Youthful Blood


the AP Scout

(c) 2000


Just a short piece.

NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.

Serena Tsukino's eyes were filled with tears and her cheeks were stained with them. She didn't see nor hear her mother spanking her little pink haired cousin, even though it was right in front of her. She was just too stunned. She, fourteen-year-old Serena Tsukino, had just been spanked. The blond with her hair done up in meatballs and pigtails wouldn't have believed it, her throbbing bottom made her believe it though.

The teen was just getting over the shock of being spanked when Irene Tsukino finished. She watched as her mother reached down beside her and produced the maple hairbrush. Using the back of it, the woman applied two sharp smacks to Rini's already glowing bottom; just she had done to Serena. The seven-year-old howled. Serena doubted it was as mortifying as hers had been.

"Now," Mrs. Tsukino said as she stood the pink haired girl up, "Here are new sets of underpants for the both of you. Hopefully, the label will help you two grow up!" She handed the underpants to her niece and daughter. "You two get to bed!" she commanded before leaving the room.

"Bed..." the teen started to whine and then caught herself. "Like majorly not fair..." she muttered. It was a good hour before Rini's typical bedtime much less her own.

"Big Girls, helping them grow?" Serena asked dubiously as she read the label. Well, if it kept her mom from ragging on her... Serena pulled them on. "Come on, Kiddo," she said to Rini. The child put them on, bawling the entire time. The child then did something that startled Serena. She hugged the teen's legs. Rini just wanted to be cuddled, even if it was by her meatballs-for-brains cousin.

Early the next morning, a scream woke Serena up. Sitting up, she blearily looked around. What did that Little Pink Fungus do... "Hold it!" she commanded her brain.

"Rini?" Staring at her cousin, she was shocked to see that Rini was naked and not so little anymore. Long flowing pink pigtails coming from cone-shaped meatballs were the first indications. Large breasts and hair where there obviously shouldn't have been any were others. Self-consciously, Serena glanced down and noticed her own nakedness. Gulping, she quickly covered Rini with the blanket and scrambled for her bathrobe.

"Wha?" Rini questioned. The now teenage girl sat up and looked at Serena curiously. "You look kinda old."

"Listen Fungus..." Serena began but decided to check her face in the full-length mirror. It did seem to have aged; even some minor crow's feet were evident. Then a horrible thought struck her, she looked like she was her mother's age, nearly forty! She looked down at herself. Her bathrobe wasn't as loose or hung as low to the floor as she was used to. At least, she had grown a little taller and more developed, even if there was some sag.

She turned back toward Rini. As her cousin rose from the bed and stood, she could tell that Rini was taller still. The new teen was also a better built in the chest area. Rini with a smile reached up and cupped her new attributes testing their weight. They looked bigger and to Serena's sadness, more pert.

Rini suddenly stopped. Serena noticed that she was giving her an odd look. "What?" She didn't like surprises much, especially this early in the morning.

"Oh... you look like my mommy 'cept a little older." Rini's eyes enlarged a little more as she pointed at Serena. "See, you even gotta moon thingie like my mommy."

Serena whirled back and stared at her reflection. Sure enough, her crescent moon sigil was showing. Her brain now raced for an explanation she could feed the not-so-little Spore. She never got the chance. Her bedroom door burst open and a shocking sight came running into the room. Her mother, looking all of fourteen years old, came to a screeching halt and stared at her grown niece and daughter. "What happened?" Rini asked. Serena was too busy comparing breast sizes to ask.

"I don't know," Irene squawked, "I went to bed and woke up like this!"

"This is like way not fair!" Serena wailed when she realized that she was still the smallest of the three. Irene moved to comfort her daughter and her underpants slipped. Blushing, she bent down to get them but her eye caught the label.

It read, "Youthful Bloomers."

The End

I told you it was short! :))