Walking the Ages - Beverly's experience



"Today is the symposium about quantum psychics and I can't go because I'm too young. It's so unfair being only 12 years old and have the intelligence of Einstein, but is my chamber works, I will solve my problem forever" I said when I woke up.

With my towel in hand, I walked to the bathroom, but my sister Jasmine was inside drying her hair. "Maybe I can use this on my favor" I thought and rapidly went to the kitchen. My mother was already there mixing milk and cereal for me.

"Good morning mom!!" I said.

"Oh! Good morning dear. I have your breakfast right here" my mom said.

"Thank you mother"

When I was finishing my breakfast, my sister entered the kitchen wearing a mini skirt and a tight blouse to accented her B-cup bust. She was a 18 years old girl that like to look very hot.

"Jasmine!!, why you are dress like this?" my mom demanded.

"Relax Sally. Victor will come to pick me out soon" my sister said.

Since my sister and my mom were discussing, I silently left the kitchen and took a quick shower. The cold water felt good in my body. I soaped every inch of it fantasizing what it would feel if my chamber works. I was imagining me taller and bustier than my sister.

Covering my naked body with the towel, I walked to my sister bedroom. Inside I searched through her clothes and found the suit that my sister used for the interview of a part time job last summer.

"This is perfect. Now I need a blouse, a pair of shoes and some underwear" I said looking for them.

I went to my laboratory in the attic carrying the proper items. I closed the door and turned on the light. I looked proud at the chamber I build there. Using all my knowledge and working during the last month until very late I created the first chamber capable of duplicate the age of the user.

Setting all the controls in automatically, I stepped inside of the chamber. The door locked just went my sister and my mom entered at my lab.

"I told you mom that she took my clothes," said my sister pointing to her clothes. "… and not only them, my stilettos and my lingerie too".

The last thing I saw was the face of my mother watching me like I was trapped inside the chamber as it was filled for a dense steam. I gasped as the steam penetrated my skin making its way deep inside my body. A tingle sensation spread to every region of my being accelerating my normal age.

"Yes it is working!!" I yelled in happiness.

I couldn't see the changes in my body, but surely I could feel them. My bones were enlarging pushing me up of my 4' 5" feet tall. I couldn't resist the temptation of touching my bumps. "Well bye, bye trainer bras and hello A-cup bras" I laughed feeling them growing steadily.

Just in that moment the lights of the chamber went down and the door was opened. "No!!" I screamed as the steam left the chamber and spread in the room. My mother and sister absorbed the remaining steam.

"What happen to us?" my mother and sister asked seeing their aged bodies.

"Maybe I can explain it" I said.

Covering my naked body with the towel, I took a device from my desk that was capable of read a person's age. I used it first on me. In the screen, the number 16 appeared.

"It seems that I have reached the 16 years old" I said a little disappointed. "My goal was the 24 years old. Maybe because the gas was divided in three, only I grew the third part of my age" I thought.

"Give me that" screamed my sister snapping the device from my hands.

"I'm 24 years old" my sister said angered at the beginning, but then she noticed the development suffered by her body. "I hope Victor can manage a woman" she said placing her hands on her waist and making stand out her chest.

Then my mother took the control, she gasped when she saw the screen "52 years old. That's why I feel so old. Is there any way to reverse this Beverly?" my mother asked me.

"Reverse?" I thought. Sure that I can reverse the effects of the gas which mean that I would lose the only opportunity to assist at the conferences. I needed to think quickly. "Yes, but right now I want to assist at an important symposium in downtown. I promise to restored everything the way it was when I return, I promise you that mom" I said.

My sister seems to like the curves of her matured body, so she fought for them. "Let her go mom, I think she didn't want nothing of this to happen" said my sister.

While my mother was thinking in her decision, I began to dress with my sister clothes. The suit fitted me perfectly; even I was two years less developed of the previous age of my sister. "Surely I will be more woman than her" I giggled to myself.

"As long as we don't age anymore, I think you can go" my mother said. I gave her a sweet kiss in her check and ran to my room.

Now in the privacy of my bedroom, I took a little time to note in my diary how much my body changed. "I grew 8", reaching the 5' 6" height. My pre-bumps blossomed into a perky B-cup, and in the future there is no doubt that I will have a wonderful rear" I wrote.

A great grin appeared in my face thinking in how easy I had equal the matured attributes of my sister. Then new desires popped up in my mind. With difficultly, I keep my hand off of my body. The symposium was first.

Fully dressed I stood in front of my mirror. It was incredible that moments ago I was a 12 years old girl, and now thanks to the wonders of the science, I was a grown-up 16 years old girl with a nice body and cute face. My blonde hair looked more alive as my eyes bright as jade.

I left the house without saying goodbye at my mom or sis and took a cab to downtown. It was great to finally have a grown-up body and touching my breasts to prove that they were real was enough to make hard my nipples.

My aroused was getting high, when I noticed the look of the driver reflect in his mirror. I felt so embarrassed that I decided to walk to last two blocks until the auditorium.

When I got there, a large group of people was talking near the entrance. Trying to find out what was going on, I bumped into a guy and almost I made him dropped his laptop.

"I.. I'm sorry… mister" I said noticing that he must be 25 years old and extremely hot.

"Don't worry girl. Are you OK?" he asked.

"Yes sure" I said blushing like the teenager that I was.

"I bet you came for the symposium. Well it was postponed for tomorrow and since you seem a nice girl I invite you a soda" he smiled.

My heart was racing and all my body was tingling. I knew that he was trying to be a gentleman; the real problem was that I was melting for him.

We chatted for more than an hour. It was amazing to discover the same passion I feel for the science in someone else. His name was Adrian, my guess was right about his age, and the most important thing was that he was a great scientist like me.

I couldn't believe my luck. I came for a symposium and ended finding the man of my dreams.

"Maybe if I use the machine again, I will be his same age and…" a familiar sensation interrupted my thoughts.

"Are you feel alright Beverly?" he asked me.

"It can't be possible" I said to myself trying to break the trance that I was getting into. The suddenly tightness of my clothes remembered me that I wasn't dreaming.

Adrian gasped at the sight of my enlarging body "What is happening to you?"

"You won't believe me, but I'm AGING!!!"

"That's no possible" said Adrian.

"I will explain it later. Right now I need to make more room or I will burst my sister's blouse" I said opening two buttons of the stretched blouse.

Adrian's mouth dropped when he saw my breasts overflowing the cups of my bra. I loosed the straps of my bra letting my boobs free.

"But.. how?" muttered Adrian.

"The process didn't stop, it only slows down. It means that I will reach the 24 years old after all" I said happily

"Which process? What are you talking about"

"Oh no! it also means…". My head was filled with images of my mother and sister getting older and older. They were pointing me saying "It's your fault Beverly", "You left us alone".

"I need to go back home" I said, but Adrian hold my arm.

"Wait a second Beverly, could you explain me what is going on?" he asked.

"In the way to my home" I said whistling to a cab.

Inside the cab, I told Adrian everything about my plans of assisting at the symposium as a grown up girl of 24, but that in the process my sister and mother got involved.

"I see. Do you have the formula in your computer?" he said opening his laptop.

Rapidly, I gave him the address of my computer and downloaded the formula. We ran a virtual simulation of the accident. The results confirmed my fears.

"When the gasses were divided in three parts, the process was divided in three too. The first change increased in 1/3 your age. The second change took place one hour later, giving you another 1/3 part of your previous age. The final change will be in 30 minutes and with it the cycle will be complete and you successfully double your age, but unfortunately the age of your sister and mother too" explained Adrian.

"We need to find the antidote before the final change. I don't know if my mother will handle it" I was extremely worried.

The cab arrived home and Adrian paid at the driver. Big was my surprise when opening the door, I find naked at my sister Jasmine and his boyfriend Victor making out in the couch of the living room.

Jasmine and Victor tried to dress their naked bodies as fast as they could. I blushed of embarrassment as Adrian saw the whole scene.

"Next time get a room sister" I said.

"I think that you need it too" she said pointing at my opened blouse.

I was even redder buttoning back her blouse. "Where is mom? Is she OK?" I asked.

"He is with Henry in her room. You don't have to worry" she said.

I sighed relieved and said "We have not much time. If I calculated it right, the next transformation will occur in 7 minutes. I need some chemicals of my lab".

"Beverly! It's really you?" said my father walking down the stairs.

"Yes dad" I felt more embarrassed and crossed my arms over my bust. I didn't want that my father had a bad remember of me.

"You truly are beautiful honey" he sighed, "Bur right now we need more your brain than ever".

"Oh dad, I'm sorry for getting mom involved in all of this" I cried.

"She is fine, but I heard you saying that we don't have enough time"

"That's right Beverly. Time is running" said Adrian.

I nodded and lead all to my lab. Adrian turned on his laptop and he instructed me about the chemicals needed for the antidote.

My sister and his boyfriend had a little discussion and he left the room. I wasn't sure, but I think my sister was a little jealous of my body, which made me very happy.

"I will need the solution over there Adrian" I said mixing and boiling more chemicals.

"The formula is almost done" said Adrian giving me the vial without taking his eyes off his laptop.

My father took at my sister out of the lab leaving an Adrian and me alone. Finally the formula was completed and we prepared three vials.

"You need to boil it for 2 minutes until it turns red. Then it will be ready" said Adrian.

While the antidote was getting ready, I thanked Adrian for his help with a big hug. "I don't know what I would be done with out you" I said sincerely.

"I have to admit that you are very intelligent for your age Beverly. I'm impress" he said hugging me too.

His words produced a strange effect on me. One moment I was trying to save my mom and the next I only wanted to be in his arms forever.

I withdrew slowly just to see his beautiful blue eyes. "I think I'm getting in love of you".

He didn't say anything. He just stood there looking me directly into my eyes, looking into my soul.

I felt nervous, my legs got weaker. I was breathing hard as he moved his lips near to mine. I was so close to receive my first kiss when I felt the room began to spin. "The final change Adrian is staring right now" I cried.

I heard from outside the lab Victor yelling "Hurry up, your mother is changing".

Rapidly, I took one of the red vials and went out of the lab "Don't panic, I got it".

"What about me?" Jasmine asked.

"We have prepared more solutions. Please come in" I heard Adrian said from inside the lab.

My father and I got inside my mother's bedroom. I only could see her face, and what I saw shrunk my heart. My mother was getting older with each second. His hair was almost white, his skin looked so dry and her body was too thin.

"Soon mom drink this" I said putting the vial on her lips

The antidote was a success as my mother rapidly recovered her youth. My father hugged her saying "Welcome back Sally"

Then my sister appeared. She was also restored and grabbing by the ear at Victor, she pulled him out of the room.

"I think you will need this" said Adrian entering to the room. He gave me a vial with the antidote.

I looked at the vial and looked at my 24 years old body. I didn't want to give up my matured body, but I feared that the process maybe will continue and I will end older than my mother in no time.

I gulped the antidote and the curves of my body melted away. I felt embarrassed of being a 12 years old again and dressed in my sister clothes. Smiling Adrian took my hand and leaded me outside.

Next to the door, Jasmine and Victor were kissing each other passionately. This only augmented my suffering.

Now in the living room I sat down in the couch and Adrian sat next to me. I didn't know what to say, so he started saying "Upstairs you told me that you were getting in love of me, am I right?"

I blushed nodding with my head. "Yes, I'm in love of you Adrian. I know that I'm too young for you and ask you to wait for me is also too much time. So, you will make me very happy if you kiss me before you walk away of my live"

"Sorry Beverly, but I can't. It would be illegal" he said.

I couldn't hold my tears and cried as the little girl that I was. Life was so unfair, first give me a perfect man to later take him away from me.

"Taking it easy, here, drink some water" he said giving me a glass.

I drink part of the water, calming my pain. Then a warm sensation began to spread all over my body. I cleaned my eyes and I saw that my glass contained a blue liquid on it.

"But if you are older. I will be more than glad to give you that kiss" smiled Adrian.

I blinked my eyes astonished of what was going on. My heart was about to burst out of my chest of the happiness that I was feeling. I finished the liquid on the glass and I matured again. My body filled out the clothes and in short time I was 24 again.

I couldn't contain myself and kissed Adrian right in the mouth. My tongue found the way into his mouth as my hands were stripping his clothes. He recovered from the initial shock and he also undressed me and fondled my breasts.

Moments later, I lost my virginity with the man that I was in love and after reaching my third orgasm I laid on his chest, looking directly to his eyes.

"I love you too" was his answer to my implied question.

I smiled happily and fell slept in his protective arms.

The End.