The Ballad of Lindsay McGee

by SgtVincennes

Lindsay McGee, a Girl of Eleven, Her life she thinks is a far cry from Heaven; So she wishes on a star that she was much older, To give her mean Mother less chances to scold her; Then that fateful night, As she wished with all her might, Lindsay was rewarded with quite a sight.

A Vision of how life could be, A Vision of her old enough to be free; Older and wiser, Yes all that was seen, But her Mother, so cruel and so mean. Lidsayís wish continued with both style and grace, She wished to be able to change her Motherís sour face; To Lindsay, Revenge will taste great, When her Mother awakes to discover sheís eight. Tables are turned, Lessons are learned, But all becomes Permanent once wishes are confirmed.

Her Mother Susan dropped the cigarette she was smoking, Stared at her hand and screamed " Lord you must be joking" Her fingers grew small, tiny at best, Her breasts quickly pulled into her chest; Susanís eyes took off wildly blinking, To compensate for her quick shrinking; Her short Brown hair grew straight and quite long, " No, No, No, This is just so wrong" Her flintly brown eyes grew big and wide, Her shirtsleeves flapped useless by her side; Her legs first shrank and then grew quite thin, Her tiny feet and the huge shoes they were trapped in.

Lindsay looked down and gazed in wide wonder, Her rapid growth tearing her clothes asunder; Her arms started to lengthen, seemed to double in size, She giggled and marveled at her new waist, buttocks and thighs; Her hair grew long, thick and blond, Her eyes as blue as a tropical pond; She grew to a height of 5 foot 10, That would certainly make an impression on men; Her breasts pushed out, straining her shirt, " I hope this stops soon, itís starting to hurt" Lindsayís eyes looked over her body so slow, They lingered like a snail with a case of Vertigo;

Lindsay now towered over her small Mother, She smiled and laughed "This is a day like none Other" Susan looked up with a tear in her eye, " How did this Happen, Oh Why, Why, Why?" Lindsay just winked and said " Wishes come true" " Now buck up little girl and donít be so blue" "Youíre a kid again, be happy and carefree" "Now run right along or be placed over my knee" Young Susan took off on fleeing fleet feet, She didnít want that powerful hand on her small seat; So from that day forth, their roles were reverse, Susan too young to drink, smoke or use words of curse; Susan was mean and had seen no fault, But lessons are harder when youíre no longer the adult; So there stands Lindsay, 24 and a stone cold fox, And next to her is Susan, the little one in knee sox.