This was your life

By Tazz

"This way" said Brad

"Where are you taking me" asked Frank

Brad and Frank had been friends for a long time, they don't know how long but their parents said they knew each other since they were babies,

Brad said "Look you told me you were down and wanted me to show you a good, so I am doing that"

"Look, I know you want to help me after my girlfriend left me for a mystery guy but why don't you tell me where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise"

"What kind of surprise?"

"You'll see, just come around here and…"


"I just remembered something, Ill be right back."

"What am I going to do?"

"Just wait and if I am not back in 15 minutes enter the door because that will mean I am already inside."


"See you later"

Frank had waited like Brad had said for 15 minutes and he didn't show.

"Where is he? I might as well go in since he did say go in if he doesn't show in 15 minutes."

Frank enters the door and there are light pointed at him and heard a mysterious voice.

"Frank Jacks welcome to This was your life."

"What is going on?"

"'Frank your friend Brad has decided to cheer you up and bring you on the show "This was your life"."'

"'I thought it was "This is your life"?"'

"It is called this due to legal things and also we will show some memories of your life in reverse order."


"To make things more interesting. Now take a seat and we will introduce a person from your life. Do you recognized this voice?"

"Frank, I broke up with you last week for another man you know but it is a mystery."

"Oh, that's an easy one. That's my good for nothing cheating ex-girlfriend."

"That's right, here is your ex girlfriend Tammy"

"What are you doing here?"

"I am here to make you happy again."

"You are the reason why am down."

"Remember the good times when we…"

"Shut up and leave."

The Host then says "Are you sure you don't want to talk to your ex girlfriend?"

"I am sure, get her off."

"Can we have Tammy taken off the stage."

Two men escort Tammy off the stage and Frank wonders who will be next?

The host then says "Frank do you recognized this voice?"

"Frank, I had you 5 years ago in your senior year in High School, you knew history well in my class"

"Frank do you know who is behind the curtain?"

"Yes, I know that's my History teacher Miss. Jones."

"You are right, Mrs. Jones come on down."

As Miss. Jones comes on stage Frank feels a little strange.

Miss. Jones says "Frank you were my star pupil and good in the bed."

The audience starts to laugh.

The host then says "You are saying you slept with him once when he was in high school?"

"Once that's a good one."

Frank then says "I thought after Graduation we agreed we would not see each other again and not tell anyone."

"Everyone here isn't the first people to know. Now come here sugar bun."

"Ah get her away from me."

The two men who had taken Tammy away comes and takes Miss. Jones away."

"I can believe you actually slept with her."

"Neither can I, now what maniac is next?"

Frank realizes that his pants a re a little bigger on him before.

"Frank do you recognized this voice"

"We were considered a cute couple in the 8th grade until you broke my heart and left me."

"Frank do you recognize that voice?"

"How could I, that is Jamie"

"Jamie come on down."

As Jamie came down, Frank realized his clothes were bigger and so was the whole room.

"Um is it me or is everything bigger?" asked Frank

"Its you" said the host

"Why you jerk" said Jamie

Jamie then attacks Frank in rage.

"You broke my heart and now I must kill you."

"Security get her off my stage" said the host.

This time 5 men came and arrested her and took her away.

"Man that was strange ok time for the next woman." said the host

"Um before you do, I have a couple of questions. One why so far all of them have been women I broke up with and two are you sure the room isn't bigger?" said Frank

"No reason and no" responded the host. "Now tell me who this is"

"In the first grade you called me ugly and made fun of me and when I kissed you pulled my hair"

"Frank who is this lady"

"That would be Ellen and man was she ugly she had big glasses and a pony tail"

"Ellen come on down."

Out comes a beautiful woman.

"That's Ellen man has grown beautiful"

Frank goes up to her and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.

"Sorry I don't date kids."

"What are you talking about I am 23 like you?"

"No you are not, look for yourself"

Frank sees himself at the camera's reflection and he saw that he was 7 years old again who looked like he was wearing his older brother‘s clothes.

"I knew I was smaller now turn me back."

"Wait we still have one guest left. Tell me who is this"

"Frank we knew each other since we were babies and we promised we will never back stab each other."

"Frank can you tell us who is that?"

"Yeah that is Brad."

"Brad come on down."

"Well look how the mighty have fallen." said Brad

Now sitting on the chair was a baby that was no older than one years old sitting in oversize clothing.

"You see Frank the person who your girlfriend left you for was me. We had to get rid of you so we got all the girlfriend you broke their hearts and got a wizard to make up this fake show to reduce you into a baby and for me and Tammy we have been married for a month and we were talking about adopting and you are perfect."

"That's right, we planned this for a while" said Miss. Jones

"And we wanted payback." said Jamie

"So now we got it" said Ellen

"Don't worry we will take good care of you," said Tammy

Tammy and Brad take little Frankie off to their new home for their new life.

"Join us next time on "This was your life" where former President Clinton will see his past come back to haunt him. Good night."