Walking the Ages - Sally's experience



"See you at night, honey" said Henry waving me goodbye as he went to his work.

After 20 years of being married, I started to think that maybe Henry was losing the interest on me, and who can blame him.

Being a 39 years-old mother of two daughters really made my hourglass shape to vanish in the time. Breastfeeding sagged my once firm D-cup breasts. Sometimes I saw my reflection in the mirror and I can't see at the young woman that one time I was.

"Maybe the young treatment that I saw in TV yesterday will be real" I candid though trying to see if my face showed the pass of the years.

I was getting depressed when Beverly, the youngest of my daughters stepped in the kitchen.

"Good morning mom!!" she said.

"Oh! Good morning dear. I have your breakfast right here" I said.

"Thank you mother"

I was very proud of my Beverly, even she was only 12 years old; her school informed me that she was a real genius. Sometimes I think what I did wrong with Jasmine. Both sisters were so opposites.

I was thinking about Jasmine when she showed up dressed like she wanted to sell her body to the best bidder.

"Jasmine!!, why you are dress like this?" I screamed.

"Relax Sally. Victor will come to pick me out soon" She said.

"Any of my daughters will go out dress like a cheap slut" I angrily said.

"Fine is you don't want to let me out. I will stay in home with Victor" and she left me

"I hadn't finish to talk to you young lady. Come back here at once" I yelled, but she didn't care.

This event made think about how disrespectful was Jasmine. She insisted in calling me by my first name. Maybe she looked me like an old gag and that is why she treated me like that.

One more time I double checked my image in the mirror and talked to myself. "Well Sally, I think is time you show Jasmine who is in charge".

I got out of the kitchen and noticed Jasmine hanging down the phone.

"Now Jasmine, I'm your mother and I order you to go up and change those piece of fabric that you call clothes"

"Whatever" she said and turned to leave.

"You will stay here until I finish telling you a few things" I tried to ground her, but with not success. She again she let me talking alone.

"Today, I will talk to Henry and together we will ground Jasmine. She needs some control" I though.

A few seconds later, I heard Jasmine yelling at Beverly and entering at her room. "She is always bothering her sister. She doesn't have other thing to do" I murmured walking upstairs.

Jasmine was on a rampage to the attic. Every time I get upset with her, she wants to revenge on the poor Beverly. I was getting sick of all of this, so I held her arm.

"Why are you yelling?" I asked her.

"Beverly took some of my clothes, and this time I can prove it"

When Jasmine opened the door of the attic where Beverly had assembled her mad scientist laboratory, she pointed at her clothes.

"I told you that she took my clothes, and not only them, my stilettos and my lingerie too" she said.

Little I care about her clothes, my heart raced seeing at my little Beverly being surrounded my a nasty steam inside her chamber

"Jasmine!!, your sister is trapped!!" I screamed "DO SOMETHING".

I couldn't wait for Jasmine to react, so I began to push whatever button I found in the console. My desperation was growing at incredible rate, when finally a shut down sound was heard.

Jasmine unplugged the power and the chamber's door opened releasing the steam trapped inside.

In no time it fill the room and got stuck in my skin. A great coldness shocked my body as I felt my energies getting down.

"Something is happening" I thought, but I couldn't see anything. When finally my vision cleared, two strangers were in front of me. For a moment we interchange glances before I took a look at my body. The impression was too much.

I saw wrinkles were everywhere over my skin was dry and wore out. My blonde hair was mixed with small amounts of gray hair. "This can be me" I kept repeating to myself.

"What happen to us?" Jasmine and I asked at the same time.

"Maybe I can explain it" Beverly said.

Using and strange device, Beverly said something like she was 16 years old, but want to be 24. Her sister took the control and she confirmed that her 24 years old. To be honest I can't remember clearly what did they say. I was living my worst nightmare and this time I wouldn't wake up.

Putting together my entire brave, I took the device. "52 years old" I gasped, "That's why I feel so old. Is there any way to reverse this Beverly?".

She doubted for a second and then said "Yes, but right now I want to assist at an important symposium in downtown. I promise to restored everything the way it was when I return, I promise you that mom".

I don't know what happen with Jasmine, but for the first time in my life, she agreed with her sister. "Let her go mom, I think she didn't want nothing of this to happen" she said.

Beverly started to get dress. She was very pretty for been so young, and I believe that she want to go badly at that symposium, otherwise I don't think she would do the crazy thing she had just done.

"As long as we don't age anymore, I think you can go" I said.

My daughters left me alone in the attic as I caught my reflection over the glass of the chamber. Small crowfeet were forming in my eyes. My breasts lost the last perkiness they had and turned into two sagging bags.

"Here I'm, defeated by an experiment that went wrong. With some luck maybe I can be young again".

I entered to my room and phone at Henry. He didn't answer his cell, so I left a message. 'Darling, something comes up. I need you in home ASAP. Kisses. Sally.'

Being this age, proved to be more complicated that I thought. I don't feel enthusiastic about anything. My skin disgusted me. I just wanted to be young and know I had jumped 13 years old unfortunately forward.

"Maybe all of this happens for a reason. Maybe this is a lesson that I need to learn" I said to myself over and over.

The doorbell rang and forgetting about my condition I opened the door.

"Good morning madam. My name is Victor. Is Jasmine ready?" said Jasmine's boyfriend.

I was so embarrassed that he saw me so old, but sooner or later he will find out.

"Please come in Victor, but before I tell Jasmine you are here. I think you need to know something. First, you don't need to call me madam. I'm Jasmine mother"

Victor double-checked me before saying "And sorry Mrs. I didn't know. But what happens to you?"

"The same that happens to Jasmine. We were affected by one of the experiments of Beverly. Now that you know the true, I will call her"

I walked the stairs and knocked in Jasmine door. "Jasmine, Victor is here. If you need me I will be in my room" I said.

"OK mom, go and take a nap. I will be in the living room" she said from her bedroom.

I felt so tired that I went to my room to sleep. My poor feet were hurting me. They weren't soft anymore. They were wrinkled and full of callosities. I gave them a strong massage and fell sleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke me up. "It must be Henry" I said trying to stand up.

I was going for my robe, when I lost my balance and fell back in the bed. My head started to spin or it was the room, I don't know. When I try to stand again, I saw my hair turning white as my skin got drier. That was all I could remember before passing out.

"Are you OK honey?" Henry words woke up me.

I was going to talk, when I saw my old hands holding my sheets. "I got older!!" I screamed inside my head. "Oh please Henry, don't look at me. I don't want that you keep an image of me like this" I said pulling the sheets over my face.

Being below the sheets was even worse than I thought. My transparent gown let me appreciated the damage at my skin. I felt horrible looking at my breasts covered by veins and hanging at the sides of my body. My skin was darker and my body got skinny. "I don't like being like this" I sobbed.

"Everything is alright Sally. You don't have nothing to worry about" said Henry pulling the sheets away from me.

I covered my elderly body ashamed. "No Henry, you don't understand. Nothing is alright. I know that I'm not younger anymore, and that is way you are losing interest on me. But now that I look like this, for sure I will lose you" I cried uncontrollably hugging him tight. My tears were dropping in his shirt.

"Sally!" Henry said hurt "I I never thought you were thinking in something so stupid. You are my wife, and no matter what I will always love you. I don't care if you are a 25 years-old bombshell or a 92 years-old grandmother. My love for you is so strong, that I will not change it for anything".

His words sounded honest, but I still had my doubts "But how I know that ?". My words couldn't leave my mouth as Henry's lips closed it. His kiss was so warm that made me melted in his arms.

"I love you Sally more than ever" Henry said breaking the kiss. Then his fingers began to touch my tights bringing new sensation into my body. They moved down my legs until reach my cold feet. "It seems that you need a good massage my dear".

I tried to protest, but once Henry's gifted hands caressed my feet I felt wonderful. He was gently rubbing my toes, even they were ugly as more calluses appeared. I laid back in the bed moaning of pleasure.

It didn't take long for Henry to bring me at the edge of my orgasm. My body trembled anticipating the moment. Just then he stopped and raised his head, so I could see him.

"I see that you don't feel so old anymore" he grinned.

"I was wrong. Please continue Henry, I was so close" I gasped.

"I hope you can handle it baby, because you asked it" said Henry getting down again, but this time, he spread my legs and showed his face between them.

"OHHHH!!!" I moaned as Henry licked my womanhood. "You really love me, right dear?" I said. He responded sucking my clit harder. I cried as my orgasm shocked my body. My heart was racing in my chest and I had a million dollar smile painted in my face.

Henry laid next to me in the bed and hugged me while I tried to catch my breath. Then the door was opened and closed rapidly. "Maybe Beverly got back" said Henry and dashed trough the doors, not before giving me a sweet kiss in my cheek.

"Maybe this wasn't so bad after all". Thanks to Beverly's experiment I discovered two things. The first one, that Henry loves me not matter what, and the second one, that I'm still a woman no matter how old I could get.

"May I come in" said Victor from outside of my room.

"Yes please" I said covering my body with the sheets again.

"Jasmine sent me to tell you the good news. Beverly had come with some guy she met and they are working in the antidote right now" said Victor

My joy couldn't be higher at that moment. "In a few more minutes and I will be young again and Henry will have the night he deserves" I thought.

Just then, my dizziness back. "Oh no, not again!!" I said feeling at my body getting older again.

Victor went out of the room and yelled "Hurry up, your mother is changing". He got closer to me and grabbed my hands.

"Hold on Mrs. they will come soon" said Victor.

As the change occurred, I began to lose my senses, the room was getting quiet, my vision was blurring, I felt like I was dying. My bones were more and more visible as my flesh dried. White hair started to fall from my head. I estimated being near my seventies, but my body looked like if I was in the middle of my eighties.

I was near to expire when I saw Henry and a beautiful woman ran into my room. For her clothes she was wearing, I knew it was Beverly. "Soon mom drink this" she said putting a vial containing a red liquid on my lips

I gulped the liquid and the sensation got stronger, but this time the process was in reverse. Rapidly my youth was restored and Henry hugged me saying "Welcome back Sally"

I hugged him back, and noticed that a young man was giving to Beverly a similar vial for her at the same time that Victor was being dragged out of the room by a furious restored Jasmine.

"Thanks honey for showing me how wrong I was" I said.

"Any time you want Sally, any time you want".

I saw as Beverly regressed at her true age and holding hands with the young man, they walked out of the room leaving a Henry and me alone to share our mutual passion for each other.

The End.