The Rock From The Stars Part 3 Final



"I'm exhaust", sighed Megan

"Me too. We need a rest", suggested Susan.

"I agree", respond Lisa.

The girls took a recess from dancing and laid on the sofa.

"While we were dancing I was thinking on something Susan. Where did you get those extra years for the girls?. I mean, the cheerleaders' age only could make them reach the 20 years old", asked Lisa

"That's correct. But there will be 6 new young females on the party, so I take one year of each one on this party to make them older and with that they will need to be with men in their thirties", said Susan.

"Sorry to interrupt young ladies, but we were impress for your beauty and it will be a honor is you want to dance with us".

The girls were astonished. In front of them were three handsome guys, all of them passing the six feet tall and with football jackets that covered their muscles.

"They must be football players" thought Susan.

The music turned slow. Each player chose a lady and went to dance very close.

"I had never seen you before. What's your name?",

"Susan, and yours?"

"Call me Mike."

Susan fingered Mike's arms. They were so hard. Thinking in that made her got very horny.

"I like your arms Mike. You must be a really strong player"

"Sure I am. The three of us are very strong. We play in the offensive line where all the action is" said Mike while fingered Susan's butt.

New sensations invaded Susan's body. Thanks to the cheerleaders memories, she recognize was she was feeling. She wanted badly to be taken by Mike and the desire was too much for her. Susan closed her eyes and gave to Mike a very deep and passionate kiss. He hugged her and pressed her against his body. Susan moaned when she could actually felt how the very hard Mike's manhood brushed her womanhood.

"Will you want to go another place? A private place." Susan nodded and saw that her friends were in a similar situation as her. The guys leaded the girls to a room upstairs with three beds.

Even Susan know everything about sex, it will be the first time in her life.

Mike slowly removed Susan's dress and was shocked when he saw her overfilled bra. He took it off and sucked her hard nipples.

Susan had never experienced something like that, she was moaning out and loud.

Finally Mike took off his trousers and his hard manhood got closed to Susan.

"Please be gentle", purred Susan.

Minutes later with their virginity lost, the girls collapsed on the beds.

Susan woke up with a cold-water splash.

"Wake up Susan. It's time to work".

Susan opened her eyes and found that she was tied up with a rope around her waist. Her hands were also tied. She scanned the room and found that her friends were hold by their previous lovers with socks in their mouths. The three girls were still naked. Susan was hold by Mike and another guy.

With an angrily look, Susan yelled to the guy in front of her. "What do you want from us?".

"I only want you restore my girlfriend and her friends".

Behind him were three sleeping babies. Susan recognized the cheerleaders; and the boy, who looked like the captain, must be Mandy's boyfriend.

"You must aging them before something terrible will happen to you", said the captain.

"If is that what you want", said Susan as the jewel glowed.

The babies woke up when their bodies began to grow.

"They are growing. They are growing!!" yelled the captain.

"Captain, look at yourself. She is shrinking you", said Mike The cheerleaders were now 4 years old leaving the captain only 17 years old. Their pajamas started to tear and ripped as her bodies aged.

"Stopped it" yelled the captain but Susan didn't stop.

"I said to stop" yelled him and hit Susan's stomach.

"You will be sorry for that", said Susan as the jewel glow intensified.

Almost instantaneity the captain disappeared in his clothes as Susan regressed him to a toddler. The girls' bodies grow rapidly bursting their pajamas. Now they were 9 years old and naked except for her stretched diapers.

"You better restore our captain, or …", said Mike.

"Or what? I'm sick of you. Because you are strong, do you think you can control me?" asked Susan.

"Exactly baby. You have a nice body. I enjoyed having sex with you, and for being a virgin you were outstanding. But you must admitted that you can even be at my level", laughed Mike.

Susan couldn't believe her ears. She had given him the most precious moment in her life, her first time, and she was only used. Soon an overheating anger raised on her. She wanted to destroy him, humiliated him, just in the same way that she was.

"I will show all of you a lesson" yelled Susan to the boys "If your strength put you in charge, now it will below to us". The jewel glowed as the transfer began.

Lisa and Megan smiled, as they know what will happen. The heat invaded their bodies and they felt how theirs captors were losing their hold.

"What's going on?", said one of the guys. "I'm feeling so weak", said other.

"She is stealing our strength, we must get out of here", yelled Mike. Now the girls were stronger than the guys.

"Hold them until the transfer ended", yelled Susan. Using their new strength, Lisa and Megan released themselves.

The guys tried to run but easily Lisa and Megan hold them back. They hit the girls will all they got just to make theirs hands bleed. Lisa and Megan stomach were now like a wall of bricks, part because they were much stronger and they weren't. The girls were astonish at how weak were the guys and they decided to make justice for what they did.

Lisa hit the stomach of her previous lover with his own strength and removed the sock of her mouth. "You bastard. I was in love of you" said sobbing Lisa to the guy that certainly was having a internal hemorrhage.

Megan did the same but she hit the private parts. The guy was crying of the pain. "You will never make love to a woman. NEVER", she yelled.

Susan was draining two guys at the same time. With the combined strength she broke her ties and hit the two guys head each other. "Bad nightmares", she said.

Finally the glow ceased, and now all the guys had the strength of a one-month child, while the girls were now supercharged with the guys' strength

"I feel great", said Megan.

"I could possibly bend steel", said Lisa.

"You can't silly, but look at me", yelled Susan while she was holding the bed over her head.

"Wow, that's awesome" cheered Lisa and Megan.

Susan felt a little finger touching her hip. She put down the bed and realized that there were two of the little girls. Mandy didn't move of her position. Maybe her reputation will ruin is she begged to a stranger.

One of the girls spoke "My name is Tina, and she is Mina. Please Susan, could you make us older again?. We never try to hurt you, we were just following Mandy's orders."

Susan knew they were lying because the cheerleaders must be agreed to do what they did. But right now she was angrier with the guys, and she thought in a way to obtain her revenge.

"OK, I will make you older, but you must accomplish two mission in order to age", said Susan.

Megan and Lisa were waiting for what their friend had in mind.

"Do you see those guys in pain?". Susan pointed the previous lovers of her friends. "I give you the power to steal their ages only by kissing them. If you could that, you will be older".

The cheerleaders looked each other and the walked to their victims.

"What are you doing?. Get away from me. Don't come any closer" yelled one of the guys. The other was saying something like that as the two nine years old girls were approaching to them.

They were screaming like little girls, and those screams woke up Mike and his partner. Both had headache thanks to Susan, but that didn't stop them to watch their friends crawling to the corner. They were trying to escape of two nine years old girls.

"What's going on?. Why are they scared?", Mike asked Susan. "Don't worry. You are next", was all that Susan replied.

The little girls put the guys against the wall and they kissed them right on the mouth. Then Susan concentrated as the jewel glowed.

Mike and his partner found this scene very disgusting, but soon they watched in horror what was the purpose of that kiss.

Slowly at first, the girls started to grow again. Just like the case with their captain.

Lisa and Megan were pleased with what were happening to their lovers, and they started to finger themselves. They found so erotic that nine years old girls were much stronger that football players. The poor guys were trying desperately to break the kiss, but now they didn't have their strength and it was no way that they could stop them.

The girls were now approaching to twelve years old. First little bumps began to appear in their chest. The girls stopped at the age of fourteen to look at their teens' bodies.

"I felt like me body was on fire", said Tina.

"Me too", replied Mina as she puts her hands on her small bust, "But we have not finished"

"Yeah, this guys still have a few years for us", said Tina.

"You are right. OK baby make me older", ordered Mina as the girls continued with the kiss.

Susan accelerated the transfer and she started to finger herself too. The girls grew taller, their hips took a womanly look, their hair were know passing their shoulders and their breast were inflating like balloons.

Susan, Lisa and Megan moaned as they reached their orgasms when the cheerleaders hit 18 years old. Susan stopped the transfer leaving the guys with only 11 years old.

The cheerleaders looked her matured bodies, they were gorgeous but they didn't have all the curves of her older bodies, even their breasts were smaller.

"You two now had completed your first mission, it's time to move on. What is your name?" asked Susan to Mike's partner.

"Hank", replied with a shaking voice.

"First will be Tina with Hank and then will be Mina with Mike. I want them to suffer, especially Mike, for this reason you have to fuck them and make them cum in you. I will put two of their years in each load of cum, so this time when they cum you will be reward with two years and they will learned how it feels to be use." Then the jewel glowed.

Only covered by her ultra stretched diaper Tina walked to Hank.

"Please, don't do this. I didn't do anything to you", begged Hank.

"It's not my fault, maybe if you be a good 'boy', Susan can restore you, but right now I am very horny for you", purred Tina.

Even so Hank made his best to resist, he was not able to stop Tina. His punches only make her body tingled

"You are so weak", laughed Tina, "I hope the part of your body that I need still be strong enough".

She removed off his pants and her diaper. Hank was very excited of Tina's naked body. Her pussy was extremely wet and his erection was all the confirmation that Tina needed.

"Would you mind helping me here?", said Tina to Lisa.

"Not at all", replied Lisa.

Without trouble Lisa lifted and carried Hank's body on her shoulder like he was a sack of feathers. She laid him on the bed and tore totally off his clothes. Lisa was really enjoying being so strong.

Tina jumped on Hank and inserted his member on her. Touching his arms she said "It's a shame that you don't have any strength in those muscles" and using her own force she squished his arms making him cried of the pain.

"OOHHH!!!" yelled Tina as her body began to age. Her nails and hair lengthened, her body gain more curves as her breasts pushed out a half-cup. Meanwhile Hank was reduced in size and mass, because his cum delivered two years of him to Tina.

"Well my dear Hank, it appears that you like to be dominated for a strong woman", purred Tina.

Hank only blushed and yelled "Get off me bitch".

"Nah, I like the idea of being more stronger than you, but I propose you a deal. If you make me reached an orgasm before you cum, I will let you go".

"And how I know you will maintain your promise".

"Right now I am very horny and I want a good fuck. Satisfies me and you will be free, beside you don't have an option."

Hank looked the three strong women and he knew that this was his only way to get out.

"Let's do it", yelled Hank.

Tina laid on the bed and opened her legs. Hank inserted his member deeply in Tina's pussy and he fucked her using all his reminded strength.

Susan was watching the scene when Lisa and Megan surrounded her. They were caressing Susan's breasts.

"You breasts are beautiful", said Lisa.

"Will you mind if we suck your nipples", ask Megan.

They didn't wait for a confirmation and began to lick her nipples. Susan closed her eyes as her body was washed with hot feelings.

"Push more deep Hank!!. I will come in any second!!!. Please hold!!!", begged Tina as her orgasm was closer. Hank was very close to cum too.

"Don't stop please!!, I almost …. YEAH!!!!" yelled Tina when she orgasm.

"I made my part of my deal" said Hank while he was removing his member from Tina. Then, using her legs like scissors, Tina trapped Hank and pushed him back on her.

"What are you doing?. We have a deal" reclaim Hank.

"I'm sorry but I need your cum, so give it to me" command Tina. She tight her vaginal muscles making Hank to cum on her.

"NOOOO", yelled Hank.

"YESSSS", scream Tina.

The cheerleader was delighted to see the football player loose his height while she was growing.

Her body aged and she recovered all the curves that she had. Her hair reached her waist and her breasts were now a C-cup.

She released at the 18 years old boy and stare at her restored body. Hank run to the corner when his now 11 years old buddies were.

"It's my turn", said Mina as she walked to Mike.

"Can you handle him?" asked Susan

"I'm stronger than him. Right?", replied Mina.

"Right", complied Susan as Lisa and Megan continued licking her breasts.

"Please Mina don't do this. Please I'm begging you", said Mike.

"And miss my own revenge on you. No way. After we broke up you showed to all school the pictures that you took me naked. I was humiliated and for months I couldn't show my face in the school. But now…" Mina unzipped Mike's member and began to stroke it "… I will be the last to laugh"

Meanwhile Susan reached another orgasm. "I had never felt like this before, it feels so good", said Susan.

"And it would be perfect if you were milking", said Megan.

"Yeah, Do you remember the babysitter?", ask Lisa.

Susan remembered her sister and how she would be breastfeeding. Just the though made her moist.

"Is my milk is what you want, my milk I will give you", her breasts grew as they were filled by milk "Drink my precious babies" said Susan as she started to finger her friends. The girls moaned for the caressing and drank Susan's milk.

Mike couldn't hold too much and cum in the waiting hand of Mina. The changes manifest immediately. He regressed two years and he loose part of his height and muscle mass.

"You always want me to swallow your cum. Are you ready to see me?", asked Mina with an evil grin on her face.

She stood up in front of him. She still had her diaper. "Here I come" yelled Mina as she swallowed his cum.

"It's working. I can feel it trough my body. I can feel how your age changes me", express Mina very delightful at see how her body matured as she reached twenty.

"My breasts are now C-cup. I know it because at the age of 21 they reached the D-cup that you loved so much. Would you like to see me with me D-cups?. All you have to do is give me more of your age. Come on, a will breasts-fuck you this time", was all that Mina said before put Mike's member between her breasts and give him the pleasure of his life.

"My tits are so sensitive, I had reached two more orgasm just for being sucked" though Susan, "I bet it would be better if I had bigger tits" Susan looked Lisa and Megan breasts swung freely as they sucked her milk "That's it, I will borrow a cup of them for a while to know how it feel".

The jewel glowed and a cup from Lisa and one from Megan were transfers to Susan bust making her reached the EE-cup. Lisa and Megan noticed the transfer but they didn't care and continued sucking milk. Susan came more quickly thanks to her new sensitivity.

Mike in other hand, was trying desperately to hold his cum, "Don't you want my boobs back?", asked Mina innocent.

"No!!", lied Mike.

"I know that you want me with bigger boobs and rounder butt, because for them you went out with me. Oh please Mike, it feels so good went I age", begged Mina.

"I said No...., NOOOOO!!", yelled Mike. The words of Mina were too much for him and he cum right on her tits.

"Good boy", said laughing Mina. Mike loose two years more, and his body shrink some more inches. His muscles were almost flat and his clothes were now a loose on him.

"Now it's my turn to change", said Mina standing up on Mike in front of him again. She wiped all his cum with her hands and swallowed it.

"Oh!!, I like this feeling. I feel all my body matured, I feel more woman", purred Mina.

She put her hands on her bust and feel how her bust began to get heavy, her hips expanded and her ass rounded, "I think this diaper will not resist too much longer".

The stretched diaper couldn't hold her feminine curves and snapped violently from her waist.

"That's better", said Mina caressing her hips. She had reached the 22 years old and her body was restored to her previous glory.

"You had what you want, and now leave me alone", yelled Mike very frustrated.

"Poor Mike, all your muscles were gone. Better that way, they were useless with your strength, right?", laughed Mina, "But you are wrong in something. I don't had what I want, as Susan I want you be humiliated", Mina took his member again, "The guys could be very bad with the weaker ones. You know about it, you acted like that, and now you will be push around, because at the age of sixteen nobody notices you".

"You can't do this, please I begged you, don't do this", said crying Mike.

Mina didn't respond. She swallowed his member with her mouth. Mike felt how his member was at full power again.

"Please stop. I can't be more young", said Mike.

Mina sucked very hard and Mike couldn't hold much longer.

Mina took off Mike's member with an audible PLOP!!. Mike world changes again. All around him was growing, even the bed was bigger. Then he looked at Mina, she was looking fantastic. She was maturing in front of her eyes, even so he was angrier for what she had done, he really enjoyed what he was seeing.

Her hourglass shape was perfect, her breasts were defying gravity as her hair reached her waist.

"I think you are two young for me, see you later 'boy' and thanks for the compensation" laughed Mina as she walked away from him.

Susan regained her conscious after she pasted out for many orgasm, she restored her friends' busts and looked at the cheerleaders. "You are the way you were, now leave us alone", the girls didn't matter go out of the room naked, they went out before Susan would change her mind.

"Well Mandy. Do you have learned you lesson?", asked Susan.

"Yes, I will be nice in the future", replied Mandy

"I don't doubt it. OK, I will give you Mike's age", said Susan.

Before he could protest, the jewel glowed and his years were transfer to Mandy.

Mandy started to age quickly, she reached thirteen and her body changed. Her hair lengthened, her height increased and her waist shorted. At the age of sixteen, she removed her diaper to she her ass rounded and her breasts developed. When she hit the nineteen years old, her body was very feminine. Her face was more mature and her body more voluptuous. Finally she reaches the twenty four.

Mike was now one year old and was passing a hard time trying to get out of his clothes. When he couldn't he started to crying loudly.

Mandy admired her body and realized something "I was more development",

"I know that", said Susan touching her outstanding body thanks to Mandy's mass.

"Wait a minute!!. I am still aging", Mandy cried when she saw her breasts started to sag a little.

"You tell me that you will be nice on the future. How about at sixty years old", laughed Susan.

The jewel was now taking the age remind of the guys and giving them to Mandy.

"No, I don't want be so old", Mandy face loose her young as she matured to her thirties. At her forties blonde hair was turning to gray. Mandy begged to Susan "Make it stopped. I am a young woman with all a life to live"

"It seems that the time is living you", laughed Susan and pointed her sagging breasts, the veins were now visible trough her skin. Wrinkles appeared all over her face, and her hands were now shaking as the arthritis hit her.

The transfer ended when all the guys in the room were toddles, leaving the poor Mandy at the age of 61 years old.

"You can't do this", Mandy covered her mouth as a shaking voice came from it.

"I could if you hadn't noticed", replied Susan, "Now for the perfect touch, you will be at charge of all this babies because now you are their grandmother". The jewel glowed and Mandy took a sheet from the bed to cover her body, and she went to the corner were three little babies were crying.

Lisa, Susan and Megan put their clothes on and leave the room, closing the door behind them.

When they downed the stairs all the eyes were on them. The girls weren't in the mood any longer and using their new strength they pushed all the men in the way to the exit.

In the outside Susan jumped on the Megan's brother jeep and turned it on.

"Susan, what would happen with them? I mean, we can't leave them in that way, remember Mandy's sister and friends too", said Lisa.

"And I know that you must restore my brother too. I had been a lot of fun being an adult, thanks for the opportunity", said Megan.

Susan remember her sister, Lisa's sister and the babysitter, all of them must be restore in order to prevent being caught by the police of something.

"I think this jewel could make all the transfers no matter how far I were from them", though Susan, "But in the other hand I think I can change everybody mind to think that all is OK".

Susan felt her grown-up body. She knew that in the future she wouldn't have a body like this, and don't speak of the strength she had now; it could be very useful.

"To be or not to be, that is the question", said Susan as the jewel glowed.

The End.