"The Magic Of Christmas"

by animebear

"'Tis the season to be jolly" was jabbering from the radio. Mary was anything but that. On her job the personnel were understaffed and she had to work extra hours. It was a few days before Christmas and she'd just barely started her Christmas shopping. It seemed like there were not enough hours in each day. Time was not on her side but she was trying to manage it. She really was caught in the hustle and bustle of the season. Once in a while though, she would slow down and look at the cute displays or pretty lights on the houses. She looked at the children in the mall and noticed how they were giggling and their eyes were all aglow with joy especially when they sat on Santa's lap. For a moment she tried to remember what it was like when she was little and how she felt when she sat on Santa's lap so long ago. Then she came to the reality that she had to finish her shopping. She was now very close to finishing.

The next day of Christmas Eve; she was able to get out of her job very early. It seemed like her luck was changing for the better. She managed to finish all her Christmas shopping finally but she was frazzled. Then she saw a store in the mall. It said "Spells R Us" on the outside. This got her whole curiosity. When she walked in she noticed that it was an interesting place full of all kinds of items. She even saw a shelf of potions and jewelry. A friendly gentleman ask if there is any way he should help her. She said no, she was just looking. He asked if there was anything that might improve her life right now. She said she wished she could "calm down and get into the Christmas spirit like she could when she was little." The gentleman showed her a beautiful amulet that she really admired. It looked so pretty on her and the gentleman said it does what she had asked for.

She bought it. She kept on wearing it all the way home. It was now Christmas Eve and she felt nostalgic all of a sudden. She phoned her parents. They said they missed her and would like to see her soon so they would have her their little girl back to spend some time with. Her Mom was reminiscing about Christmas past. She told Mary that it seemed when she was very young things were simpler and everybody in the family liked it. She told Mary about when she was a toddler "Mary's eyes were all aglow with amazement and happiness." This was especially so when Santa Claus was mentioned, or presents. Mary stated to relax. The amulet had a warm glow to it the more she calmed down. Mary was feeling sentimental at the end of the phone call. She usually said "See you soon, Mom." But this time Mary said "See ya Mommy."

She thought to herself this seems odd but it felt right. It started getting easier for Mary to remember what it was like when she was little. Then she looked at the Christmas tree having a few small presents that her friends had given her and she thought of the many big presents that were under the tree when she was little. Oh how she wished it looked like that now. She thought how nice it would be if there is a Santa Claus that delivered all those big presents. She wished this. Just then the amulet started to glow even more for a minute. She then put cookies and milk on the table. She laughed at her antics. She then went to bed to sleep. At first she found it hard to sleep at night knowing Santa's on his way. When she realized what she was thinking of she giggled and her voice peeped a little. After this she fell asleep.

She awoke feeling hungry. She went downstairs to eat the cookies and milk. Mary thought she had put out more cookies than that and the milk was less, too, than she thought. That is when she noticed the huge present boxed under the Christmas tree. She went to investigate. She looked and saw a sign attached to the box. It said 'TO Mary FROM Santa Claus.' She thought to herself this must be some kind of joke. Then she opened the box and found the most adorable teddy bear. Mary took it in her arms and hugged it. Just then she felt a strange tingle go through her body. The teddy bear glowed but she could not put it down no matter how hard she tried. The amulet kept glowing even more. Then she noticed that the teddy bear was getting bigger! No, she was getting smaller. This could not be but it seemed it was happening. The whole room was getting huge. The tree even started towering over her. But she noticed too that the dress she was wearing was changing too - somehow - magically. It seemed to be getting smaller with her and changing its patterns, adding a bow, then lace and ruffles. It even became tent-like or triangular in shape. It seemed to swallow up her chest. Hey wait, what chest? She searched and could not even find bumps now. When was it I put bows in my hair?

Then she looked at the bear that was now even larger and noticed how pudgy her hands and arms were getting. She even was feeling different. Mary had several emotions running through her. She felt kind of funny and silly but oh so-o-o-o-o relaxed. She felt a childish joy of Christmas full of excitement. She felt a sort of helplessness but somehow calm too. Then it hit her what she had said to the gentleman in the Spells R Us store who sold her the amulet. She wished she could "calm down and get into the Christmas spirit like she did when she was little." She then realized what her Mom had said on the phone about how Mary reacted to Christmas when she was a toddler. Mary finally came to the realization that this was is what she was turning into even in dress and appearance. This was a strange magic she had no control of.

She looked down at her pudgy little legs and saw that beneath a nursery dress she was wearing diapers. Then she heard a noise. She looked up and saw a very fat jolly bearded man in a red and white fluffy suit whose stomach shook like a bowl full of jelly when he laughed. He had a very large sack full of presents. He said "Ho-Ho-Ho" and "Merry Christmas, Mary." Mary wanted to say something clever but all that would come out was "Santee Cwaus." He laughed and told her thank you for the cookies and milk. He ask if she had been a good girl. Mary kept shaking her head yes and clumsily clapped her hands. Then she started sucking her thumb. He said all these toys were for her. Her eyes lit up wide open, eagerly she began tearing all the wrapped presents open. He laughed as he watched her. Mary was in glee, giggling and smiling like she hadn't in a long time. He picked her up and sat her on his lap gently, rocking her with a lullaby motion. She looked up with contentment at him. She had not felt like this for a very long time. Mary's eyes were all aglow with amazement and happiness. Just then the radio turned on when the Christmas song came on "Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow."

Santa Claus hugged Mary tight. She had never felt so relaxed and warm. She felt secure and safe. It caused her to have a big yawn. Santa just laughed. She tried to fight the sleep coming on but could not. Mary stuck her thumb in her mouth and fell asleep. When she awoke on Christmas Day she thought what a fantastic dream she had. Then she rubbed her eyes and they focused. This was not her bed. It had bars around it and a railing that she tried to pull herself up on. It had plenty of stuffed animals and plushies in it scattered about. She looked across the room and noticed it was a nursery. She was in a crib. She looked into the mirror across the room and saw the reflection of a toddler staring back at her. She looked at her appearance and clothes realizing this was not a dream. Mary was wearing a frilly nursery dress that barley covered a diaper. Then Mary noticed a warm, wet feeling on her bottom. Mary felt embarrassed but knew she could not help it. She could analyze things with a sort of adult-type thinking but all she could communicate was "Me wet, Me wet."

Then she saw a big familiar female figure come into the room. It was her mother towering over her. She said to Mary "How is my little girl this Christmas Day?" Mary just said "Mommy I go pee. Me wet." Mary felt humiliated when her mother changed her wet diaper, but with a gentleness and care. This was so surrealistic and strange. Mary's mom picked her up and carried her downstairs. She said that Santa had been by and left her all these presents. Once again Mary's eyes lit up and she said "Oo-ooo, pwesentsz." She even saw some of the toys from last night. Then she saw that teddy bear that became her favorite toy. It had a hypnotic effect on her. She kept falling in love with it all over again. Mary played with the toys all day long. She was held over and over in her parents arms. They were really pampering and spoiling her. For the next few days she was taken to the zoo and shopping. On one unusually warm day she was taken to the park where Mary experienced what it was like to play in a large sandbox. She was taken to the mall where she saw two of her friends, Rob and Susan. Mary had a huge crush on Rob. She felt embarrassed and funny. When Robert said "Hi, Mrs. Smith," she said "This is Mary's niece, Marie." Mary felt relief until Rob talked baby talk to her and tickled her. She squirmed and they moved on. Then she was wheeled in front of the infamous Spells R Us store. Then Mary and her mother entered the SRU store. There was that gentleman who sold her the amulet. He said "Hi, Mrs. Smith" and she said "Hi Frank." This was strange, Mary thought. Hmm, they knew each other. Then Frank said "Hi" to Mary. Then he said "I guess you ladies both got your wishes. Enjoy them now because at New Year's your lives are to return to a sort of normal status."

Mary's mom just hugged Mary tightly. Mary thought what the SRU gentleman Frank was saying. What it meant. She hugged her Mommy tight too. When they left SRU her Mom and Mary felt extra close. Mary relaxed then, and totally acted like the little girl her Mommy had wished for. Mary took in all experiences of a toddler. She was simply cute and adorable in looks and actions. When New Year's Eve arrived her parents held Mary in their arms after taking her out of the large playpen. Her mom put Mary on the floor a few minutes before midnight. She gave her a strange baby bottle and her favorite teddy bear. The midnight chime rang in the New Year. Then Mary looked curiously. Magically her size and appearance was changing to adult form. Her clothes transformed and the baby bottle became a bottle of wine. It had a note on it saying 'Congratulations on your rebirth Mary. signed, Frank, SRU.' Mary felt so close to her parents now, saying she's going to spend loads of time with them from now on and be there for them, being the loving daughter. Mary's personality was changed forever. Mary now saw the world in a new way. In a relaxed and even calm way. She was a kinder, gentler person. She had a renewed sense of imagination and playfulness about her. Because of her experiences she now perceived the world with an intelligence of an adult but the heart of a child. She became an all-around better person. Her mother thought, "If the rest of the world would change like this, what a better place it would be." Mary returned to work and one of her fellow employees ask her how Mary's holiday vacation was. "Well, one of things was I spent the time being the loving daughter my parents wished for," Mary said, "Let's just say it was relaxing and rejuvenating."


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