The Phoenix Hotel



"Honey, this hotel will not come cheap" Tom said to his wife.

"I know, but we have more then enough money now. Since we are both now retired." Emily said in her sweetest voice.

"I know its way out here in middle of nowhere, but its perfect to me" Said Emily

"OK, if you like so much I get the paper work started on buying it" Tom said reluctantly.

"Donít you think its a little creepy that some of the past owners of this hotel simply disappeared only a few short years after buying this hotel. " Tom said sounding a little paranoid.

"Donít be silly honey, the police I have looked all over this hotel for any clue to those peopleís disappearance. Has far they could tell those people simply left. Country life is not for everyone dear." Emily said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah" Tom said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"What happen to them?" Tom said with a worried look.

"Most likely they just went off to live in some other state or left the United States to live somewhere else free of responses of this hotel." Emily said with an amuse expression on her face.

"Besides, before each of those couples left they made improvements to the hotel. Almost everything in this hotel is automatic. Heating and cooling system, outside lights and even our food will be delivered. Just think no more shopping and just look at the little pool in the back. That would be good for adults and children to play in. We can order anything we want over the Internet." she stated with such ease.

"Who going to come out here?" Tom asked.

"We get a few newly weds, teens, and travelers I imagine." Emily said as she look over the entertainment area in the front desk area.

"Very well." Tom said as he finally surrender to his wifeís wishes. She could seduce him when she wanted.

Tom and Emily spent the next few weeks cleaning and fixing the modern hotel. Burned out light bulbs and squeaky door or two was their only major problems. It was small hotel with all modern luxuries you could want.

Tom was making his rounds insuring that every light had a bulb if it needed it. Very proud of himself in his work. He was more of a hands-on type person unlike his wife. She prefer to hire someone then fix it herself. It was just halfway down the halfway when he saw a door with a lock. Deciding to explore a little further instead of working. Tom step down off his ladder and have a quick peak.

Another store room he thought as he found the key that unlock the door and switch on the light. It wasnít closet after all. It was another hallway to a dead-end with two doors on each side of the hallway just before it ended. A nice full mirror was hanging on the wall where the hallway ended. The carpet was older and more faded red then previous hallway and look no one has been down here in years.

Curious more then anything Tom quietly step forward to see what each rooms held inside. One was a steam room and the other was a sun room. Tom step into each to have a look around. The controls to each were located just outside the door. Next to it was a caution sign with suggests on how long a person should stay in depending on their age and weight. Very nice and safe Tom thought as he fiddler with the controls. There a safety cutoff to insure it didnít get too hot for long on each room. Steam room was beautiful white and blue tile with some kind of boiler in the center of the room protected completely by a wire mesh. The benches were nice light color of oak and by the looks of one was made for children. A small smell of damp air could still be detected in here.

"Great!" Tom shouted out to the empty room. Tom went on thinking this room would be perfect in losing a few pounds to him and his wife. Not to mention the guest would love it.

When he walk across the hall to the sun room his comment was "Not bad". It wasnít tiled like the steam room, but it had thick wooden panels with dark oak color to them. Benches in here were nailed to the wall from underneath. Nice smooth pattern from the bench to the wall. The heat lamp lights were above little higher then he thought it be and protected by some kind of wire mesh on the boiler next door.

With the panels and the tile no wonder there no room for the controls and barely enough room for the light switches. He thought it was odd the stream room and sun room could be lock from the outside with a simple metal pin. The door handles were like freezer door in restaurant, but with think long windows in each that went nearly to the floor. Giving anyone outside a perfect view inside. If one just jiggle the handle the pin would pop out easily enough. It only went down about ľ the way and only fell into place when the door handle was fully pull out.

To allow heat and steam to escape Tom thought he look over the locks. Very handy not have to hold the door open while you clean or let some heat out while you adjust the controls.

Tom went back to his duties and lightly mention his find to his wife later on. After a full week of clean and fixing the hotel was ready for guests.

Few Newly weds stay and were gone only after a three day stay. Loudest group we had so far was a group of teens back from a camping trip. They wanted to freshen up and get some rest before they went on home.

Our little hotel had only three to four guest at a time. They came and went like they were never really there. They clean the rooms before they left and only left Emily to clean towels and sheets at the worst.

Emily and Tom shifted the workload now and then. Tom would work the front desk at night and Emily took in the morning when the desk was open again for business.

Another slow night was passing by and Tom was sitting in the back room just behind the desk area watching a movie on cable that all the channels except for the adult entertainment channels. He was too old to fully enjoy it anyway and thought it better not to have it with teens coming and going.

Tom was about to drift off to sleep when he heard two voices from the front of the hotel. He didnít notice a car had pulled up. Judging from what he heard it was a teenage girl and her mother fighting over getting lost. Tom smiled has he could guess what happen. Teenage girl must of been driving and took a wrong turn trying to get to the highway. Instead of waking her mother who was taking a cat nap in the seat next to her. She drove around till it was too dark to see any signs anymore. Mother awoke in confused and soon to be mad state. After a few minutes of sharp talk they spotted this hotel and decided to spent the night.

"Should of woke me up and ask for directions!" The mother shouted as they enter the doors.

"Mom! It will be all right we just get there a little later then plan. " The punk looking girl said she came in right after her mother. Her hair was dye a good solid black and she had a nose ring on.

"That is your problem, Missy. You never take up for your actions. If were little more careful that stuff you were smoking in our house wouldnít be in ashes now and we wouldnít have to be moving halfway across state to live in a new house. Be thankful we got a little money left to start over. " The mother said nearly in tears from her stress.

Tom knew better to say anything till their chat was over. Best to kept out of peopleís way when they are on the warpath.

After signing in and paying for their rooms the mother order her daughter to take the their night clothes upstairs.

"Just upstairs to the right" Tom called out as the teenager left.

The mother was crying now. Trying to get hold of herself. Tom took a little pity on her and offer for free she spent some time in the pool or stream room below to relax a little before she went to bed.

"Stream room?" she ask quietly.

"Yes. Just down the steps down the hallway past the bathrooms and the ice machine. I have to unlock the door to let you in and all I ask is you lock it before you leave. Free of charge since you only staying for one night." Tom said with a warm smile as he saw her tears fading away.

"Yes. A stream room would relax us." she stated as a matter of fact.

Daughter return to found out her mother had one more order for her tonight. That they would sit quietly in a stream room for a hour or two and in the morning forget her error in judgment for not waking her up.

Not wanting to in rage her mother any further. Missy agree and they were both back in no time wearing some newly purchased swim suits and robes.

Tom set the timer for them. According to the chart sign the daughter would be in bed a good 30 mins before the mother would join her.

"This will just want you need to get a fresh start again." Tom said as the mother enter the stream room.

"Good night" Tom said as he left and headed off to bed.

"What some mothers allow their children to do. " Was Emily first words that morning when I awoke and walked down to the steps to see if anything needed to be done.

"That child had her hair dye black and dress like that. The daughter didnít have any shoes to wear either. " Emily went on.

"Honey, their house burned down and they were in between places. You canít expect people to be in perfect condition. Besides it was the daughter fault the house burned down. " Tom said as he couldnít get over feeling of amusement from his wife.

"Well. I never saw no little girl like that. Black hair and painted nails on that her hands and feet. " Emily said with little shock. "Good thing you let them have the stream room for free. The mother left a good tip and to tell me to tell you thanks for your gift. " Emily said she sat back and pick up the large the tip.

Little girl thought Tom of course he concluded anyone dress like that would be demoted by his wife. Tom walked around to grab a drink of juice from the back room when he saw the tip. Plus the room it was nearly $300.00 all together.

"Have they left yet?" Tom asked wondering if it wasnít too late to give back some of the money. It was too much money to leave as a tip.

"Yes. Early this morning while your sleeping. Despite what they look like they were nice enough. " Emily smiled as she put the money below in the safe.

"OK." Tom said as he continue walking. He figure his kindness was reward in full now and this would be the first profit they would have so far.

The mother of the former teenager was now on the highway driving as her little girl sleep in the passager seat next to her. When they both noticed the changes the mother had grab and held her teenage daughter in the stream room till she had her little angel back in both mind and body. She didnít catch comment made by Tom that night till her daughter was getting noticeable younger.

Fresh start and free of charge she thought. She smile a little more as the car changed lanes.

This time she thought I raise her better and with extra money her daughter earned over dozen of summer jobs she had temporary. We have a better life this time for the both of us. She was now a single young mother with a 7-year-old daughter to look after. Her only regret was she didnít know how to get back to hotel as a just in case. She gotten lost and only found her way out when she check the map. This time would be second and last chance to raise her right. She could take on her daughterís identity and clam her little girl was born in a hotel and that no birth records existed. She could never afford to stay in one place too long till now and all other records were lost in the moving around.

As far anyone could of guess was the mother left her daughter to fend for herself and her child. Last know records of the mother was she bought a one way bus ticket to New York and never came back. All her credit cards were cancel and her bank accounts were empty. Only her daughter and her little girl now existed with a little more money then usual in that kind of case.

Tom check the stream room and find in the same order and discover the teenager had left her nose ring on the floor. With disgust Tom pick it up and toss it in the trash as he pass nearest trash can on his way back. He still couldnít figure out why anyone did that to their own bodies.

"Hey Hon. You want to take a quick break in the stream room for little while. " Tom said as he approached the front desk.

"WellÖOK. I just put this temporary gone sign here and desk and run upstairs to get my bathing suit. " Emily said she place the sign and started to walk around the desk.

"How about our birthday suits instead?" Tom suggested.

"Tom! What if someone walks in on us?" Emily asked with a stern look.

"Grab some towels and I lock the door behind us just in case. No one can wonder in on us then and we be dry when we dress again. " Tom said with a grin.

Tom was right with hallway door lock no one could walk in on them or see them from the outside and the door open from the inside only now.

I was refreshing and relax sit in the stream room. After they had their short visit they both look a lot healthier and younger. Few wrinkles seem to be remove here and there and lost a few pounds as they sat next to each other.

"Thatís long enough. I love to spent some more time in here, but we got a hotel to run." Emily said as she got up leave.

"OK. Your right. Canít be too lazy these days." Tom said he turn off the controls. Both of them had notice small improvement on each otherís bodies. They kiss briefly and then dress.

No one was upstairs waiting and it be hours later before anyone show up that day. A man with a odd type of Halloween watch and his wife stay only one night and left. By his looks alone I say he been traveling for a while now.

Tom was good with faces he could almost remember every face that came in. He rented out two rooms for one night to pair of teenage boys and girls on their way up north to ski somewhere.

They even rented out the stream and sun room for a little while. He couldnít believe that misjudge how tall the younger boy was and short the other girl was before now. High heels could explain the girlís drop in height, but the boyís was a mystery. They came up from the stairs to join their friends by the pool. Couple by the pool were too busy necking to notice anything. He hadnít notice before they were now holding hands.

Thinking he was losing his edge Tom went back to the room behind the desk and left his book there to watch a movie.

They had only spent a short time away from their friends and with the baggy clothes they wore only a someone with sharp undistract eyes would have notice any changes.

Summer days wore on and few people showed up now. Our little hotel was only for lost and or very tired traveler.

Wasnít till Tom and Emilyís second visit in the stream room did they really notice changes. This time they spent a longer time in the stream and found their faces changed. Their hair had color again and they face was younger in features.

Amazed they talked over it for a hour outside the stream room in towels around their bodies.

"How can it be Tom? Fountain of Youth in our hotel. " Emily asked in great disbelief.

"Donít know. Emily I have notice some changes in people when they come back from these rooms. Remember that Mother and daughter that left the big tip. Was the daughter a teenager?" Tom asked now thinking back to all the little odd changes in people.

"No, The mother was little young that not that young and daughter was a little girl like I said before." Emily said as she admire her hands.

"Oh my lord" Tom said he look into the stream room. Under his very nose was modern day fountain of youth.

"What do you think the sun room does?" Emily asked with hopeful smile.

"I be right back donít go into the sun room yet. I have a idea. " Tom said as he left the hallway.

Tom was back with a small house plant in his arms to find his wife was not in the hallway. Doing a quick check in the sun room and look into the stream and called into the foggy room.

"Coming" she said her figure loomed out of the stream. She had went back in to get a few more wrinkles removed.

"OK. Lets see what happens. " Tom said as he step out and work the controls.

The plant grew and grew then went brown all over before the safety cutoff went into effect.

"Makes people older. " Emily said as she took a full step back away. Tom couldnítí blame her. Better to be closer to the crib then grave he thought.

"What do we do now?" Emily ask looking from the rooms to Tom.

"Business as usual. " Tom said.

"Shouldnít we tell someone?" Emily said with concern.

"Why? Can you imagine what would happen. We have too many people coming here and government or someone would take it away from us in time." Tom said thinking it over.

"We just canít forget about it." Emily said and wondering if Tom was just lock the door and throw away the key.

"No, but we have to be careful. Before only one other person beside us noticed the changes and I doubt we see her again." Tom said as he shut off the lights and power to both rooms. Tom had left the room and hallway forgetting to lock the door as they walked out.

"For tonight we just have to think this over. You got work tomorrow and I should be at the desk now. For now the stream room and sun room are off limits to everyone. " Tom said as he climb the stairs with greater ease.

After a quick good night Emily went to bed and Tom sat down at his desk feeling better then he had in years.

Hours passed and it be another hour before I join her in bed. Thought Tom has he turn to watch some TV in the back room. Emily wasnít in bed she had been sitting up in bed admiring her younger body. This was good she thought just a little younger she be beautiful again.

She made up her mind to sneak down the stairs and make her way back to the stream room. Easier then she thought. Tom wasnít at the desk the she felt like a cat as she walk down the carpet stairs. The hotel had a amazing effect on sounds when no guests were in it. Every sound echo louder then normal.

Emily open the door to the hall and grin as she imagine the look on Tom face when she visit him in a little while. The stream door nearly gave her a heart attack. The metal pin had bang on the door from its chain when she open it. She quickly took it and place it in itís holder above the handle. Emily shut the door from the inside after she did a quick set on the controls. Didnít bother setting the shut off timer.

Years were taken away over the next hour. She lost all her few remaining wrinkles and her body went through a change unlike anyone seen. Years of fat melted away and her body become lean and perfect. It was 45 mins later when she was a young woman again. She decided to leave now before she ended up on the wrong side of puberty.

She lean her weight on the door and it didnít open. She try again and again. Still didnít move. She looked out the door to see the pin was blocking the handle from moving. Few more years were taken away. In a panic she bang on the glass and finally rattle the handle enough for the pin to fall out of place. She fell through the doorway in great relief.

She lost her cover with the top part of her robe and pair of young teenage breast dangle down from the open part. Scared she ran from the hallway and was caught by Tom as he rounded the corner after discovering his wife was not in bed.

He caught her in his arms and for a full minute was in a state of shock. Her teenage feelings must of gotten the better of her. He thought as he stare at her face then her exposed body.

Calming down she confess and then cry a great deal. Tom had to half carry his young wife to bed where she fell to sleep with her robe still on.

Tom slip back down the stairs and all the way back to the stream room. He only came down to shut it off and gather her clothes. Seeing the stream room again with a smell of wet water Tom step in after striping off his clothes. He stood by the door and keep his hand and little weight on the handle. Tom could be out of the room in a flash. Tom only wish he could see the changes taken place in his face. He saw his body below his neck become strong and young again. He now figure he was a young man now when he step out.

For the first time in a long time he admire his arms and body. He was older the Emily but close enough to her age now. Tom look like he could order any drink in any bar while Emily appear to only old enough to drive a car.

It was a nice surprise for Emily when she a woke that morning. They made love before she went to the desk. Tom feeling rested and full of energy spent that morning by the pool. Emily watched him nearly all day with lust. When they first married she was in for the money more then anything. She never gotten chance to see him in his prime.

Few guest came in that week and left soon after. Emily and Tom had almost a every night full of passion and love making over the past week. They both decided they keep their new bodies and Tom had idea to kept the hotel they were going the inheritors and his grandfather former his old ID left the place to them.

Tom had made a deal with man to get some New ID and went into the town to pay him off. When he had his company he knew who to call to get someone the credits needed to work in the USA till their first child was born. Payment was always first and the details came later.

Tom had told Emily he be gone for three nights at the least. Emily had gotten restless and decided to have a little fun on the second night. A young teenager boy had gotten lost and stop to rent a room. Emily ask him to visit the stream room first before he went to his room. For Emily this wouldnít be the first time she cheated a little on Tom.

She barely set the timer and stream to low when she suggested the idea she could join him. No more then 5 mins she told herself after she strip her clothes. Seeing a boyhood fantasy unfold in front of his eyes the teenage boy strip quickly. She was beautiful and with her boss away the risk was low in getting caught.

It was quick and exhausting for him for some reason. Heat of the stream room must of been cause he thought as he did his best. Emily quietly got up and left the room. At most she might of lost a year. In a few minutes that teenage boy would lose more. Emily place the pin in the door and turn up the stream with her other hand.

She was happy that he was still laying towel on the floor. It gave her a perfect view of him. She watched with such delight as he become younger. Wasnít till he was a little 10 year-old boy that he got up and wonder how everything got so big. He barely had memories of his teenage days now. He try to leave the stream room and then ram it once with his body before he broke down to crying. He was trap and she lured him to his doom.

8-years-old boy now stood staring in awe at the nude teenage girl standing in front of the glass door. He cover himself with his hands to hide his dwindling boyhood.

"No bragging to your friends about me." Emily stated as she watch him become younger and younger.

Minutes passed and he was 5-years-old again. Emily nearly open the door at that point. He was cute and like a little angel. He drop his hands away then look around and at his own body.

Now at 3-4 years old she giggle has he began to play with himself using his right hand.

"Boys will be boys." she laughed

Emily open the door at that point and took his free hand. She shut off the stream but the left the power on to the room and sat down on the floor with the little boy. He prefer to touch her breast then play with himself for now. His touches were wonderful and light.

"Such soft hands you have." Emily said as she squeezed his sides. He laughed a little at her now ticklish touch. Looking at his once proud manhood Emily giggle as she took it in-between her fingers. She never had children of her own or any little brothers. She never felt a penis so soft and limp or saw one so small before.

Toddler giggled out loud at her touch to such a sensitive place.

That little thing gave me a pleasure just minutes before she thought as withdrew her fingers. Looking into his innocent eyes she felt relief he would have no memories of them together.

For now he was her little play thing to do anything she wanted. Taking him in her arms she decided to see what he do now. He laid his head on her breast after a second and then touch her other nipple with a passive look.

Emily could guess that little toddler had a vague memory about sucking on his mommyís nipple once.

Emily held him in different positions getting a feel for his weight. After tired of holding him and examining his little fingers, toes and such she open the door and push the little tot back in.

Slowly she turn down the stream level. Took a lot longer to notice any change. Soon he become shorter and chubby all around. Little legs could barely hold up his body now.

He fell on his butt then crawl up to the glass. Just a little younger she thought.

Emily step in and took the little baby in her arms. Light as a feather now. His instincts kick in when she held him close to her breast.

He suck a little bit on her nipple then fell to sleep. Now a newborn baby boy Emily left the room and shut all the power off.

Getting dress herself and wrapping the newborn in a old small blanket. Emily drove the former teenagerís car to the house just up the road across the bridge of the river. She knew a priest of the local church lived here and judging from the light inside he was still up. Parking the car on the side of road far away. She left the newborn on the door step and rang the bell. She made a mad dash for the car and was driving away out of sight by the time the door fully open.

Priest was confused for a second to find a newborn left on his doorstep. He look around for any signs of the parents only saw a pair of tail lights to far away now to get any details.

He phone the police after he sat the newborn on the sofa and sat back in his chair wonder why his parents abandon him.

Emily park the car on a steep hill and put it into drive after she got out. The car rolled down the hill and straight into the river. Anyone would figure the kid washed away in the current. It was a long walk back to the hotel and she ducked in the bushes when she saw a cop car fly by at top speed with its lights and siren on. She reach back at the hotel with luck. Not a single person was here waiting for her.

It be morning by the time anyone came now and discover a car in the river. Emily moved former teenagerís clothes into Tom closet and would tell him she bought him some clothes for him. After removing the teenagerís wallet from the shorts she took all the money put it in the safe and burn all his ID cards in a trash can out back. Emily went back to the stream room and hallway and did a quick check. Everything looked untouched and unused now. There wasnít even a another person around anymore to brag about it now.

She flip the closed sign and turn off all lights only minutes before a local cop pulled up to ask questions. Cop tapped sharply on the glass and left after no one answer. Judging from his look it didnít look like he be back any time soon. With no lights on or cars parked around the place was vacant looking. The teenagerís car was found by a jogger that morning. The car was pull out and towed away. Judging from the angle it went in. The person was driving pass the hotel heading direction of the highway. Most likely driving too fast and he or she jumped the curve then ended up in the river.

It was about Noon when a cop came in the ask Emily if she saw anything strange last night. No one came or rented any rooms she said and as she showed him the guest sign-in book. According to the log book not a single soul came in here in the past two days.

After a few general questions the cop decided to leave. "OK, Have a nice day." Was the cop only comment as he left. For him it was a dead end lead.

Tom arrive home the next day to announce that everything was going good. The new papers would be ready soon and the man would come out tomorrow to get the details on each of them.

Emily was asleep in bed now. Her working the night and day shift three nights in row exhausted her and Tom went down to the stream room to give it a good cleaning. Recent guests did track some minor mud and dirt. After the changing the water without touching the water it was then that Tom found a high school ring in the water that pooled around the boiler protective mesh. Same high school name and name of the missing teenager. An personal message with the teenagerís name was on the inside of the ring.

Tom heard a news story on the radio, but had almost ignored it on his way back.

Tom check the papers and confirm what he believe to be true. Main story was about a missing teen and there was a side story about a newborn being left on priestís doorstop the same night.

In the past of their earlier years of marriage he had suspected Emily of cheating, but had no proof till now. What would be her excuse he thought. The teen attempted to rape her. He laugh a little bit at this. Emily was loose girl in the old days and she could seduce almost anyone when she had her eyes on you.

As he flip the ring over and over in his fingers he form a plan.

That night Emily did her slow strip for Tom like always and just before they get in bed.

"Honey! You look younger then before." Tom said as he pulled the sheets to hide his body.

"How much?" Emily said now worry Tom was rejecting her because she was too young.

"Hard to say really, but you look like your 14-years-old now. Didnít spend more then five minutes in the stream room since I was gone?" Tom ask as he got from the bed and watch his wife face turn to horror. Tom spent a few minutes in the sun room to build his height and weight. So she think she gotten younger and smaller.

"Maybe a extra minute or two. I just in there to maintain my age. " Emily said she look on how tall Tom was now. She felt little small at that point. He was wearing pants, but had no shirt on and look bigger.

"I canít make love to you now. I feel guilty having sex with someone so young in body. I might feel different in the morning. " Tom said as he put on his shirt and turn the TV on.

"I be right back." Was Emily only words as she left the room. Tom follow only a minute after her. This time he left the door to the rooms unlock on purpose. Peaking around corners to make sure she was way ahead of him. Tom waited till he heard her quick foot steps fade away and doors shut before he went on.

The hotel was now closed and with curtains in place no one could see Emily from the outside as she walked down to the hallways only in her black underwear.

Tom follow and waited as he heard the sun room door open and close before he enter the last hallway. He turned up the power on the sun room lights slowly and waited for a good 10 minutes to pass before he turned them back down. He had barely had time to get around the corner to hide when Emily open the door to have a look at her body.

He heard a few sounds of angry at herself from just around the corner before he heard the other door shut to the stream room.

"Yes" he whisper as placed the pin on the door handle and look in. Like the sun room controls he slowly turn it up. Emily had a hard time seeing her body after a little while. When Emily felt her body become close to teenagerís body she got up to find the door wouldnít open.

"What the hell?" she asked herself.

Looking out she saw Tom holding the pin in place with his right arm.

"Joke is over, Tom. Let me out now." Emily pleaded as she become 15-years-old.

Each had to shout to hear the other.

"No." Tom said as he smiled.

"Tom! Let me out NOW!" Emily shouted in fury. She lost another year and really was 14-years-old.

"No Emily I canít." Tom said as he causal put his left hand in his pocket.

"Why Tom?" Emily ask now in tears.

Tom pulled out a high school ring from his left pocket and tapped it once on the thick glass. He held the ring as steady as possible as his hands shook in angry.

"Please Tom I promise I never do it again." Emily begged as her underwear slip down her legs and her breasts became a preteenís pair of breast.

"I know you wonít and I going to make sure you donít ever again." Tom smile as he watch the remain parts of teen-hood leave her body.

He nearly open the door when she was 10-years-old again. She look so innocent and helpless. Tom was reminded by her eyes. Through they were tearful eyes he could see her angry in them at him. Her body had lost all itís teen-hood she looked nothing more then a mad little girl.

He was glad when her eyes lost the angry and took on a confused look. Emily was now a sweet little girl that only watch the man behind the glass. Tom took his hand off the pin as he remove it and knew she was too small now to reach the handle anyway.

He turned down the stream too so he could watch it happen more slowly. Her little body become bony and thin as she hit 7-years-old. Then started to take on a chubby look. Her only concern now was drawing pictures in the stream up window.

She must be around 5-years-old now what Tom figured.

"Donít worry sweet pea. Daddy will let you out just before you hit the diaper stage." Tom called as he watched her lose another year. She looked up to listen to him.

Emily was 4-years-old now when Tom open the door then took his former wife out. The little girl was happy to be in such strong arms and not to be alone anymore.

"Such a big girl you are. I bet you can go to the potty all by yourself." Tom said as he held her in his arms. Tom didnít want to spent any time changing diapers. Being so shy and now innocent Emily shook her head up and down in reply. Poor little Emily was now naked and confused only found comfort in her new daddyís arms as she play with her fingers.

Tom dressed her in her old shirt and let her sleep with him that night. Hopefully she wasnít a bed-wetter he thought as they drifted off to sleep. Tom awoke to sounds of cartoons that morning. Emily had awoken ahead of him and now sat on the floor watching cartoons with full attention. Emily had never seen cartoons like this. More details and a lot more interactive as she watched Dora the Explorer. She soon pick up "We did it" dance in no time and did it when Dora did.

"Emily." Tom spoke quietly to her. Emily turn her head to look at him.

"I am Hungry, Daddy" said Emily as she stood up and walk over to the side of the bed still dress only in a T-shirt. She was like a little angel now to him. Her voice was sweet and soft as a childís could be. Her face was so innocent and free of all worries.

"OK, lets get you some breakfast." Tom said as he took her hand and lead her down the steps. To Emily point of view she had awoken in a better world. Morning cereal was even better then anything she could remember having. Emily has also become very untrusting toward anyone but Tom. Emily had hide behind a chair as a guest came in that day. She only knew Tom for now and didnít trust no one else.

As her daddy and the strange man talk over what and whereís. Emily listen from a distance. She had only pick up and remember a few things in the conversation. She learn that this place was her home and her mommy left her and daddy a long time ago.

After a hand shake and final payment the stranger left with a smile as he counted his money. By this time tomorrow he enter Tom and Emily into the records as the inheritors of the hotel. Once again it appeared to change owners.

Tom closed the hotel and shut all curtains then he and Emily played in the pool. They spent the rest day in pool with little Emily in her birthday suit. With help from her daddy she could float on her back and do a doggy paddle now all by herself. Too tired to play anymore they settled down for a afternoon nap. Still naked in his arms he gently rubbed her back as he drifted off to sleep.

Tom hired a young cute teenage girl named Courtney from town to take care of guests. While he look after Emily while she attended preschool and dress her in shorts instead of dresses. Emily took after her daddy more then anything. She was a little tomboy now and rarely play with dolls. she had a late start in summer preschool, but she was one of smartest they had seen in years. In strange way Tom still loved her and had a promise to kept; in sickness or health and till death do us apart kept him in taking care of Emily.

Turned out he like having daughter over a wife and she soon became daddyís little girl. Because of Emily she got Courtney to spend time with her daddy as they played by the pool. It was only a short year later they married against her Courtneyí mother wishes. That soon changed when she learned that her daughter married a nice guy with a lot of money. The no worries about money and new step grand daughter to baby-sit. Courtney mother decided to welcome him with open arms into the family. Nothing melts a heart like a child can as she bath Emily and dress her for bed. She simply adore having a little girl to take care of again.

Tom closed the hotel to public and made it a private hotel for parents with trouble teens and a to people that was looking for a way to become young again. After disclosure and legal papers where sign when they first arrive most left very happy. Tom smiled back as he remember a former teen now 10-years-old boy begging for his mother let him change back. The former teen had a small problem with weed and it was a habit he pick up his girlfriend. As a little 10-year-old he would have no chance with her anymore and it be awhile before he be getting more weed any time soon.

Emily spent the next two years as a 4-year-old girl thanks to her familyís 5 minute visit every year in the stream room. She was only allow to grow up a little at a time when she stop wetting the bed and learn to master her temper. Her step mother stop using the stream room after she woke up with morning sickness one day. Emily was happy when her daddy told her she have a new little brother or sister soon.

Not wanting to suffer the full nine months being pregnant Country convince Tom to let her use the sun room a few brief times. Within 3 months she was at full term went to labor at the front desk area soon after. A former customer and doctor was called to help Country deliver her baby. Tom and little Emily waited in the lobby has sounds of labor was taking place in the back room. After a sound of slap and small cry was heard they both were invited in. Doctorís two person staff had already prepare newborn and had him wrap in blanket.

"Itís a boy!" Doctor exclaimed as they enter.

Emily approached with fear and amazement. Her step mother looked very tired and happy.

"Honey, do you want to get your strength back?" Tom asked in a whisper with concern. She was a young women and first child was hard on her.

"No, I be fine and like just like to sleep now. " she whisper back.

Emily was busy staring at her little baby brother. He look so tiny and she thought his face was little funny looking.

After Courtney recovered she was happy to see that Emily had now become her little helper instead of daddyís for once.

Emily had play with her own baby dolls, but she prefer to watch the real thing. Emily watched with a puzzle look as Courtney breast feed her baby brother. Unleashed her almost never ending questions about taken care of babies. She also love to catch glimpses of his little body at bath times and when he was dress by her Mommy. Emily was overjoyed when finally got to hold her brother in her arms while her parents watch over carefully.

Years went by in the hotel and Emily and Tommy Jr. grew up in a loving and strict environment. Emily and Tommy Jr. were sent off to private schools in the fall but return on holidays and all of summer. Both had maintain high grades and prefer to help out at home then go to school now.

Emily grew into a cute and beautiful preteen girl on verge of becoming a teen. Country explained the birds and bees to her after her first period.

Little Tommy Jr. had only had one treatment of stream room in his life so far. He had got into some trouble when bugging his sister too much. With his 7-year-old mind still in intact he was force in become a 1-year-old baby for a whole week that one summer. To his embarrassment his sister looked after him most of the time.

After that he feared causing or getting into any trouble, but was bold enough to get into some minor trouble as long his parents didnít find out later. Both children were good and love their parents all their heart.

Children were unofficial employees of the family hotel. They wore little uniforms that had phoenix logo on the back and work along side their parents at times.

It took a while for each child understand fully why the hotel had mean looking teens one day and next day had children their age. Some these children were bad in Emily and her brotherís opinion. Emily once heard one girl about 11-years-old cuss out at her mother in a fit of rage over something. Emily ran away when she watch the mother throw her daughter over her knee and gave her a sound spanking. Her daddy or mother had never spanked her and seeing it was too terrible to watch. Day after there was no sign of the little girl anymore. There was women in the room that look like the mother, but she was too young and had a 3-year-old little girl dress in diaper and frilly dress.

Tommy Jr. had pushed a little boy down once after he was trying to break a window to get out of the hotel. He warned the kid to stop with no luck. The boy was two years older, but Tommy Jr. was stronger and to his amazement the boy only sat there and cry his out eyes till his mother came and scolded him with words about running away again. Tommy was relief when the mother thank him for finding her little boy.

Wasnít till they both were teens they inherited the hotel. Their parents only stay on to insure everything ran smoothly and there was no trouble. They had only people and children to deal with most of the time. Each brother and sister had a key to each room below. Each understood the motto to the hotel and were sure to kept in the family for long time to come.

"Chance to get a fresh start again" was the motto in gold letters just under every phoenix logo in the hotel.

The end.