White Wedding

by Morpheus

Kelly Preston gave a sweet smile as she gently ran a hand over the long white trail of the wedding dress. Not her wedding dress though since she was only 15 years old and far too young for marriage, but her sisters. "You look so beautiful" Kelly told her sister sweetly.

"Thank you" Kelly's sister answered happily, still making sure that everything was ready for the wedding. Nicole accepted Kelly's compliment easily, knowing full well that it was true. At 20 years old, she was a knockout and knew it. She had a full generous figure that Kelly showed little hint of developing herself, and a long mane of flowing brown hair that dropped nearly to her waist. "I hope Davie likes" she giggled.

Still smiling, Kelly answered "I'm sure he will" But in spite of her cheerful exterior, Kelly was furious inside. "It's not fair" she thought to herself for the millionth time as she watched Nicole get ready for the upcoming ceremony. Nicole always had everything. She was the older sister, a position that she'd taken advantage of many times while they were growing up to bully Kelly. She'd been the gorgeous one, while Kelly was just plain. And now.....now she was getting married to David Rogers.

"You know" Nicole told Kelly sweetly, "If you're lucky, you might someday find a man as well off as David to marry you." Then Nicole started laughing, showing just how little she expected that to happen.

Once again Kelly burned in resentment, though she hid it behind a smile as she watched her older sister. Nicole was so lucky, and Kelly knew that she didn't deserve it. She didn't deserve David.

Though Kelly had never told anyone, she'd had a big crush on David for the last year, before Nicole had even started dating him. Not a crush, she told herself, thinking that word sounded so childish and immature, but love. She loved David, and though she knew he'd never return those feelings, that hadn't stopped her from dreaming.

Sadly, Kelly wiped a tear from her cheek as she watched Nicole admire herself in the mirror, though anyone who saw her would assume it was a tear of joy. As bad as it was, knowing that the man she loved didn't see her as anything but a kid sister, what was worse was the knowledge that Nicole didn't deserve him. She didn't even love him. All she wanted to marry him for was his money, which only disgusted Kelly even more. She felt horrible because of this, and even worse since she couldn't do anything about it.

Kelly sighed, forcing herself to keep her polite face, feeling slightly ashamed of herself. It was a wedding after all, and she was the bridesmaid. She should be happy, but she wasn't.

"That should do it" Nicole said aloud, talking more to herself than to Kelly. She stood up, and looked down slightly at her younger sister, a smug look of satisfaction on her face. Then almost as if to rub it in, Nicole wave her hand underneath Kelly's eyes, letting the light sparkle off of the diamonds in the engagement ring. "In just a little while, I'll be Mrs. Rogers" she laughed easily. Then looking straight at Kelly, Nicole's features hardened slightly. "Just don't do anything to fuck this up. If you embarrass me, you can kiss your ass goodbye"

"I won't" Kelly told her nervously, instinctively stepping back form her sisters threatening gaze. "I promise"

"The only reason you're a bridesmaid is because mom insisted" Nicole's look let Kelly know exactly where she stood, which wasn't in a very good position. "So don't embarrass me" Then Nicole turned, and with a swish of her hair, she turned her back on Kelly and put on her veil before leaving the room.

All alone, Kelly glared at the door, muttering "Bitch" under hear breath. "She shouldn't even be wearing white"

Then letting out a long sigh, Kelly stood up and looked at her own reflection in the mirror. She frowned slightly at the sort of average looking girl that looked back. She had the same shade of brown hair as her sister, but there was where the resemblance ended. Her hair was a lot shorter, barely down to her shoulders, and almost unruly. Her breasts were only an A cup, not showing any sign that they might grow to the same size as Nicole's magnificent D's, and she was also slightly overweight.

After her poor comparison with her sister, Kelly grimaced and turned away from the mirror. "It's just not fair" she mumbled to herself. For her whole life her parents had asked her "Why can't you be more like your sister?" or "When Nicole was your age...." And with all the comparison's she always came out on the short end.

However, at the moment, Kelly's mind wasn't on her lack of assets, but on David. She pictured him in her mind. Tall, athletic, light brown hair and smiling. In spite of having a lot of money, he didn't have the arrogant or spoiled attitude that someone might expect. Instead, he was always cheerful and friendly with everyone. He'd always been great with her, treating her like a kid sister, much to her annoyance since she wanted more. And soon, he was going to be married to Nicole, and made quite miserable. She'd break his heart.

"God, it's not fair!" She cried aloud, tears coming to her eyes. Then looking at the ceiling, she moaned, "David doesn't deserve this. He should be with someone that loves him" Kelly grimaced, her hands clenching into fists, "I wish he'd marry someone who loved him. Someone who'd make him happy" Tears were streaming down Kelly's cheeks, "God I wish I was the one marrying him, not that bitch."

For a minute, Kelly just stood where she was, briefly considering running out and telling David that Nicole was just marrying him for his money, then she turned it down again. She'd thought about it before, but knew it wouldn't work. He wouldn't believe her. Nicole had him wrapped around her finger, and so dazzled that he'd never believe it. Instead, Kelly knew that they'd just think she didn't want to lose her sister or even worse. That wasn't an option

Finally Kelly got hold of herself. She wiped the tears from her cheeks, hoping that no one would notice she'd been crying, not that it would matter at the wedding. A lot of people would be crying. Then, once she'd gathered her composure, Kelly once again put on her false smile and hurried to take her place for the wedding.

Kelly stopped inside the room, unable to take her eyes off of the groom. Off of David. He looked proud as he stood there in his tuxedo, smiling happily. Kelly felt her heart quiver at the sight, at the smile that she loved so much. Then she tore her eyes off of him, and sadly went to her position.

Then the wedding march began. Kelly watched tearfully as the lovely Nicole sexily strode down the aisle. Even Kelly was forced to admit that she was a gorgeous bride, though that only pained her more. She couldn't help but noticing the spark in David's eyes, or the faint, almost unnoticeable smirk on Nicole's lips.

Just as Nicole had stopped in front of David, Kelly's heart about broke. It was all she could do to keep from crying, from screaming or something. By this time, her tears were completely unnoticeable among the throng of assembled people, many of which also had tear filled eyes, though for a different reason.

Suddenly Kelly felt a strange warmth fill her body. It was almost comforting as it flowed through her, charging every cell of her body and make her feel incredibly alive. Kelly gasped in surprise at the incredible pleasant sensation, though it only lasted for several seconds. And just as soon as the warmth had passed, a wave of intense dizziness washed over Kelly.

For a moment, Kelly couldn't see anything. There was an instant of absolute darkness, where none of her senses worked at all. And just as sudden as the dizziness had hit her, it went away, and all of Kelly's senses returned.

Kelly was startled to find herself face to face with David, and more surprised by the look on his face. A look of absolute love and joy. And he was staring straight at her.

"Wh..." Kelly started to say, glancing around only to discover that she was up in front with the whole room staring at her. Confused, she glanced down, instantly noticing the long white dress she was wearing, not the pink one she'd been wearing a moment earlier. Her eyes were drawn to her chest, which stuck out much further than hers had ever done. For a brief moment, Kelly stared down at herself, then she realized what had happened. Somehow she seemed to have traded places with Nicole.

Kelly gasped, then glanced out again, seeing herself, the same average looking girl that was reflected from the mirror, staring at her with a look of complete shock and horror on her face. The other Kelly seemed to be trying to say something, to scream something, but it was as if she couldn't get the words out of her lips. It was as if she was fighting herself, or some unseen force prevented it, much to Kelly's amazement. Then it dawned on her that if she was now Nicole, then Nicole must be......"Wow" she whispered in disbelief.

Tearing her eyes from whom she assumed was really Nicole, Kelly looked at the minister who was reciting the wedding vows, and then into David's love filled eyes. Her heart burned and ached with love. She didn't know how it could possibly have happened, but Kelly didn't doubt that it had. Nor did she have any doubt about what she'd do.

Turning back to Nicole, Kelly gave her a faint wave and a wink, loving the look on her old face, then she turned her full attention back to David. To the man that was gently holding her hands and promising his life to her. Every word made Kelly smile more, and her heart fill more with the love that she'd hidden for so long. And finally, all the love she'd been forced to hide and repress burst forth in two words "I Do"

"I now pronounce you man and wife" the minister finished off, "You may kiss the bride"

Tears filled Kelly's eyes, though now they were tears of joy. Instinctively, and almost without even willing it, though she did so with all her heart, Kelly stretched forward to kiss David. And though she'd only kissed one boy before in her life, it felt incredibly natural to be doing it with David, and incredibly fulfilling. Every ounce of her love and her passion went into the kiss, which seemed to surprise and excite David to kiss back even more passionately.

Finally they pulled apart and Kelly gasped for breath. She couldn't believe it. She'd just married David. She looked at him longingly, and he smiled, giving her a wink. "We'd better calm down before they get a fire hose" he whispered. Then with a look of incredible joy in his face, David said "God I love you"

Kelly smiled happily. Though a small part of her felt guilty for tricking David, for lying to him, it was a small part. The rest of her was happier than she'd ever been before in her life, and determined to share that joy with David. With her husband.

Then, noticing the bouquet of flowers that was still in her hand, Kelly tossed it into the crowd, not paying attention to who caught it. She had more important things to care about. Much more important things. David smiled sweetly at her, gently taking her hand in his and they slowly walked over to cut the wedding cake, Kelly saw Nicole standing there with a look of complete shock and confusion on her face, as well as of horror. Again she seemed to be trying to say something, though not a word came out. After a moment, she gave up and wiped a tear from her eyes, whispering "You look so beautiful"

Kelly gulped, surprised to be looking down at her own face. It felt so....odd. But at the same time, she felt a tiny thrill of satisfaction in that one more gain. She wasn't quite sure what to say, so whispered "Thank you" then after giving a long loving look at David, she turned back to Nicole and said "Maybe one day, if you're really lucky, you can marry a man as loving as David" At that, Nicole just started crying, though Kelly barely noticed. Her attention was on her new husband, and on that night.