timmy's father never really approved of the way Susan insisted on raising Timmy. He thought she was too overly protective. He wanted Timmy to be more involved with sports but she felt them too dangerous and didn't feel she had time to watch over him properly if he were to get involved with any team sports. He thought Timmy was too passive, but he was passive also! He figured Timmy got it from him! As much as he would like to get Timmy more involved with sports, he was never able to stand up to his wife. Lisa knew how to handle Timmy even when he was older than her and she wasn't going to change that now that he was smaller then her!

'Let's go back and check around the hot dog stands' Lisa told the others

''K'' Kelly answered, but before she could turn around Suzy had a different idea.

'That's dumb. She wouldn't go back there. I bet she's over there. C'mon. Let's go check' Suzy ordered pointing in the direction of a popular area of the beach.

'I need to go pee, first' Kelly protested.

'You'll have to wait! Let's go!' Suzy told her.

The girls took off and Kelly whispered to Lisa 'She's too bossy!'

Lisa put her finger to her lips 'Shhhhhhh' and shook her head in agreement. She tugged on Timmy's shirt 'C'mon squirt!' and he stumbled as he tried to pick up the pace

Suzy continued barking out orders. Lisa passed as many orders as she could onto Kelly. 'I'm tired...let's go back' she protested.

'We'll go back when I'm ready!' Suzy told her.

Both girls groaned and continued looking for Becki. Finally, Suzy decided that Becki must be the other way. She ordered them to turn around.

Kelly whined 'I ~told~ you she wasn't down here....'


Meanwhile, Becki was being comforted by a concerned teen who had heard her crying.

'What's wrong?' the girl asked.

'Nothing' Becki answered.

'It must be something!'

'I'll be OK. I just ummmmm.....'

'Some guy! He dumped you or something...right?'

'Uhhhhh wellll.....'

'It's OK. Why else would you be sitting here looking like a lost puppy dog....all wrapped in a towel! You don't have to talk about it if you don't wanna. I'm Monique....and you're......?????'

'I'm Becki' she answered extending her teenage hand out to the other girl.

'C'mon. Let's go find a spot and lay out for a while. I'm here by myself today. I'm having boy troubles too!' Monique said.

'I don't exactly have a uhhhhh wellllll ~suit~ underneath this towel!'

'That's just like a guy....they just wanna get in your pants! Then they don't care anymore. What a creep....bring you to the beach....make his move.... and then leave ya!'

'It's not really like that....It's....ummmm never mind....Maybe I should go......?'

'No way! I have an extra suit I'll loan ya! If you don't wanna talk about your guy you can listen to me talk about my 'creep'!' she laughed.

Becki laughed too and then followed Monique back to her car to borrow a swimsuit.


By the time Suzy led the others to the vending stands, Becki was already gone!

'No where! Where could she be? Let's go back to our spot and see if she's over there.' Suzy told them.

The two gilrs whispered and then Kelly spoke up 'I still gotta pee.....badddddd..... I'll see ya over there, OK?'

Timmy motioned to some kids buliding a sand castle. 'I wanna pway with the castle...Can I? Pweease????'

'Whatever....' Suzy said as she headed back to their spot.

Timmy hurried over to join the children that were playing in the sand. Kelly headed for the restrooms.

In a little while Kelly returned. She had 3 small colas. 'Here, I got us Soda pops' she said as she passed out the beverages.

'Thanks.......uhhhhhhhhh Hey! Hold on! You're not tryin' to pull somethin' are ya?' Suzy asked cautiously.

'Huh? Pull somethin'?'

'Like try and make ME take some of that stuff! I think maybe I'll pass!'

'It's OK. You don't need any of it 'cuz you're not a grownup!'

'I think I'd rather have YOUR soda pop!' Suzy decided.

'Mine? Whatever...Here' Kelly answered trading her's with the older girl's.

The girls drank their pop and continued to glance around hoping to see Becki somewhere. They saw a couple of teenager girls walking toward them one of them looked familiar to Lisa. It was Monique, one of her babysitters! 'Gosh, they're pretty' Lisa thought, as the two girls got closer. Monique didn't seem to recognize Lisa and continued walking without noticing her. Lisa watched the two teens and thought they looked almost like Barbie dolls She thought their bright swimsuits were pretty and really liked the shiny belly button ring that Monique was wearing. She pointed at it as Monique walked right past her 'Pwetty...'

'Thanks' Monique answered and rubbed the little girls hair as she continued on.

Kelly started laughing.

'Wha?' Lisa asked.

'You're clothes look big!' Kelly replied with a smirk on her face.

Lisa looked down. She didn't understand. Her bathing suit was hanging on her 4 year old body. Her faced screwed up and she started to cry.

'I wook funny......' she sobbed.

'It's OK, Lisa...she looks funny too' Kelly answered pointing at the other little girl who was sitting with them.

Suzy was now about 5 years old. Her clothes looked even larger on her.

She only giggled at the big clothes she was wearing.

Kelly laughed thinking of how she had just outsmarted both of them so that SHE could be the oldest! Lisa had whispered to Kelly to get some cola's on her way from the restroom. She had then given Kelly the vial and wanted her to spike Suzy's cola. Kelly decided that she would spike TWO colas! She would give Suzy the regular one and keep the spiked one for herself....figuring that Suzy would be suspicious of the 'gesture' she would then trade her colas leaving Suzy with the SPIKED one. Lisa, had no reason to be suspicious...or atleast she thought! Unfortunately for her Kelly had other ideas! It all worked even better than planned because it was SUZY who asked to switch the drinks!

Suzy had been sitting in the sand with her legs folded underneath her. There now was an indention in the sand where her body had once been. She had shrank enough that she was now in a small pit. Hair hair looked finer and straight. She seemed to be having fun just drawing shapes in the sand.

'Hey, Suzy..... How old are you?' Kelly asked still smirking.

Little Suzy held up 3 slightly chubby fingers 'I dis many...' she said proudly.

Kelly then turned her attention back to Lisa.

Lisa was even younger. She was now only 2 years old and seemed more interested in watching the two teenage girls lying a few feet farther up the beach. Her eyes were drawn to the belly button ring that would twinkle in the sun light as the girl's stomach moved in and out with each breath. She pointed her pudgy finger so that Kelly would look. 'Wook...Wooky...Kelwee...Pwi-tty'

Kelly enjoyed her new role as the oldest. She wasn't sure where her mother had went but she wasn't worried too much at this point. She was in charge now! 'I get to take care of you two tonight....I'll be like your mommy!' she told the two toddlers.


Across town, two 29 year olds were enjoying a walk through the park. 'Maggie, look at that squirrel' her beau said as he pointed at a squirrel gathering a few nuts left by passer-bys.

She squinted 'Oh he's so cute.... I didn't even see him! How'd you ever see him, Frank?'

'I just looked and there he was! You're gonna have to get you eyes checked. You're not as young as you used to be!' he replied laughing

'Maybe I could AFFORD some glasses if we didn't have to fill THAT!' she said as she jokingly rubbed his stomach that was not as flat as it had once been.

'Actually, these pants are a little LOOSE....maybe I'm losing weight?'

'Hmmmm they are a little loose...and I don't know whatever inspired you to get pants like that anyway! They look like something my dad would wear!'

'Hold on 'Fashion Plate' You're clothes are a little ummmm 'dowdy'.... just cause you're almost 30 doesn't mean you can't still dress a little sexy for me!' Frank replied as he watched two young female joggers in tight shorts pass by.

Maggie noted the bulge in Frank's pants and the smile on his face as he watched the two young women jiggle off down the trail.

She placed her hand on his bulge and said 'Let's go shopping and see if I can't get something to wear that get's the same reaction!...'

Frank and Maggie made their way to the mall. By the time they reached the mall both had reached 30 years of age. Frank was developing a 'spare tire' around his waist but Maggie was still relatively youthful. A few lines on her face and her gradually disappearing athletic build were signs of her impending retreat from her youthfulness. Frank's thinning hair would soon give way to a receding hairline. Everything seemed totally natural to them. They were totally unaware that they were anything other than what they appeared at this moment: Two 30 year olds at the mall, just as they were oblivious to the fact that less than a day earlier than had youthened into two horny 15 year olds! As long as no one pointed out their accelerated aging they would never notice the gradual changes that were ocurring. The questions that were surely to come as the potion's effects wear off were the farthest thing from their minds at this moment. Right now they were totally living for this moment.

Inside the store, Maggie picked out a short black dress. It was more appropriate for a 21 year old than the 31 year old that she was soon to be become. Even so, she was still able to pull it off. Her slender legs still retained quite a lot of definition and her ample cleavage was still an asset! She picked out a pair of pumps to accent the outfit and then paid for the items. She wore them as she waited for Frank to re-emerge from the Men's department with something more fitting his age. She stuffed her old outfit in a nearby trash can. After discarding a perfectly good outfit for a 50 year old, the 31 year old Maggie took a seat and crossed her long legs. She could see her reflection from across the way and was impressed with what she saw. 'Not bad' she said to herself. She saw Frank approaching from a distance and started dangling a shoe off the end of her foot to draw attention to her bare legs and short skirt.

Frank rounded the corner wearing a rather nice, and expensive suit. The suit served to hide the small 'spare tire' which he was beginning to house around his waist. The cut of the suit gave him a sleek look. He drank in the view of the 32 year old sitting across from him. He felt very lucky to know that she was his wife. Even at 32 she still held her own against the young girls that he had seen jogging earlier in the park. Although, in the back of his mind, he realized he still lusted for younger women. He liked their passion and even their immaturity sometimes...not to mention their 'perfect' bodies! He quickly came back down to earth and realized a 33 year old guy like himself was lucky to have a beauty like he did.

He brushed his hair back with his hand. A few loose hairs stuck to his fingers and he felt a bit more flesh than he had earlier.

'Shall we, Miss?' he jokingly asked his wife and extended his hand.

'Certainly, Sir.' she answered and took his hand.

They walked through the mall and people watched. They were in no hurry. They stopped in a small cafe in the mall to order a light meal. Maggie slipped off her high heels after she had sat down, complaining that they hurt her feet. Frank discreetly unfastened the top button of his pants. Maggie squinted to read the day's special printed on a chalk board across the way. Frank squinted also but was able to make it out. Maggie never was able to see it and finally had to ask that Frank read it to her.

'I told you your eyesight was getting bad!' he added after reading the sign to her.

'You didn't exactly read it with ease, Superman! Besides, I think it's the dark lighting in here. I could read it if they'd turn the lights up!' She shot back.

They both opted to order salads. Both were getting a bit self concious about their weight. Neither mentioned it, but both felt some tightness and uncomfort with their outfits. They finished their meals rather quickly and were ready to once again enjoy some more time together. Maggie rubbed her tired feet before sliding her shoes back on. As she stood up she complained about her knees aching. Frank, likewise complained that the cafe's booth was hard on his back. He also complained that his feet hurt and blamed it on the fact that his new shoes weren't 'broke in'. He pulled out his wallet and laid enough money for the meal and a generous tip on the table and then the two 36 year olds strolled on outside. In the sunshine it was obvious that Maggie's legs didn't look as smooth as they had only moments before. A few light varicose veins had shown through and the back of her thighs started showing the effects of cellulite left unchecked. Her cleavage was no longer as impressive.

Frank wanted to re-fasten the button on his new pants but it was no longer possible. Even the cut of the suit couldn't hide his growing stomach. His face also showed the effect of the added weight. They were both approaching 40 and neither could find the energy that they had had earlier in the day!

'Let's take a taxi back to the Park' he offered.

Maggie agreed. She didn't feel much like walking anymore.

They hailed the first cab they saw and hustled themselves in. Frank let out a long 'Ahhhhhhh' as he sat down.

Maggie started to scoot next to Frank but decided she would look like a lovesick schoolgirl out on her first date! She instead sat next to the door and tugged on her skirt trying to get it to cover a bit more skin.

Frank started up a conversation with the cab driver about the weather. In a few blocks the cab driver had them at the Park entrance. Frank paid the driver and the two 42 year olds again headed into the Park. After walking only a short distance Frank wanted a break. Maggie was only too happy to oblige! They took the first park bench available. At 44 walking no longer seemed like such a good idea.

'How on earth did we ever walk so much when we were younger.....ummmm how did we do it this morning?' Frank asked sounding more confused as each word left his mouth.

'I don't know' Maggie answered as she again shed her uncomfortable shoes. 'I think these things are for the birds. My feet are killing me and my calves are stiff!'

'My feet hurt too...atleast your back doesn't hurt. That booth really should be checked at the cafe. It really did a number on my back!'

'This dress is really short.... I should have gotten some hose if I'm going to wear something like this. These 46 year old legs don't look like they used too....and could use a little color too!'

Frank had to unbutton his jacket and a couple of buttons on his shirt. His stomach was threatening to pop the buttons off if he didn't! 'I'm surprised you got a dress like IS a bit 'young' for you!'

'It does look kind of out of place doesn't it?' she asked as she tried to shift her breasts through the material. 'I'm surprised I thought I looked good in it....I don't know if I would have worn this if I was half my age!.....Maybe you could let me wear your jacket? I want to cover up.'

As Frank handed her his jacket she saw just how ill-fitting his suit had become.

'Why did you get a suit that was too small for you?'

'I don't know... I thought it fit.....' he told her 'Maybe I ate too much at the cafe......?'. He didn't believe that answer but he had no other reason for buying a suit that he had thought fit fine only to about explode out of it a couple of hours later!

Maggie looked confused 'I thought it fit too....'

'I should have known this wouldn't fit me. Look at this tag.... I haven't worn this size in ages!' he added.

'Where are my glasses?' Maggie asked worriedly 'You know I can't see a blasted thing without my glasses!'

'I don't think you've had them on all day..... In fact I don't remember you wearing them last night after we...... uhhh left those kids.....Why did we leave those kids alone? And that baby?'

'Frank! What happened to us? Look at us. We're a couple of 50 year olds wearing clothes that belong on a couple of college kids!' she said as she looked down at the hemline of the dress she was wearing and the high heels that she would never consider buying....yet had only a short while earlier!

'Do you remember last night?' Frank asked her

'Yeah...... Some of it......We..... I... dreamed that we were high school kids and.....'

'Me too!' Frank added 'You were just a kid....15 or so.....your first time....It seems so long ago but it also seems like it just happened.... I can only remember tiny pieces.... what a strange dream!'

'They must have drugged us...or someone did! That poor little baby! We left her with those kids!' Maggie yelled out

'Whatever happened to us, the answer's back at that house. We have to get over there before something happens to the baby and find out what the Hell is going on!'

Maggie slowly got up, bracing her knees with her hands as she stood. She then helped Frank to his feet. Both of them wondered how they were ever able to wander the Park and walk to the mall so effortlessly earlier, but neither said anything for fear the other one would think them crazy for what they were thinking!

Once they were up, the two young women that had jogged by earlier returned from their run. As they passed Frank and Maggie, both Frank and Maggie noticed that no bulge grew in Frank's pants. Both thought back to his reaction the first time he had saw them.....but neither wanted to mention the question that was furthermost in their minds: 'Last night was all a dream ~wasn't~ it?'


Back at the beach the sun was starting to set. Kelly rounded up Timmy. Little Suzy and Lisa were happily playing together. Kelly wondered about what had happened to her mom. She figured she might've went back to the house. 'More time for me to play mommy' she thought as she got the children ready to board the bus.

Kelly never got a good look at the face of the girl with Monique. If she had she might've recognized her as her mother. Her 16 year old mother! Off in the distance Monique and Becki were talking to a couple of boys that they had met earlier.

'So, once the sun goes down the cops all head out. It'll be dark and I've got some beer if you two want to hang out a party with us...Whatdya say?'

Both girls giggled. 'Want to Becki?'

'Sure, sounds like fun!'

Kelly stood behind Lisa and held her shoulders as she waddled onto the bus. 3 year old Suzy managed a bit better. Kelly found some change for the bus driver and then took a seat. Lisa sat on her lap. Soon, the bus rolled into their stop and they all piled out of the bus.

The first thing Kelly found out was that a 2 year old didn't like walking far. Lisa wanted to be picked up. The second thing she learned was that a jealous 3 year old wanted whatever the 2 year old got!

'Pick me up tooooooo!' Suzy whined.

'I can't hardly carry this one! We'll walk slow....OK?'

'Carry meeeeeeee Pweassssssssse'

'Quit your crying, Suzy. Timmy, grab Suzy's hand and let's get home!' Kelly ordered.

Although not a happy trip, the four finally made it back to the house.

'Mommy? Uhhhhhh.....Becki?' Kelly yelled as she walked in the house.

She heard no answer. Wherever Becki had went, she wasn't here.

Kelly quickly put Little Lisa down on the couch. Her T-shirt threatened to swallow her as she happily watched the others while flailing her arme inside the T-shirt.

Timmy headed for his room to play with his toys. Unfortunately, none of the toys he remembered were there. He'd outgrown them all and replaced them with other things....other things that a 5 year old Timmy didn't care about!

'My toy box is gone....' he cried out. He kicked a stack of comic books that was on the floor looking for his favorite coloring book. 'I want my toys!'

Suzy started chasing Rags, the family's cat. Rags was now full grown again and didn't appreciate the attention. In his attempt to get away he knocked a vase off the TV.

'Bad Kitty' Suzy scolded as she continued to try and get him. Rags hopped from the TV to the couch where his sudden appearence scared Lisa. Soon, Lisa was crying.

'Quit it! Stop! Quiet!' Kelly screamed out. Unfortunately, this didn't have the affect she had hoped....Lisa cried harder and Little Suzy joined in. Rags ran under the couch and Timmy reappeared angry that someone had took his toys!

In the midst of all this noise, someone knocked on the door. It was Frank and Maggie. They had taken a taxi and were now at the door.

'What?' Kelly asked exasperated.

'Can we come in?' Maggie asked.

Kelly opened the door without thinking of what would happen next.

As soon as they stepped in, Maggie's hand covered her mouth as she gasped at the mess and noise in the house.

'That's not the baby!' Frank said, pointing at Lisa sitting on the couch. 'Where's the baby and who is that?'

'Ummmm that's uhhhhh Lisa' Kelly answered. 'She's my uhhhhhh cousin'

'Is your mother here?' Maggie asked.


Maggie went to Lisa and picked her up hoping to quiet her. Suzy immediately ran to her side wanting the same attention!

'Where's the boy and girl that was here yesterday?' Frank asked.

Timmy spoke up 'There was a boy here yesterday? I bet HE stole my toys!'

'Frank, the baby....we need to find the baby!' Maggie pleaded.

'Kids, I don't know what is going on here, but there was a baby here yesterday. Where is she at now?'

Kelly thought for a moment. 'Ummmm she's bigger now so she stayed at the beach....I guess'

'By herself?'

'Uh huh...maybe....'

'Maggie, you stay here and I'll go search the beach! Call a taxi and I'll meet him by the bus stop!' Frank said as he headed out the door.

Maggie did as she was told and then continued comforting Little Lisa. She saw her glasses sitting on the table. 'Could you hand me those, dear?' she asked Kelly, indicating the glasses.

Kelly obliged her and handed them to her. Lisa was now asleep and so Maggie slowly laid her back on the couch.

'I don't know what is going on here but you kids shouldn't be all alone here!' she told Kelly as she made her way into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen she opened the 'fridge and grabbed the pitcher of water that was there. 'This day has really worn me out. I hope everything's OK with the baby. That was a very bad thing to do.....A baby needs constant attention!'

Maggie poured herself a glass of water 'Want some, dear?'

Kelly shook her head 'no'. This was the same water that had 7 drops of potion in it..... But Maggie didn't know about the potion!

Maggie carried her glass into the family room and sat it on a coaster. Just as she started to sit down herself, she heard Timmy back in his room. 'Damnit, Damnit, Damnit.....' he kept repeating.

She hurried to his room. 'Little boy...You stop that! No cussing around young's not polite! You shouldn't be cussing anyway! If you don't want your mouth washed out with soap, you'll clean up that 'potty mouth' right now!'

Meanwhile, Kelly decided Maggie was not fitting in HER plans for the evening. She put two more drops of potion in Maggie's glass.

Maggie returned, sat down, and then started enjoying her water. Kelly watched her intently as she downed the glass.



Frank had arrived at the beach. He was still wearing his pants that he could no longer button. In fact it was a battle just to keep the zipper closed. The shirt tail hung out covering the open button. Overall, he looked like someone wearing his grandson's clothing!

With only the light of the moon to see by, he searched the beach for any sign of the baby. The only signs of life were some teens partying in one area. He decided to ask them if they had seen a baby.

'Excuse me....Excuse me...Miss? Miss?'

'WHAT!?' one of the teens answered, sounding a bit put out. 'Here.... Here's a dollar...go get your own beer!'

'I don't want a beer.... I'm looking for a baby!'

'Baby....we got some babes here, dude!'

'No.... a little baby....she might be lost.....'

'Oh, Sorry, dude... I thought you were like a bum or something! We haven't seen any babies around here! It's kinda hard to take you serious dressed like that!'

One of the girls staggered forward 'RYAN! He's worried 'bout a baby and you making fun of him' she slurred as the beer splashed out of her cup.

'Sheesh, Becki, I didn't mean anything by it!'

A small argument broke out between Ryan and Becki, but it was quickly extinquished when Becki tripped over her own unsteady feet and landed on her rear.

The other teens started teasing...'Becki's drunk....Becki's drunk...'

Her faced turned a little red as she lifted what was left of her drink in the air 'Maybe I what?' she said laughing as she fell back.


Back at the house Kelly was watching Maggie's transformation. She saw her hair darken and all the gray disappear. The varicose veins in her legs faded away.The loose flesh around her kness tightened. The skin on her face tightened also. Kelly could see Maggie's breasts slowly slide upward and firm up. They filled the dress much more like the dress maker intended. The 32 year old Maggie that had once worn this dress now returned! Her hair took on a full, bright sheen and even looked longer. Slowly, Maggie left her thirties and headed downward through her twenties. The dress only looked better as the years washed away. As a 25 year old, Maggie's athletic build was on featured display in the dress. Wondering about Frank, she slipped on the pumps that she had so much complained about earlier, and walked toward the front door. She stopped as she saw her reflection staring back at her. The sexy 21 year old in the short dress and high heels was impressed with her look! She fluffed up her hair and turned trying to get a look at her backside. The smile on her face showed that she liked what she saw. She hoped Frank would find the baby because she really wanted to just be with him and forget about this crazy family that she had ran into.

She continued on outside and looked up and down the street for any sign of him. No luck! All she could think about was Frank! After a few minutes she disappointedly returned inside. The 19 year old Maggie still filled the dress rather impressively. She started pacing back and forth, trying to burn off some of the excess energy. Kelly watched closely as the now 18 year old Maggie became a 17 year old. The pacing wasn't helping.... so she walked faster! The pumps started slipping. The dress started looking a little too big. Finally, a shoe fell off....then the other. She tried to slip them back on but could see they were too big. She wondered if they had stretched with all the walking. The hemline of the dress was now closer to her knees. The 16 year old Maggie didn't have the assets to wear the dress properly. Soon, the dress flattened against her chest, only held up by the tiny straps that now didn't want to stay on her shoulders. At 13, she was leaving any traces of her womanhood behind. The feelings that she had earlier for Frank were changing. She only wanted him to hold her now. Then those feelings started to fade..... as did any memory of Frank!


Frank, after being assured that Becki's friend would look after her, headed home with no sign of the baby. He hoped that maybe the baby's mother had returned with the baby, somehow, and all would be OK. He re-boarded the taxi and headed back to the house.

Once there, he hurried up the steps and burst in unannounced 'Maggie? Where are you? Maggie?...'

A 5 year old girl who was obviously playing dress up, barely wearing high heels and smearing lipstick on her face, looked up and said.... 'What?'

Frank couldn't believe his eyes. The little girl wearing his wife's clothing had just answered to her name!


'Uh Huh...Hi!' she answered cheerfully as she worked on her lipstick.

'What's going on here?' Frank asked aloud to no one in particular.

Kelly spoke up 'Nothing. We're just playing!'

'How did you do this? Will she grow up again?'

'Uh huh...maybe'

'Maybe? MAYBE?'

'If she doesn't take anymore potion she'll grow up real fast!'

'And the baby.....who was the baby?'

'My mommy'

'Your MOTHER! You turned your mother into a BABY'

'Me and Lisa did it'

'Where is she now? I don't know...I told you she was bigger and ran off at the beach!'

'You can't just turn adults into children! Which ones of you are REAL kids?'

'All of us.... can't you see?'

'Maggie is a 50 year old woman..... Are YOU a real little girl?'

'Uh huh.... I'm the only one that is my real age. Lisa's mommy is little too!'


'Lisa said they wanted to be little to have fun.... but I had to make Suzy littler cause she was too bossy! I made Lisa littler too' Kelly giggled at the thought of tricking Lisa and Suzy into drinking the potion.

'Looky...Looky Kelwee' Maggie said trying to get Kelly to see her work with the lipstick. She was proud of her work even though it was smeared all over her face. She then started doing Kelly's lips.

'GIRLS! Maggie, are you still in there? Do you know how old you really are?'

'Five!' she said

'No, you're 50! You're not really a little girl'

'I'm a BIG girl! I can wear lipstick and everything!' she said as she tottered in the huge high heels 'I'm five!'

'Kelly, how do we change her back?'

'It just happens after a while... I dunno why'

'How long?'

'Ummmmm tomorrow I guess'

Little Lisa and Suzy had already went to bed. Timmy had also. They had all had an eventful day. Maggie, Kelly and Frank were the only ones still up.

'Tomorrow? She'll be a little girl until tomorrow? This is some kind of a trick!' he said as he adjusted his ill fitting pants.

'You wanna be little too? So you can have fun....'

'No, and Maggie won't be little much longer either. She's growing up just as soon as she can. The sooner the better! I'm not gonna be married to a kindergarten child!'

Suddenly, a voice appeared behind Frank. 'I'm afraid I can't let her grow up that fast. It would be too traumatic. It needs to happen unnoticed otherwise the trauma of living some of the best years of one's life in only a matter of hours would prove disastrous. Especially when someone has been regressed not of their own free will'

'Listen lady, I don't know who the hell you are or what you know about this....but that little girl will be my 50 year old wife just as soon as possible and there is NOTHING you can say to stop it!'

'And as she's growing up you'll do nothing or say nothing so that she becomes aware of her plight?'

'I might.... She needs to know what they've done to her! She can't stay like that! I'll see to it that she knows what's going on!'

'As I knew you would.....' the stranger said to him as she reached into her pocket and blew some type of powder onto Maggie.

Maggie stopped painting her face as the powder gently drifted around her. Her mind instantly filled with thoughts of childhood. Chasing butterflies, Riding her bike, picking daisys.... As innocent as her five year old eyes had looked earlier, they now looked even more innocent!

'What the hell did you just do?' Frank snarled

'I saw to it that she is now immune from the ravages of time. Atleast until all the parties have learned what I feel they should know. I know this can be hard to understand. Perhaps she's better off? I believe you have a secret past that would destroy her adult self if she ever found out! The young secretary... The waitress..... The ~hitchhiker~...Need I go on?'

'How do you know all that?...They were years ago... When I had a little more going for me....I never would do anything to hurt her...intentionally. She'll never find out!'

'Some of them weren't that long ago, Frank. And are you sure you haven't left a note, or momento somewhere that she might find? Maybe an article of clothing under the backseat of your car? And your eye's STILL wander, don't they?. Like in the park!'

'You're a witch! Damn you! How could you know? You crazy witch!'

'No... I'm not a witch. Atleast not a witch by the way you mortals think of witches. But enough of this....' and with that she waved her hand and Frank felt a bolt of energy strike him 'You will come with must obey...Understand?'

'Yes mam' Frank answered slowly.

The woman then motioned toward the two girls 'You will not remember either myself or this gentleman ever being here tonight.... Do you understand?'

Both girls nodded their heads to indicate that they understood. Their eyes closed. The door clanked shut and both girls opened their eyes.

'I'm gettin' sweepy' Maggie said as her eyelids suddenly felt heavy.

'Me too' Kelly answered as she yawned. 'I think we better go to bed'

Maggie stepped out of the high heels and padded off down the hall following Kelly. The black dress scooted against the floor as she walked. They stopped by Lisa's room. Kelly handed her a T-shirt from Lisa's drawer. It was slightly too big but fit much better than the dress that she had been playing in. Both girls fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.


Back at the beach the party was winding down. The teens all grew quiet and began to pair off. Some took walks while others merely went back to their cars.

As the sun threatened to break out over the horizon Becki grudgingly woke to the sound of Monique's voice.

'Get up...We gotta go... C'mon! You gotta come with me!'

Becki's hair was messed up and her bathing suit was only half on. Her head throbbed and she felt ill in her stomach.

'C'mon. It's starting to get light out. We gotta get you in before my Mom wakes up!...Bottle flu or not!'


As the sun got higher in the sky it began to peek thru Timmy's window. Downstairs, the sound of children laughing at cartoons soon filled the air. Back in Timmy's room, a hand and then a foot slowly popped out from under Timmy's blanket. He was slowly starting to grow back into his 10 year old self.