Thanksgiving Trilogy

by Janice

Thanksgiving Trilogy -M/F, F/F - Part 1

This story contains : spanking, enema, mouthsoaping, tights punishment, rectal temps, domestic discipline and early bedtime punishment

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Date: 1998/11/04

This story was written and inspired by the Trinity series (presently 6 parts).

Cynthia (age 22) was a very close friend of Gina Marie (age 26) up until her husband began to implement some discipline into young Gina's life. Cynthia came into the picture very unexpectedly. One day, she came over to the house and found Gina Marie in pajamas, standing in the corner in the early afternoon. She was very curious about the location she found her friend and had lots of questions, although snotty Gina Marie wanted her to leave before she learned all about Michael's problems with his young wife. He was away on business trips for at least a week at a time and Gina the brat (as he titled her), was constantly displaying laziness and didn't keep on her school studies as she promised. In addition, she had a bad habit of spending his money on very expensive clothes that filled her closets to overflowing.

This exceptional amount of clothes also forced their resting place to the nearest chair seat or bureau top which annoyed Michael and made the house appear in an almost constant state of disarray.

Cynthia offered to move in for awhile and volunteered to help Michael. She quickly reminded him, that since Gina was her best friend, that anything she would implement would only be done for Gina Marie's own good. Michael knew that Cynthia and Gina Marie were best friends for the last fifteen years so he quickly agreed.

His major complaint is that Gina Marie acts most times as if she were about twelve years old and that warrants the type of discipline that you would use on a naughty child of that age The problem that Cynthia had to eventual face was

that the more she disciplined Gina, the more she became that child. Cynthia told Michael of a former roommate that she would consult with on a regular basis for guidance in structuring Gina Marie's life, so that she may achieve her greatest potential. She liked her friend very much, and that is why she offered to help Michael set Gina on the right pathway of life.

Michael was happy to hear that Cynthia felt that with her specialized help, his wife could achieve all that she was capable of. If her immature attitude and serious procrastination problem towards things could somehow be changed, Cynthia was the one who could do it.

This story takes place over a four day Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. The result is a very changed and peaceful household.


Cynthia sighed with relief and great pleasure that the day was finally going to be peaceful and quiet. It was the beginning of a long holiday weekend in late November, and she wanted to be prepared both mentally and physically for it. She had invited some family and friends over throughout the weekend, and that meant a spotless house and well prepared food. She was pleased that she would be strictly supervising those activities and acting as "hostess". not have to perform any of that work. She would have another set of immature but still very capable helping hands do that. Standing in the kitchen, she was very pleased that the lunch dishes were washed and stacked neatly, and the kitchen was very, very spotless. Walking over to the sink, she took a dish and inspected it under the merciless glare of the bright kitchen lights.

"Very good, Gina", she thought. "You finally learned how to hand wash dishes to a good, clean shine. I guess my constant and close supervision finally did some good. I can't wait to enjoy your good home cooking too!....So much to do and so little time...."

Cynthia finally had a good laugh and a welcome sigh of relief, then added to her thoughts, "I firmly enjoyed standing over you and smacking your sassy little Scilian bottom with my hand, as you carefully hand washed each and every plate in the house. It was that one week of special "potscrubber" training that did the trick. As I thought it would. But I won't mind giving you a several day refresher course every two or three months to make sure you keep up your high standards. And to think, you use to leave mounds of unwashed dishes and old food on the counter for days, not to mention those UGH!.... McDonald's and Wendy fast food leftovers too.... WELL dear those days are over for good!.."

She looked at the clock and smiled contentedly. At noon, Cynthia put Gina Marie to bed for a nice, restful nap, which was exactly one half hour ago. Now she could get some matters taken cared of without Gina Marie's almost constant need of attention from her governess.

GinaMarie was destined to continue her mis-behavior if she was left unattended and therefore honestly needed her life to be totally restructured and controlled by someone else. Once her lifestyle change to "controlled child", was accomplished, Gina Marie could probably never go back to living unsupervised and most likely would need have to have someone living and correcting her for the rest of her life. It seemed at least for the moment, that the more discipline she introduced into GinaMarie's life, the more she resented her presence.

She laughed when she remembered that she promised Gina, a stinging "date" with Mr. Hairbrush for the spanking of her life as soon as Cynthia woke her from her nap. That would be the only "date" a naughty little girl like her would be allowed to have. After her talk with Michael, those late night expensive dinners and ballroom dancing would have to come to an abrupt end. Little girls do not need such things. She glanced over at the refrigerator and at Gina's Chore and Proper Conduct List.

She removed both of them and decided to revise quite a few items. Then upon one last overall final review, she would take the lists to Michael at the appropriate time for implementation into Gina's daily life.

Gina Marie didn't always have regular afternoon naps. They were scheduled for her when Cynthia found that Gina Marie used to get very disagreeable in the late afternoons. Cynthia reasoned that the cranky nature of her best friend, was due to lack of proper sleep. Cynthia knew that her friend was a late night party hopper from their college days. Her suspicions were confirmed after a conversation with Michael, in which he told Cynthia that was one of the reasons that she was so lazy.

Her suggestion to Michael was that afternoon naps should be tested on Gina for a week to see if they would improve his wife's late afternoon disposition. Michael immediately noticed a much more cooperative Gina Marie when he returned home from work every day that week so he ordered that afternoon naps become an integral part of Gina Marie's day. Gina was not pleased with this at all. She had thought that if she showed that she was more agreeable, that both Michael and Cynthia would drop the issue once and for all!....

Cynthia was also responsible for insuring that Gina Marie would finish her complete chore list by her assigned times, and she observed the house rules that she and Michael agreed to, both in letter of the law and even more important, its spirit. One rule that Michael had no problem with was to put Gina to bed early if any of the rules were broken or she failed to complete an assignment on time.

Gina had a screaming fit while Cynthia was on the phone that morning. She was warned nicely by Cynthia to stop her errant behavior at least three times, or she would be put to bed for the entire afternoon.

Cynthia was making plans for Saturday's brunch, in which several guests were to be invited. Gina however, did not approve of the company Cynthia had so carefully arranged to be invited to their home on Saturday.

That led to a heated exchange of words between the two former best friends, but now the argument was more between a governess and her charge. And as always, when those two people do battle, the child ALWAYS comes out the loser.

Her misbehavior resulted in Gina being sentenced to an extra long afternoon nap. This was an appropriate punishment for her offense of contradicting her elders, Cynthia sternly warned Gina Marie as she prepared the naughty woman for bed.

Cynthia fully believed that sentencing a child, even an overgrown one, to a long time in bed was a very effective discipline method and was only too happy to oblige Gina Marie's hostile "request" for an extra long nap that day.

The order of nap time for Gina Marie by Cynthia for the entire afternoon resulted in whining and foot stomping tantrum by her bratty charge, so Cynthia prescribed and administered a high volume punishment enema to be given to Gina before her nap as well.

The enema utilized the bardex catheter retention nozzle and its use forced Gina to retain it, standing in the corner with her panties around her ankles and her tender bare derriere facing the center of her bedroom. Gina stood in the corner with the bardex attachment still secured between her haughty ass cheeks, pouting and bawling like a baby as the enema quickly filled her tummy.

Gina always resented enema treatments, and made Michael very aware of her displeasure of his continued touching her anus for such purposes. Knowing how sensitive she was to the issue, Cynthia realized the importance of how to make them more frequent to compliment her discipline.

After a full twenty minutes of bulging enema punishment, Cynthia led a very repentant little girl to the bathroom and then her bed for her extra long daily nap.


The sun was shining brightly as Cynthia walked down the stairs after putting Gina Marie to bed. It was a beautiful summer's day to be appreciated by good girls to the fullest. "Girls that have been naughty for their governess, however, have to nap through such nice days. That is at least one of the costs associated with acting naughty for your governess", mused Cynthia.

Cynthia had every intention to sit down and read a novel, but wanted to revise those chore and conduct lists while she had many very good thoughts that were still fresh on her mind.

She sat down at the computer table and observed that Gina's personal E- mail box was left open accidentally. Gina apparently had forgotten to close it due to her telephone tirade, thought Cynthia.

Cynthia had no real intention of prying into Gina's personal affairs, but something she glanced at on the computer screen got her attention and she decided to pursue it. She lowered her eyeglasses onto her nose and raised her brows, as she read some of her friend's personal mail. And she did not like what she read....."NO, NOT AT ALL".

Cynthia knew she had to have a long talk with Michael, telling him exactly what she accidentally discovered. The damning Email evidence that Cynthia would show Michael would cause him to fully agree with her implementation of her punishment ideas on Gina, and she was also sure that Michael should agree to give her full reign over "Gina the brat's" life. She nodded her head and smiled. "And she would make sure that Michael felt that the punishments that she would inflict on his wife for even thinking about the contents of those incriminating Emails would be just what the brat deserved. She envisioned a thought, "Oh GinaMarie you will be getting a lot of early bedtimes, that you can count on!..."

She smiled contentedly and thought, "Let's see now, I already restricted her to one hour of TV time per day. Maybe I should strictly limit her to shows suitable for the age that she reflects the most. Of course!.....children's shows!

Cynthia began to think "Sesame Street is a great choice, so is Barney. She smiled as she wrote it on the revised list for the refrigerator. "I am sure my Gina Marie would just love to spend her only hour of television she is allowed to watch each day, learning her ABC's and watching a very stupid, purple dinosaur sing popular song ripoffs."

Cynthia then thought of how Gina Marie spent her "out of bed" time and how she could use that time to enhance her control over her best friend.

"Perhaps I should also limit her computer time as well!..What if I change the level of authorization on this Internet program?...Let's see, OK, there it is!..

Level 2 Authorization - Allows the user to access only educational or kid friendly sites. No news group access at all and all E-mail is checked for inappropriate content. Under this level of access restriction, if the program detects the user is attempting to send or receive E-mail containing any improper content, it will automatically notify the assigned mail monitor of the E-mail content and refuse the user read access to the E-mail message.

That's wonderful!. I will just make myself Gina's new E-mail monitor." She also checked the box that indicated she wanted the computer to automatically send her copies of all incoming and outgoing messages in Gina's private mailbox. In addition, some needed changes would have to be made about her normal routine.

Besides limiting both TV and computer time, Cynthia entertained the idea of "home tutoring" for Gina. Perhaps about an hour per day with at least two hours of assigned HomeWork. She reasoned that home tutoring would allow Gina to spend more time on her actual schoolwork, rather than a quarter of the time on her schoolwork and three quarters of the time sitting in the campus hangout talking to her flighty friends.

The idea of home turtoring led Cynthia to also restrict what GinaMarie would be allowed to read. She decided that the trashy novels were out completely and that only classic material and newspapers like the Times would be read. She giggled when she thought, "If she gives me a hard time about that, then I'll subscribe her toa book club like Sesame Street or other classic children's series and she'll have to read for me daily!...."

Cynthia would change Gina's housework list, which would be much more demanding in terms of amount and acceptable level of work. She would also add time constraints to each item to insure that Gina didn't dawdle either while completing a chore or in between chores. Then she had another neat idea. Just in case Gina completed each item before the time allotted, or completed her HomeWork well before the two hours allotted, she would simply ADD that time to her next punishment bedtime, instead of allowing Gina to do as she pleased.

Her ideas began to flow to the point that she needed to jot them down, so she opened up the word processing program and began to make some necessary changes to Gina's Proper Conduct and Chore List. Changes that would be beneficial to Gina's well being and discipline.

Cynthia giggled with delight as she carefully spelled out each and every change to the two lists. She felt like a "governess" now, not to a small child, but a twenty six year old self-centered, lazy, unmotivated and undisciplined "brat"!...


It became readily apparent that Gina was very stressed and discontent over Cynthia's interest in Michael's discipline of her. Gina, in the past, always felt that it was a private matter between her and Michael, and even if Michael did decide to punish for being bratty, she could get out of her punishment most every time by turning on her charm. And offering him something to take his mind off punishing her mischief.

Michael would almost never refuse her offer of sex when she was deemed naughty by him, and he would at most times forget all about punishing her for her naughtiness after a good rumble in the bed that would leave him exhausted and feeling very, very good.

Cynthia simply interfered with Gina's quite effective method for punishment avoidance. Cynthia would not fall for her friend's tricks and Gina would find herself getting all of her well deserved punishment. Gina did not want to be punished at all. She just wanted her own way and Cynthia saw right through her.

It was obvious from the early beginning, that Cynthia was a disciplinarian at heart . She learned a great deal from Charlotte as they shared very similar views with respect to the proper way for young ladies to behave in private and in public. Cynthia was pretty sure that Gina would be very resentful of her at first. She was Gina's lifelong friend, although Gina recently had referred to being her "friend" in the "past tense". She knew she could easily replace the "friend" part of her relationship with Gina and replace it with "disciplinarian".

Cynthia mused when that once these lists were approved by Michael to be implemented, "Gina the Brat" would find out the changes as Cynthia administered them to her. Since Gina acted irresponsible like a child, it would not be necessary to review the changes with her. She would only be expected to comply with the changes, not be privileged to discuss them

Cynthia spent the next ten minutes rereading her notes and insure that all the needed corrections were made to both lists. She shut down the computer and got up to stretch and reflect for a brief moment. She then walked over to her easy chair and sat down with her book, contented that she was doing the right thing that would most benefit her best friend Gina.

Also, being a life long friend, she also knew what methods were effective on Gina in the past and therefore would be the most effective for her future. This added intimate knowledge of her best friend's family history would be a definite advantage that Cynthia would make use of to the fullest..

The rule that Cynthia felt would cause Gina the most distress is the one that set her early bedtimes and make long afternoon naps a daily part of her life. Michael allowed Gina to stay up at most times well past 11:00 p.m. every night, and Cynthia felt that was way too late for any undisciplined girl to be allowed to stay up. Her bedtime should be at least 7:00p.m. on weekdays and 6:00.m. on weekends, and that was only if she behaved herself. Obviously the time added from completing chores earlier would set those times back as well as naughty behavior. As she would explain to Michael, she would "test" those times to see if they were practical. If not, then they would be changed appropriately, and she had no problem with that at all!....

Cynthia then would propose to Michael that Gina be given daily enemas as opposed to weekly ones. Regular cleansing type enemas as well as punishment enemas with extra soap and lemon juice to cause severe cramping. This type of discipline seemed to work very well for either naughty behavior or laziness.

The level and frequency of spankings should be increased, with Cynthia applying the hairbrush and tether ball paddle to Gina's bare bottom al least once every three to four days to accomplish the feeling of a red, sore bottom naughty girls need so desperately to learn to properly behave.

Cynthia also wanted to introduce a discipline that proved very effective on Gina when she was growing up as a teen. In fact, it was so long ago that Gina might already have forgotten about it. But fortunately for Gina, her best friend Cynthia would be there to remind her of how effective it was on her.

The teenage punishment was called "panty and tights punishment"...Gina's mother used it on her during her teen years with very positive results. There's nothing like being forced to wear humiliating attire against one's will, and especially in front of family, friends and relatives. This definitely brought the naughty girl to tears, not to mention her heartfelt pleas for forgiveness.

One quickly became humbled and repentant under the right humiliating conditions. And her mother perfected the timing of the shameful outfit wearing to bring about the most change in her daughter's behavior. She recalled an incident in which Gina had publicly defied her mother at the mall.

The very next day at Sunday brunch, Gina was the "guest of dishonor", improperly attired in opaque maroon tights, pink nylon panties with Red Rose flower prints and a pink cotton jammie top buttoned from behind. She was not allowed a bra, and wore her black patent leather platform tie shoes. She was even dressed like a little girl in front of her mother, amidst her tearful pleading and crying for mercy. Her young cousins that she used to babysit for, got a lot of laughs that afternoon. Not to mention, aunts, uncles and other teenagers present. Her most embarrassing moment was at dinner when she had to stand and tell everyone why she had to wear "punishment tights" The explanation brought many comments, giggles and laughs. She never really did forget the humiliation of that day.

"Hmmmm," Cynthia said to herself with a giggle, "Well maybe not in front of others right away, of course, but a gradual introduction to naughty girl display punishment for certain family and friends would be nice additional humiliation for Gina Not to mention a very effective method of correcting her misbehavior. It certainly did her a lot of good in the past....

She nodded her head and before she went back to reading her novel, she decided to review the tentative list in case she had to make even more changes.


GINA'S DAILY CHORE LIST 6:30a.m. - Gina's alarm clock must go off at this time. Her Governess knows all to well how she wakes up in the morning so Her Governess requires her alarm clock to go off at least thirty minutes beforehand. 7:00a.m.- Preparation For Room Inspection - Gina's bedroom must be kept immaculate and exceptionally clean prior for inspection by Her Governess sometime during the day. To insure that Gina passes room inspection, she is to prepare for it when she first wakes up the morning

The room must be neat and tidy in appearance, all closet items must be properly stored and organized, and all shoes should be visually inspected for any required polishing or brushing.

Any clothes that require mending or shoes that require polishing, are to removed from her closet and the clothes placed on her wooden peg clothes hanger on hangers for Cynthia to inspect for damage later. The shoes are to placed beneath the peg clothes hanger for their inspection by Her Governess later also.

If Gina is found to be not properly caring for her clothes, she will be subject to punishment or loss of privileges.

During her room preparation, she is required to listen for to an all news radio station until the news program gives her the news from both around the world and all local news, weather and current events.

This is done to stress to her that children concern themselves with what is happening to them only, not to the world around them. Adults are to have a much broader view of current and world events and how each affect their lives. Gina, therefore, is required to go through the major events of the day and pick one she thinks she gave use to have a good discussion about with Her Governess at the breakfast table.

She will think about how the issue she picked affects her life, her opinion on the matter and think up suitable arguments for the opinion she has made. Even though the opinion she will take on the matter is obvious due to the nature of the matter at hand, she is to still try to defend her stance as best she could with well informed, persuasive arguments.

She is then to visit the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face and comb her hair and head down to the kitchen. No makeup will be allowed at all. Other than using a facial to keep her skin soft and smooth, Her Governess would strictly forbid the use of "adult" cosmetics.

The exception to this, would be to allow her the use of the Barbie cosmetics line from Avon. At dinner parties and special occasions, she could make up her charge using the entire line of cosmetics and hair treatment. She gloated when she read the fine print on the catalog, "Formulated especially for children age three and up".

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Preparation - Gina would now be responsible for the preparation of all meals in the home, including those consumed by herself. She will wash all dishes by hand immediately after their mealtimes and offer any plate or utensil that she has washed to be inspected by Her Governess for cleanliness and shine.

7:20a.m.-Breakfast Meal Preparation - Gina is to prepare a bowl of oatmeal in her specially partitioned dish, cut up pieces of prunes for a nice topping for the oatmeal, a glass of orange juice in a sipper cup and a baby bottle of Similac for herself. All the food is to be prepared in advance with the bowl of oatmeal with prunes prepared and waiting to go in the microwave, the bottle in the refrigerator waiting for the bottle warmer, and the juice on a refrigerator shelf.

She is to prepare a proper breakfast place setting for herself with her Barbie place mat washed spotless, her chair well protected by plastic and her feeding spoon all ready for Her Governess to feed her. If she is well behaved, Her Governess may reward her by allowing Gina to feed herself.

Her liquid castor oil and vitamin supplements are also to be prepared for administration to Gina by Her Governess during breakfast mealtime.

Gina will then use this time to prepare the breakfast part of the menu that Her Governess and Michael have written on the menu list beside their names that is hung on the refrigerator. She is to have all the items lovingly prepared and piping hot for Her Governess and Michael to eat at approximately forty minutes after Gina enters the kitchen that morning.

All menu items will be on the list from the afternoon the day before to give Gina plenty of time to make sure all the required items for the food's preparation are on hand or WALK to the supermarket to do the required shopping for all the required food items. If she is found not to have made any item on the menu, she will be punished by Her Governess and/or Michael for her forgetfulness.

After the breakfast menu list is complete, she will the remaining time to start preparation of Her Governess, Michael and her lunch and/or dinner meals and wait for her governess arrival.

Approximately 35 minutes after entering the kitchen that morning, Gina will stop what she is doing and await the arrival of Her Governess. She will do a last minute visual check of herself and insure that the kitchen is not too messy by her food preparation.

She will then stand at attention by the entrance door of the kitchen and greet her governess with a sincere "Good Morning, Miss Cynthia", a warm hug and nice, affectionate kiss. Her Governess will try to be understanding if the kitchen is SLIGHTLY out of order due to Gina's food preparation but WILL NOT EXCUSE A SERIOUS MESS IN THE KITCHEN AT ANY TIME. Gina is expected to perform her work efficiently and timely, but always with a emphasis of neatness and keeping order throughout her performance of any task.

8:00 a.m. Breakfast Mealtime - This is a very important time for Gina and Her Governess and its importance cannot be stressed enough. The two of them will use this time to discuss world affairs, how Gina is doing in school, and the weather report for the day.

Her Governess may use this time to question Gina about her assigned HomeWork she prepared for her and tell her about any required school or home assignments or projects that she would like Gina to work on during the day.

Sometime during the meal, Gina will receive her three daily doses of CASTOR OIL and her vitamins. She is not to complain about the taste or refuse to take her medicine in any way. If she is found to be uncooperative in the administration of her castor oil, she will be put down for five castor oil doses for a week.

8:30 a.m. Temperature Taking - Immediately after breakfast, Gina will be escorted by Her Governess to have her rectal temperature taken. Gina is required to prepare herself over the lap of Her Governess and lie still as her governess takes down her pajamas and lubricates the rectal thermometer.

She will stay absolutely still and quiet as her temperature is being recorded on the thermometer and Her Governess will try to make it as easy as possible by gently encouraging her to remain still and quiet at all times.

If Gina still refuses to heed her governess' warning to be still and quiet, the governess will be forced by Gina's naughtiness to give her a bare bottom paddling, a punishment enema or both.

8:35 a.m. - Dressing Of Gina - The next task is for Her Governess to dress Gina. Gina will wear the clothes Her Governess has picked out for her and will try not to dirty them as best she could as she performs her chores for the day.

8:45 a.m. - Chores - On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ( Non School Days )

Gina will so any laundry, ironing and vacuuming required of the household. She is to dust the living room, the dining area and all the bedrooms on those days and insure that all rooms appear neat and orderly. This should take less than 2 hours if she doesn't want to go to nap time with a sore bottom.

10:45 a.m. - Gina's One Hour of TV Time. She may watch a TV program Her Governess recorded for her or is required to watch one of her many Barnie or Sesame Street videos

11:45 a.m. - Lunch and Dinner Preparation - Gina will then start lunch and dinner preparation she will spend the next forty five minutes to an hour preparing a nutritious lunch for Her Governess, Michael and herself . She will then eat her lunch and start dinner preparation under the careful watch of Her Governess. 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Naptime l 3:30 p.m. - One hour of home tutoring with her tutor and Her Governess. 4:30 p.m. - Assigned HomeWork time 6:30 p.m. - Gina will be bathed and prepped for bed 7:00 p.m.. - Lights Out-Bedtime For The Night (Weekdays) 6:00 p.m. - Lights Out - Bedtime For The Night (Weekends/Holidays)

On weekends, when Gina did not have school, she might be required to work on the computer and do research. Her afternoon nap either day could extend to four hours if Her Governess so desires and based upon her timely completion of weekly chores. If guests are invited over for meals, then the next day Gina would be required to clean those dishes thoroughly.


The afternoon went by too quickly, well at least for Cynthia and she put her book down momentarily, to watch some television. It was then that she saw an ad that gave her another great idea!...."Hmm, Now that's very innovative!...." She jotted down some notes and grinned.

The mantel clock chimed at 3:00 p.m., reminding Cynthia that she should really get back to finalize those lists, but at that moment she was interrupted by the sounds of Gina waking up from her nap.

Gina never woke up in a very good mood and she always had something smart and cynical to say. It was still about an hour away from dinner, which consisted of cheese lasagna and fresh Italian bread, with freshly made cream connollis for dessert. Gina had carefully prepared the evening meal after she cleaned the lunch dishes.

Cynthia slammed down her book with anger. "It's too early for her to be up yet, it's not even dinnertime!"..... She got up from her comfortable chair after several irritating minutes of listening to the brat noise level steadily increase to very, very loud. She proceeded up the stairs and opened the door to Gina's bedroom. There was Gina with her covers off and complaining about the time. Cynthia stood before her and smiled. "What's the matter honey, are we still cranky from lunch?...."

Gina looked back at her with weary eyes, "You were supposed to wake me up earlier!!....Naps are SUPPOSED TO BE an hour or less and I've been put down ALMOST FOUR HOURS!!....It's not fair I tell you!...."

Cynthia sat down and put her arm around her to console her. "Naps are as long as I decide young lady!...Well I'm sorry you woke up cranky. But don't worry, I can fix that, just wait here".

Cynthia got up and went to the dresser and removed the long handled hairbrush. Turning to Gina with a smile on her face, she tapped the hard implement in her hand several times.

"Well young lady, I promised a long, stinging date with Mr. Hairbrush when you awoke from your nap. I want you to stand right now." Gina did so reluctantly remembering what Michael would do if she didn't cooperate and Cynthia pulled her jammie bottoms to her knees.

Cynthia sat back down on the straight backed chair and took her by the wrist, placing her over her knee immediately. It was over her Cynthia's lap that Gina started whining "Oh NOOOO, not another spanking. My bottom is still sore from the last one!....Oh please Cynthia, NOOOOO....."

Cynthia gripped her wrist behind her back to prevent interference and began the paddling. She scolded Gina to no end for her childish outburst.

" Naughty Gina is a bad girl and deserves a good spanking. You are so cranky, my child!.....Now we shall begin". The first stroke began as Gina cried out in shock and pain.


GinaMarie squirmed and squealed from each smack of the brush. She cried, screamed and pleaded for Cynthia to stop. But the sweet music of her agony was in tune with Cynthia's treatment of her and she continued, until the child was penitent and sorry for her actions. After her painful hairbrush spanking, Cynthia readied her charge for her rectal temperature taking as Gina continued to squirm and squeal over her lap.

Cynthia deliberately spread Her friend's bottom cheeks extra wide and inserted the cold thermometer, twisting and withdrawing it deliberately to force a reaction. Gina wailed at the new added pain. "You are being mean, Cynthia. I think you enjoy his!....AAAAAHHHHHH".

Cynthia patted her butt softly and said, "Now, Gina, your are just a naughty little girl craving for attention. You had better get used to my authority and SOON. Your obstinacy and resistance will be severely dealt with, I assure you, my little charge.".

She held her charge over her lap until the time was right. Once the thermometer was withdrawn, Cynthia read the results with theatrical humor. "Oh dear Gina!....Your temperature is borderline feverish, little girl. I guess that explains your crabbiness then, doesn't it dear!...."

She hesitated several seconds, then spoke softly to the woman occupying her lap. "OK, Gina. let's play a little game. I know how little girls love to play games. Let's remove these pj bottoms. Now go stand against the wall".

Cynthia placed the bottoms on the bed monetarily and explained the rules to her little game. "OK Gina, you have to guess which of my hand has the suppository. Guess wrong and it's nighty - nite for you!..." Gina whined. She was not very good at games and with a little girl voice said, "The right hand!..." Cynthia laughed. "Sorry dear, wrong hand". Cynthia knew that Gina was going to pick wrong because the game was rigged for her to win. To Gina that wasn't so fair and began whining again. "Oh please Cynthia, let me up, oh please!.....I don't wanna go to bed, it's too early! favorite TV show are on tonight. You know, Buffy, then ER, and I can't miss Chicago Hope....", she ranted on and on.

Cynthia interrupted her. "You are only allowed one hour of TV per day Gina. How could you possibly watch all of those shows??.... Besides you are just too cranky to be allowed up now. You are very overtired dear, and we wouldn't you to get sick would we??..."

Gina frowned, "BUT...." Cynthia held her well manicured finger to her lips and said, "BUT, what??....Do you want yours heated by the hairbrush again ? " Gina said softly "No". Cynthia then scolded her naughty friend. "If you really wanted to watch your one hour of TV, you should have thought of that before you started your childish whining.".

"You mean that I could have been allowed up if I wasn't cranky?..." Cynthia then continued, "Yes it's as simple as that, but now that is NOT an option, so I'll bring you something to eat shortly, then it's night night".

She then allowed Gina up, who continued to whine, proving to Cynthia that she made the right choice now that Gina continued to act like a bratty little baby!!...."She held her by the wrist, looking straight at her. "OK wittle baby, off to the corner with you!,...."

Cynthia left the room and returned shortly after, with a tray that consisted of hot oatmeal and this time a baby bottle with a rubber nipple containing infant formula. Cynthia started using formula only this past week with Michael's approval of course!...Gina complained once at lunch, that her milk that was served to her was too warm, and she wanted ice cold milk. She was carrying on like a wittle baby, thought Cynthia, so much so that she decided that GinaMarie should be served only sickly, sweet baby formula, very high in protein and fat.

No more Coke, diet Sprite, coffee or ice cold milk!.... Since that point, Cynthia purchased baby formula by the case and substituted it for regular milk. Cynthia thought it was time that she changed Gina's diet as well. No more would she feast on red wine, red sauce and pasta, meatballs, Italian gourmet desserts and cappucino, oh no!....It was decided that she would eat Gerber pureed baby foods instead. They had no extra sugar and as Cynthia put it, "Gina never used to eat vegetables, so now she will eat all I put in front of her". Carrots, peas, beets, etc., were not Gina's favorite foods at all!....Gina was not very happy about her meals over the past several days, and of course made that fact known to Cynthia's delight. Originally Cynthia had decided that changing her diet to babyfood temporarily might change her attitude, but it didn't, so she decided to continue the new diet.....Gina had no idea that there was a good possibility that she would never again savor those foods that she enjoyed the most!....

The idea for the bottle warmer came next, and in order to serve it at the right temperature. No more ice cold milk for Gina!.....

In addition she was served a glass of prune juice. Gina was directed to sit on her wooden punishment chair which faced the window and finish her meal as Cynthia stood over her with arms folded. Without her pj bottoms, the chair was cold and uncomfortable. "See what you are about to miss little girl. Isn't it lovely out??.....The sun is shining and everyone looks like they are having a great time. Everyone but YOU!...You are the only naughty little girl going to bed early as your punishment for whining and carrying on like a wittle baby, did you know that??...

Gina said nothing, but groaned and finish her meal as Cynthia stood over her with arms folded. As she ate, Cynthia placed the bottle in the warmer. The sound of the bottles' contents steaming made Gina angrier. She remembered when she used to baby-sit and that sound and scent of the sickly, sweet formula made her nauseous. She pleaded for Cynthia's attention. "Oh please Miss Cynthia, not infant formula again. It's nauseating. I'll throw up, I will, oh please oh NO!....." Cynthia smiled. "But it's so good for your health and development my child, there, there, now!...."

Gina ate slowly and hesitated warranting frequent reminders by Cynthia to stop dawdling. Cynthia grew impatient as Gina slowed down even more as the food became not only less appetizing, but filling her up and making her nauseous. "Gina, if you don't hurry along, I will give you a large cleansing enema again, this time I'll make you hold it for an hour!...."

Gina began to eat faster, despite the horrible taste. Once she finished, Cynthia placed the rubber nipple on the bottle and handed it to her. "Now drink this all up, every drop!...:" Gina started to whine again, this time about the lasagna that she prepared earlier.

Cynthia simply stated, "Oh and I bet it will taste so good. I'll enjoy it in peace and quiet. Oh and those cream filled connollis too. MmmmMmmm".

"I tell you it's not fair Cynthia!...I worked very hard on preparing that meal and I can't even get any....not fair, not fair, not fair!!....I love pasta and connollis. I HATE BABYFOOD!....." Gina pouted and whined even more delighting Cynthia. She then thrust the bottle in Gina's mouth to quell her rebelliousness and made her drink. She used the type of bottle with disposable plastic bags to ensure prompt delivery of it's contents and less gas.

When the bottle was finished, GinaMarie was less than cooperative as Cynthia grabbed her delicate earlobe and sat her on the bed, so she could put on her pj bottoms. Then she guided her into the bed. She then proceeded to cover her up to her neck (Gina hated that), tucking in her blankets at both sides of the bed and she used blanket pins (another innovative idea) to hold her blankets in place. There would be no throwing the covers off anymore!....

She then kissed her on the forehead, "OK my wittle crabby babykins, time for mommy to put bad wittle baby in her beddybyes...." Gina could never stand for anyone talking down to her and started to say something smart and sarcastic. Cynthia went to the dresser and got something out and began to coat it generously. Gina cringed as she layed down in bed. Cynthia went over to her and pinched her nostrils and shoved the baby pacifier in her pouty little mouth. It tasted horrible!...Cynthia smiled, "The taste won't hurt you dear. It's just a harmless vegetable extract. Now it stays in your mouth all night or I'll make you come downstairs and apologize to our guests we are having over for dinner. And since you don't know who they are, I would advise you to be very, very quiet!...."

GinaMarie was tucked in only too good. She could move very little now and continued her cranky attitude. She wanted Cynthia to know how she felt about it. Cynthia on the other hand, only enjoyed her rebelliousness. This only made Cynthia pleased that her discipline was working well. Cynthia checked the time. It was almost 3:30p.m. and her guests were due over very soon....

She darkened the room once more by closing the curtains and blinds. The room had been changed from a warm sun filled environment to a very dark night time one in a matter of seconds. The overhead light was turned off and the nightlight was switched on.

Cynthia believed that the setting must be conducive to a deep, restful sleep for her naughty charge. She mused as she thought, "It will be at least five hours before it gets dark out and Gina will have missed one of the most beautiful sunny days we had in along time, oh well!...."Then she laughed. "Besides, I have my own TV shows to watch".

Gina continued her useless tirade and finally Cynthia said, "Unless you want a nice cleansing enema shortly, I suggest you quiet down young lady. I expect complete silence from this room after I close your door. You are to go straight to sleep. For that is what naughty little girls do when put to bed early, and I have to go and get ready for our guests. We have a nice dinner to enjoy and we are going to watch some videos and enjoy some conversation in peace. NOW GOOD NIGHT!...."

Then she closed and locked the door. Cynthia smiled as she went back downstairs. It was going to be a quiet evening indeed!....