The Rock From The Stars



Susan was very upset with her life. She wants to be in parties and hanging out with boys like her sister Jenny, unfortunately, Jenny was the typical older sister, always teasing her and taking advance of her age, and what did Susan do about that? Nothing. That was because at 10 years-of-age you can't discuss such things with your 22-year-old older sister. But soon, a little gift of her mother will change Susan's life forever.

Susan and her friend Lisa were talking when her mother entered into the room. "Hi girls", "Hi mom", "Good afternoon Mrs. Wilson", "Sorry for the interruption Suzy but as you know your father and I will stay with your aunt Sophie for the weekend, and I want to know if you two will be alright one night", "Yes mom, no problem, we'll be fine", "Jenny and Carol will go to a party but both promised me that they will back early for taking care of you. So, like you're grownup girls now, I want you to promise me that you will be good girls until I back", "Yes, we promise", said Susan and Lisa, "One more thing, I know that you're upset because your sister Jenny will go to the cheerleaders party and as compensation I bought this necklace for you Susan", "Thanks mom, it's beautiful", "…and what's that strange jewel on it?" added Lisa, "Oh! That's exactly what caught my eye in the first place and I asked about it to the seller, he told me that one night he saw a meteor hitting the ground, but the only thing that he found in the crater was just this little green jewel", "Wow, that was amazing, thanks mom, I will wear it right away", "OK, bye, bye girls", ten minutes later Susan's parents were gone and Susan and Lisa stayed alone in the house.

"I told you. This is so unfair", said Susan very sad "I know, our sisters will go out to a party tonight, and it's not just a party, is the celebration for the victory of our college football team. There will be the most handsome guys of this town. It's so unfair that our sisters will go without us". "And what do you want? Go to the party, and expect that one of those guys come and said how cute we're", "I don't want to be the 'cute little girl' any longer, I want to be older and have a voluptuous body that make everyone put their eyes on me, boys and girls." "But we're 10 years old, and we have to wait a few years before that", said Lisa.

Susan walked to the mirror and saw her reflection on it. With her brunette hair, slim body and 4'3 of height, she was really cute for her age, but she want to be like her sister. Jenny was one of the hottest cheerleaders of the town. Her long legs, and 36C breasts were the envy of many girls, (including Carol, who was a cheerleader too, but no so well developed as her friend). Lisa helped Susan with the necklace and stepped a side "You look great, just wait a few years and you will be a heartbreaker", "I don't want to wait anymore, if only I could double my age!"

Exactly the moments Susan said it, the green jewel began to glow shooting a yellow ray and hitting Lisa "What's going on? Why is so cold here?" said Lisa unknowing about the ray which only can be see it for the jewel's owner. After the ray hit Lisa, she began to glow too, but then the glow turn green and the ray back to Susan sent warm waves through Susan's body, " I feel dizzy right now". But Susan didn't say a single word. She closed her eyes to experience the pleasure, which invaded her body, she felt like every cell was burning on fire while her clothes began to tighten around her.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US?!!!" yelled Lisa breaking Susan's concentration. Susan turned her head to the mirror and almost fainted at what she saw. In the place of her reflection was the image of a young teenager in very tight clothes, but she realized that the teen was still aging.

"Susan, whatever you are doing make it stop, please!" cried Lisa who was now a few inches shorter than Susan, but Susan was too busy with other things to even notice Susan's changes.

As she hit puberty her body started to change, developing womanly curves and her breasts began to grow. She put her hands over them and closed her eyes one more time, hearing the ripping of her clothing and feeling her breasts begin to fill her shirt. Her expanding legs tore apart her shorts and sandals while her shirt looked like a second skin on her growing chest. When the heat ceased, Susan opened her eyes and saw a beautiful young woman, 5'2 tall, with a 34B breasts and nice curves. "I can't believe it, I must be 20 at least. What do you think Lisa?" she turned in a sexy way to show her older body to her friend but she wasn't there, instead she found a little baby crying under the clothes of her friend. She took the baby in her arms and when she saw her blonde hair and green eyes she understood "This is impossible…" said Susan rocking the baby, "… but it seems the only logical explanation. I wanted to double my age and somehow the jewel transferred 10 years from you to me and now I'm 20 years old and you only 6 months, if you weren't older than me by 6 months you might be gone! I need to be more careful in the future, but for now I should really do something".

Susan put baby Lisa on the ground and said, "I want to be 10 years old again", then the jewel glow again but this time Susan glowed as the green ray went from Susan to Lisa. Susan felt like she was freezing while she was loosing her height, but smiled when she saw her friend growing, first she looked like 1 year old, then 2 years, 3, …. - "I wish that you could forget this, I want to be your friend forever", thought Susan - … 9, and finally 10 years old. Her friend was restore to the way the age she used to be.

"Oh, I'm so glad that you're back! Forgive me for turning you into a baby, please!" "Forgive you? Baby? What are you talking about? How did your clothes wear out so quickly and…", Lisa looked at herself "WHY AM I NAKED?"

"Don't you remember anything?" asked Susan. "About what?" said Lisa. Susan suddenly realized and thought to herself, "She doesn't remember anything. I wanted her not to remember anything when I was transferring her age. Maybe this jewel can control minds too! Let's see."

"Come with me Lisa" Susan pulled Lisa over to her mirror and when both girls were in front of it then Susan thought, "My hair has been black all my life, it's time to try a change. I want to have Lisa's hair color", the jewel glow again and the transfer started. Lisa shuddered. "I feel a cold breeze, I'll close the window." "Whatever", said Susan felling waves of heat but this time on her hair. Lisa walked to the window and Susan was glad that the transfer was not interrupt by Lisa's movement. She saw in the mirror how her hair was turning to blonde, and when Lisa closed the window, the transfer was over, leaving her with white hair.

"What happened to your hair? Your as blonde as me!"

"You mean as you used to be. Come here and look for yourself" Lisa was speechless when she saw her white hair. Susan quickly thought to herself, "Now you will remember that you have had white hair all your life because of a lack of pigmentation in your hair. And I've been blonde since the day you've know me"

The worried expression on Lisa face vanished. Susan couldn't wait any longer "And tell me Lisa, why is your hair white and not blonde like mine?" "I told you so many times, it's because of a lack of pigmentation in my hair, that's all". Susan was very happy as she realized that she had the power to take any physical attribute or age she wanted and change people minds.

"Lisa, I want you to remember the transferences that you have experienced" Lisa shook her head and ran to the corner, "Get away from me. I don't know why you're doing this but, you turned me into a baby, then you took my hair color! If that's hat you want, keep it, but please don't' hurt me" Susan saw her hair and wanted to restore her friend's hair back. The jewel glowed and she was soon a brunette once again and her friend a blonde.

"Calm down Lisa, I don't know how this jewel works, but we can use its power to make our dreams come true!" Lisa looked at Susan carefully. "Are you saying that you won't hurt me and you'll share the jewel with me?"

"Of course! You're my best friend, and have been all my life. I know exactly how we can go to the party and punish our sisters by knocking down two birds with one rock" Lisa smiled. "I'm all ears!" Susan smiled and put her arm around her friend. "OK, this is my plan, first I need some things from your home, then…".

It was 7:30 p.m. when Lisa arrived. "You bring what I asked?" said Susan. "Of course, and made the phone call too" smiled Lisa. "Perfect! Jenny and Carol are upstairs, follow me very quietly" The two girls were wearing Susan's mothers bathrobes. At the moment, they were quite large and loose on them, but not for much longer. They walked slowly to the door of Jenny's room. Inside, they saw their older sisters getting ready for the party.

"Now the fun starts! First, our sisters won't notice any change in their physical appearances." The jewel glowed and it was done. "Now what?" whispered Lisa. "Now my 'little' Lisa it's time for us to grow! What do you think about being four years older?" "Sounds great" smiled Lisa.

Susan thought of taking four years from Jenny and then four from Carol. The jewel glowed and shot a yellow ray that covered both sisters as they began to glow from yellow to green. Then it come back and hit the girls.

Susan could feel the absorption of her sister age and how it was changing her body. When the heat ceased, Susan and Lisa were 14 years old. They quickly looked each other bumps. "You've got boobs!" said both at the said time. Meanwhile the now two 18-year-old sisters were having problems with their outfits.

"Stupid bra, I just wash it once and now it's all stretched. It makes my breasts look smaller," said Jenny. "Well girl," said Carol, " I think that my diet is working at last. My dress isn't as tight on me as it was a few days ago." Jenny put her hands on her hips, "Now that you mentioned it, I feel a few pounds lighter myself. I hope I'm not losing them from my boobs!"

Susan and Lisa giggled at the cute scene of their sisters. "Are you ready to reverse the roles?" smiled Susan. "Yes!" said Lisa excitedly, "I want to be as big as Carol used to be!" "OK, here we go" The transfer started again but instead of taking four years, this time they took 8 apiece.

Jenny and Carol began to shrink as years were taken away from them. Their breasts deflated and their curves became plain as they each regressed to 10 years old little girls.

In the meantime, Susan and Lisa were gasping from the pleasure of being feed by their sister's years, They gained the curves and breasts that their sister had lost. When the transfer ended Jenny and Carol were now 22-year-old women. Jenny and Carol were wondering how they get into such big clothes, while Susan and Lisa were caressing her new found mature bodies.

"How do you feel Lisa?" moaned Susan. "I feel great, and my new breasts feel so heavy" gasped Lisa. "Yeah, I know what you mean," said Susan feeling jealous of Lisa's bust. She hoped to grow more than her previous 34B, but unfortunately she stayed the same bust size, but she did grow two inches in height, while Lisa had grown to 5'8 and apparently her breasts had reached a 36C like Jenny.

"Well is revenge's time!" said Lisa. Both girls, now snug in their well-fitting adult bathrobes, walked in. In that moment Susan released Jenny and Carol's remembers.

Both girls started to scream when they realized what had happened to them. "Silence!" shouted Susan, using her now adult voice. The two little girls quivered. "Please, you have to help us!" said little Jenny to the women in front of her. "Help you?" laughed Susan. "Yes, we're really adults, but somehow we've been regressed to the age you can see now. Please! We don't know how it happened or what to do now!"

"And you'll never know because we took your ages" said Susan. "What?" said a surprised little Carol. "Don't you see who we are, or rather, who we once were?" laughed Lisa. Jenny and Carol looked in disbelieve at the two strangers. They looked and examined their faces, eyes, hair, when suddenly it hit them. "SUSAN AND LISA!!" said the girls, "That's is absolutely correct 'little' sister. Thanks to Susan, we're the ones going to the party, not you"

"You can't do this Susan! I'll tell mom what you've done to us and she'll ground you for life!" Susan smiled, "I've heard enough of you 'big' sister, I'm the one in charge now." Carol began to look scared as she looked up at her formally little sister. "Lisa, please talk to Susan and convince her to bring my years back. Please help and I promise that I'll take both of you to the party"

Lisa laughed, "Do you mean give back this body? Look at me, I am huge!" Lisa opened her bathrobe and revealed her attributes. Her nude adult body showed an hourglass figure with firm, large breasts and long shapely legs. After flashing her sister, Lisa picked up Carol's bra from the floor and tried to hook it on her in vain. "You see my point? Your bra is way too small for my babies here. I'm more developed than you could ever be. Sorry sister, but there's no way I'm going to give you back your years. They look too hot on me".

Susan stepped forward. "Well Jenny and Carol, it's time for you to be punished for your behavior. Lisa, would you like to show our 'young' sisters their new clothes?" Lisa smiled, "I thought you'd never ask." Lisa walked out of the room and brought back the clothes. "Do you like our selection, Jenny? Maybe Carol recognizes them."

She sure did, and almost screamed when she realized the implication of those clothes. In Lisa's hands were two pairs of Gaby's pajamas. Gaby was the four month old sister of Carol and Lisa.. "You must be kidding right? There's no way that we could possible fit in those clothes," said Jenny without thinking about her situation. Susan laughed. "You still don't understand, do you? All I have to do is take more of your age and you'll not represent any danger for us. And as you can see, we even bought diapers for you"

Both girls looked at each other and started to run for the door. "Where do you think you are going?" yelled Susan as her jewel glow sending her the combined years of the fugitives. Carol fell down to the floor as her clothes were now too big for her, but Jenny jump out of her clothes and ran for the stairs. Susan knew that she could still drain Carol's age, so she ran behind her sister. Jenny saw how her world was growing before her eyes, even as she was running. The stairs were getting farther and farther away from her. Soon, she was grabbed by her waist and being lift in the air, several feet from the ground. The transfer ended and Susan took in her arms her now 4 months old sister. She returned to her room and saw Lisa carrying her sister too.

Carol and Jenny were put on the bed. "Susan do you feel alright? I mean you look too old" Susan looked her old body and sighed. After transferring both girl's ages, she was now a mature 42 years of age. She was showing the marks of the time on her skin, her breasts sagged a little and her body wasn't as firm any more. Wrinkles on her face and body were clearly visible. "Not to worry, its just temporary," sighed Susan in a bit lower voice than before, "Right now we've got to get dressed before she arrives" "I forgot about that," said Lisa, "I'll use Carol's dress and you can put on Jenny's. But can I ask you a favor?" Susan nodded. "Would you mind if we switched bras? Carol's bra is a little small for me" Susan sighed as she realized she didn't have the cup size to fill it. "OK".

A few moments later both women were ready for action. Lisa had fill Carol's blue dress out nicely. It was tight on her and showed a good view of Lisa generous cleavage: 22-year-old Lisa was very satisfied with her grown up body. Susan, on the other hand, found that Jenny' black dress didn't fit her too well on her 42-year-old body. Mainly because her nice curves didn't match Jenny's and because of her lack of cup size, her cleavage look even smaller in Jenny's dress, but she had a way to fix that.

"How will we go to the party? I mean, you look like my mother!" At that moment the door bell rang. "Well not for long" said Susan, "You stay here and I'll open the door".

Susan opened the door and a 16 year-old girl was there. "Hi Ma'am, my name is Cindy. Some girl named Lisa called and said that you needed a babysitter tonight?" Susan smiled. "Yes, that's correct. Thanks for coming on such short notice. The babies are upstairs with a friend. Please follow me". Susan closed the door and guided the babysitter to her 'older' sisters room. In there was Lisa trying to calm down the babies.

"Cindy, this is my friend Li... lith" Cindy nodded. "Nice to meet you" Lisa suddenly realized Susan's plan and smiled. "Nice to meet you too" Susan smiled back and then looked at Cindy, "And here are my babies, Jenny and Carol" Cindy bent over and stroked Jenny's head. "Hi there little girls" said Cindy but the two babies continued to cry. "There will be no problem Mrs. Wilson. You can go out with your friend and I'll take care of the rest"

"Thanks Cindy you're very nice, but I could ask you something?" "Sure"

"I want you to be quiet and not move a muscle." The jewel glow and Cindy stood and said nothing. "Good, now remove all your clothes" Cindy obeyed the order and soon was completely naked. "You have a nice body for your age Cindy! I wonder how you'll look, let's say if you were ten years older". The jewel glowed and 10 of Susan's years were transferred to Cindy. Both women watched at how the babysitter was growing up and how her body started to develop. Her breasts grew larger, her hair lengthened and her body took on a womanly look. Susan regained part of her youth and was pleased to view how her body tightened up as she grew younger.

The transfer finished and Cindy was now a 26 year-old woman, with large breasts, possibly a C-cup like Jenny, and an hourglass shape. "Susan this girl will no have problem finding a man, her body is amazing" Susan agreed but smiled "Yeah, but now it's all mine".

Susan got closer to Cindy. "You have wonderful boobs. Would you mind lending them to me?." Susan put her hands over Cindy breasts and started to push them back to Cindy's chest. The jewel glow again and Cindy breasts start to reduce while Susan's started to grow. Susan felt the warmth overtaking her body and it started to change: She was not only draining Cindy's breasts, she was also taking her curves. Susan's growing, creamy breasts were spilling over all her severely strained bra, and she felt her dress getting tight over her voluptuous body.

Susan stopped the transfer when she began having breathing problems. Her now too small bra was trying to hold in attributes that were straining its limits. At 32 years-of-age, she now had D-cup breasts and a body full of curves while Cindy was left with an A-cup and the complexion of an 8 year-old girl. "What a rush" moaned Susan. "Lucky that you stopped the transfer," said an amazed Lisa, "you could've possibly blown out your dress!"

"You're right. This bra is killing me. But first I need to finish some business". Susan concentrated and transferred ten years more to Cindy.

Cindy began to age again, her small breasts sagged and her face looked more mature. She hit her thirties and her looks didn't change too much, thanks to her lack of curves her body only showed a few wrinkles and not too much sagging skin. Meanwhile Susan grew younger and younger, her body's formally middle-aged sagging condition dissapeared, and her enormous breasts were now so firm, that it was unnecessary for a bra to hold them.

When it was over, Susan was 22 years old again with an absolutely amazing body while the babysitter was 36 years old. Susan felt her new body while she was looking at her reflection in the mirror. "Gosh, you look so hot now Susan! Every man in the party will want to be with you"

"And I want to be with them" purred Susan. She took off Carol's much too small bra and put one of her mother's older breastfeeding bra's. It was big enough for her now, but then she got an idea. Susan turned to the babysitter saying, "Thanks for the body and I hope you didn't mind having a few more years, because now you are the mother of these babies, and you need to breastfeed take care of them until we get back. Do you understand?"

"Yes", said Cindy going out of the trance and picking up one of the bathrobes that the girls let on the floor.

The babies, that had been quiet while Susan had been transferring years, started to cry in protest. Susan looked at them sternly and said "You two know exactly what's going on, because this is your punishment. But now, no matter how hard you resist, you will be hungry for breast milk, specifically Cindy's milk. Sucking milk from a 16 year old girl in a middle-aged woman's body must be very disgusting, but that will teach you a lesson"

Lisa watched as Cindy breasts started to grow, "Did you transfer some of her boobs back?"

"No, I just put in her mind that she is milking and breast feeding, and her body did the rest. Now let's go to the party." Lisa laughed as they walked out the door, "Boys watch out, because here we come!"

Both young women exited the house in laughing at the image of her 'big' sisters being breastfed.