The Summer Tony Sanders Became A Warlock

By Libra

Tony Sanders had a very strange summer vacation so far. It almost seemed that machines didn't like him. It started soon after he turned 15-years-old. Tony was your average kid when it came to his life. Physically he was slightly different. Little shorter then most of friends, but he had green eyes unlike any of them around and his hair was also darker then anyone's who knew. Anytime he was near any machine or electronic device it would go haywire. The family car had a very hard time starting its motor whenever he sat in it. Family computer operating system crashed every time he tried to use it and the automatic doors at the supermarket always got stuck on open whenever he enters.

Friends and family soon noticed and started to think that Tony was simply jinxed. Most of his friends avoided him. There was nothing they could do if Tony came along. To get to the mall or anywhere you needed a car.

Only one person really stuck with him and didn't consider him weird or jinxed. To Tony's surprise it was his little sister Judy. Tony thought she was just too young to understand. Judy would always giggle whenever he walks past her music box. As soon as he was in front of it the box would start playing on its own. Judy moved the music box to the desk by the door so every Tony would walk a few notes would play.

Wasn't just electronics that was bugging him. Tony could swear more then once that he saw his hair and skin was different, this only happen whenever he looked in a mirror. He swore that his hair was silver in color and skin was slightly paler. It changed back whenever he blink or looked away.

He decided it was best not to tell anyone. Besides Judy there was only one other person that didn't feel uncomfortable around Tony, the next door neighbor Miss Vile. She moved into the house next door only two years ago. Tony and his family were still unsure what she was like. She was a woman somewhere in her 50s and had dark hair with a few gray stains all in a tight bun. She also carried a small cane around as she walked. Her left leg seemed to give her trouble all the time. Tony would occasionally go over to her house to do small jobs for her or run down to the store for her. Younger kids including Tony's sister stayed far away from her. Miss Vile's stern looking face was enough to keep them away. Miss Vile didn't like TV or radio so she never saw Tony's strange curse as far as he knew.

Miss Vile would always insist that Tony was the only one that could help her do what she needed to get done around the house. Only thing worse in Tony's opinion then changing light bulbs was listening to Miss Vile talk about her family. He seemed to always go into a trance and barely remember a few names when she finished talking.

Finally Saturday morning came and Tony was free to spend the day alone. He woke up late that morning and got dress quickly. On his way down stairs he passed his sister Judy with her friend boy about her age he didn't know. Tony made it to the kitchen table just in time. His mother didn't clear the breakfast table yet. Tony enjoys slightly cold pancakes with lots of syrup. After he had his fill Tony was out the door. Since he couldn't watch TV or listen the radio without getting static, he was force to walk in the woods most of time. It was nearly sunset when Tony was making his way back to his house when he found his path was block. The boy looked a few years older then Judy, but he was unlike any child he had ever seen. The boy's hair was silver and his skin was pale. Tony was reminded of his reflection as he stares at the boy with little doubt that he was real.

Tony was about to ask who are you when the boy moved his hands together. He didn't bring together but kept them only a few inches apart. Tony heard the boy mutter something then a small blue ball appeared between the boy's hands. This ball shimmered for a second before it stop and only gave off a slight glow. The boy looks up and then pushes the ball right at Tony. Sensing what the boy was going to do. Tony had only enough time to raise his hands to protect his face. He closed his eyes as the ball was now only a foot away and closing fast.

Tony felt himself thrown a good ten feet before he landed on the forest floor. When Tony opens his eyes he saw his body was glowing white before it faded away. Looking around for the boy and expecting another attack Tony was little unsettled that the boy had disappeared. Standing up slowly at first to make sure he was not hurt. Tony looked over his hands and arms and there wasn't a single mark on him. Only thing that showed any proof was the amount of leaves and twigs on his back. Tony brushed off what he could and began his trip back to his house slightly more alert then before.

Miss Vile seemed to notice Tony's behavior as he past her house. She asked if anything was wrong as Tony passed. Tony said nothing was wrong, but Miss Vile smiled slightly at his answer. Tony felt safe now as he enters his back yard. Now his mind was free to figure out what had hit him. There was only one answer to what had happen and he was attacked by magic.

Tony spent a restless night tossing and turning in his bed. Ideas of fantasy and magic kept on coming back into his head. Shock had finally worn off now; Tony was going over the details in his head again. What had the boy done to him been the main question he asked himself. Was he cursed or was just a spell that was on him. Tony didn't feel any different then his normal self. Perhaps the boy made it possible for him to go near electronics again. This theory was shot down only five minutes later. Tony plugged in his own TV and turned it to a station he knew. Static kept coming and going as he saw parts of an old movie.

Tony needed to find answers and since the internet wasn't an option the only other source he knew was the public library. Tony told his parents he was going to the library to do some research. Unfortunately for Tony Judy overheard him and beg to come along. Tony really wanted to be alone as he searched for answers. In the end he had no choice after his mother said it would be nice if I did take her along.

As Tony and his little sister walked to the library he got the funny feeling he was being followed. Tony looked back a few times, but didn't see anyone. Then felt stupid and passed it off as being paranoid. Tony spent the next three hours looking up everything on wizards, magic, and spells. Tony had only learned a few general ideas. Wizards in most stories did have white hair that could easily been silver. Magic was neither good nor bad and it depended on who used it. Last thing he learned that spells could be performed by saying some old Latin words. Tony couldn't help that this was a lot like Harry Potter, but it wasn't the same.

As Tony was putting the last book back on the self it was then he saw the boy again. He almost put the book back in its right spot when he noticed something white to his right. The boy with the silver was just standing there studying him. Not taking his eyes off of him Tony made eye contact then walked slowly toward him. He called out in loud whispers asking who are you and what do you what. The boy dashed to his left and disappeared out of sight. Tony quietly ran after him hope he could cut the kid off before he got to the exit. Tony searched and searched for the boy. Only a few adults and some kids like Judy were around.

Tony still had the last book from his research in his hand and didn't feel like checking it out today. He made his way back to the bookshelf where he first found it and almost ran into Miss Vile. This was a shock for Tony for he never seen her outside her yard before. Miss Vile only smiled slightly as she saw the book in his hand. She made the small comment that he was little old to believe in magic. Tony escaped by saying the book was for his sister. Miss Vile nodded then walk past him with her small limp. Tony made sure the coast was clear then put the book back. Thinking over in his head was there a connection between the little boy and Miss Vile. Tony wasn't given too much time to think about it. His sister Judy found him and said she wanted to go home now. Judy had finished reading the two books she got off the self and was tired of playing with the other kids.

Tony carried the books she checked out and both ran back home to be on time for supper. Tony's parents seemed to enjoy their day without their children around. They sat in quiet conversation as Tony went over and over in his mind what had happen in just the past two days. It all seemed to happen so fast and all at once he thought. So many questions of why kept popping into his head. Tony went to bed early that night and to wake up early the next day. He decided to go back into the woods and find the strange boy. He figures it wouldn't take long, but he walked nearly entire forest with no signs of anything strange.

It was on the edge of the woods he saw someone walking near the edge of the trees. Quietly he crept closer then discover it was a just a teenage girl taken a afternoon walk. She was beautiful and dressed in black. He thought she must have been a gothic girl because only those girls wore black in the summertime. Tony casually steps out of the woods and made his way back home. When he was about pass the girl she spoke. You must be Tony Sanders she said as he got close enough to hear.

Tony replied with yeah then wonders how in the world she knew him. A girl this beautiful would have stuck in Tony's mind forever. The girl went on to explain she was staying with her aunt who was no less then Miss Vile. Tony eyes widen with disbelief. It was almost unbelievable that such a beautiful girl could come from same family. Miss Vile wasn't exactly a looker nor was she ugly. All of the strangeness of the past few days were gone from Tony's mind as he hung out with Miss Vile's niece Elizabeth. Tony spent most of his time with her; going to the movies and long walks with her. Tony's parents accepted her well enough, but Judy didn't like her. Tony thought she was just jealous that she was no longer getting her brother's full attention. Elizabeth soon noticed Tony's strange curse when he got close to anything electronic or technical. Tony explained that he was just jinx and hope she didn't find it strange. Elizabeth seemed to think it was interesting. Tony's fears of losing her were gone now. Only thing strange about her was he never saw Mrs Vile or her niece together. When Tony asked she replied that her aunt had been sick in bed. Soon after his questions Elizabeth made her own move on him and kissed him. Tony was little taken back, but not general surprised. He was just a touch more shy around her then anyone else he was around. After that night things went on normally enough for a while.

It was almost week later before Tony had another strange encounter with the silver haired boy. This time the advantage was Tony's to take. He saw the boy slowly walking around his house to Miss Vile's house. Tony snuck and followed the boy from a distance. Tony wondered what boy was doing and why was he going to Miss Vile's. Tony lost sight of the boy in the brushes but went onto the yard anyway. Tony looked around with a puzzled look. The boy seemed to vanished again then Tony saw Miss Vile backdoor was slightly open. Thinking the boy slipped into the house Tony followed inside. He felt somewhat guilty has he entered the house; before he had always knocked or rang the bell.

Tony listened like hawk for any sounds. Then he heard hard footsteps with the sound a cane tapping on the floor above him. It had to be Miss Vile coming down stairs. Not wanting to be caught sneaking around her house, Tony duck into a closet that was open and quietly shut the door. This closet was just across from the bathroom and Tony left a crack in the door just wide to see the mirror in the bathroom and little of the hallway.

Tony held his breath has Mis Vile walk in front of the closet. Her shadow was now on the door. Tony felt fear of being caught flood his system. To his great relief Miss Vile switch on the light in the bathroom and walk in. Tony watched hopeful that she shut the door soon so he could sneak out. He was thinking that he must have been out of his mind to do this. As Tony watched he saw Miss Vile was letting her hair down. Then Tony notices that Miss Vile was wearing one of Elizabeth's t-shirts. The shirt was tight a fit but seemed to fit alright. Tony thought Miss Vile looked different suddenly. He could just see her face in the mirror's reflection.

Her face was getting younger and more beautiful. Tony's jaw dropped and he took shallow breaths as he saw her features change. Her hair went from gray to dark black and her wrinkles faded away to change into young looking skin. Her eyes went from dull color to a more beautiful color. Then the finally shock of his life came when he saw who she turned into. Miss Vile had changed into Elizabeth. Tony shifted his weight and had step on something in the closet. Whatever the object was it clattered loudly. Tony looked up to see if Elizabeth was still in the bathroom.

Elizabeth turned her head toward the noise and nodded her head once at the closet door. The door flew open with a small bang. Tony was scared and thinking just was all a nightmare. Elizabeth wasn't mad at him. She was grinning from ear to ear with amusement. Tony waited for her to speak first before he would.

"Tony my sweet boy come out of that closet and come sit in the living room." she said sweetly then gesturing toward the living room.

Tony could have ran, but felt that this needed some explaining. Tony asked her who and what are you as soon he sat down on the edge of the seat. Elizabeth only giggled and explained she was a witch and she was Elizabeth Vile. Tony decided not to tell her anything yet. As far she knew he only saw her transformation from old to young. Tony cautiously asked why after he heard her answer to his first questions.

"For you" she replied quickly.

"Me?" Tony asked in surprised.

"Yes." She said then sat back I her chair.

Tony seemed to be caught in some kind of trance at that point. He felt that his legs were numb and his body paralyzed. Tony looked down and wondered why he felt this way. Elizabeth only laughed then explains that she cast a small spell on him.

"Why?" He asked wondering.

"You see Tony, you are what we call a warlock and I can't let you discover your powers. I spent the last two years trying to seal your powers. Didn't you notice soon after I moved in that your little curse you have with machines popped up?"

"No" Tony answered then wonder why he didn't figure it out sooner.

Elizabeth's smile went to a sly smile as she continued.

"Well, that was the magic inside of you trying to get out. It was trying to tell you that you were magical and warn you of me. Of course it is too late for you now. I see that I have no choice but to kill you. I spent far too long trying to stop you to walk away now. " Elizabeth said as she put her fingers together.

"Don't worry Tony you soon have company on the other side of life." Elizabeth grinned.

"What do you mean?" Tony felt anger and the will to fight in his body now.

"Your sister, Judy is years away from becoming a threat to me. Normally I don't touch a witch, but if she somehow found out that it was me that killed you, I am in trouble. I can't risk trying to seal her magic. Each of you just too powerful to contain and are a threat. " Elizabeth explains with joy in her voice.

"Why are we a threat to you?" Tony had to keep her talking. Maybe if he really was warlock he could break out of this hold she had him in.

"Love, the family bond you have between brother and sister is the threat. You see warlocks and witches normally don't like each other. It was only recently that made a peace agreement. A few others like myself are fighting this agreement and it wouldn't help us if yet another warlock and witch popped up again in the same family. It is very rare that this happens and seems to inspire hope." Elizabeth talked with a bit of disgust in her voice.

"My parents will discover it was you that murdered us and burn you at the stake." Tony spoke out in anger.

Elizabeth only laughed at this response.

"Let's just say that won't know it was me. You see your going to have a little accident in the tub. Poor Tony must of slipped in the tub and drowned and in a few months little Judy will die in a fire that started only in her room. Explanation there will be that Judy was playing with matches or a candle. " Elizabeth explained then stood up.

"You'll be less trouble if I kill you right now then place your body back home in the tub." Elizabeth said as she open her arms and begins to summon some kind of spell.

Tony had no luck in breaking the spell she had over him now it was getting hard to breath.

"If there is anything you like so say I voice it now before it's too late." Elizabeth stated as she focus her power on Tony.

Only one last question was still bugging him. Tony figure it was Elizabeth that attacked him in the form of a boy.

"Why did you attack me in the woods?" Tony asked has his head felt terribly dizzy.

"I didn't attack you in any woods." Elizabeth answered back with a puzzled look. She thought maybe he was getting a bit light in the head from the lack of air.

"Wasn't you that silver haired boy?" Tony asked now feeling he could pass out any second now.

"What silver haired boy?" Elizabeth now screamed with fear in her voice. Hopeful she gets answer before Tony passed out.

"Me!" Said a third new voice from doorway to the living room.

A blight flash came next and Tony could breathe again. Tony was slumped in chair and cover in sweat. When Tony's eyes refocus he saw that Elizabeth was laying on the floor and knock out. Tony jumped slightly has he saw how came out of the darkness. It was the silver haired boy.

"Don't worry, I am a friend." The boy spoke when he saw Tony jumped.

"Friend?, you attacked me." Tony still looking like he got of the frying pan and straight into the fire. If a strange little boy could do that to a witch there was no telling what would happen to warlock.

"I didn't attack you exactly. I was testing you. I had to make sure that you still had your magic. I was overjoyed when I saw it protect you from my small energy blast. " The boy explained as he took Elizabeth's chair.

"Who are you?" Tony asked glad now his body could move on its own again.

"Gus Adams, I am Enforcer Warlock. Kinda like a cop in the magical community. We enforcers kept the peace and make sure witches and warlocks are not causing trouble for innocents. I been around a lot longer then you think. I had to be sure that Miss Vile was trying to stop you. " Gus explained in a very mild tone.

"You may recognize me like this." Gus said as he put his face in his hands then moved them over his hair and down his body. Gus face and body changed. His skin wasn't so pale and his hair was brown. Eyes went from green to blue and he shrunk a few inches.

It took Tony a few seconds to remember. It was his sister's friend. The same boy that he passed on the stairs only a week ago and thought he saw at the library, but wasn't sure.

"I been hanging with you sister to find out how much trouble Elizabeth was causing. I needed to get into your house and find out if any magic was used. All I could sense was some kind of sealing spell and it was coming from your things only, mostly your clothes and shoes. After I got done playing with your sister I followed you into the woods and did my little test." Gus explained.

"Only thing left now is too finish off Elizabeth and start your training that has been delay for far too long now." Gus said then started changing again. Tony watch in amazement has the little boy changed into a man. As he got taller his skin went to the pale color and hair was silver again. Eyes were green again and his clothes look like they seen a lot traveling. Most interesting part was seeing Gus's chest expand and mature features take the innocent parts away.

"Are you going to kill her?" Tony asked with some sadness in his voice.

"No, I am sorry to say her fate is worse then that. I am going to make her a mortal with no magic power at all." Gus said has he took a ring out of his pocket and put it on his ring finger. His face was sad looking with a dark look in the eyes.

Tony thought the ring look like a mood ring. It had a glass bead and Celtic looking markings on the band. He watched as Gus placed his hand on Elizabeth back. The ring glowed blight blue then stopped. Gus had close his eyes are he did this. When ring stop glowing, Gus removed his hand from her back.

"Sorry I had to let her use so much magic on you. It can be tricky knocking out fellow magic user. Here put this ring on now. " Gus said as he slipped the ring off then gave it to Tony.

Tony wasn't quite sure, but he felt he could trust Gus. The moment Tony slipped the ring on his fist closed from pain then it passed.

"There. Now her magic is yours and she never be able to use magic ever again." Gus said as held out his hand for the ring. Tony slipped it off fast and gave it back to Gus.

"What happen?", came Elizabeth weak voice from the floor. Elizabeth had finally awakened and when she saw Gus and Tony she jumped to her feet and then pointed her hands at each of them.

Tony jumped back a bit not sure if Gus was right. To his relief nothing happen.

"No!" screamed Elizabeth when she felt no magic inside her.

Tony noticed her features had changed. She wasn't has beautiful as before, but she was still pretty. Tony then thought she must have enhanced her beauty so he would fall more in love with her.

"Please don't leave me like this." Elizabeth begged at Gus.

"Too late; your magic has been given to someone with a bit more heart then you could hope for. I feel grateful that you still have your youth and some beauty left. " Gus responded with a hint of remorse.

"But, the others will kill me and I am defenseless without my magic. " Elizabeth said has she started crying.

Tony was feeling sorry for her. She had lied to him and tricked him, but he was a forgiving guy. Tony wasn't sure, but he could sense there was some good left in her.

"That is not my problem. My only concern is taking down the witches that wish to do evil." Gus responded coldly.

"What if I help you? Could you protect me?" Elizabeth said slowly.

"I supposed I could, if you're willing to change. I have to talk with the higher enforcers. " Gus said then sat down back in the chair.

"I tell you everything I know. That should stop most of what we were doing.", as Elizabeth sat in Tony's old seat. Tony had gotten up when Gus told him to put on the ring.

"Well, Tony there is nothing for you here. You should get back home and try to get some sleep. Don't worry about me." Gus said as he turned his attention back to Tony.

"What going to happen now?" Tony asked not wanting to leave just yet.

"I be back soon enough to tell you, but know that is everything is alright. You got your magic back. You and your sister will be safe now with me around. "Gus said as he escorted Tony to the front door.

With a good night Tony was now outside the door. Tony made his way slowly back home and mange to get back inside with anyone seeing him. The events of the night had exhausted his body and he fell into a dreamless sleep.

At the breakfast table Tony sat in silence. His mother noticed and then said she knew why he was so quiet.

Tony looked up not sure if she really knew.

His mother then went to explain she meet the new neighbor this morning. Miss Vile had moved away and her niece went back home. Now there was no hope for Tony to see his friend again. Then his mother offer her ear if he had anything to say. Tony felt it wasn't the right time yet.

Tony only nodded and thanked his mother for her kindness. Tony felt like staying in his room rest of the day. There was so much on his mind and only person that could help him was temporary gone now. It was Tony's mother who suggested he should go meet the new neighbor.

Not really wanting to go back to Miss Vile's house. Tony finally decided to stop by and say hi. He also had a good reason to make his visit a short one. His sister was already over there playing with the new kid. He could say he was there just to remind her to come back home for lunch.

Tony got a surprised when the door opened. It was Gus Adams, but his face looked normal. Brown hair and blues eyes could only be seen.

"Tony! Good to see you so soon again. Come in, Come in." Gus said as he back away from the door.

The house was completely different now on the inside. New furniture was around and it a lot like his parents house. In the living room there was sister playing dolls with another little girl a few years younger then her.

"I believe you already meet my daughter, Lizzy " Gus said as he sat on the new sofa. Picking up a newspaper that was setting on the table just left of him.

Tony looked back on the floor and saw he did indeed know her. It was Elizabeth, but a very young Elizabeth. She was down right cute for a 3-year-old girl. Tony smiled has he saw she only dress in a plastic diaper. Elizabeth only looked and flushed red in the face. She went back to playing dolls with Judy.

Gus went on to explain that he was retiring from law enforcement and to live a quiet life as a part-time tutor to kids. Tony could guess that he be Mr Adam's first student. Gus whisper that he should got of the game long ago then told him his real age. To Tony's mild surprised Gus was nearly 160 years-old now.

Tony spent a wonderful afternoon playing with his sister and her new friend. Gus invited rest his family over for a little chit-chat. Tony listen with full attention as Mr Adams answered his Mom's questions. Gus's cover story was he was from London and he was what they called a bobby, which was name for a cop in England. Tony wasn't sure if he liked idea when Mr Adams suggested that Tony could do some babysitting for him while he gave lessons to other students.

Unfortunately his parents thought it was a great idea and in the end Tony agreed. He was looking forward to buying his own car now since machines no longer went nuts when he got too close.

Tony later learned that Lizzy had little memory of being Elizabeth. It seemed that to protect her they erased her memories of being a witch and it seemed that Elizabeth's true nature was now finally free. Lizzy was very shy and seemed to have a crush on him. Tony notice this when she was hanging around him all the time even worse then his sister could. Tony life return to being normal as it can get for a young warlock.

Over the summer he and his sister learn how to read Latin and Tony had a fun time being a babysitter to little Lizzy. At first Tony didn't have much to do with her. He left alone to play and made sure that she wasn't getting into trouble. It took a few weeks for Tony to be convinced she was nothing more then a little girl. He changed her diapers and given her baths enough times now to believe. She always seemed to make a mess of herself. Lizzy had a urge to play in flour, mud, and sugar.

Years seemed to fly by as Tony learned all you needed to know to be a warlock.

Because warlocks age much slower then normal people Lizzy was nearly 16-years-old by the time Tony looked 20-years-old. He was already dating Liz on his free weekends from collage.

Judy was learning the magic arts from a friend of Gus and Tony hung around now to help her practice. On Judy's 13th birthday Tony and Mr Adams told their parents what they were. To Tony's amazement both of his parents accepted this after a small demonstration of magic.

Both parents were unsure whether they like having the children with such power, but thought they raised them to be good people. Use of magic was forbidden inside the house unless one of them had a good reason.

Tony was unsure what was in store for him now. He was a young man with a world just waiting for him. He was still undecided whether he would lead a normal life or take up a life as a warlock. He knew that Liz would support him no matter what decision he made. She had a lifetime of friendship and now loved him with all her heart.

Tony sat outside his new house and wondered what kind of job he might like. An enforcer job required too much travel for his taste, but the life of a teacher seemed to appeal to him more. Tony only sat and stared at the sky while the sun was setting, still trying to make up his mind.

The End.