The Slide

by unglate

Margaret watched her 5 year old daughter at the top of the big slide with a touch of nervousness. The Sasha was no longer a toddler, but Margaret wondered if the huge slide would be too much for her. Last year, it was out of the question, though Sasha had pleaded with her to go down it. It was an odd thing: metal, but with a red plastic tube-like portal halfway down. It seemed like an odd mix of two slide designs. Sasha sat down carefully and pushed off. Margaret watched her daughter shoot out of the tube, surprised at how much speed she had gained. She intercepted the little girl at the bottom, picking her up and swinging her around to enhance the experience. Sasha erupted in laughter—the kind of little-girl-laughter that warms the soul.

“Now YOU go down, Mommy!” Sasha said excitedly, pointing up at the slide.

“Oh, I don’t know sweety, we have to go now… it’s almost supper time.” Said Margaret in a grown-up tone. Sasha was pulling on her arm.

“Come on Mommy, be a kid again… please?” Margaret sighed. It wouldn’t hurt, would it? She looked around at the other families in the small park. They might have a good laugh, but who cares? Life is too short, she thought. She climbed the steps of the slide and sat down at the top. She looked down the length of the slide. It wasn’t much of a distance for her. She secretly wished she was young enough to really get a bang out of the ride. She shoved off and yelled “Wheeee!” really loudly as she whooshed downwards.

Instead of flying off the end of the slide, she slowed down and came to stop at the bottom, a shocked look on her face. It was an incredible knowledge, a horrible realization that hit her as she came to a stop. Her mind reeled with the implications—it couldn’t be possible.

When she slid down, she felt her adulthood being stripped from her.

She looked down at her body in panic. It was still the same 30 year old self she was observing. She must be losing her mind. She tried to push away the image of herself as a little girl. This must be some sort of irrational panic attack, she told herself, wishing it were. Her hands gripped the sides of the slide. It was as though her body were artificially inflated with age. It didn’t feel “right” to be an adult. She knew deep inside of her that her body would have to shrink to accommodate her new mental reality. She resisted, closing her eyes and bowing her head. The image was too strong, and as she sat there gripping the slide with her eyes clamped shut, she felt a “shift” in her body position. She panicked, opening her eyes, afraid to see but desperate to know.

She WAS younger, it was obvious by the change in her breast size. Her T-shirt easily revealed that her breasts had become “perky” and teenage-like. She knew she was sixteen, even though the idea was ludicrous. She also knew she would not be sixteen for long, as she felt another “adjustment” coming on. She whined and squeezed her legs together. Why was this happening to her? She unconsciously pushed her bum into the slide and rocked forward. She tensed up every muscle in her body and arched her back. As the tension became unbearable, she let go, and felt her body relax into the regression, puberty reversing its course. She shuddered and shrunk, passing the age of fifteen, and losing more of her breasts as she paused at 14. She knew her pubic hairs had lost their “wiry” quality, and were now wispy and childlike. Her organs had rearranged themselves to fit her smaller body, and her stomach felt tingly and warm.

Still the process continued. She screamed as she felt another wave coming on.

“Oh nooo!” She gasped, out of breath and terrified. She was balanced on the brink of childhood: shrinking more would place her on the wrong side of puberty. She was breathing in heaves, rocking back and forth, still gripping the slide as though it gave her strength somehow. She gagged as the youthening began. This time it was more dramatic, as her body began to really lose shape and size. It came in tiny but jolting spurts of electricity, each one robbing her of a few months. She convulsed with each change. She was now beginning to feel embarrassed about how young she was getting. She blushed and made the transition to 13 years of age… then 12. She felt bald and naked between her legs, and her female anatomy became that of a girls’. Her breasts disappeared, and her body lost the last of its curves. It was an odd sensation, it was as though her womanhood had been bundled up and changed into potential growth. She had that pre-teen hyper feeling.

Oddly enough, her clothes still fit her, but she noticed that her previously white shirt had a big yellow flower on the front of it. She had a second to glance around her. Nearby, a couple sat on a bench, watching her with smiles on their faces, as though they knew her well. She knew that they would become her parents at the end of this. Her former life as a mother seemed an infinite distance away, and she shook her head to try and bring her old reality back. It was no use; the vision of being little was too strong for her now, and she was losing power to fight it. Internally, she scrambled desperately for some semblance of maturity, but only found that she was STILL too old somehow. No, no, no she whimpered to herself as she started getting little again. Half of her felt that the changes were “natural,” and “necessary,” while the other side of her wailed in frustration. She was NOT a little girl… she WAS not… she couldn’t be…

She trembled as she slipped backwards to her eleventh year. She bit her bottom lip. Her clothes were changing with her as she became an eleven year old. The jeans she had been wearing her changing color from blue to yellow, and the flower on the front of her shirt was changing into some unrecognizable shape. Her legs were shortening as she became a ten-year-old, and she stretched out her toes to reach the sand underneath the slide. It gave her a sense of false security be able to reach the ground with the tips of her toes.

Still she shrunk, passing ten and becoming nine. Now she really felt embarrassed. All of her power, her self esteem, and her ability was being sucked out of her body. She knew there was a small damp spot between her legs, because she was nine, and she still made little “mistakes” from time to time. She became dazed for a second, but recovered, and assessed her situation. She had to come up with a solution… NOW!

It occurred to her that she had wished to be young just before going down the slide; the slide made her wish come true! She had to get to the top and make another wish to be an adult. She instinctively turned around and tried to climb backwards up the slide, as kids often do. It seemed so much larger now, and she stopped in front of the tube in the middle. How could she go up through it? She couldn’t hold on the sides in there. She tried anyway, getting halfway through the tube before her weak little arms began to give out. She was also shrinking again, her legs and arms becoming wispy and thin as she hit eight years old. She tried to hold herself in position inside the tube, pushing her arms and legs against its walls. She couldn’t hold on, and she slowly slid backwards, peeing her panties as a seven-year-old. She climbed backwards frantically. She would have to go up the ladder. She became confused for a second at the bottom, and went to sit down, but fell off the slide backwards, landing on her wet rump in the sand. Tears welled up in her six-year-old eyes as she looked down at herself. Her crotch was soaked and she recognized the shape on her shirt as Mickey Mouse. Her jeans were now yellow pants.

She came to her senses and scrambled up to get to the ladder. Her coordination was getting worse, and she felt clumsy and chaotic in her movements. She ran crying for the ladder, terrified at the prospect of getting younger.

She almost made it, but as she reached out to grab the rungs, she felt the final sequence of regression set in. She squatted and became a five-year-old, wailing openly, and wetting herself. She couldn’t stop it now… it was too late. She squatted lower, almost sitting on the ground as she became a four-year-old toddler. With a loud farting noise, her little bum erupted as she fully pooped her training pants. It was finished.

“Where do you think you’re goin’ little one?” Said her daddy as he picked her up. “You’re too young for THAT slide, let’s get you… uh oh…” He said as he smelled the mess in her pants. She knew that he would put her back in diapers when they got home. She was so humiliated. Maggie wished she was as big as her older sister Sasha, because then she would be able to go down the big slide. She cried in her carseat on the way home, but halfway there she forgot why and absent-mindedly started sucking on her thumb.