The Rock From The Stars Part 2



Susan and Lisa walked a few blocks before they realized they had a problem. "Lisa, do you know were the party is?",

"I tough you knew!"

"Great, this is just great. Finally we're adult women with killer bodies, but we don't know where the boys are?"

"Hey ladies!. Are you waiting for someone?" yelled a 20-year-old boy in his jeep. He showed signs of being drunk. " You don't happen to need a ride, do ya?"

Susan walked up to the man while Lisa held on to her. "What are you doing?. Mom always said that we must never talk to strangers."

"That was when we were 8-years-old. Now we're adults and we can do whatever we want"

Susan reached the jeep and lowered her head allowing the boy to see her amazing breasts. "Do you know where the party is?"

"The party for the football team?"


"Well, I'm going there right now! Come on baby I'll take you there"

"Thanks!" Susan waved her hand to Lisa and they both jumped in and sat in the back seat. The boy couldn't believe it. Two gorgeous women were in his car, and if he played his cards right, maybe he could have sex with one of them.

He began to drive very fast through the streets, but instead of his eyes watching the road, they were in the mirror. From there he could see Susan's generous cleavage.

"You sure do have big tits girl. Are they all yours?" asked the boy.

"Not completely you might say. A friend helped me make them this big. Do you like them?" purred Susan. The boy grinned. "They're very impressive, but I'm a man who likes the real thing. I hate implants. Sorry". Susan didn't understand what 'implants' meant; after all she had the mind of the 8-year-old girl.

"My boobies are real and they're all mine" spoke up Lisa. "In that case, I like them more than your friend's." Lisa smiled and then stuck out her tongue to Susan. "My boobies are better than yours" Susan glared at Lisa. "Would you like to be flat again?" Lisa stopped smiling and quickly closed her mouth.

The boy finally stopped the car in front of a large house.

"Are we there?" asked Lisa

"No. Before we head to the party I have to take care of my sister".

The boy walked in the house with Susan and Lisa. He went to the refrigerator and poured a glass of milk, next he took some cookies from his jacket and put them into a plate.

"I brought your food Megan!" yelled the boy

"Did you buy the pizza?", asked a girl voice from the living room.

"Nope. I spend it on beers for my friends. What did you think I would spend it on. You shrimp?"

"Mom told you to buy a pizza for me!" yelled Megan.

"Sorry Megan. Mom said to buy you dinner, but she didn't tell me what!"

"You're lying!" yelled Megan.

Megan walked into the kitchen and saw the two young women. "Hi, my name is Megan"

"Nice to meet you Megan, This is Lisa and I'm Susan". Megan was 13 years-old and was wearing pajamas and slippers.

"Well sis, here's your food. Eat it and go to sleep"

"But I want pizza. I'm going to call her at work and tell her what you did!"

Megan picked up the phone, but her brother slapped her in the face with such force that her head hit the wall and she started to cry.

Susan and Lisa ran to Megan's side and tried to calm her. "Why did you do that?. Don't you see that she's your little sister?" exclaimed a shocked Lisa.

"So what?. She almost called my mom and told her everything. I would have ended up grounded in my room for the rest of the night. Now we can leave without any problems".

Susan put Megan's head in her bosom. She hugged Susan very tight and Megan whispered between sobs in her ear, "He's always this bad with me when he's drunk. He would have hit me even harder if I said a word about this to my mom."

"Would you like to come with us to a party, Megan?" asked Susan

"Oh, come on! We don't need her, she'd only be bothering us" said the boy.

"We didn't ask your opinion" yelled Lisa as she then turned back towards the girl. "What do you say Megan?"

"I'd love to go with you, but I'm afraid that you'd just get bored with a young girl like me hanging around"

"And why would you say that?"

"Because I'm a little girl and you'd end up taking care of me all the time"

Susan smiled. "If that's all that is worrying you, we can fix that!"


"Easy. If you were our age, you'd be dancing with us and everybody would be happy"

"And how could you do that? With magic?" laughed the boy.

Susan stood up with Megan and said "For your behavior towards your sister, I have decided that you don't deserve being in charge, so from now on Megan will be the older one". The jewel started to glow and the transfer ray went from the boy to Megan and the changes began.

The idea of surprising the boy in the same way that she did with her sister was dancing in Susan's mind, so she wish that the boy didn't feel anything strange until it was too late.

Lisa and Susan watched in delight as the boy started to shrink, and his clothes began hanging loose on him, but the best part was that he was still laughing at Susan's statement.

The green ray injected into Megan her brother's years, and her body started to change. She was getting taller, and her hair and nails lengthened while her clothes began to tear apart. Her growing breasts popped opened her shirt as her expanding legs and rounding ass ripped her pants apart.

Megan was pleased to see her brother getting smaller and smaller before her eyes, but something else as well; everything around her became smaller. The remnants of her clothes fell to the ground, while her training bra was pushed to its limits. Megan took a deep breath and her bra simply couldn't hold her growing assets in any longer as it burst apart and was sent flying through the room freeing her large and gravity defying breasts. When the glow vanished Megan stood amazed at the changes. She was now a 20 year-old woman, with almost D-cup breasts, a perfect heart-shaped ass, and long red-hair. On the other hand, her brother was now a 13 year-old little boy and was still laughing unaware of his current state or that his clothes were now too big for him.

"And now Megan, I think that its time that you should return the slap to your brother"

Megan grinned and looked down on her now younger brother. "You don't know how long I've waited for this!"

Susan released the boy's mind and he was shocked to see a beautiful naked woman in front of him bending down and grinning as her large breasts swayed in front of his face. The regression hadn't affected the amount of alcohol in his blood, but now it was too much for his young body to handle, so he didn't notice that his clothes were now way too baggy for his child's body.

"Oh baby, you are so hot. I want to spank your ass", said the boy trying to sound cool.

"I don't think so 'little' brother, but I like the idea", said Megan in a very low and sultry voice. She grabbed her brother and put him on her lap, then proceeded to give him the mother of all the spankings. The boy couldn't understand how this woman could pick him up and put him on her bare and sexy lap.

Finally, her brother couldn't take longer, between the spanking and the alcohol, he finally just passed out.

"I feel better now, thanks for your help Susan", said Megan.

"Your welcome. Now its time to put your brother to beddy-bye"

The women a;; laughed as they put the boy in his bed. "He's so drunk that he'll sleep until tomorrow morning", said Megan. "You're right, but now what are we going to do with you?" said Susan.

"What do you mean?" ask Megan a little scared.

"The problem is that you are still younger than us".

Susan looked down at the boy and Megan realized what Susan was trying to say "Do it!" yelled Megan.

The warmth returned to Megan's body as she began to age again. She looked at her brother who was shrinking in the bed. The feeling of taking her brothers age made her moist, and without thinking she started to caress her breasts. They had started to grow some more and soon they reached a 38D-cup.

Now 22-years-old, Megan stood at 5'3 feet with a killer body that matched Susan's attributes. But without a doubt, she had the most perfect butt of the three.

"I think I will need to wear some of my mom's clothes, so please wait." purred Megan as she exited the room, her large breasts jiggling and swaying as her perfect ass was gyrating sexily. Even Susan found herself just a bit excited watching this formally little girl and now adult, sensual woman walk nude out of the room.

"But how we going to get to the party now?" complained Lisa, "Our driver is now under practically a baby!"

"I've thought about that too, and I have the solution right here". Susan got close to the bed and put one hand on the boy's head and the other on her necklace.

Lisa saw a pleasurable expression on her friends face. Next Susan gave a kiss to the boy and said "Thanks".

"What was that?" she asked

"Its amazing Lisa. With this necklace I can transfer memories too. Now, I know how to drive and where the party is!"

"Awesome!! So what are we waiting for?"

"Certainly not me" sighed a very sexy Megan as she walked back into the room wearing her mother's tight red dress that showed ample cleavage and high heels. Megan was now ready to meet boys. The three women jumped in the jeep and went to the party.

At the party everyone was drinking and dancing. Some couples were having sex in the upstairs rooms, while downstairs the college cheerleader squads were enjoying the attention of the guys. They were all pampered queens and all these men were their toys, but suddenly three beautiful women invaded their kingdom.

As soon as Susan, Lisa and Megan entered to the party, all of the men eyes turned towards them, undressing the three with their eyes. Instantly they began to fight their way over to them. The three women only smiled at them.

Then the music started, and practically all the men began to dance around the girls. The girls giggled and danced with every man that they could. The men pushed each other aside in order to dance a few minutes with one of the bombshells. The three women started to jump and wave her hair with the music, dancing like they were still little girls. The men were surprised at first, but with bodies like that, they didn't mind.

Meanwhile the cheerleaders were incredibly pissed off. Three strangers had taken away the attention of the men at the party and they were going to make them pay. "This is unbelievable. First Carol and Jenny didn't come, leaving the three of us with all the work. Now these women come out of nowhere and hook all the men. We have to do something fast!" spoke 23-year-old Mandy, the squad's leader. Her impressive 40DD breast were the wildest dream of every man who saw them. Her shapely legs and round butt were outstanding, complementing her hourglass frame. But even in a very tight dress, showing a great view of her ample cleavage, Mandy was unable of attract one single man.

"We need to teach them a lesson. Nobody comes to one of our parties and gets away with taking the men away from us. I've got a plan. You two go upstairs while I take care of something."

Half an hour later, Susan, Lisa and Megan took a break from dancing and went to the bathroom together.

"Wow! What a party! Did you notice the way they look at us?" said Megan

"Yeah. I really like them!" giggled Lisa.

"I don't know about you girls, but being this age is great!" laughed Susan. The others girls nodded in agreement.

When they reached the bathroom, Mandy was at the door. "Sorry girls, it's full. But you can use the upstairs' bathroom if you want. The second door on the left",

"Thanks" responded the three ladies as they walked upstairs.

"Must be here", said Lisa. The room was dark and while Megan was trying to find the switch, she was grabbed and pulled into the room. Another hand took Lisa's arm and Susan was push from behind.

Soon the door was closed and locked. The lights turned on and they found themselves in a big living room. In front of them were three of the cheerleaders.

"Well girls. It seems that nobody is going to come and help you." said Mandy.

"What do you want?" yelled Susan.

"Nothing special; just cut off your nice dresses and show everyone those killer bodies they all want to see so badly."

In that moment the door opened and six 9 year old girls entered the room. "What are you doing in here Mandy? Didn't Mom tell you that I could have my pajamas' party in here?" said a little girl. "Don't bother me sis. Right now I'm very busy"

"But mom said!"

Mandy turned around and grabbed her sister by the arms and shook her while she yelled "I don't' care what mom said! I do whatever I want in this house, so shut up and go away you little brat!"

The little girl held back her tears and glared at her older sister. "You the one that behaves like a little girl!. If we were older than all of you, you'd treat us with some respect"

"But that ain't the way things are, is it? You'll just have to wait a few years before you can make good on those threats! Until then, its you and these others that are the brats!" laughed Mandy.

Susan got angry and then thought about what the little girl had said. "Hmmm, this should them a lesson." Susan said to herself. "Hey little girl, if you really want I can make your wish come true"

"Really?" said the girl

"Oh great, you're a nut case too. Are you going to believe this idiot? If you do, you won't have much of a future sis!" laughed Mandy.

"Don't listen to her. Go ahead and make your wish" said Susan very calmly.

The little girl closed her eyes and said "I wish that my sister and all the other cheerleaders were baby toddlers and we were older enough to be their mothers!"

"I couldn't have said it better" thought Susan when her jewel began to glow.

"Why is it so cold in here", said one of the cheerleaders.

"Cold?. I'm feeling pretty hot myself." said one of the girls.

Mandy started to feel her dress become loose. She looked at herself shocked as she watched her impressive breasts begin to deflate like balloons dying. "This can't be happening!" said Mandy

"You better believe it sister. IT'S HAPPENING!" said the 10 year-old aging sister, her pajamas beginning to tear as her hair lengthened.

The little girls began moaning as their bodies started to look like they were eleven years old, while the cheerleaders were now only 19.

Mandy ran to Susan. "Please, don't do this. I don't want be a little girl! I don't want to lose my body!" cried Mandy as her body continued to shrink, losing more years. Her shrinking breasts were now a C-cup, and her butt was no longer as rounded and her legs were plainer.

Susan said "Oh you won't be just a little girl, remember your sister wished for you all to be toddlers, so you'll likely all be just little two-year old babies by the time this is over! But you know what? I do agree with you on one thing. Its is such a pity that a body like yours will get lost, so how about I."

The glow of the jewel intensified as Susan took a full cup of Mandy's bust away from her while she still had it. Susan's bra strap dug into her shoulder as her large breasts swelled to 40DD-cup.

The cheerleaders' breasts deflated as they got younger. They were now 17 years old while the little girls were growing to 13 years old teenagers. Small bumps started to appear inside their stretched pajamas. "I better hurry before I don't have anything to transfer", said Susan as she started to absorb Mandy's mass. Susan's hips expanded and her butt rounded. Now Susan had a better body than the Mandy ever had.

The cheerleaders lost their female curves as they hit 13 years old, going in reverse. Meanwhile, the little girls' pajamas began ripping off their aging bodies.

Now 15 years of age and still aging, the girls began to caress their new sensitive and perky breasts while their bodies developed more womanly shapes. Their hair lengthened and their baby fat began to melt away.

When the cheerleaders hit the nine years old the transfer stopped, making them to small for their clothes, while the 'little' girls were now 17-year-old teens with too much energy.

"I know were my Mom keeps her older clothes. Follow me!" yelled Mandy's sister. The six naked teens left the living room, leaving the regressing little cheerleaders alone.

"Did you have to do that?" ask Lisa.

"They deserved it", replied Susan.

"Not them, I agree with that! I'm talking about your breasts", said Lisa. Susan put her hands over her new bust straining the bra. "What can I say? I like to have big boobs."

Mandy was crying as she continued to regress. She looked up at the young women now towering over her. "You might have my body, but you'll never know how to be with boys! All of you act like little girls! You'll never have our style!"

"Thanks for the suggestion!" said Susan as the jewel glowed once again transferring the cheerleaders knowledge of men to Susan and her friends.

The cheerleaders were now having a hard time standing as they were practically swallowed by their clothes. "Pweese stop! We no whittle babies, we big girls! Hep us, pweeze! I, uh, ga-ga, gurb!" They finally plopped down on their rear ends unable to stand or talk and began to cry like the two-year old toddlers they now were.

Ten minutes later, six very attractive 30-year-old women walked into the room wearing adult clothes. They were wearing make-up, and their hair was absolutely well combed and their fingernails were painted and polished. They all had a few lines around their mouth and eyes and a few had a gray strand of hair here and there, but they all looked like stunning adult, mature women.

"Thanks Susan. By the way, my name is Shannon. It was the most amazing thing, while we were looking for clothes to wear, our minds filled with thoughts on how to behave like grown women and what men are for. And just to think a few minutes ago we thought boys were 'yucky'. Now those 'boys' downstairs are a bit young for us, but if you give us time to put our children to bed, perhaps we will go out on the town and see if we can find some real men!"

"Sounds good to me!" smiled Susan. Now, a towering Susan spoke down at the crying little toddlers crawling on the floor. "If you all stay here, be quiet and go to sleep, maybe I will restore your ages later on. But if you give us trouble, I'll make you all newborns and you'll have to grow up all over again! Do you understand?"

The little girls nodded as they stopped crying.

Susan, Lisa and Megan left the room and went down stairs very confident, shaking their butts with their her hands on their waist.

"By the way Susan" whispered Lisa, "That was a great idea having those girls age into mothers so they are too old to be interested in these young men. Now they are all ours for the taking!"

"Yea" giggled Megan, "And now that you've transferred that sexual knowledge to us, now we know what to do with these bodies of ours!"

As they walked sexily into the room, the women upstairs were putting the children to bed and the men in the room anxiously greeting Susan, Lisa and Megan back to the party. Each of them had a very hard erection as they stood and stared quietly while the girls made their way to the center of the house. They blew their hair and Susan yelled. "So boys, where's the music? We want to dance."

The music started and thanks to their new skills, they could dance in a way that made all men go insane. It was going to be a long and interesting night.