Time Shift - Pt2

Darcy hung up the phone and grinned. “I told you I’d take care of everything.”
“So you got a babysitter to watch the kids, how does that help us?”
“The babysitter’s not for the kids, Michael, she’s coming for us.”
“What? Why do we need babysitters? Check me if I’m wrong, but I think we’re adults, Darcy.” Michael said, surprised at his former sister’s lack of common sense.
“No, no, don’t you understand? Brenda and her friend are going to help us get younger,” Darcy said, getting impatient. “You mean she knows how to run the machine?” Michael asked. He knew Brenda was pretty smart, but he would have never guessed she was THAT smart. “Do you remember anything that happened here today?” Darcy groaned. “We need them to swap years with us. We’ll make them older and we’ll make ourselves younger.”

“Oh, okay, why didn’t you say so?” Michael asked. Darcy just shook her head, and then said, “Let’s get ready for our visitors. They’ll be here pretty soon, so we don’t have much time. Why don’t you watch the kids for a few minutes and I’ll go down and set up the machine, okay?” “But I don’t know what to do,” Michael complained. “Just make sure they don’t get into trouble, that’s all. I’ll be back upstairs in a few minutes, then you can run down to the store and pick up some baby things, like bottles and diapers, while I watch the kids.”

Darcy ran down to the lab and set the controls for a 25-year swap. She was back upstairs in less than five minutes to find Michael sitting on the floor playing with baby Kristal. Harry was hanging around his neck squealing with delight as Michael tickled his chubby leg. “Daddy funny!” Harry squealed. “Well, I see you’ve gotten over your fear of child care,” Darcy said with a laugh. “Yeah, this is great! I don’t know what I was so worried about,” Michael agreed. “I’m glad they’ve really taken a liking to you, dear, but we’d better hurry up and get dressed. You still have to get down to the store before Brenda and her friend get here.”

In a few moments both of them were dressed and Darcy gave Michael some money from Harry’s wallet and a list of what they needed, then he was off to the store. There was a supermarket only two blocks away on the main street through town, so luckily he didn’t have to drive. Darcy’s attention was divided between watching the two kids and the clock. She was getting anxious hoping that Michael would get back before Brenda arrived. After all, how suspicious would they look, at home alone with two young children and absolutely no baby clothes or supplies anywhere in the house? She breathed a sigh of relief when Michael got back. He was not a moment too soon, either, because the doorbell rang within five minutes of his arrival, barely giving them enough time to diaper the children and get them dressed.

Darcy opened the front door to reveal a cute 16-year-old girl with light brown hair, wearing a knit pullover top, jeans and sneakers. “Hi, I’m Brenda,” she said, extending her hand. Darcy shook it as she introduced herself. It felt so strange to see their babysitter from this point of view, instead of staring up at her. She had always seemed so grown-up to Darcy and Michael, but now she just seemed almost childish. “And this is Mr. Campbell,” she said, motioning toward Michael. “Call me Mike…er…Mark,” Michael said, changing his name in response to a sharp jab in his ribs from Darcy. “Nice to meet you,” said Brenda. “This is my friend, Angela.” “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell,” Angela said, shaking hands. She was also 16, but was a few inches shorter than Brenda, with black hair and an olive complexion. She wore a light sweater and knee length skirt with low-heeled sandals. “Hello, Angela, nice to meet you,” said Darcy.
“And here are the kids!” said Darcy, as she held Kristal out for the girls to see.
“Oh, she’s adorable!” said Brenda. “What’s her name?”
“This one is Karen, and that’s Hank.”
“Can I hold her?”
“Sure.” Darcy handed “Karen” to Brenda and Michael gave “Hank” to Angela.
“You pwetty!” said Harry, pointing at Angela’s face, and they all had a good laugh. “He’s so sweet!” said Angela, blushing.

Darcy invited the girls in and offered them something to drink, getting glasses out of the cupboard. “Where are Mr. and Mrs. Rogers?” asked Brenda.
“Oh, they’re already out, we’re meeting them at the movies,” Darcy said.
“Really? Why is their car outside?”
Darcy froze for a second while her mind raced for an answer. She hadn’t even thought about this situation. “Um, well, they’re renting a car and letting us use theirs while we’re here. Our budget’s been a little tight lately and they’re just helping us out,” said Darcy, hoping that would satisfy Brenda’s inquisitive mind.
“Okay,” said Brenda. Darcy thought she sounded a little apprehensive, so she quickly changed the subject. “Hey, Brenda, have you seen the room downstairs?”
“No, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers don’t allow anyone down there. I guess it’s some kind of lab or something, and they always keep the door locked.”
“Really? They took us down there yesterday and it’s just a fascinating
place. I think you’d find it very interesting. Why don’t we go down and
take a look? And by the way, call me Darlene,” said Darcy.
“I appreciate the offer, uh, Darlene, but I don’t really feel very comfortable going down there. It’s a little creepy.” Brenda said. She was starting to feel a little uneasy.
“Oh, nonsense, girls, it’s completely harmless, and we feel so sorry for disrupting your plans today. You’d really be doing us a huge favor by letting us show you around down there.”
“It really is neat down there, girls, c’mon, let’s take a look,” Michael said.
“Well, I guess it’s okay, if Mr. and Mrs. Rogers said so,” Brenda said. Her uneasy feeling wasn’t going away, though. If anything, it was worse. “Great! Would you two ladies mind bringing the kids down with you?” Darcy said as she flipped on the lights in the stairwell.

They entered the lab and Brenda’s and Angela’s mouths dropped open when they saw the machine. “Wow, this is amazing!” said Angela. She walked up to the control panel and reached out to touch the buttons, but Darcy quickly ran over and gently moved her away saying, “Angela, dear, please don’t touch anything! It’s very sensitive equipment!”
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Cam…I mean, Darlene, I didn’t mean to break anything,” Angela apologized.
“Oh, it’s okay, dear, I didn’t mean to sound rude, and I just want to make sure you don’t get hurt, that’s all. Please take a look around, just be careful.”
“Darlene, I really think we should go back upstairs. This just doesn’t feel right,” said Brenda, “We’ll end up damaging something or getting in some kind of trouble.”
“Please, please, don’t worry, girls, it’s very safe down here,” said Darcy.
While she was speaking she noticed Brenda was staring at her with a strange expression on her face. “Is something wrong, Brenda?”
“Um, no, it’s just that…have we ever met before? You really look familiar.”
“Why no, dear. This is the first time we’ve ever visited,” said Darcy, as she shot a glance at Michael. The look in his eyes mirrored her concern. This was not good, and something would have to be done fast. “Are you sure? I know I’ve seen both of you before, I just can’t place where.” Brenda could feel her heart beating faster. She knew these people, she just couldn’t remember where, and something told her they’d better get out of that lab fast.

“Uh, girls, why don’t you come over here for a second? This part of the machine is particularly interesting,” Michael said. Brenda looked toward the door, then back at Michael and Darcy. “I really appreciate you showing us the lab, but we really do need to go upstairs,” she said, and she hoped her voice didn’t sound as shaky to everyone else as it did to herself. “Let’s go, Angela.” She started to move toward the door, but Darcy blocked her path. “Don’t be silly, Brenda, we’re not done with your tour yet. Let’s go over and see what Mark wants to show you. He said it was very interesting.” Darcy smiled and took Brenda and Angela by the arm, ushering them over to one of the chambers. “Please, Darlene, just let us go. We really don’t want to be down here,” Brenda said as she tried to free herself, but Darcy’s grip was too tight.
“What are you doing?” Angela asked.
“Nothing at all, dear, we just wanted to give you a little demonstration,”
Darcy said. “Why don’t you just step inside this chamber?” Darcy led the girls to the chamber door as Michael opened it. “No way!” shouted Brenda, twisting around in a last-ditch attempt to escape Darcy’s grasp, but Michael grabbed her and shoved her and Angela through the door, locking it behind them.
“Really, I insist,” smiled Darcy as the girls screamed and beat against the inside of the thick glass with their fists.
“Ready, darling?” Darcy asked Michael.
“I sure am. Let’s do it!”
Michael got into the other chamber as Darcy went to the control panel and activated the remote control timer to start the process, and then she joined him, closing the door behind her.

“Let us out! Let us out now!” Brenda and Angela cried as they continued to bang on the glass, but they fell silent when the chamber filled with bright light and the machine came to life with a tremendous roar. “Oh my God, Bren, what is this thing? What’s it doing to us?”
“I don’t know, Angela, but whatever it is it can’t be good.”
The noise and light stopped suddenly almost as soon as it began, and the girls watched Darcy and Michael step out of their chamber. “Just think, Michael, in a couple of minutes we’ll almost be young enough to be college students!” Darcy said as she and Michael unlocked the girl’s chamber. “And I know just how to celebrate,” she said, rubbing Michael’s shoulder and smiling seductively.

Angela and Brenda came out of the chamber and tried to run but Michael proved too big an obstacle to overcome. “Going somewhere, ladies?” he asked, holding each of the girls by the upper arm. “And very soon ‘ladies’ will be a much more appropriate term for you girls,” said Darcy. She studied each of the 16-year-olds carefully and grinned when she noticed that some subtle changes were already apparent. “In fact, it’s happening already.”

“What’s happening? What are you talking about?” said Brenda. “Let us go now or you’ll both be in big trouble! Wait’ll our parents find out what you did to us. You’ll be sorry!”
“Michael, why don’t you oblige the young ladies? I don’t think they’ll be going very far anytime soon.”

Michael released the girls and they started running toward the lab door, but then Brenda began to feel strange. Her body seemed out of balance and she stumbled slightly making her way toward the door. Angela was feeling the same way; it was as if her body was the wrong size. She felt very awkward, a feeling she was not at all used to since she was very athletic.

Brenda reached the door first and fumbled with the knob in her urgency to escape. Suddenly she was struck by a hot flash and collapsed against the door. A growing sense of panic was taking hold, and she knew something was very wrong. Her clothes were becoming constrictive, and they were getting tighter by the second, as if they were shrinking. She looked down as she tugged on the collar of her top, and froze. Her top was normally pretty loose around her chest, but now her breasts were pushing against it, stretching it beyond its normal point. “What the hell?” she said to herself as she almost involuntarily placed her hands over her chest. She could feel the increased mass as her once modest breasts filled her palms. Gradually, she became aware that her breasts were not the only things that had grown. Her comfortably loose jeans had gotten skin-tight, almost to the point of being painful as their grip tightened around her legs, hips and waist. She quickly unfastened her belt, and struggled with the button on her jeans. It was getting harder and harder to undo the button as the jeans continued to shrink, but with an almost superhuman effort she managed to free it from the hole and the two ends of the waistband sprung apart as her zipper slid halfway down. “What…is…going…on?” she said, pulling off her sneakers and undersized socks. “Am I getting older?” Her voice seemed different, lower than she was used to. POP went one of the buttons on her top as it shot across the room. Her breasts were growing ever larger, and the outline of her bra was visible underneath. She was getting so involved with the changes her body was undergoing that she didn’t hesitate to pull her top off over her head, revealing an abundant chest that was rapidly outgrowing a bra designed for a much smaller figure. Brenda was literally overflowing the cups; flesh was oozing out on all sides. She reached around and tried to undo the hooks in the back but they were under so much stress they wouldn’t budge. “I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all,” Brenda said. She gave up on the bra and stood up to remove her jeans. She was not at all used the jiggling of her large breasts and the feel of her longer legs. She started pushing down on the waistband of her jeans to get them off; she couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. Her hips and rear end had gotten wider and fuller and made it much more difficult to slide the jeans off, but with enough persuasion she finally maneuvered the jeans around her new assets and slipped them off. The stress her breasts put on the bra as she bent over was too much, and the hooks finally gave way. Brenda slid the straps off her arms, leaving herself clad only in a pair of tightly stretched panties.

She had aged into her mid 20’s and her hourglass figure was in full flower. Her hair had deepened in color and luster, and her face had lost any girlish characteristics, her remaining baby fat melting away leaving the graceful contours of a mature face.

Meanwhile, Angela was undergoing a similar transformation. She felt the hot flash pass through her body, and beads of sweat broke out on her tanned skin. She had placed her hand against the door when she bent over as the flash hit. When she looked back up, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her fingers were getting longer and more slender as she watched, and her nails were also getting longer. She ran her hand through her black hair and gasped when she found it was longer than before, past her shoulders. Angela felt a strange tingling sensation centering in her chest and looked down to see small breasts starting to fill out her sweater. She had always been small, not even a full A cup, so she wasn’t even wearing a bra. However, she was easily a B cup now, and feeling the wool brushing against her widening nipples sent an electric rush through her she had never felt before. Her knee length skirt crept up her thighs as her smooth legs grew longer and shapelier, and her sandals were starting to pinch her toes a bit, so she kicked them off. “Oh my, this feels great! What was I so worried about?” Angela said with a satisfied smile. Her lower body was filling out quite nicely, and her once girlish and slim thighs and hips were acquiring a more womanly shape. Her sweater was continuing to expand as her breasts and the rest of her torso grew. Her skin was visible through the sweater as it stretched out thinner and thinner and her nipples were making an impression in the sweater as they grew wider and longer.

Angela ran her hands with their inch-long nails around her full hips and rear end, and she knew her skirt wouldn’t last much longer. It was getting so tight she could almost feel the fabric stretching to the breaking point, and indeed, the rear seam started to separate at the point of highest stress across her buttocks. “I’d better get out of this thing fast,” she said, trying to undo the zipper on the side, but it was already too tight to budge. “Oh well, I think I’ll need a new wardrobe anyway, so here goes.” She placed her hands on her hips and began rotating them as if she were using a Hula-Hoop. The motion accelerated the separation of the seam, and within a second or two the skirt had totally split from hem to waist. The waistband itself split moments later, and the destroyed skirt dropped to the floor leaving Angela in her panties and sweater, which had ridden up high enough to expose her belly button. Her thick shiny black hair fell halfway down her back in loose curls.

The two former high school students had grown into beautiful adult women, but their changes weren’t finished quite yet. They were both approaching 30 years of age and their youthful faces and figures were being replaced with more mature looks. Brenda finally got her wits about her enough to glance over at Angela. “My God, Angela, you’re gorgeous!”

“What about you?” Angela said with equal admiration. “And our voices! This is so strange, I can’t believe this is happening.” The two young women were in their early 30’s and climbing. Angela looked at her hands and saw the smooth skin starting to look slightly more worn. She looked at Brenda and noticed her face was likewise losing its smooth look. Brenda was developing faint lines around her mouth as the skin lost elasticity. Angela’s upper arms were developing a hint of flab and her tummy wasn’t quite as flat as it had been a minute ago.

As the women passed through their late 30’s little signs of aging kept popping up more and more. Brenda watched veins start to become visible on her hands, and she could see stray gray strands appearing in Angela’s hair. “Angela, it’s not stopping, we’re still getting older,” Brenda said nervously. She turned to Michael and Darcy who had been watching the whole spectacle in silence. “Why are you doing this to us? Please stop, we never did anything to you!” She shuddered at the sound of her heavier voice.

Angela was rubbing her hands over her slowly expanding tummy. She was appalled at what she saw on her and Brenda. Brenda looked into the mirror hanging on the wall of the laboratory and was shocked. Angela tuned and looked at the same time and almost fainted. Staring back at both of them was not the perky, firm bodies of 16-year-old high school girls, but two very middle-aged adult women of 40 years of age. Gray hair was interwoven heavily in their heads as deep lines and wrinkles creased their tired faces. They looked every bit middle-aged women who seemed slightly older than their actual mothers. It was almost too shocking to believe.

Darcy walked up to the two middle-aged women, and Brenda’s eyes widened when she saw Darcy close up. She was getting younger! Her hair had already lost almost its entire gray and her body seemed much more toned. “Well ‘ladies’, I suppose you are curious as to what exactly is going on, eh?” Darcy giggled as she felt her large breasts slowly rise on her chest as she regressed back to her early 20’s, she could also feel her energy level rising as the rest of her body firmed up as well. She was now a strikingly beautiful 23-year-old woman. Michael had also regained his youth and was now a handsome and well-proportioned 22-year-old man. “Why are you doing this to us?” cried Angela who cringed at the sound of her lower, raspy voice. She looked, sounded and felt so old now. Brenda also felt ancient. Even if they were only 41, they felt that was much too old, especially to former teenagers.

“Let’s say we wanted to be a bit younger ourselves, but not as young as we used to be, right sweetheart?” Darcy put her arms around Michael and kissed him. “That’s right darling, I think we are young enough now”. Brenda suddenly realized exactly who this was with a shocking certainty. “Oh my god, your Darcy and Michael! Then that means those two infants are…dear god!”

“It’s nice to see you finally figured this one out Brenda, I always knew you were bright!” Smiled Darcy. “You have got to change us back….we have missed out whole lives here Darcy!” yelled Brenda. Angela started crying, “I will never get to experience the rest of high school, or college, or even life as a young woman. And what man is going to want me at this age! I would have to date men older than my Dad!” she sobbed.

“Don’t worry ladies, I am sure you will cope” smiled Darcy. “Now I wish you two would please leave me and my ‘husband’ alone now, we need to go and take care of our children”

Brenda quickly moved over to the keyboard and started pushing every button she could, hoping to some way magically turn things back the way they were, little did she know that she had started something drastic. “Get away from there!” yelled Darcy as she ran over and Michael helped her push away Brenda. Darcy quickly looked at the read-outs, typed in a few things and her eyes widened in disbelief. “Jesus, she has frozen the controls and the reactor is going into overdrive, it will overload all these systems and god knows what that will do, we need to all get out of here fast!”

The four of them quickly climbed the stairs and Darcy and Michael picked up the two infants as they dashed for the door. Suddenly the reactor and chambers exploded and the entire house was bathed in a bright light. The explosion that accompanied the light knocked out everyone as they fell in a pile near the front door inside the foyer.

20 minutes later, everyone began to wake up, with startling results. The explosion had not caused a fire, but the basement was a total wreck and the device destroyed. More surprisingly, everyone was back to their original ages. Kristal and Harry were confused as to why they were nude and sitting on top of diapers that were bust apart, both of them yelping in dismay and running to their bedrooms. Brenda and Angela were also embarrassed as their own situation as most of their clothes were missing too. They screamed and ran out the door and jumped into their car as it quickly sped off.

Darcy and Michael were sitting on the floor in a puddle of clothes that seem to hang off their young bodies. Confused looks were on both of their faces as they looked at each other in disbelief. “Darcy….what happened?” said Michael, “We were big and now were small again” Darcy looked lovingly over to Michael and remembered briefly how handsome he had been and the brief moment of love they had shared. Those memories were fading fast now, along with everything else she had experienced as an adult. “The machine broke and it reversed everything sweetheart” she reached over and held his hand. “I’m forgetting what it was like to be big.” Sobbed Michael. “So am I darling….so am I. Don’t worry, it will be alright. One day, perhaps we can be together again” smiled Darcy sadly. She leaned over and kissed Michael gently, but he pulled back quickly. “Ohh, YUK! What are you doing Darcy, GEEZ! You want to give me cooties!?” Michael jumped up and ran off, trailing his adult clothes behind him, his memories erased. Darcy was still clinging slightly to hers and as the last ones faded from memory she shook her head and looked down at the clothes she was wearing, the oversized bra hanging inside her large tent-like blouse. The skirt had fallen off as the high heels lay on the floor. She got up and giggled as she looked at herself and she ran after Michael. “Hey Mikey, let’s play dress-up and house, you be the daddy and I will be the mommy!”