The Experiment Part 1 Part 2

by Louder

Lou hadn't seen his wife since she had entered the facility. There was no contact with her for 4 full weeks. Although everyone had assured him that there was practically no risk to the procedure he still worried the whole time. Lou didn't like the idea of his wife being a guinea pig. His wife, Anne, was chosen because she was a professor at the local small college. Her communication skills and analytical mind were factors that the scientists pointed to in picking her as the first human subject. She was relatively young, 33, and in good health which also didn't hurt. She was easily granted a leave of absense for 'personal reasons' from the college. Lou couldn't imagine that science had progressed to the point where the aging clock could be controlled. Sworn to secrecy about the experiment, he could only wonder to himself as to what was happening. Even, Staci, their daughter was not to be told. Finally, overcome by worry and curiosity, he started making some noise. The powers that be relented and he won out. They told him they would end the experiment and reverse the process and he could pick up Anne in a day.

A limo picked him up. A rather professional looking 30ish lady was his contact. She went by the name of Linda. Although he had spoken with her on the phone a few times about the progress of the experiment this was his first face to face meeting with any of the people involved. She'd given him very little information which had only served to cause him more worry in the long run. The passenger compartment of the limo had what looked like tinted glass but in reality was simply black glass. He couldn't see out. He had no idea where the facility was located which now housed his wife. The ride was long and Lou was as confused as ever about their location when they arrived a couple of hours later.

The building was tucked away in a wooded area. Mainly limestone with very little in the way distinquishing characteristics. Very plain. Security was placed at the few doors leading into the building. Linda easily was able to get Lou inside. It was obvious Linda had some influence by the way the guards treated her.

'So when will I be able to see her?' Lou asked.

'In due time.' Linda told him.

'So, you never told me how much you were able to reverse her age..... Boy, if you could get her all the way back to 21 I might just bribe you to not reverse it!' he joked nervously.

Linda didn't seem to see the humor in that. She smiled politely but didn't answer.

'Is it already reversed?' he then asked.

'No, there are some final tests that need to be ran. A few things that we want to do. She kept a journal and we want to go over that with her. Check her retention and that sort of thing.' Linda replied. 'Follow me'

This was about the most information Lou had actually gotten in the past 4 weeks. At least it would all soon be over! He followed Linda into a large upstairs room. She turned on a light and he could see they were in an observation room that overlooked a room below. Obviously two way mirrors allowed them to look down into the room below while people in the room below couldn't see above.

Lou took a seat as instructed and Linda joined them. Linda pressed a button and spoke into a small intercom microphone. 'We're ready anytime Sue.'

In a few moments a couple of distinquished looking older men entered the room below and took a seat around the conference table. Both were wearing lab coats and appeared to be scientists at the facility. Soon, another man entered wearing a dark suit. He seemed to be in charge. Lou's palms were beginning to perspire with nervousness. Any time his wife should appear. Would she look younger he wondered? Would he be able to tell that this really worked or was it going to be another one of the stories where the only ones impressed were the ones involved.... Researchers trying to keep their project alive by hyping their mediocre successes so as to keep recieving government grants ?

Lou's mind raced with thoughts as he waited. The 3 men below mumbled and also appeared to be simply waiting. Finally the door opened.

'Sorry gentlemen but Annie had a little accident. We had to change her clothes.' a lady said as she brought a small blonde girl into the room.

Lou's eyes widened. Annie? It couldn't be!

The men all smiled. 'That's quite alright, Sue.' said the man in the dark suit 'Let's go ahead and have her recite her journal for us'

The woman, Sue, helped the child into a seat and then took a seat directly beside her.

'Ummm when will we see ummmm Anne?' Lou asked, not wanting to believe that the little girl could possibly be his wife.

'Lou, that IS Anne.' Linda calmly replied in matter of fact tone.

Lou was flabbergasted! He searched for words but couldn't form a complete sentence.

'Please, just watch. It's about all wrapped up' Linda told him.

Lou looked back down into the room and could only stare at the small blonde girl.

Sue slid a notebook over to the girl and asked her to read it to them. The girl took the notebook and clumsily thumbed through it.

'Annie? Aren't you going to read it to us today?' Sue asked.

'Ummmmmmmmmm Do I hafta?' she ansered.

'Yes.' Sue told her softly.

Her expression changed and it was obvious she was getting ready to cry.

'What's wrong?' Sue asked.

'I don't wanna get in twouble!' she said trembling.

'You're not in trouble, Annie' Sue said.

'But I can't read this stuff!' Annie whimpered.

'You don't know how to read today? You did OK yesterday just by skipping over some of the big words.' Sue replied.

'I'm sorry' she told her friend Sue.

'That's OK, Sue. Why don't you read some of it to her and we'll get some reactions and take notes' the dark suited man suggested.

Lou turned to Linda 'You guys said that her mind wouldn't be affected? The whole thing was to be very minimal. You call this minimal? Look at her! My God! I should have gotten her out of here sooner!....'

'Lou, calm down. The human mind has a way of dealing with things. That's why we had to try this on humans. We need intelligent input. She'll be fine. Her mind is as sharp as ever.... I've been assured that this is all just a side effect of her changing body chemistry and emotions.'

'Well, just the same, I'm ready to get my wife back.... My ADULT wife!' Lou snipped.

In the examination room Sue now had the journal. 'I'll skim through this. No use going through it all' she said.

Sue read aloud:

'Anne Jackson, age 33, day one: This is the first day of the experiment. I've been given one oral dose just seconds ago. (Time of dosage was 10AM) Nothing strange has happened. In fact, I feel rather silly. This process has been on my mind ever since I was contacted. I used some of the time leading up to this day to simply view and analyze younger people. Yesterday I was at the college and looking at some of the young students. I wondered if I was ever really like that. I noted the girls and the fashions they were wearing. Almost all seemed so unashamed of their bodies (and rightfully so). Bare midriffs, legs, shoulders. The differences in outlooks is striking. Knowing this experiment was to begin today, I wondered if I would be like that again. Impulsive, bright-eyed, energetic, YOUNG! It seems impossible and even a little crazy. I'm not even sure I'd want to be all that young again. No one has told me how young I can expect to get (assuming this even works at all!). 10:15AM Just felt a slight tingle. Very odd senstaion. No obvious changes. I'm going to arrange my living quarters and prepare for the next few weeks.

Anne Jackson, day two: Just woke up. First trip was to mirror. No changes were obvious. Dissappointed and yet happy at the same time. I'm not sure what I WANT to see! At 10:AM Sue brought day's oral dosage. Also, met Linda for first time. Both women are professional it seems and both are nice. My room is very accomodating and there are ample activities to bide my time during the next few weeks. Fully loaded computer although no internet connection. No telephone either. Linda says that is so as not to influence me during this time. I'm missing Lou already! 10:16AM just felt tingle again. Same as day before. Same relative time period as yesterday so must assume that it is related to the experiment and dosage. Still no obvious signs of physical regression.

Anne Jackson, day three: None or little definable or notable change upon waking. Possible lessening of lines around eyes. Maybe notice some fading of varicose veins on thighs. Probably wishful thinking or else a product of better rest here. The lack of responsibility, outside of keeping this journal, is invigorating and rejuvenating in and of itself. Did have dream last night about turning thirty. Really more of a nighmare. Real life change was much less dramatic. Like clockwork, Sue is bringing my dosage now. 10:AM on the nose. Again felt strange tingling sensation approx 15minutes after taking pill. Reflection looks unchanged from yesterday. Doubting process at this point but it is early in the experiment.'

The man in the dark suit spoke up 'Annie, do you remember writing all that?'

'Uhhhhhhh kinda I guess' she answered as she swung her feet from her chair.

He smiled at her reply and then asked Sue to 'move ahead a few pages'.

'Anne Jackson, day 12: Feel pretty good this AM. Checked mirror but see no changes but it's hard to tell. This whole experiment seems to be a waste. Did have dream again last night about college. Sue told me yesterday it was best to write down details so I will. This time I wasn't teaching but rather taking class. At least by end I was taking class. Teaching seems like forever ago! Anyway...... In real life this year I saw some girls who really kind of annoyed me. Maybe it's jealousy? Whatever. In the dream I switched places with one of those girls. It was freaky. Slowly throughout class I began changing. She got older and I got younger. Her clothes began appearing on me and mine on her. I had on her short skirt and sandals while she had on my long skirt and heels. Then my conservative blouse appeared on her and her tank top on me! I felt a breeze and looked down to see that my tank top was short and my belly-button was showing. At first I pulled on it to try and cover but slowly realized that it was supposed to be like that. And I looked good! She was looking all frumpy and I was getting looks from all the guys. I even had my belly button pierced! Finally, the girl raised her hand and asked if I would like to switch places. I gladly did! I took her seat and started taking notes as she begin teaching the class. That's when I woke up and checked mirror. I wish I had a picture of what I looked like when I got here. I'd like to compare. 10AM and Sue just brought another pill for day. She tells me she thinks I look different but won't say more. She just left so I'll wait on tingle. It'll happen in about 15minutes like clockwork. 10:15 tingle...imagine that! I'm used to it by now. Maybe the pills are working? Maybe I'm just not able to tell? Sue seems pleased with progress. Maybe I'm expecting too much!?

Anne Jackson, Day 13: Feel really good again today. I'd forgot but I used to have some aches in the AM but haven't noticed them lately. Cool! Don't know if it's because of the pills or just the rest I'm getting here. I'll check the mirror but don't expect to see any change worth mentioning. I don't know. Maybe a little difference. It's hard to remember without a picture. I don't see much difference from yesterday....or the day before. I am wearing my hair down now. It looks better to me that way. When I wear it up like before I kind of look different than I remember but then I don't think I ever looked my age. Wearing my hair up makes me look older anyway. Sue just left. Another pill by mouth. I wish they would work on some flavor for them! Told Sue just that and she said she'd mention it. 15 minutes has passed since taking the pill. Tingle is due, due, due, due, NOW. I can just about guess exactly when I'll get the tingle! Gotta be the pill doing it. Sue says so too. I wish I was getting younger. I don't want to be old. Last month I would have said 30 wasn't old but with all this thinking about getting younger it makes me realize that 30 is O.L.D.! The diet here has been pretty structured. I've really shed some pounds in just a short time. That's good!'

Lou listened to his wife's journal being read aloud. He could see her sqirming in her chair as if she was bored with it all. From the tone of the journal he could see that his wife's regression had went along almost totally unnoticed by her!

'How can she not have noticed?' Lou asked Linda.

'Wellll.... uhhh... It's just the mind working to make itself comfortable I would say' Linda replied.

'You don't know for sure?' Lou asked incredulously.

'I haven't been involved much with the nuts and bolts of the process since basically finding the key. I'm not privy to the actual details of the experiment per se. My role is more administration and overseer. They report the findings to me. This is the first of the random examinations that I've been to so it's the first that I've actually gotten to hear your wife's journal. I've been assured that they are screening her mental state thoroughly throughout this whole process. These people are obviously the utmost talented and intelligent people in their field. They assure me that your wife could still teach her class even in her regressed form as far as intelligence goes although her regressed emotional state would preclude her.' Linda explained.

Lou gave her a look that indicated that he didn't believe what she had just told him and then said 'My God, woman! She can't even read her own journal right now, how could she teach college students!?'

'Well, I ummm think they meant that relatively. They say the emotions play a large role in how things are processed. They were speaking of that a few days ago anyway. I guess I took it out of context to say that she could teach a class ~now~. But she'll be back to normal in a short while so there's nothing to worry about.'

The man in the dark suit stopped Sue's reading to ask more questions of Annie.

'Annie, do you remember writing any of those things that Sue has just read to you?' he asked.

She shook her head yes although rather tentatively. 'Are we 'bout done? I wanna go now. OK?' she then asked.

'In a little while. Would you like to go home soon?' he asked her.

'Yeah!' she said as her face brightened.

This seemed to disappoint the man. 'Why? Don't you like us Annie?'

'Ummmmm Yeah, but I miss home too. I wanna play with Staci.' she answered.

The man looked through his notes to see who Staci was. 'Ahhhhh want to ~play~ with her?'

Lou's face pressed against the glass as he awaited Annie's answer. Linda also awaited the answer.

Annie looked confused and thought about what she'd said. 'Ummmm uh huh.....'

The man in the suit pressed on. 'Is Staci related to you?'

'Uh huh. ummmmmm ' Annie stammered as if she was confused about how to answer 'She's my uhhhhhhhh sister....'

Everyone around the table shared a look and smiled.

'Uhhhhhhhh.....' giggled Annie ' I mean I'm her mommy'

Everyone shared another look and scribbled in their notes. Lou backed away from the glass.

The dark suited man wasn't finished yet 'So what do you think of our experiment?'

Annie laughed sounding just like the little girl she was 'You guys sure messed up 'cuz it didn't work!'

They all laughed at her answer. Annie laughed too. 'Please continue, Sue' the man indicated.

'There's another dream that may be interesting. I'll start there: Annie Jackson, day 16: This whole deal is getting boring. Two weeks and I can't tell if I've got any younger. Sue came in yesterday and I told her this wasn't working and I wanted to quit and she was like 'I see a difference just wait it out'. I thought it'd be neat to be young again but this waiting for it is sucking! It's probably a scam. I know I shoudn't be writing this here but it's how I feel. I'm so bummed out that this stuff isn't working! Today Sue brought some different stuff for me to wear. It's all like younger style stuff. She brought some magazines too. She's like 'I bought you a couple of issues of Seventeen magazine and some cute outfits like in them' or something. Yesterday I told her about a dream I just had and she thought that I might like to 'play it out' or something like that. I didn't even bother writing the dream down yesterday because I don't see how a dream can matter but Sue said I should have written it down as soon as I woke up. BTW, I felt the tingle again. Same, Same. Take pill, wait 15 minutes, tingle. Yada Yada Yada. Sue Are you reading this? I'm writing my dream stuff down now. It goes like this: I'm a freshman in college. I'm all nervous and stuff. There's all kinds of cute guys around but I don't know any of them. I know I look good but I still feel funny. Out of place and stuff. All of a sudden I realize I'm at the wrong school. I'm not a freshman in college....I'm a senior in high school and I'm at the wrong place. I've got on my cheerleader outfit from high school! Everybody is all laughing and stuff at the stupid little high school girl..... me! So I'm like crying and stuff. I'm running with my ponytail bouncing behind me in the wind when all of a sudden I run into this building to hide or something. When I look up people are all around me but now I feel comfortable for some reason. Then I see I'm back in my high school. Pretty nutty huh? 12:30PM OK, for a hoot I tried on some of the stuff Sue brought me. The tank top and shorts look cute together. I was surprised they fit because they were smaller than what I normally buy plus they were from the Junior's section of the store. The diet here is pretty bland but I sure like the results. I couldn't have worn this stuff at all the first of the summer but now I can! Even though this stuff is kinda skimpy it does look pretty neat on me. When I look in the mirror and pull my hair back in a ponytail I kinda look like a teenager. Maybe the pills are working a little? I doubt it though, I've always looked young for my age. It's probably just the clothes and the diet. I wish I had a picture sorta like a 'before' shot so I could compare and see if there is ANY difference! I can't tell much difference at all and for sure not what I hoped for. It's still the same old me! But with these clothes and makeup it's fun to pretend!


Annie Jackson, day 18: Another day. Still dreaming about high school and stuff. Dreamed about going to Prom last night. Hated to wake up! I better not write about what happened after the Prom or else this journal might have to be rated! Gonna have some fun today with Sue. I'm wearing the cute shorts and tank top Sue bought me with my hair pulled back just like a littly teenie-bopper. No makeup. I could really pass for 15 or 16 like this! This diet is really killer. I can tell I've lost a pound or two since yesterday. I'm gonna have to watch it though because I'm losing some 'weight' in places where I don't have a lot to spare! I've never really worried about my boob size but I don't want to get too skinny and end up looking like I'm flat or something. 10:20AM Sue freaked when she saw me. I knew she would. I acted all giggly like and stuff. She acted kinda surprised but not really. She really thought I was 15 or so! That made her even more anxious for me to take the pill. And they made them taste good now! Almost like candy. Anyways 15 minutes and I got the tingle. She stayed to note how good her stuff was working and so I played it up big time! When the tingle hit I really went overboard. I guess I got excited because my voice even went up a bit. I talked about boys and clothes and clothes and boys! She even started asking me questions about my life and stuff. She goes 'Annie, do you know who Staci, is' and I'm like 'Who?'. I saw her mouth the word 'wow'. It was fun. It's been boring so this really shook up things. I didn't tell her what was up yet. I'm gonna have some more fun with it tomorrow. I'm gonna practice making my voice higher. I thought it would be harder to do but it's really kinda easy to make it sound higher. I don't even hardly have to think about it now.


Annie Jackson, day 19: This darn diet is too good! I'm gonna have to ask for something different. I hope I can get some fries and a milkshake or something like that because I'm getting too skinny! Everything Sue got me fits kind sloppy now! Looking in the mirror now and I can really make myself look young if I want! With my shirt hanging on me all big like, it makes me look flat! Especially with how skinny I'm getting. I pulled my hair into a couple of pigtails and I almost look like a little girl that way! I noticed something else too. Maybe all this time here is driving me loony! I had to stand on my tip toes when I looked in the one mirror. I think someone here is playing tricks on me and raised it up sometime while I was asleep. Otherwise I'm shrinking! As if! I was gonna put on a pair of my shoes with heels so I could feel taller but all that stuff was gone from the closet. Only the stuff Sue bought me is in there now so I know someone has been in here and got my old stuff. Except for losing a little more weight I look about the same as yesterday so their experiment still isn't working. But Sue doesn't know that! I worked on making my voice sound higher so good that I don't even have to think about it now. I thought about leaving my hair in pigtails but I'm to big to play a kid like that. Sue would figure me out. I've got my face scrubbed really good and have on a big T-shirt and baggy shorts. The T-shirt almost hangs down lower than the shorts but that's even better because that looks just like what a teenager might wear! Funny thing is the tennis shoes that Sue got for me are kinda slipping. That's weird because they're like a half size smaller than my regular size anyway.

10:30 That was too funny. Sue freaked out even more big time when she saw me this time! I made my voice all high and talked about teenager stuff. She bought it and I ran with it. I finally told her I was just messing with her though because I wanted to get serious with her and ask about about my clothes and see if she could change my diet. I waited until after I took the pill and then I got all serious so she'd know the pill wasn't working or anything. She didn't act as mad as I thought she would. She said I made a real good convincing teenager! She said they took my old stuff to be cleaned since she'd bought me new stuff. She wasn't sure about the mirror but figured the maintenance man might've re-hung it or something. My shoes were slipping even worse now so she said she get me some more things since I'd lost so much weight. Best thing is now I get a fries and a milkshake for lunch!


The man in the dark suit again stopped the proceedings to ask more questions. Lou also had a few questions for Linda. 'This isn't natural! She had no real idea what's been happening! Why didn't you people level with her?'

Linda replied 'It just got to the point that they felt it was better to let her mind go wherever it wanted rather than force the issue. Besides, she obviously has her faculties. She realized things were different it's just that she rationalized them so she could be more comfortable. Sure she had the emotions of a young teenage girl but she wasn't really oblivious to her surroundings.'

'I'm just glad it all ends today!' Lou replied.

'Yes it has been a long but successful experiment. The scientists are really appreciative of your wife's co-operation and accepting the assignment' Linda told him.

'It was hard not to accept considering the money that was offered' Joe countered.

The man in the dark suit looked over the small girl before speaking. 'So, Annie, you had a little fun with Sue I take it?'

'Yeah, I was funnin' her pretty good!' Annie said with glee.

'You're not 'funning' us now are you?' he asked.

'Oh no, I got tired of that. 'Sides I think she woulda caught me if I'd done it too much! ' Annie said.

Satisfied he asked Sue to continue.

The Experiment Part 2

by Louder


Sue continued as the others read along on printed copies:

'Annie, day 21: Boy, the milkshakes didn't do much good. I still got skinnier. My boobies will disappear at this rate! I think maybe something else is happening. The maintenance man adjusted everything in my room he could so they'd be the right height. He said things had gotten mixed up. I thinks that's kinda strange but that's what he said. At least I don't have to stand on my tip toes to see in the mirror in the bathroom no more. All my clothes are too big. My shoes slip bad. I hope Sue brings my new stuff soon. She said she forgot yesterday. I asked her to bring some of my old stuff too. I kinda wanna see how it fits. Something is funny. She said she would. She should be here any minute. I have to stop writing now cause she's here with some things. New and old. Cool, I'll take my pill and then try these one. I'm back. Sue had two pills this morning. One was the regular one but the other was different. I don't know what it was but it made me feel all funny and stuff. I still feel kinda woozy like even now. I tried some of my old clothes on and looked really silly in them and laughed. Sue laughed too. I've sure been here a long time. I don't know why I looked so silly in my old clothes. They made me feel like I was playing dress-up when I was littler. The stuff Sue brought is lots cooler anyway.

Annie, day 22: Something is funny about the room. The bed seems taller. Mirrors look higher again. The light switches are funny. Sue's here real early today. I just I woke up and started writing this and she is here. She had two pills for me again. I feel really funny. I had something I wanted to see about but I don't remember no more. I think I thought yesterday that maybe this exsperimint was sorta working but I don't know what I was going to see about on me to check. I look about the same as I remember though so it can't be working.


'What the hell is the second pill?' Lou snapped to Linda.

'Probably just a dosage variance' she replied only half assuredly.


Sue looked up from the journal 'As you can see the change in the experiment did change things considerably. By the 27th day I think we clearly can see how we got here.


Day 27. I want to go home soon. Me and Staci can have fun. I miss Staci. I miss Lou too. I took 2 pills from aunt sue. I like aunt sue shes nice to me.

'Now day 28 entries appear to be a picture of a cat....' Sue began but Annie quickly stopped her 'Nuh uh! That's Max! He's a dog!'

Everyone in the room laughed and then the dark suited man spoke 'Annie do you know how old you are?'

Annie sat in her seat and fidgeted with a pencil. She looked confused. 'I forget' she finally said as she looked at her fingers for an answer.

'Well I believe we can about draw this experiment to a close.' he said

'Yes I believe we should' replied the oldest looking of the two scientists as he excused himself from the room.

Lou shook his head 'I just want to see my adult wife back!'

'I think they're ready to reverse it now......' Linda began but her voice trailed off.

'What is it? What's wrong?' Lou asked sensing her hesitation.

'They've got what looks like another dosage of the drug!' she replied.

Lou started pounding on the glass but it was multipaned and soundproofed below.

Annie innocnetly took the pill and then another. Lou could see her shrink in her seat. Her shoes fell off as her legs only barely dangled over the edge of the chair. Her hair seemed to get shorter and finer. She was now merely a toddler.

'What the hell is going on?' he screamed at Linda who looked as confused as him.

'I, I, I don't know? They said they'd reverse it. They promised..... Maybe there was a mistake?' she said as she frantically pushed the button on the intercom. Someone had patched it into 'recieve only' mode.

Sue picked the toddler up out of her seat. 'My but you sure are a big girl...... But I bet nobody would mistake you for a teenager now!' she said as she tickled the little girls belly.

Annie just giggled. Her last connections with adulthood were almost surely soon gone unless someone reversed the process immediately. The look behind her eyes became even more distant as seconds ticked away.

'There's a mistake! A mistake! Wait!' Linda futively screamed into the intercom.

Suddenly a voice from behind answered. 'There's no mistake. This ~weapon~ is to vital to be allowed outside of our government's control!'

Lou and Linda spun around to see the scientist who had excused himself from below now standing behind their seats. Before either could think, the scientist, with a syringe in each hand, plunged the needle into their flesh. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh this guarantees that no one outside 'The System' will know about our little secret! Anne was a very good subject. If we could reduce an educated vital woman into an innocent child think of what we can do with some of these idiot leaders out there!'

'You son-of-a-bitch!' Lou exclaimed 'What was that?'

The old scientist smiled the smile of a winner. He took a long breath and then only said 'A guarantee'

'That was the drug....'replied a teenage sounding girl 'In a very concentrated dosage! If it hasn't started working yet it will like really soon!'

Lou looked to his side to see that Linda had already regressed into a teenager. 'They lied to me! They told me they only wanted to see it developed for the good of mankind!' she said in an ever youthening voice.

Lou's voice cracked 'Bastards!'

The old scientist scoffed 'What's good for 'The System' IS good for mankind!'

Linda was now a young girl. Lou only a boy. Both were fast losing their battle with regression.

Before either lost all grasp of what was happening they saw Sue hurriedly enter the room. She was being chased by young boy in a baggy dark suit and a teenage scientist.

'Sorry, Doc' she said as she injected the old scientist with a syringe full of the drug.

'HEY! What the fuck!?' he shouted.

'Mankind? The System? For centuries women have paid out fortunes for what they hoped would be the Fountain of Youth in a bottle.....and I'm just the woman who can give.... or should I say SELL it to them!' Sue shot back.

The Dr had been betrayed by one of their own.

Sue stood among the room of still youthening victims. What simpletons she thought! I'll be rich!

And then she felt a sting! 'OWWWW!' she yelped. She turned to see little Linda holding a syringe that she'd stolen earlier for her own purposes!

'You bad!' Linda said and then dropped the syringe in order to suck her thumb.

Sue calmy began to undress. She used her smock to make a padded spot on the floor. She covered herself with her blouse like a blanket. She laid down and curled up on the smock. She put her thumb in her mouth. She knew her fate.

The End