The Chemistry Experiment

by Merlin

"Damn!" muttered Dexter in an annoyed tone. "I can't seem to get this stupid formula right for chemistry class!" "Well, whats it supposed to do?" asked Marcy. "It's suppose to speed up your metabolism so you can basically eat all you want without ever gaining weight, but I just can't seem to get it right" "Well, tell you what" smiled Marcy, "Lets take it over to the school lab and see if we can fix the problem. Is this is the latest batch?" "Yes" sighed Dexter, "Lets go then". Dexter put the formula in a flask and they jogged over towards the school lab. They decided to take a short-cut through the in-door swimming pool arena just when 4 of the girls on the swim team were about to practice. Just as they were passing the life-guard stand, Kari, the school's swimming champion, decided to have some fun and left her foot just in front of Dexter. Dexter immedietly tripped and fell, the flask of formula spilling in the process, right into the swimming pool. The heavy liquid quickly dropped and dissipated in the pool before Dexter could even utter a warning.

"Better watch where you are going squirt" laughed Kari as she swished away towards the other girls on the team. "Dexter! Are you alright?" exclaimed Marcy as she bent over to pick him up. "Yea, I think so. Did any of the compund get onto you?" "Yea, just a little, but I wiped it off, looks like you got just a little her too, where's the rest?" Dexter motioned to the pool. "We better get out of here fast" as she grabbed his hand and they ran to the lab, not stopping along the way. While they were running, the both felt strange. Their clothes seemed to tighten around them and strange feelings swept through their 14 year old bodies.

By the time they ran into the lab and closed and locked the door, Dexter turn towards Marcy and then looked at her in shock. No longer was a geeky 14 year old girl with pimples standing there, but a young woman of at least 23. Gone was her willowy body and in its place was a woman with long shapely legs, large breasts that had strained the t-shirt that now rode above her belly button, and full lips. "Marcy!" exclaimed Dexter, but his voice! His voice was now a man's voice as he turned quickly to look into the mirror. A 32 year old man started back him, his adolecent clothes ripped to shreds from his maturing figure. "What happened to us?" exclaimed Marcy who was also surprised at the maturity her voice sounded. "We are adults!" Dexter turned and now noticed that Marcy's hair had lenghtened and was now showing streaks of gray and slight lines around her face. He judged her to be about 40 years old when the aging stopped. She was still an attractive women, but just that, a mature, middle-aged woman with a full figure. Dexter turned back and saw that he must be about 45 and was no longer aging eithre. He had a full beard with streaks of gray and he seemed to have lost muscle mass too.

"My god, we're middle-aged adults now" a shocked Marcy said trembling. "It must have been the formula Marcy, it accelerated our aging process. Lucky we only got a little smear on us, any more and we would be needing walkers and a nursing home for the aged" "But what do we do now?" cried Marcy. Dexter walked over and put his large arm around the trembling middle-aged woman "Its alright Marcy, I am here and I promise to never leave you. We can get married and we are both already smart enough to survive and get jobs in the scientific field. It will be tough, but we can manage." "Alright" sniffled Marcy, "Its just tough instantly losing your youth, teenage years, my 20's and even 30's. But with you, I am sure we can be happy." Marcy then did something she had wanted to do for a long time but did not have the nerve before, she leaned over and kissed Dexter long and hard. Hormones raged in their now adult bodies as they began to fondle and explore their new adult world. As they slowly made their way to the floor, Dexter could feel his new-found manhood swelling inside his pants as Marcy felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her body as he began to caress her large, mature breasts where a few minutes ago, none existed. They were lost in the moment and forgot all about the world.

Meanwhile, back at the pool, the four 15 year old girls, Kari, Heather, Stacy and Liz took of their warm-up suits revealing their firm, young teenage bodies in the tight one-piece swimsuits they practiced in. Although they were only 15, they were beautiful young girls. Each had developed early and had nice perky tits and tan bodies. They were all blondes, 2 of them kept their hair short like pixies while the other two had long lush blonde hair they kept in a single pony tail while they swam. They knew they looked hot in their swimsuits and the loved to tease all the boys when they practiced. Today however, there was no one in the pool or the large room to watch them. "Lets go girls" purred Kari, the captain of the team, "We have got this pool all to ourselves! Let's enjoy it!" All four giggled as only teenage girls can and walked slowly and seductively into the pool. Wading up to their waists. They then all plunged in head first. "Hmmm, the pool water tastes like it has got a little more chlorine in it than usual" muttered Stacy. They all began to swim laps stretching their young bodies. What they did not notice was the sudden change in their bodies as they began to age in to adulthood. First, each felt a little uncomfortable as their bodies matured. Their breasts all grew ripe and full as well as their hips expanding more as their legs lengthened and even their fingers grew longer and more adult-like. Their bodies expanded and lost all body fat as they were now full-grown adult women of 21. They each stopped at differant points adjusting the straps on their suits as they felt overly tight. But shrugged it off and continued to swim.

"Let's race!" yelled a now 26 year old adult Heather. "Ok, here we go!" squeeled Stacy. Each pushed off and sawm as hard as they could, each stroke another year stripped away from their lives. As they reached the other end of the pull, each of them were now pushing 40, and it began to strain them to swim so hard, streaks of grey were now woven into their golden hair as lines and wrinkles formed on their faces. Another lap was finished as they past 50, by the end of the final lap they were struggling simply to keep up strokes as they were now well past 65 years of age each.

As they hobbled out of the pool, Heather smiled and chirped with a rattling, low voice "I won, I won! You three could never beat me today! I am queen of the pool!" "Yea, yea, yea you little twirp!" moaned Kari, who had just passed 70 years of age as she reached for a towel to dry off her withered body. "Just wait till next time!" As they each got out of the pool, they were all oblivious to the effects on their bodies. They had all reached 85 by the time they dried off. As they sat down on the bench and crossed their legs as seductively as they could they began to giggle like teenagers. However, each of their bodies had matured and aged until now they looked like four very elderly woman who had gone senile acting like teenagers. Their bodies were withered and their faces covered with wrinkles, the now large breasts simply sagging in their youthful looking swimsuits that looked ridiculous on their now elderly bodies. As a young teenage boy walked through the pool room, they each looked at each other and winked and then each struck what they thought was an alluring and sexy pose meant to distract the handsome young boy. They even wet their withered lips and tried to smile seductively at him. The boy looked at the 4 old women flirting with him and quickly walked out as fast as he could. 'Gee" rattled Stacy" Like uh, I wonder what was wrong with him?" "He is just a geek" muttered Heather, unaware that her hands were now trembling from palsy, "lets wait till the really cool jocks show up!" Once again they all giggled and put their old, wrinkled, weathered hands together and clapped as best they could with knarled fingers wrecked with arthritis. They played footsies with each other too as only teenage girls would, but with old, viened, feet with crooked toes.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Dexter and Marcy and just climaxed together after having rushed sex, their bodies trembled with pleasure as Dexter collapsed his face into Marcy's ample mature breasts and began to suckle on one of her large nipples. "That, that was incredible Dexter! If this is what it is like to be an adult, I think I can handle it!" giggled Marcy. Suddenly, Dexter jumped up with a look of horror on his face. "The pool!" He yelled. "What?" said Marcy. "The pool! The pool!" If only a few drops aged us this much, what would happen if anyone swims in the pool with the concentrate is much higher?!" "Good god" exclaimed Marcy as they both tried to fit back into their young teenage clothes without much success.

As they ran uncomfortably back to the pool they opened the door to find 4 very old elderly women approaching 100 years of age, hunched over from osteoporsis and completely withered and wrinkled. They were rattling like old women to each other and began to giggle, their hair completely white and thinning as they failed to realize they were now going to have to live the few remaining years of their lives in nursing homes. "Well" sighed Dexter, "At least we don't have to worry about the men's swim team"