Taking Over



The Video Game: Game 2 By Bobby & Merlin

NOTE: This is an approved continuation of Heidiggers original story on the AR Archive "The Video Game" which I always thought of as a masterpiece.

Sherri walked in the door excitedly. She had found this strange and expensive looking video game at a garage sale and she bought it for next to nothing. Being a 30 year old single Mom working long hours just to make the ends meet was tough, but it was even harder to get the kind of gifts she wanted for her 10 year old daughter Heather. Now she could surprise her with something that she had wanted for a long time and that was a video game.

"I'm home!" exclaimed Sherri as she walked into the den. "Hi Mom, what's new?" smiled Heather. She was a very cute red headed 10 year old girl with freckles across the bridge of her nose. She kept her hair very short like a boys as she was a tom boy at heart always playing rough and tumble. "Just this!" grinned Sherri as she whipped out the box with the game, "Surprise!" Heather squealed with delight as she opened the box and hurriedly read the instructions. "Wow, this is soooo cool Mom! I have not even read about this game yet so it must be brand new or so state-of-the-art that it has not been really out there too long. How did you ever afford it?" Sherri smiled, "Lets just say that is a mothers secret."

Heather began reading the instructions "YEARQUEST - A three dimensional adventure where YOU are in the game!" it proclaimed. "An evil wizard has stolen everyone's time crystals and scattered them throughout the land, you have to retrieve enough time crystals for yourself or you lose. One to four players." As she scanned through the instructions Sherri began to try and hook it up to their television. "Here Mom, better let a pro do this" said Heather as she put down the instructions and quickly hooked up the game and turned it on.

"OK Mom, how about a game, huh? Lets try this out, please?" Sherri thought about it for a second but thought she should really help out her daughter. "Sure, one game. What do we do first?"

"Well, first let me choose two players" she clicked the option on the screen, "Now it seems we have to make up our characters that are ourselves. We are supposed to put our real names and ages in here and then answer all the questions about ourselves to make up the character as realistically as possible, got it?" Sherri nodded as she began typing in all the information from age, height, weight, hair color and so on. Heather did the same and when she finally hit "ENTER" the two characters popped up on the screen.

"Wow, they look just like us!" exclaimed Sherri. "Yea, isn't it cool?!" smiled Heather. "Ok Mom, the object here is to try and scoop up these time crystals and use them for power. There are various levels that seem to get harder as we go along, it doesn't really say how you go about winning but my guess is that whoever gets the most time crystals by the end wins, ready?"

Sherri nodded her head and they began to play.

The screen showed their characters in a room in an old house with a big black pot in the center. In Heather's corner of the screen said 10 crystals and in Sherri's said 30. The middle of the screen said "Level 1: 25 crystals available. Gather them up and put yours in the pot. Level value: 1 crystal. Press any button." Heather was an old pro at video games, unlike Sherri who had only played "Asteroids" and "Pong" as a little girl.

As the characters ran around the house gathering up crystals Heather's character was moving fast and Sherri was playing catch-up. Finally, Heather's character ran to the pot and dropped all her crystals in there just before Sherri did. Then a message popped up, "All crystals gathered. Level 1 over. Crystals gathered; Heather 20, Sherri 5. Adjustment is 15." Heather's character profile now read 25 and Sherri's 15. Sherri suddenly felt cold. "Did you feel a cold chill just now?" asked Sherri. "No, actually I feel kind of hot" mumbled Heather as she closed her eyes from what seemed like a hotflash shooting through her body. Something was not right.

Sherri shivered as the chill continued to pass through her body. "Is there a window open? I swear I'm feeling a draft." "I don't think so, Mom," replied Heather as Sherri started checking all the living room windows. As she moved around the room, Heather thought her mother was looking better than she had in a while; she seemed to have more spring in her step. Her Mom must have been losing weight too, because her clothes were starting to look just a bit loose. Another tingling wave of warmth washed over Heather and she leaned back on the couch with her hand on her forehead. "Wow, I must be getting sick or something," said Heather, subconsciously tugging at the increasingly tight short sleeves of her T-shirt.

Sherri finished checking the windows and found they were shut tight. She pulled up the waistband of her khaki slacks that suddenly didn't want to stay up anymore. "Hmm, my diet must really be kicking in. I know these pants were a little tight this morning." She smiled as she felt a flat stomach which had somehow lost its small but distinct bulge. She glanced over at Heather and frowned. Was her daughter's hair longer? She just had it cut last week, how could it have grown so fast? It was almost down to her shoulders now. And what were those bumps on her chest? Breasts? There was no way those could just appear in a few hours' time, but what else could they be?

Heather was scratching her chest, which had begun to itch like crazy, and failed to notice that it had gone from flat to puffy. Two tiny mounds were starting to push out against her tightening T-shirt. "Are you OK, Mom?" Heather asked Sherri. Her mother's pants, which were snug just a few moments ago, looked positively baggy, and her sleeveless blouse was also starting to look loose and wrinkled.

"Sure, honey, I'm fine," said Sherri in an artificially cheerful tone as she went back to the couch to sit down next to Heather. "How about you?" Truthfully, she was becoming quite confused, not only by what was happening to her clothes, but what was happening to her 10-year-old daughter. Or should she say, teenage daughter? Up close, Heather looked much older than she had before. Her T-shirt had ridden up to expose her belly button and the sleeves only reached a couple of inches below her shoulders. Her shorts were painfully tight, as evidenced by Heather's squirming in her seat, and her pink socks which normally reached mid-calf were just slightly above her ankles .

"Well, I'm kinda feeling weird right now," said Heather in a strange voice much lower than normal. She stood up and tried to remove her shorts but they had gotten so tight that she couldn't undo the button. "What's going on here, Mom? Why are my clothes getting so tight? I can hardly breathe anymore," Heather moaned. Her complaints were punctuated with ripping sounds as the rear seam of her shorts started to separate, along with the sides of her T-shirt, now resembling a halter top. The mounds on her chest had become cone-shaped breasts that put more and more strain on the shrinking T-shirt, and her shorts would soon be shredded by her widening hips and expanding rear end.

Sherri watched her daughter's rapid growth in shock, oblivious to her own changes. She had lost her mature adult looks and was approaching twenty from the wrong direction. Gone was the confident, successful professional woman, replaced by a youthful college student. Her clothes continued to loosen as her body regained its athletic tone; even her bra was getting slack as her breasts became firmer and rose higher on her chest. She wore her auburn hair in a loose bun at work, but it had fallen out of the bun and flowed down over her shoulders. "Heather, you're getting older! You must be at least fifteen by now!" Sherri exclaimed in a clear smooth voice.

In fact, Heather had already left fifteen behind and was becoming a gorgeous young woman. Her red hair was down to the middle of her back, and her face was losing its girlishness and acquiring a mature womanly beauty as her freckles began to fade and disappear. She was almost as tall as Sherri now; her once bony coltish legs were filling out and getting quite shapely. Her socks had been torn apart by her larger feet, and her shorts had followed suit when her hips and rear end became too wide to be contained by the child-size clothing. Heather was totally naked except for her tiny T-shirt which had ridden up so high it left the bottom half of her bosom exposed, and as her girlish breasts grew fuller and rounder, the T-shirt disintegrated with a final RRRRRIP.

"Mom, what's happening to us?" asked Heather as she tried to cover her strategic areas. "You're getting really young!" Sherri looked down at her tent-sized blouse and slacks and felt her feet sliding around in her oversized low heels. She looked up at her daughter (up?) and tried to resolve all this in her mind. How could this happen, let alone out of the blue like this? "I, I don't know, honey," Sherri said, stopping with a gasp when she heard her teenaged voice. "Oh my God, I sound like a kid!"

"I have to get some clothes on, I can't stand here like this," Heather said in her new adult voice, her face flushed with embarrassment. She was having a difficult time keeping herself covered; her breasts had reached somewhat generous proportions and couldn't be fully hidden beneath her arm. "Of course, Heather, you can grab my bathrobe from the bedroom," said Sherri. She watched her 5' 8" tall daughter run out of the living room, then stepped out of her heels and walked over to the mirror while holding up her slacks. A 5-foot-tall 15-year-old girl stared back at her openmouthed. Her makeup, which was very tasteful and conservative before, looked overdone on her youthful face, and her hair had reverted to the light brown color she remembered from school. It hadn't started to darken until she was in college. She gently ran her fingers over her cheeks and felt how soft her skin had become. "I'm a high-schooler again," she said in disbelief.

In the meantime, Heather had stopped in front of her mother's bedroom mirror to examine her new 25-year-old body. There were so many strange feelings she had never before experienced. She was so big and everything else around her was so small now. At first she had been nervous as her body went through all the changes, but as time went by she was feeling more and more comfortable with herself. Heather smiled as she admired her beautiful face, long red hair and curvy figure. Turning sideways, she threw her shoulders back and giggled at how it made her breasts stand out. "I never thought I'd have boobs like these before," she said proudly as she cupped them in her hands and felt how heavy they had become. She placed her hands on her hips and swiveled from side to side. "This is so cool, I've got to go out tonight and find a date!" Giving the mirror a mischievous smile she purred, "Gee, I wonder if any guys would be interested in me?" Heather laughed as she slipped on her mother's bathrobe and headed back out to the living room.

"Heather, I think I know what caused all this!" Sherri said when her daughter returned. Another wave of awe rolled through her when Heather stood in front of her and she found herself staring right at Heather's chest. "Hey Mom, I'm up here," said Heather, placing her hands on each side of Sherri's head and tilting it back so they made eye contact. "Never mind that," Sherri said, annoyed at her daughter's impudence. "I think it's that new video game. I don't know how it works or how any of this is even possible, but there's nothing else it could be." "But what makes you so sure it's the game, Sherri?" asked Heather. "Excuse me, Heather, you may be taller than me but I'm still your mother, so would you mind not calling me Sherri?" Sherri stood with her arms crossed glaring up at her daughter. "Sorry, Mom, it just slipped out," said Heather, stifling a giggle. "Anyway, I'm not 100% sure, but it makes sense. Remember how we had to enter our character descriptions at the beginning, and how much detail it asked for?"

"That's right, that must be it!" said Heather. "Good work, Sher-er, Mom," Heather said. "Watch it, honey," cautioned Sherri. "You almost did it again. Don't let this go to your head, OK? I mean, it's not like you would have figured this out, as if!" "Don't worry, Mom, I'll remember," Heather said, secretly thinking to herself that she could really get used to this situation.

"All right Heather" said a stern looking Sherri at her now adult daughter. "We have to like, you know, play more of this game, but this time you need to let me like win, OK?" Sherri was rapidly beginning to sound like a high school freshman as well as look like one. As Heather pondered what her mother had said, she was feeling different as well, more mature, more adult, and she really liked the way it felt being an adult woman, she thought a second more then came to a conclusion and looked at Sherri. "Sure Mom, whatever you say, lets play!"

As they both walked over to the television, Sherri finally let her loose slacks fall to the floor and she stepped out them revealing the young, supple shapely legs of a young teenage girl, they then both sat down in from of the television, Sherri crossing her girlish legs and wiggling her toes and Heather sat down more ladylike and it seemed much more natural to her now. As they hit "Start Level II - 15 crystals possible" the game seem to speed up more, Heather immediately used her skill to whisk up a number of crystals right off the bat. "Hey Heather!" yelled her mother as she struggled to catch up to her daughter, "What are you doing?!" "Sorry 'Mom,' but I really like this feeling and I think I want to keep it a bit longer and try this new body out....so I guess you will just have to be my little girl for a long weekend, all right?" Heather smiled wickedly. Sherri lunged at Heather which was a bad mistake as Heather was able to scoop up more crystals while Sherri was distracted, who then realized her mistake a raced back to the control bar, but it was too late. Heather threw her crystals into the vat before Sherri could and moved the mouse to the "Finished" button. "NOOO!" screamed Sherri who ran at Heather and tried to grab the control, but it was too late as she heard the fearful "Click" of the game button. She turned and looked in horror at the readout. "Heather 14 crystals, Sherri 1 crystal, adjusting 13 to Heather - End Level II"

Another chill ran down Sherri's spine as she felt strange again, and she trembled knowing what was about to come. Heather felt another hot flash as well. As Heather watched her Mother, she was amazed at the changes she saw. Sherri already looked like she had slipped back a few years to 13 years of age. She was now just a young girl at the cusp of blossoming into young womanhood, but rapidly going in the wrong direction. As she stood there in shock, the blouse she was wearing seem to grown on her and her now too loose black lace panties fell from her waifish waist to the floor below, the sleeves crept up on her arms as the blouse became more tentlike. Sherri was sniffling now as she lift the top of the shirt in time to watch the last remnants of her once beautiful breasts recede into her body from small cones to pink puffy nipples to nothingness. The teenage curves she once possessed also disappeared as she lost her battle with time regressing back past nine years of age, her hair lightened and her face took on the look of innocence.

Heather began to feel strange too as she suddenly noticed that her firm, very large breasts were starting to droop a bit farther down on her chest. She looked at her hands which seem to gain years and wear, looking more worn and motherly. She also felt her curvaceous ass begin to sag a bit as well. She looked up in the mirror in watched the final moments of her aging as she passed 30, then 35 and finally stopping at 37 years of age. Her cute face was now very adult with fine lines around her eyes and forehead, a very deep creases appeared on her cheeks and around her mouth as crows feet became apparent as well. She had put on just a few pounds and as she opened her robe to check out the rest of her body, she noticed that it did look more worn. She was now a mature middle-aged woman in her late 30's, but still very attractive for her age and quite a looker too. She posed a bit more before closing her robe. "I didn't really want to be THIS old, but I guess it is a small price to pay to get you out of the way for a few days. " Heather was a bit shocked by the sound of her voice as well. It was much lower and raspier in a very seductive way. She turned in time to see her mother complete her transformation to a 3 year old little toddle. Teas were streaming down her chubby little cheeks as she looked up in awe of her now very adult daughter. "There, there sweetheart, Mommy will take care of you, don't you worry now" smiled Heather who was beginning to feel very motherly towards the small child. She picked up the small girl in her arms and held her close to her large breasts and began rocking her. Sherri on the otherhand was beginning to feel very confused. She knew that this was HER daughter and that she was an adult in reality, but her mind had a hard time concentrating on adult things and big words seemed to jumble in her mind. "Shewwee not baby! Me woman, you badd!! Pwese hep me!" cried Sherri shocked at how babyish her voice sounded. "Now sweetheart, you need to call me Mommy now, because that is what I am. In fact, I am older than you were originally so you need to understand who is in control now, all right? Now who am I?" She cradled Sherri in her arms as she looked into the child's eyes. Sherri was very confused....this adult woman seemed to safe and soft, her instincts began to take over as she fondled one of Heather's large breasts and she looked up and whispered "Mommy?" Heather was surprised at the effect Sherri had on her, especially when her nipples hardened as Sherri fondled them. "That's right dear, I am your Mommy...at least for now. And I am afraid that your too big a girl for me to breasts feed! Although that seems like an interesting notion....hmmmm."

Heather sat Sherri on the floor and put the controls in her pudgy little hands and Heather picked up hers as well. She hit the Level III button and although there were many crystals and Sherri did not get any, Heather only retrieved 2 of them before ending the round. The readout stated "Heather 2 crystals, Sherri 0 - adjusting 2 to Heather. End Level III"

Sherri felt a sinking feeling as everything seemed to grow even more around her. She felt like she was falling down a hole as she regressed back to a 1 year old infant. Everything seemed so strange to her in her mind now. She didn't seem to understand language anymore, just that she was now simply lying on her back swathed in now large useless blouse and she struggled to move but could only coo like a baby.

Meanwhile, Heather felt hot and then a bit tired as she aged a couple more years to 39. There were some streaks of gray in her hair giving her a bit of a matronly look, and she was now actually beginning to look her age some as her hands and face seemed more worn as those lines deepened just a bit. She walked over and bent down to pick up the infant lying on the floor. "There there sweetie....would you like some milk, hmm?" She opened her robe and exposed a very large breast to Sherri who immediately began to fondle it making it harden again, and then her instincts took over as Heather guided her hear to her breast and Sherri began suckling on it. The feeling was amazing to Heather as it was both exciting and exhilarating at the same time. She was breast feeding her own mother, but she began to feel more adult like with each passing moment herself.

A few hours later and Heather put her infant mother to sleep on her bed. Heather then went into her Mother's old bedroom and began to look for clothes that would fit. She slipped on some silk panties and was amazed at how good they felt. She also took a moment to explore her body a bit more as she felt her now thick bush between her thighs. She then got back to getting dressed. At first she had a hard time figuring out how to put the bra on, but then she felt more natural about it. Her mother was also a bit smaller than she was so she had to snap the bra and then lift her breasts one at a time into the cups which held them tightly. She then found a nice skirt, a pair of nylons and an attractive blouse. She then sat down and put on some makeup which seemed almost natural now. When she finished, she looked into the full length mirror and a striking middle-aged beautiful woman stared back. "Wow, you may be a bit old, but your still a babe!" giggled Heather as she struck poses in the mirror.

Suddenly, she heard the door bell. "Who could that be?" she wondered. When she opened the door she was shocked to see three of her best girl friends standing there along with an old woman that appeared to be a baby-sitter. At first she panicked, then she calmed down realizing there was no way they would recognize her now. "Excuse me Ma'am, but we are looking for Heather" said a polite young Asian-American girl. "Ooh, she uh, stepped out for a while, I am her....uh, her Aunt..yea, her Aunt from Boston. I am just here visiting with my baby girl Sher...uh, Stacy."

"Oh" replied the Asian girl. "Well, can we come in and wait for her?" Heather was now really beginning to panic when suddenly, she thought of the game.....hmmmm...this could be fun. "Sure, come on in girls!" Heather smiled. "So, what's your names?" as if she didn't already know. "My name is Nabuko, this is Yolanda (pointing at an attractive African-American girl), that's Kristi (pointing at a very cute blonde girl) and this is Kristi's Grandma" The old woman smiled politely. "She is looking after us this afternoon"

"Well, why don't you girls sit down here and play this new game Heather just got while you wait, I believe that all four of you can play too!" She guided them over to the television. She quickly walked over and clicked the "Game over" option and felt a strange buzz fill her mind for a moment, but then dismissed it as static electricity. "Cool!! exclaimed Yolanda, who immediately sat down and grabbed a control panel and began typing in information. She was quickly followed by the other girls as well. All that is except Grandma who seemed irritated by the game as she struggled to enter the data, but she was willing to give it a try. She typed in her age as she cringed a bit, "80" and then moved on to the other questions.

Heather walked over and hit the four players option and the "advanced player" option. "Wow!" squealed Kristi, "these characters look just like us!" As they clicked enter, the screen displayed the beginning "Four players, advanced level.. 100 crystals available- Begin game"

The girls all began collecting crystals while grandma had a hard time doing anything with the game panel except making her character go around in circles. The other girls though were laughing and giggling with delight as they ran around gathering up the crystals, finally, everyone but grandma tossed in their crystals into the vat. "Level I complete. Score is as follows: Nabuko 22 crystals - Yolanda 15 crystals - Kristi 50 crystals - Grandma - 0 crystals. Adjustments being made - End level I." At the bottom of the screen the crystal counts changed on each of the players. "Nabuko 32 - Yolanda 25 - Kristi 60 - Grandma - adjusting mean average to 20"

"Yeah! I kicked all your butts!" Yelled Kristi as she jumped up and down. The other girls just smiled. They were used to this by now as Kristi was always the popular girl and used to getting her way. Even her grandmother was tired of chiding her "Just what till she gets to be my age, then she will understand how hard it is!"

Heather watched closely for the changes to begin. After quickly viewing the scores she smiled. "This should be rather interesting" She looked over to grandma who seemed a bit scared. "Is it cold in here?" rattled the old woman. The girls all began to look worried too. "No grandma, but it sure does feel warm in here now that you mentioned at."

Heather's heart was beating furiously with anticipation as the changes started, and she sat down to watch the show. She noticed that Kristi's clothes were already getting tighter. "I feel warm, too," said Yolanda, looking at her friends, and Nabuko nodded in acknowledgment. Grandma just sat looking confused and a bit worried about the feelings she was experiencing.

"Ow, my clothes are so tight!" complained Kristi as she stood up and yanked down the bottom of her pullover sweater. Heather could see that Kristi had already gotten an inch or two taller. The cuffs of her stretch pants had started to creep above her ankles and a thin strip of skin was exposed just above the top of her pants. "It looks like Kristi's outfit won't last much longer," Heather said to herself with a smirk. Although she was good friends with Kristi, she had often been irritated by Kristi's air of superiority, and thought it might do her some good to be brought down a peg or two. A flash of inspiration came to Heather that her four visitors would all be in need of new garments very soon and she thought it might be a good time to start assembling some more appropriate outfits for her guests.

"Would you ladies excuse me for a moment? I just realized I have to take care of something upstairs. I'll be right back," said Heather as she ranout of the room.

By now, both Nabuko and Yolanda were getting uncomfortable as their own clothes were tightening, and Grandma was still feeling a chill, although she was also starting to somehow feel better. "Holy cow, Kristi, what's happening to you?" asked Nabuko. Her friend was beginning to look like an overstuffed sausage link. Her stretch pants were up to mid-calf and had started to split at the seams. The thin strip of exposed skin was two inches wide and growing, and the sweater was uncomfortably snug around her torso. "I don't know but I really don't like it," Kristi said, covering her mouth when she heard her new unfamiliar voice. Yolanda pointed to Kristi's chest and said, "Look at that!". Kristi glanced down and saw her shrinking sweater being pushed away from her chest by two small bumps. She pushed in on them with her palms, as if she could squash them flat, but it didn't seem to help. In fact, she could feel the bumps getting larger. "Oh no! Guys, help me! Something's really wrong with me!" Kristi said, getting panicky.

But there was nothing her friends could do. None of them had ever seen anything like this, and they just didn't know what to do. On top of that, it was slowly but surely dawning on them that the same changes were happening to them, although not as fast as they were for Kristi. When she saw the helpless expressions on Nabuko and Yolanda's faces, Kristi knew things weren't going well, and turned to her grandmother in desperation. "Grandma, what can I do? You've got to help me! Grandma?" Unfortunately, Grandma wouldn't be much help either. In fact, she was hardly even aware of what was going on. All she knew was that she was feeling better all the time, as if years were falling away. She was sitting back on the couch with her eyes closed and a strange smile on her face. Kristi thought Grandma looked different; she didn't know how exactly, she just looked different.

While Kristi was begging Grandma for help, Nabuko and Yolanda were becoming more and more concerned with their own problems. Nabuko could see bumps similar to Kristi's forming on her chest and noticed she was getting taller as well. Yolanda was also going through some changes, too, but they seemed to be happening at a much slower rate than Kristi's, and even slower than Nabuko's. A loud ripping sound focused their attention back to Kristi as her stretch pants, having risen to her knees, finally gave up the ghost and fell to the floor in tatters, revealing legs that were becoming longer and shapelier by the second. Her sneakers had become quite painful and their shape was distorted as her growing feet required more and more room. Luckily the laces were already worn so they snapped fairly quickly allowing the shoes to expand as much as possible. "Oh no, my pants!" cried Kristi as she bent over in an attempt to cover herself. All she succeeded in doing, however, was putting even more strain on her inadequate cotton panties and they quickly dropped to the floor on top of her pants.

At that moment Heather returned to see Kristi, whom she guessed was in her middle to late teens, blushing profusely with both hands in front of her crotch. "Good timing," thought Heather with a smile as she quickly approached Kristi with a large bundle of clothes. "Here you go, Kristi, I thought these might come in handy," she said. No sooner had Heather spoken than Kristi's sweater decided to join the underwear and stretch pants already on the floor. Kristi let out a squeal of horror and quickly covered

her burgeoning breasts with one arm, keeping the other down below. "Very good timing, I'd say," Heather said cheerfully, as she held out some new clothes to Kristi. The tall 20-year-old eyed them critically. "These are old ladies' clothes," she said to Heather. "Well, that's all I could scrounge up for you on such short notice, Kristi, and at least they're better than what you're wearing now," said Heather. Kristi grudgingly took the clothes, still looking at them with contempt, and went into the hall bathroom to change. "And I haven't forgotten about you other ladies," Heather said, passing out the remaining outfits to Yolanda, Nabuko and Grandma. "What are these for, dear?" asked Grandma. "Oh, just in case you might need a change later on," smiled Heather. She knew that Grandma would be changing faster than the three girls, and she noticed Grandma already looked younger, probably in her late sixties now. Her hair had gone from totally white to about half white and half gray, and was still getting darker. The wrinkles on her face were not as deep as before. "Well, I appreciate your concern, but maybe I'll just hold on to these. I think my dress is just fine," Grandma said. "For now, maybe," thought Heather with a grin. Nabuko and Yolanda had entered their teens. As scared and confused as they were, they had the presence of mind to realize that they had better remove their own clothes before they became too tight, and they ran into separate rooms to change.

Nabuko stripped out of her blouse, knee-length denim skirt, and sandals and looked at the clothes Heather had given her: a pair of jeans, a knit top, white socks and a pair of loafers. What was weird, though, was that the clothes seemed way too big, and Heather had even given her a bra and panties! "Why would Heather's aunt give me this stuff? None of these clothes will fit," Nabuko said in a high-school student's voice. "And there's no way I'm wearing THIS underwear." But when she happened to glance up at a full length mirror on the wall, she realized that the clothes may not be too big, after all; at least they wouldn't be after too long. "Holy cow, look at me!" Nabuko said. She knew she had been growing, but she didn't realize how much until she saw her reflection. She was used to seeing a skinny little girl in the mirror, not a blossoming young woman.

She had grown much taller and her face looked very mature, not girlish at all. Her short hair was past shoulder length, and had grown thicker and shinier. Her figure was still slim, but curvier as well, with pert breasts and slightly flaring hips. She slipped on the Jockey-for-her panties and then the bra. She had great difficulty at first, but the more she fumbled with the bra the easier it seemed to get, until it almost felt natural as she deftly fastened the hooks in the back. The bra was slack, but her expanding breasts were starting to fill in the B-cups. Nabuko began to dress up in her new clothes, and found them to be loose, but not as much as she expected. In fact she could feel them getting more snug as she dressed and her body grew and continued to mature. By the time she finished putting on the jeans and the top she appeared to be in her early 20's, and it looked like her changes weren't stopping yet. She began to feel her body and all the changes and noticed that the curves were now quite noticible on her blossoing body. She felt her now full rear end and noticed that her legs were quite long and shapely. Her breasts were now straining the 36 B-cup bra and as she looked at her face, it was now that of a full-grown mature japanese woman. She brushed back some strands of shiney black hair from her face when she noticed a few lines around her eyes as she passed 30 years of age. Her face and body had lost all signs of baby fat and its features were very sharp and defined. "Oh my goodness" she whispered and then covered her mouth in surprise at how deep her voice had become and adult-like. She was now a mature 32 year old woman, and a very attractive one at that.

In another room, Yolanda was also changing in more ways than one. She had removed her sneakers, jeans and sweatshirt and checked her new outfit. "This can't be right," she said with a puzzled frown. Heather had given her a baby blue dress with matching high heels, as well as a bra and pantyhose. She held the bra up to her chest, comparing her small budding breasts to the seemingly enormous cups of the bra. "There is no way I could ever fit into this thing," she said shaking her head. But since there was nothing else she could do, she decided she might as well put it on anyway. As was the case with Nabuko, her fingers seemed to be learning what to do as she slipped her arms through the straps and fastened on the bra. Next she tried the super-sized pantyhose. They were so big they slipped easily up her legs and they wouldn't stay up without her holding onto them. Yolanda pulled the dress on over her head and the hem fell to just below her knees. The straps barely stayed on her girlish shoulders. Then Yolanda placed her feet into the heels, after first pulling the legs of her pantyhose up so that her feet fit into the feet of the hose, leaving large amounts of nylon bunched up around her calves and thighs. As she stood wobbling in her high heels in front of the closet mirror, Yolanda thought that she looked different than when she had first entered the room. Her face looked a bit older than before, and she thought she looked taller, even standing in the heels. In fact, she could see herself slowly but surely growing as she watched. It made her feel kind of funny, in a good way. The longer she watched the more fascinated she became by the process. "Wow, this is amazing!" she said to herself, smiling at the sound of her lower voice. Her breasts crept forward and also began to grow wider as they matured and occupied more and more of the empty space within the huge bra. Yolanda could also feel the pantyhose against her hips and rear as they started to widen as well. She looked like a student in junior high, then high school. Her blossoming figure was becoming evident as the dress seemed to shrink on her growing body, rising above her knees and tightening around her hips and across her chest. "Gee, I'm starting to look pretty good," said the 17-year-old. She stood steadier in her heels now as her feet grew into them. They fit her perfectly. As Yolanda grew taller, her lengthening legs took up the slack of her baggy pantyhose and they started to fill out. She took her hair out of her pigtails and let it fall down, almost to her shoulders. Her breasts had continued to expand at a rapid pace and filled her bra, although it was still a loose fit. Yolanda liked how her blue dress and shoes looked against her caramel skin. "Girl, your just gettin' better all the time," she said in her smooth adult voice. She placed her hands with their long nails on her hips and watched as her changes finally stopped when she reached 25 years of age. Believe it or not, the once tent-sized clothes Heather had given her were not quite big enough, and the dress fit almost like a second skin, not that Yolanda was complaining. "Not bad Honey, not bad at all, if I do say so myself," she said proudly. She then cupped her now huge breasts that were straining the large bra. "Baby, what till they get a load of these jugs" she giggled as she squeezed them just a bit which sent a thrill through her body. She was also amazed at how heavy they felt. "Well sugar, you'd better get back outside and see how things are going." With that Yolanda turned and headed toward the door, giving herself a quick approving glance in the mirror as she left.

Whila all of this was going on, Kristi had been in the bathroom putting on the dress that seemed much too old for her. As she began dressing she realized that she was continuing to age. She was already well through her 20's and entering her 30's with a vengence as she noticed that lines were now appearing on her once youthful and beautiful face. She had grown quickly into a knockout high school girl, then into a beautiful young college co-ed, into young womanhood where she was pretty enough to be a model. But now she was leaving her youth behind as she passed 35 and fine gray hairs began to weave themselves into her once bright blonde hair. The lines were now appearing on her forehead and mouth as well as the "laughlines" deepened. "Oh god, whats happening to me!" she sobbed.

Meanwhile, back in the living room, Grandma was feeling better all the time. She hit sixty again around the time Nabuko and Yolanda left to go change clothes, and was already quickly retreating through her early fifties. "I'm starting to feel pretty good," she said to Heather, who was watching the transformation intently, maybe too intently. "Are you OK, dear? You seem to be squinting a lot," said Grandma. "Oh no, I'm fine, thank you," said Heather. "Just a little tired, that's all." "Well, I'm feeling anything but tired," smiled Grandma. "I swear I haven't felt this good in ages." She was slipping back past fifty and her hair was showing signs of regaining the brunette color of her youth, although it was still mostly gray. The wrinkles on her face had lessened to mere lines, and these were getting less noticeable by the second. "You'll be feeling positively ecstatic by the time you're through," thought Heather to herself.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman with blonde hair that was quickly graying ran into the living room. "Why Kristi, nice to see you again," said Heather. "What's going on here? What's happening to me?" Kristi asked Heather. Her voice had gotten much heavier and the lines were deepening on her tired face as they turned into wrinkles. "Whatever do you mean?" asked Heather with more than a hint of coyness. "Look at me! I'm getting older all the time!" Indeed, Kristi was at least in her mid to late forties and beginning to look quite matronly. Her large soft breasts were sagging more and more into her navy blue and white flowered print dress, and she was developing a substantial bulge around her midsection.

Heather laughed secretly, marveling at how appropriate her selection of Kristi's clothing had been. She had found the dress and the orthopedic shoes in her mother's closet. Sherri had bought them to wear to a Halloween party at work one year and just kept them around. Little did she know how they would turn out to be down the road.

"I'd better not get as old as…Grandma?" Kristi and her grandmother stared at each other in disbelief. They were both identical ages, but only for a moment, as Kristi aged past her grandmother, and became the oldest of the five women. "Kristi? You're looking very tired today, dear," Grandma said in a smoother voice as she left her forties behind. Her hair was almostsolidly brunette again except for a couple of gray streaks, and her face was getting smoother, with just a few faint lines. Her posture had improved and she stood straight up, actually gaining some height as she grew younger. Her plain purple dress looked out of place on her thirty-something body, and hung loose as the pounds she had added on later in life melted away.

Kristi seemed to be a magnet for those pounds as she became pudgier, developing a double chin and flabby upper arms. She was entering her fifties and her dull blonde hair was at least half gray. Her face was creased by more and more lines and she developed sagging jowls. She started to hunch over slightly as the years took their toll. She put one hand on her back for support and began to shuffle towards a waiting chair when the now younger grandmother walked briskly over to Kristi and handed her her cane. "I think you could use this more than I can now sweetheart. Here, let me help you over her dear, a woman your age needs to get her rest!" Kristi took the young womans arm and aided by her cane shuffled over and sat down on the couch, feeling tired.

30-year-old Grandma turned to Heather and said, "I think I'll try these clothes on now, this dress just isn't doing anything for me," she said and excused herself to change. "This can't happen, this just can't happen," moaned the now elderly Kristi in a slightly gravelly voice. She rubbed her lined forehead with a chubby-fingered hand as she passed through her late 50's and hit a final 60 years of age, but she looked more like 70.

Soon, it appeared to Heather that Kristi had stopped getting older. "I think it's done," she said softly, and her suspicions were confirmed when Nabuko and Yolanda came into the room. Nabuko looked like a very pretty young mother of 32 with just a hint of lines at the corners of her eyes. Yolanda had become a 25-year-old gorgeous African-American woman in the prime of her youth.

"Well, ladies, it appears that my choice of clothes for each of you was quite appropriate," said Heather with a broad smile. She knew her thinking process was getting more adult as time passed. She would have never used the word "appropriate" when she was 10. "How did all this happen?" asked Nabuko. As Heather was about to answer, a cute 20-year-old brunette ran into the room clad in a T-shirt and a pair of Capri pants. "Hey, guys!" she said. "How do I look?" "Grandma?" Yolanda asked, wide-eyed. "Well, I don't think I'm anybody's Grandma now," laughed the woman. "My name's Dorothy."

"Alright" said the now very adult Nabuko, "Whats going on here, and I suspect that your not really who you say you are" she said sternly looking at the smiling Heather. "Well, I guess I should explain, I am really Heather." The girls at first looked amazed then after looking at each other understood. "Its the game, isn't it?" said Yolanda. "Yep. Mom got it for me at a garage sale and I do think she really got her money's worth, huh?" They all laughed for a moment, except for Kristi who had fallen asleep in the chair. "Speaking of your Mom" said Nabuko, "Where is she?"

Heather smiled, "Well, 'Mom' is taking a nap upstair waiting for her next breastfeeding time." The girls gasped in disbelief at the thought of an infant Sherri. "Wow, this really is a powerful game!" exclaimed the now youthful Dorothy. "But what are we going to do now? As much as I really love being young again, I don;t think it would be fair to Kristi for her to be that old and me rob her of her youth, and you girls have a lot of growing up to do before your ready to understand what it means to be an adult."

"I'm not so sure" said Heather, "It seems that the longer you stay the age you transform to, the more you began to feel that age. I mean, I am finding that I now have a much broader vocabulary and I feel more and more adult all the time, things I have never thought of before are now popping into my mind" The other girls looked excited at that prospect. "Yea, and I want to try out this new body honey and see what it can do!" purred Yolanda as she slid her hands across her womanly curves.

Nabuko thought a moment. "Perhaps there is a way we can have our cake and eat it too" she thought aloud. "What do you mean?" asked Heather. "Well, the game asks all these questions that hones in on exactly should be prized or penelized for playing the game, right?" They all nodded. "Well, what if we plug into the game someone who is not really here. I mean, if we have all their statistical information, we should be able to plug anyone we want into the game and play their character for them. That opens up a whole world of possibilities here." Heather grinned, "Thats a great idea! And I know EXACTLY who we can use without guilt to age or regress ourselves!" Heather ran over to her PC computer and pulled up a search engine, typed in some parameter and then pulled up some files. "Look here girls. These are women who are in prison for life for various crimes, and this 'famous outlaws' web site gives all the statistical information on them we could want and all that the game asks for. Why not use them? Who cares if we make them older or younger, huh?"

"Fantastic idea! Good job Heather!" exclaimed Nabuko. "Thats great" replied Dorthory, "Now I can keep my youth and you can give poor Kristi back her youth and give those unwanted years to one of those criminals, and you can age your mother back to her rightful age Heather too." Heather agreed and as she looked into the mirror herself and saw a tired looking woman in her late 30's staring back at her, she ran her mature fingers through her graying hair and thought aloud, "Yea, and I would like to make myself just a bit younger myself, perhaps a perky 21 year old woman and see what thats like for a while." She then turned back to Dorthoy. "Look, I know that eventually we will all need to go back to being 10 years old again, but that does not mean we can't have some fun with this thing for a while and then play with it again from time to time, right?" All the women nodded in agreement. "Well then, lets go have some fun, eh girls? But first, let me get rid of a few years here first, and we might as well regress Kristi a bit too, we dont want to have an old woman to drag around." Just then the sound of a baby crying could be heard upstairs.

"On second thought, lets just regress her to say 40 years of age and she can watch 'Mom' upstairs while we go out this first time, huh? I just need to go and feed her first, and then when we get back, we can age Mom and regress Kristi. Be back in a minute! One of you girls be so kind as begin punching in the info on myself and one of those criminals, I have got a game to play" smiled Heather as she unbuttoned her blouse and began to unstrap her bra so baby Sherri could get to her dinner. Next to the television the game waited for another player.

The End