Time and Punishment Chapter 6 by Omnibus Chapter 7 by Louder

Holly pulled the car into the rest stop as her body began its retreat through time. Kathy and Nancy knew *exactly* what was happening and could barely contain their giggles.

Christy also realized what was happening. 'Oh Boy! We can all play now!' she yelped as she watched Holly youthen by the moment.

'Oh now, Puhleeeeeeeeze! I'll just, like, ya know.... pull in here and you can all use the bathroom or whatever and then we can get outta here.' A much younger Holly answered, unaware that Christy meant that she, *Holly*, would be joining them in play!

Young Holly carefully pulled into a parking spot, taking her time to center her car and not touch the curb. Regardless, she still managed to run up on the curb!

'Oops! Wow....this car is like a boat or something!' a 16 year old Holly said trying to make an excuse for her poor driving.

'I don't think you're old enough to be driving anyway, Mom....errrrrr Holly' Nancy added.

'Well, like, I will be in, like, a few months' a 15 year old Holly answered.

'OK... But, you better turn off the motor before you get in trouble for driving!' Nancy warned.

Holly scooted up in the seat and looked blankly at the steering wheel. 'What?' The 13 year old asked worriedly.

'The key...The key...turn it off! Before someone sees you driving!' Nancy pleaded.

*SCREEEEEEECH* .....the car made a grinding sound as the 11 year old Holly turned the key the wrong way. Holly squealed in shock at the unexpected sound of the grinding car. Meanwhile, Barbie laughed at the plight of her mother... or who she thought was her mother!

'The OTHER way...turn it the other way...you dweeb!' Nancy ordered.

10 year old Holly turned the key the proper way to shut the engine off and then began to argue that she wasn't a 'dweeb'!

'I'm not a dweeb! Maybe you're a dweeb?' Holly shot back.

'Ok, you're not a dweeb...sorry!' Nancy said half-heartedly.

'How come Mommy's little?' Barbie asked.

'We dunno. We think it's kinda like a miracle. Like where somethin' happens that's not 'sposed to be possible, but is a really good thing! Now we can all play until she gets big again.' Kathy answered.

'~Neat~' Barbie replied seemingly satisfied with the answer.

All the girls made their way to the bathroom. Christy, Barbie, and Holly had on only huge shirts leaving the rest of their way too big adult clothes behind. After finishing with their 'business' in the bathroom they made their way to the swingsets and monkey bars that were provided at the rest stop. After a while at the playground Barbie again complained about being hungry. Christy raided the purses in the car for change for the candy machines. The girls all enjoyed a lunch of colas and candy. This left them sufficiently 'charged' for more time at the playground.

Nancy kept a watchful eye on her 'charges'. Barbie seemed afraid to climb on the monkey bars but was more than happy to glide higher and higher in the swing with Kathy pushing.

'Higher! Higher!' she exclaimed with glee as Kathy obliged.

The two 10 year olds, Holly and Christy, Finally sat at the top of the monkey bars with their feet dangling down.

'I could stay here allllllll day!' Holly said.

Christy didn't answer. She felt strange all of a sudden. Holly stared at her friend in fascination as she began to 'age'. Slowly, Christy's body began to mature. Christy's legs lengthened as did the rest of her body. Her huge shirt suddenly wasn't so huge any more! She felt the cold steel of the monkey bars on her bare rear-end as the shirt didn't cover her as well anymore!

'You're big?' Holly said.

Christy looked around from her 'perch' atop the monkey bars, hoping no one was looking. A couple of other children were laughing and pointing at the 'funny lady'. She pulled on the bottom of her shirt and quickly hopped down from the bars. 'Holly, get down here....' she whispered trying not to garner any more attention. Holly, still 10 years old, wasn't ready to get down.

'Huh uh' she replied shaking her head.

'Please....' Christy whispered.

'Ohhhhh All right.........' Holly answered dejectedly and climbed off the bars.

'C'mon.... kiddo....' Christy ordered as she tugged nervously on her shirt and tried to get back to the car un-noticed.

The sight of a 30 year old woman wearing nothing but a shirt was soon the talk of the rest stop. EVERYBODY was staring and pointing. Christy wanted to find a hole and get in it! As soon as she got to the car she grabbed her pants and pulled them on in record time.

'Nancy... get your Grandmoth.....uhhhhhh *sisters*...we have to go.... NOW....' Christy pleaded with the other girls.

Nancy rounded up her *sisters* and they all piled into the car. Christy readjusted the seat for her adult size while Holly sat in the passenger seat playing with the power windows. Christy pulled back onto the highway, where the traffic was now moving, and breathed a sigh of relief to be her *old* self again.

'Oh...Oh...OH! Cutie alert!!!!'

Christy turned to see a 14 year old Holly with her face glued to the window straining to see a car load of guys!

'Holly! Turn around and sit up straight!' Christy yelled.

'Sheeeeesh...what crawled up YOUR butt!?' a 15 year old sarcastic Holly asked.

'You'll know soon enough....' Christy mumbled.

'So, like, ummmm, where are my shorts?' A confused 16 year old Holly asked looking down at her bare legs.

'Your pants are in the back' Christy's answered.

'These aren't *mine*! They're too big.... and besides I, like,*never* wear long pants in the summer!' The now 17 year old answered. 'Quit playing head games!'

'You'll grow into them... sooner than you think!'

'~Right~ As if....'

And with that statement, Christy pulled into Holly's drive.

The girls emptied out of the backseat. Kathy took Barbie's hand and started directing her towards the house. Apparently, Kathy like the idea of no longer being the youngest sister. An 18 year old Holly also got out of the car. Still barefoot and wearing only a T-shirt she looked more like a high school girl who was returning from a day at the pool rather than a 30 year old mother of two!

Much to Christy's surprise a man came running out of the house.

'Christy...Thank God you're here. I've been looking all over...'

'Steve? What is it?' Christy asked the man that she recognized as Tricia's boyfriend.

He didn't immediately answer. His attention was suddenly focused on the young beauty that was with Christy. 'Holly?'

'Yeah.... You wanna take a picture? It'll last longer!' the 19 year old answered sounding a bit annoyed 'Geezers...sheesh!'

'Christy, what's going on? I mean I find Tricia passed out on the porch...naked...Then this morning we were gonna.... you know? And all of a sudden she's like Shirley Temple or something!' Steve shook his head in confusion waiting for an answer.

Before Christy could answer- Nancy, Kathy, and Barbie came back out of the house with another new face.... a 10 year old Tricia!

'Tricia? She looks so innocent.... How long as she been like this?'

'Ummmm about an hour and a half I guess'

'I *think* it wears off after a couple hours...'

'Think? What wears off?'

'The spell... or curse.... but it can happen again. It's happened to me too. And obviously, Holly is just now recovering from her last round of being a kid again' Christy said motioning to the 23 year old who now was a bit curious as to what was happening. 'And *that* girl...the little one... that is Holly's *mother*!'

'What!? This can't be... A spell? Like a witches spell? Some kind of witch did this?'

'Please.... witches aren't like that! That is just a misconception that people have. The person that did this is something else entirely!'

'Like what?'

'I don't know... but we have to be careful. Barbara...Barbie, there tried to help us and now she's a 5 year old. We don't even know how it happened.... And she thinks Holly is HER mother.... Come to think of it, she's been that way all morning! She should have grown back up by now.... atleast we did!????.....The first thing we need to do is figure out what is triggering the spell. It seems like every time we are near kids we get young too....'

'But Tricia wasn't near any kids with me this morning....????'

The conversation was interrupted by a now 30 year old Holly sobbing as she remembered the morning. 'Oh nooooo!!!!!!... It happened again!!!'

'We HAVE to figure out what is triggering the spell!' Christy stated.

The seriouness of the situation and the worries that go with it weren't shared by the children 'Mommy, can we get the wading pool out and fill it up?' Kathy asked.

'Kids... Not now... leave us alone. Can't you see this is serious? This doesn't involve you! Just go out back! Leave us ALONE1 Go! NOW!' Holly barked.

Christy turned back to Steve. 'We just need to be calm. We have to try and understand what is happening and maybe even why it is happening. We're all adults here now. Tricia will be an adult again soon too... I hope! Obviously, if it happens again you are going to have to be in charge. It's so scary remembering how 'young' we become. I must've eaten a ton of candy... and I never eat candy! We become total 10 year old girls! But atleast we are adults now and the three of us can start to figure this out now...Right, Holly?'

'Whatever... I'm looking for my shorts. So, like,where'd you hide 'em. They have to be in this car somewhere. I don't wear long pants in the summer and I've never owned a pair of pants this big in my life! So c'mon! Like, quit playin' around!' A youthening 17 year old Holly replied.....

To be continued

Time and Punishment

Chapter 7 by Omnibus

Christy's jaw dropped in shock at seeing the youthening Holly searching through the car. She already had slipped back to her high school years and was fast heading for grade school!

'What could've triggered it? She just grew back ~up~!' Steve asked.

'I don't know...... The kids wanted to play.... and then she suddenly starts getting younger. There's got to be a connection?' Christy answered as she mulled over the situation.

'But you're not getting any younger' Steve said hesitantly as he examined Christy for any signs of change.

'Well the kids weren't talking to me, so maybe that has something to do with it.'

'Aunt Christy?' a small voice from behind asked politely.

Christy spun around to see the 10 year old Holly looking up at her.

'Can I go play with the others?'

Christy knelt down to look her in the eyes. 'Sure, honey... It's probably better if you do go play rather than stay here with use adults. They're all out back.' Christy told her.

Holly's face seemed to brighten up and she took off running for the back yard. On her way there she passed another adult making her way to the front yard. Holly thought the lady looked funny in only her soaking wet T-shirt.

'Christy...What's happening to us?' a restored Tricia sobbed.

'Tricia....Thank God you're an adult again! We have to figure out how to stop this!' Christy told her.

'I don't like being so young...and, and, and.... ~helpless~! We've got to find that fortune teller and make her fix this. She has to be the cause!' Tricia told the others as she tried to discretely wring the excess water out of her T-shirt.

'Actually, Tricia, we've tried already. That little girl that was back there with you is Holly's mother! Somehow..... I don't know how.... Barbara was changed too. She wanted to help us and so we all went back to Madame Kwan's. We never even got inside....atleast I don't think we did. We remembered looking at the door and then all of a sudden we were standing at the door and the place was EMPTY. And Barbara was just a child with no memories of her former life. She thinks she's the girls' little sister! And what is really spooky is that she has been that way ever since! She hasn't changed back! We need to try to figure out what is triggering this so that we can avoid turning into children every time we turn around! Then maybe we can stay adult and focused long enough to figure out how to get rid of this spell!'

'Have you considered that maybe it's random? Or maybe you might get even younger sometimes? Is that possible?' Steve asked worriedly.

'I don't know. Anything is possible I guess.... But it hasn't happened so hopefully we won't need to stock up on any Pampers' Christy replied with a bit of nervousness.

Tricia just sobbed harder upon hearing that!

'Tricia, It'll be OK. We'll figure it out. As long as we are adults we can reason this all out. We just have to be careful. I think the first order of business is making sure we all stay together. The second order of business is finding some clothing to wear. I mean ~children's~ clothing! I don't hold out any illusions that we aren't going to get little again before we start to figure this all out. Fortunately, Steve is here and he can babysit....'

Steve wasn't sure he liked the idea of babysitting 6 little girls.... but he had no choice.

The trio entered the house and Christy began looking around for any old clothing of Nancy's that might fit well enough if they should find themselves turned into children again. She found enough shorts and T-shirts for them and then found an old T-shirt of Kathy's for Barbie. 'OK, these'll do... Let's get Holly and Barbie changed.'

They made their way to the back porch and saw the 4 girls laughing and splashing each other with water. Little Barbie was sitting in the middle of the wading pool splashing water while the three older girls were running around and spraying each other with the garden hose.

'You know, Ummm I never really said anything about this but I've studied...uhhhh ~things~ a little. I might know someone we should talk to....' Christy said before she caught the girls' attention. 'Holly... Barbie.... get in here, please! C'mon' .

'Are we in trouble, Aunt Christy?' Barbie asked.

'No.... I just want you to settle down and get some better fitting clothes on.'

'We wanna play....' Holly protested. 'We'll come in later...K?'

'NO! Damnit... this is hard enough. Just get your asses in here... I'm sorry but it's been a hard day and I don't have time for any of your lip!' Christy felt a tingle. This time she knew what that meant! 'Tricia...Steve..... I think it's happening again.... to ~me~...... I'm going to try and fight it.... you...have...to help...me....'

'How?' Tricia asked.

'Don't let me think I'm really 10.... Keep telling me I'm .....I'm.....28.... so I can keep my adult....mind'

'But you're not 28.... anymore' Tricia answered.

'Ohhhhhh.... No...No....No..... I'm not a child.......I'm 28! Please help me! Don't let me slip further!'

'You're ummmm 28' Steve repeated 'You're not a child, You're 28'

'I'm 28...28.... I think it's working...... I'm 28!'

'I think it's working too.... You look younger than 28!' Tricia said.

'Good...28...28...28...' Christy kept chanting. '28..28....28.... adult....28!'

'I mean you're body looks like it couldn't be more than 20...' Tricia said hoping to be helpful.

'Twenty-Ei...errrrrrrr what? What did you say?...... I'm Twenty-Uhhhhhh.....Oh ...Twenty..... I'm uhhhh 20?'

'No, you're 28!' Steve yelled.

'I'm 28?.... No... I'm.... Not ....I'm ummmmm... Stevie? How old? I'm .......Please.....'

'Fight it Christy!' Tricia implored her friend 'You're not a teenager.... You're an adult even though you look like a teenager...it's just an illusion.... You're an adult. You just *look* like a teenager...'

'I'm a..... an..... I'm.... 18... ummmm No....I'm 20....??? Stevie?'

'Tricia, you're not helping. Christy you are 28!'

'Uhhhh My head hurts! I'm 18..... why are you saying these things to me?'

'Can't you fight it anymore?' Steve asked.


'You're adult mind...is it gone? Christy? Who did you want to talk to about the situation? Can you remember? Try an think!'

'My what? Geez...... What are you, like, asking me?' an obviously teenaged Christy wanted to know.

'She's slipping...Steve.... We can't stop it!'

'I know...' Steve said dejectedly 'just like you did.....'

Christy stared at the two adults as they watched her transformation. Her pants were now extremely baggy on her teenage frame. The bottoms of her jeans pooled up around her feet as her height lessened. Her T-shirt seemed to slowly deflate.

'What is it? Do I have, like, a zit or somethin'?' An insecure 16 year old asked them.

'No.... it's just your...ummmm.......uh nothing' Tricia replied as Steve gave her a poke with his elbow.

A more girlish, higher pitched voice asked 'Did I do somethin' wrong? Why are you lookin' at me like that?'

Neither replied.

'Can I go out and play? Please.....' The now 10 year old asked.

'Sure...go on.....' Steve told her.

'Aunt Christy 's LITTLE AGAIN...yayyyyyyyyy' Kathy yelled as she saw Christy make her appearence.

'So, now what? They're all kids....children.' Steve said. 'Who do you think she thought she could talk to? What had she been studying?'

'I don't know, and right now she doesn't either.'

'Well, she seemed to think that being around other children somehow triggered this to happen. From what I've seen those two started getting younger when they had direct contact with the other children. But what about you? Unless....'

' -Unless- what?'

'The TV. You know it was on some kid's show this morning. Did you watch it at all?'

'Well, I was a little hungover at the time.... I do remember looking at it. Ummmm I yelled at the TV because this one girl was being kinda bratty! Do you think that was it?'

'It ~has~ to be! We just need to keep you adults from interacting with any children! Whether they're on TV or in real life....it doesn't matter!' Steve felt his ego kick in as he decided he had the solution.

'Well, Mr. Wizard... How do you expect Holly, the MOTHER of two children not to interact with any children.... or Christy, a TEACHER....huh?'

'Uhhhh wellll.... Shit! Well, atleast we can keep everyone adult long enough to figure out what to do. Everyone except Barbie, I guess.... Atleast you're an adult ~now~' Steve said as he eyed her still wet T-shirt and began to think about this morning's unfinished business.


'Hey... we got a couple of hours.... and you ~look~ great in that T-shirt' Steve said as he put his hand on her thigh.

'Well, I guess we did get a little surprise this morning' Tricia replied as she felt a tingle.

To be continued. ----------------------------

"Time and Punishment"

Recommended for 18 years and older.



"Whoa! Hold on there, Warren Beatty." Tricia replied coyly, as she pushed Steven away gently. "First, I need to use the little girl's room. Being big, then little, then big again, works hell on one's bladder."

She bent forward and gave Steven a passionate kiss, which quickly turned toward the more erotic, as both their tongues began to explore each other's mouths. Steven grabbed Tricia's ass with both his hands and began squeezing it softly. At the same time, Tricia was stroking Steven extended manhood through his pants.

"I . . . mmmmmmm . . . I really . . .oh god, yes . . .I mean no. I mean I really have to go to the bathroom." Tricia reluctantly responded, as she slowly pushed herself away from Steven. "Don't move a muscle." She playfully gave the huge budge in Steven's pants one last fondle. "Especially that one. I'll be right back."

With that, Tricia turned around and walked into the house. Steven just stood there and watched her, like Pavlo's dog, as she disappeared from his sight. For a second, Steven thought that Tricia looked a little thinner than usual, as he stared at her from behind. But he figured, since there were no kids around them, she was in no danger of regressing, and simply brushed the whole thing off.

Steven then turned his attention back to the five little girls, who were running around and screaming. All the girls were soaking wet, as Nancy, who was the oldest in the group, worked the hose. Kathy had disappeared into the garage for a second and returned with three large fluorescent colored supersoakers. Water flew everywhere, as the girls ran around the yard, spraying everything in sight.

Little Holly ran by Steven, who was still standing on the back porch, stopped and stared at him for a moment. She then walked back toward him and released a jet stream of water from her gun. Steven just stood there, as Holly drenched him from head to toe. As the gun finally exhausted it's fluid, Holly ran off, laughing exuberantly.

"Well, that was pleasant." Steven remarked dryly, as he removed his water spotted glasses.

Steven walked back into the house and grabbed a tissue to clean his glasses. After putting them back on, he looked at the hanging clock and noted that Tricia had been in the bathroom for over ten minutes.

"What the hell is she doing up there?" Steven eyed the ceiling in frustration.

His sneakers squashed on the stairway, as Steven trotted up to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom was locked. Steven began to pound on the door. "Jesus, Tricia! What did you do, fall in or something?"

Suddenly, the clicking of the door being unlocked was heard, followed by the door slowly swinging open. A ten year old girl in a wet T-shirt, which came down past her knees, stood in the doorframe. The red T-shirt had dried somewhat, except for around the bottom, which was now soaking wet. Water was dripping off the ends of the shirt, leaving a puddle at her feet.

"I'm sorry! I must of slipped or somethin'." Tricia answered in response to Steven's question. Her head was down, but her eyes were looking up. Tricia's face was about as red as her shirt from embarrassment.

"Wow! She really did fall in." Steven thought to himself, as the little girl stood in front of him.

"Um, that's okay." Steven replied, as he rubbed the little girl's hair. "Why don't you go out and play with the other girls, while I go find something for dinner."

"Okay!" Tricia said, her expression suddenly turning to sheer exhilaration. Then in a flash, she was gone, leaving nothing behind except a thin trail of water.

"Yeah, great weekend." Steven said to himself sarcastically. Suddenly, an almost forgotten thought crossed his mind. "Oh fuck! I gotta fly out to Lake Tahoe tomorrow for a business meeting. Fuck! What am I gonna do about Tricia?"

Steven was torn between what he needed to do, what he wanted to do, and what he should do. Tricia and Steven weren't really boyfriend and girlfriend, but more like fuckable friends. They simply used each other for their own needs, without the hassle of a commitment getting in the way. Whether it was living together to save on rent (they both had their own rooms), or getting together for a moment a pleasure when either (or both) of them were feeling horny (which was quite often, to say the least). To put it blatantly, Steven had no physical or emotion ties to Tricia or her friends. The trip he had to take tomorrow was simply too important to pass up, money-wise and prestige-wise. Canceling Lake Tahoe was not an option. Yet Steven was not cold-hearted or careless enough to leave six little girls alone in a house unsupervised, even though three of them would eventually become thirty year old again, if only on a temporary basis.

Steven paced the hallway, struggling for an answer, as the sounds of girls' screaming and laughing echoed in the background.

After a few moments of brainstorming, Steven figured his only option was to simply find an adult guardian for the girls. At least until the problem either fixed itself, or until Holly's husband came home, which wasn't for six more days. But who could he get to watch them? After what happened to Holly's mother, Steven sure the hell wasn't going to have someone he loved or cared about endangered like that. But who could he get to watch the girls, with which he had little or no emotion attachment to, and would still do this as a favor for him.

"Sherry!" Steven exclaimed out loud, as the name popped into his head.

Sherry Noonan was Steven's distant cousin, who he remembered happened to be in town for a while. Sherry was 33 and a professional bodybuilder, entering and performing in several competitions, and winning most of them. The last time Steven had seen her, she was HUGE, in every sense of the word. The pure definition of Amazon. At 6'4", she stood a good six inches taller than Steven, with probably twice as much body mass, and breasts as big as his head. A pretty impressive feat in itself, since the breasts of most women of muscular build are usually quite reduced, being changed from fat to muscle. Sherry's bosom had to be a least a D-cup, with her constantly bragging that they were real and not implants. Steven remembered how thin and scrawny she used to be when she was little, when he and his family visited her on holidays and such. But in high school, she joined a weight training class, and before too long, BOOM, she became an instant She-Hulk. There was no love lost between the two of them. Especially since the time when Sherry and him arm wrestled in front of several of his friends. Steven remembered how she literally threw him across the table like a Styrofoam cup, breaking his forearm in the process. Or the time she wanted to prove how strong she was, and began bench pressing Steven, against his will, above her head. This time it was in front of the whole family. Well, Sherry's hands must have gotten sweaty after the ninth lift, since she dropped Steven to the floor like a ton of bricks. Thankfully, only three of his ribs were fractured.

Sherry was his only answer, he decided. After dinner, and with the girls' approval, the grown-up ones that is, he would give Sherry a call.

Satisfied with his decision, Steven rushed back downstairs and into the kitchen. "Fuck! What do ten year olds eat?" Steven snapped his fingers. "Pizza!"

Picking up the phone, he quickly ordered two large pizzas; one extra cheese and one with pepperoni. Steven then went to the back porch and called the girls inside. "Alright girls, it's getting late! Time to come inside!"

"Awwwwww! Do we hafta?" Tricia began to whine in response. "I just got out here!"

"Yes Tricia, even you!" Steven waved all the kids to come inside. "It's almost six o'clock. I need all of you to clean up and change (especially three of you) for dinner."

Hoses and squirt guns were quickly disregarded and left laying on the flooded back lawn. Nancy was the first one to reach the porch.

"Nancy, I need you to take the rest of the girls upstairs to change clothes. Everything should be laid out on the bed for them."

"Okay." Nancy chimed, as she lead the rest of the pack upstairs.

Upstairs, the kids quickly removed their wet clothes and tore into Nancy's hand-me-downs, which had been placed on her bed. Of the group, only Nancy was somewhat self-conscious about being naked in front of the other girls. Especially with her being the only one of the girls who now showed any signs of development or modesty. That and the fact that, ten or not, these little girls were her mother and her friends.

Meanwhile, Kathy had pretty much assigned herself Barbie's personal babysitter. She tugged on little Barbie's hand, as she lead her into her bedroom.

"This is my room." Kathy tooted proudly, placing her hands on her hips.

"Wow!" Barbie replied in awe, as she quickly surveyed the room.

Kathy went to her closet and starting digging through a box marked SALVATION ARMY. She found a white T-shirt and a faded pair of blue overall, that she had outgrown. She helped little Barbie out of her huge wet shirt and dried her off with a towel. Kathy then gave her a pair of her panties to wear, which were a little baggy on the five year old, but still did their job. Both girls paused for a second as they heard the doorbell ring.

"PIZZA!" They both screamed at each other excitedly.

After helping Barbie on with the rest of her outfit, Kathy quickly changed her clothes and raced Barbie downstairs. Upon entering the kitchen, Kathy and Barbie found that had been the last ones down. Holly, Tricia, Christy, and Nancy were already seated around the kitchen table, digging into the two boxes Steven had placed in the middle. The two girls quickly took their places among the rest.

"Hey! Table's too big! I can't reach!" Barbie complained, her chin now level with the top of the table.

"Whoops!" Steven exclaimed, as he quickly retrieved a phonebook and placed it under the small 5 year old. He then put a big slice of cheese pizza on her plate. "There you go."

"Thanks!" Barbie immediately began gnawing on the huge slice.

Dinner was pretty uneventful, as the girls finished up their pizza and pop. Steven sat at the very of the table, somewhat isolating himself away from the kids. As he sat there, drinking some JD he had found in one of the cabinets, the girls continued to talk and giggle to each other at the other end. Steven couldn't make out what they were saying, so he started to lose himself in his own thoughts.

Suddenly, all the girls got really quiet and began staring at Steven.

"Uncle Steven?" Tricia said, trying to get Steven's attention.

"Hmmmmmmmm?" Steven looked up, his train of thought abruptly disturbed. "Yes, Tricia?" He replied, taking a sip from his glass.

"We were just wondering, what is sex?"

Jack Daniels spayed from Steven's mouth like a lawn sprinkler. "Wh . . . wh . . .cough . . .WHAT?!?!" Steven stammered, trying to recover from a spit-take Jackie Gleason would have been proud of. He was somewhat taken aback by the surprise topic. The irony that it was Tricia who first brought up the subject, did not escape his notice.

"You know . . . like where do babies come from?" Tricia restated her question, as she twirled a piece of hair around her finger.

"Yeah!" All the rest of the girls agreed together, looking impatiently at Steven.

Steven's face began to turn redder than a baboon's ass. "Ummmmm . . . well you see . . . when a man and a woman love . . . no that's not right . . . ummmm . . . HEY, how about some ice cream." Steven shouted, trying to quickly change the subject.

Thankfully, the ice cream ploy worked liked a charm. The girls' young minds immediately forgot the birds and the bees, and now focused on Ben and Jerry. Steven swiftly gave each of the girls a sugar cone on which he placed a very large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

"Alright little ladies, now let's go into the living room and watch TV for a while." Steven said, as he began to lead the way.

Kathy and Barbie had lingered behind, as Kathy was helping little Barbie with her ice cream, which she almost dropped twice.

"Here, hold it like this." She told Barbie, as she tilted the cone more toward the five year old. Barbie just stood there, with her back arched impatiently and half a face covered with white glaze.

Unfortunately, Kathy was so preoccupied with Barbie's cone, she neglected to pay attention to her own cone. Her wrist had been ever so slowly rotating, until, PLOP!

Kathy's attention refocused on her own desert, upon feeling the sugar cone she held become very light. "Awwww! No! My ice cream!" She yelled at the splattered ice cream ball on the floor. Tears began to fill up in the corners of her eyes.

Little Barbie looked up at her best friend, who now had tears rolling down her face. She looked for a second at her own ice cream cone, then back at her friend. "Here!" Barbie said, as she pointed the cone at Kathy. "You can share mine."

"Really?" Kathy replied, as the sob and sniffles lessened. "You'd share your ice cream with me?"

"Yep!" Barbie had a big grin on her face, relieved that she had made her friend stop crying.

"Thanks!" Kathy took the cone from Barbie, gave it a few licks, then proceeded to give Barbie a great big hug. "You're the bestest friend I've ever had. Come on, let's go watch TV with everybody else."

Kathy grabbed Barbie's hand and began to lead her into the living room, when Barbie suddenly let go of her hand.

Kathy turned around. "What's wrong?"

"My tummy's feels funny." Barbie answered, both her hands on her stomach.

"Maybe you had too much pizza and ice cream."

Barbie suddenly put one of her hands on her forehead. "Now . . . my head feels funny too."

Before Kathy could say anything, Barbie began to grow and stretch right in front of her.


"Time and Punishment"

Recommended for 18 years and older.


"Never seen a woman who was more like a man. She thinks like one, acts like one, and sometimes makes me feel like I'm not." ("Johnny Guitar" (1954))


"No Barbie! Not you too!" Kathy yelled, as her friend began to change right before her eyes.

The five year old's growth soon became apparent, as her shirt sleeves and pant legs slowly moved up her arms and legs. Barbie's hair got a little longer and her face thinned a little bit, as she lost some baby fat, but most of her transformation dealt with her increase in height. She was now about Kathy's age and size, as her arms and legs continuing to stretch and extend past the confines of her attire. Barbie quickly turned nine, and the cuffs of her sleeves pulled tight around her upper arms. The growth spurt soon started to slow down and finally dissipate, almost as mysteriously as it had begun.

"What happened?" The confused 10 year old asked, now looking down at Kathy. "How'd you get so small, Kathy? Hey, why do my clothes feel so weird?" Barbie pondered in a slightly deeper voice, while pulling down on one her pant legs.

Kathy just stood there, speechless, staring at the girl who was now two years older than her and almost on the verge of puberty. Red rings ran up Barbie's legs and arms, getting deeper and redder the higher up they went. These lines in her skin represented growth markers, from where her clothes had retreated periodically during her age progression. She looked perfectly normal for a ten year old girl; thin, gawky, freckles, and straight blonde hair down to her shoulders. The only physical thing strange about her, was the super small outfit she now sported. While still a skinny little girl, the clothing she now wore was starting to burst at the seems. The overalls, which reached almost past her ankles a few minutes ago, were now wrapped tightly around her thighs and rested an inch or two above her knobby knees.

"Why does everything feel so tight?" Barbie asked, as she tried to stick a finger into the T-shirt collar that was digging into her neck. She also found she had a hard time breathing, as the overalls stretched tightly across her front, constricting her lungs. Barbie tried to take in a deep breath, while arching her back at the same time.

POP! POP! Both buttons snapped off, causing the front part of the overalls to fall down. This in turn revealed a taut white T-shirt stretched across her flat, 10 year old chest. The bottom of the shirt hanging just above her bellybutton.

Before either girl could decide on their next move, little Christy came bounding into the kitchen.

"Hey Dum-Dums! What's all the noise about?" Christy paused in her tracks upon seeing Kathy and a strange girl, about her age, wearing even stranger clothes. It didn't take long for Christy to figure out what had happened, especially after she realized that the extra snug outfit the 10 year old was wearing was exactly the same one little Barbie was wearing earlier.

"Uncle Steven! I think you should come in here!" Christy yelled into the living room. "Something's happened to Barbie!"

"Now what?" Steven came barging into the kitchen, but stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing the awkwardly dressed ten year old. "Barbie?"

"Yeah?" Barbie answered, more than a little confused about her current situation.

"Well, this was unexpected, and after tonight that's saying a lot." He continued looking at Barbie, as he tried to figure out what to do next. Obviously, he had to get her out of those useless clothes.

The rest of the girls had curiously rushed into the room to see what all the commotion was about. They all stood behind Steven, staring at their recently changed playmate.

Steven walked over to Barbie and tried to help her out of her confining outfit. He tried to pull the T-shirt over her head, but couldn't get it past her chin.

"Owwwwwww!" Barbie screamed, as Steven continuing tugging unsuccessfully.

"Okay, well, that's not going to work." Steven stopped trying to remove Barbie's shirt. "Nancy! I need some appropriate clothes for Barbie and a pair of scissors."

Nancy quickly returned with the items Steven asked for. "Ummmmm! Uncle Steven! I'm starting to run out of old clothes for everyone and there's NO way I'm giving them any of my new clothes to wear." Nancy said as she handed the clothes and scissors to Steven.

"We'll figure something out later." Steven replied, half listening to Nancy. "Now, could all of you please go into the living room and watch TV or something till I finish with Barbie here?"

All the girls trampled into the other room, arguing who would have possession of the remote control, as Steven began cutting the shirt off Barbie.

"Barbie, could you ~please~ hold still while I'm cutting?" Steven said, getting a little frustrated.

"Sorry! I couldn't help it, the scissors are cold."

"Well, I'll be done soon." Steven resumed cutting.

After about ten minutes, Steven had released Barbie from the entrapment of her clothes and redressed her. He had just finished putting a new red T-shirt on the ten year old when he heard his named being called from the other room.

"Uncle Steven! I think you should come in here!" Tricia yelled from the living room. "Something's happened to Holly!"

"What the fuck!" Steven grudgingly ran into the living room.

Stopping in the doorway at the end of the hall, Steven was almost run over by a topless 13 year old. Steven barely avoided colliding with the apparently embarrassed teenager, as she quickly flew past him and headed for the stairs. Obviously, Steven knew the girl was Holly, as he watched the frantic creature run away from him. Holly hit the stair railing just as a growth spurt hit her. Her chest, which she was still quite small and easily covered by her folded arms, suddenly swelled and overflow the coverage of her limbs. Each step she took up the stairway, literally symbolized another step toward adulthood. Holly's hips and waist expanded, decimating what was left of her already tight shorts and panties. They fell on the stairs behind her as she continued climbing. Where as a skinny adolescent girl of 14 began the stair climb, a curvaceous adult woman of 20 finished it.

"Well, that was interesting." Steven remarked to himself, a little turned on by the whole scene. Steven quickly regained his composure and walked into the living room.

Walking over to the empty Lazyboy, Steven saw that the girls had broken into two groups. Nancy, Barbie, and Kathy were situated on the couch, while Christy and Tricia had settled, quite comfortably, into the other Lazyboy. Christy was in control of the television remote, and was flashing through the channels so quickly it was causing a strobe light effect in the room.

"Hey Butt-munch, pick a channel already!" Nancy yelled at Christy, finally getting tired of her attention deficit channel surfing.

"Fine!" With that, Christy pressed the button one final time, landing the dial on The Cartoon Network. She then plopped back into the chair, crossed her arms, and began to pout silently.

For a couple of minutes, the kids sat quietly and watched television, as Steven tried to collect his thoughts. Once in a while, the sound of Holly walking or dropping something upstairs would cause him to look up, but he would quickly return to his current train of thought. It wasn't until the two girls in the chair began complaining, did Steven's thoughts return to reality.

"Hey, scoot over!" Tricia barked at Christy, as she wedged her elbow in between them. "Stop hogging the whole chair!"

"You scoot over!" Christy replied back, pushing Tricia against the arm of the chair. "Besides, I was here first!"

Steven looked at the two children scornfully. "Alright you two, enough!" He looked at Christy strangely, since she suddenly appeared to be a little taller than Tricia, when before he could have sworn they were the same height.

Steven watched Christy for a few more seconds, to make sure her sudden height advantage wasn't just his imagination. After witnessing her growing another 2 inches in height, he decided it was time for Christy to join Holly upstairs.

Steven sprang from his chair and walked over to the girls. "Christy? Why don't you go upstairs and make sure Holly's alright?" He asked, clapping his hands together.

"Awwwwwww! Do I hafta?" The 12 year old whined in response.

"Yes! Please! Now!" Steven watched as her 13 year old body began to fill out her clothes. Two small bumps suddenly appeared on her chest and very slowly began to enlarge. The tips of her toes were now scraping the carpet.

Tricia finally couldn't stand being crammed between her expanding friend and the arm of the chair anymore, and decided to join the other girls on the couch.

"Why don't you go upstairs and check on her? I'm busy watching TV." The suddenly rebellious teenager commented, directing her attention back to the television. "Hey, who put this kiddie crap on?"

The 14 year old sped through the channels and stopped on MTV. By some miracle, a music video was actually playing. "This looks cool." Christy commented on the Backstreet Boys video that was currently on, fidgeting with her progressively constricting clothes. "Man, they're hot looking."

Steven quickly stepped between the television and her.

"HEY! I was watching that. Could you like, move please?" The 15 year old complained. Rips and tears were beginning to spread throughout her shorts and shirt. Christy's bottom got larger, as she now covered about 75% of the chair.

"Young lady, I really do insist you go upstairs and check on Holly." Steven grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the chair. He then proceeded to drag her out of the room toward the stairway. Christy bitched and complained the whole way.

"You're not my father! You can't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me!" Christy, smack dab in the middle of adolescence, was becoming resentful of the authority figure Steven now represented. She continued to struggle, as Steven dragged her to the edge of the stairway.

"Thanks, Steven! I'll take it from here."

Steven was startled for a second by Holly, who was now coming down the stairs dressed in a T-shirt and blue jeans. He had only recently seen her as an adult for a few seconds, while in between her childhood lapses, and noted to himself how beautiful she looked. It was a shame she was married with children. He watched as Holly lead the 16 year old Christy up the stairs, her clothes literally been torn to shreds as she climbed.

They both disappeared around the corner, out of Steven's view, as he gave a sigh of relief. "Whew! Well, that's two down." He returned to the living room and plopped back down into the Lazyboy.

Steven looked over at the three girls on the sofa, then at the television, then did a double-take back at the three girls. "Where the hell's Tricia?" Steven asked, jumping out of his seat again.

"She took off into the kitchen." Kathy replied, looking up at Steven with innocent eyes. "She said she didn't wanna hang out with us ~kids~ anymore."

Steven quickly left the room and walked down the hallway toward the kitchen. A trail of shredded clothes lead the the way. He felt like Harry Dean Stanton in "Alien" when he was looking for the baby alien, as he entered the kitchen.

"Tricia? Tricia? Are you in here?" Steven began looking around.

"Over here!" Replied a very naked Tricia, as she rose from behind the kitchen table. She tried to cover her D-cup breasts behind her folded arms, with very little success.

Steven just stared in adulation at the nude figure before him.

"Hey!" Tricia waved her hand in front of Steven, breaking the sexual trance he was in. "I'm not standing here in the full monty so you can get your rocks off. For god's sake, go get me some clothes!"

Steven left the kitchen very slowly and slightly bent over.


After everyone was properly dressed and presumedly at their right ages, with the exception of Barbie, they all situated themselves in the living room. Christy was barely covered up in Holly's white bathrobe, while Tricia was clad in one of Ron's T-shirts and a pair of his boxer shorts. It was now about 7:30, and personally, Steven was ready to call it a night. Kathy and Barbie were sent upstairs to play, but not without resistance. They both were quite jealous over the fact that Nancy got to stay downstairs and hang out with the adults. Holly figured her oldest daughter needed to be in on the details, in case Christy, Tricia, and herself had another attack at the same time around her.

Steven quickly got the ball rolling. "Okay girls, I know it's been fun and all, but I'm exhausted. Plus, the fact that I have to catch an early flight to Lake Tahoe on business tomorrow, means I must leave you ladies."

"Shit Steven, I had completely forgotten about your flight tomorrow." Tricia replied, feeling a little sorry about Steven leaving. "But where does that leave us? What if we all change again at the same time?"

"Well, I've been giving that some thought, you see." Steven began to pace around the room. "And I figured my distant cousin Sherry would be the best choice to watch and protect you women, at least until your husband returns next week Holly." Steven felt like he was pitching an idea to one of his customers at his advertising firm.

All three women looked at each other for a second, then looked back at Steven.

"Gee, I don't know Steven." Holly responded unsurely. "A total stranger watching three . . .um, I mean four women who regress into ten year olds without warning and back again. Can she be trusted?"

"Hey, she's my cousin. I guarantee she'll watch after you guys." Steven answered confidently.

"Yeah, but is she good with kids, especially ten year olds? Does she have any experience with raising or even looking after children?" Holly asked.

"Well, I suppose not." Steven stopped pacing and looked down at his feet. "But I had no previous experience with kids before, and I watched after you guys for a couple of hours. I thought I did a pretty good job taking care of 6 little girls; thank you very much!" Steven resumed pacing the floor. "Besides, what other options are left open to you? Only you have any experience raising or even being around children on a full-time basis." Steven pointed his finger at Holly.

"Hey! What about me?" Christy yelled from the couch. "I do teach fourth grade at a private girls school. I'm with 10 year old girls all day."

"With which you have no patience and even less tolerance for." Tricia added from the Lazyboy. "Hell Tricia, you yourself said that not a day goes by where at least one of your students isn't punished by you, physically or verbally. I personally think you enjoy the fact your entire class is scared of you."

"Okay! Okay!" Christy replied quickly, trying to cut her friend off. "So I may be a little abrasive with my students."

"No! A scourging pad is a little abrasive. You're just plain mean to your class. For god's sake, W.C. Fields liked children more then you."

"Oh yeah, Tricia! Christy sprang off the sofa and onto her feet. "Well, at least I'm not a whore!" Christy was somewhat taken aback by the slamming her friend had just given her, and found the whore response the best she could come back with. Never the less, her blood was beginning to boil as their witty repartee soon dissolved into a malicious argument.

Tricia lifted herself self out of her seat, slowly. "Why you fucking . . ."

"Ladies! Ladies! Enough!" Steven stepped in between the two agitated women. "You girls have got bigger problems to worry about without your petty quibbling!" He told them both sternly, then refocused his attention back toward Holly. "Well, it's getting late, Holly. Should I call my cousin or do you know of someone else who can watch you?"

Holly thought for a moment about any other friends or relatives she could get to watch over them. After remembering what was happening to her two best friends and mother right now, she decided not to put anymore acquaintance at risk.

"Fine! Fine! Call her! What else can I do?" Holly threw her hands in the air and went into the kitchen. Tricia followed behind her, needing to blow off steam away from Christy.

"Thanks Holly! You won't be sorry! Steven quickly rushed over to the telephone in the hallway.

Only Nancy was left in the room, as she watched Christy stick her tongue out at the already departed Tricia. The 10 year old looked quite comical in her over-sized white bathrobe.



"I'll get it!" Nancy yelled, racing to answer the doorbell.

Swinging the door open, the 12 year old looked up, way up, at the towering figure standing in the doorframe.

"Hi there!" The woman said in a very low voice, as she bent down to the little girl's eye level. "Is there a Steven Jacobs here?"

"Who is it, honey?" Holly asked, as she came up from behind Nancy. Holly was about as intimidated by the woman in the doorway as her daughter, as she froze at the sight of her.

The woman standing before them was the biggest, most muscular woman Holly had ever seen. She was even more muscular than any man she had ever seen. She was 6'4" tall, weighed about 150 pounds, and had long, curly blonde hair in a ponytail that reached down to the middle of her back. The woman wore a pink spandex tank top, which showed off her ample bosom, and a pair of faded cutoff jeans. Her skin had such a deep golden bronze tone to it, she made Doc Savage look like Andy Warhol. But the most amazing thing about this woman was her muscles. Softball-sized calves and super thick thighs stuck out of her tight shorts. From her waist on up, she sported a perfect V-shaped with a stomach that was covered by a rock-hard six pack. Her arms were larger than Holly's legs, covered with layer upon layer of muscle. The woman was the living definition of strength.

The woman lifted herself erect again. "Oh, hi there! I was just wondering if this was the correct address. I'm looking for a Steven Jacobs?"

"I . . . I . . . yes . . . I mean, you must be Sherry." Holly stuttered, totally blown away by the image of Steven's cousin before her. "Oh, please come in."

Holly and Nancy both led their guest into the living room. "You know, you're nothing like I pictured you."

"Oh, I get that a lot." Sherry replied as they entered the living room. "Stevie!"

"Sherry!" Steven replied to his charging cousin. Her name had barely left his lips as she pounced upon him, wrapping her huge arms around him, and lifting him in the air. Several audible popping and snapping sounds could be heard as Sherry began hugging Steven a little too hard in her excitement.

"It's been over a year since I saw you!" Sherry squeezed a little harder, forcing all the air out of Steven's lungs and making it virtually impossible for him to utter a response. Steven was nothing more than a plaything in her hands. After one last loud crack from Steven's spine, Sherry put him down.

"Well . . . it's good . . . to see . . . you too!" Steven replied red-faced, trying to catch his breath.

After introductions were over, Steven quickly explained everything to Sherry. Her response to Steven's story was to be expected.

"Good one, Steven. But you don't really expect me to believe that load of bullshit, do you?"

"Hey, I wouldn't believe it either, but it's true!" Steven said, still trying to convince her.

As Steven and Sherry continued their discussion, the two little girls, Nancy and Christy talked and giggled on the sofa. Christy was still in the white bathrobe, which covered her like a pool tarp. She had since discontinued using the incredibly long sleeves, and now stuck her smaller arm through the open front. Holly and Tricia were together over by the television, involved in their own little conversation. All the adult were suddenly called to attention by voice from the couch.

"Hey everybody!" Nancy yelled out. "It looks like big Christy's coming back!"

Everyone in the room, especially Sherry, watched as the ten year old on the couch began to grow. As Christy flew through puberty, the folds and cervices in the bathrobe started to push outward, especially in the chest area. Feet slowly stretched out from under the confines of the hem, followed by two skinny legs which grew shapely as they grew long. Fingers and hands gradually extended past the cuffs. Christy soon hits her normal age and took a few moments to get her bearings. She glancing around the room in sort of a daze, and soon noticed everyone was staring at her. Looking down, she quickly figured out why. Both her large, milky white breasts were stick out in the open in full glory. Christy hastily covered them up and tied the bathrobe belt around her tight.

"See Sherry! See!" Steven yelled at his cousin, grabbing a nearby pillow and placing it over his lap. "Everything I've told you is true! Now will you help them."

After a few minutes of collecting her thoughts, Sherry finally agreed to help out her cousin's friends. Steven figured his shift was over and decided to go home and pack. He gave Tricia a quick kiss, said good-bye to everyone else, and swiftly left.

It was just the ladies now, as they all continued their conversation.

"I still don't understand a few things though." Sherry began asking Holly, Christy, and Tricia. "Why don't you go see a doctor about your condition? Or at least turn the old china woman over to the cops?"

"Why? Well, mainly out of fear, I guess." Holly answered. "I mean, what can a doctor do for us, except experiment or do extensive tests on us, and frankly none of us have the time or money for that. Plus, eventually word would get out about our special problem, and the media would have a field day with us. My family would be torn upside down, not that this is normal to begin with, but they seem ok with it right now. Frankly, I was kind of skeptical about bringing you into this. As for the police, what charge could we bring against Madame Kwan, ~again~ without mentioning our problem. None that I can think of." Holly let out a huge sigh. "No, were stuck like this, for a while at least."

"At least until Madame Kwan decides to cure us." Tricia added.

"That bitch!" Sherry hit her palm with her fist, hard. "If I ever got my hands on her, I'd make her change you guys back."

"Unfortunately, we do have to go out tomorrow to the mall and get some more clothes." Holly told the other girls. "We've gone through more shirts and shorts than Bruce Banner goes through purple pants."

Tricia expression suddenly brightened as she turned toward Christy. "Hey, earlier today you mentioned you might know someone we could talk to about our condition. Do you remember who?"

"Yeah, that's right!" Christy snapped her fingers. "I'd almost forgotten about Harry D'Amour!"

"D'Amour?" Sherry asked curiously. "What is he, a magician, a scientist, a warlock?"

"No, he's a private investigator."

"A private investigator?" All three girls questioned at once.

"Who has had many dealings with magic and the supernatural. He was even involved with an exorcism once. If anyone knows how to cure us, D'Amour is the best starting point." Christy added.

"Fuck! Call him up!" Tricia began pushing her friend toward the phone.

"Okay! Okay! Just quit pushing me!"

"And as you're doing that, I'm going to go take a shower." Tricia told the others, as she excused herself from the room. Tricia, evidently, was a nymphomaniac, who was now going on her second day of celibacy. Becoming a ten year old for two hour occasionally, didn't really quench her sexual fervor. To Tricia, it was like everytime she got sexual aroused, she took a nap, and two hours later she woke up, still all hot and bothered. She figured a long masturbation session in the shower would do the trick.

"Well, I might as well go check on the kids while your on the phone." Holly quickly brought up the rear behind Tricia.

Christy was now on the phone, with Sherry standing right behind her. Suddenly she heard the other end pick-up. "Hello? Hello? Harry, is that you? Hello?"

Silence from the other end.

"Hello? Hey, who is this?" Christy asked again.

Suddenly, a baby's crying could be heard in the background. Followed by the sound of an old woman's laughter.

"Ah Christy, so nice of you to call." Madame Kwan replied from the other end.

A cold chill swept over Christy like a tidal wave.

"If you're calling for Harry my dear, he seems to be in dispose right now. In disposable diapers, that is. I warned you about trying to alter my plans or seek help, Christy." Madame Kwan grew silent for a moment, as if trying to create a dramatic pause. "Hmmmmmm. I wonder if little Harry would like a playmate? Christy, what do you think?"

Christy's whole body became frozen in fear, as she dropped the receiver to the floor.

"Christy? Christy, are you all right? Who is that on the phone?" Sherry started shaking Christy by the shoulders.

"Madame Kwan." Christy replied in a terrified voice. Beads of cold sweat dripped down her face, which was now white as a sheet.

Sherry bent down and picked-up the phone. "Hey, you Chinese bitch, where do you get off terrorizing these women?"

"My, my, my, such vulgarity. You really should cut back on the steroids if they're causing sure explosive mood swings. Oh, and the name is Madame Kwan, not you Chinese bitch."

Sherry was not expecting such a calm response from her adversary. "Look here, Madame Khan! I demand that you cure these ladies of that voodoo magic shit right now!"

"Voodoo? Please, my methods are much more ancient and sacred than that. And the name is Madame Kwan, not Khan, you Neanderthal. I'm not some cheesy over-acting Star Trek villain."

Sherry was now getting a little agitated. "I swear to god Lady, if you don't undo your witchcraft, I'll . . ."

Madame Kwan immediately interrupted her. "You'll what, my dear?"

"I'll beat the living shit out of you, until you beg me to stop!"

"Oh really?" Madame Kwan answered amusingly. "Can you just hold on for one tiny second?"




"Time and Punishment"

Recommended for 18 years and older.


"I'm afraid . . . I'm afraid, Dave. My mind is going . . . I can feel it. I can feel it . . . My mind is going . . . There is no question about it . . ." (HAL in "2001 : A Space Odyssey" (1968))


DING DONG! The doorbell rang a second time.

"Alright! Alright already! I'm coming!" Sherry put the phone down and walked past the catatonic Christy toward the front door. "Jesus Christ! It's 10 o'clock at night!"

Sherry was still in a bitter mood as she swung the door open with a mighty tug. She was then greeted by the small form of a middle aged Asian woman in a red robe.

"Greetings Sherry! I am Madame Kwan!" The little woman replied, not looking up. "But my, you're a big one."

"But how . . that's impossible . . . I was just talking to you?" Sherry asked, getting furious at her own incomprehension of the situation.

"Ah, I can't reveal all my secrets, can I?" Madame Kwan walked a little closer toward the huge woman and looked up. "Now my muscled-headed friend, what were you going to do to me?"

Sherry, who was not the kind of person who was used to being mocked, suddenly went ballistic and lunged at the older woman. She grabbed the front of Madame Kwan's robe and hoisted her in the air with one arm. Veins and arteries began to appear and stretched from her wrist to her neck like tree roots.

"Now as I was saying, are you going to release my friends from your curse, or do we put your Blue Cross card to the test?" With that, Sherry vindictively flicked Madame Kwan's ear with her thumb and forefinger.

Madame Kwan silently squinted her eyes and frowned, as she stuck her hand in her pocket. Withdrawing a quarter, she held it up between Sherry's face and hers. Every muscle in Sherry's body instantaneously froze, yet her mind was still active.

"Sherry Noonan; 33 and bodybuilder extrodinaire, who recently received her pro-card to compete professionally in the female heavyweight division. No kids, no husband, no boyfriend, and no friends. Conceited, selfish, vain, thoughtless, arrogant, oppressive, narcissistic, intimidating, and down right rude. Have I left anything out? You've been a bully for almost 20 years now. I believe it's about time you remember what it's like on the receiving end."

Madame Kwan then proceeded to pull out a pouch from the inside of her sleeve. She poured some yellow dust into her palm and blew it into Sherry's face.

"Sherry Noonan, from now on, everytime you use your tremendous strength to hurt, threaten, or even impress another person, you will regress back, both physically and mentally, to when you were 10 years old. You will then stay 10 years old for two hours before you change back into your normal adult self. You shall share the same predicament as your friends; Holly, Christy, and Tricia. Holly's mother, Barbara, was a special case though. I felt a normal punishment spell to be to good for her, besides I wanted to have some fun. Regressing her immediately to a five year old, I then went and applied a special incantation on her. Everytime she does a good deed or something really nice for someone, she ages five years. But, everytime she does something bad or selfish, she regresses 5 years. Of course, I made it so she can't go beyond the ages of 5 and her normal age of 55. After all, a baby can't do good deeds. The exciting part is, if she makes it to 55, the spell is broken. I'm betting though, that she never gets past twenty. Oh well, enough explanations. You can put me down now."

In a zombie-like fashion, Sherry slowly placed the little woman back down on the ground.

Madame Kwan straightened out her robe and looked up at Sherry. She then told the massive woman to step back into the house. "When you hear the door slam shut, you will come to but remember nothing of what I've told you. Please enjoy your second lease on life, for I'm sure we'll talk again soon."

Sherry instantaneously returned to her senses after Madame Kwan shut the door.

"What was I just doing!" Sherry stood by the closed front door, confused and still very anger. Sherry's hearing soon picked up the beeping sound of a phone off the hook. She arrived back at the phone, where Christy was still standing against the wall in shock. Sherry picked up the phone, suddenly remembering her interrupted conversation with Madame Kwan.

"Hello? HELLO? God dammit!" She yelled, as she slammed the receiver down so hard it actually cracked the plastic covering.

Sherry looked at Christy, still zoned-out next to her. "Oh, I don't have time for this shit! Christy!" She yelled, slapping Christy across the face, trying to snapped her out of her senseless state. Christy immediately came to, grabbing her jaw to make sure it wasn't broken.

"Owwww! Jesus! Did you have to hit me so hard?" Christy checked the inside of her mouth with her tongue to see if any fillings had come loose.

"Oh, that's fucking gratitude for you." Sherry paced up and down the hallway, her temper rising with each step. "That fucking Khan lady really pissed me off! I'm so mad right now I could . . ."

Sherry stopped in the middle of the hallway and clenched her fists tightly. Muscles and veins pulsated and swelled as her whole body began to shake. Sherry gritted her teeth in pure hatred.

For a second, Christy was afraid Sherry was going to take her out, and proceeded to back up.

Instead, Sherry turned toward the wall, made a fist, and proceeded to punch a cantaloupe-size hole in it. Releasing all her anger into the powerhouse blow, Sherry felt somewhat relieved as pulled her hand out of the newly created opening.

"That felt better." Sherry said, dusting the plaster of her hand. "I need a drink. Want one?"

Christy just shook her head no, still in disbelief over what just happened. It looked like Sherry might be just as big a problem as Madame Kwan. Christy just stood there silently, as Sherry walked away from her toward the kitchen. Oddly enough, Christy thought she looked a little smaller from the back.

"Nahhhh! It couldn't be. Not to her." Christy commented to herself, curiously following Sherry into the kitchen.

Christy entered the kitchen, just as Sherry reached the refrigerator. "Oh my god!" Christy whispered, as she watched the 22 year old Sherry open the fridge door. While still quite muscular, she was nowhere near the powerhouse she was a few moments ago. Sherry's muscles were less defined, and continued to flatten and shrink as she reached for the milk container.

Sherry looked about 18, as she took the cap off and commenced downing the milk right out of the jug. Christy noted she had a fairly tone body still, almost on par with an fitness instructor. Her body was now almost completely devoid of any excess muscle, which only served to make her breasts twice as big. Christy knew that would change very soon.

Due to the loss of her extra muscles, Sherry's clothes suddenly became a problem. The 17 year old looked down and grabbed her cutoffs in the nick of time. A split second later they would have been down around her ankles. Milk dripping from both sides of her mouth, she quickly slammed the milk down on the counter and pulled her shorts back up. Over four inches of space separated her stomach from the overstretched waistband. Large gapping openings slowly appeared in the arm and neck holes of Sherry's tank top.

By 16, all traces of the Amazon, Sherry used to be, were gone. At 15, most of the traces of the woman, Sherry used to be, were gone.

Christy never would have guessed that Sherry was a late bloomer. The 15 year old's breasts deflated quicker than a tire on a bed of nails. In seconds, Sherry went from a 38 CC to a 30 A-cup. Her butt flattened to the point it stuck out as much as her front. The waist and hips shrank down to where bones were visible. Fifteen also must have been the age when Sherry hit a huge growth spurt, because she lost a foot and a half in seconds.

When Sherry hit 14, nothing but a skinny, flat chested, teenager remained. As Sherry went to return the milk on the top self, she found that she could barely reach it. With no choice, she used both hands to put the container back. Her cutoffs immediately hit the floor.

"Darn it!" The 13 year old cursed at her clothes. As she shut the door and turned around, she suddenly became aware of Christy's presence.

Completely terrified, the 12 year old turned to run away, but instead fell to the ground. Her feet were fully tangled up in her short.s Most physical signs of puberty were now three years away, as Sherry just continued to shrink in height. Finally freed from the entrapment of her shorts, Sherry stood up, only to have the huge neck hole of her tank top easily fall over her shoulders and on to the ground.

Being totally naked in front of a strange adult was simply to much for the frail little ten year old to bear, and she took off crying hysterically. Christy watched the child streak down the hallway, into the living room. Christy just shook her head in a 'why me' fashion and began heading for the stairs.

By the time Christy reached the stair railing, Holly was already at the bottom.

"What's all the noise going on down here?" Holly asked her friend. "It took me forever to get the girls asleep."

"Come with me." Christy took Holly's hand and led her into the living room

"What? What are you going to show me?" Holly questioned her friend's weird behavior. "You didn't become 10 again while I was upstairs and make a mess on the carpet, did you?"

In the living room, Christy looked around for a bit, until she heard whimpering behind one of the Lazyboys.

Christy quickly dragged Holly over to the chair and showed her the figure behind it.

There, in the dark corner of the room, sat a little 10 year old blonde girl, naked and afraid. She was curled up in a ball, knees pressed tightly against her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs. The child was small for her age, much smaller than an average ten year old girl. Her straight, light blonde hair barely reached past her shoulders and hung mainly in her face, covering most of it up. She was extremely skinny, shy, self-conscious and unhappy with her own timidity. The total opposite of the intimidating, muscular woman she once was.

Holly just looked at the fragile little creature before her, then turned toward Christy. "Who is this strange girl? And where is Sherry?"

Christy just smiled and pointed at the helpless child. "There you go!"