The Enchanted Sorceress


Captain Ash

CHAPTER 01: The Spellbound Disguise
CHAPTER 02: Amusement Before Departure
CHAPTER 03: The Attempted Approach
CHAPTER 04: Someone Else Girl
CHAPTER 05: Quest For The Missing Party
CHAPTER 06: The Offer
CHAPTER 07: Duty chores
CHAPTER 08: The Dominant Maid
CHAPTER 09: Be of no sorrow in the morning hour
CHAPTER 10: The Children of Yornick
CHAPTER 11: A Nap with Consequences
CHAPTER 12: Impressions Leave Deep Marks
CHAPTER 13: Midnight without Rest

Far away in a castle, a maid was self-pitying her fate while she scrubbed the floor that could be heard everywhere in the hall.

Well, maid is maybe not the right word; the most suitable word fitting for this involuntarily sweating would be slave. She had to do this unworthy service since an evil witch conquered this realm and forced this poor village-girl to work for her. Day for day she has to clean, wash, preparing dinner and doing everything here, making the hands draggle and soil. She hated this place! If she could, she would leave this damn castle. However, to her misfortune the castle lies between insurmountable mountains and additional to the fact that it was icy cold outside.

The maid looked at her bare feet; she wouldn't even made two steps before they were frozen to ice-cubes - and at least it was warm inside.

Why have I to do this all by myself, she wondered.

Besides herself, the maid was the only servant in this castle.

The empress, as the evil sorceress liked to call herself, seems to have fun watching her working to exhaustion. One day, she thought, one day I will leave this place or at least make this evil witch sorry for all this. But in her mind she knows it was just wishful thinking.

While pitying herself, she notices a shadow, but not the one of the sorceress as she looked closer; it had the shape of a little child.

When she turned around, she really saw a girl in front of her.

The girl had untidy short bright-brown hair and half-dark eyes and was wearing a filthy rag and shabby sandals. She had to be eight or nine years old.

>> Who are you, girl? << asked the maid amazed, while she stood up from the floor. >> Huh! You mean me? << responded the girl surprised, obvious the maid caught her at sneaking. >> Don't make a fool of me, you lil' brat! Or do you see here another girl? << shouted the maid. >> If so, uhmm, << thought the girl loudly, >> I'm the new maid. <<

>> So, you are the new maid! << says the maid sceptically.

>> Yes, the empress took me in duty today. <<

>> Don't lie! << answered back the maid angrily and putting her hands demandingly on her waist, >> as I have told you before: don't even think to tell some stupid made-up stories! If the mistress has taken a new maid, she would have told me. << >> But I'm really new here. << the girl insisted.

What a disaster, the maid thought, it was unusual for her mistress to send her this little girl without notice, since she begged for so many times for another person, helping her for cleaning.

But what to do? If she were letting a strange girl running through the castle, her mistress would become angry and then she would obviously be punished.

On the other hand, if the girl is telling the truth then she felt sorry for her, staying the rest of her miserable life in this place.

However, using common sense, how did a girl manage it to cross the long and icy mountains just to enter the castle unnoticed? >> Very well, << said the maid, >> you can help me until the mistress clear up the situation. <<

Suddenly the girl began to giggle.

>> What's so funny? << asked the maid.

>> Don't you recognise me? << spoke the girl, while the maid still looked puzzled. >> It's me, you stupid slut, your mistress! << >> You, << stutter the maid.

She couldn't believe that this pertly girl was the evil sorceress and took shocked her hands of her waist. >> Sure it's me! << jeered the girl with an arrogant self-confidence, such like the empress was used to do it. The maid was as stiff as an avalanche has fallen over her.

Before she could say a word, her mistress said: >> You see, I have changed myself into a child! << >> But why is my mistress turning back into a girl? << asked the maid, still in astonishment. >> Of course you can't know that. << responded the girl with an arrogant bored look. >> Afraid of being attacked the foolish King and his dim-witted noblemen thought they could send a handful of their merely brave men through my realm and depose me, in hope to avoid to be overrun by my Orc-hordes.

Desperate as they are, they beg this non-for-good dark sorceress Azura for feeling my aura and leading them to me! Maybe she thinks she could beat me with the help of those noble jerks. <<

>> How do you know that? << wondered the maid.

The sorceress giggled again. >> It is just simple as easy! I have my eavesdropper here and there and everywhere, lending me their ears and eyes for a not unattractive reward. <<

The maid nodded her head to make a clever impression, trying to show that she could follow her mistress words. >> So you see, << her mistress continued, >> my Orcs are reliable to devastate whole kingdoms, but they are stupid like weed to find anyone even if their lives would depend on it. Especially under the protection of the huge woods, where hardly someone could be scouted in such a large area. <<

>> And what's the deal being a girl again? <<

>> As you can imagine, I have to put things on my own hands. This sloppy sorceress gains her power from a magical artefact: an enchanted necklace.

If I get this necklace on my hands, my power would even increase.

Besides, to avoid that she feel my magical aura before I get that artefact, I will go as a girl. Without the artefact, this Azura is not only useless; they can search for eternity till they have found my castle. << >> That sounds plain but isn't running being a girl not too dangerous? <<

>> Yes, there is a risk, << replied the girl, >> but if even you couldn't recognize me in this form, as you have just proven now, nobody will. So I can do sneaking around freely. <<

"Sneaking around"? What was that supposed to mean? the maid was wondering. She had some kind of presumption that there was some kind of venture in this undertaking; running in such a ridiculous fashion wasn't her mistress suit. Anyway, what does she meant with clearing her magical aura, does it mean,

>> Will you have any magic power left, if you are a girl? << the maid asked carefully.

>> What do you think why I have turned into one! I won't have any witchery left. <<

>> Does it mean that you are nothing but an ordinary girl right now? << continued the maid, pretending of being curious. >> Otherwise I couldn't get rid of my dark aura; children aren't gifted with magic. << explained the girl. >> Oh my Dear! Does it mean you have to be grown up as an adult again? << wondered the maid. >> Do you think I am that stupid? Of course I have taking precautions for that and brew an antidote for turning me back to normal. <<

A thought went through the maids mind. Maybe this was her chance to overwhelming her tormentress, as long as she was helpless like a pesky girl.

>> By any chance, you don't have the antidote with you at the moment, don't you? << the maid sounds out hopefully. The empress didn't answer. As her maid began to grin, she became pale; it seems she told her more than she should have. >> I am getting bored being stuck in this body. I will turn back to an adult while… you can make yourself useful and finish brushing the floor! Go! <<

>> Well little lady, the hell I will do anything to you! << treated the maid and took again her hands menacing on her waist. >> What! You disobey me. I am your mistress, you unthankful lazy chunk. << her imperious young voice just sounded unsure and ridiculous.

>> Not anymore you naughty little girl. I mean, you said yourself that you don't have any witchery left. << defied the maid and walked toward the helpless girl. >> I think your time for pushing me around is over. << >> No! << shouted the girl and tried to run away, but it was too late. The maid grabbed her arm.

>> Now I pay you everything back, what you have done to me! << threatened she. >> Don't do anything that will make you feel sorry. <<

>>Its not me you should worry about, but it is you whom you should think about because I'll make you to my maid. >> You can't do that to me. I don't want to become my servant's servant! <<

>> Don't worry about it, you will become a fine maid, after I have taught you obeying orders and I think I will start right now! <<

>> That's not fair! << the anxious girl cried.

>> Not fair? << the maid said, holding her little weak wrist and pulling her nearer, while her former mistress still tried to get free. >> I had to work hard in a castle for an arrogant selfish slob, since I was 12-year old whose village was destroyed by her. Now it is just fair to return the favour and it is your turn this time to make your hands dirty. << The girl looked scared, then she shouted: >> NIAGA TLUDA NA OT EM NRUT, MA I ELTTIL! << (*try to read the spell backward)

Then the girl's arm started getting bigger, also her whole body began to grow and with it size. In fact she didn't grow, she aged. When she reaches about her preteen twelfth age, her rag started to rip at her breast and hip sides. Soon the girl was even taller than her maid after reaching her adult twenties.

Also the mistress hair began to become longer and darker and her steadily swelling breasts were now at eye level. On her origin thirty-five she stopped.

This whole process needed not more than a few moments.

In front of the surprised maid, there was her naked mistress whose rag was totally ripped of from her body. The mistress lush breasts were hanging in front of her nose.

>> So, << the ice-cold voice of the mistress resounds. >> What did you want to do with me? << Displeased she looked down to her maid.

>> I, I am sorry, my mistress. I didn't mean it. << begged the maid.

>> Of course, << responded the dark queen unforgiving, << though I tricked you a little. I wasn't really a girl; I merely changed my body so I still had my power. However, to teach you a lesson, you disloyal snipe, I will turn yourself into a little brat. << The sorceress made a wink with her hand and with some twinkle sparks she held a flask on her hand. >> Drink it! << she commanded.

>> Please, I don't wannabe a child. <<

>> But you seem to like girls, so why not be one yourself? <<

The maid's eyes were showing desperately a glace of hesitation and took slowly a step back. >> Do it! Or I will turn you into a mouse, and for this spell I won't need a magic potion. << >> Everything but not that, << she gasped, came forth again and drank the flask empty. Just like a good girl, thought the empress.

Then the maids took a face of pain, she held with her arms her body and kneeled to the ground. In front her eyes the maid becomes smaller. Her clothes expanding and her sleeves were bigger than her arms. With pleasure the sorceress looked to her maid.

How old was she again? she thought, Seventeen maybe? ... who cares - however, she was turning to a child again. The magic stopped when the girl became almost six years old.

The mistress smiles when her younger maid bonnet became too big and covered her eyes. The maid lifted it and looked up to her with her young big wide-eyed eyes.

Satisfied the mistress looked down to her slave who tried to rebel her.

>> Am I not very generous? << said the sorceress self-praised. >> I have granted your youth again, though your treacherous behaviour. However, to not letting you think I have rewarded you, I will give you your real punishment << The maid worried the worse, clutched her legs and kissed her feet to appease her mistress from punishment, but she knew it was useless.

>> Looking cute doesn't mean to neglect your work. << the sorceress told her with a sarcasm voice. >> Clean the floor before I am leaving or I will punish you adequate far more worse than you have deserved it, little girl! <<

>> Will you turn me into an adult again, please? << sob her maid.

>> Well, we shall see. << then she went to leave the room.

The dark queen was pleased for having someone whom she could try out her youth mixture. Before she left the hall, she took a look back to her maid. It was fun seeing her turning up her sleeves and brushing the floor without stumble over her overlarge clothes.

But for now the sorceress had to do more important matters than playing around with her maid. She had to prepare her plan on getting that necklace.

CHAPTER 2: Amusement Before Departure

That was quite amusing, enjoyed the sorceress when she recalled the current event. If her maid had thought that she was clever, so she had learned by now to be wise enough not trying such a pathetic act again.

Playtime is over; drove it suddenly into her mind. Becoming really a powerless child gave her a cold chill, not sure if this venture would be fun at all.

The sorceress slipped in something warmer. Walking naked was nice but she had to do preparations as long as the hero party didn't went off.

She sat on her with fur covered armchair, nestled her legs together for she liked the touch of her lithesome skin and started to masturbate her intimate zone.

This was something that she was used to when she wanted to relax; especially when she had to think and to ease her mind. About this habit knew not even her maid and did it only if she was sure to be alone.

While pleasure flows through her body, her mind roused why she should bother being a girl again: small – weak – powerless and so, (thanks to the pleasure she couldn't figure out the word in her head)

Sure, she had a lot of spies who could do the job for her, but she couldn't imagine that any of them would come near enough without being suspicious, though her enemies would be very cautious due to their mission.

Even if her henchmen would succeed in getting this arcane artefact, she didn't trust them. Those items are rarity and many mortals would rather keep it themselves in order to increase their powers, though even with the amulet they wouldn't be a match for her.

Sending her maid wouldn't also be an option; she would take her chance of escape for sure. Hoping for safety her maid might even tell everything to her foes who were then aware of her plans.

No! The only person she could count on such a very task was herself.

In truth, even mistrusting everyone in her service, the sorceress was bored and was keen of an adventure for some excitement, and what is more promising than running right under her villains nose without knowing it was her.

But is turning to a little child really such a good idea, she wondered again? The sorceress went through these thoughts many times.

Be a girl again isn't that comfortable but it was a necessary ill to lose her dark aura without being spotted by Azura.

The heat of pleasure spread out in her body while she pulls up her on of her legs to fell the soft fur between her toes. A strange thought to be concerned of to be young again, the sorceress thought, as if she didn't know how it would like be a one. Of course she was once a girl and couldn't remind any harm to her during this time. She remembered that she was smart enough making mischief without being caught, nor anyone knows that it was even her. For some pranks people thought the culprits behind these troubles were the doings of some kobolds or ghosts. Better now she also had the experience of a woman that would make her double clever and things half troublesome. She sacrificed a lot by losing her power temporarily, but it is the price worth of becoming mightier afterward. Even when she is handicapped with her lack of magic, no one is expected nor assume that she would be a girl or that one would try to steal the magical trinket. Although, as she thought about it, the heroes would not even consider a possible theft, because they are not even aware of the existence of the necklace, nor they weren't interested in Azura arts of magic. Her erection reached it highest point. She sat a few minutes, feeling her soft legs she loved so and after satisfied she turned back relaxed in her seat.

>> So there is nothing to be worried about. << she said to herself, still breathing from the excitement of her pleasure. >> There is no point that something could go wrong. <<

Next to her seat was small table with some of her belonging she took.

On her laps was a simple clothe-handbag, made for children and small enough to be covered under clothes. In this bag she kept the youth-potion, the antidote, her sandals and a rag; luckily she had a seconded one after her first was totally ripped in frazzles after turning back into an adult to escape her maid's wrath. Unintentional her little helper comes again in mind; the sorceress decided to see how she was doing, there was still a little time before she had to go.

As the maid saw that her mistress entered the hall, she ran quickly to her. She seemed to get used in her overlarge clothe now.

Disappointing, as the empress watched her, I had thought she would running naked than stumbling over her own sleeves. >> I have done everything as you ordered, << she said in a happily voice, as she looked up to the sorceress. My maid seemed to be more pleased of her new body then a moment ago, the sorceress noticed. But she saw through her plan of pretending happy in order she would turn her back in her real age.

>> Very well, << answered the empress dry, >> I will then go, putting my plan into action. After that you can witness a new era. <<

The sorceress was ready to leave when her maid called after her: >> Could you turn me into an adult back? << >> Just now you seem to enjoy your regained youth. <<

>> Actually, not. << she whispered carefully, >> Well, you see, I cannot reach many high corners when I am so small and in these too long clothes I can barely move, so I thought, maybe, <<

About those stupid excuses the empress could only chuckle.

>> I think you will wait for your mature, at least until you have grown up again such like every little girl has to. << >> But, but, << she sniffed, >> if I c ... can't do my duties, I, I will be punished. <<

>> That's the plan. <<

The maid was trembling and her mistress looked into her afraid eyes.

Originally, she wanted to leave her like that a while longer, for any case until she returned back, but looking down her victim, she saws her eyes fighting back her tears.

What the heck, she thought; hearing a girl crying when she returning was the last thing she wanted. Anyway, I will be an adult again when I'm back, so there is no real need for such a measure.

>> Why not! << she groaned irritated, flipped her fingers and hold the antidote on her hand. The handmaid stretched her hands out to grab the bottle.

>> Not so fast! << she holds her maid back. >> Don't be so impatient. Kneel down! << The maid did as she was told.

The Sorceress lifted her garb. Her bare feet could be seen which were soaked with dust and the coldness of the floor. Then she laid down one foot on the poor girl's lips. First the maid turned her head, but then she considered the fact that she hadn't another choice and tried to touch her feet to keep her balance.

>> Don't touch my foot, or otherwise I will change my mind. <<

Afraid the girl fold her arms behind her back.

The liquid was running down her immaculate legs through her foot and on her soft toe just to be licked longing by the girl.

As her mistress promised she grew. The maid could fell that her loose frock fitted her body. Though the sorceress cold dusk on her toe made her feel sick, she enjoyed putting her hands on her returning breast.

Soon she was on a point she was worry about that she couldn't balanced her growing body and fell down. This didn't stop the empress from nailing her down with her feet while she still was sucking her toe.

The last drops flowed faster so the maid was forces to drink everything in one shot including the dust she avoided to swallow. This made her coughs heavily, holding her hand to her mouth.

>> I have awaited more gratefulness, letting you had a taste of my sweet precious feet, << claimed the sorceress, >> but what was to be expected by a merely peasant girl. <<

>> Thank you, my mistress. << the hopeful answer followed.

The maid still had this dusty taste on the tip of her tongue; at least she got her young adult body back. Having so much fun in one day is almost a crime, thought the cruelly lady, maybe I will do it soon once again. >> Now you have stole enough from my time. << said the mistress smugly, >> Make sure to carry out your duties while I'm gone. << >>Yes, my mistress, << were the last word she heard before she vanished in a flashy glow.

CHAPTER 3: The Attempted Approach

Somewhere in the woods a sudden light lit the area and the sorceress appeared. She teleported herself near the border. It was sunset, but this place laid still in semidarkness. It was quiet and not even a tone of bird was being heard. The sorceress looked around but nobody was to be seen, not even a small woodland creature. Probably even the beasts of the woods were still sleeping so early that morning.

Excellent, the sorceress thought, putting her bag on the ground and took the flask. She opened the cork and mounts the mouthpiece excitingly to her lips.

Then she holds the bottle with her both hands down and hesitated for a moment.

Right, she had first so shorten her hair, as a child they might become unhandy. For that meaningless matter the sorceress had the right spell:


Willingly the hair bends to comply of the magic-spell and stopped till they reached the nape of the neck. Much better, she said to herself in mind.

Finally she drank the magic mixture. It tasted sweet. The viscous potion floats through her throat quickly.

A strange feeling sensation encompass her body, when all a sudden her hearts began to beat harder and faster. It almost bars her from breathing.

She pushed her hands on her chest where her heart laid; massaging her breast helped to relieve the pain a little. Worse than that was when her body started to vibrate and then to tremble.

She didn't feel well, but she neither could stand nor lie down.

The pain felt pleasant when she noticed that her body began to shrink. While the sorceress kneaded her breast, they become from moment to moment smaller. The garb slacked from her body that nestled her before and the morning coldness slunk into. Now her breasts were completely flat while the trees continuously got bigger.

The pain was now unbearable, making her body so heavy she couldn't even cry and nearly losing her consciousness. In an instant moment the pain was gone. The mistress felt a bit dizzy; she had trouble to stand on her trembling legs but after a time she could stand save on the ground. Her heart was still a little excited like she was cured from a serious flue, but besides that she was fine.

The sorceress freed her hands from the long sleeves and the garb dropped down to the ground. From this moment on she was an ordinary girl. Being without her power the little girl felt strange. Everything seems bigger now and also she felt herself "insignificant".

She starred her tiny hands.

>> I'm a girl, << the sorceress breathed in a weak high pitch voice, a voice which usually little children are used to have. The renewed girl didn't have a mirror, but she was sure that she became successfully an eight year old. Next she unpacks first of all her bag without bothering about her current age and put on her rag and sandals. Her garb was too big for the bag and the girl looked for place to hide it.

Soon she found a hole in a tree. The girl had to stand on her toes to examine it precisely. She didn't want that some kind of small animal already made his nest there and messed up with her belongings.

Luckily it was empty and stored the garb in the tree-hole.

For any case she also put the antidote in there; she didn't want to risk losing or breaking the flask, so this place seemed for her a safe hiding-place.

Now the sorceress had nothing to do but to follow the path to "Yornick", a small town where the party wanted to meet at the rendezvous-point.

Forenoon she arrived the idyllic town. Carriages went through the town gate in and out, transporting hay, vegetables and other goods.

The guards on the gate eyed up the little girl, but that was all what they did. Obviously they didn't escape attention of having a new face around, the sorceress thought, maybe I shouldn't forget that my appearance is now that of a girl and behave due adults are expected to. Acting to remain silent and unnoticed would her only make suspicious.

>> Good day, sirs. << she said to the guards in an overjoyed voice.

The guard didn't say anything, but were smiling now.

It seems that still no one can withstand my charm, the girl hopped happily when she crossed through the gates.

At last she was in the town, now she has just to find the party.

As far as she knew, the meeting place where the adventures wanted to gather was an inn; the town had three of them. Unfortunately she forgot to ask her intelligencer in which one they are going to meet.

But how difficult would it be to find three men and a woman, clothed black like dark sorceresses usually do, on a table. The first tavern was just over the street, the "Great Pig in the Barrel".

Who made up such stupid names, the sorceress though, but if it's on my way I can have a peek inside. On the roads the townsfolk were busy and when the girl wanted to cross the street, a passer-by pushed her aside the dusty road. >> Hey! Watch out! << she shouted, but the man did not respond her, he seems to ignore her like she had never existed and disappeared in the crowd. Nobody helped or cared about when she lay on the ground.

This was one of the disadvantages of being small; the sorceress had to find out.

Her arm hurts a little from the bounce.

>> That was mean <<, she said and caught herself out talking like a girl.

With the body her mind seems to react like a child; but didn't she spoke before she should behave like one? I hope I find this necklace soon because I don't like it being a girl any longer than necessary.

At least the girl managed to the tavern without getting on someone's way.

She opened a hairbreadth the door and peeked through the opening. On the tables were only a few countrymen, talking and drinking their beer but not a sign of the four she was looking for.

Suddenly someone pushed her and the girl stumbled in and felt after a few steps.

The guests laughed. The girl get blushed and tried to get up quickly.

>> Sorry * hick *, I didn't know that * hick * someone was there. << said the man who pushed her, he seemed already be drunken and reeled to one of the tables.

>> What are you doing here? << barked a voice from behind. The sorceress turned frightened and saw a fat man with an extraordinary big stomach who was obviously the inn-keeper. His appearance would explain why this place was called the "Great Pig in the Barrel".

>> I am looking for someone. << the girl spoke too fast and squeaky; she was excited and didn't get used of her younger voice yet. The crowd started to laugh again, even the fat inn-keeper who sounds like a damaged trumpet. His belly swung up and down like a barrel.

Again the girl became red in her face.

>> Who do you looking for exactly? << the inn-keeper asked as he calmed down. >> I don't know, three men and a woman, did you have seen any of them. << asked the girl, but this time she tired to sound more seriously.

The public couldn't bear to grin. Maybe they had already drunk too much this morning, the girl thought annoyed. >> Can you describe me you friends more closely? << asked the fat man.

>> No. << was the reply and again the guests laugh off.

>> So, you don't know them, << he quipped, >> are your friends as funny as you? <<

>> Not so funny like you, piggy. <<

Ups, did I really said that, the little sorceress couldn't believe it and was surprised about this sudden comment herself. The inn-keeper looked now angry and took her arm. >> Your friends aren't here and no one took a room for days. That's all and now go! This isn't a place for little brats.

He pulling her to the exit and exposed her to the door.

Behind she could still hear the roar of the guests, but this time she knows, that they were laughing about the inn-keeper.

Later the girl considered that perhaps it wasn't wise to annoy the inn-keeper. The day was young and the party would come somewhere during the time.

Maybe they would go directly to this tavern that was quite near the town gate.

However, she doubted that the inn-keeper would allow her enter the inn again.

It couldn't be helped, so she went to check the other inns.

But still, this event worried her a bit, because it wasn't typical for her to behave so shy. No, it was just the role I have played, she calmed herself, but she knew that there were some changes since she became a girl. Hopefully I can find those party, were her thoughts, she unlike wanted to be going through this for nothing.

CHAPTER 4: Someone Else Girl

The girl was sitting on a bench. The next inn was near the market place but she had to rest. All the way from the woods to the town and now the several streets and side roads she was walking the entire time, and that was exactly the problem: walking! Usually she could teleport herself anywhere anytime in no time, but now her feet were hurting. Into the bargain the sun was hot and above not even a single cloud was on the pale blue sky.

Summarising her progress, she has been pushed around, got a scratch on her arm by falling down several times today, got covered with dust thanks to the unpaved sandy roads and the most annoying thing, the dust even stuck beyond the woof on her rag which even tightened it by her own sweat.

Summed it all up that she neither had the necklace nor could found that damned heroes; the whole thing didn't go well. The sorceress thought if it was worthy to bother herself all these troubles for nothing. Being trapped in a girl's body made her just feeling foolish and somehow frightening.

There was something, but she couldn't get it out of her mind.

She looked down her laps; the sweat- moistened dusk was like glued on her soft smooth skin.

At least her short legs still looked quite attractive, for a girl, was her opinion.

The burning sun and the heat made her thirsty and so the girl had the urge to get some drink from the fountain. When she reached the pool, there were some pictures chiselled on the wall, probably they were telling the tale of this fountain. The first one showed an image of an old man. At the second he discovered a sparkling fountain. Next from the picture portrayed that the old man was drinking from the water. In the last one he was walking happily his way as a young man. Under this picture story was engraved:

~ And yet, till today, it is said that this spring keep the heart still go younger ~

>> Oh, great! << she grumbled. >> A fountain of youth is the last thing I need. Couldn't they make up a better story? << True or not, the sorceress was too thirsty to think about that stupid tale.

After satisfying her exigency thirst, she starred on her face that was mirrored by the water. It was the first time she realize to be aware about her younger self.

Though she shortened her hairs till her neck, they reached the shoulders when she was shrunk down to a girl. The sweat made her bright-brown hair even darker and her whole appearance was sluttish. Her cute face looked tired, so she washed it with the refreshing water.

After she cooled down her hot face, she felt better and smiled down to her watery spitting image.

Now I'm cute again, she thought cheerfully –wait! Again she acted like a kiddie.

Enough of this waste of time, she demanded herself, the rest was quit relaxing but now I have to find those jerks.

When she headed to the market, she saw a boy hiding beyond a small statue that was standing close to a building. >> Shhhh! << the boy fizz.

>> Don't tell him that I'm here. << he whispered.

The girl looked around and saw that there was another boy sneaking around. On a corner she saw other children, too.

As she could guess this, they were playing hide & seek.

That could be fun, the sorceress had in mind, but with just changing the rules of her taste. >> Hey! Do you looking for someone. << she shouted tunefully to the chaser. The boy nodded.

The little kill-joy pointed with her finger to the hiding boy.

Quickly the chaser ran behind the statue and called: >> Gotcha! <<

>> That was unfair, << the boy protested, >> if this girl hadn't cheated, no one could find me. << >> Ahh! Don't boast here so loudly, << the girl answered bored back, >> I have found you first after all. << >> Who allowed you to participate? << he asked disgruntled.

>> Simple! I allowed it myself, << the girl canted.

>> Awren! Go getting your father for dinner! << a women' voice resounds.

>> Sorry! I must fetch my drunken dad from the inn. << the chaser boy said and went off.

>> Then I will also go my way, << the gleefully girl announced.

That was the kind of fun the small empress appreciated, walking down to the market happy about her joke. Ruining the game was funny, she thought; being a girl doesn't mean not to be evil. That was her old self she liked and loved.

>> Girls are stupid! << the boy cried after her.

Soon she reached the first booths after a few turns.

As to be expected, the anyway thigh sidewalks were overcrowded. Busy people were rushing from one place to another while dealers praising their goods.

Luckily the inn was next the market on a broader road people could walk easily. I wondering what kind of silly name this tavern have, she wondered. "To the Golden Spoon" – not a very special one, the girl thought, but at least the name was not ridiculous. When she entered the inn, there were more people than the last one. The tavern had just a few windows; therefore it was dim inside.

The guests wore vesture and liveries from different lands far away, some of them had enriched embroidered coats. I think that is it, she hoped. Among all those merchants and wayfarers a party would easily remain unnoticed. Before she could pass further into the crowd, a quit attractive waitress barred her way, holding a tablet with drinks on her left hand.

>> What have little girls lost in a place like this? << she asked.

>> I have business to do. << the girl replied.

>> Do you? That's too bad, << the waitress said pitifully, >> but children are not allowed in here, so please leave this place. << >> I won't need long; I am only looking for someone. <<

>> No excuses little girl, << the waitress packed with the free hand her arm and pulling her to the door, >> here is the exit. Come again if you have grown old enough. <<

>> But I have to look for my father, << the sorceress said, remembering back the boy to fetch his drunken dad, >> please, if I can't find him he will waste all his money again. <<

The waitress seems not to impress that and squeezed even harder her arm.

>> Ouch! That hurts! << she cried.

>> That's the reason why we don't want any snooping girls here, luring our customers away. << was the answer of the waitress with no regret.

A customer just entered the inn forthcoming, so the waitress hadn't to open the door, otherwise it would have come tricky for her without a free hand.

She threw the girl back to the outside.

>> And keep outside! << she warned her.

The sorceress touched her hurting arm.

What a merciless person, she thought angrily. However, she didn't try to get in again, she was too afraid of this scary bitch. Why do they prohibit children anyway anything!

Again she was kicked out, but this time it wasn't her fault.

>> Hohoho, << laughed an old man next to her, sitting on a bench with a walking-stick. >> No luck in getting in, little lady? << the old man twaddle, the sorceress punished him with an angry glaze.

>> Too bad if the own father is a boozer. << he continued blabbering, without noticing the girl's mood.

>> Stop making fun of me, I have important things to do. << she yelled back.

>> Quit a big temper in such a small mouth. << he runs his hand over the white beard.

>> How about a deal? << he proposed. >> I will take with you in the tavern and in exchange you will be my little niece. << Being with the elderly was her chance to get into the inn, but even small she didn't want to be so naïve to get tricked. >> Where is the snag in it? << she asked carefully.

>> None, << he ensured, >> just doing an old man a favour for joining young company. <<

>> And for that company I need to be pretending your niece? <<

>> Well, I miss my grandchildren who are living far away and I don't want to treat a cute girl like you as a stranger. <<

The doubtfully sorceress looked at the old man; he seems harmless, moreover he couldn't even take a step without his stick. >> Alright, << the girl got over her, >> but we're only pretending to be related. <<

>> Of course. << the codger said benignly.

What a strange old fogy, the sorceress thought, but as long as she could enter the inn, the other matters were unimportant to her - for now.

CHAPTER 5: Quest For The Missing Party

With the old man using as a ticket, they entered the semi-lighted tavern. Voices of guest clang; busy with their own conversations than to notice anyone else coming through the door. Not far away the sorceress saw the waitress, serving some soldiers their drinks. >> Thank you, Abigail! << one of the soldiers shouted and gave the waitress a slap on her butt when she left the table. >> Save your temper for the Orcs, << she smirked back. After a few steps she discovered the girl. >> Haven't I told you to stay outside? << she said sarcastic. >> It is okay, she is with me. << the old man heckled. The waitress looked both of them grimly and just went without giving a comment.

They took a two-seated table somewhere near a windowless wall; the best spot to oversight this place, the girl reasoned. The chair was too high for the girl, so her legs dangled above the ground.

>> Any sign of your father? << the old man asked.

>> No, not yet. << the pretending niece replied.

>> I see, << he said, >> well, to judge the look of your clothes I don't think your father would be hanging around in an inn like this, where middle-class people are doing their businesses. I assume that he would hanging around more in simple working-class inns such "The Shovels Mug" or a typically place to get drunk, "The Great Pig in the Barrel", if you have might heard of it. << None of those two speakeasies comes into question, in which regular customers would notice strangers at once, the sorceress concludes, she had to wait here for the party, but what should she tell this grandpa? >> I can see it in your face that it wasn't for your father why you wanted to come here, don't you? << The old man got her; he wasn't so ditsy like he was looking after all.

>> Am I right? << he dig deeper. >> Why don't you want to tell what you are really aiming for? << This was the time the little sorceress had quickly to make up an excuse.

>> Well, to be honest, << she said, >> I was actually wanted to offer people my services. << After all she looked like a poor girl; this seems to be the best answer.

>> Ahhh! A day-taller you are, working every day just for the penny. << he said in a wise understandingly manner. The old man buys the story, lucky that I am such a convincing liar, the girl thought. >> And what is your father doing? << came the next question.

This old codger was quite talkative, the sorceress thought annoyed.

>> I have none, << she answered, which was in fact true.

I should stay as close to the truth as possible, before he caught me with nothing but lies, were her thoughts. >> If you ask so I have no parents at all. << the girl added. >> So you see I'm on my own. <<

>> Then in fact you are an orphan. << he said while he again runs his hand over the white beard thoughtfully. >> That's right, old man! << the girl replied rude.

>> Hohoho, << he laughed like a fairy tale telling grandfather would do, >> old man is quite right, since you don't know my name and I haven't introduced myself, yet. So just call me Uncle Ben, people are used to be know me by this name. Anyway it would also fits, since you are, of course, my niece. << >> Okay, Uncle Ben, << the girl said.

>> And what is your precious little name? << Uncle Ben was keen on to know. >> Huh?, My name! << the sorceress repeated surprised. >> You have a name, don' you? << Ben joked.

The sorceress didn't want to risk telling her real name, what of kind of name she should made up, matching her girls appearance: >> Misty! << she said instantly out of her voice, therefore she was used to be called mistress, this name seemed her perfect. << >> Misty, that is indeed a nice name, << the old man nodded, >> and a pretty brave girl too, to fending for yourself. However, that means that you are an urchin, too. <<

Me! A shabby brat, the sorceress thought appalled. The horror was written in her face, even the thought to be a one made feel her uncomfortable.

>> You see, people don't like alley children. So straying around, they will send them for their own sake in an orphanage. << The little heart began beating harder like the last time she became a girl, it was the same strange feeling re-aging for years. >> But be of no fear, as long as you are working, there will be no need for such drastically measures, << Ben soothed her. Great! Now I have to getting sure not to be caught and send into an orphanage, the sorceress thought, but she was sure anyway that the old man was overthrowing the whole thing. However, she should be careful.

>> Well, I see! Let's talk about more pleasant things. << Uncle Ben recommended. Then the old man picked the menu-card and watched it puzzled.

>> My old eyes became old, could you please come over here, my Dear, and read it for me? << the codger asked, and made a gesture to sit on his lap.

The sorceress didn't want to; but she shouldn't make the same mistake like in "The Great Pig in the Barrel", where she had been kicked out and under these circumstances it was better not to screw things up and jollies the old man along. However, it was just a low price to stay in the inn. >> Sure, why not. << the girl said.

She took a look-around the inn to see anything about the party while walking over to Uncle Ben's site; but she couldn't see anything that would fit the three men and one woman description.

>> Come on my lap. << he said, lifting her on his knee. >> My dear, you are quite light-weighted for your age.

On the menu were several desserts listed.

The girl read the various names of these delicious sweets, such as plum pudding, flapjack and fruit salad; not to forget to mention the large palette of chocolate, fruit and lemon-cream cakes.

If the sorceress hadn't known it better, an outsider would consider a girl practicing to read with her grandfather.

>> Do you want to order something? << sounds the voice of the waitress all sudden. The sorceress just looked amazed, she didn't notice her.

>> Well, I'm not sure. They all sound luscious. What do you think, my Dear? << Ben asked the girl. >> Apple strudel, << she answered, >> that's healthier for you. <<

>> Good! << the old man said. >> Two apple strudels then, please. << Ben ordered and laid his hand on the sorceress lap. >> For me and my niece. <<

The waitress just watched the girl queer.

>> You looked for you drunken father but found your Uncle. << she said ironically, and leaves the table.

The girl looked not very pleased to Ben.

>> Hohoho! << the old man laughed unconcerned. >> Don't worry; of course you are my guest; so you don't have to pay for it. << But that wasn't the problem, the point was, the sorceress hates sweet stuff. Besides to that, she was beginning to think, what the old man was really up to, since this letch put his hands of her naked lap.

Well, she thought, if he likes it so much, then he should have his fun; maybe he could be of use for her for a further time and at the moment she needed him to stay in this place.

>> Can I sit on my own chair, Uncle? << the girl asked in a sweet tone, the old man shouldn't get too much.

>> Of course, you can, << Ben answered, >> my old knee became tired, anyway. <<

Sure, you old liar, the sorceress thought, but I will play this game, for now.

Before she could sit properly on her chair, the waitress put two plates of apple strudel on the tabletop.

>> Thank you, Abigail my Dear. << he called her name, and off she was.

>> Always in a rush she is, isn't she? << the old man said.

>> Yes, and strange, too. << the girl responded, but maybe she didn't wanted to be slapped such even before, especially not from an old debauchee like him.

>> You haven't tried your cake, yet. << Uncle Ben noticed. I guess, I have to, she said to herself.

She tried a scooped the fork with a bit apple strudel into her mouth. All a sudden her palatine was filled with the sweet taste. Something good like this she hadn't ate for a long time ago.

Though she hates sweets, her younger body seems to love it.

Uncle Ben said nothing. He just enjoyed watching the good appetite of his niece.

The sorceress swallowed the last bit, when a man with a dark-hood-covered robe came in. He sat to a round table in a corner to two other persons.

The man talked something to them and unfolded his cloak and the typically sharp ears of an Elf could be seen. Now the sorceress recognized the armour under the garment of one of the two other men that were worn by knight men. Also she could now see a magic wand, which had to be one of a magician.

An Elf, a knight and a mage, that were the three her spies told her they would gather in this inn to met Azura.

The girl stand up and approached the party, leaving Uncle Ben cold-shouldered.

Finally she found the party, after she had to lurk here so long.

CHAPTER 6: The offer

When the sorceress came close enough to the party, she could hear what they talking about. >> Well, Mandrik. Is there any news from Azura? << the Elf asked.

>> We know no more than you, Ronor. << was the answer of the mage unfortunately.

>> I don't trust this witch, I tell you. << said the knight.

>> You think, that she won't come, Asgor? <<

>> No, I think that she will betray us sooner or later. << he said angrily and bashed his fist on the table. >> Calm down, my friend. << the mage tried to ease him. >> At the moment she needs us as we need her. << >> That's not what I meant! << the knight called Asgor snarls. >> What do you mean? << Ronor wanted to know.

>> Can't you imagine it? After this witch got what she wants and we are of no use for her anymore, she will try to get rid of us. << explained Asgor.

>> You say a wise thing, << Mandrik agreed. >> However, she is the only one who could lead us to the Mistress of Darkness, but we should keep as a precaution an eye on her. And if she is going to deceive us, we will, <<

>> What do you want girl? << the knight shouted, he noticed the girl who was close to the party. >> You are Adventurers, aren't you? << the girl asked.

>> More or less, << Ronor said, >> what can I do for you? <<

>> I want to be at your service. << the little girl replied, trying to join the party was the only way to get near enough to the necklace.

>> What skills should a strayer like you have? << Asgor asked grimly. >> Well,,, << that was a good question, it was something she didn't give a thought about it, >> I can carry for you heavy bag, uhmm, and also polishing stuff and nearly everything. You will see that I will be a great help to you. << >> I guess that the place where we go will be too dangerous for a little girl. << smiled the mage. >> It is safer, if you stay in this town. <<

>> Yes, but I want to leave the town, so therefore we have the same way; in exchange I could be helpful to you. << the little sorceress tried to convince them.

>> Sorry kiddo, but we made up our mind. << said Asgor harsh.

>> But, but,, << the girl stuttered.

>> We thank you for your offer! << Mandrik said, turned the girl away from the table and put his hand on her back so she had to go. >> Maybe we take you service when you have grown up a little more. <<

I won't give up that easily, thought the sorceress. When the girl intends to turn back to the party, a huge hand packed her arm. >> So you are looking for a job. << someone of the guest said, the man who packed her arm was sitting relaxing on his chair. The girl was like paralysed as the man pulled her to him and examined her. >> Nay! << he said. >> Not strong enough. <<

Obvious she paid the attention of some other men, so soon the little sorceress was called from merchants and other guest: >> Can you cook? <<

>> No, you are not a boy, I don't need girls. <<

>> Do you can also make hand-maid duties? <<

>> You know how to read and count? <<

The poor girl looked puzzled; she didn't want to become anyone's handmaid. Her plan didn't work out as it should be, but what should she tell them after she begged how badly she needed work.

>> Forget it what I said! << she said in her squeaky voice.

>> The girl is shy. << someone shouted, people couldn't resist a smile or a quietly chuckle. >> Didn't you want to work, here is your change. << Asgor called behind her. The girl stood there for a while, then she thought it would be the best to get out of here.

This reaction just caused another reason for a laughing mood and one of the guests stopped her. >> Now don't be so jumpy. << he said.

>> No, let me go! << the sorceress wanted to say, but just the moment the man pulled down her chops. >> Let me look at your teeth. <<

Looking her teeth? What did he thought he was doing?

>> My, these teeth are in an excellent shape. << the man said. >> You haven't any sewing skills, have you? << >> You mean with needle and thread? <<

>> I could use a goose maid. << a young lord next the table said.

But also to this the girl rejected this offer with a simple answer, pretending she were afraid of geese. >> Sorry girl, I thought you were a bit older. <<

>> A little bit too inexperienced. <<

Some people were losing their interest.

Then a stoutly built man heaves the little sorceress on his table; she anxiously shrieked. >> Instead of taking such dull works, how about showing us some dancing? << >> But I can't dance. << the sorceress wanted to make an excuse. >> Humbug! Everyone can dance, so don't be so lowly and show us how you can swing your legs. << All the entire crowd looked up to her. A bard who was sitting beyond the guests, twitched on his harp, creating the right tune to unleash the dancing spirit.

When people even began to clapping, the girl was forced to hop from the one toe to another. This was embarrassing; she the mighty Mistress of Darkness had to do such a ridiculous thing. The tavern was in a high spirits: music, beer & ale and of course the dancing girl, who did well. The fun ends as the girl accidentally slipped form the table. By giving a funny outcry and landing on her bottom, this pratfall made the audience unintentionally roar with laughter.

>> This isn't funny, that hurts. << the sorceress shouted angrily, but with her beep voice it didn't sound really unconvincingly. >> Well, it seems the show is over. << the stoutly built man said. >> No hard feelings, peewee. We just wanted to have some good time. <<

That's enough, the girl thought. This was the straw that breaks the camel's back. I have enough of being a pushover little girl, whose only good for of being cute and be mocked by some grown-up for their entertainment.

As she stood up; she could see from one of the spare windows that sunset nearly have begun. Oh, no! she was shocked. Even if she would manage to reach the gate before shut down, she wouldn't make it to reach the woods before the woods are covered in the black night to find the antidote.

Now she knows what kind of a strange feeling she had, since she became a girl. It was somewhere hidden deep in her mind. In all her arrogance she didn't take in account, that she wouldn't make it in one day to get the necklace. Azura could probably take a few days till she meet with the others in the inn.

The sorceress had to realize that she was without a doss or where she could stay. After this long day she also felt hungry, of course she had nothing to eat and worst of all not a single coin in her pocket. What should I do? wondered the unsheltered and hungry girl.

>> Misty! << someone said.

First the sorceress didn't care about it, then it come back to her mind, that this person meant her. >> Uncle Ben! << she said when she turned her head to him.

>> Are you alright? I hope you aren't hurt. <<

>> For a moment ago yes, but now it's gone. <<

>> Good to hear that. << he said. >> I'm sorry you couldn't find someone taking your service; but if you want I can ask some travelling merchants for whom you can work for. <<

By travelling from one place to another I will never get hand to my antidote, the girl thought. >> Thank you, Uncle Ben, but I won't feel comfortable serving someone I haven't met before personally. << The girl looked at the old mans face; hopefully he wouldn't get angry about refusing his help. >> I understand! << he said in a calm soft voice. >> How about working for me? <<

Working for him, the sorceress looked amazed.

>> You could work and also would have still enough time to play with other children. So what are you thinking about it? << >> What kind of work is it? << the girl asked, she really had no clue what this man could want her to do. >> Hohoho, << he laughed amused, >> I am the owner of "To the Golden Spoon". You could help me out in the inn. << Well, that was a surprise; this was the reason why the waitress let her so easily enter the tavern and gave her an unfriendly frown.

On the other side of aspects, she could stay in the inn a little bit longer and could also have an eye on the party, until Azura arrived and find an opportunity to get her hand on the necklace after all.

Of course she would accept his offer, staying a little longer small would pay off. >> You really would do that for me? << her eyes her were glaring delightful. >> Sure! That's why Uncles there. <<

Right, after all he pretended that she was her niece, though he probably had something else in his mind. However, at the moment it was most important to stay in the inn.

CHAPTER 7: Duty chores

Misty, or better said the enchanted sorceress, who made up this name to pass herself off as a girl, followed the old man the way behind the bar.

The three heroes were still sitting on their table and were probably discussing about their next move, however, without the dark sorceress Azura they couldn't do nothing but wait.

On the bar they met Abigail, the disgruntled waitress whom the sorceress met earlier, were preparing filling up some mugs of beer. The waitress didn't seem to be delighted, when Uncle Ben took the girl behind the bar. >> Abigail, my dear, can I introduce you Misty, she will lend you a hand in the inn. << >> You are not serious! << Abigail said stunned. >> This little brat! << >> Don't be so harsh, I'm sure you will get along with her. << Uncle Ben said in his old calm friendly way. Abigail looked displeased, but she knew that there was no point in contradicting, when the old stubborn once made up his decision. Then he smiled satisfied and disappeared through the door to the back room.

>> I can't believe that this is happening to me. << the waitress put her hand enervated on her forehead. >> Well, it can't be helped. <<

Then she looked at her little helper.

>> I wonder what Uncle Ben were thinking to bring an ally girl in his tavern? <<

>> Hey! I am not an ally girl. << the little sorceress shouted offended.

>> You are not? Then you can tell me why you are wearing this rag? <<

>> Uhmm, this is, because, <<

>> And why don't you have any adults looking after you? << Abigail didn't let finishing what the girl was trying to say. >> This hasn't to do with it, <<

>> And besides, you are a filthy one, too. Look at yourself! Covered all over with dust. << The sorceress tries to say something, but then she left it. The waitress hit a point, so it was useless to answer back.

After all, her entire appearance gave the impression to look really like a homeless child, knowing that she haven't no parents proved that the waitress must have heard her conversation with Uncle Ben. They hadn't talked quietly though.

>> Your name is Misty, right? It doesn't sound like a name for a maid. If I see right you look more like a little dusk flake – maybe I will call you by this name. << Abigail scoff at her with a sneering smile. >> Stop treating me like an idiot! << the girl cried angrily.

>> Don't shout that loudly, << the waitress fizzed, glaring again to the girl. >> You wanna have a better treatment, then deserve it. <<

Deserving? the girl thought, somehow she didn't like the sound of it. >> Keep these two little rules in your minds, and we will be close friends. << Abigail advises: >> First: You will do what I am telling you! Don't think you don't have to listen to me, because Uncle Ben brought you here. Second: Never do or say something that annoys the guests, that's includes table dancing, you got me? << The sorceress heard her instructions half-bored and nodded; she wasn't in mood to answer her needless questions. Let the old lady talking, she was thinking. Compared to her current age, the young waitress was to be referred as "old". >> Good! << Abigail said, not sure whether the girl listened to her or not. >> Then make yourself useful and mop the kitchen floor. Water and floorcloth are ready! <<

And so the waitress opened the door behind the bar, which leads not far away to the kitchen. On the small hall to the kitchen the implements stands ready.

Not overzealous to perform menial jobs, she took the bucket with water and the cloth to her way to the kitchen. Of course, she couldn't watch what was going on outside in the tavern. But this wasn't so bad; she just had to wet the floor a bit, so she could finish this quickly. The girl kneeled and soaked the old cloth that was holey like a Swiss cheese and brushed the floor until it was wettish everywhere in the kitchen.

Wasn't that difficult at all, she thought.

Then the little sorceress walked back to the door behind the bar and opened a little gap to observe the heroes without being seen by the maid, who would just give her some other dirty works to do.

Unfortunately, she stands right behind the door, so she rip opened the door.

>> You are already finished? << the waitress wondered.

>> Uhmm, yes. << the girl answered carefully, she was not sure what she should say and had little time to think about it. However, at the current situation it was the best not to make her furious, so telling the truth was the best option. >> Little lady, if you want to stay here, you should break your bad habit with this unclear pronunciation! Say just "Yes" or "No"! Got it? <<

Now this waitress also wants to tell her how to talk and answer properly, but she swallowed her anger and answered just with: >> It won't happen again. <<

Abigail grabbed the girl's wrist and pulled behind her to the kitchen, the sorceress had difficulties to keep step with her. In the kitchen, Abigail stood astonished for awhile.

>> You are calling that cleaning? <<

>> What's wrong? << Misty asked blank-faced.

What kind of problem has she now?

>> You just have wet the floor. << Abigail said.

>> Isn't that the part of cleaning? <<

>> No, the part of cleaning is to get rid of the dirt, not to disperse it. <<

She pointed with her finger on the dries places on the floor, where the wet dust and filth appeared again on the ground. The girl said nothing, denying was useless, she couldn't fool the waitress.

Abigail looked suspicious to the girl and took her hand.

>> Your hands are soft and as smooth as butter, you must have never worked hard in you life before! << she found out. >> What were you doing to earn you living? <<

The sorceress just looked confused and innocent into her eyes.

What would she do now?

>> Let's see if you can handle easy jobs, at least. << Abigail sight indignantly, thinking that's going to be fun.

After this sloppy work, the sorceress could count herself lucky that Abigail was lenient toward to her. But she wasn't.

Not only that Abigail had to tell her two or three times what she had to do, before she was doing something, she also mixed things up and were not concentrated at work.

Besides, she was also heavy-handed, so she let fall a full tablet, as she had to collect the empty mugs.

>> I knew you would be quite troubling. << Abigail scolded the clumsy girl.

The mighty empress was not used to get orders, and she didn't care about it, she was just interested about the heroes' doings.

Suddenly a black-clothed lady entered the tavern. The woman's head were covered in the hood of her rob, but it was still easily to be seen that her hair was pitch-black.

That was interesting, the girl thought, as she saw the woman from far behind.

The mysteriously lady stepped toward the party's table.

It seems that Azura has finally arrived.

>> Go downstairs and get some buckets for me! << Abigail requested.

>> Later! << the wilful girl refused, she didn't want to miss what Azura was now doing.

The waitress pulled her ear. She had enough of that stubborn child.

>> Listen what I'm telling you! << she hissed annoyed, while the girl moaned of pain. >> And now go! <<

The girl went chagrined downstairs of a small gang, that was near behind the bar's door.

She pets her hurting ear.

>> No reason to get rough. << she mumbled.

It was dark in the room, so the light coming through the door was the only source of light she could see through the sparely lighted basement. There was a window somewhere high up the wall, but it was dark of dirt.

>> I can't find any buckets. << the little girl shouted, after she had looked for them.

>> Then look more closely. << was the answer from upstairs.

Great! the sorceress thought impatiently. While she was seeking for some dump buckets, she didn't know what Azura was going to do in the tavern. Hopefully they won't leave the town before she could get the necklace.

Her thoughts were disturbed as the door was closed and covered the cellar with darkness.

Some weak light shafts of sunset broke through the window, but they were not bright enough to lighten the lower part of the room. Then she heard that some steps were coming down the stairs. It was Abigail.

>> What's going on? << the girl cringed.

>> Nothing! You only get some special treatment to cure you of your bad attitude of working morale. << the waitress said coldly, when she reached the last step and abut on the frame.

The sorceress got a bad feeling about that.

>> Don't try to resist! << she warned the girl, as she approached her. >> The earlier we got this behind us, the earlier we are finished. <<

>> No! << was the girl's reaction.

She tried to run around the waitress and to reach the door, but Abigail's arm already packed her around her little body. The girls screamed, shouted and fidget, but it was useless.

>> If you had done your work correctly and listened to me as expected, you wouldn't have been punished. << Abigail told her dry. >> But scream as loud as you can, because in this basement nobody will hear you; that were the reason why I lured you down here. <<

Abigail sat on a box and laid the naughty girl on her laid. >> No! Let me go! Don't you hear me? << the helpless sorceress demanded, she couldn't believe that probably the mightiest sorceress in history was be punished by an inferior maidservant.

>> Now we will she if you really are an alley girl. << Abigail said as she stripped the girl's rag to uncover her blank butt. >> As I thought, << she found out amused, >> you are not wearing any panties, but that is typically for homeless children. << >> I never wore one. << the girl answered unconsciously, she didn't even wear lingerie when she was an adult.

Abigail laid her hand on her naked bottom, while the girl still tried to get free; and then the inevitable happened. The waitress stroke out and hit her little butt forcefully and continued the treatment, again and again. The sorceress didn't want to give her the satisfaction to scream, but then the pain got the upper hand, so she had no other choice but to cry:

>> No! Please stop it! I'm sorry! I will work harder, I promise! Please! <<

The sorceress begged Abigail for forgiveness, tears were running down her face and as the pain was almost unbearable, the waitress stopped to spank her.

>> May this be for you a lesson. << Abigail said satisfied, while the girl dries her eyes. >> You will stay here until tomorrow, so you can think all about this. <<

What! Leaving me back in that dark place! The sorceress didn't want to stay here. Who knows if Azura and the party would be still in the inn tomorrow morning?

She couldn't allow failing stealing the necklace, she had to do something.

>> Please don't nick me in this dark basement. << she begged.

>> Didn't I make myself clear? You will stay at the basement as I said. <<

>> Please not! << she cried and clutched Abigail's leg as she went up.

>> Let off my leg! My decision is definitely. <<

The sorceress had to act. But how?

Desperately, the girl started to kiss Abigail feet, but because she weren't bare-footed, she kissed her shoes therefore. >> Please, Mistress Abigail, I do whatever you want. << she endeared her gaoler.

Misty did exactly that what her maid would do to avoid punishment.

>> Well, you have learned pretty fast! << Abigail said astonished. >> Fine! You can come with me, but I will send you in this basement back if you don't behave. <<

>> Thank you, Mistress Abigail. << Misty said, and this time she took her words seriously.

CHAPTER 8: The Dominant Maid

Misty followed Abigail to the kitchen she had left in a mess. >> From now on I expect you to work harder, do you get it? << >> Yes, Mistress Abigail. << the girl answered, her butt was still hurting from the waitress's treatment.

The pain also reminded her to play up to the waitress; she hoped that acting nice and obedient would probably save her of any further treatment. >> Mistress Abigail, << the waitress was thinking loudly, she liked the sound of it, but, >> No, "Yes, Ma'am" will also do it. We don't want to confuse our guests. <<

>> Yes, Ma'am. << Misty parroted.

She hated it to call her like that, but this blissfully ignorant waitress should think that she got the respect she ever wanted, even if it were from a stupid child.

Wait until I am adult again, the little sorceress thought, then my Orc-hordes are going to raze this town in nothing but to its very foundation and what remains behind are ruins. But the best of all will be when I have my revenge on this waitress in turning her into a girl and then we shall see how much fun she will have to be "my" maid.

The girls dark thoughts were interrupted when they reached the kitchen and Abigail told her to pay attention: >> One of the rules you have to learn is, to finish with what you have begun! << Then she sat on a stool and crossed her legs over. Her right foot was seesawing up and down demandingly.

Obviously it seemed that Abigail like it for having kissed her feet before. The girl came closer to her and kneeled on the dusty floor. Well, the faster I got behind this, the faster I can see what Azura and the others were doing in the tavern.

Then Misty slipped off the shoe of the teeter feet. She holds the big bare-foot on her tiny hands that was flimsy sweated by the shoe.

First she kissed the top of her toes, then she changed to the bare sole. The sorceress did it the same way she preferred it by her maid, when she kissed her feet to propitiate her mistress.

Curiously she risked a look up to Abigail; on her face the girl could see that she looked astonished down to her.

>> Actually I meant to clean the kitchen, but it is good to see that you have learned your lesson to respect elderly. <<

How embarrassing, Misty thought, not only that she had misunderstood Abigail's gesture, she had to mop the kitchen later on.

>> What's up? << the waitress asked when the girl stopped abruptly, >> Finish with what you have begun. <<

Now the girl started to lick around and between her soft toes. The foot was warm and the sweat tasted mildly salty, it also smelled somehow, indescribable inebriant.

Abigail gave noises of pleasure.

The girl was aware, that if she played her cards right, she could get more than she had expected. Maybe she hadn't to clean the kitchen.

So the girl continued to stimulate her and without her conscious she was also became obsessed by kissing Abigail feet.

What the little sorceress would think if she could watch herself right at the moment?

Actually, she would never do something beneath her dignity; especially "serving" someone with pleasure.

But far away of the pride of her adult ego and the current circumstances, she did the best of the situation without thinking much about it. >> That is good! << the waitress said suspiring, >> Where have you learned how to do it? <<

Long ago her legs weren't crossed over and Abigail held fast with both hands on the stool. Passion flows through her body looking down to that extraordinary girl.

Suddenly she took her feet back!

By this surprising movement, the girl felt back.

>> I have such a slightly feeling. << Abigail whispered to herself, she had regained again full control of herself.

Then she took with both hand on Misty's legs and straddled them. >> As I thought, << Abigail told down the girl, >> you aren't a virgin! << The sorceress had lured many men into her bed in order to get what she wanted, so of course she wasn't a virgin anymore.

Thus, it was naturally, that she didn't become a virgin again when she turned into a girl.

>> That was the reason, why you wanted to come into the inn. Looking for some suitors, don't you? <<

>> No! I'm not that kind of girl. << Misty said shocked, how did this waitress come up with such an idea?

>> And why you didn't want to take one of the jobs you have got offered? << Abigail said with a smile.

>> That is not true! << the girl answered back. >> Sure it's not, << the waitress shouted cold, putting her bared feet resting on the girl's chest demonstrative that she won't accept any more made-up excuses, >> this isn't the first time today you haven't told the truth! Besides, the fact of your soft hands proofs to me that you have never worked hard in your life and you must have earned your living with some other kind of "services"! <<

Abigail didn't left any space to defend herself. She couldn't neither tell a lie nor the truth; Abigail would believe none of both. This wasn't surprising since she didn't made-up her stories well in hope she would just need them temporally. The only way to appease her was to tell her what she wanted to hear, because it was the only thing she would believe.

>> Yes, you are right, << she snivelled, >> people give me some coins if they can touch me and fingering my body. << >> Some? <<

>> Well, maybe a little more. <<

>> See! << the waitress said in a more friendly tone. >> The truth wasn't too bad; now you feel much better, don't you? <<

>> Yes, Ma'am! Much better. << the little sorceress answered anxiously. >> But don't even think to offer one of your "services" here! This is a decent inn, you got me! <<

>> I won't, Ma'am! <<

>> Oh! I hope that for you, or you will have the troubles of your life time. << The waitress smiled: >> Nonetheless it worked wonder; my body didn't felt so relaxed for a while. <<

Abigail took her feet off the sorceress.

>> Stand up and follow me! We have still some business to do. <<

Without saying a word, Misty stood up.

>> But before that you will brush this floor, and this time clean. <<

As the girl had feared, she had to do the kitchen floor after all. It was not easy for the first time and the sorceress was weary, but she gave her best not to land in the basement again.

Brushing the floor gave her still time to think about Azura and what she was maybe doing now.

>> Well done, lass! << the waitress said friendly. >> You see you can do things right if you just try hard. <<

The sorceress looked still with fear at Abigail; she wasn't used of her kind site and with that even her voice seemed to have changed more different and pleasant.

However, the girl didn't know with what an idea Abigail would come next. >> Now let's return to the tavern. <<

Back to the guests the girl tried to spot Azura, but she could see the dark lady nowhere. The table where the party had their seats were now occupied by other customers.

>> We are closing soon. << said Abigail to the girl. >> I'll send the last guests home and you are lucky that you have nothing to do but meet Uncle Ben before you got to sleep; he wants to see you. <<

Then she pointed at the on a corner, where Uncle Ben was sitting alone. >> Okay, << Misty replied simply and went.

Good that this old man didn't take his nap, yet, the sorceress thought, because she didn't want to ask Abigail about Azura and what happened with the party; for she feared that these question would had made her just sceptical.

Uncle Ben already awaited her niece and smiled gently.

>> Come to me, my dear. << the old man said, and made a gesture to take a seat on his laps.

The sorceress followed this biding.

>> How you are doing, my girl. << Uncle Ben asked friendly.

>> Fine, so far. << was the untruthfully answer.

>> Oh, yes. I have heard from Abigail that she had to discipline you a bit. << Thanks for reminding me this, Misty thought angrily and could feel the pain on her butt again she got from Abigail's punishment.

For a moment, the girl was only watching. Uncle Ben saw that she was ashamed about that.

>> Don't be so weary the next time, all right. << he said in a friendly voice. With his arm around her, the sorceress could now feel the excitements of this day on her whole body. Especially on her legs which were aching, considering that she was on her toes all the time.

>> Uhmm, Uncle Ben, I never met an Elf before, but today in your inn, I think, the man with pointed ears was one. << the sorceress said, playing the part of the nice little girl again.

>> Yes, that's right, Dear. << Uncle Ben was happy that Misty started the talk about these wonderful beings. >> I know how excited I was as a boy when I saw them for the first time. <<

>> This Elfman isn't from this town right? Because they like it to live in the woods. << she didn't mention his other two companions, because she wanted to create the appearance that she was just interested in the fairy folks.

>> No, like the most of our guests here. <<

>> But where do you think is he gone so late in the night? Is he maybe sleeping on a tree? <<

>> Hohoho, << Ben laughed, >> you are an eager for knowledge one and also right, Elves like the woods and trees but like his friends he is sleeping sound and save in one of our rooms. <<

>> Do you have many Elf customers? <<

A lively imagination this girl has, cute and cunning she is too, Uncle Ben thoughts, not knowing that she just tried to pick up some information. >> Not at all, these folk do not come here often, and the Elf today is the first time I have seen long ago. <<

>> Sure? Because I have seen here another Elf I think. Also hooded and with long pitch-black hair. I think she was female. Do you think it was his girl-friend? <<

Suddenly Ben started to laugh: >> Oh, Dear! I see you are not common with the latest fashion. <<

>> Fashion? << Misty asked amazed.

>> Yes, you see, women like it to wear black robes because they want to look at mystical as possible; so it is also style to colour their hair pitch-black. << >> What is the use to look like a mage? <<

>> Mage? I thought we were talking about Elves? <<

Surprised she put her hand on her lips.

>> Oh?! I meant of course Elf, silly me. << she amended, now I've said something different as I wanted to and nearly revealed my true intention.

>> Don't worry, we all make sometimes mistakes, << the old man tried to ease her, after he saw that she had blushed for some reason, >> but you are tired, so something like that before can happen. <<

Abigail had sent all guests home and all accommodate customers to their bedrooms.

The tavern was empty expect Uncle Ben and this little dusk flake, as she was used to call the girl.

Ben should get a real girlfriend than that pain in the ass, the waitress thought, but this old fool just loved children. Must have to do something with his age, old men always behave weird, like they have turned to children themselves. Oh well, he shall have his fun as long as I don't have to bother with this girl.

>> Good night, Ben. I'm leaving. <<

>> Not so hasty. << Ben waved to her friendly.

Exactly that kind of friendliness Abigail hated, because she knew that Uncle Ben would ask her a favour she didn't want to favour to.

>> Yes? << Abigail smiled to quell her discontentedness.

>> If you don't mind can you bring Misty to her room? <<

>> But you know all well that we don't have any spare room left. << Abigail said, she knew too well what was coming now.

>> That's the next favour I wanted to bid you: to let Misty sleep with you. << >> No! << Abigail shouted stern. >> I don't want to share my anyway small four walls with somebody. <<

The waitress could see in Misty's eyes that she was as unpleased as with this stupid idea as her.

>> Well, but you told the problem yourself that we don't have a spare place for her. An old man like me isn't a night company for a little lady and we also can hardly let her sleep on the floor. So you don't be so mean, I'm sure you both gals will have a good time together – unless you have a better place for her to stay. <<

Abigail knew that she could carry on this conversation until dawn and this arguing would lead to nothing; but she had an idea how to solve this problem. >> If it have to. << she muttered. >> Come on girl, or do you want to take roots? <<

On their way, as they have passed the kitchen, Misty's stomach started to snarl. Even Abigail couldn't miss the sound of it.

>> Hungry? << she said. >> Well, I guess it cannot be helped. <<

Abigail shrugged her shoulders.

>> Come with me! I will give you something. <<

On the table Abigail cuts a piece of bread and laid a slice of cheese on it. The girl looked at the poor supper.

>> Is that all? << she asked upset.

>> Guess how much you would get, if you work harder. Besides, it's not my duty to prepare your meals, next time you have to help yourself. <<

>> Thank you, Ma'am. << Misty said unwillingly polite, when she took it. The regressed sorceress chewed on her dry bread. It wasn't something she was used to but for now acceptable.

Misty quickly swallowed the little rest of her supper, before Abigail grabbed her hand. Her stomach still fells empty but this little snack was better than nothing.

However, eating made her feel tired, no wonder, considered that she had went through all the day long. When the waitress stopped, the sorceress noticed that they were in a stable. It was warm inside, heated up by the light of daytime.

>> Here you will sleep! << Abigail said, pointing her finger to a corner with haystack.

Misty just looked at Abigail.

>> I know what you want to say, << Abigail said in a sweet-tempered voice, >> and Uncle Ben said you don't have to sleep with me unless I have found a better place for you. << The waitress was petting fondly her head.

>> Well, maybe not better but it is yours, and think that I haven't told Uncle Ben about your "services" – so I think we are even. <<

Misty nodded understandingly, too tired to answer her anything.

If this hay is looking as comfortable as it looks like I don't mind to sleep there, the girl thought, who was usually used to sleep in a soft bed.

>> Not so fast. << the waitress stopped her, when Misty wanted to go to the haystack. >> Hands up! <<

The girl did as she was ordered, and Abigail pulled out her rag.

>> It is not necessary to go to bed with the only clothes you wear, if you can call it so. <<

>> Yes, Ma'am. << she said, too exhausted to rise her voice. Her eyes were half-shut.

>> And now go to sleep! Tomorrow you need to be fit. <<

After these words, Misty went to the haystack, slipped her sandals and covered herself with a bunch of hay. The hay felt nice on her bare skin.

The girl couldn't help herself but somehow she got this bad feeling that the worse still lies before her.

- Then she felt in a dreamless sleep.

CHAPTER 9: Be of no sorrow in the morning hour

Misty woke up unpleasantly when a stroke of a biting cold splash covered her body like a cold mantle.

Quickly her mind rushed and became clear.

What a nightmare, the sorceress thought while she gasped; she had dreamt that she was a helpless little girl and people threaded her like a silly thing.

>> Good morning, you late riser. << greeted Abigail, who had thrown her in the watering place for the horses. >> I thought you would never wake up. << Oh, no! It wasn't a bad dream after all; she looked horrified to the waitress. >> Well, I tried to wake you up but you was sleeping like a log, so this was the only way to bring you back to the land of waken. But don't worry; I have let you sleep until the first gleam of light in the morning. <<

>> I hate you! << the girl snivelled, her body shivered of the morning's cold. >> I know you did this on purpose. <<

>> Don't be silly! << Abigail said, half kindly half mockingly. >> At least you are now a bit cleaner dust flower. <<

Wasn't it dust corn yesterday, the girl reminded, but dust flower was an improvement. Maybe Abigail will be less harsh on me.

>> Now get out of the water place and put something on, there are some customers who want to be attended to. After work, you can have fun which means that you can go playing with Uncle Ben. <<

Misty got out and dragged on her rag and slipped into her sandals. She was still wet and Abigail smiled to her.

>> Put on you prettiest face and don't forget: "A new day, a new start". << the waitress said before they went.

First they went to the kitchen and Abigail gave instruction what she had to do and where she could find things. The kitchen was warm so she soon became dry.

Abigail had already set breakfast for the guests, so Misty had not much work to do than to serve them tea or to take some orders.

On this morning there were some familiar faces from yesterday and the girl also saw on one of the tables the party – alone without a hint from Azura. Luckily Abigail served them; she was not really in the mood to chitchat with them.

Most of the guest were regular customers and when the frequenter saw that they were served by a new waitress instead of Abigail, they called her in joke "little Abigail". The people have quickly embosomed the new girl, they touched lovely her head and saying things like: >> You are a cute one! << The sorceress hated it to be touched.

>> Leave that! I don't like it. <<

The guests laughed but Abigail throw her a sternly frown, showing her that she was not pleased with her misbehaviour. The girl took this warning seriously swallowed her anger and agonised this childish treatment with a smile.

After breakfast Abigail took care of the guest while Misty had to wash up the dishes. The sorceress actually didn't know exactly how to do it, but tried to let it look as clean as possible. Hopefully Abigail would never found out the difference.

>> Well done, lass. << Abigail praised her. >> You was really a help, I have never so swiftly finished this job. <<

And not to mention that I have done all the dishes, Misty thought. >> But you could be a bit more polite to the gusts and thank them, when they make a compliment. Just acting shy is not an excuse. <<

>> Sorry Ma'am. I never meant to be meant. <<

With these words she took the sorceress's hand and dragged her to the floor. >> Spare me with your poor excuses which even you won't believe and now come with me! <<

Abigail took the cowed girl to a room that shaped up as the bathroom. Luckily not the dark cellar, the sorceress thought.

In the middle of the room stood a small wooden bathtub.

>> Take off you clothes! << the waitress commanded, >> Time for you to have a bath. <<

>> A bath! Why? << the girl blushed.

>> Sure, because Uncle Ben wants to see you and I think he doesn't want to have a filthy dusk covered brad. <<

Misty took off her rag and her sandals as ordered.

>> This bag, too! << Abigail said.

Oh, yes! She had totally forgotten the bag under her rag and took it also of her body.

Finally, when she was ready to go into the tub, she put her toe on the surface of the water and put it quickly back.

>> Whoa! It's cold! << the girl shivered.

>> Now don't make such a fuss! << Abigail demanded. >> A bit cold water has harmed nobody. <<

Then she lifted the girl and put her into the tub.

>> No! Cold! Cold! << she gasped; the cold water nearly took her breath. The girl fidget but it was useless since the waitress kept her in the water. >> Oh my gosh! << Abigail sighed. >> Actually you are supposed to ease my work, not to make my life harder. <<

Then she poured a bucket of warm water over her head. Misty stopped to fidget; the warm water was pleasant and made this cold bath bearable.

Abigail lathers her with soap, first on her hair and then the body.

>> I wish the other girls were here before "IT" happened. <<

>> What happened? << Misty asked.

>> The Orcs, of course. Don't you know anything? Since these green scums are menacing us near the border, many people left this town. So people who couldn't or didn't want to leave this town stayed; instead soldiers came here and with them a lot of merchants who want to make profits with them. <<

Well, that's the reason why Abigail had to run the inn all by her own; the other girls left her for their own sake. But don't don't run out of patience! the sorceress thought. Wait till I'm adult again, when I have the command of the Orc hordes again your nightmare will become true.

>> Don't get me wrong! The reason why you are here is to satisfy the desires of an old man. <<

>> What do you mean with "desires"? <<

>> Well, << she said, >> the best is to ask Uncle Ben himself. But don't worry; I will take care for making yourself useful. <<

Finally Abigail poured again a bucket of warm water over her head before she took her off the tub and began to dry her.

>> Here, try this! << Abigail said, after she was finished. She gave the girl a cute little brown dress. >> What should I do with this? << the sorceress asked puzzled. >> Wearing it, silly! What else? But don't get too accustomed to with it, because it is temporary. At work you will wear your rag again; I think it suites you better for work. <<

The sorceress was neither in a mood to play a cute girl nor did she want to be one.

However, she better wear this stupid dress before Abigail become angry again. >> You don't have anything better than these shabby sandals? << Abigail asked.

Misty nodded her head.

>> These one really look ridiculous with this dress! <<

Abigail took her sandals.

>> Hey! These one are mine! What are you doing with them? <<

>> Calm down! I keep them for you. You cannot wear these sloppy things on your feet and wear this nice dress. You have to walk barefoot I guess, but it will do. <<

After Misty put on the dress, Abigail led her to Uncle Ben's room where she left the both alone.

Uncle Ben was sitting on a big padded chair.

>> Come, my Dear. << the old man said friendly, and Misty take a seat on his laps as usual.

The old man's hand rested again on her leg, but this time the brown dress bar him from touching her bare skin.

Unlucky for you, the sorceress thought, but that makes things more tempting. >> Why are you walking barefooted? Where are your sandals? << wondered her large-hearted patron.

>> Abigail took them; she thought they would look ridiculous with this dress. <<

>> Oh yes, Abigail. Causing always trouble sometimes, but I think this time she is right. << Uncle Ben ran his hand over the white beard thoughtfully. >> Aren't you freezing without shoes, I don't want that you catch a cold. << >> No, actually I like it to feel the ground on my toes. <<

>> Sure? Maybe we should buy later a pair. <<

Shopping! With this old man! - Wasting more time is the last thing the sorceress wanted to do.

>> You are so generous, Uncle Ben. << Misty giggled shyly, in hope to end this topic and that he would probably forgot this shopping idea.

>> By the way, how do you get along with Abigail, did you sleep well? <<

>> Uhmm, she is still a bit mean to me, however, I think she likes me, but she tries to hide her feelings. <<

>> Like real sister. << Uncle Ben laughed.

Of course, Misty didn't mention a word that she had slept in the stable, but she didn't want to be in one room with Abigail anyway. So in the stable she was in the night alone for herself and out of the waitress control.

As far as I assess this geezers he won't stop questioning until get tired, so it would be the best if I take the initiative, the sorceress thought.

>> Uncle Ben, << the girl asked, >> why are you doing all these nice things for me? <<

>> Oh well, you see, I like children. I used to play with my grandchildren around, but since the Orcs are doing their mischief near the borders, they left with their parents of fear the town. <<

Lost in his thoughts Uncle Ben was quiet and fondled softly her leg.

Then she remembered back when Abigail said something about his desires. One thing was clear, she cold never move freely if she had to be Abigail's maid. If the party went without having the necklace before, she wouldn't even fail but were to be forced to stay as a girl in this place.

He likes girls and not only for playing, the sorceress thought, he can have more than he can handle.

Being to become his favourite, using his preferences for little girls, the sorceress hoped to avoid her household duties. Misty sat up and hugged Uncle Ben around his neck.

>> I like you, Uncle Ben. << the girl whispered innocently in his ear, therefore that she was not a woman anymore; she had to improvise to tempt him with all her sex appeal she had left as a girl.

Uncle Ben hugged her, too.

>> You are a good girl. << he said.

That was it what the girl wanted to hear and nestled closer to his body. Uncle Ben pressed softly her head on his breast and kissed her lovely on her forehead. >> Do with me whatever you want. << the sorceress giggled enticing, intending to kiss him maybe on this lips.

Then he touched her legs and his fingers slipped a bit under his dress and made her sitting again on his lad.

>> Why have you stopped? << Misty asked in surprise, tried to make him willing by touching her little hand around his breast.

>> Little girl shouldn't do that! << Uncle Ben said.

>> But, but, <<

>> I know you are lonely and want to play, but you need children in your age you can play with. <<

How could he withstand my charm? the temptress wondered.

Was it maybe that this old codger was not the pervert she always thought and was actually he nothing but a nice fairy-telling uncle who likes it to play with little girls?

You can't use the weapons of a woman in a girl's body. Something she had to known better.

This was a hard relapse for the sorceress who was used to tempt people to her will.

>> And what are we doing now? << the girl asked nearly voiceless and shy. >> As I told you before, we are going out and looking for some playfellows for you; an old man like me is not a replacement for such things. <<

>> Great! << the sorceress thought. >> Now I have to go playing and stand in a bigger mess than before. <<

CHAPTER 10: The Children of Yornick

No! I am an adult, why do I have to play with children? the sorceress spoke to herself.

She hated children. They are only good for nothing and they are annoying and noisy, too.

Why is Uncle Ben making me to doing this? But then she reluctantly returned to her mind that she herself was now a girl, someone adults expect to play with their own kind.

Still, it was embarrassing to hang around with those low-witted bunches and playing any childish games.

>> Where do you think you are going? << Abigail said as Misty intended to leave with the old man the tavern. >> We are just going outside. << Ben answered for her. >> I thought it wouldn't be bad if Misty plays with some other children around here. <<

>> But not with this dress. << the waitress protested. >> What's wrong with it? << Misty asked.

>> This is not a dress for playing outside! You will just make it dirty and filthy such as your rag. << Abigail took the girl's arm.

>> Come with me, I will change your clothes. << the waitress spoke while she pulled the girl to the kitchen. >> I'm waiting outside, Misty. << Uncle Ben shouted after her.

The guests in the taproom who had noticed this incident focused their eye on the girl.

How embarrassing, the sorceress blushed, why does Abigail has to make a big thing of everything?

>> Now let me get you out of this dress. << Abigail said when they had reached the kitchen.

>> I can do that myself. << the girl insisted.

>> No backchat! << Abigail demanded, and undressed the girl.

>> Why are you making such as fuss for a dress? << the girl asked, wondering why Abigail acted weird, even for her; as she was waiting naked while the waitress fetching her clothing's.

>> Because it belongs to one of Uncle Ben's granddaughters and I don't perceive why you should ruin it. << Abigail answered, while she was looking for Misty's rag and sandals she had thrown somewhere in a corner.

She found them and put them on Misty.

>> These clothes are fine, it doesn't matter if make those one get dirty, whether they are not already. << and allowed then the girl to went out playing.

Misty said nothing and just hurried to Uncle Ben. By crossing the taproom, the guest had the wondered about her clothes changing from an ordinary girl to a strayer.

>> You took long, << Uncle Ben smiled, >> what happened keeping you waiting? <<. >> Abigail happened. << the girl answered shortly, but now she cold walk more comfortable than in this tight dress. Uncle Ben laughed about Misty's sarcasm answer.

>> This is something I like on you, never be at a loss for an answer. That's what I call a remarkable fighting spirit. << >> What was all that matter about that dress? <<

>> Oh, well! As diligently as she is, she hates laundry. Don't let it trouble you about this. << Sure, the girl remembered how fast she got covered with dust when she arrived the town first time. Abigail has indeed a real talent of making a mountain out of a molehill.

The unequally couple followed the road away from the market.

While they walked through a maze of forks and narrow alleys; Uncle Ben talked about the children they will meet and Misty would easily find new friends.

The sorceress had a queasy feeling, although Uncle Ben told they are nice and friendly. On a large square they halted. It was the same place she met the children playing hide & seek, and unfortunately even the same kids she had annoyed.

In a small town like this the sorceress could imagine it that she would meet these children again.

>> Look! Uncle Ben is there. << one of the boys shouted from a far distance. The boys and girls ran to the old man.

>> Have you brought a surprise? << a girl asked.

>> It is impolite to expect any presents, << another girl said to her, >> you are always doing that. << >> Hohoho, << Ben laughed amused, >> I have indeed brought something special. <<

Misty had already hidden behind Uncle Ben, because at last one of the boys had seen her from yesterday she had ruined the game. She played with the mind if it were not better to disappear and wanted to take the first step to sneak away. >>> Please great your new playmate: Come Misty. << Uncle Ben continued and took the girl by the hand.

>> Don't be so shy. << the old man said and pushed her in front of him and leaning his hands of her shoulders. >> I know you! << the yesterday's hiding-boy said.

Darn, it seems he hasn't forgotten me, the sorceress smiled bashfully as she had actually expected. >> Oh! I see, you have already made some friends. << Uncle Ben said pleased.

>> Far from it! She is the one who kill all joy at playing hide & seek and told where I was hiding! << Actually I have pointed at you; the girl corrected him in her thoughts.

>> I'm sure she only wanted to play with you. << Uncle Ben tried to assure him. >> No! She had fun of whistle-blowing my hiding-place. <<

>> You are just jealous that you have lost! << the seeker-boy defended her; Awren was his name if the empress remembered right, the boy who had to fetch his drunken father.

>> Quiet traitor! No wonder you are saying that because you have won thanks to her. << the annoyed boy hissed. >> Now, now! Don't be so unfair, Pago. It was just a game, so there is no reason of being mad of Misty. << Pago?! the girl smirked stealthily, with such a funny name he deserved it to be spoofed. >> I know you didn't ill-intentioned it, Misty, but next time you better ask before you join in a game. << >> I promise it, << she said faced up to Uncle Ben, whose hands were still on her shoulders. >> After that is cleared we are all friends now. << Ben said and some children surrounded him now, asking and pushing him to play with them

>> This is not over yet, wench. << Pago whispered to her.

To his respond Misty stuck briefly her tongue to him.

What an old bighead, what could he do anyway?

Then the sorceress reminded of that this action before was very childish and unlike her.

What the heck! she thought. I'm a girl now, I may do that.

>> Not so fast, children. I'm not the youngest anymore. << Uncle Ben said while he sat on a bench under a big tree. >> No, you are not old, Uncle Ben. << a fair haired girl said.

>> Sure he is, can't you see on his long white beard that he is maybe about hundred years old? << a boy asserted in a loud voice. >> But why don't you drink from the fountain of youth? << said a dark-haired boy. >> Stupid! There is nothing like a fountain of youth. << Pago said.

>> Sure there is. Near the market is one. << the dark-haired boy replied.

>> Ah! The fountain with the chiselled pictures, << the sorceress remembered, >> but this fountain isn't a youth-spender. << >> Where do you want to know this? << the dark-haired boy wanted to know.

>> Well, maybe because I have drunk from it and it had no effects on me. <<

>> You see! Even this girl knows that there no such things like a fountain of youth. << Pago swanked triumphantly. As I thought, he is a moron, the girl thought, but I don't let him go away with this satisfaction. >> I never said that there aren't any fountains of youth. << retorted the sorceress, and she had to know it best. >> What?! << shouted Pago stunned. >> Didn't you said before not something different. <<

>> No, I just said that this fountain near the market doesn't grant youth, I never said there doesn't exist one. << >> Possible that you found one, that is the reason why you are so a baby. <<

>> Watch out! Whom are you calling a baby, you wimp. << Misty growl in a guttural fashion like she was used to threatens others as an adult, but Pago seemed not to be impressed by that.

Uncle Ben missed this last part of the quarrel because the dark-haired boy pulled on his sleeves. >> Uncle Ben, the others said that our fountain of youth don't make people younger. <<

>> It neither right nor wrong, << said the old man, >> come children, sit around me, then I will tell you what makes this fountain so special. <<

The children sat on the ground and waited excited of the story, the main reason for what Uncle Ben was so famous by children. A typically old-fashion story-telling grandpa, the sorceress thought, but why not.

She shrugged her shoulders and also made it comfortable on the dusty ground, but she made sure to keep enough distant from Pago, whose quarrel was interrupted thanks to the announced story but still throw her an angry look.

>> Long ago, an old wanderer passes this place, where instead of roads and houses only grass and pastures covered this land. On his way he found a well which was flowing out of a rock. It was a hot day, and this well seems to be the ideal place to rest before he has to continue his long marsh. He rested a while and filled his empty water bottle; then he decided to satisfy his thirst.

As he drank the cool wet, he suddenly felt much stronger and vital than before. Maybe it was the effect of the burning sun and the cool water, but the old man felt his strength recharged he hadn't since he was a young man.

This well refreshed him so much, that he came to the idea to bring his little herd of sheep's to the well, where they grew strong and increased in number faster than elsewhere, and he come to the decision to move here.

Soon this place paid attention to other people and they also decided to settle there.

With the settlement a lot of wanderer and merchants passed the well, learning soon that the harvest here was the finest and making business was profitable.

So thanks to them they began to build a town that become a little trade channel. Because everything, animals or plants, grew fair and healthy, it was said that this well must be a fountain of youth.

So this well was build to a fountain where it stands till today. <<

With these words the story ended and the children clapped exited.

Well, a typical story which you can only inspiring children, Misty thought, but for my taste it was too much of a boring history lesson.

>> So! << the old storyteller said. >> I'm tired now. I think I'll go and rest at home. << >> You are going now? << the children said disappointed.

It is about time! the sorceress thought, glad to hear that she could get away of these children. >> Don't be sad; next time I'll come with another story. << Uncle Ben promised.

>> Ah! Misty, I'll let you here. << he added.

>> Me! Why, Uncle Ben? << Misty said startled.

>> Hohoho, don't be afraid, I think you will have a lot of fun to play with your new friends. << he said. >> And honestly, << the old man whispered into her ear, >> you don't want to keep company with Abigail when she is bored. << >> Why are you leaving me alone? << the girl wanted to say, but her former adult's pride didn't allowed her to bring it out of her throat.

Uncle Ben tapped Mist's head and went.

Go away, the girl thought angrily, who needs this old man anyway.

>> Come! Let us play << giggled the blond girl and took her hand to pulled her to the others. She told her name, but her name was so strange that the sorceress has forgotten it again; she was also not interested to know her name.

>> Let us play rope skipping. << another girl said to the blond girl. >> Oh, yes! Come, Misty. You first. << the blond girl jumped excited. >> If nothing more than this. << the sorceress said not very responsive. The two girls were rowing the rope and chanting a childish song to it while Misty jumped. The first few jumps the sorceress took it easily but then she ran out of steam and stumbled over the rope and nearly felt down. Misty was gasping; she wasn't used to such keeping-fit games. The sorceress had it in front of her eyes how comfortable she had lived as an adult and as a result she had neither physically strength nor stamina. >> I have enough of this game, I'll pass. <<

>> Please stay and play with us, next time you will make it better. << the blonde girl tired to encourage her. >> Thanks but no thanks, but I would like to play something else. << the sorceress resorted in this excuse. The blonde girl looked sadly.

>> Maybe you want to play with us. << Pago offered her, who had just waited the right moment. >> We are playing adventurers. << >> And if I refuse? << the girl responded

>> Then you can go back again to the girls. <<

>> We also want to play adventurers << the girls said.

>> Or at least the beautiful ladies who accompanies them. << another girl shouted. >> Correction, now you have no other choice because now we all play this game. << Pago smirked. Stupid girls, couldn't they play with their dolls. the sorceress thought angrily.

>> And how does this game works exactly? << Misty asked.

>> It is simple. I am the leader and the others adventurers follow me to seek treasures. <<

>> Wait! Who has chosen you to the leader? << the girl asked distrustfully.

That's what you would like to, commanding me around, but only in you dreams.

>> It has already been decided. << Pago answered, and behind majority of children who had voted for him. >> And who was the second candidate? << Misty encountered; making Pago's smiling face grim.

>> You are asking stupid questions. I have the majority, so what is the use to have a second candidate? << >> How can you call it then a vote without a second opponent? <<

>> Because it has been decided. <<

>> Of course you have the majority if you are the only candidate. So your vote is null and void. << the girl explained plainly with her forefinger.

>> You little, ! << Pago's face turned to an annoyed grimace. >> And what are you expecting to do? << >> To vote again, but this time fair! <<

>> Against whom, you? <<

>> Sure! If there is nobody else. <<

>> You will regret this, << Pago sneered, >> no boy would give his voice to a girl. << >> And what about the girls? <<

>> Girls don't apply. <<

>> If you want to have some beautiful girls to admire you adventurers then you better let us vote. <<

>> Yes! That's right! We want to vote, too. << a girl shouted. Unwillingly Pago admitted.

>> Then let us vote. << he said. >> Who is for me, hand up! <<

The most boys on his side raised their hands.

>> All who want to have a capable leader and rich treasures for all, hands up for me! << Misty shouted before Pago could make her exclamation.

But no one moved his arm.

>> Ha-ha! Won! Happy now! << Pago jumped exultant.

>> What has come over you? First I'm trying hard to give you the right to vote and then you nip. << Misty said aghast to the girls.

>> Well, it was better to let him win. << the blonde girl told to her quietly. >> He wanted so dearly be the leader, so why making him unhappy? <<

You girls are so dumb. the sorceress thought on edged, couldn't believe why someone would want a jerk like him as a leader? >> Adventurers! March forth! << Pago gave the command, and all children followed him.

They came to a place near the town's famous fountain of youth.

>> I feel we are near our goal, but peril lurks at every corner. << Pago spoke. The only peril in this adventure is your boring blabber, Misty thought.

She remembered that they had fought a dragon which was in fact a creeping plant, a wild beast that was nothing but a cat, who stampeded away in panic when the children attacked. And all the time Pago was the great hero – sickening boring. Misty, however, couldn't also deny herself to give her comments like:

>> Huh! Maybe we can fight next time against a real dragon. << or

>> I don't know who was more afraid, me or the cat. <<

For some children these words were more annoying than Pago's "heroism".

>> We need to reconnoitre the situation! Awren, climb on this wall and tell us what you see. << >> No, I don't want to. << he replied.

>> What! You dare to disobey your leader. <<

Pago grabbed the boy by the scruff of the neck.

>> You know exactly that I'm afraid of the height. << Awren defended himself. >> Leave him alone. Don't force him if he doesn't want to. << the blond girl said. >> No, this weakling must learn what it takes to be a man. <<

>> And why don't you go up the wall and proves it by yourself, you fearless leader. << >> You again! Do you have fun annoying me! <<

>> Honestly, yes! In both cases. << the girl said. >> You are so busy bullying around that you even not recognise yourself what kind of a coward you are. <<

Misty felt sorry for Awren, but she didn't meddle in their quarrel because the boy defended her once against Pago, but having a reason to take on with this wannabe leader.

Wrathfully he let Awren go and paid his full attention to the girl.

>> I have enough that you always trying to disturb us at playing. <<

>> And I have enough of you. <<

>> Don't mock me! << Pago shouted and pushed the girl who fall a few steps backward. >> Who do you think you are? << >> Hey! I am the oldest one of you all, so have more respect to elderly. <<

>> Who is the eldest of us all? << the boy grinned barefaced.

Measured by height, the sorceress was the smallest beyond the children and therefore most likely the youngest. >> If I see it right, I'm not only older and bigger, I'm also a man, so little girls should listen to big boys as you have said yourself. <<

This time Pago nailed her and there was no answer she could give back. >> Does your mother know about your unacceptable behaviour? << the sorceress tried with another tactic, but she had already lost her expressiveness.

>> You talk like an adult, you behave like an adult, but you are not nearly one of the grown-ups. << Pago judged her. >> But for that we have a cure. <<

Then a boy packed her arms from behind and Pago grabbed her on her legs.

>> Put your hands off me you little rats! << the sorceress screamed and fidget, but resistant was useless. The boys carried her to the fountain.

>> She deserves it. << the girl could hear a boy saying.

>> She wasn't nice. << a girl admitted.

>> She didn't want to play with us rope skipping. << another girl said next to her friend.

>> You see, I have told you before it is not over, wench. << Pago said, seeming to have planned this all from the beginning. >> Now it is payback time. << >> I make sure you will pay for this. << Misty threatened, but the boys already hauled off for her flight. With a scream she was pep up in the air and splashed into the water. Going up over the water again, Misty gasped for breath. The fountain wasn't deep so she could stand and collected her sandals that were swimming on the surface. Angrily the sorceress dropped off the fountain.

>> That is enough! << she cried.

She was sick of these humiliating treatments by everyone; beginning from some low-minded so-called adults to old gramps and currently now from these none-hilarious midgets.

She didn't has to acquiesce this, she only wanted to get back her adulthood.

Damn this Azura, with or without her necklace, this wasn't worth it, even if she would come at last. Wet and furious she left.

>> Now don't be so moping. << one of the boys said.

>> Right, it was just fun. << said another.

But Misty just ignored them and kept moving.

>> Listen. We are sorry. We didn't mean no harm. << said the blond girl who gnawed at her consciousness. >> Leave her, if she wants to. << retained her female friend. >> We are better off without her. << The sorceress didn't even looked back and just headed to the town's gate. For the girl who really felt miserable about her she didn't care.

It is noon, and not later than evening I will be grown up again. Then I will finally tell the Orcs to launch the attack of this town! the sorceress was looking forward to.

In fact she could have save this whole little adventure, she knew where the party was, even a sorceress like Azura couldn't stand such an attack. And alone Azura weren't able to do anything against her without the party. Why didn't I come to this idea erstwhile? the girl wondered.

But except the awkward parts it was fun, the girl regretted a bid.

The girl reached the gate.

>> It's time to say farewell to this town. << the little sorceress said to herself ambiguous, knowing that this town wouldn't exist if she returns.

She already wanted to cross the gates when a guard blocked her from crossing. >> Let me out! << the girl clamoured, an ill sensation ran through her body that told her that she would be in a distressed situation again.

>> Sorry, but the road to the exit is closed! << he said.

>> Why? << the sorceress said shocked.

>> Orcs, << was the answer, >> they loaf here around for days, it is said. So you can go in but not out of the town until this situation is stated clear. <<

>> What are you telling, I have seen some carriage and riders leaving this town right now. << the girl protested. >> Yes, << the guard said, >> but horses and wagons are faster than Orcs, so they can safely return to the town in an emergency, unlike people – or girls - on foot. <<

Misty's heart was beating heavily for her helplessness while she still looked up like glued to the guard. >> But you see that these people are an exception because we still need farmer and merchants to refill our storage and warehouses. <<

The girl didn't really pay attention what the guard said, she was lost in her own thoughts. Orcs, her body quaked of uncontrolled tension, what are they doing here. Didn't have I told these idiots not to do anything until I'm saying that the right time is ready?

>> Please, let me pass. << the girl begged. >> I will promise that I won't go too far. << The guard laughed: >> What do you want outside anyway? Playing? This you can do as well inside. << >> You are sure that there Orcs outside? <<

>> Honestly, I think this whole think is a hoax. << the guard confessed her. >> A peasant once saw an Orc and it turned up a scarecrow which some kids put behind some trees in a path through the woods. << >> So nobody really saw them, then I can go out and quickly pick some flowers. It won't take long << the girl didn't give up. >> If it's me I wouldn't begrudge you, but I don't want to be taken responsible if something happens to you. And if the captain find out he will get my ass. <<

>> What's going on there? << another guard said who walked out of the guard barracks right next to the gate. The sorceress recognised him at once; it was the bard from the day before.

>> Hey! You are the cutie from yesterday. << he greeted.

>> Who? << the guard asked.

>> Not so important. << he retorted. >> But you should really join us when we are out to the taverns, or you miss the best by sitting on your hoard. <<

>> There is a better way to spend money than to booze them in some inns, you know. << the man grumbled >> Well! Well! Everyone's his way. << the bard said. >> I hope you didn't want to allow this girl to go outside. << >> And disobeying the captain's order, not even in my dreams. << he snarled. >> Speaking of the devil, did the captain returned? <<

>> No, the captain has not returned yet, but I can imagine that Abigail gave him a hard time last night. << the bard grinned. So much for that that this is a descent tavern, the sorceress thought about the waitress words and the reason why she didn't want to have the girl in her bedroom. <<

>> Why don't you come in? << the bard asked. >> We don't get visit from a beautiful lady every day. << With this compliment the girl couldn't refuse his offer and the bard took her to the guard barrack. >> Gentlemen, behave and show your best manner, because we have a guest, a cute lady not to forget to mention. << the bard introduced the girl.

The guards welcomed the adorable girl and someone took her on his laps.

Misty was soon swamped with nice words and candies.

>> You are like my little girl, << a guard compared her dreamily with his daughter, >> she must be also in your age. <<

Misty looked at the strange smelling black brew of the guard's mug on whose lap she was sitting. >> Here, drink this, makes you easy! << the guard offered, noticed that the girl was curious about his mug's liquid. Why not, the sorceress thought, after all what happened to me I could take a sip.

The girl took with both hands the mug and drank, but caught and breathe heavily when the brew flows burning through her throat. She wasn't used to alcohol as a child and this stuff was strong, too.

>> Have you lost your mind letting a child drink this stuff? <<

>> A little bit won't hurt. << the guard with the mug played down.

>> Do you really want trouble with Uncle Ben? << admonished a guard on the table.

>> She belongs to Uncle Ben? Then that must be the new girl everyone is talking about. << said another. >> Oh, that is "little Abigail"? She's really cute like her and looks familiar her when she have this serious keen look in her eyes. << the guard with the mug said.

>> I ain't like her, so stop call me after this stupid person. <<

>> Right, you are much nicer. << he laughed.

>> How shall we call you then? <<

>> Misty (your mistress, even if you don't know it, yet). <<

>> Okay, then its "little Misty". <<

>> Can you dance for us on the table again? << the bard asked.

>> Please girl, we are on duty and are not allowed to leave our dull posts and worse we are bored to dead. << another guard begged.

>> Good idea! If we cannot go to the tavern, the tavern comes to us. << The guards tried to encourage her nicely to follow their biddings. It was strange but the sorceress would have a bad feeling if she didn't give in the guards' request. Probably she thought unconsciously that the guards wouldn't like her anymore. Then she persuade herself that it was better to make the guards to her friends, who knows, maybe they could appeared her as handy.

Without saying a word the little sorceress climbed barefooted on the table. The guards applauded her to this decision. >> But only because I like you guys. << the girl said coaxingly, knowing what boys want to hear. The bard snatch up his harp and picked on its strings to tune it:

>> The Orcs may come,

our wives cry,

but we sit here,

with dance and chant. <<

And before the bard began to play, some other soldiers picked up from nowhere a flute and a lute. >> Now we have to make Abigail come here to serve us some ale. << a guard said jestingly. The other guards admitted his recommendation by laughing loudly.

Then the melody flows in the room in an unusual but a regular rhythm, seeming to follow its own magic. A flute, a harp and a lute – three quite different instruments that didn't fit so each sound, merged to a unit with an extraordinary exotic but beautiful tune.

The combined rhythm pervaded Misty's body and she was forced to lift up one toe to another, moving her body due to the music. From the music enchained, the little girl did to what she was ordered by the melody and kicked her legs higher and higher, she even had to lift her rag to avoid stumbling.

>> Higher! Higher! Move the legs higher! << were the encouraging words from her audience. With some "Ohhh"s and "Ahhh"s on the amazed men faces the girl noticed that their eyes were fixed under her rag. Then she stopped dancing when she remembered that she had forgotten about that she weren't wearing any knickers and the guards had a good view down there.

Screamingly she closed her legs and put her hands on her laps.

>> What you think what you are doing? << the girl blushed red, the musicians stopped playing.

>> Nothing you were ready to show us. << a guard back talked and the other laughed.

>> You tricked me to look at my panties. <<

>> We merely asked you to dance, is it our fault if you kick your legs too high? << >> No! That's not true! It wasn't my fault. <<

What I am doing? the sorceress thought. Letting men seeing what they desire was her way to seduce them and now she was overreacting.

It wasn't wise to threw away the chance to pursuit t he guard to leave the town. >> Sorry, I didn't mean to bawl at you. << the girl apologised abashed.

>> It's okay, lass. << the guards said, thinking that she was looking now even cuter. >> Wanna dance again? <<

>> Hide the drinks and be on your posts! The captain is coming. << warned a guard. Everyone was now busy cleaning up the mess and stashed away any evidence of joy or alcohol. >> Man, the captain mustn't find out that we had a party without him. << the bard said and lifted the girl from the table. >> Sorry girl, but you must take a leave through the windows, because our captain is stern and easily suspicious. Please come another time again, we would be pleased to. << the bard excused before the girl had a chance to say a word. Quickly the bard took her through the window.

>> Wait! My shoes! << Misty replied.

The bard fetched her sandals, gave it the girl and poured from a cup coins into her folded palms.

>> A little something from the elite guard of Yornick. << the bard bid farewell to the surprised girl, and swiftly closed the windows.

>> Attention! << she could hear the military voice of the captain who has just arrived. Well, the girl thought, as least I didn't go empty handed.

It was good to have some coins in the pocket, because being without money is like to be a fish without water; and stored them in her bag under her dress.

But the sorceress wasn't happy after all; she was standing to the same problem as before. >> Now I have to stay another day in this town and must take Uncle Ben's kindness and Abigail's slavery to stay in the tavern. << she said sadly to herself. She regretted it that she had cursed herself into a girl and wished she had never done it and will never do such a stupid thing ever again.

Misty walked alongside the road. She didn't want to return to the tavern, she wasn't in a mood to work. Instead she tried to find a way out of her misery.

This wasn't easy, because it was hot in the town, even though she walked on the shadow. The midday sun invited to doze. Only the mild wind made this climate a bit bearable.

When she found next to the many roads an alley, the girl felt that this side street was pleasantly cool. On this dead end a lot of bulky waste like boards lend on the wall.

There was also a mattress lying on the ground, it seems even clean.

It won't harm if I lay down for a while. The tired sorceress thought, she didn't recovered fully from the unexpected efforts and the short sleep thanks Abigail.

Misty slipped her sandals, put them next to the mattress and laid there. It took not long and the girl snoozed into a deep sleep.

CHAPTER 11: A Nap with Consequences

Once a month the Orcs brought supplies through the mountains to the castle. Bringing up all the goods like food, wine, etc. was troublesome to transport the cumbrous way along the mountains and the Orcs were often grumbling about it, but even the sorceress had to eat and drink in some way sometimes.

The maid took one of her mistress dresses and palm herself off as the Mistress of Darkness. She knew in a way that Orcs couldn't tell a difference on human faces, so she decided to try out how much truth in this rumour was; which she heard of course from the sorceress by any chance.

>> Put the barrels in the store room. << she commanded, trying to imitate her sternly voice. Bristling with anger the green henchmen rolled the barrels and filled boxes to the store-places as usual. Hey, it works! the maid thought, these low-witted fellows cannot even make a difference of mine and the mistress voices and really think I am her.

Unfortunately she couldn't go with the Orcs over the mountainous ridge; it would be too obvious that something is wrong because the sorceress never accompanied them.

Besides, her feet were still naked and they shivered merely by the icy breath of the open gates. Good that the mistress isn't around here, the false sorceress thought; otherwise she would be in trouble. Oh, no! she had thought of her like a bad omen.

She looked around like she would appear any moment, punishing her for this insolence and teaching her a lesson for not fooling around and toying with her belongings. But nothing happens,

>> Oh, what a luck. << she put her hand of her heard and breathed a sigh of relief. However, her mistress was away for quite a long time ago. Not that the maid was unhappy about it, during her absence she had her peace with no one commanding her around.

Nonetheless, strange was it after all, and she thought in a secretly smile about her, adventuring as a girl. If she was lucky, her little whippersnapper would end up in an orphanage.

Misty woke up. For some reason she's got a bitter taste in her mouth from sleeping and found herself disbelieving in a dark cell with bars on the door.

>> Where am I? << the girl shouted anxiously.

She was in an unknown room and didn't know how she got there.

It wasn't the dark basement Abigail once put her in. One thing was sure, this place was not the "To the Golden Spoon", From a small window somewhere above the cell, some ray lights permeated the cell a bit in a semi-light. To her horror Misty had to recognise that she was imprisoned and ran to the bared door, but as expected it was locked. >> Is anybody here? << she said in a half anxious voice, while shaking on the bars. >> What is this for a place? <<

>> You are finally awake, little girl. << a friendly voice greeted her.

>> Who are you and what is this for a place? << the girl asked again.

>> There is nothing to worry about, << the friendly voice told her.

From a dark corner the sorceress saw that a shadow rose and came nearer to her direction. Slightly she could see the silhouette of a woman, but with every step she could see that the young woman had black hair which was plaited to a braid with the tail hanging in front of her shoulder. She also wore glasses that let her look like a scholar. Friendly with a smile she bent down to the girl.

>> Don't worry, << the woman assured her, >> I have found you poor girl in this filthy alley, alone and lonely. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring you here, don't you think so? <<

>> No, I don't think so! And why am I locked up in this hole? I have done nothing wrong. <<,, or haven't I? the girl was wondering.

>> Oh this. Don't bother yourself with that. This measure is only to your own safety until we get the possibility to get you to your new home in an orphanage. In the mean time you are a special guest by the sheriff he has generously offered, isn't that great. << Oh, no! Not one of these welfare-aunts thinking to help society by interfering unbidden and unwanted in other people matters, the girl thought.

>> Wait! I'm not a homeless brat, I'm not even a girl I'm an adult. <<

>> You are not even a big girl, << the woman said, >> and if you are not homeless then why have you slept on the road? << >> It's not like you think, it happens accidentally. I just wanted to rest and I'm not living on the street. I'm home in a tavern. <<

>> A tavern you say! That is not a place for girls. But believe me; you will have it much better to the place where I'll bring you. <<

>> You don't understand. I'm Uncl, <<

>> No, no, no, << the woman didn't let her speak forth. >> I'm much older than you and know what the best is for you. << >> I told you I'm NOT homeless, so why you still keeping me in there? << >> Oh, dear, you don't have to be ashamed of to be an orphaned. A lot of children have this problem, so you are not the only one. Please don't look at me so hostile, we only want to help you to get out of the gutter. << she said slowly in a calm and insightfully voice.

>> Are you deaf, I trying to explain you that I'm not an orphan, besides not even homeless. << the girl had the opinion that this woman thoughts that she is out of her mind. Every time when she tried to explain things right, she twisted her words in the way she liked.

>> I know, dear. It must be hard for you and I appreciate that you want to earn for your own living in taverns where you are only exploited by inn-keepers. But consider that you don't have to work in a decent home and get a proper care for you. << If I don't get out of here I won't have a future, but discussing with this narrow-minded wannabe god-mother was pointless. >> Well, this reminds me of a rhyme about your poor souls. The reason why I wanted to help so lovely girls like you. <<

Then she tuned her voice to a melody and sang:

Who is that one, walking alone? Has no father and no mother Is afraid, and punished all day.

Has no stocking, and has no skivvy Is walking anxiously, alone and lonely only on her bare toes, over the road Who is she, in the ragging dress? An urchin girl, an useless girl - and an unfortunate girl.

>> Spare me this mockery! << the girl shouted, but the woman giggled friendly. >> Sorry, I didn't mean to. But I do things because I only want your best. Trust me! <<

When there was one thing the sorceress has learned in her life, then it was never to trust someone who says "Trust me! ".

>> Let me out! Let me out, at once! I have done nothing. Don't keep me against my will in this dark cell! I hate it to be trapped in this hole. << she began to panic, but the little sorceress several begging's were useless. >> I'm afraid I can't. But the sheriff and I will take good care of you. I have to go now but I will come again and see you. << No! the girl thought, as she stood alone in the cell. The mightiest sorceress ever ending up in an orphanage, shall it really end up like this?

>> I must find a way of here out! << she whispered to herself, and looked carefully around.

In her cell were no chairs, no tables and not even a proper bed. On the ground was only a bed of old blanket and nothing else that was of any use.

Her only link to the outside was a window over the cell she couldn't reach, not with a girl's body. The walls, however, were old and rough and on some places it had cracks, small but deep enough to reach the window. Walking to the window in order to climb it, Misty noticed that she was barefooted, because the floor was sticky from the filth, layered over decades. The sorceress wished she had her sandals, but they must be still near the place where she had dozed. It was disgusting when she felt how the wet filth glued between her beautiful soft toes, crawling into her skin; soon the soles of her feet became dark of the filth.

This cannot be true, the girl thought; she hated it when her remarkable feet become dirty, no matter how much she actually loves walking barefooted.

It made her feel to look like a homeless girl, in which she was actually stepping to this direction, without being aware of this fact.

Misty looked through the bars. On a small cornice she could kneel. The window showed her a road with busy people walking up and down along the unpaved streets.

>> Help! << she shouted. >> Help me! I'm imprisoned here innocent. << Unconcerned people ignored her or looked away; and the ones who did, said things like: >> See this girl? <<

>> One of those urchin brats again. <<

>> Luckily she's there where she belongs to and don't bother other people. <<

>> Somebody help? << the girl begged, but she was whether ignored or defied. What's up with these people that they don't like urchins, the girl thought – not that she was one of them, of course. On the other hand, who wants to help an unknown girl anyway? However, the sorceress didn't give up and continued, what choice did she have? At least it was better than down to the sticky ground and the foul smell and the air up there was better. With this flop the sorceress began to panic even more, but she tried to keep a calm head and didn't become hysterically. Meeting her guardians was the last thing she wanted and who knows what this odd woman were capable of, for her she was only a mean low-life girl.

>> Misty! Is it you? << a familiar voice spoke her. Surprised the girl looked up; thanks to the sun behind the person she could only see a shadow. >> What are you doing down there? << Finally someone who can help me, the sorceress thought relieved. When her eyes were used to the light, she recognised that it was Awren. >> Awren! << she yelled desperately with a little gladness, and reached her arm to him. >> Thanks that you are here. You must help me. <<

>> What happened to you? << the boy asked astonished.

>> I need help. Please help and find Uncle Ben for me quickly before I'm send off to an orphanage and have to stay there forever. <<

>> Sure, I do what I can. << and as fast as his feed could carry him, the boy was away.

The sorceress had already climbed down the window and again the sticky dusk between her toes reminds her how filthy the floor was. But this wasn't important for now; Misty wanted to know what exactly her wardens were doing, but she alone in the prison. If they would send me today to an orphanage, the sorceress wondered.

Her curiosity was served when the bespectacled woman came again.

>> Sorry for letting you alone for such a long while. << she said friendly, assuming the girl would looking forward to see her. >> Did you calm down a bit? <<

>> No, I don't! I'm still sitting in this cell. <<

>> You are quite a stubborn. Didn't you made any thoughts that it is to your own good? <<

>> If you were in my place, would you like it to be imprisoned, waiting to be send to an orphanage? <<

>> Yes, I would looking forward to it. << she smiled.

The sorceress knew that this answer wasn't serious; maybe she thought that she stupid enough to believe it. >> But it doesn't matter, you are still young and will understand it if you become big enough. << she added, and with a jiggle she let the girl alone.

The sorceress laid down to something that was supposed to be a bed. In this darkness she couldn't do more than to wait.

>> Ah! The girl, you mean. You must know that she is not taken imprisoned, she is just being kept. << >> Whatever! I'm here to come for her, so release her. << >> I don't think so. <<

>> What you mean you can't! <<

>> She is an orphan and therefore under government care. <<

>> You are not serious! This brat isn't homeless. <<

>> I'm sorry to tell you, but unless you are not in any kind related or prove to be responsible for her, you cannot see here. << >> We will see what the hell I can do! <<

With these words Abigail walked inexorably to door down to the cells.

The sheriff was busy to get his bottom out of chair before he could stop her, but in the meantime she already passed the passage to the prison.

>> You can't enter this area! << the sheriff hurried after her, but it was obvious that Abigail gave a damn to it. However, the waitress didn't notice that in the sheriff office was also a young woman who also hastened behind the sheriff. It was the woman with the glasses who was disappointed that a man like the sheriff was overstrained by a simply barmaid.

The door opened and Misty saw quickly that it was Abigail who entered the prison. An old man followed her whom the waitress seems to ignore, although the man shouted after her to stop.

>> There you are, young girl! We have to talk serious about this later. << she said to the girl. Suddenly the sorceress got a queasy feeling, then she thought if it weren't safer in the cell than to be with Abigail. >> And now to you! << she turned toward the sheriff. >> Unlock the door, so we can finish this whole stupid thing. << >> It seems that you didn't understand that the girl have to stay! << someone said, it was the glasses-wearing woman who stepped between Abigail and the cell.

>> Who are you? << Abigail asked.

>> Someone who is really cares about the matter of this child. <<

>> So it is your brilliant idea to send little children to jail, especially when they are supposed to help in the tavern? << >> An inn is not the ideal environment for a girl, where she is only working like a slave. We can offer her better conditions suited for children. <<

>> I also have a word to say about this! << the little girl said offended, but nobody paid attention to her; somehow she didn't like it how these two were making decisions by their own without asking her.

>> To make it clear: the "To the Golden Spoon" is a decent tavern, not an inn like you want to make believe me. And how can you bookworm dare to send a girl to an orphanage, who isn't even homeless. << the quarrel continued. >> Is she really home there just because she has to work there? <<

>> In every home children have to give a hand and its better than letting her bedraggled in an orphanage. No matter what, she comes with me! <<

>> You forget that you need the permission of the sheriff, so why don't you let him decide? << the woman said. >> Well, as I said before, the girl can't go with you. << the sheriff confirmed. The dark-haired woman was pleased; she knew that it wasn't a bad idea to let him doing something, too. Abigail was not satisfied with this answer and talked to the sheriff conscience with a salvo of threads, insults and a good view of her plunging neckline.

At least the last point gave him no choice but to yield the outraged waitress.

>> How can you say such an irresponsible thing? << the woman protested.

>> I'm sorry, but with so much temperament I couldn't resist. << the sheriff apologised. >> I have what I need. Now give way! <<

Abigail walked to unlock the door whose key she had already taken from the sheriff's belt as a result of her impatient not to wait any longer than necessary, but the welfare woman stood in her way.

>> I don't think that I can't allow it. << the woman said.

>> Good, then we are doing it the hard way. << Abigail gave as a response.

Threatening she rolled up in gesture her sleeves which were too short anyway to be tuck up. Showing her upper arm the waitress demonstrated that they were not only good for to carry trays full of pines. To so much violence even the welfare lady had to bow.

Eventually Abigail was able to open the cell.

>> Come, we are out of here. << the waitress said, and Misty followed her quietly. >> If you want to change your mind, you can come back any time you want. << the black-haired beauty offered here, but the sorceress was served with so much kindness and was only happy to leave this place as soon as possible.

The warm sandy road felt nice and was a welcome change to the filthy floor in the cell. >> Where are you sandals? << Abigail was wondering.

>> I, I think I have lost them. << Misty answered; she didn't want to go into details. >> You are unbelievable, do you know that. <<

>> Why are you scolding me? If you don't like it why have you come at all? << >> Don't be so disrespectful! First you nearly end up in an orphanage and then you lost you shoes. You are really sluttish. << Misty didn't say a word. Arguing with Abigail was as useless as with this welfare-witch, just because they had the advantage on their side that adults are always having the final word.

Luckily they passed the alley where the sorceress had lost her sandals.

>> Where do you want to go now again? << Abigail shouted.

>> I'll be soon back. <<

Misty didn't have to search long, her sole-keeper were there where she had left them. The girl was relieved, but thinking about it who would seriously take this worthless pair?

>> Huh! Lost them. << Abigail said right behind her.

>> Not anymore. << the sorceress said happily. >> Lost and found. <<

>> Give them to me! <<

>> Why? << the girl wondered.

>> Your feet are already dirty, so it isn't necessary to do so with your sandals. Besides, see it as a part of your punishment. << >> What you mean with punishment. <<

>> Let me say it in this way, if you were in an orphanage, you would still be walking barefooted.

Soon they reached the tavern. The sky slightly began to become red of the dawn. Misty wanted to go to the backdoor so that people couldn't see how much she was covered with dust again, Abigail however insisted to go through "the shortest way". As always people were busy with themselves, but they still had a short time to glace at newcomers entering through the door. Uncle Ben came and greeted them.

>> Have you seen something exciting? << he asked.

>> Nothing really, except that this little girl was nearly send to an orphanage. << Abigail said gleefully. Misty becomes red of shame.

Couldn't Abigail just keep mum, the sorceress was annoyed, and why had she to talk this so loudly. >> Poor girl, how did this happen? <<

>> No time for explanations. << the waitress interfered again. >> First I have to wash this little dustflower. <<

CHAPTER 12: Impressions Leave Deep Marks

Not again, thought the girl while Abigail pulled her to the bathroom - again. >> Is it really necessary? << the little child asked, she had bad experience yet when the always disgruntled waitress had to take care for her. >> I mean, I can do this all by myself, so you don't have to bother with me. <<

>> Taking care of yourself? No, my little dusk corn, we want that to make sure that you will not become filthy again, don't we? << Abigail rejected in a sweetly and poisonously smile.

Like a deja vu the girl had this morning, Abigail took off her rag. The girl noticed that she still had the bag under her rag and the weight of the coins and before Abigail could discover them she took off the bag quickly. Misty felt a bit silly standing for no reason naked in the room while Abigail was heating the water.

>> Must I really be naked? <<

Not that it would really matter her - usually she liked it being without clothes, but she couldn't stand it that someone else had forced her to take them off. Abigail prepared a tub of tepid water and put it in front of the girl. >> Sure you must, because in the meantime you can free your rag from all the dirt you've caught. << the waitress replied.

She reared up and stood there with crossed arms. Misty could read the way she was standing that she was expecting from her to do the cleaning.

Well, the rag was indeed filthy, the sorceress thought; she was some kind of offended when she was supposed to do that, after all she never had to do such kind like cleaning her stuff by herself.

>> Do I really have to do this; I still feel not very well after all these things happened to me before? << the girl said pitifully, gazing at the maid with her wide-opened innocent eyes.

Abigail just looked down to her keeping a straight face, it was clear that she was definitely not buying this obvious made up story. The girl could read it in her face and thought about by changing a bit her strategy by using her charm and clasped her arms and head around her legs; anyway, who would force an innocent girl to do such a like then. As a respond of her sham subordination, a hard hand hit her face and Misty fall on the wooden floor.

>> Didn't you just say a moment ago that you could clean all your mess by yourself? << said the maid deridingly. >> And you seem to have this bad habit trying to reach the bucket, don't you? But not with me, when I'm telling you to do something, then do it! Even you should be smart enough to use a piece of soap and a bit water to wash a useless rag! Playing cute may work out on other fools but not with me! Got it? << >> Ouch, yes! << Misty replied promptly by such sudden harshness. The girl senses were fuzzy; by all her confusion she has even forgotten her tactic to call the waitress 'Mistress' in order to endear her.

Abigail nodded satisfied while the little sorceress recovers from this hard slap in the face.

Hesitantly Misty looked up to Abigail and moved carefully to the tub and began to wash her rag.

>> Good! << Abigail said satisfied, and a little bit proud too that she had taught this lazy brat something new. >> Your bath water needs some time, so I'll be shortly gone. Make sure that you have finished cleaning that or you are in trouble. <<

Misty rubbed her rag into the water.

>> Why do things like that happen to me? << she said to herself displeased, her cheek was still hurting from Abigail's slap. >> And since when do I do duties a maid is ordering to me? <<

The little girl couldn't remember when it was the last time that someone dared to humiliate her like that. Of course she wouldn't dare to threat me like that, if I were in my adult form.

After a little while, Abigail returned. >> Have you finished? << she asked, looking at the water that became black of the rag's filth.

>> I guess so, << the waitress answered this question for herself, >> and as I can see you bathing water is also ready. <<

Abigail hung the rag on a clothesline and put the girl into the tube. The warm water was pleasant, but the sorceress had no chance to enjoy it; Abigail couldn't await to put her hand on the blissfully ignorant girl's head and dive her into the water.

>> Do you plan to drown me? << the girl protested gasping when she got on the surface breathing for air.

>> Only your lice, if you have some in your hair between dusty and sweat. << Abigail answered in a whimsically smile and makes her disappear under water again.

Misty managed to escape her tormentress hand and to flee on edge of the bathtub.

>> Stop it! I can't breath! << she gasped.

>> So sensitive to hold you breathe for two seconds under water? << Abigail said, she was in a good mood, having fun by annoying this troublesome girl and grabbed her leg from behind while the sorceress lay on her abdomen. >> Oh my Gosh! Are your feet filthy and I thought your hairs were a problem? << Abigail brushed her sole hard which become filthy previously from the jail, while Misty groaned in ache and tried to pull off her feet.

The sorceress swore not to forgive her for these pains and simmered with rage she promised to pay it back to this good-for-nothing stupid maid one day. Payback - yes! she thought. I will make her swim in mud, after I have extracted her to a girl of course.

>> Keep still! << the waitress commanded her. >> And stop splashing around! If you are making me wet, you will be sorry. <<

Abigail washed the girl from the head to the toes, and the barmaid cleaned her sole feet scrupulous like everything she did, no matter how much Misty was fidgeting all the time.

>> I don't know how long it will last, but for now you little dust flower are clean. << the maid released her fosterling.

After she dried the girl with a towel, Abigail suddenly grabbed Misty on her wrist.

>> What are you doing? << the girl complained. >> Only complete your punishment, don't think that I have forgotten that. << >> Punishing! For what? <<

With only move Abigail forced the girl to lie on her lap.

>> Only for that that you have slept on the road, what else stupid girl. << she said while spanking the girl.

>> Oh, no! Not again!, Ouch! <<

>> And this one for being taken by the sheriff. <<

>> Not that hard. <<

>> And this one for embarrassing me to get you out of this trouble. <<

>> Stop it! I didn't deserve it! <<

>> What? Don't you think you didn't deserve this punishment? << Abigail added some more painful waves on her butt. >> That's right because the real punishment you deserve was to end up in this orphan house. You know, which one I have spared you and all my problems would have gone if I hadn't had done it. <<

The former adult knew that being rescued by Abigail had its price, so that was the reason why she didn't want her help from the beginning. Damn that stupid boy, why couldn't he get it in his head to fetch Uncle Ben instead of this wench.

>> Don't you think how embarrassing it was for me to get you out of this trouble? Next time I catch you sleeping on an ally you can stay there. << Abigail scolded her while the girl was screaming from the spanking. >> But, Ouch!, but it wasn't my, Ouch! my fault. << the girl tried to deny while she tried to pull back her tears.

Don't cry like a girl, she spoke to herself inwardly.

>> No? And how much wasn't this your fault? <<

The girl didn't know what she meant, but Abigail pointed to the floor and Misty could see now that she had left footprints on the floor from the dirt on her feet before. Embarrassed the sorceress thought that there had to be footprints on the stairs and on the entrance of the tavern, too.

>> And you were complaining because I had brushed your toes tiptop. << Abigail told her in a false calm voice. >> And this one for making me cleaning another mess up you has caused, stupid! <<

>> But it was you who insisted me to walk barefooted, << but before Misty could finish her defensiveness Abigail hushed her quickly with an extraordinary strong blow on her buttock that silenced her by exchanging her words into a loud cry instead.

>> Stop it. People can hear us downstairs. << the girl sobbed, nagging in pain. >> Then they should, I don't care. <<

The sorceress endures these pains, what kind of other choice she had? By every stroke on her butt the girl found out that this spanking was even worse than that one from yesterday. This might be caused on the hot water, which made her skin softer and more sensitive.

Abigail, this wretched person, must have planned that from the beginning; why else did she want to bath me - because she knew that my spanking would become more painful (and more effective - she had to admit).

But by everything that enraged my wrath, Abigail has to pay a very high price for this; the little girl thought secretly and added another point to her payback-list.

CHAPTER 13: Midnight without Rest

Finally Misty's rather painful bath ended. >> May this teach you a lesson for lifetime! << Abigail smirked satisfying. >> You had no right to do that! I make sure that Uncle Ben will know about it. <<

>> Whatever, << she shrugged her shoulders in disinterest, >> he wants to see you anyway. Go ahead. <<

Misty intended to go when she noticed that she was still naked and her dress was not dry yet.

>> What up? Don't you want to go see him? << the waitress jiggled. >> I can't to go to him like that, I'm still naked. << >> You are telling me. << Abigail mocked her. >> My, what we are doing now? I guess you have no choice but to enjoy being like that until your worthless rag has dries till tomorrow. <<

>> Don't be so stupid! << the girl shouted in protest. >> I can't go to Uncle Ben like this. <<

>> You are serious? << the waitress said in a false astonishment, she squat down to the girl at eye level. >> Even though you look so cute when you are nude? << >> It's not only because of Uncle Ben; someone might see me, and what should people thinking about me? <<

>> You don't mind to sleep on the road where everybody can see you, but you wanna not be seen nude? <<

The little girl just looked embarrassed in her eyes, she got her point but before she could reply to that, Abigail continued: >> Fortunately, I still have this dress from Uncle Ben's niece, we don't want that you get a spank from him just for being naughty, my little nude one. Not that your bottom need to have some more, doesn't it? <<

From a corner she picked up the dress, it was the same brown dress she had worn when Abigail insisted on taking it off before she went playing with Uncle Ben this morning.

>> Isn't it good that I'm helping you out of all your troubles? << Abigail talked to the girl in a calm voice while she pulled the dress over her head. >> What would you do just without me? You even couldn't dress up by yourself. << I need the help of no one you slutty beast, I can handle my matters fine even without your unwelcome meddling, the sorceress thought, the only reason you allegedly help me is to have a reason to humiliate or picking on me. >> That's it, and off you go! << After finishing these words, Abigail turned the girl around and gave her a smack on her back which was still hurting from her spanking.

Misty just rubbed her hurting back while she just tried to leave this room as soon as possible; she just wanted not to give Abigail more opportunities to toy with her more than necessary. Abigail's slightly jiggle fall silent when she shut the door behind her and hurried to come to Uncle Ben. >> Good to see you! << Uncle Ben greeted her, when Misty entered his room. The old man was sitting on a big red upholstery armchair; he smiled and waved friendly his hand to her, making her to come closer.

A fireside was lighting the room in a gloomy light and the little girl wondered how fast it became dark outside.

Without saying Misty made herself comfortable on Uncle Ben's knee; he entwined his arm around her small waist so the girl could settle back her head on his arm. The girl imagined sitting almost as easy as Uncle Ben on his armchair. >> I also missed you, << the sorceress said yawningly, when she lay in his arm. It wasn't her kind of recovering from a day, but for the moment everything what Misty wanted was to rest and relax, something she could only do in this house with Uncle Ben, far away from Abigail.

>> How was your day? <<

>> Fine. << the girl answered with a tired undertone. >> Nothing special. << >> I've heard what happened with you nearly today, << the old man scolded her, but not in a resentful - but rather in sympathy way, something Misty didn't expect in her surprise.

Great! It's seems to be today's famous subject, isn't there better things to talk about in this boring sleepy town. Why do I have to chew through this old issue again anyone, that's not fair, the little sorceress thought poutfully and looked with innocence eyes to Uncle Ben, but before she could say something in her defence, Uncle Ben forestalled her: >> No need for explanations, I know everything. Don't worry I won't punish you, for I knot that Abigail had already disciplined you in a much better fashion than I ever could, so it must have been a quite though lesson for you. Well, don't bother about it, now you are here with me. Please just promise not to make such a silly thing again. << Misty came closer to snuggle up to Uncle Ben, giving him the feeling that she had to be protected.

>> Your right, but whatever I do Abigail is always mean to me. << >> I know, << he said, while kneading her tiny feet, >> but she only doing it because she likes you. <<

>> No, seriously! She doesn't like me at all. Anytime I see her she tries to make my life miserable. <<

>> If she is strict, then only because she is worried about you. After all you've jumped today in some quite serious troubles. <<

>> But Uncle Ben, you don't understand, <<

>> Shhh,, << Uncle Ben calmed her down, >> it's okay, don't talk about it. It's becoming late and we don't want to spoil our evening with things that cannot be undone anymore. <<

Darn it! This old codger doesn't take me seriously, the girl thought aghast while Ben was petting her head, and it was also needless to restart this arguing, the old man had already made his decision and it was unnecessary to annoy him. Uncle Ben did, what probably all old people like to do with children before bedtime, telling them a goodnight story.

Misty didn't even listen to it properly, it was some kind of an old fairytale story she had heard over a dozen of times.

She just lay in his arms and tried to ease her mind after this disastrous day. It was good lying there, pressing her head on his chest while he was playing with her feet; she now felt how much they were aching. From all day walking it was pretty much though. Soon she also noticed how exhausted her legs were and pulled with both hand of one of Uncle Ben's hand to lay his hand on her thigh. His warm fingers were feeling curative on her naked skin when he massaged her leg from up to down and the old man felt how cramped they become. The little sorceress also played with the thought to let him stroking her bottom from Abigail's spanking but she was then too afraid that he could find out that she wasn't wearing any lingerie. Not that it would matters her, but she didn't want to lose the privilege from the old man as long as he thinks that she is his cute little girl.

>>, and they lived happily ever after. That's it, now it's time for you to go to bed. << Uncle Ben said, when he had finished the story.

>> Good night, Uncle Ben, and thank you for being so kind to me! << the shyly girl said thankfully and gave the old man a big kiss on his cheek; then she left the room.

What a good girl, the old man thought, what a pity that she had so much bad luck.

That was disgusting, the sorceress thought, playing the nice good girl and all these kitschy things, when she rubbed her hand around her mouth to wipe out some beard-hairs from her lips. What I'm not doing everything to satisfy this old man's believe of being his sweet little niece. I nearly felt asleep with his boring story, if he hadn't luckily fondled with my legs all the time; the good thing is that they aren't aching anymore.

>> Where do you want to go? << a too well known voice called her that made her stand stiff.

The maid was standing on a door on the end of the gangway. >> Going to bed downstairs, whereto else? << she replied, but couldn't hide her anxiety.

>> No, you are coming to me; I want to see you! << then she disappeared behind the door.

What could she now want from me? the girl wondered, hesitatingly she walked to Abigail's bedroom.

Carefully she entered the room to the middle where the waitress stood. >> Where do you get them? << Abigail demanded to know. Misty's face became pale. The waitress showed her the content of her bag she had left in the bathroom. She had totally forgotten about it, or better said, she left it in the bathroom so it wouldn't jingle while she was paying a visit Uncle Ben. The girl didn't expect that Abigail would have a look inside in her bag she had put on corner without attracting attention. The mistress seems more curious than she had thought, a terrible mistake and now she showing that her usually empty bag was filled with shiny coins, and not few of them.

No! Why have I jump out from the frying pan into the fire? the sorceress looked anxiously to Abigail.

>> You have offered your "services", don' you? <<

>> No, I haven't. << the girl asserted her innocence.

>> Nonsense, you haven't a single penny yesterday and how else could you make so much in a short time. <<

>> It's hard to explain but I swear that I haven't done anything like that. << >> You are not honest, girl. Maybe I should tell it Uncle Ben to know what kind of girl you are. I wonder if he still would like you when he learns about it. >> No, you said to tell nothing! You promised. <<

>> Don't make things up what I have promised. << Abigail shouted. >> Why should I make such a silly promise? The only thing I gave you was a deal, do what I say and your secret is safe. <<

Misty didn't want that Uncle Ben think that she was a spoiled girl, so she agreed.

>> Good! And now tell me where or from whom you got this money. << >> I really have to tell? << tried to talk out in a rather childish way. >> On a second though, spare me your poor excuses. Let me guess: soldiers! << >> How do you know that? << the girl wondered, could Abigail read minds? >> Is there another possibility? I was not born yesterday, my little dust flower. Never forget that! <<

>> How mean, you actually didn't know it. <<

>> Sure I did, I merely had to ask one. And finding that out wasn't that difficult, they are the only ones who are bored enough to hunger for any kind of entertainment them, even from a girl's poor performance! <<

>> It wasn't like you are thinking, <<

>> Thought so you would say that, the soldier who couldn't withstand my charm was also trying to explain this to me and was begging not telling that I know these things from him. <<

I knew witches who were less cruel than you; the girl thought angrily, but she much more angry about herself for letting this minor maid fooling her around at will.

>> Come nearer, << she commanded.

Misty was not sure how to react. Was Abigail up to mortify her for what she did? She didn't want to and she hated it being punished. >> Don't be afraid. Come closer. << the waitress asked her friendly, a bit too friendly.

Indecisively she came step to step nearer to Abigail. It was better not to object her and making it more badly by protracting it.

>> Well, << Abigail smiled, when she stooped over to the girl, >> keep for what you have worked so hard, I won't take it. If you want to make a secret of it, I won't tell anybody. For some reason I can understand you that you had to fight through yourself alone, but you don't have to anymore for I will take care of you from now on. Just make sure to listen what I'm telling you and everything will be fine. <<

>> I will, << the girl said, >> thanks to keeping this matters for you. << >> Actually you are sweet, when you so afraid and not so cheeky. It makes you become a cute little girl, like you the one you were when you were so helpless in this cell. << she said by holding with one forefinger and thumb her chin, but released it when the girl nodded in agreement.

Luckily Abigail didn't decide to not punish me, things could have become worse, the sorceress thought.

>> It's becoming late, better I go now << the girl said hastily goodbye in order walk off swiftly.

>> Wait! << Abigail held her back, >> didn't I deserve a reward? << She pointed with her forefinger on her cheek.

Kissing again someone again, this mustn't be my day, but better her than me. >> Thank you, Abigail, << the girl said and gave her a kiss.

Abigail hugged and pressed Misty to her body.

>> That wasn't so bad, was it? << Abigail whispered to her. >> You can be really cute, if you want to. <<

>> I also like you much better when you are nice. << Misty answered in a temporary trace of sentimentality.

>> Since we understand each other much better now, I want you to sleep with me. <<

Why that all of a sudden, the sorceress thought, but didn't dared to say anything against it.

>> First at all take off your clothes! We don't want to keep this dress clean over night, don't we? << the maid said, and stripped off her dress carefully. >> You want to me to sleep naked in your bed? <<

>> Of course, my little dust flower, it's the best way to sleep over these warm nights, I'm also doing it. <<

Abigail took off her clothes and the sorceress saw enviously her voluptuous breast, such wonderful ones she had herself when she was an adult before she lost them as a tribute for her childhood.

Now the waitress lay on the bed. Her buxom curves needled on the sheet. >> Come my girl; let's have some fun. << Abigail invited the girl. Misty went to Abigail's feet and started kissing them but the waitress stopped her; it wasn't that what the waitress had in mind. >> No, my little dust flower, << she laughed, >> if I wanted that I hadn't had made myself so comfortable on my bed. I have a much better idea. << Abigail lured with the forefinger to come nearer.

Why was I doing? the sorceress thought shocked like coming back to her senses, usually it were other who were supposed to be to kiss her feet. Slowly the girl crawled up to her, while she was doing this she took the opportunity to examine the waitresses body; for she knew that can could tell a lot from a woman if you know her body.

For someone all day on her toes her scarf-skin were without spot, how was it possible that she hadn't had any callus, for she knew that her horny skin loses her softness when she walked too much barefoot.

Was it that what the sorceress found so fascinating about Abigail's feet? >> How are you doing it that your feet are so smooth and soft? << >> You and your crush on for kissing my feet, one day I must find out what's so special about it. << the maid giggled. >> But if you are a good girl I'm telling it you maybe. <<

However, also her legs weren't to sneezed at, they were a little bit sturdy what reminds her like the ones of a mare, but her skin were silky and taut. Only looking at them made her senses tingling, but also to touch them made her heart beating hard. With sheer effort of will she could kept her admiration within its limits. Luckily she could distract her mind by having a look at her intimate area. Her was vagina was shaved, a quick look at her armpits too; Abigail couldn't complain about an unfilled sex life, which proofed that she clearly wasn't a virgin anymore, for she also knew her visits from her admires like from the guard captain.

At her bellybutton Abigail lost her patients, although she could see that Misty was enjoying it, she was the opinion this whole thing was going on too slowly. The grabbed the girl under her arms and lifted her to her breasts. Abigail's nibble was showing directly to Misty's face, the sorceress wasn't the type to mess around with other woman, but these breasts looked so soft and somehow attractive.

The beautiful woman could see the girl's hesitation and decided to help her by pressing her head between her breasts.

The woman's body was warm and Abigail holds Misty's head right under her left breast. Now the girls couldn't help but start sucking her breast. >> That's it, << Abigail moaned in pleasure, >> do what makes you feel better. <<

Although Abigail had no mother's milk within her breasts, she sucked like there were some. It was a strange sensation she was feeling, the breasts tasted like warm milk but also like Abigail. Every time she sucked on her nibbles, she could felt the other body excitements as she had the feeling the adult body could feel every fibre of her little body. >> You always doing such things with girls? << the girl asked, after she had satisfied Abigail's and her needs.

>> No, only for you, my little precious. <<

>> But why? <<

>> Don't tell me you didn't like it? <<

>> Uhmm, yes, it was the best that happens to me a long time. <<

>> Wasn't it nice doing such a thing for you? <<

>> Oh, yes! Thank you, Abigail. It gave me the feeling to be somehow, safe. <<

>> You see, it has some advantages to listen to me. What do you say to sleep from now on with me? Wouldn't that be great? << The waitress hugged the girl tightly to her body, nut it hit her like ice-frozen cold water in her face, for the sorceress knew that it was a decision that she had already made.

No, sleeping with Abigail in one bed means that she couldn't walk freely, and she didn't want it that she observes every step of her. Having an eye on daytime on her was one thing, having the other one over night is a different one. She had to do something, before she starts watching every move of her doings.

>> Thanks, but this isn't necessary,, << the girls tried to talk out. >> No, I insist to. << Abigail refused. >> I want to become a closer to you. I think that's the best for both of us. <<

Strange, the sorceress thought, first she didn't want to deal with me and now she is the total opposite of it.

>> What you mean the better of us both; I don't understand? << >> You don't? << the waitress laughed. >> Oh my, how should I tell you, you are a troublesome girl and I'm worried that it becomes worse. So that way I can take better care of you. <<

>> Troublesome? You mean naughty. <<

>> Actually you are quite spoiled, you don't show it from the outside, but deep within you are. That isn't your fault, so that's why I'm here. << >> You said yourself that I am a spoiled girl, but you do your part that I became one. Look at us what we are doing! <<

>> There is nothing wrong to sleep naked, you should be used to it. I believe you did far worse things, didn't you.

>> Uhmm, I don't know. << the girls said unsettled, it was hard to counter while Abigail holds her in her arms like an infant and lulled her gently. >> It's summer dear, nights can become quite hot and you will be glad not to sweat in you own clothes. In winter you were right, then we should wear some warmer clothes. I even buy you a nice warm nightdress. <<

>> Isn't it unusual touching each other's body so intimately? <<

>> We are both woman, it's okay that a parental adult is building an emotional connection. << Abigail looked down to Misty; the sorceress's back was now leaning to her body, softly the waitress was petting the girl's head to her breast. >> In other words you wanna be my mummy? <<

>> No, << Abigail laughed gently, >> something more like a big sister or as you had said best: your responsible mistress. <<

Abigail wants me to become not only her little helper but also a learner; not only she would try to manipulate me she is calling education, without room to escape I must accept to start my live as a girl to an ordinary mortal. I don't want this controlled given fate. Nothing to do against it is far worse than being a chained slave.

>> Or do you have a reason why you don't want to stay with me? << the waitress said, breaking her chain of thoughts in her mind. >> I appreciate your efforts, but please I can't, . << Misty tried to convince her desperately.

>> Didn't I try to make you here comfortable? << the mistress hugged the girl now even tighter to her body than she already did.

>> From time to time it's okay, but doing it always, <<

>> I know you are afraid and this whole situation is new to you, especially trusting other people, but after a little times it will be the commonest thing of the world to you. You see how good it'll do you. <<

The sorceress was thinking hard; maybe Abigail wasn't as bad as she had always thought.

After a while she said: >> Abigail, if you had the chance, would you like to become young again? <<

>> That's is kind of a strange thing to ask, << Abigail said surprised by this change of topic, she didn't expected such a question of out nothing, >> but no, since I'm already young. <<

>> And if you became older, would you then like to become young again? << >> Not even then. << she said shortly. >> Why not? <<

>> I would never want to have the wish to become young again, no matter neither how old I am nor what any age I could regain. << >> What's so bad about it? <<

>> It's because being young again is like from becoming cunning to stunning. <<

The girl was thinking about her words, this saying seems to fit her current situation.

>> You are not just telling me that because you secretly would, wouldn't you. <<

Abigail watched astonished to the girl. >> You have some kind of asking questions, << she said in a mellow way, >> but at least I won't have dull moments with you. << Again the waitress could only wonder about her, she always tires to act like an adult but after all she is a just a little girl.

>> What do you think? << Abigail asked her after a while. She didn't get a response, but her silence gave her the acknowledgment that she had agreed.

>> I know you made the right decision, << she talked to her, taking for the decision before she could respond. >> Isn't it nicer that way than to be alone in this dark cold stable? I don't see one reason what would speak against it? << >> Or do you? << the maid added.

>> You stink! << was the answer, and with a sudden move from her foot Abigail kicked her out of her bed.

The naked girl felt hard on the ground.

>> Out! << Abigail said scantily, but unemotional or with any temper. >> Maybe you should go back to your filthy dump and see for yourself the difference. Probably you can then appreciate my offer. << Misty picked up her bag. On a wall she took down her rag. Foolish indeed, but it fits my plans, the sorceress spoke to Abigail in her thoughts before she left her bedroom; glad that she could escape from her and regain a little bit of her freedom again; it was not much but still something.

Due to her cloth was still wet she just carried it on her arm and went down to the stable. All guest were also in her bed to that she passed the way downstairs without any difficulties.

>> I never dreamt of having such a day! << the sorceress said to herself in hope to shake off her worries.

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