Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years

old in order to read this story.

Also, any resemblance to any real people

out there is purely coincidental.

This story is totally a figment of my imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction I took! Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same time.

This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will react to it.

Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's" request for a story about........well.......read on.

"Wish Craft, Part One" by JR Parz

I. Danny didn't believe it.

"It's true Danny.....here, read this part......see!" pointed Chris, while holding up the book.

Danny laughed while glancing at the book.

The sentence read 'Wish Craft enables you to cast your every wish.' Danny laughed even louder and responded; "Come on, Chris, you know that Magic only works in Hollywood." Chris was about to prove it by casting a simple wish, but instead he smiled and thought he'd let his wish from an hour ago prove his point; "Okay, You'll see.......Let's walk to the mall." "If your 'wish craft' works so great, why don't you just pop us there?" Danny chuckled.

Chris hadn't thought about using his book for teleporting, but he was confident that it could be done.


I want to walk." Chris knew that his twin sister and her girl friends were on their way home.

Unless they managed to get a ride, they should cross paths.

And as long as the wish worked, Danny would be in for a surprise.

Danny and Chris started toward the mall.

Along the way, Danny spotted Chris's sister and a bunch of other girls approaching.

They were all sophomores at Kennedy High School.

The one thing that Danny knew is that Chris and his sister, Carla, didn't get along.

Danny always thought that twins were supposed to be close.

'Too bad', Danny thought to himself, because he loved every opportunity to stare at Carla, who turned into a total babe over the winter months.

In the past, Carla was as skinny as a pole, but her breasts sexily stuck out of her chest and her ass took on the shapely curves usually reserved for girls in their late teens.

Carla was only fifteen but packed a dynamite body.

Carla was obviously a fraternal twin given her gender, but in addition, Carla was blessed with extreme beauty.

Chris had a decent body going for him, but certainly didn't stop the girls with his looks.

Danny, on the other hand, did boast good looks, and a strong body, something he just gained recently and knew it was a matter of time before he started making an impact as far as the girls were concerned.

As the entire group of girls, including Carla, approached Chris and Danny, one by one their eyes locked on to Chris, and their face all broke into a smile.

Chris smiled back, making sure to glance at every single one of them, finishing up with his twin sister, Carla, who blushed in response.

Carla would think about her rapturous moment for several hours, not understanding this sudden attraction to her brother, but unable to deny it, either.

When Danny witnessed this, he was stunned.

Danny saw the faces of the girls and couldn't understand it.

He knew the look, it was the same look that he gave every gorgeous girl he looked at.

Danny was about to comment but Chris spoke first; "Look who's sitting at the light." Danny looked up to see Kimberly Peterson.

Kim was a senior at their school and also the head cheerleader.

Danny could gaze at her forever.

Kim was about five-two, nice size tits, and a body every petite form should be blessed with.

As Danny and Chris crossed the street, Chris turned to Danny and said; "Danny, let's get a ride." as he walked right to the driver's side of the car.

Kim was startled by this sudden intrusion, and was about to chew them out when her eyes locked on to Chris.

Kim's eyes lit up with obvious pleasure, transforming her whole demeanor.

"Hi Kim." commented Chris with a confident grin.

"Hi......ah...where you going?" Asked Kimberly while her eyes focused on Chris.

"To the mall......just to hang out." replied Chris.

"Would you like a....ride?" Kim asked, expectantly.

"Sure....Thanks." stated Chris as he nudged Danny in the side.

Danny was too stunned to say anything.

Kim gazed at Chris the whole time they were getting in the car.

Chris got in the front while Danny got into the back.

Danny still looked on in quiet amazement.

"I know you're from my school, but I don't know your name.

Are you a junior?" asked Kim.

"Sophomores.........I'm Chris and that's Danny in back." Chris replied with a smile.

"Chris" murmured Kim, loving the taste of the name on her lips.

She ignored Danny.

Danny was fully aware that the girl was treating him like he wasn't there, but it didn't matter as he was just happy as all hell being this close to Kim.

While Kim drove, he watched the rise and fall of her lively tits.

Her nipples strained visibly against the red halter she wore as her breathing was labored.

God, she is gorgeous! Her tits moved seductively inside her halter with every breath.

At that moment, Danny thought that Kim was the most beautiful girl he's ever been this close to.

His mind flashed to his fantasy lover, Britanny Williams, who lived next door.

Britanny was a fox herself, but it was Kimberly he was this close to at this second.

He was never this close to Brit.

Kim found herself blushing while she tried desperately to control her breathing.

Never in her life has a boy been able to make her feel this way, and he hadn't even touched her yet! Kim was finding it hard to rationalize her body's reaction.

She never before responded to a male before, and only felt the sexual desire flooding her body with other beautiful girls.

Chris was so cute, but she was a lesbian! Or so she thought.

All she knew now was that she desperately wanted to be with him.

She wished that she and Chris were going to the mall, and not the jerk in the back seat.

She wouldn't question how strange this was that she was infatuated with a 10th grader until a few hours later.

As she pulled up to the entrance of the mall, she was hoping that maybe he'd invite her to join him.

"Thanks a lot Kim.........why don't you give me your number and I'll call you sometime.....We'll get together and hangout." Kim was feeling sadness at being separated from him so soon, but then perked up when he asked her for her number; "That would be great!" Kim enthusiastically replied, while searching in her purse for a pen and paper.

Kim found what she was looking for and jotted down her phone number.

Chris took the piece of paper from Kim as he was getting out of the car, and read it; It said; 'I'll be your very own love slave, call me! 555-9876.' Chris looked back at Kim with a grin that reached ear to ear, and Kim blushed, whispering; "Please Call me....You won't regret it." Chris smiled at the sexy blond girl who was doing everything in her power to seduce his interest in her.

Chris stared her right in the eyes and smiled; "Trust me......I'll call you." Kim bit her lip, almost as if she was hiding a shiver of desire, and smiled back at Chris before driving off.

Danny now stood next to Chris with his mouth wide open.

When he finally collected himself and found his voice; "If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it." Chris handed him the paper that Kim gave him.

Danny read it and shook his head in amazement.

"She's never talked to neither one of us before, and now all of a sudden she's acting like a lust crazed slut in hopes that you will show her some attention.....she couldn't get enough of you.....why?" Chris laughed; "It's because of wish craft (indicating the book he held).

I simply wished that every girl that is pretty will find me irresistibly attractive upon seeing me.

When they are in my presence, they feel absolute love, when they aren't in my presence they can rationalize and function quite normally, but still have a great desire to be with me." Danny remembered the look on the faces of the other pretty girls, including Chris's own sister.

Based on what he saw then, and Kim's reaction, he had no doubt now that the book worked.

This fact sent his mind on overdrive.

"Even your sister?!?" "I'm not saying I would do anything with her, but the book must recognize her for the fox she is, because I have no say who does and who doesn't fall under the effects." Danny shook his head, still amazed.

He could picture Kim with her legs spread wide and Chris pumping in and out of her, and thought, 'I want to be there! Hell, if I had that power, I would have told Chris to get lost and I'd be screwing Kim this very second.' Danny turned to Chris and asked; "How does it work? Where did you get the book?" Chris started laughing.

"Wait a minute.......didn't you tell me earlier that you didn't believe in magic? Chris was now the one smirking, and then added; "I could have sworn you said this type of stuff only worked in the movies...........what's up with that?" "Okay......I was wrong......now tell me." grinned Danny.

"Well, you know that old lady at the end of my street?" Danny nodded 'yes'.

"Well, I picked up the book from her tag sale last Sunday.

The funny thing about it was that I wasn't really even intending to buy anything.

I just happened to be walking by and looking from the street when the lady called me over.

She asked me to help move a coffee table out of her garage for her.

It only took me all of five minutes and she wouldn't let me leave until she gave me something.

Well, the lady went back into her house.

I started looking at her tag sale items when she emerged a couple minutes later with this book.

She told me she found it buried in her attic under a bunch of clothes.

I must have given her a 'no thank you' look, because she assured me that I would love this gift.

She said the book worked.

Well, when I got home I just threw it in my drawer and forgot about it until last night.

At first I thought it was a joke, but the old lady was so insistent that it worked, I tried it.

I found by simply holding this book with both hands and reciting my wish, my wish came true.

My first wish was to get an 'A' on my English Test...........

...remember what I got, today?" Danny remembered Chris showing him the 'A'.

He also remembered being surprised because Chris never received an 'A' on an English Test in his life.

"How many wishes have you made?" "The two I mentioned.........but I'm about to make a third wish." "What are you going to wish for?" "Well, you know that new girl in our class from Cedar High, Tiffany Sterling?" Danny nodded that he did.

The girl was real cute and arrived at Kennedy a month ago.

Danny would often see her jogging by his house.

Tiffany's hair was jet black and she wore it in a modern page boy style.

Tiffany leg's were killer long and she looked so graceful when she jogged.

She was always jogging in those tight spandex workout suits and her athletic slim body complimented the suit nicely.

He remembered Chris and him commenting on her looks one day while she was jogging by his house.

They both started fantasizing what they would do to her if given the task of improving her sex appeal.

Both of them agreed that a tiffany should be blond, so, they would give her long blond hair.

They also felt that a tiffany should have much bigger tits.

Then it hit him! Danny realized what Chris was planning; "You're kidding!............you're not going to...." "Yep....I'm going to wish her the complete make-over we both agreed on." Chris replied with a smile.

"And I'm going to add a couple of things, also." "Are you going to talk to her first, or are you just going to do it?" asked Danny, feeling his dick get hard from the idea of what they were going to do.

"Just do it....and I thought I'd make her complete transformation to span between now and when she wakes up Sunday morning." Danny smiled.

He thought that was a good idea.

"How big are you going to make her tits?" "I'm not sure.......let me wish that I knew her size now." Chris responded, then concentrating on what he wanted to say; "I wish that I knew Tiffany's bra size." Chris smiled at Danny; "She's a 32A......I think her tits could use a lot of growing, don't you?" "Remember......she loves to run, so, don't make them too big." "Oh.....that's not a problem.

I'll give her extra strong back muscles to hold them upright." "Okay.....we talked about her tits and hair.

What else?" "I love emerald green eyes on a girl." "What color are they now?" "Brown, I think." "What about sparkling sea blue?" "Nope." "Okay" "I'm also going to make it where she only has ten percent usage of her IQ." Danny couldn't believe Chris was doing this to her.

Chris took the book and closed his eyes.

Danny thought maybe Chris wanted to concentrate harder for this wish.

Maybe he just wanted to make sure he didn't screw it up.

Chris started reciting; "I wish that Tiffany Sterling will go from her current 32"A" tits to a size 38"DD".

Her new tits will be perfectly formed, never sag, and will never hurt her back.

I also wish her nipples to be five times more erotically sensitive than they normally would be.

I wish she maintains her strong desire to jog as much with this new body as she does now.

I wish her hair would be long and full, down to her ass, and be naturally blond.

I also wish for her eyes to change from her present color to emerald green, and be hypnotically beautiful to every male and female that lays eyes on her.

I wish her waist maintain the same slimness, but her hips spread out to form a perfect rounded ass that redefines sexy.

My final wish is for her to enjoy her body for what it is and be light hearted, giggle more, appear ditsy in a sexy sort of way, and let her body overrule her mind in all cases unless there is a real danger to her life.

If her life is ever threatened in any way, she will regain, for the duration of the real threat, full capacity of her IQ.

I wish for all these transformations to be complete by the time she wakes up Sunday morning." Danny looked on in astonishment.

This was so incredible; "So, you're turning a quiet, smart, girl into a blond, big breasted, bimbo with nothing but sex on her mind...do you think she'll appreciate this?" Chris responded; "She will when I pay her a visit Sunday Morning......I'm going to use my new charms on her and become her new boy friend, so, I'll make sure that she knows that what she has turned into pleases me.

Her desire to be with me will make her happily accept her new body." During Chris's wish, Danny was picturing tiffany in his mind and his erection was painfully straining against the insides of his jeans.

"Can I have a wish?" "First you tell me what your going to wish for." stated Chris.

"I want to have a little fun with my next door neighbor, Britanny Williams." "Don't you think she's a little to old for you?" referring to the fact that Brit was eighteen and attending the University of Feline Heaven.

(Sorry......couldn't resist) "I can easily remedy the age difference." stated Danny with a smile.

Chris smiled back; "I'm not sure.

How would she be able to explain that to her roommate?" "Not a problem.......let me have the book.........I have everything figured out." Danny said while sticking out his hands to Chris.

"Well....okay.......here." Chris reluctantly handed Danny the book.

Danny held the book real hard as his face took on an evil grin.

"I wish my best friend Chris to transport directly into his bedroom." Chris yelled 'wait!' but a split second later, he disappeared.

Danny still held the book in his hands.

He looked down at it and smiled.

Now that he had possession of this book, he'd be a lot more careful than Chris.

What a fool.

How could he be so stupid.

He knew that Chris would be around later, but considering he was now the one that controlled the book, he wasn't really concerned about it.

Danny thought about tiffany Sterling and smiled.

A bimbo.....and a sexy one at that.

If anything, he'd thank Chris for Tiffany's transformation.

Of course, tiffany wouldn't be Chris's girlfriend, she was going to be his very own bimbo slave.

Danny laughed out loud as he mumbled; 'I wish I could see the look on her face the second she looked in the mirror Sunday Morning.' As Danny walked home, his mind left tiffany and settled on his fantasy lover.

Britanny Williams.

Brit and her girl friend, Carmen Biaz, rented the house next door.

He loved the fact that they were always out in the back yard sunbathing.

It was Danny's recurring fantasy that Brit would be his first.

Danny also thought about Carmen, who sported a pair of boobs that bounced beautiful inside her skimpy bikini top.

Both girls were very, very attractive, but he preferred the smaller one.

Now that he had the book, how about a two on one! He could picture all three of them in a large king sized bed together.

Yeah! All these thoughts coursed through his mind bringing a smile to his face.

This was going to be awesome! When Danny got home, he went straight to his room and locked the door.

His mom was very carefree about walking in on him.

One time it was real embarrassing.

Danny walked over to the window.

There she was! Brit was out back.

She wasn't sunbathing.

She was sitting on the patio having a wine cooler and reading a book.

She was wearing very short cutoffs and a flimsy looking bright yellow t-shirt.

He looked down at her with the widest of grins.

He could simply wish for her to do anything he wanted.

The stirring he felt inside his pants called for action.

Danny wondered what Brittany would look like as a fifteen year old? He would definitely close the gap in their age, so as not to draw attention to themselves when they were out on a date.

How would Brit feel to be fifteen again? Brit was petite, standing approximately 5'2".

He figured she wouldn't shrink much in height.

Danny thought about Brit's hair.

Ever since moving in to the house nearly six months ago, Danny saw Brit as a brunette, then a blond for a long time, and now she was a redhead.

He preferred her hair blond, like Carmen's, although not with the streak of dark red down the center of her head.

Danny decided if Brit's hair wasn't blond by the time he was done with her age regression transformation, he'd wish it blond then.

He would also make it grow long down to her ass.

Danny closed his eyes to keep his train of thought focused; "I wish Brit Williams, my next door neighbor, to start feeling more sexier and feel less inhibited sexually for me.

I wish for Brit to start finding herself growing sexually attracted and in love with me.

I wish for Brit to start age regressing....." Danny was interrupted.

"Danny, phone call!" yelled his mother from downstairs.

"Okay Mom.....I'll be right down." Danny yelled back, losing his train of thought for a second.

Where did he leave off......oh yeah.

"I wish Brit will not panic about all these changes and new desires and find herself totally in love with the idea of being anything she becomes.

I wish for her transformation to be complete by Sunday morning." Danny ran downstairs and grabbed the phone; "Hello." Danny said into the phone, having a pretty good idea who it was.

"You bastard! How dare you!" "Chris.....why are you so angry?" Danny asked with a chuckle while glancing at the movie his mom was watching on television.

"Give me back my book!" "Chris.......don't you think you should be a little nicer to me, given I have the book?" Danny again chuckled.

"I'm on my way over! Don't go anywhere!" screamed Chris into the mouth piece.

"Listen Chris, if you get into a one mile radius of this house, you'll be in trouble.

Your choice." "You wouldn't dare!" "You've been warned." "Ow!" responded Danny, as Chris slammed the phone down hurting his ear drums.

Danny looked at the phone is stunned silence.

Then he glanced back at the television.

A commercial.

The one with the Barbie-sized male doll called 'Ken' flying through the house in a red sports car.

Danny continued to watch as the "Ken" doll stopped in front of Barbie's house.

Barbie comes out a second later and hopped into the car.

Danny watched the entire commercial with a grin.

"Haven't you ever seen that commercial before?" asked his Mother, noticing his rapture of the commercial.

"Yes......but I'm certainly glad I've seen it again." Danny mumbled while running back up stairs into his room.

Danny grabbed the book and thought about how he'd word it.

Then smiled; "I wish for the cage I'm visualizing in my mind." Danny opened his eyes and saw the cage materialize on his bureau.

He closed his eyes and continued; "I wish upon my best friend, Chris, coming within a one mile radius of my house, he instantly be transported to my room and then shrink down to the size of a Barbie doll.

Then be instantly transported directly inside my cage." Danny opened his eyes with a smile.

This could be interesting.

The End of Chapter One Stay tuned next week for "Chapter Two of WishCraft"! By JR Parz

Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years old in order to read this story.

Also, any resemblance to any real people out there is purely coincidental.

This story is totally a figment of my imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction I took! Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same time.

This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will react to it.

Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's" request for a story about........well.......read on.

"Wish Craft, Part Two" by JR Parz II.

Brit was out sunbathing when all of a sudden she thought about the next door neighbor boy, that was always sneaking looks out his window while her and Carmen were sunbathing.

In addition to her mind flooding with his image, she felt a tingling sensation start racing through her body.

Strange, why was she all of a sudden feeling horny???....and how was the boy next door connected to this??? The suddenness of her arousal surprised her given she really wasn't thinking about sex at the moment.

She wasn't even at one of the juicy sex parts of the novel she was reading.

Brit shifted around in her chair, and couldn't help squeeze her vaginal muscles.

The squeeze only heightened her state.

Brit looked back inside the house and figured that Carmen wasn't due back home for a couple of hours.

She glanced up at the window next door, and the high school boy wasn't in the window.

'Too bad' she thought to herself, and the very next second she wondered why? Brit wanted to sneak her right hand underneath her shorts and panties, but controlled herself.

She shifted again in her chair, and could feel her wetness.

Brit wanted to touch herself, but instead got up and leisurely walked around the back yard.

What was wrong with her? She thought that she should go inside and relieve herself of this sudden desire, but before heading in, she was suddenly bombarded with images of the boy and her naked, and the thought excited her further.

Brit knew she needed relief, and fast, otherwise she would probably start fingering herself right out here in the open.

The prospect of being watched, made her gasp.

Brit crept her index and middle finger inside her shorts, but quickly took them back out.

The desire to get herself off right here and now was fighting her intellect.

Brit brought her left hand up inside her t-shirt to cup her left breast.

She wasn't wearing a bra, and the touch made her groan.

Brit pinched her nipple and closed her eyes.

Her mind showed herself, with her legs moving apart, taking the boy between her legs.

The picture inside her mind was vivid and just as the boy was about to penetrate her, Brit opened her eyes and ran inside.

Later on that night, after Brit had given herself a marathon masturbation session in her shower and then her bedroom, and again in the shower, she was totally exhausted.

She slipped on a pair of panties and just flopped herself on the couch.

What she hadn't noticed when she slipped on her panties was that they were looser around her buttocks and that her wet hair was a different color and a tad bit longer.

Brit turned the television on for background noise, but really wasn't paying any attention to it.

Brit's face had a dreamy spaced out look as her roommate walked through the door.

"Hi Little Kitten, I thought we were going to go out tonight?" asked Carmen, looking at her roommate laying near naked on the couch.

Little Kitten was a nick name Brittany picked up ages ago due to her cuteness.

Carmen thought she epitomized the word 'cute' at this very moment.

"Oh....hi Carmen.

I....I don't think I'm up to it." Carmen looked closer at her roommate, noticing she got rid of her red hair.

Now it was her natural color, blond.

Her hair actually looked longer.

The change made her look so much younger.

Carmen then figured it was because she didn't have any make-up on and she just got out of the shower.

"Back to a blond I see..........Well, I wish I could stay and chat but I'm going to take advantage of this Friday Evening and go out." "That's okay, I'll be alright." Brit replied, not registering the hair comment.

Carmen looked closer at Brit, noticing her spaced-out look; "Have you been drinking?" Brit giggled and replied; "Oh, I only had a couple of wine coolers." while bringing up her hands to cup her small breasts.

Carmen's gaze couldn't help take a closer look.

Then Brit asked in a quiet whisper; "I think my titties are shrinking..............do you think they're shrinking?" Carmen looked at Brit funny.

Her breasts did appear smaller? Carmen decided that Brit must have had more than a couple of wine coolers.

"Tits only grow bigger, not get smaller." Carmen replied while heading up stairs to take a shower.

When Carmen finished her shower, she was toweling herself off and Brit came into her room.

Carmen's eyes followed her roommate as she took a seat on the bed just looking at her.

They've seen each other naked before, but for some strange reason, Carmen felt differently this time.

Brit was acting really strange and still only wore her panties.

"Carm.....I wish I had boobs like yours.......yours are so big and really perky." Carmen slipped on her red panties with matching bra, and looked Brit in the eyes and whispered; "I would trade with yours in a heartbeat." Brit smiled, as her eyes roamed over Carmen.

Carmen was a few inches taller than her and had naturally blond hair.

She thought the red streak in her hair complimented her sexy red underwear.

Both girls were eighteen, however, Carmen looked more like she was in her early twenties while Brit would have a tough time convincing a single person she was sixteen, never mind eighteen.

"Brit......you look so young tonight." "Yeah, I feel so young, too." Brit replied, still smiling.

Carmen wanted to take a closer look, but she felt a tension in the air she'd never felt before.

Carmen didn't want to pursue it.

"Carm....I've been thinking a lot about the boy next door....ah....do you think he's cute?" Carmen stopped what she was doing; "What boy?" she asked with confusion.

"You know....the one that is always stealing glances at us when we're sunbathing." Carmen's eyes lit up; "Brit, he's only a high school boy.....he couldn't be much more than fourteen!" Brit blushed and stammered; "Yeah....but he's so cute....I can't help stop thinking about him." Carmen again took a hard long look at Brit.

Brit just had a goofy faraway expression on her face.

Carmen finally said; "Brit, please let me get ready." Quite surprisingly, Brit's eyes got teary and she actually looked as if she was going to cry, but she left the room.

Carmen watched her roommate leave, stunned.

If she didn't know better, she'd swear the girl wasn't Brit.......but a younger version.

Strangely, Brit and the boy next door sounded more right than wrong, if you base it on their physical looks.

Later on that evening, Brit gazed at her naked self in the mirror.

She knew what was happening, but she couldn't call up the emotion to be concerned about it.

Brit figured herself to be about fifteen, not a second more.

Brit gazed at her blond hair and its length.

Then her eyes went to her breasts.....she grinned.

Now, she'd probably have room to spare in an 'A' cup.

Brit pinched her nipples and felt the arousal scream at her.

She may be physically fifteen, but she was more hornier than she ever been in her life and it appeared to be centering on the boy next door.

Brit, for the first time in her life, was tempted to break her vow to lose her virginity before marriage.

Even when she wore her eighteen year old body, she was a virgin.

The feeling now was just too unbearable to wait any longer.

After Carmen had gone out, Brit played with herself while fantasizing about her next door neighbor.

Just the mere thought of him got her wet.

Why was this happening? She went over to her clothes closet, and put on her jogging outfit.

The thing wasn't too baggy.

Brit couldn't wait any longer and went next door.

She prayed that the boy would answer it, and was relieved when he did.

She smiled.

"Hi.....I'm Brit from next door...um......I'm not sure.....well, I'm not sure what's going on, but, I'd really like to get to know you better.

Can you come over?" When the boy smiled at Brit's question, she thought, 'God, he's so cute'.

"Sure Brit.....why don't you go back home and open your back door....I'll be over in a few moments." Brit's face lit up with a smile and replied; "Great.....okay.....I'll be waiting." Brit felt arousal lick at every one of her pleasure centers as she quickly jogged back to her house.


Danny ran back upstairs extremely excited and elated.

"YES!" he exclaimed with happiness.

Danny stripped down and put on new underwear and a set of new clothes.

His erection wouldn't quit as he slid on his tight jeans.

Danny grabbed his book and made a wish; "I wish that my mom think I went to bed early and not be concerned about me." Danny then slipped out of the house and went to the back of Brit's house.

What didn't dawn on Danny was that Britanny had already regressed to a fifteen year old long before Sunday morning, instead, his mind was preoccupied on the evening's developments.

Danny walked in the back doorway where Brit was waiting for him.


I'm Daniel" "Hi.

I'm horny!" responded Brit, while running into his arms.

The feel of their bodies crushing against each other excited them both.

Brit dove her tongue inside Daniel's mouth, kissing him like they do in the rated "R" movies! Brit broke off the kiss, and looked at Danny with lust crazed eyes.

She grabbed his hand and quickly led her up to her room.

When they both entered, Danny could only stare as Brit quickly stripped out of her jogging suit.

She only wore a smile now as she stood completely naked in front of him.

Danny looked down to her 'V'.....what little hair was down there, was blond.

Danny didn't miss a beat in getting out of his clothes, and when he was totally naked himself, he suddenly felt embarrassed as his penis stood at attention.

Brit's eyes lit up with even more passion.

She knew this entire ordeal was totally wacky, and that she was acting completely out of character, but she couldn't help it.

She wanted this boy more than she ever wanted anybody in her entire life! Brit ran over to him and grabbed his penis, leading him over to the bed.

Brit laid down on the bed and spread her legs.

As sexily as she could she whispered; "Danny, please....please I need you inside me!" IV.

As much as tiffany was attuned to her body, she wouldn't actually see the physical changes until she was getting ready for her shower that night, but she felt them during her evening jog.

tiffany usually ran in the afternoons, but a family obligation forced her to run later on that night.

While she ran, she felt a rather pleasant tingling in her breasts, and found herself sneaking a rub every now and then while she was running.

She was happy that it was night time, otherwise, she thought that someone would see her.

tiffany wore a sports bra when she ran and the material against her nipples seemed to elicit something resembling arousal.

This never happened to her before, and she wondered what triggered it.

When tiffany stripped out of her clothes to take a shower, she noticed her breasts looking different.

They were much fuller than normal.

In fact, bigger.

tiffany tried thinking as to why this would be and thought maybe her period was the reason.

She attempted to do her math to see how close she was to her period, but for some strange reason, the numbers seemed to jumble together inside her head.

tiffany walked over to the calender.

Nope, she wasn't near her period.

tiffany also noted a change in her hips.

They appeared to flair out, and her ass seemed more rounded.

All these changes were subtle but there.

She looked sexier and the thought pleased her.

When tiffany stepped into the spray of the shower, she felt a pleasant tingling again, generated as the water hit against her nipples.

Tiffany couldn't help bring her finger and thumb up to each breast and take a nipple and pinch them; "OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

MMMMmmmmmmmmmm." She noisily exclaimed as a jolt of pure pleasure flooded her lower region.

'Why am I so horny, she thought to herself.' As Tiffany's hair got wet, she felt it hang off her head.

It felt heavier.

She wouldn't notice the couple of inches of growth until later.

tiffany looked down to her dark bush, slipping her right hand to her lower lips.

As she did, she gazed at her pubic hair.

She could have sworn her hair looked a tad bit lighter than usual.

Usually when her hair down there was wet, her bush looked like a dark thick forest.

Tiffany, who appreciated her beauty but very rarely felt a need to masturbate, found herself so turned on that the need was getting the better of her.

Tiffany, for the first time in her life, got herself off in the shower.

When tiffany finally turned the shower off, she took out her blow dryer and started to do her hair.

No doubt about it.

Her hair was lighter and longer.

How was all this possible? tiffany slipped on a pair of panties and climbed into bed.

tiffany didn't last more than five minutes of tossing and turning before her fingers slipped down to do more magic.

She came within seconds.


On Saturday morning, Chris got up still feeling angry.

Danny, who used to be his best friend had managed to scare him enough yesterday to stop him from going over his house, but today would be different! Chris decided to take advantage of his sister's infatuation for him.

"Carla.....you want to come in my room, please." Carla had been downstairs and the sound of Chris summoning her was the most beautiful thing she ever heard.

Carla couldn't understand the sudden strange love she had for her twin brother, and rationalized how wrong and weird it was, but every time she saw him, she couldn't help feel all tingly inside for him.

Carla ran up the stairs.

Without saying a word, she came into his room and replied; "Yes Chris......." "Carla, sit on the bed.....I need to talk with you." Carla sat on the bed.

She looked at him with that same look she gave him yesterday.

"Carla......how do you feel about me?" Carla turned red.

Then she looked up at him and said; "I....I....don't know how to explain it.

But I think you are the cutest boy I've ever seen." "Carla......listen closely.

The reason you're feeling this way is because of a spell." Carla looked at him in confusion.

"Carla.....you didn't feel this way about me until yesterday afternoon, right?" Carla looked at him still confused.

"Yes....but it's because I just realized it." "Carla, I want you to take a walk with me.

We're going over to Danny's.

He has the book that is called Wish craft, and we need it back." Carla smiled.

She was happy.

She gets to spend some time with Chris.


Danny woke up slowly, relishing the feel of Brittany's warm naked body against his.

Last night was incredible! He was tempted to take her again, knowing that she would be more than willing.

He opened his eyes while draping his arm across her petite body and screamed! Britanny jumped up in bed as Danny moved away from her.

He started looking for his clothes.

Brit had no idea why he screamed and exclaimed; "What's the matter!" Britanny could tell by the sound of her voice something was different, and then looked down to see herself.

Where her small breasts were when she went to bed, now were only little nipples protruded out of her chest.

Brit glanced at the mirror across from the bed.

She wasn't fifteen anymore......she was more like...ten or eleven.

This didn't make sense.

Brittany looked back at Danny and still felt a strong attraction for him, but the attraction no longer effected her sexually.

Sex, yuk! Now she just wanted to cuddle with him.

More than anything, Britanny wanted Danny to pick her up and hug her.

Danny didn't want any part of Britanny and couldn't understand what went wrong.

She was supposed to regress back to fifteen and stop there.

Now she was just a kid....a little kid! Danny scrambled around, putting on his jeans and shirt.

He had to get back to his house and wish her back to fifteen! Britanny just sat on the bed crying as Danny left her bedroom.

Within seconds after Danny left, Carmen came running into the room.

The second she saw the little girl crying, she wondered where Brit was....then it hit her! Oh my God! She was looking at Brit.


tiffany woke up with three of her fingers buried deep inside herself.

Her orgasm shook her entire body and she screamed out in passion.

This was incredible! Not only that, her tits got bigger.....

....much bigger! Tiffany sprang out of bed and ran over to her mirror.

Wow! Tiffany's body had more of a voluptuous look rather than her slim athletic look.

Her breasts were full and ample, and when she brought her hands up to cup their weight, the fullness of them coupled with the brushing of her nipples with her thumbs, elicit a wet heat down under.

How was she going to explain this to her parents? When tiffany looked at her eyes, they appeared a much lighter shade of brown with a tinge of green....almost hazel.

Her short dark modern hair style was much lighter and came down to her shoulders.

Her hair could have passed for dirty blond.

'What is happening to me?' she wondered, while absently caressing her body.

As her arousal elevated to an unbearable need, she moaned, then giggled, and then mumbled; "This is....Too funny".

tiffany climbed back into bed to masturbate.

God, she felt so, so good! VIII.

Chris, with his twin sister Carla walking right next to him, headed in the direction of Danny's house, when in a flash, Chris disappeared! It happened so fast, Carla, couldn't believe her eyes.

One second he's there and the next second he isn't? With Carla no longer under the presence of Chris, she was able to regain some of her senses.

The book! Carla realized Chris was telling the truth.

It seemed that when she was in his presence, she found it difficult to think of anything but him, but when she wasn't, she was able to rationalize.

Chris had told her Danny had the book, and that they had to get it back.

Carla wasn't sure where Chris went but she knew that the book was the answer to everything.

Carla had to go to Danny's house, and get the book back.

The thought that she may never see her twin brother again, which brought tears to her eyes.

She had to hurry.


While Danny was retrieving his book, with the intention of getting back over to Brittany's house, he jumped when he saw a flash appear in the center of his room.

Chris suddenly appeared standing there, then a mere heartbeat later, another flash, and Chris's clothes laid in a heap where he had stood.

Then there was another flash, this time from the cage on the bureau.

Danny walked over to it and was stunned.

Wishing it, and then seeing it were two different things.

This was unbelievable! Danny looked more closely at his friend, Chris.

Who was laying on the floor of the cage, completely naked, looked like one of those action figures.

Danny was all of a sudden concerned when Chris was just laying there, without moving.

He peered in for a closer look, and smiled when he saw his chest moving....yep, he was breathing.

The transformation must have knocked him out.

Danny didn't have time for Chris right now.....later he'd have some fun.

Danny picked up Chris's clothes, and went through his pants pocket.

He drew out a piece of paper.....Kim's number was on it! Yes! Danny went downstairs to make a phone call.

"Hello" said a voice on the other end.

"Is this Kim?" "Yes....who's this?" "Kim......um....this is Danny Saunders, ah...Chris asked me to call you and....well.....he wants you to come over my house tomorrow morning.

He'll meet you here, okay." "Oh....is Chris there now?" "No....he just told me to tell you to be over my house tomorrow, okay." "Okay.

Tell him I'll be there.....thanks." Danny ran back up stairs to get the book and then looked on Chris.

He was still sleeping.

He thought about his problem next door and the smile he had disappeared.

He made another wish while he remembered; "I wish that my mom will not question Kimberly Peterson's request to go straight to my room when she calls on me tomorrow." X.

Carmen sat on the bed and let Brittany hug her real tight.

Brit's sobs were subsiding while Carmen stroked the child's long blond hair while saying; "That's alright little kitten, everything is going to be fine.....I'm going to call someone.....I'm not sure who, but maybe a Doctor or someone." Brit replied, while catching her breath; "Please don't leave me.....all I need is Danny." Carmen replied; "Who's Danny?" "I am." a male voice said behind her.

Carmen spun around and looked at the boy from next door.

Brit exclaimed; "Danny!" springing off the bed naked, and running over to hug him.

Carmen was shocked to have this boy just suddenly appear in their home, then to see Brit respond this way to him baffled her further, and felt more surprise when Brit's nudity in front of the boy didn't seem to concern her.

Carmen then realized that she, to, was near naked, with only her black panties on and her ample tits exposed.

Carmen covered her hands over her tits and snapped; "Get out of this house, now!" The boy stopped hugging Brit and then closed his eyes while holding his book; "I wish that Carmen Biaz feel totally compelled to do anything that I ask, unable to disobey." The boy then looked at Brit and continued; "I wish that Brittany age progress back to fifteen years old." Carmen started to walk towards the door, wanting to get some help.

She had to call the police, or somebody.

The boy simply said; "Carmen, go downstairs and sit on the couch and don't say a word.

Stay there until I tell you something different." Carmen wanted to reply; 'Yeah, I'll sit on the couch alright......you're in trouble, buddy.' but instead found her legs propelling her out the bedroom and downstairs.

Carmen wanted to go put something on to cover her boobs but instead of turning left to go back to her room, she turned right and walked downstairs.

Carmen tried convincing herself she did this because it was more important to call for help, but instead of reaching for the cordless phone that was sitting on the end table near the chair, she went straight to the couch, and sat down.

Carmen looked down at her body in shock! How is this possible? Carmen tried moving and couldn't.

She just sat there! She could still move her arms, which made her feel a little better as she kept her boobs covered with the palms of her hands.

While Carmen sat there she realized she had to pee.

Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years old in order to read this story.

Also, any resemblance to any real people out there is purely coincidental.

This story is totally a figment of my imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction I took! Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same time.

This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will react to it.

Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's" request for a story about........well.......read on.

"Wish Craft, Part Three" by JR Parz XI.

"Hi Carla.....what brings you here?" asked Danny's mother at the front door.

"Oh....hi Mrs.

Saunders.....I was wondering if Danny was here?" "Well, I think he is......DANNY" yelled Mrs.

Saunders They both stood there quietly waiting for an answer.



Saunders.......I....I really need to get a book that Chris left over here.

Would it be alright if I take a quick look in his room for it?" Mrs.

Saunders didn't think Danny would mind but first she wanted to make sure he wasn't still sleeping.

"Just a quick look would be alright." "Thanks Mrs.

Saunders, Chris really needs this book." Mrs.

Saunders looked at the girl, and then smiled; "Okay.....follow me." As they opened the door to Danny's room, the phone rang and Mrs.

Saunders said; "Oh....go ahead and look, but be quick.....I'll be right back." Carla slowly looked around the room.

Where would Danny keep a book that had powers? As she looked on the bureau, in a stack of books by the cage, a movement caught her eye.

She looked closer; "Oh my god! Chris!" she exclaimed while peering inside the cage.

He was the size of a Barbie doll! Carla also felt the spell she was under enveloping her, and despite knowing she was falling under the spell's effects, and every attempt to resist the effects, she couldn't stop the effects.

Carla gazed down at her twin with rapture..........Chris was naked and he looked, so, so cute! XII.

Danny kept on waiting for Brit to age, but nothing was happening.

In fact, she actually looked younger.

Brit just sat Indian style on the bed with a smile.

He then made a wish; "I wish that I knew why Brit wasn't aging back to fifteen." Quite suddenly, the answer flooded his mind.

He wasn't allowed to change a wish once it was cast.

Danny was confused; "I wish that I could remember the exact words I used when I cast the age regression wish on Brit.

Suddenly he realized his failure to set an age to the wish.

He looked back at the naked girl and made another wish; "I wish Brittany was wearing clothes that would fit her present body and automatically alter in size and style as she gets younger." Jeans with Winnie the Pooh on the side and a matching pink t-shirt instantly appeared on Brittany.

The girl looked at herself and giggled.

Danny told Brit to come down stairs with him.

Danny looked at Carmen sitting on the couch with her hands covering her tits.

"Okay Carmen, you can talk but only in a whisper.

I don't want you screaming for help." stated Danny, while admiring the eighteen year old's beauty for the first time.

Danny took a seat opposite the couch.

He had Brit go into the kitchen and get him something cold to drink.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" pleaded Carmen.

Danny hadn't even thought about this problem.

"Okay, but you go straight to the bathroom, do what you have to do to relieve yourself.

In fact, after you go to the bathroom, take a shower and come back down here on the couch." Carmen was up and already heading upstairs to the bathroom before she considered what he said.

"What about clothes?" Carmen voiced in a whisper.

Danny heard her, but acted like he didn't.

He wanted to see her sitting here naked the next time he talked to her.

With everything that happened, he wasn't able to appreciate Carmen's sexiness.

Now that he had a taste of what sex was all about, he wanted more and he obviously wasn't going to be getting it with Brit.

He decided to go home and shower himself.

When Brit came out of the kitchen with two glasses of orange juice, he stated; "Brit honey, you stay here and watch television.......If you need anything go ask Carmen, she's upstairs taking a shower.

I need to go home, I'll be right back." Brit replied; "What about your drink?" with a pout.

Danny said; "Thank you honey, I'll be right back....okay." Danny left before she even answered.


tiffany had just returned from the mall.

"Oh goody!" she exclaimed.

She didn't mind going to the mall without a bra on, and strangely found herself turned on when all the boys kept staring at her.

She thought her new boobies would bounce to much if she didn't wear a sports bra while on her jog and she just had to buy some new jeans and new panties that fit her new form.

She was able to avoid her parent's all day, which made her feel like she accomplished something spectacular.

If they noticed her new looks, they'd be asking her all types of questions, and she was finding it more and more difficult to think about anything specific.

Somehow she knew that questions would hurt her head, and it was so much easier not to think.

tiffany quickly stripped out of her clothes and put on her new panties and bra.

"Much better." she giggled.

As she put on her jogging outfit, she happily sung; "LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA." tiffany then headed outside to start her jog.

Despite her sports bra hugging her new huge knockers very tight, she still saw them bounce.

Strangely, they didn't hurt.

Her mind wandered over all the important things in her life now.....clothes, sex, clothes, sex, clothes, sex, clothes, sex.......Too funny! She thought to herself while giggling.


When Danny walked into his house, his mom was on the phone and she broke away from the conversation for a second to say; "Oh Danny, Chris's sister Carla stopped by to get his book.

She just got here, she's upstairs." Danny's eyes lit up.

This should be interesting.

When he entered the room, Carla's beautiful ass was sticking out of the closet while the miniaturize Chris, stood on his bed with a cloth tied around his waist.

A high pitched voice kept on yelling; "Keep looking, he may not have it with him." "Well, what do we have here." Danny said with a confident voice.

Chris spun around and looked at him with fear in his eyes.

Carla stopped what she was doing and got up to face him.

Danny smiled, holding the book in his hands; "I wish that Chris was back in his cage." Quite instantly, Chris found himself back behind bars.

Danny then looked at Carla; "I wish that Chris's twin sister Carla, transform down to the same size as her twin brother and transport directly inside the cage with her brother." Quite instantly, Carla's clothes fell in a heap to the floor and then a flash came from the cage.

Danny walked over to the cage, seeing Carla laying on the floor of the cage.

Danny thought she was the most erotic sight he's ever seen.

Never realizing the effect a shrunken girl could have on him.

Chris quickly moved to his sister, kneeling down to make sure she was alright.

"She's only sleeping........she's quite the beauty, don't you think, Chris?" Carla's naked body's only movement came from her breathing.

Her nudity was a work of art, and Chris couldn't help respond to it.

He felt the erection poking against his makeshift towel around his waste.

"I don't think she'd appreciate you being clothed and her being naked when she wakes up.

So, let me take care of that.......I wish that all clothing material on Chris and Carla's body feel like it burns their body.

It will never really burn their skin but it will feel like it is doing that until the material is taken off." Chris quite suddenly felt a powerful burning sensation around his waste and thighs.

Knowing exactly what was causing it, he quickly threw it off his body and it landed across the cage.

Chris immediately felt relieved from the burning, but angered by the wish Danny made.

"Why Danny!?! We were best friends! Weren't we?" "Still are Chris.......I've given you a lover, and a pretty one at that.....only a best friend would do that......and don't tell me that you aren't attracted to your sister.

Your dick is obviously not gonna lie." Chris covered his erection with his hands.

He felt embarrassed about being sexually excited in another boy's presence, plus somehow perverted, responding to his own sister this way.

Danny gazed at Carla.

She was a stunning sight.

Well, too late now.

Once his wish was in place, he couldn't do a thing about changing it.

Maybe he could think about doing something different with her, because she sure was a foxy looking Barbie-doll.


After Danny showered, he went back over to Brit and Carmen's place and walked inside the living room.

Brit was sitting watching television.

No longer as old as she had been when he left her.

Brit's face lit up with the biggest smile in the world when she saw him.

"Hi Danny!" Danny knew he had a serious problem on his hand.

Brit couldn't be much older than seven years old now..........she was a cute little girl, though." Carmen's voice broke him out of his train of thought; "What have you done to Little Kitten?" "Who....what?" "Britanny........when is she going to stop getting younger?" Danny thought real hard.

He knew that he couldn't age progress her.

He looked back at Carmen who was wearing her towel around her body.

He knew that she was naked underneath.

He had made it where he thought she'd be totally naked sitting on the couch, but she must have held onto the towel after her shower.

Then he had a brilliant idea! "Carmen......how would you like to be Britanny's new Mom?" "Are you crazy.....I....I'm only eighteen!" Danny, who still held onto the book, made another wish; "I wish that Carmen age progress to twenty-one years old and that her tits grow even bigger filling with milk for her baby." Carmen screamed; "No!" when quite suddenly she felt her body flood with a strange sensation.

Especially in her breasts.

Carmen's towel snapped free of her body falling to the ground while Carmen's body grew wider hips and much bigger tits.

Stark naked she looked like a vision of womanly beauty.

Danny gazed, feeling his own arousal at the naked sight of her.

He looked over at Brit who was watching the scene in awe.

"How....how can you do this to me....I...I'm not Brit's Mother, I'm her best friend and she isn't a baby, she's eighteen!" "Actually she's only a child, but I'm not going to stop her age regression until she's a baby.

"I wish that Brit will stop age regressing when she is six months old.

Oh, she'll be Brit inside, with all her memories and intelligence, but unable to verbalize much other than baby talk.

She'll love being taken care of by you." Carmen just gazed at Danny with stunned silence.

Danny turned to Brit and said; "I wish that Brit recognize her best friend Carmen as her Mommy from now on." Brit quite suddenly felt the wish and everything made sense to her.

Brit ran over to hug her Mommy; "Oh Mommy......Mommy." Brit turned to Danny and happily stated; "Thank you Danny....thank you for making my bestest friend Carmen into my Mommy.

Your my Mommy, now." "Brit honey.....You need to go upstairs and get ready for sleepy time." stated Danny.

Brit hugged her mommy one more time and then ran over to Danny and hugged him.

Brit was so happy to have them both take care of her.

She climbed the stairs and went into her room.

In looking at the mirror, she guessed she was about four or five.

Brit ran off to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

She also took a brush to her very long blond hair.

Brit ran back to her bedroom and climbed her bed.

It seemed so huge.

Brit climbed under the covers and went to sleep.

Brit was happy, and her smile told the picture.

Danny looked back at the naked beauty before him.

"Let's go Carmen.....I think we should get to know each other better..." Carmen realized what he had in mind and tried to resist, but her body only followed him upstairs to her bedroom.

They stopped for a second to check on Britanny, who was already under the covers with her eyes closed.

When they both got into Carmen's room, Danny made another wish; "I wish that Carmen feel sexual desire for me, Danny Saunders, which will be greater than any desire she's ever felt." Carmen suddenly felt the desire for what Danny wanted, more powerful than ever before.

Instead of trying to avoid this as she had tried to do seconds before, she know throbbed with desire for the boy's touch.

Just before Danny climbed onto the bed to join Carmen, he wished; "I wish that I age progress to a twenty-one year old." Both Danny and Carmen, sporting twenty-one year old bodies, made love like never before! XVI.

When Carla woke up, she screamed with the reality of her situation, but upon realizing that Chris was with her, she felt herself fall under the spell and everything was alright again.

Not only was Chris with her, he was as naked as she was and the thought of what this would lead to made her so, so wet! Chris let her hug him because he thought he should console her, but Carla's hand reached down and started caressing his throbbing erection.

The touch of her hands almost made him shoot his wad right then and there.

Chris, being a virgin, asked; "Carla, are you a virgin?" Carla turned a shade a red; "Yes." Chris knew that it was useless to try and delay this, moving down to the floor of the cage.

Chris put his fingers inside Carla's slit and felt the wetness.

"Are you sure, Carla?" "God Yes!!! Please hurry." Within seconds, they both lost their virginity.


In the middle of the night, Danny woke up at the sound of a baby crying.

He must have passed out with all the sex he and Carmen had.

He picked himself up, looking down at his new lover's nudity and felt himself getting hard all over again.

"Carmen.....wake up, Britanny's crying.

She must be hungry." Carmen, still feeling arousal for Danny, replied; "So, what do you want me to do?" while reaching for his growing erection.

Danny got up and grabbed the book.

He knew the problem.

Carmen may physically possess the body of a young Mother, but still lacked the knowledge.

"I wish that Carmen know what to do and realize that she is now responsible for Britanny." Carmen's eyes glazed over for a second, and then she sprung out of bed.

"Wait for me....don't fall asleep.

I'm going to go feed Brit and be back in a flash.

I want a repeat performance of earlier." Carmen said with a sexy smile.

Danny decided to go check on Brit himself, to see what she looked like as a six month old baby.

When he entered Britanny's room, he saw her laying in the middle of her bed completely naked.

Carmen held up the soaked diapers in her hand and stated; "We have a slight problem...Brit needs a change and these are the only diapers we have." Danny went back to Carmen's bedroom to retrieve the book.

"I wish that Britanny's bedroom be transformed into a complete nursery.

I wish that her closet be filled with Pampers along with a whole wardrobe of baby clothes." When Danny got back into Brit's bedroom, he noted the crib and baby things.

Carmen was using the new changing table to put new diapers on Britanny.

Danny was amazed as Carmen knew how to do everything, including using the baby powder before throwing on some new pampers on her.

Carmen then brought Brit over to the rocking chair and sat in it.

Carmen positioned Brit up to her nipple and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, Brit's mouth went over it and began suckling.

On the way back to the bedroom, Danny went to take a leak.

The reflection in the mirror stopped him cold.

For the first time since his age progression he got a good look at himself.

Six years did him justice.

His body was slim and athletically trim.

His acne was gone and he actually thought that he was good looking.

When he went back to Carmen's bedroom, he didn't have to wait too long before Carmen came back in.

"She's sound asleep.

She's so cute.

I almost think she's trying to communicate with me." "Carmen....Dhow do you feel about all this?" "Well, I'm not impressed with losing my independence.

Nor three years of my life, but you wished me to feel desire for you and I can't do anything other than what you want me to do, so, I guess my feelings don't really count....do they?" Danny didn't like the answer, so, he ignored it.

He then told her to get back in bed.

She did with a smile.

Danny climbed back in the bed, moving his body between her legs.

She didn't have a choice, but he knew she was loving every second of it.

Carmen screamed out with multiple orgasms.


When Danny woke up the next morning, he went downstairs to find Carmen moving around the house in just her skimpy panties.

She was cleaning.

He thought about his wish that she know what to do, and he guessed that she was doing what any young mother would do with her baby taken care of and her lover sleeping.

Danny walked over to Brit, while Carmen joined him and looked down at her.

"Do you think she's happy to be a baby again?" asked Danny.

"Oh, I seriously think so....I'm not sure how I know, but I do." Danny looked at Carmen's huge tits and remarked; "Do you always have enough...er...you know." Carmen smiled at Danny; "Oh yes.

And good thing you made me so huge, because Brit is quite the pig when it comes to her feedings." Carmen said while laughing, looking down at Brit with love in her eyes.

Danny reached down and tickled Brit underneath the chin.

The baby cooed back with a smile; "She seems to like me." "Of course she does.....she's Brit, and the previous spells you placed on her are in full force.

She just loves you to death.

Incidentally, the spells you placed on me are still in effect, also.

"Brit has been changed and fed, and will be fine in this basinet, how about we go upstairs and take a shower together?" Danny felt himself getting hard at the thought, something that was certainly happening a lot in the last few days, and they both ran upstairs in a hurry

Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years old in order to read this story.

Also, any resemblance to any real people out there is purely coincidental.

This story is totally a figment of my imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction I took! Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same time.

This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will react to it.

Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's" request for a story about........well.......read on.

"Wish Craft, Part Four - The Final Chapter" by JR Parz XIX> Kim Peterson hoped that she wasn't too early.

Ever since she was given the message that she was to meet Chris over at Danny Saunders house, she found it so difficult to contain her excitement.

She couldn't sleep last night and fidgeted until heading over at nine.

"Hi, can I help you?" Asked the lady that answered the door.

"Ah yes, Ma'am.

Danny told me I could meet him over here.

I think Chris is supposed to be here." The lady smiled; "Well, if he said to, I guess it'll be alright.

He's not in his room right now, but you can go wait for him, if you'd like." Kim smiled at the lady and went inside.

When the lady let her inside the room, she wondered where they were.

Then she saw the cage.

"Oh my god!....wh...what happened!?!......Chris!" She stammered, then exclaimed.

Chris and Carla were both looking at the giant sized Kim Peterson.

Chris thought that this shouldn't be too difficult.

"Kim, take us out of this cage and be careful with the both of us.

Set us on the bed." Kim didn't realize that the love spell she felt for Chris was flooding her every second she stood gaping at him.

When she heard his request, she quickly did as instructed.

Kim couldn't help look at Chris with love, but at the same time, her lesbian nature took advantage of the naked Carla.

"Kim, can you take us back to your house and take care of us?" "It would be my pleasure.....believe me!" Kim placed the miniature twins inside her shirt, letting them sit on a tit each.

Chris thought the whole thing was a rush while Carla felt a slight jealousy.


Saunders never saw Kimberly leave.

Kimberly was going to just love her two new lovers.....oh what plans.


When tiffany woke Sunday morning, she felt her incredible tits stick up from her chest like mountains.

She pinched her nipples and moaned.

God she loved that feeling.

Her tits were even bigger now than last night! Tiffany went to the bathroom, no longer caring to wear any clothes, except for the bikini panties she was wearing.

He blond hair came down to her ass and she actually had to move it out of the way in order to sit on the toilet.

tiffany peed, wiped herself, and then went to look at herself in the mirror.


One second Danny was ramming his dick inside Carmen's wet sex and the next instance, he felt an strange disorientation knock him for a loop! He slowly opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into the eyes of the most gorgeous blond haired, emerald green eyed young teenager he's ever seen.

It took a few seconds to realize that he was looking at Tiffany Sterling.

The new bimbo, tiffany Sterling.

His mind screamed out, 'Tiffany', but nothing happened.

He then felt his hands come up and cup two huge tits on his chest.

Wait! He didn't have tits....what was going on?!? Danny's eyes continued to stare at the reflection in the mirror until his eyes went down to look at his hands.

Not his hands, but Tiffany's.

What happened? He didn't have the book with him so he couldn't wish to know what happened.

He tried remembering, but his mind felt scrambled and he had trouble thinking.

He wasn't sure why, but he seemed to be trapped inside Tiffany's new bimbo body.

He had to get back to his book.

He tried screaming for tiffany to listen to him.

tiffany heard a faint voice inside her head when she pinched her nipples, but she was way to horny to pay attention to it.

She just loved the way her body felt and was happy to know that she could go out clothes shopping again.

Her tits were huger than she thought possible, but they still didn't hurt.

They only felt sexy on her.

Danny's mind screamed out Tiffany's but nothing happened except he was so, so horny.

He felt a great need to stick his finger inside her wet slit.

The thought disturbed him.

He didn't have a pussy, tiffany did.

The thoughts were to hard to follow.

Maybe if he could grasp some of Tiffany's thoughts, he could alter them.

He peered inside her mind.

Emptiness invaded him.

Tiffany's lack of intellect was swallowing him up.

Danny tried to hold onto something, but he felt so horny that he went with the sensation as he looked out through Tiffany's eyes.

tiffany was masturbating and Danny was lost in the sensation of it.

As Tiffany screamed out an orgasm, Danny screamed out along with her.


Carmen had no idea where Danny went, and felt the disappointment at his sudden departure.

How dare he leave her unsatisfied.

Carmen slowly moved off her bed after giving herself an orgasm.

Sitting on her bureau was the book.

Slowly she approached it.

Was this the answer to everything? Carmen opened it up and read the page; 'Wish Craft enables you to cast your every wish.' Carmen got nervous, what if Danny came back and saw her tampering with this? Carmen heard Britanny start to cry.

'Time for her feeding' Carmen thought to herself, amazed how she just seemed to know these things now.

As Carmen walked downstairs, she wondered if she'd ever get used to a baby crying.

Then a thought came to her, sparked by Britanny's crying, how about she make her Motherly duties a little bit easier to deal with.

Carmen wasn't sure how this could be accomplished, but knew which words to use.

If it worked, then she could spend more time with Danny.

Carmen remembered how Danny held the book in both hands, closed his eyes and then wished.

Carmen did the same thing; "I wish that 'Little Kitten' be more independent." Carmen then put the book down and was just about to reach down and pick up Brit when quite suddenly Britanny began to glow.

Carmen was too stunned to do anything other than watch as Britanny started to shrink down even smaller than her six month old body, and stranger yet, she didn't appear to be getting any younger, it was only her size that shrunk.

As Danny's previous wish dictated, Britanny's clothes, being pampers, conformed to her new size, hugging her little bottom snug and comfy! Britanny had stopped crying for a few seconds while she shrunk, not sure what was going on.

When Britanny realized that Carmen's huge breasts, filled with her delicious milk, was in her sights, she held her arms straight out and started wailing.

Carmen, not sure what was going on, was about to reach down again for Britanny, but the glowing started all over again! Carmen, with her mouth agape and her eyes wide open, watched as Britanny underwent further transformations.

Britanny started growing hair all over her body, but the more Carmen watched, the more she realized it wasn't hair, but white fur! Then a tail sprouted out the back end, right through the pampers she was wearing! Britanny rapidly lost her baby face and her head took on a cute feline appearance.

Her little chubby hands turned into paws with claws, and her little baby body followed everything else by finally transforming Britanny into a 'little kitten'...............and still wearing the cutest looking diapers, snuggly covering her lower backside.

Now, instead of Britanny crying, she was meowing in a high pitched kitten meow.

Carmen reached down and carefully picked up her 'little kitten' and brought her up close to her chest.

Brit knew what she wanted and snuck her cute little head around to Carmen's right nipple, and within seconds started suckling, careful not to use her fangs.

At first Carmen was about to move the kitten away from her nipple, but then she realized it wasn't actually a kitten, kitten.

The little kitten was Britanny! Carmen let Brit continue to feed, hearing her 'little kitten' purr happily while nestled comfortably between Carmen's big boobs.

As Brit continued to feed, Carmen saw a tag peaking out the back of Brit's new diapers, right around the tail area.

Carmen read the tag's inscription; 'Kitten's brand diapers....for your special 'little kitten'.

Carmen giggled at the unintentional pun.

Carmen then noted the silver name tag hanging from Brit's cute little flea collar that read, simply, 'Brit'.

Britanny was transformed into a kitten.

Yes, Kittens were more independent than babies, but here she was, probably the only human being on the planet, who was breast feeding her milk to a kitten.

Carmen giggled again, feeling the occasional tickle of Britanny's little kitten tongue.

Carmen thought Britanny must be having a great time.

"Little Kitten, switch to my other nipple.....okay sweetie." Whispered Carmen.

Britanny looked up at Carmen, while licking her chops.

She then scooted over to Carmen's other nipple and went back to her feeding.

Brit was well aware of her transformation, and truly "luved it!" XXIII.

Later, Sunday afternoon, an old lady slowly made her way up the steps of Carmen and Britanny's place.

A supernatural sense turned her around, just in time to see a pretty young teen girl jog by the house.

The old lady smiled.

'Good' she thought to herself.

She felt bad when her book turned innocent humans miserable, and this very beautiful, long blond haired, very top heavy, girl was everything but miserable.

The old lady couldn't help notice how the girl's rather huge breasts bounced hypnotically with every step.

The old lady peered inside the girl's mind, searching for something.

The girl's mind appeared empty, except for a small box sitting on the floor.

The old lady knew that the inside that box was the rest of the girl's IQ.

The old lady continued scanning the vast emptiness until she spotted a young man kneeling down on the floor.


The old lady knew that the kneeling down Danny wasn't inside his shell, but instead, peering out the eyes of the beautiful blond's eyes.

The old lady could have easily rectified everything, but the boy deserved his new fate.

The lady's mind pulled out of the girl's head and took one last look at the beautiful blond girl jogging.

'She's happy.....that's all that counts.' The old lady heard the girl singing; "LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA." as she disappeared out of sight.

The old lady thought back to an hour later when she paid Kim Peterson a visit.

She discovered that Kim was treating her two pets, Chris and Carla, very nice.

Kim made sure all three of them lived a life of pleasure.

Now, back to the task on hand.

She had to retrieve the book called 'WishCraft'.

Soon after her knock, a very pretty young lady answered.

Ah yes, Carmen.

She, also, was very top heavy.

But Carmen was top heavy for a different reason.

When the old lady looked down at the pretty lady's feet, she saw a cute little white kitten rubbing affectionately up against her legs.

"What an affectionate little kitty" stated the old lady.

Carmen smiled at the old lady's pun, not knowing that it was intentional.

Then she looked at the old lady, smiling, and asked; "Can I help you?" "Yes Carmen......I've come for the book." Carmen's eyes lit up with shock.

"Who....ah.....Danny's not here.........and it's his book, I think." The old lady responded; "Danny won't be needing it anymore.

He really isn't himself anymore and I don't expect he ever will be.................May I come in?" Carmen's eyes looked confused and she replied; "Yes, Ma'am.....the book is on the coffee table." The old lady walked into the house and took a seat on the couch.

Carmen sat in the chair opposite, while Britanny made her presence known by Carmen's legs.

"Come here, Little Kitten." Said the old lady.

Brittany felt a strange compulsion to go to the old lady and trotted over.

The old lady reached down, picking her up and putting Britanny on her lap.

"Carmen, I'm going to offer you something I usually don't offer other humans that come across my book.

A chance to wish everything back for you and Britanny." Just then, Brittany hissed at Carmen, making her thoughts known that she was happy just the way she was.

Carmen understood her friend, and replied; "No, I know Brit would rather stay just as she is." "But what about you, Carmen? Are you happy?" Carmen was still under the full effects of Danny's previous wish that she be responsible for Britanny, so she replied; "I need to take care of Brit.

She's my best friend and my responsibility." Then as an after thought, Carmen wished that she and Brit could be together, forever, but both be happy.

"That can be arranged." "Huh....what.....oh....you read my mind." Stammered Carmen, realizing what the old lady had done.

"Well Carmen, is this what you wish?" Carmen looked at Britanny with a smile; "Yes." XXIV.

JR didn't usually take this route when he jogged his three miles, but one must improvise when they have a streak going.

JR was on his 95th straight day of jogging three miles every day, and just because he was visiting a friend, didn't give him the excuse to skip a day.

As JR jogged along, he noticed a very beautiful young girl approaching.

She, too, was jogging.

In addition to the girl looking very beautiful, she was also well endowed on top.

In fact, JR thought that it must be hard for the girl, thinking that breasts as big as hers must take a beating with all that bouncing.

While JR passed the girl, he couldn't help smiling.

The girl was singing; LA...LA...LA......LA...LA...LA......LA...LA...LA" while he passed her.

JR was instantaneously reminded of this girl he worked with at the office, Suzi Chapstick.

Although Suzi didn't have long blond hair like this girl, she did boast some of the other attributes.....a silly carefree personality, the giggle, both jogged, and big.......er....well, let's just say other similar traits.

When JR was done his three miles, he went into his cool down walk and noticed a lady walking up the sidewalk towards him.

The lady seemed to be talking to something nestled in the crook of her left arm.

When he was close enough to see, he noticed that the lady was carrying two little white kittens, who were cuddled very close together.

"Oh....they're so cute......and they're wearing little diapers." The lady and JR exchanged small talk and JR reached over to scratch both of the kittens on the side of the neck.

Both of them purred and leaned against his fingers in an affectionate way.

JR noticed that one of the white kitten's had a red stripe down it's back.

"What are their names?" JR asked, smiling at their cuteness.

"Oh, their both girls.....the pure white 'little kitten' is Brit, and the one with the red stripe down the back is Carm." "They're precious." JR commented as both kittens began licking his hand.

"Thank you.......I'm taking them home.

I promised them that I'd take care of them." remarked the lady.

In the process, she dropped a book that she was carrying in her right arm.

JR reached down and picked it up.

The title said; "WishCraft".

The lady noted his curiosity, and asked; "The book grants wishes......you interested in taking a look." JR chucked while shaking his head; "No thank you.......I'll keep my wish granting to my imagination.....I really don't need to be practicing this stuff in the real world." JR handed the book back to the lady and was just about to say goodbye, when he heard a cute meeeoooowww, accompanied by a chorus of meowing from both kittens'.

The lady smiled at the kittens and back to JR and said; "Brit and Carm want are pleading for a sequel???" JR smiled back at the lady and then turned to the 'little kittens' and replied; "If I do, it won't be for awhile." The End???