The Message Board

by Louder

Tina sat in her room and surfed on her computer. She’d just been in another argument with her mother and had escaped the verbal barrage by taking shelter in her room. Her mother, Diana, had just forbidden her from going to the prom because Tina had gotten a ‘B’ on a recent test. That wasn’t good enough for her ever increasingly demanding mother. Tina normally got all A’s altho her mother rarely seemed satisfied with even that!

Tina tried to find some friends online at her regular chat rooms but no one was around. She was sad, angry, and bored! How could her mother be so cold she wondered? There just didn’t seem to be an answer. Looking for a change of pace she used a search engine to find some story sites. Being an aspiring writer she always liked reading other people’s short stories. She quickly landed on the AR Story Archive Message Board randomly searching the hits. It didn’t take her long to realize that this wasn’t anything she was interested in and she quickly moved on. Eventually she found a FanFic site for one of her favorite TV shows. “Much better” she said as she began reading about the familar characters.

It was still hard to concentrate. Prom was only days away and her mother wouldn’t allow her to attend. Tina had looked forward to the Prom all year long. “It’s not fair!” she sobbed as she lost interest in the computer.

She scooted away from the desk and left her room. She had to get away from the house and get some air.

“Where do you think YOU are going, young lady!?” her mother snapped.

“I’m just going to take a walk” Tina answered trying not to upset her mother even more.

“You are GROUNDED! You do nothing unless -I- give you permission!”

“Grounded? You already took my prom away! Now I am, like, GROUNDED too!?”

“That’s right! I’m glad I made myself clear enough for you!” her mother sneered. “Maybe you’re learning something and I won’t see another ‘B’ on a test any more!”

“Mom, I’m just gonna, like, go to the library or something. I can’t stay cooped up in here all my life!”

“You can go to the library but you better check out a book and bring it home. And you don’t go ANYWHERE else! I might drive by there just to see if you’re there. I WILL be checking up on you from now on!”

“Fine” Tina said and quickly left before her mother could change her mind.


Diana shook her head in frustration. “Why does she try to disappoint me so much?” she asked aloud. It was a question most would find incredible. Tina was the perfect daughter most people that knew her thought. Beautiful. Smart. Popular. Only Diana found fault. And finding fault was something she did often.

Satisified that Tina was gone for a while, Diana decided it was time for another search of Tina’s room. The way Diana saw it, it was her house and Tina is her daughter. Tina had no ‘right’ to any privacy in this house!

She noticed the computer was still online. “Let’s see what that little tramp has been up to!” Diana said as she sat down at the desk. A couple of clicks thru the history folder and she was at the AR Story Archive.

“Aha! What’s this smut?” she grumbled as she read the thread titles. She quickly scanned one by someone calling himself Tainted Sins.

“Tainted SINS? Just what is that girl into?” She said as she clicked on the thread

---Sorry for the delay folks but my new story is about all finished. I guarantee you it has every devious twist and turn you can imagine and then some. I’m busy trying to decide just how much of the gratuitous stuff I need to keep adding. The gratuitous stuff is awfully fun though!------

This had Diana’s attention. Obviously Tina was into some kind of evil stuff! No wonder she’d gotten a ‘B’ on her last test! She kept reading Tainted Sins’ post:

---While we are talking twisted stuff I thought I’d mention something else. In my last post I mentioned the subliminal message that I’d put there. Well, apparently some of you didn’t get it. With that in mind, I have a more direct method. Please click this -link-. ------

Diana clicked the link to see what depravity her daughter had been messing with. A rather strange graphic popped up. Must be some kind of evil symbol Diana figured. Underneath the graphic was a link marked -Enter-. She clicked it and the new page opened.

On it was a graphic of a clock running in reverse and a meter that looked like an odometer. It was at all zeroes. As soon as the page fully loaded the meter changed to 36. That was Diana’s age although she never grasped any connection and instead figured the page to be rather unpopular with only 36 hits.

She suddenly felt a fleeting chill and then felt a bit mesmerized by the page. She noticed the counter said 35. Hadn’t it said 36 earlier she wondered? She clicked on one of Tainted Sins’ ‘favorite links’. A list of stories by Nomdreserv popped up in a frame. The counter remained. It was now in a frame at the top of the page. It said 33.

“That’s odd” she said. “I would’ve have sworn it said 34 when I got here.... or was it....35?”

It didn’t matter. She felt very comfortable now.



She clicked on one of the stories and started reading about Bob and Karen. It was a story that really grew on her. It seemed to engulf her.




Diana unconciously removed her glasses so that she could better read the font. Her glasses were hurting her vision more than helping. She became focused on the computer and oblivious to anything else. She brushed her longer hair from her eyes.



She kept reading the story. Diana had even forgotten that she had originally expected to be repulsed by what she’d find on Tina’s computer. Now she was absolutely fascinated by it! She was growing more oblivious to her surroundings. She never noticed her longer fingernails as she used the scroller on the mouse to scroll through the story. The tiny lines that had been on her face only minutes before were now gone.



She kept reading and didn’t notice as her conservative blouse turned into a tank top. Her hair lengthened and lightened but she never noticed. Her jeans changed into fashionable capri pants. Her tennis shoes changed into sandals. Still, she didn’t notice. She kept reading. She didn’t want to turn away from the computer.




Her hair cascaded around her shoulders in flowing loose curls. Her nail color changed to something more colorful. She read about the love triangle that Nomdreserv had written into the story and understood those feelings exactly.



The story only got more involved. She never noticed as her hair started slowly pulling into a long pony tail. Her capri pants began to grow shorter. Her complexion grew more tanned. Her nose seemed to turn slightly upward.



Her sandals turned into flip flops. Her capri pants grew shorter and shorter and finally transformed themselves into a faded pair of fringed blue jean cut-offs. Her Tank Top shortened and became a ‘belly shirt’. Her nails shortened and the color changed to one of the popular colors for teens. She never noticed any of this. She was too engrossed in the web page. A thought did finally cross her mind that she shouldn’t be snooping on Tina. But then she decided she wasn’t snooping anymore, she was merely reading. Then another thought crossed her mind: Since Tina wouldn’t be going to the prom she wondered if Tina’s boyfriend Steve would ask her? After all, she rationalized, she had bigger boobs than Tina anyway! And Steve was awfully cute she thought. She began to daydream about kissing Steve. Her sun-bleached hair was now pulled back in a full pony tail.


At the library:

Tina figured her mother would be snooping in her room. In fact she was ready to catch her red handed! As soon as a computer became available she logged onto the internet and went to her website. She’d turned on her computer cam so she could turn the tables and spy on her mother if she snooped around in Tina’s room.

Expecting to see her mother sneaking around the room and going through her belongings she opened the streaming video player and saw a face staring back at her. The face was familiar but she couldn’t figure out who it was. It was some girl on her computer! Where was her mother? Who was this girl?? She looked about Tina’s age but she couldn’t remember her from school. She watched closer as the girl looked different somehow.



The girl was getting younger! “What’s going on??” Tina said to herself as she focused on the computer. She could see the girl readjusting herself in the seat as her body was now growing skinnier and shorter.

Tina looked closely at the pixelated video.... “MOM????”. The girl looked like a teenage version of her mother! Could it be? Tina shut the computer down and began running home.



The faded cut-off jeans changed into a pair of longer shorts. The tank top turned into a femine T-shirt. Her heels raised from the floor as her legs grew shorter. Her flip flops disappeared. She had trouble following the story now. It was rather boring. For some reason she had an urge to listen to some boy band that she had seen on TV the night before. They were soooooooo cute she thought! Soon she was daydreaming about them!




Her pony tail loosened and suddenly her hair began to shorten. Straight bangs formed just above her eyes. Her clothes changed again. Her shorts grew smaller to fit her smaller frame and her feminine T-shirt changed into a normal T-shirt with a cartoon character on the front.





Tin arrived at the house and raced to her room. There sat a 6 year old swinging her bare feet back and forth as she hummed a tuned that Tina recognized from N-Sync.

“Mom????” Tina said almost in shock.

This woke Diana from her daydream.

“You’re back!” she squeaked in her child’s voice. She was still unaware of the changes as the computer still had at least some hold on her.

“What’re you doing... what’s happening..???” Tina asked.

Diana glared at her with all the anger a 6 year old could muster and lisped “You’re ‘thsposed to have a book!”

Tina couldn’t believe it. Her mother still expected her to have checked out a library book!


“I told ya to not come back unless ya bring a book!” Diana said as she noticed her clothing changing to fit her younger body. “Hey??? What happened to....?”

Diana was becoming aware!

Tina had hurried home to help her mother and instead was being scolded by her... or rather by a 5 year old version of her!

“Hey! You’re just a little kid! You can’t tell ME what to do!” Tina declared suddenly realizing that she was much bigger than her hateful mother now. Tina saw the meter counting down on the computer. She realized it was related... somehow... to what was happening to her mother.

And Diana suddenly realized it too!


“I gotta make it stop!” she said as she spun back toward the computer “It’s all your fault!”

Tina grabbed her 4 year old mother’s hand. “No you don’t!”


“HEY LET GO YOU MEANY!!!!!!” Diana whined.

“Sorry... but from now on -I- will be the boss around here. You’ll be busy growing up all over again!”


“Nuh huh.... don’t wanna... make me big girl!!! .... PWEEEEEEEEEEEASE!” little Diana pleaded as her shorts turned into training pants.

“Nope. You’ll get big when you grow up again.... and you’ll go to school.... and high school.... AND I don’t wanna see any ‘B’s on ANY tests! Do you understand? My baby sister will get ALLLLLL A’s!!!!”

“I sorry... Make.... it.... stop.... pweease! I sorry!”


“oooooooo gooooooooo ahhhhhh” baby Diana cooed as her training pants turned into a cloth diaper.

And then baby Diana became quiet and fell asleep. Tina looked at the monitor. The counter read all zeroes and the text under it said “Subject Fully Regressed Courtesy of Tainted Sins”

“Well, baby sister, I don’t know who Tainted Sins is but I sure hope everyone appreciates his amazing talents!” Tina said as she picked up the sleeping newborn.

The End