Walking the Ages - Jasmine's Experience



"Remember Jasmine, this are the best days of your life" I said to the mirror before stamping a kiss over it.

"I need to be ready for Victor. After being together for 4 months, finally he decided that it was time to give away our virginities and became lovers"

Before my little sister Beverly woke up, I stepped in the bathroom and took a long shower. The coldness of the water combined with my urge of sex were getting my body extremely horny.

Caressing my hard nipples, I began to fantasize what it will be like to be taken by Victor. He was two years older than me, which also means that he was a man with experience.

Using the noise of the drier, I hide the moans I gave while I was pleasuring myself. It was a habit difficult to break. "Maybe Victor will help to forget it, or increasing it" I gasped as my orgasm shook every fiber of my body.

Back into my room, I selected the smallest skirt to show off my shapely legs and, since this was a special day, I decided to go out braless. My tight red blouse with two buttons open displayed my creamy cleavage. My red stilettos completed my outfit.

I felt so sexy wearing this clothes, until I went down to the kitchen. There was Beverly having her breakfast and unfortunately there was my mother Sally too.

"Jasmine!!, why you are dress like this?" my mom demanded.

"Relax Sally. Victor will come to pick me out soon" I said.

Rapidly my sister left at my mother and I alone. I hate to discuss with Sally about what clothes to wear, after all I'm 18 years old.

"Any of my daughters will go out dress like a cheap slut" Sally angrily said.

"Fine is you don't want to let me out. I will stay in home with Victor" I said before leaving the kitchen letting Sally talked alone.

Picking up the phone, I dialed to Victor at his cell phone.

"Hello Victor. It's me Jasmine"

"Oh, what's up babe? Are you missing me?"

"You know I do lover, but something comes up. Can you be in my home earlier? Sally wouldn't let me out, so when you arrive I will go out with you"

"Sure honey, I will be there in 20 minutes"

He hanged down just in time before Sally started to yell me again.

"Now Jasmine, I'm your mother and I order you to go up and change those piece of fabric that you call clothes"

"Whatever" I said and again I let her talking alone.

When I entered to my room something was wrong, I could feel it. I opened my drawer and my bras were all mixed up. "Beverly!!!" I yelled.

Completely mad I ran to her room, but she wasn't there. I was walking to the attic when my mother held my arm.

"Why are you yelling?" she asked me.

Sally always thought that I was the bad sister. Well… I wasn't good either, and thanks to her little steal, Beverly reputation will jeopardize.

"Beverly took some of my clothes, and this time I can prove it"

Confident, I opened the door of the attic where Beverly had assembled her mad scientist laboratory. In the chair near of a panel control was my robbed stuff.

"I told you that she took my clothes, … and not only them, my stilettos and my lingerie too". I said proudly.

"Jasmine!!, your sister is trapped!!" my mother screamed "DO SOMETHING".

I looked at the middle of the room where was a great chamber filled with a strange gas. For the first time, I feel sorry for my sister. Maybe one of her experiments had fail and she needed our help.

Sally started to push every single button in the panel. Hitting he right one maybe will take too long, so I searched the electrical switch and unplugged the power.

Without power, the lights of the chamber went down and the door was opened.

"No!!" I heard screaming at my sister with a different voice. The steam left the chamber and spread in the room and gradually surrounded at Sally and I.

The steam was so thick that I could see beyond my noise. Then a weird tingle sensation spread trough my body. I could feel my nipples getting hard again as the steam washed my body. It felt like I was on fire.

When the steam dissipated, I was looking at a naked teenager girl, who looked like Beverly but with a very well development body, even better than my own. I saw to my right a woman than I though was my mother. I said though because she looked very old for been a 39 years old woman. In that moment, I checked my own body and it changed too.

"What happen to us?" my mother and I asked at the same time.

"Maybe I can explain it" Beverly said.

I saw Beverly picked up some kind of device. After she used it on herself she said a little disappointed "It seems that I have reached the 16 years old. My goal was the 24 years old. Maybe because the gas was divided in three, only I grew the third part of my age".

"Give me that" I said snapping the device from her hands. I used the device on me and almost faint of what I saw. "I'm 24 years old" I said angrily.

"I can be so old. In a few minutes Victor will be here and what he will find. And old gag with sagging boobs" I thought to myself grabbing my bust.

Doing that I discovered that it felt heavier than usual. I peeked down and gasped at how large my breasts look like. "I must be at least a C-cup" I smiled to myself and rapidly checked the rest of my body.

My bubble butt had turned into a heart shape one. My legs were incredible longer and sexier, and my waist... it was so tiny.

"I hope Victor can manage a woman" I said placing my hands on my waist standing out my generous chest.

Then my mother took the control, she gasped when she saw the screen "52 years old. That's why I feel so old. Is there any way to reverse this Beverly?" my mother asked Beverly.

She doubted for a second and then said "Yes, but right now I want to assist at an important symposium in downtown. I promise to restored everything the way it was when I return, I promise you that mom".

"If Sally obliged Beverly to reverse the process, I will lose this great improvement. I can't allow it. I want to experience my first time with this adult body" I thought.

"Let her go mom, I think she didn't want nothing of this to happen" I said

My sister started to get dress when my mother said, "As long as we don't age anymore, I think you can go".

Beverly went out of the room and then I did the same. I locked myself in my bedroom and with some difficult I pealed off my even tighter clothes of my body.

"This changes feel great" I moaned naked on my bed. My full grown-up pussy was more sensitive than ever, and caressing my heavier breasts was enough to bring me into multiple climaxes.

I lose the number of how many orgasms I had before Sally knocked my door.

"Jasmine, Victor is here. If you need me I will be in my room" she said.

"OK mom, go and take a nap. I will be in the living room"

Still smelling at sex, I dressed again and downed slowly the stairs. Victor's eyes almost popped of his face seeing my new body.

"Your mother told me, but WOAW, you look HOT" said honestly Victor.

"Thanks Victor. The experiment of the little brat couldn't go better. This body is really incredible and I think being a 24 years old virgin is enough for me" I said opening my blouse and letting bounced freely my breasts.

Victor's hard on was remarkable, just by looking at it my pussy was getting wet. I pushed him over the couch and jumped over him. Since now I was the older of the relation, I felt so secure and mature. Victor looked more like a boy to me, but he was a boy with something that I desperately wanted.

My first time was amazing; my body trembled as I took Victor's virginity. Never in my entirely life I feel more woman.

He continued loving me for almost an hour when the doorbell ran.

"Why aren't you a good boy and bring me some juice" I asked him.

"Right away, madam".

I putted on my clothes while Victor decided to go at the kitchen naked. The person outside began to ring the bell more often as I took my time to look pretty.

When I was reaching the knob, I suddenly dizziness almost made me trip. Composing myself, I opened the door just to find at my dad Henry.

"Henry? What are you doing here?" I said.

"I received you message" he said hugging me tight "I was worry about you, so I come as fast as I could Sally" he said.

Then my mind clear and the predicament of my situation exploded in my face. My dad was holding me and I was dressed like a slut with my naked boyfriend in the kitchen serving me a juice after we made love in his couch and... Did he call me Sally?

I saw my hands and they began to dry in front of my eyes "Oh no! It happened again"

"What are you talking about Sally? What happened again?" said confused my father.

"Everything is Beverly fault dad. She made some crazy experiment and now mom and I are getting old" I said.

"Where is your mother?" he said.

I indicated him upstairs and he went to his room just in time to avoid seeing at Victor walking naked back from the kitchen with the juice in his hand.

There was no doubt that my recently progression caught his attention and got him hard again. Seeing him like that made me horny again, but I need to know how much older I was.

"Just wait here like a good boy" I said as I went up to the attic. Using Beverly's device I discovered that now I was a 30 years old woman. I got back to my room and watched my matured body in the mirror.

The first thing I noticed was that my chest was larger, definitely a D-cup. My skin lost part of its youth as it gained a sexy adult touch. I should be scared for being that old, but instead I felt more woman than ever. I felt so capable of myself, so aggressive, so horny. I need Victor badly.

I returned to the living room and watched delight as Victor was still stood up holding the glass of juice. I walked toward him slowly removing my clothes. He followed every of my moments with his eyes, until I unhooked my now little bra. His stare got stuck to them.

I sat in the couched and indicated him to seat at my side. He rapidly obeyed me, but my breasts still trapped his eyes. "They are pretty huge now you know?" I said cupping my assets "and pretty heavy too". His eyes almost popped when I started to massage my nipple.

"I know you like girls with big breasts and now that I have them, you can play with them". His eyes were now looking into mine, like searching for a trap or something "If you want, you can suck them" I offered.

He got closer into my left breast and licked the hard nipple I was massaging. "That's is Victor, suck from your mommy" I moaned. I thought being a matured woman will slow down my libido, but having Victor hypnotized by my body was far good of what I could possible think.

I loved being a woman. My body certainly was older, but at the same time I felt more in control. Victor was intimidated by my age and he loved me paying attention at what I wanted, more than what he wanted. He kisses every part of my being. I scratched his head as he obediently lick my under regions.

The orgasm I had experience moments ago as a young woman was nothing compared at the one I had as an adult. Every cell of by body shook as I panted and moaned twisting my back screamed for more.

We were ready to make love again, when Beverly entered at the house. Victor and I tried to dress our naked bodies as fast as we could, Beverly and his friend were red of the embarrassment.

"Next time get a room sister" said Beverly.

"I think that you need it too" I said pointing at her opened blouse.

Beverly was even redder as she buttoned back her blouse. "Where is mom? Is she OK?" she asked me.

"He is with Henry in her room. You don't have to worry" I asked.

Beverly sighed relieved and said "We have not much time. If I calculated it right, the next transformation will occur in 7 minutes. I need some chemicals of my lab".

"Beverly! It's really you?" said Henry walking down the stairs.

"Yes dad" Beverly blushed, crossing her arms over her bust.

"You truly are beautiful honey" Henry sighed "Bur right now we need more your brain than ever".

"Oh dad, I'm sorry for getting mom involved in all of this" cried Beverly.

"She is fine, but I heard you saying that we don't have enough time"

"That's right Beverly. Time is running" said Beverly's friend, that by the way he was very handsome and looked intelligent. I was impressed at my little sister skills, she caught a good one in her first try.

Without saying another word everybody walked to the lab. There Beverly and his boyfriend started to search for the chemicals for the antidote.

I caught Victor peeking at my sister boobs and it was when I noticed that Beverly was more bustier than I was. She had for sure a DD-cup and she was getting the attention of my man.

"Victor. Don't stand there your pervert. Go and check at my mother" I said.

He felt ashamed and did what I said without protest.

"I will need the solution over there Adrian" said Beverly was mixing and boiling more chemicals.

"The formula is almost done" said Adrian giving the vial to Beverly without taking his eyes off his laptop.

Henry took my hand and we walked out of the room, after all we're useless for the two brains inside. Once outside, Henry looked carefully at my body.

"You have become a gorgeous woman, Jasmine. You look exactly as your mother." Henry said.

It was my time for blushing. "Thanks dad".

"You will make happy at one lucky man. I hope you find the right one someday"

"I hope that too daddy". The sincerity of Henry words brought my inner child. Here I was looking at my father liked equals, but at all I could do was hugged him like a little girl that did something wrong. Just then, the warm feeling started again.

"Something is wrong sweety?" he told me.

I was about to tell him when Victor stepped out of my mother's room and yelled "Hurry up, your mother is changing".

"Don't panic, I got it" said Beverly walking out of the room with a red liquid vial in her hand.

"What about me?" I asked.

"We have prepared more solutions. Please come in" said Adrian from inside the lab.

I watched at my father and Beverly getting inside the room and decided that they could manage the problem. I went back to the lab inside and took the vial in my hands.

"Cheers!" I said swallowing the whole contain.

The sensation got stronger. I looked at my hands scared that maybe the formula had accelerated my aging. Thankfully, my skin began to recover its youth as I traveled back in time. In just seconds I was 18 years old again.

"Yes!!" I cheered as my enthusiasm also got back "Being old make forget about all the energy that I had as a teenager" I said.

"Why don't you go and check at your mother. I will terminate this dose for Beverly before go" he said. Strangely the liquid he was preparing was blue.

I shrugged and went into my mother's room. He was completely restored too, but then I caught again at Victor seeing the Berverly's bust. I grabbed him from the ear and pulled him out of the room. "What do you think you are doing? She is only 12 years old you know?" I said. "Sorry I didn't what to offend you. The recently events made my eyes betrayed me, but in no moment my heart. You are the one that I'm in love Jasmine and what we had today, no other woman can give me again"

"That's means that you still likes me, even if my wonderful breasts are gone"

"Of course silly girl. I love you, not your boobs. Remember that the time will bring them back and I want to be with you when that happens"

"Oh Victor, you are wonderful" I hugged and we shared a passionate kiss from more time that I could remember.

The End.