That’ll teach her

by Sgt. Vincennes

Mindy Sherman was 10 years old and loved to play dress up. She had been sneaking into her mother’s room for years, but at 10, she had grown bored with those clothes, they were so out of style and frumpy, but her sister’s room held a treasure trove of great clothes.

Mindy knew that her 17- year old sister Monica was in the basement showering, she knew that with the routine that Monica went through she’d have at least a half hour to play in Monica’s room. Mindy looked up and down the hallway and snuck across the hall and into Monica’s room.

Mindy smiled wide when she opened the closet. At 10, Mindy had long blonde hair that lay straight over her delicate shoulders. She stood at 4’8” a full foot shorter than her big sister but the sight of the clothes made her smile every time and her bright blue eyes light up. Mindy quickly picked out Monica’s white silk blouse from the back of the closet and then she picked out a black mini skrt of Monica’s and laid them on her sister’s bed.

Mindy pulled off her little yellow T-shirt and jeans and even stepped out of her socks and panties and left them in a pile on the floor as she hurried knowing the clock was ticking. Mindy stepped into the skirt. It was skin tight on Monica and stopped a good 3” above her knees but it of course hung on Mindy’s skinny little legs and narrow hips. Mindy held the skirt up with her left hand and twirled around feeling the fabric swish half way down her calves.

Mindy then slipped the blouse on. The sleeves hung well over her hands and she carefully cuffed them several times until they stopped at her frail wrists. She buttoned the blouse quickly and even though it hung like a sail on her tiny frame, she still loved every second of it. Mindy worked to bunch the shirt and skirt as much as she could behind her and did a fair job of it.

Mindy then pulled out a pair of Monica’s dress shoes, a pair of black 2” pumps, size 9. She stepped easily into the large shoes and clomped forward trying not to lose them as she went to the full-length mirror across the room.

Mindy held the extra fabric behind her back and posed like a model before the mirror, imagining what she would look like when she was 17, when she could wear clothes like this and drive boys crazy. “I’ll have a great bod when I’m older, “ Mindy thought smiling. She turned forward and back trying to not lose her grip on the clothes or shoes. Her childish figure had no curves at all for the garments to cling to like they did on her pretty big sister but Mindy still fantasized about it. Monica Sherman walked slowly up the stairs to her room. She had taken a quick shower and hastily dried her long brown hair. She wasn’t going out tonight so she cut her bathroom ritual short that day. She wore a big, fluffy green terrycloth robe and her bare feet padded lightly on the carpeting as she headed to her room. The door was open a crack even though when she left it 15 minutes ago, she knew she had closed it.

“ MINDY! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!” Mindy spun quickly around when she heard her sister scream her name. As she looked into the hatefilled and angry eyes of her big sister, she knew she was in deep trouble. When Monica had opened the door she had seen her little sister, back to the door, posing before her mirror in her best silk blouse, not to mention her favorite skirt and her good heels. “ You little brat! You can’t come in here and keep ruining my clothes!” Monica said with rage in her voice.

“ But…but…I’m not ruining them…I just wanted to try them on…I was just playing.” “ You can’t cuff and bunch that shirt up like that! It’s 100% silk! You’re wrinkling it and ruining it!” Monica made a move toward Mindy.

Mindy knew that if Monica got her hands on her, she’d hit her so she ducked out of the way of her big sister and ran across the hall. She still hadn’t taken of Monica’s clothes yet and watching her run in the huge heels looked like watching Frankenstein the way she hobbled and hopped. She was lucky to avoid her sister and to not fall flat on her face in the huge clothing.

Mindy danced past Monica and ran back across the hall into her own room. She closed the door and stood with her back to it and she felt the heavy vibration as her big sister hit the door and began to open it. Even with all her weight pushing on the door, Monica was steadily pushing it open with her weight behind her. Her size advantage would drive Mindy back. It didn’t help Mindy’s cause that the room floor was hardwood and the heels had no traction, she slid backwards in them.

With one last effort, Monica flung open the door and stood before Mindy. Mindy looked up into her sister’s face and prepared for the worst.

“ I’m going to teach you a little lesson about going into other people’s things. We’ll see how you like it. “

Monica then took a step to the side instead of ahead and towards where Mindy cowered waiting for her beating.

Mindy’s eyes opened wide as she saw her big sister go to her dresser. Monica was pulling out Mindy’s clothes and throwing them out of the drawers and onto the floor. Mindy didn’t dare say a word.

Monica pulled out what she knew was Mindy’s favorite blue shirt. “ Let’s see how you like to get your clothes ruined!” With that Monica opened up her robe and let it drop to the floor. She stood naked before her little sister and the dresser. Monica Sherman stood 5’8” and was well built. Her size 36C breasts hung freely, her heart shaped ass and long shapely legs waited naked in the breeze. Monica grabbed the shirt and yanked it as hard as she could down over her head. She heard the shirt rip as it passed over her head, where they caught on her ears, Monica felt warm explode on her ear.

She rammed her arms quickly down the sleeves and yanked the shirt down hard to cover her breasts. The shirt had torn around the neck, across the back at the shoulders and at the sleeve cuffs. The shirt barely came down over her ample chest and she still felt the breeze across the bottoms of her breasts.

Mindy gasped as she watched her big sister destroy her favorite shirt but Monica wasn’t done yet.

Monica then pulled out a tan pair of her sister’s pants. She stepped up and pulled them over her feet. Then as hard as she could, she yanked the tiny pants up her shapely long legs. The pants tore wide along the seams of the thighs. The knees held but the bottoms tore open as Monica heaved the pants up her legs. They looked like an obscenely tight pair of capri pants on her. The bottoms held tight at her mid calf and the thighs were open all up the sides. She tugged for the pants to get up over her ass to provide some cover, but the waistband simply tore and she couldn’t zip up the pants. Monica then kicked a pair of her little sister’s shoes upright. They were a pair of light cotton sneakers. Monica jammed as much of her feet as she could into the small shoes. She couldn’t get her heels in and she freely stepped down on the heels of the shoes with her toes jammed into the ends.

Monica then danced around in the insanely tight, torn clothes. She posed before her little sister who just trembled in anger.

“ See Shrimp. How do you like it.” Monica said defiantly. She folded her arms over her massive breasts in the teeny shirt.

Mindy just shook from anger and frustration. She was helpless… But just then as she stared at her sister’s giant form towering over her she saw a look of confusion and fear cross Monica’s velvety brown eyes. As Mindy was caught off guard by the look, she suddenly felt a heavy tingle run up her spine. Mindy got very dizzy and shut her eyes tightly to fight off the sudden feeling of vertigo. When she opened her eyes again, she knew something was wrong.

Monica Sherman was happy with her little lesson, maybe now she could have a little peace from her little sister. As she stood glaring down at the little girl before her eyes, she suddenly felt panic. Her eyes went wide with fear but she didn’t know where the fear was coming from. Was she afraid of Mindy? A sharp tingle ran up her spine and she felt very dizzy. She shut her eyes tightly but when she opened them again she was even more afraid…something was wrong. Mindy was suddenly very confused. She looked up at her big sister, but not as far up. She took a cautious step toward Monica and realized that Monica seemed shorter. Was Monica shrinking? Or was Mindy growing?

Monica looked carefully as Mindy took a step closer to her. Her little sister suddenly didn’t seem as little. She seemed taller and then as she looked at Mindy’s face, she saw it change. Mindy’s face was changing before eyes. It wasn’t changing in a radical way either; it just seemed like her face was maturing. Mindy wasn’t just growing taller…she was growing older.

Mindy looked closely at her big sister. She could swear that her sister’s face had just changed before her eyes. Monica’s face suddenly seemed younger, less confident and more fearful. Mindy took another step and realized that the skirt she was wearing was becoming tighter against her legs. She felt a slight impedement in her step. She stared down and nearly screamed. The skirt was not only tighter, it was shorter. Her legs were growing! They were not only getting longer, but they seemed to getting fuller and rounder as well. Mindy looked at her big sister and realized that her big sister wasn’t so big anymore.

Monica had grabbed the tiny shirt in nervous worry. She tugged at the hem of the shirt and looked down in shock when she realized that the bottom of the blue shirt now reached her waist. Now she did scream. “ AHHHHH” She managed no other word but stared at her chest. Her breasts had shrunk drastically in just a matter of seconds. They were easily a full cup size smaller and shrinking rapidly away. And then Monica realized that not only the breasts were shrinking, but the chest below them. She was shrinking. The tiny shirt was fitting better and better with every passing moment. Monica then looked ahead and looked directly into her little sister’s eyes. They were the same height Monica realized with growing panic. Not only were they the same size, Mindy now had boobs. The whilte silk blouse was still large on her body but Mindy was quickly beginning to fill in the garment.

Mindy stared at her chest as she started to see breasts develop. The shirt had been moving up and was getting tighter across her back and she felt her arms growing beyond where she had cuffed the shirt. It now stayed on her shoulders easily and naturally. Mindy watched as her breasts grew rapidly, quickly forming and now pushing the fabric before them. The silk rubbed her sensuous nipples gently.

Mindy then looked beoynd her expanding chest to lengthening legs. The skirt was still moving further up her shapely legs. The hem now sat a good solid inch above her knees. Her knees had taken on a full adult shape and she traced her eyes down to her feet, where the black heels were growing snug on her toes. Her heels still slid further back towards the ends of the shoes. Mindy was becoming the big sister now.

Monica watched Mindy’s breasts expand with abject fascination. She then realized that when she looked for Mindy’s bright blue eyes, they were above her own. Mindy was now taller and Monica knew that Mindy was now older.

Monica continued to shrink and get steadily younger. She could see maturity creeping into Mindy’s face and she knew that Mindy was the big sister and she was the little one. She looked down at her body. Her breasts had shrunk to the point where they were mere puffs around her slightly swollen nipples. The torn blue shirt now sat perfectly at her waist, a waist that was slimming and losing mass. Monica felt it as her hips slipped inward. She felt them straighten out under the clothing. She felt her ass losing mass quickly. Her hands flew to her backside. But by the time they arrived, the landscape had already been altered. Her ass was perfectly straight with no curve or womanly shape.

The waistband of the pants was no longer gapping open in many places. The tears in the garment were coming back together as the strain lessened on them. Monica felt the pants come together and she instinctively zipped and buttoned them easily over her now smooth privates. The rips along the seams and thighs were smoothing back out as her legs shrank beneath the cotton fabric. Her legs lost all womanly curves and became bony and straight again, like when she was 10 the first time. As her calves retreated in shape and she shrank down past 5 feet tall, the bottoms of the pants began to creep back towards her thinning ankles. Soon the pants rested easily at her ankles.

Monica’s feet had been shrinking as well. Where she had jammed her feet in at age 17, now as just a minute had passed in real time, her feet fit comfortably inside the cotton sneakers as she hit age 10. Her heels had slowly come into the shoes and slipped in. Her toes had gotten increasingly smaller until they no longer pinched anywhere in the shoes.

Mindy continued to look at her body as it increased in size and age. Her feet now fit perfectly inside the black heels. Her toes rested comfortably in the ends and her heels fit snuggly against the backs of the shoes. The black skirt now sat almost 4 inches abover her knees. Her legs were gorgeous, well toned and tanned. Mindy felt her hips explode outward as she gained a woman’s figure. Her ass had formed up and she felt weight there for the first time; it felt good and well balanced with her new hips. Her waist had narrowed as her hips widened.

The silk blouse was snug against her expanded chest. The buttons pulled ever so slightly across her busom. Her arms now filled out the sleeves and she effortlessly rolled out the cuffs she had needed just a minute ago. The cuffs now sat perfectly aginst her wirsts over her larger, yet very delicate, slender and feminine hands.

Mindy’s hands went to her hair. She fluffed out the blond locks. Her hair was no longer thin and straight but now had become shiny and wavy. The blond hair fell over her shoulders and rested atop her firm breasts. She had not yet seen her face but she could tell her features had changed as well. She gasped as she finally looked at Monica.

Her big sister was now over a foot shorter than she was. She looked like she was even shorter than Mindy had been. Mindy’s mouth was wide open in the shock of seeing Monica turned into a 10-year old girl. She knew the face before her eyes. She had only seen pictures and had never had the opportunity to see it in person.

Monica looked up and saw the shock in Mindy’s mature, adult face. Monica couldn’t believe her eyes. Her little sister Mindy stood towering over her, now a beautiful young woman. The 7- year age difference they had always known was now reversed. Mindy had a very pretty face with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, a long trim nose and a high forehead. Her bright blue eyes now shone forth with confidence and knowledge and maturity instead of the previous wonder and cautiousness and fear she always had around Monica. And why not, Mindy was in charge now.

Mindy stared at Monica’s small round child’s face. Her brown hair formally long and full now sat rather stringy and thin straight down her slight back. The defined features she had just minutes ago were gone, replaced by a small button nose marked with freckles. Her formerlly full sensuous lips were now thin. Her chin was round and her cheeks nonexsistant in her young round face. Her velvety brown eyes shone in wonder and fear. She trembled before her big sister.

Mindy stood 5’10” at age 17, two inches taller than her sister had been and Monica stood just 4’6” at age 10, but the clothes still seemed to fit, like they always had before.

“ So what were you saying about teaching me a lesson…little sister?” Mindy said in her now deep, full voice.

Monica stammered unable to speak…afraid to speak and hear the voice that would eminate from within her child’s body. Monica was also still in shock at what had happened. In less than 5 minutes, she had gone from 17 to 10 and Mindy had gone the opposite direction. Monica looked up nearly a foot and a half to her sister’s blue eyes, eyes filled with power. She barely came up to her big sister’s massive breasts.

“ I…I’m sorry Mindy. I didn’t mean anything by it” her voice squeaked out, very high and trembling with fear. Monica was mortified at her new voice, really her old voice.

“ Yeah. I guess you really taught me a lesson…twerp” Mindy laughed long and heartily at her remark. The young woman then turned on her heel and took two long strides back across the hall into Monica’s old room, now Mindy’s.

To be continued…on "Exit From Twerpville…That’ll teach her, Part II"