"Younger Competition"

by Figment62

I had been working out for a couple of weeks in the Better You Gym, which was where all the professional bodybuilders work out. I had to admit that most of the guys I've met were truly nice guys and very attractive. You'd be surprised how many bodybuilders out there were gay. I am, myself, and not ashamed of it. Some still tend to be in the closet.

Maybe I better introduce myself. I'm Mark Pehler, and I'm just getting into the professional end of the bodybuilding business. I'm a natural bodybuilder, and proud of that fact. I truly believe my body is a temple and a gift from God. That's why I take such good care of it. I'm pretty proud of my body, too. I'm 6' 4" tall, weighing in at nearly 265 pounds. I've worked hard to get my 50" chest, 17" biceps, 32" waist and 28" quads. I'm also one of those few out there who's a musclebear. I'm proud of THAT fact, as well! I only shave when I have a competition. The rest of the time, I stay furry. Surprisingly, a lot of guys seem to LOVE the fact that I don't shave unless I have to. Gives me a little bit of a mystique, I guess.

But this really isn't about me. It's about another musclebear, quite different from myself. Hope I don't seem cocky, but this guy really pissed me off. He had been there at the Better You Gym for nearly five years. He didn't own it, but he sure acted like he did. He was an arrogant hairy bastard and treated everyone at the gym (and probably everywhere else) like they were HIS servants and flunkies. He is especially cruel to the guys who aren't into bodybuilding. If you're completely out of shape, you didn't stand a chance against his attitude. He walked like a proud peacock, flexing his muscles to impress some and intimidate virtually everyone. He was also just starting to hit the pro circuit! His name was Gabe Sebastian.

He was 6'6" tall and full of muscle, that was covered with a coat of dark hair all over. He weighed in at 285 and strutted it around with an evil glee, it seemed. He had incredible measurements: 53" chest, nearly 20" arms, 30" quads and 33" waist. He never had a problem showing off his marvelous hairy chest and 8-pak of abs ( I never said I wasn't impressed by his physique). He rarely worked out with a shirt on and it was rare when Gabe didn't flex after doing a rep or two. Guess he was checking on his progress, but at the expense of everyone else at the gym.

The one time that got me the worst was when he tormented this little guy who wanted to bulk up some. The guy was barely 150 pounds. While he was nice-looking, he had a big job ahead of him. He understood that and was willing to put the time and effort into the gym. He was a research assistant at a lab facility nearby the gym. I would talk to him and help him out some when he got to the gym. His name was Ben Turnmen and he was a likable guy. I give everyone a fair shake, which is more than what Gabe did to anyone.

The time that really pissed me off was when Ben was working the bench press and was doing pretty good, with 100 pounds on the bar. I was spotting for him, but had a phone call from one of the area reps for the competition that was in town. Both Gabe and I were working out massively to try and get their backing for each of us. The reps would only choose one of us. When I went away to the phone, Gabe slinked his way over to Ben and started teasing him on how puny he was and why it was a waste to have so little weight on the bar. Ben tried to ignore him and kept working out.

But then, Gabe put himself above the bar, as if to spot Ben. There weren't too many people at the gym, since it was after 9 PM. I was still on the phone with the rep. Gabe kept taunting Ben to push it more and do more reps. That was the only way he would get even close to looking like Gabe. Then, it happened! Gabe put his weight on the bar, pushing it closer towards Ben. Ben was doing his best to keep fighting the bar from coming down on himself. But Gabe's weight was no match for Ben! The bar came down on Ben's chest and knocked the wind out of him. Gabe just stood there, telling Ben that little boys shouldn't try to attempt such things as lifting heavy barbells. Gabe looked down at Ben with a smug grin on his face and flexed his bicep.

I got finished with the phone just in time to see Gabe smirking at Ben. Ben wasn't moving when I got inside the weight area. When I saw the scene in front of me, I was terrified that Ben was dead. I ran to him and pushed Gabe out of the way! He gave me a look that was a combination of anger and contempt. Then, he just took his stride and walked away from the bench press area.

I looked down at Ben, who still had color in his face. But his eyes were closed. I was feeling my heart sink, thinking I should have passed on the phone call and stayed in the area. I had no idea Gabe was that twisted. Ben then opened his eyes and started to breath normally again. I just looked at him and asked him if he was all right. Ben just stared up and said, "I can't believe he did that! I haven't done anything to him!" I told him that Gabe treated everyone that way, whether they were on my level of development or below. "I guess he thinks he the Godfather of this place!"

Ben immediately got a twinkle in his eyes! "Maybe we can fix it where he won't be able to bully us for a while" Ben told me that he was involved with a project at the research facility and the advancements were coming incredibly fast. I asked him what he was working on and he replied that it was an anti-aging agent. It had powerful effects on plants and animals. It was to be used only as a weapon for the CIA But he had gotten a few doses for himself. He had a potted palm that wasn't doing too well.

I found it hard to believe this was true. But I never was struck by Ben as being a liar, either. We went out to his car while Gabe went on with his workout. When we got out there, Ben took out something from the glove compartment. It was a small bottle, full of a slight blue liquid. "That's it?" I asked him. "Yea," he answered back. "There's enough stuff in this to take Gabe so far back, that he'd disappear into nothingness."

That scared me when Ben said that, because of the coarseness in his voice. It was almost as callous as Gabe already was. I warned Ben not to go too far with this. He then informed me that the length of time the agent lasted was maybe a week. "But you're not going to make him so young that he's disappears out of existence? That means there's no chance of him returning. As much as nobody doesn't likes him, Gabe will be missed."

Ben looked at me and told me not to worried. He had an idea of how much to use on Gabe. Ben definitely was wanting to take Gabe down a few notches. "Let's see... Gabe's probably in his early to mid-30's. So I think that should be enough..." Apparently, Ben was making mental notes on how much of the stuff to use on Gabe. I was completely lost in all that Ben was talking about. He even threw out a few math equations that made no sense to me, at all.

When we went back into the gym, we saw Gabe heading for the locker room. We figured he was done with his workout and was heading for the showers. The rest of the gym was empty, since it was after 10 PM. So Ben and I started to head to the locker room, too. On the way to the lockers, Ben grabbed a small cup from the water fountain. He started his figuring and began to pour some of the liquid into the cup. "This should be just enough to take that overgrown bully down a few pegs!" Ben said with a hint of glee in his voice. I asked him how young should this make Gabe, if it actually works. I was skeptical at the thought of a youth potion. Although I did enjoy the thought of seeing Gabe as a little boy, and I felt a smile growing across my face.

Ben said if he figured it right, the amount he poured into the cup should take Gabe way below puberty. I was anticipating seeing it happen to someone who definitely deserved this type of retribution. I asked Ben how he was going to get Gabe to drink it. He told me Gabe didn't need to drink it. It just had to get on his skin and it would absorb quickly. From there, it would spread like wildfire throughout Gabe's body. It didn't matter where it hit him, the effect would start a few minutes afterward.

It was then we heard the sound of a shower turning on.

We sneaked into the shower stalls and saw the curtain pulled on number 2. Ben and I heard Gabe moaning as the water hit his skin. Steam rose from the stall pretty fast. Ben and I looked at each other. Still holding the cup with the magic liquid in it, Ben took a breath. He opened the curtain enough to throw the liquid in. He also got a look at the marvelous physique that was Gabe. He got a great view of the hairy globes that made Gabe's ass. With no response from Gabe at all, we went back to the locker room. Apparently, Gabe took as much pleasure in his own body as he thought everyone else did. Proves how big an ego the idiot has. The moans continued from stall number 2 for a couple of more minutes.

We headed to the far end of the locker room, where we had a good view of Gabe's locker area. Gabe strutted in, wearing a towel around his 33" waist. He walked in front of a large mirror and started posing. He was probably gearing up for the competition coming up between him and me for those reps to sponsor one of us. He did a few posing exposing his torso and his v-shaped tapered back. Ben and I were enjoying the show, and honestly, we were both getting off on it. I know I was getting hard at the sight of that arrogant musclebear flexing his furry muscles. It was then both Ben and I noticed something unusual. A faint blue glow enveloped Gabe's entire body.

Gabe was so into his posing, he didn't notice any of the blue glow. But his towel suddenly became lose on him and started to fall off his body. "This is it! It's already begun!" Ben said as quietly as he could. Even though Gabe was getting younger, he could still clobber Ben with no problem. I'd probably be a bit tougher, but Gabe was bigger than me...right now, at least.

Gabe just grabbed the towel and threw it on the bench in front of his locker. As he began to open his locker up, another faint blue glow developed around Gabe again. It was now noticeable that something was happening to Gabe. He didn't look as vascular as he did before. His face looked a bit fuller and his hair a bit darker. Even his chest hair seem darker. But it was his musculature that was the most changed. He wasn't as big in the chest as he was a few minutes ago. Gabe's abs went from an 8-pak to a 6-pak. His legs weren't as thick as they once were. The same could be said about his arms, too. Ben and I were enjoying the view of a bodybuilder developing, only doing it in reverse.

Gabe reached into his gymbag as the next glow came and surrounded his body. As he pulled on his bikini briefs he noticed that they were fitting a bit loose on him. That's when he knew something was wrong. He went to the mirror he was at before and looked at his reflection. He pulled out at the waistband of his briefs and saw that they were showing some slack. He posed again in a double bicep pose. That's when another glow appeared around Gabe's body. Ben and I were watching from the far end of the locker room and heard Gabe gasp. We saw a guy who couldn't be more than 25 years old, wearing a pair of bikini briefs that definitely weren't a good fit on him.

Ben came out from behind the lockers and saw Gabe. His body was still in great shape, but it wasn't much of a bodybuilder's anymore. "I knew this would work!" Ben yelled at Gabe. I couldn't believe Ben was confronting Gabe, even though Gabe was 10 years younger. "I know what I'm doing," he said as he calmed my nerves. Even though I was a bodybuilder, this sci-fi stuff wasn't what I was used to.

Gabe turned to see us, as he tried to keep his briefs up on his shrinking waistline. " What did you do to me, you little shit? Give me back my body!"

Ben looked at him pitifully. " Actually, I am! You're getting just what you deserve, being the big bully here. I figured it was time your body matched your mentality."

Gabe stood there for a moment, trying to take what Ben was saying to him. Another blue hit and Gabe was in his teens now. The muscularity that was his pride and joy was pretty much gone. Granted, it was still a good body he had. But there wasn't the massiveness that was there a few minutes ago. The beautiful hairy chest was beginning to recede back into his torso, as his abs began to lose the definition that was barely there for a teen-ager. Gabe's legs and arms were becoming lanky, but I swear I could tell they were growing shorter. In fact, his height was decreasing, as well.

"You see, Gabe, I may not be on your level physically. But I'm definitely past you when it comes to the mental faculties." Ben just relished in the fact that Gabe was at his command now. I just stayed off to the side, watching in total disbelief as Gabe continued to grow younger.

The blue glow once again came, and now, it was taking its toll on Gabe. He couldn't have been more than 12 years old physically. There was no sign of hirsuteness anywhere on his body. Nor was there any sign of muscle. His cock was exposed, since the briefs were way too big on him now. But it, too, was growing smaller. The last bit of pubic hair around Gabe's crotch faded from view. As Gabe tried to speak, his voice cracked. But it was different. It went from low- to high-tone as he demanded to be returned to normal.

Ben just glared at him! "You will," he said cold-heartedly. "But it'll be a while. You still have a lesson or two to learn. By the way, the changes are occurring much faster. Have you noticed?"

Blue filled around the prepubescent Gabe, and a small boy of 7 years came out of the glow. Tears started filling up in his eyes. He knew there was nothing he could do to stop this. I almost felt sorry for the little guy. Then, I remembered who it really was. I know that seems cruel, but Gabe was a cruel guy. I guess he really was getting what he deserved....

Ben said there should be one last glow, and there was. The results of that final flash of blue left a toddler of 3 years old. I could see some of the faint facial features that were the former grown Gabe. He looked at me, so innocently with his now baby blue eyes. I just looked down at him and shrugged my shoulders. I couldn't say I'd want it to happen to anyone. But like I said before, it's not as though Gabe didn't have it coming to him. This was just an way that no one would have expected.

I turned to Ben and asked him what we should do now. I just didn't feel right leaving the young Gabe here at the gym. Ben agreed, but he assured me that Gabe maintained his adult mind and emotions. He had only regressed physically. After a few minutes of discussion, we decided to call the police and tell them that Gabe was left here. I figured keep it like that and there wouldn't be too many questions. Gabe looked at us and whimpered. I guess he knew he was totally powerless and had nothing else to do.

After the police came and took Gabe away, Ben and I went to a coffee shop for something to eat. It was so casual, after all we done and been through. When we were leaving, Ben turned to me and gave me a deep kiss. I was caught off-guard by it, but didn't mind it...at all. I asked him how Gabe will change back. Ben told me that he would start growing back to his adult self over a period of several days. Longest it might take is about a week to ten days.

It was then that Ben started laughing to the point of almost falling on the ground. I asked him what was so funny. He came back said, "Well, now you don't have to worry about Gabe getting those reps sponsoring...So much for the younger competition!"