Youth Stealers



In a mansion outside town, an important event was taking place. It was the anniversary of a popular magazine among men. Naked young models illustrated its pages and they were from all over the world. In an event of that magnitude a large number of models were present calling the attention of a sinister organization.

The night was young 'at a matter of speaking' and all the presents were enjoying the music of a popular band in the dancing ball of the mansion. Nobody could guess that in those happy moments a van approaching to the gates of he mansion was carrying their doom.

"Good evening sir" said the female driver of van to the security guard. "We received a call about a failure in the air conditioner".

"Yes, the installations are in the block next to the mansion" pointed the guard opening the gates.

The van moved slowly to the block. A group of 9 people wearing black leather clothes got down from the van and entered into the block. From the curves of their bodies it was easily to say that they were women. Inside the block was a young woman dressed in nightclothes, certainly she was moments ago in the party.

"Nice job with the air conditioner" said the driver as she was undressing her mechanic suit.

"It was so easy" said the young woman closing up her leather suit after stripped of her dress.

Now that the team was fully clothed, they put their gas masks on and connected a gas can to the air conditioner. "Do your job ladies and we can collect the prize" said the driver assuming her role of leader.

Using the vents, the invisible gas rapidly invaded the mansion. All the guests inhaled and filled their lungs with it without knowing it. The band kept playing and the flashes of the cameras went on as the models were posing for them.

As the gas was dissipating inside the rooms and the dancing ball, the girls knocked out the security and secured the perimeter. "All clear, follow me" said the leader guiding the team to the mansion.

Fifteen minutes later of being inhaled, the effect of the gas began to kick in. Women started to cough different varieties of red dust from their mouths while men fell to the floor shuddering.

"What is *cough* happening?" said one of the models.

"Someone *cough* calls to *cough* security!!" yelled a woman.

Women couldn't stop coughing and above their head clouds were forming from the dust of their mouths. The leather girls were seeing everything from outside.

"It's almost time" said the leader looking at her watch.

Then the women inside started to scream






That was the true. The once young and pretty models were turning slowly into old gags as they kept coughing dust. Their skin was getting drier as wrinkles spread all over it in some girls. In other, it was getting flaccid, like a jelly mass, allowing the sight of their veins.

It didn't matter if they were blondes or brunettes, all the women had to watch as their beautiful hairs turned into a pale white.

The matured women were receiving the worse part. Their bodies were wearing out faster and they began to look like living mummies.

Finally, the women stop coughing and the leader gave the orders. "6 and 7 will take care of the upstairs rooms. The rest of the team will come with me to the dancing ball. Get ready the collectors and remember don't take off your mask" said the leader.

The team entered to the dancing ball where the old women were still trying to understand what had just happened to them. "Just the luminous red clouds" said the leader activating her collector.

The collectors worked like vacuum cleaners absorbing the brilliant red dust and saving it in vials. The once young models full of life in their bodies tried to fight against these strange girls, but their elderly bodies were not match for the team.

Meantime, a similar scene was taking place in the upstairs rooms where some of the richest guests were having fun with the models. The men were completely neutralized and the models were in shock and turned into grandmothers.

When 6 entered to the rooms, she enjoyed the old women' pleads. "Please! Something strange has happened to my body. I need help!!" or "Oh miss!! You have to help me!! A weird red dust came off my mouth while my body was deteriorating" was some of the phrases she usually heard, but her favorite was when the models cried "My career as a model is finished. Nobody will like to see a withered face in an elderly body".

6 laughed at how pathetic the models were. "You were so proud of your youth and beauty. Not comforted with the money you make of the naked pictures for magazine, you dragged men and sold them pleasure. Well, look at you now. Your smooth skin is gone. No make up will covered the crowfeet and wrinkles that your face is showing. You will have to fade the world like this from now on" grinned 6 as she sucked the red dusts ignoring the gags' pleas.

Different of 6, 7 was a good girl. She knew that most of the models in the house were sluts and they deserve being punished, but the thought of that one of the girls were actually innocent made her feel bad.

In the first rooms that 7 checked the old women were unconscious. Certainly they couldn't handle the sight of her aging bodies and passed out. This only made easier the things to 7 as she collect the red dusts without problem.

"Only one room left" she said to herself as she opened the door.

"Finally someone. Please can you help me? My husband is sick or something" said the voice of an old woman from inside.

7 turned on the light and she could see a man in his thirties laid next to a woman in her nineties. The woman was holding the hand of the man and with the lights on, 7 could saw the wedding rings.

"This wasn't suppose to happen" thought 7. Taking her flashlight, she said "Stay calm miss. I'm here to help". 7 illuminated the eyes of the husband and they responded back.

"Your husband will be fine Mrs...?"

"Wallace, Catherine Wallace" The old woman looked at her hands "My skin looks terrible and I barely can move my fingers. What happens to me?".

"You had been affect by a terrible gas that had cover all the mansion" said 7.

"What a horrible twist of my fate. Moments ago, I was enjoying the love of my husband and believing that we have a brilliant future. Now, all my dreams are gone as well as my beauty" cried Catherine.

"Take it easy Catherine" said 7 "How do you feel?"

"To be honest, I feel very tired. I don't have any strength to even try to get up. My sight isn't sharp anymore, I see you blurred" said the old woman.

7 sat next to Catherine and checked her pulse. "Your heart bits are lower than average and your eyes seem whiter. The gas has deteriorated your health as well. Can you tell me if you feel any difference inside you?".

"I can tell you for sure that my organism won't be pretty is I clearly see my veins through my skin. Every passing moment it's more difficult to breath normally. Strong headaches are tearing me head apart. My mouth is getting drier" said the old woman showing her aged tongue. "Is there any chance that I can be cure?"

The remorse was great for 7. Judging by the small sagging mass on her bones, she knew that the model wasn't well endowment. "Her scent merchandise potential will be just her youth, nothing else. The girl is innocent and she deserves another chance" she thought.

"Listen me carefully Catherine. I can help you, it won't like you but it's your only opportunity. Can you see the red dust cloud over your head".

Catherine looked up and saw for the first time the red cloud. "Yes" she said.

"Well, it isn't an ordinary cloud. It contains your scent" said 7.

"My what?"

"Your scent. That is why you look so bad, the cloud contains your beauty and youth"

"No way. And how I can get it back?"

"You can't. Once your scent is out of your body, you can't get it back"

"So, I will stay old for the rest of my life. I used to be 23-years- old young girl, don't the old lady with arthritis in her hands and sight problems. I don't want to life like this" sobbed the old woman.

"And you won't if you do exactly what I tell you without question me".

"What I need to do?"

"First" said 7 as she peeled off her leather suit "I know that puberty jumped over me, but tell me is my body looks like yours was".

"Except by your chest, your body is very similar" said Catherine.

"Good. You can't get your scent, but I can, so I propose you a exchange of scents. We have the same age, so if you don't bother lose a bra size I can give you my scent. It's the only way you can regain your youth".

"Will you do that for me?" said Catherine

"Yes. I hate when people innocent is affect for the gas"

"But how we will change scents and how do you know about the gas?"

"I tell you, no questions" emphasized 7.

Catherine nodded. "Sorry. I appreciate very much your offer" she cried holding 7's hand.

"As soon as I cough my scent inhaled with your mouth, understand?" said 7 to Catherine as she took out a small capsule from her pocket. "This capsule is to be used in emergencies, when a girl has escaped from the gas" thought 7.

7 gulped the capsule and rapidly it began to work inside her body forcing her to cough her scent. "Quickly *cough* take my *cough* scent". She was sure to cough her red dust near the face of Catherine.

Using her mouth, Catherine began to absorb the dust that 7 was expelling. With each cough, 7's body aged. Her chest started to lose her perky form. Her plain abdomen changed into a small bulge to finally ended into a flabby belly. Her toned arms and legs lost their firmness as veins were becoming more and more visible.

"This is *cough* horrible. I *cough* never though *cough* this will feel *cough* so bad. *cough* I think I'm *cough* going to die" said 7.

"At the begging *gulp* I felt the same *gulp* way. But contrary *gulp* process feels *gulp* very good" exclaimed Catherine as her body slowly was recovering her youth.

7's hair was changing into gray as the her skin was losing color and vitality. Her lips were getting drier and her feet were developing callosities. Her once firm rear was now hanging from her hips. Even her nails were changing into a nasty yellow color.

The process ended and 7 was reduced to an old gag as Catherine was a young girl again. "It works!!" said enthusiastic Catherine.

"How horrible is being this old. I can't even think clearly" said 7 looking at her devastated body. Without her scent, she was reduced to a wrinkled weak woman. She putted on her suit again and she noticed that it was a lot loose than a few minutes ago. "Better hurry to recover my youth. I looked like granny" .

"Let me help you" said Catherine. When 7 inhaled Catherine scent, her body returned to normal.

"It's good to be young again. I don't know how to pay you" said Catherine.

"I think you did it. My suit is a little tight in the chest area now. Certainly you were bigger than me" said 7 rubbing her bust. "Sorry for your lost"

"Oh! Don't worry. My husband was about to pay for implants" smiled Catherine

"Well, now for your own good stay quiet for an hour. When your husband regains his conscious, both left the house as fast as you can" said 7 turning off the light and closing the door.

"Do you finished the room?" said 6. Her voice made jumped 7.

"Yes. Everything is hear" said 7 showing the vials she had collected.

"Good. Now let's go downstairs and help the others".

In the dancing ball everything was going well, until one of the girls found the most radiant cloud of all. "Jackpot!!" grinned inside her mask the girl as she moved toward the cloud.

When she was ready to pack it, 6 and 7 entered the room. "Do you need some help?" said 7.

The small distraction was taken by the old woman under the cloud to jump from the floor and grabbed the girl holding a knife against her neck.

"Don't move 3!!" yelled the old woman.

The team tried to act, but they didn't want to expose the life of their partner.

"What do you want?" said the leader stepping forward to the old woman.

"I know who you are" said the old woman "The urban legends call you the Youth Stealers. A team conformed by women with the only purpose of steal the life essence of young models to sell them in millions to old women who wanted to be young again. Right?"

"Yes" said the leader.

"Well, nobody will get my essence. I was selected the most desire model from all times by many magazines. My voluptuous body could bend the will of any man in the face of the earth. Now, thanks to you, it is a disgusting flabby mass"

The model looked at her deteriorated body. Her skin wasn't softer anymore. Brown spots were spread on it and her shinning blonde hair was now gray. She was furious as her beautiful legs were ruined, including her feet that were showing signs of callosities through her sandals

"I don't have perky breasts anymore; the water bags hanging from my chest are disgusting. This tired out skin is not mine, it belongs to a old woman, not to the 16 years old girl that I'm" she continued.

"16!! You are a minor!!" said the leader "That is why you still have some strength on you".

"Sorry to ruin your robbery, but if I don't have my essence back, I will kill your partner" said the wrinkled model has her veined hand pressed the knife in the neck of 3. Drops of blood began to leak.

"There is nothing we can't do. Once you exhale your essence, there is no way you can have it back" said the leader.

"You are lying!!" yelled the old woman. "Maybe you can said that is no possible now, but what you would say after your partner were exposed to the same thing that did this to me. For sure, your the gas mask are to protect yourselves from something"

"Don't breath" yelled the leader to her partner as the old woman removed her gas mask.

3 closed her eyes holding her breath.

"You will have to breathe sooner or later" grinned the old woman digging more the knife in the neck.

3 couldn't resist too much. She finally had to breath and took deep gulps of air. Doing this, she was swallowing without wanting the red cloud over the old woman.

"You stupid gag. You have only produced the lost of own essence. You can't assimilate it, but another women can. That is why we use masks" said the leader.

The eyes of the old woman cry in agony as her precious essence disappeared inside 3's mouth. "NO!! I will cut you open to recover my essence" said the old woman.

The rage moment of the model was the opportunity that 3 was waiting. With a quick hit of her elbow in the stomach of the model, she freed herself.

Laid on the floor, the old woman watched as the leather suit was getting stretched by the growing curves of the girl. The injured neck healed completely and 3 putted black her mask on. "I didn't want to use your essence on me" said 3 as she felt her body morphing into the well-develop shape of the model's body "Even certainly made wonders on me"

"It's a shame to lose a precious essence like that, but it's good to have you back" said the leader to 3. "Well team, mission accomplished. It's time to leave this place".

The team vanished from the mansion leaving at the old gags fighting for the old essences still on the air. Some of them got lucky by swallowing the essence of the women in their forties and loosing only 20 years. Others didn't have such luck.

When the men finally regained their consciences. Crowns of matured and old women were desperately trying to get comforted for them. Most of the men found repulsive at the new models. Just a few found them more attractive.

That little group got a great sex night with more than 6 models at the time. The aged models made love to them like that night was the last one. Unfortunately for some of the women, it was.

The End.