Visit to the Doctor's (f/ar)

By Jester

Patty woke up with a splitting headache and the feeling that her stomach was full of raging rhinos. Never mind the fact that last night was the Prom and she overdid it a bit on the after parties. Both her and her boyfriend, Rob had hit some large shindigs and then made it in before the crack of dawn to their respective houses.

She managed to make it to her mom's room and weakly opened the door. "Mom? Mom, I don't feel to good....." Her mom, who was sound asleep, but now awake asked, " Honey, did you party too much last night?" "Yes..." was the reply,"I don't think that I can go to school today."

"well, didn't I tell you not to over do it? I bet that boyfriend of yours did not try to stop you either." Nan, her mom, did not really care for Patty's boyfriend, Rob. He seemed to be a negative influence on her daughter. Nan was always trying to undo whatever ideas Rob put into her head.

Patty was the kind of girl that had to have everything she wanted and when she wanted it. She was a tall, buxom 18 year old redhead that was Head Cheerleader, Student Body President and as of last night, Prom Queen.

"Well, young lady, if you are that ill, I guess that we should get you to see a doctor and see what they can do for you. I wonder if there are any that open this early in the morning?" Even though Patty really did not want to go the doctor, she was really in no condition to put up a fight.

Nan thumbed through the phone book and called a few offices and finally contacted one that was going to open to see patients soon. It was not her usual doctor but this seemed like an occasion where that did not matter.

She let Patty know that she got an appointment and they would need to get ready to go. Nan found some of Patty's sweat pants and a sweat shirt and helped her get dressed. She noticed that her daughter was still wearing the skimpy bra and panties that she bought for the Prom. She wondered if decided that is not important now.

They all made their way to the car and Nan had to sorta help Patty into the car and buckle her in to the front seat. "Boy, you would think that you were 2 years old, the way that I am helping you today.." All Patty could muster was a "...sorry...."

Nan brought a few bath towels along in case the car ride did not agree with Patty. She did not know exactly where the office was and did not want to take any chances on getting the car messy.

As they found the Dr.'s office, Nan could see that a nurse had just unlocked the front door and turned on all the lights. Nan, once again, had to help her daughter out of the car and into the office where she helped Patty to the long couch. Patty lifted her legs up and laid down in the fetal position on the couch. "Don't think that just because you are sick that I am going to treat you like a baby, young lady!" came a stern statement from Nan. She was getting tired of her daughter's demanding and self centered ways. "Damn that Rob!"

She went up to the nurse's station and the nurse slid the glass pane open,"Yes, m'am, may I help you?"

"Yes, I called this morning to bring my daughter in, she is not feeling to good and we were wondering if the doctor could give her something to make her feel better."

"How old is your daughter?", the nurse asked. "She's 18..", Nan responded.

"Okay, 18 months....", the nurse repeated. "No, I think you misunderstood me. She's 18 YEARS old, not months. Although today I have had to treat her like a baby since she is HUNG OVER...", Nan stressed that a little loud so that Patty could hear.

"I am sorry m'am, but this is a Pediatrician's office. We only see children.", the nurse added. " Is there anyway the Dr. could make an exception and see my daughter? She is really not feeling to good and I don't think that I could make it to another Dr.'s office..", Nan asked.

"Well....let's see if there was anything we could do...", and with that she went to a phone on the desk behind her, picked it up and dialed. She talked with someone for a bit and then hung up. "I think that we can help you out. The doctor will see her but we have some items that we need to take care of first." She then went over to an intercom and said "Please prep AR..err...ER room 1 for a female patient, age 18.."

"Thank you...", came the response from Nan.

Another nurse came in with a small tray with a glass of a clear liquid and a napkin. "This will make your daughter feel better in a bit. Make sure that she drinks it all", the nurse said. Nan took the glass over to Patty and made her raise her head up and drink the solution. "Here honey, drink this, it will make you feel better."

"Once she has taken that, she needs to disrobe an wait in our examination room for the doctor to see her", instructed the nurse as she directed them to the room.

Nan helped her daughter to the bench outside the room and started to undress her before she she went in. Her daughter reminded her of a toddler the way she was having to undress her. Patty protested a bit but understood that this was necessary. As Nan sat her in the chair in the sparse exam room, the nurse told her that the doctor would need to explain soon things before the exam could take place.

The door closes behind Patty who was sitting there in her sheer skin tight lingerie. She looked around at the room and it looked like any other exam room she had been in before. There was a sink, mirror, exam table with the "butcher paper" on it and a small scale in one corner. There was a stack of something white that she did not recognize right off. As she got up off the chair, a wave of dizziness hit her so hard she had to sit back down. After it past, she made her way to the stack of items she saw, picked one up and examined it. "A baby diaper.....I hope they don't expect me to put it on....I don't think it would fit", she said as she held the unfolded white disposable diaper up to her waist. She then absent mindedly fixed the strap on her bra which had slid down her shoulder,"Hmm..must have come loose on the way over here..", she mused.

Minutes passed and she then felt another wave dizziness coming and figured that she better lay down on the exam table. She figured it was the remnants of the hangover as well as what ever it was they gave her in the lobby. "Wow, this table seems higher than it looks....', she commented as she adjusted the once skintight French cut panties that were now sliding down her hips. "Maybe I should lie down until the doctor comes in...."

It seemed like hours had passed when Patty heard muffled voices in the room. She opened her eyes and everything looked fuzzy and it was hard to focus on anything. She could make out her mom's face above her talking to someone else, she thought the doctor. She reached up to touch her mom's face and for a minute it seemed that a very small arm was reaching up. Patty thought that is was still some of the after affects of last night.

"Ah....she's awake", an unfamiliar voice said. The doctor added that everything seemed to be going as planned. "Hello, sweetheart, how is mommy's little girl?", her mom added.

"It is going to take awhile for her body to adjust to the regression, she will retain her adult mental capabilities for at least 4-6 hours, so you can explain what has happened to her..after that she will regress mentally to the level of a 4 month old child to match her physical self. She will not have any previous memories of her older life after that.", the doctor noted.

"Isn't that great honey? We are going to have lots of fun...", she could hear her mom say. Patty wanted to scream out but all her now infant body could do was coo a bit.

"In addition to that Nan, you have been given a drug that will induce lactation in you at an advanced rate, you should see an increase in your bust size in as little as an hour and be fully engorged in about 3-4 hours. You will need to breast feed your daughter for some time so her body can regain nutrients.", the nurse said.

"See honey, now you can drink as much as you want...", Nan cheerfully added.

The staff also provided a car seat to Nan as well as a well stocked diaper bag. It was given to her since she did not have these items when she came in. The staff indicated that there was not a charge for these, all they asked was that she refer other patients in.

"Don't worry honey, I did this for you your own good. I think that you will thank soon as you can talk gain..(Nan laughs a bit) ..I'll explain all of this on the way home to you and we will go shopping for you after your nap as I do not think that you will be needed these anymore,"Nan holds up the 38C bra and panties,"I think that Rob's mom needs a call to make sure that he is not feeling sick. He might need to see the doctor as well, and if that is the case I sure that she can bring little Robbie over to play later...."

And with that, they make their way into the parking lot to their car and Nan notices that other mothers are driving up with their children. Some are normal children and others are teens of all ages. She turns to the doctor, who is greeting his patients at the door,"Thank you.....Dr. DeLeon.........."

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