The Dream Team



It was a sunny day and the stadium was completely crowed of people, mostly men, because the final of the annual cheerleader competition was about to take place. Six squads selected from all over the country gained the privilege to compete for the title.

Thirty-six girls walked around the stadium to the delight of the spectators. After letting the audience enjoyed their 18-years-old bodies, the girls went to the medical room for the routine examination before the competition.

As the cheerleaders were outside the medical room, the speakers of the stadium announced that in a few minutes the Dream Team would showed up to amaze everyone with their incredible stunts.

"Did you hear that? The Dream Team is here!!" said enthusiastic one of the girls.

"Yes. Every year, the association in charge of the competition presented at the Dream Team in the opening of the final round" said another girl.

"I heard that Dream Team is formed with the most talented cheerleaders of the entire nation"

"That must be true, because their acrobatics are out of this world"

"Indeed. Those acrobatics were the reason I became a cheerleader"

The doors of the medical room opened and 6 girls not older than 10 years old dressed in white nurse uniforms appeared.

"Good morning. My name is Deborah and they are my partners: Helen, Carol, Alice, Rose, and Monique. If you are so kind to follow us, you will be ready for the contest in no time" said Deborah.

The teams followed at the little nurses into the medical room. Inside, each girl stood in front of one squad.

"Where are the doctors and the equipments? This room is completely empty" said a cheerleader.

"Well, we are all the personal you need to see" said Rose.

"And about the equipments, we only need this" said Alice taking out of her pocket a large black device with the shape of a cylinder.

All the girls took out their own devices. The devices had buttons and the girls started to press a sequence on them.

"We don't have time for childless games. We want to see at the Dream Team" said another cheerleader walking out.

"And you will see it first hand. I promise" grinned Deborah as she ended to introduce the sequence.

She pointed her cylinders to the cheerleader squad in front of her. The young girls looked confused, but then the cylinder fired a sucking cup to each one and they got attached between their breasts.

Soon, the rest of girls finished their sequences and each squad had attached the six sucking cups of each device.

"I can't move". "Neither do I". "What you have done to us?" were some of the questions of the scared cheerleaders.

"The cups emit an electric wave that immobilize your movements" explained Carol.

"Why are you doing this to us?" asked another cheerleader.

"Because, as you, thousand of people are waiting for the Dream Team to show up" smiled Helen.

"Consider yourself lucky. You will be the first ones to see at the Dream Team of this year" said Monique

Then, the girls stripped of their nurse uniforms to reveal a cheerleader outfit under them. The two-pieces uniform was silver color and the top display the letters Dream Team in gold.

"You must to be kidding. There is no way that 6 little brats could be the Dream Team" mocked one of the cheerleaders.

"You are right. Six little brats won't be ever the desired Dream Team. But six little brats infused with the vitality and features of a whole finalist squad in each one will" laughed Deborah as the girls typed a new sequence.

This time, the cylinders fired a sucking cup from the other side getting attached at the chest of the little girls. Then, the cheerleaders gasped as the cups attached to their bodies began to pump out a green liquid from them.

"I'm feeling weird. What are you extracting from us?" asked a cheerleader.

"Our devices allow us to drain your cheerleader essences" explained Rose as the six tubes were transporting the green liquid into the devices.

"Once the device had processed a small amount of your extracted material, they will be merged into a powerful essence that will be injected into our bodies. And here it comes!!" said excited Alice as a gold stream flew from the device into the chest of the girls.

The girls moaned at the unison as the liquid was filling their bodies.

"Oh!! It's spreading rapidly inside me" said Monique.

"It's like the feeling of drinking a hot coffee" gasped Helen.

The eyes of the cheerleaders were wide open as the little girls began to grow. "I'm very sure of the question in your heads. 'Why are we growing?'" said Deborah to the cheerleadres as her voice were changing into a deeper one. "First, our bodies will matured until reach your age. To obtain that goal, every of you will lose a year and a few months of age".

"Consider yourself lucky. Not every day a girl can regain a part of her youth" mocked Alice.

The cheerleaders weren't sure to believe or not what Deborah was telling them, but as the girls were entering into their teenager years, they noticed that their own clothes were baggy on them. Not much, but enough to understand that the girls weren't kidding.

"Now that we are in our blossoming stage, when our height and body shape is defined, our device will drain a few inches of your heigth, most of your strength, stamina, toned muscles and all the curves of your bodies" laughed Deborah as the second phase started.

The now teenagers were delighted as their bodies were maturing while the cheerleaders cried in dispair as their charms were being stolen from them.

"The essence of my cheerleaders squad is working wonders on me" said Carol caressing her toned arms. She was happy to see at her legs got hard and powerful too.

"Yeah!, I feel so alive with all this energy and strength flowing inside me" said Rose. The stamina of six girls were running in her veins and she felt capable of do anything.

"Look at me. My ass is getting huge and firm" said Helen slapping her expanding rear. Streching sounds were heard as Helen derriere reached a perfect heart-shape.

"I think my legs will be from far the best of the six" said Monique as her legs were turning shapely and long. "Men will drool if I crossed them" she giggled.

"My hips are amazing, just look how tiny my waist is" said Alice as her tight shorts marked her small waist. Her new hips made her walked sexier and provocative. "Certainly I will enjoy all the stares in the streets"

"Girls, Girls" called Deborah "The show is right here" she said pointing at her breasts. Deborah was wise enough to choose at the most voluptous squad and now her choice made the gold letters of her top being several streched. Her enormusly breasts were defying gravity and were the envy of all the girls present.

The changes continued as the cheerleaders features were diminished. Soon their hairs got shorter, their eyes darker, their skin whiter, their confident and intelligence were also affected by the voracious girls that used all the resources available to reach a female form that any man could ever forget.

When the transfer ended the cheerleaders were younger, shorter, completely plain, and almost not attractive.

Deborah and her friends were enjoying their soft skin with their enhanced senses. They were beyond the 6' 2" feet height with extremely well pronounce curves and toned bodies overflowing in strength. Their exponentially increased attributes made them the most gorgeous girls in the whole planet.

The sucking cups fell from the chest of the cheerleaders as well as the girl getting inside their devices. Deborah collected the devices and locked them into a cabinet.

"Now, if you behave well and keep silence when we do our act. You can have some of your essence back" said Deborah adjusting her top.

Without other choices the thirty-six tomboys remained in silence in the medical room as the Dream Squad showed up into the field.

"Please give a warm welcome to the Dream Team of this year" said the announcer by the speakers. The public roared as thousands of cameras captured the unique beauty of the Dream Team.

"And now…" the announcer said, "…the Dream Team will show us why they are the best of the best"

"It's show time girls. Just remember the routine" said Deborah.

"But, we never be able to complete it. It's to risky" said Alice

"We have been practicing it for the last 4 months!!" said Deborah.

"With cables" said Helen "Alice is right, Deborah. I don't know if with our new bodies we will be able to do it".

"What happen with you girls? Don't you remember how hard we study to qualify for this moment? The sisterhood only pick up the best 6 students between all the sisters of the year class to help them to reach not only a mature status, a beautiful body to go with it" said Deborah.

"Yes, and with them slave at the men who have power and influences to take all for the good of the sisterhood" said Carol.

"It's the only way to continue researching the transfer technology. Soon every sister will be able to have a personal device to steal the beauty of other women and the men world will fall in knees in front of us" said Monique.

"If we want to take our place as leaders we have to complete the routine. We own that to our predecessors. Besides, the device of this year is even more powerful that the last one. It' impossible to ignore all the energy trapped inside us. We have the potential of a whole team powering us up. We won't fail" said Rose.

The girls joined hands and after cheering "Go Dream Team!!" the show began.

Alice, Carol and Helen took their positions in the center of the field with incredible speed. They were facing at the rest of the squad.

Then, Rose and Monique ran into their friends. Rose stepped on the extended hands of Alice and Carol, while Monique did the same with Carol and Helen. The audience was surprised at the incredible strength of Carol as her hands were handling half of the weight of her friends.

"To fly" yelled the 3 girls sending Rose and Monique into the air. They rotated in the air until landed perfectly in the shoulders of their friends.

"My turn" said Deborah as she began to spin toward the girls. She was spinning faster and faster and when she reached them, she used her hands to impulse her body over 12' feet tall to landed over the shoulder of Rose and Monique forming a perfect pyramid.

The audience went wild and cheered the outstanding stunt that the Dream Team was able to perform.

Deborah, Rose and Monique jumped ending the formation and the whole team thanked at the public from coming to see them.

Back in the medical room, the Dream Team found at the cheerleader sleeping in the floor next to the cabinet. "Poor of them. They were so weak that even a cabinet was too much for them" said Alice.

"Certainly they used all their remaining strength and fell exhausted on the floor" said Helen.

"It's the way this process works" said Deborah opening the cabinet. "Now girls, type the ultimate sequence and we'll go home".

"We have to? I'm so comfortable with all the changes in my body" said Carol.

"Nobody must know how the Dream Team is formed. If they believe that the Dream Team is formed with the 'essence of the' most talented cheerleaders of the entire nation there won't be any cheerleaders for the future years" said Deborah.

The girls pressed the buttons and the sucking cups got attached to them and to the cheerleaders. Then, the cups pumped out a lower tone of gold liquid from the girls.

"Deborah is right. You must understand that this decision was taken by our predecessors and it will be follow by the next generations" said Rose as an almost brown liquid began to flood from the device to the girls.

"Indeed. You know that the only reason this championship exists is to bring the best squads to steal from them part of their essence to help us reach our full potential" said Helen.

The Dream Team was returning the stolen attributes losing inches in height and deflating their curves. The brown liquid started to restore slowly the body of the girls inflating their curves and stretching their small bodies.

"And the best part is that we can keep part of them and they won't even know it" laughed Deborah as the sucking cups returned to the devices ending the transference. The cheerleaders were partially restore while the girls still were more well- endowment that any of the cheerleaders' former bodies. "They will look almost normal, but we will keep being 18-years-old with a height closes to the six feet tall".

"Not to mention their intelligence, strength, stamina and the most important thing, the curves" said Alice.

The girls dressed back into their nurse uniforms giggling at how tight they were now. Slowly they wake up at the girls telling them that some sleeping gas link from one of the tanks store in another room and knocked them out while they were waiting to be examined.

"Sorry that you have lost the appearance of the Dream Team" said Deborah "But if you don't hurry, you will be disqualified from the contest".

The cheerleaders felt sad for losing the event they expect for so long as they hurry back into the field for the competition. The nurses smiled at how baggy looked the previous tight clothes of the cheerleaders.

"It's good to be a grown-up" said Carol stretching her long toned arms. "And now Deborah, what are we going to do tonight".

"The same that every Dream Team does every year. Try to take over the world... Just kidding. Let's go back to the sisterhood to get dress to kill. Tonight we are adults girls!!" said triumphant Deborah.

All the girls cheered at their leader as they walked swinging their hips to the exit nearby.

The End.