The Babysitter
By Merlin

Becky was a 16 year old perky high school cheerleader who babysat on the side for extra money. She was a blonde bombshell with an incredible body that was tan and taught, but she was also known as a bit of a tease. One of her steady clients was Mrs. Robertson. She was a scientist and single mother of two little girls, Kristi who was 4 and Annie, who was 6. This night she was staying the weekend with the little girls while their mother attended a conference out of town.

"It's getting late girls, time to go to bed!" sighed Becky. She noticed that the girls were playing with some sort of vial that had a blue liquid in it. "Annie, where did you get that?" Annie looked meekly at Becky "From Mommy's special room". Becky instantly knew that meant her laboratory downstairs. "Give me that now young lady!" paniced Becky as she walked quickly towards the girls, but just as she was reaching for the vial, she tripped over a toy and fell, knocking the vial open and she watched in horror as it spilled everywhere on the girls as well as herself. "Damn, damn, damn!" she muttered as she quickly wiped the liquid off her red halter top and then the girls faces. She smelled the contents and it smelled like old socks. It did not look like the liquid was any kind of solvent as it did not burn and wiped off easily, and none of the contents has been swallowed either, so it looked like she dodged a bullet that time. Becky adjusted her very short and revealing gym shorts, and walking barefoot over to the girls she looked them over. She was feeling tired, but she just wanted to sit down on the couch for a few minutes before going to bed. Her reality seemed a bit off too for some wierd reason. Aw, thats crazy, she thought.

Meanwhile the two girls felt strange themselves. Annie felt uncomfortable, so did Kristi, their clothes seemed tight. What they did not know was that the vial contained an experimental formula and they were all aging, but not just aging, their minds were being effected as well, adjusting their realities to some degree.

Becky was already well into her college years as she felt that her shorts were too tight, as well as her top. She had finished growing out of her teenage years into adulthood and her breasts had filled out more from a B cup to a full C cup. She was also losing her baby fat as she seemed to mature into her 20's. Now a full grown beautiful woman she looked down and looked at the two children, Kristi, who was now 10 and Annie who was budding 12 year old beauty. "They wont need a sitter much longer" she thought. 22, 23, 25, 28, 30 years of age and aging faster as Becky's features sharpened and fine lines and crows feet appeared on her face. Her taught tan legs were losing their some of their youthful shape as were here once teenage feet, now looking like her mothers. Her firm stomache was also losing its battle with time as her rear end widened more.

Meanwhile, the two girls had stripped their now too small bunny pajama's off. Their white cotton panites were stretching to their limit on their quickly widening hips. Annie felt a tingling on her chest as she felt her nipples widen and become very sensitive. Then two small lumps appeared and rose into missle cones defying gravity as she turned 14 years old. "Ummmm" she muttered "I wonder what High School will be like next year?" Kristi was not far behind her sister as she entered puberty with a vengence, developing at a quicker rate than her sister, she was an early bloomer. Her hips were widening and her breasts appeared suddenly and then grew quite large for her age like ripe melons. Hair appeared in between their youthful thighs and filled into a full bush. A 18 year old Annie turned to her now 16 year old sister and admired her body which was glistening with sweat from the rapid changes, but in their minds, all seemed correct. "Hey Sis, you have got SUCH a killer bod!" Krists smiled back at her now 20 year old sister "You too Annie, god, I just LOVE how youve got such long legs!" Both girls were now tall, taught young women in their early twenties with very long legs, large ripe breasts, hourglass figures and long blonde hair.

However, poor Becky was entering her 40's with a vengence as well. Her blond hair was now dull, those fine lines in her face deepened as small wrinkles formed around her nose and mouth. Her once shapely legs were now that of a middle-aged woman as her large breasts began to sag in the black lacy teenage bra. Her feet were aging badly too, as they seemed to whither and grow older and older, viens appearing on them as the toes began to curl under the aged nails. As she entered her 50's, the two girls were now entering their 30's. They had matured quickly as freckles dissapeared from their noses as their features sharpened. Their sexuality was hightened as they aged quickly through their young adult years. Both Kristi and Annie had been massaging their large breasts and exploring their bodies in depth as they both moaned with pleasure. "Sis, I sure do need a man!" "I know what you mean Kristi, I cant remember the last time I got laid!" As the two girls climaxed and screamed as they experienced both their first and last orgasms, they turned 40 and 42 respectively. Their innocence was gone forever as they entered middle-age.

Becky was now 60 years old. She struggled to get up off the sofa, wondering why she was here with two middle-aged nude women. Oh well, not her problem, she needed to do something, but was what it? Maybe its time to take her pills...that must be it, at her age. She got up and put her shaking hand on her back for support. Her blonde hair now completely white as wrinkles were deep in her face as she shuffled barefoot across the floor to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Kristi and Annie entered their 50's and began to feel some sense of modesty. "Be a dear Kristi and help me up" muttered Annie in a much lower voice. "Lets find something more decent for women our age to wear sweetheart" mumbles Annie. They walked into their mothers room, their tuaght bodies now sagging from the ravages of time, their once full breasts sagging onto their stomaches as thei once "bubble" butts and long legs were whitering and sagging, cellulite fomring on their thighs. They found some large oversize dresses that their grandmother used to wear and slipped them on, but remained barefoot themselves. As they walk out of the room, they entered their 60's as their curly blonde hair quickly turned gray them white and began to thin out. They noticed an old, elderly woman in her 80's sitting back down on the sofa. "Dearie, who is that?" rattled a now 70 year old Kristi. "Why dear, that must be our cousin Rebecca" "Of course, now would you help an old woman to the sofa too?" Kristi giggled like an old woman as her hands began to shake as she helped her elderly sister arm in arm to the sofa where they sat down on either side of a now senile Becky.

"I remember when I was a little girl" smiled Annie. "I remember when I was little" muttered Kristi as her eyes glazed over. Becky just sat there hunched over from extreme old age and simply rattled in a low shakey voice over and over "I was so beautiful when I was beautiful"

As the three eldery women sat on the sofa in a daze, one would hardly believe that these three old, old barefoot women were formally a buxom teenage blonde and two little girls just a few hours before.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Silence. Then a banging, when finally the door opened, a handsome 17 year old young man came in loking confused. "Becky? Becky are you there? Hello! Anyone home?" It was Rick, Becky's long time boyfriend. As he walked into the living room, he stopped as he saw the three old women on the couch. "Oh, ah, sorry ladies, but..." "What was that young man? Did you say something, I am a bit hard of hearing at my age, speak up!" rattled Annie. "Sorry", Rick cleared his throat and almost shouted, "I was just looking for my girlfriend Becky Summers, she was supposed to be babysitting two little girls, Kristi and Annie. Have you seen them tonight?"

"I'm Kristi" mumbled one of the old women, "Im Annie, what did a nice young boy like you want with an old woman like me?" Before rick could open his mouth, the oldest aged women of the three looked up at Rick. "R...R..Rick? Rick, is that you?" said the old woman in a shakey voice. Rick looked shocked at the old woman who was wearing the clothes of a teenager, in fact, they were Becky's clothes! Could that, it cuoldnt be "Becky?!" exclaimed Rick as he went to her and got on his knee's and looked her in the eyes. "Becky, is that you?"

"I knew a Rick once " rattled the old woman "but that was years and years ago when I was a young girl in high school....I remember, I was so pretty and young" her mind began to wnader again. Rick looked at her hard and suddenly realized behind all those wrinkles and feeble minded thoughts was his girlfrield and love of his life, Becky Summers. It then occured to him that these other two old women had to be the two little girls....but how?

Rick looked around the room and saw a broken vial lying empty on the floor. Rick knew that the girls mother was a renknown scientist. As he got up he looked tearfully at the old women and said "You ladies stay right here and dont move, I will find a way to fix this, I promise!" as he rushed out of the room. He quickly rushed downstairs to the lab and began to search it for some signs of what had occured, he then found her lab book and he quickly began to read it. What he found disturbed him.

DECEMBER 1 - Discovered the DNA strand that controls the aging process. If I can harness its power I will be able to create the fountain of youth!

DECEMBER 10 - After many tests, it seems that this chemical compound causes nothing be rapid aging and it might even effect the minds reality. Not sure how to proceed. cant seem to find an antidote.

DECEMBER 12 - Lab animals seemed to improve from their aging if sexual intercourse is made. Rush of hormones and endorphines in that state seem to help, but still not a cure. Only seems to halt the process.

DECEMBER 21 - Have created a experimental device that uses gamma radiation and the chemical compound to cure the aged state back. However, it works more as a transference device. It must "extract" so many years from another subject in order for those years to be "assimilated" into the aged subject. Not the cure I was hoping for, will continue the search, but it may be years before I find the answer

Rick thumbbed to the last entry

JANUARY 2 - Heading to conference for the weekend. Perhaps I can find some answers or lead to a cure there.

Rick was crushed. She had not found a cure...except perhaps....the device! Where was it? Rick looked all through the lab when his eyes spotted a locked box in the corner. Using a screwdriver he broke the box open and found a handheld device that was rather large. On it was a series of buttons. One was "Number of Years" and a digital read out next to it and the other two was marked as "Extract" and the other "Inject"

He quickly took out the device and thought for a moment. "Its my only chance" he muttered and ran back upstairs. When he got back he was shocked to see that although the process had seemed to stop, it had not, merely slowed down. Becky was now an old and feeble 95 year old woman, while both Kristi and Annie were reaching their late 80's. What was he going to do? Then the journal entry hit him. "Oh god, I am going to have to have sex with them in order to stop the process". For some reason, the thought did not totally disgust him, in fact, it seemed a bit exciting. Becky was, after all, a virgin, as well was the other two "women". In either case, it was the only way to help them.

He walked over to Becky who was in the most dire need of help and lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. He then stripped off his clothes and began to slowly take off Becky's extremely tight teenage clothing. "Hey sweetheart, its me, Rick" He smiled softly at her as she smiled "Ricky?" she rattled "Ricky...I have missed you for so many years" "I know sweetheart, I know we were going to wait till we were married, but this is important. I want to make love to you, alright?" "Oh Ricky", she sobbed "But I am soo, soo old and you are still so young" "You will always be beautiful to me sweetheart. Now just lie back" as he finally got her teenage bra and tight black lace panties off of her, he looked down at his once beautiful girlfriend. Her body was old and whithered and covered with liver spots and wrinkles. Even her public hair was solid white, and her legs and toes were ancient looking. He began to kiss her sagging breasts and suck on her nipples as he mounted her. She gasped aloud as he entered her. He gently rocked back and forth, trying to be as gentle as possible, building and building. Her old, wrinkled hands reached up and began to carress him, touching his body as they climaxed. She moaned loudly and screamed in a low, hoarse voice that sounded more like his great-grandmother than his teenage girlfriend. As she collapsed on the bed moaning as she experianced a multiple orgasm, he slowly lifted off of her and covered her with a sheet. "Ricky" she said in a low raspy voice" Oh Ricky, I love you. Why am I so, so old?" "Dont worry sweetheart, everything will be fine"

As he ran out of the room, he checked on the girls, who were now hitting about 90 years of age. He figured they had another hour or so before they got critical so he felt that the best thing he could do right now was find someone to use the device on. But who and where? The college girls dorm was only two doors down the street and it was late. Perhaps.....

Rick rushed out the house and down the street to the girls dorm. He walked around the back and looked through the first window. Inside was a cute girl named Tanya. She had short hair in a page-boy cut and was wearing only a t-shirt and walking around barefoot. At first, Rick though about taking only a year here and there from people, but he realized that would take forever. He knew Tanya well. She was famous for hooking up with guys, having her way with them and then humiliating them before publically dumping them. He had even been the brunt of Tanya's hell. She was cute though. At 19 years of age, she had freckles on her button nose, double C breasts and a gorgous bubble butt that was just showing at the bottom of her t-shirt. She was obviously wearing no underwear.

"Hmmm, if she is 19, then...." Rick turned the dial till it read 70 years. "Lets see if this thing really works" he smiled as he pointed it towards Tanya and hit the "Extract" button. The machine emitted a strong vibrating buzz and a laser light that he aimed at Tanya, who seemed unaware Rick was there. Rick was not sure the machine was working until he noticed that Tanya seemed, more mature, more grown-up. Then were those crows feet he saw around her eyes? Tanya sat down on her bed and lifted her legs and began to paint her toes. Thats when he saw the first gray hairs weaving their way through her scalp. She had to be in her 30's now he thought as the lins around her face became more evident. As the years were stripped away from her youthful body, Rick could see her gravity defying breasts sag more and more and her hair became more gray than brown. The lines on her face deepened as her long legs seemed to lose thier muscle tone. She did not seem to notice the effects he observed. In fact, as she painted her nails, he could see that her feet with their delicate long toes and beautiful nails were whithering away in fron of his eyes. They began to curl up some from age and wrinkle around the sides as liver spots appeared on her feet as well as hands. Viens and transperant skin now covered her feet and hands as her hands began to shake some. She was now in her 60;s, her hair completely white and wrinkles racing across her face. She stopped the painting and began to massage her feet, they seemed to ache now as she turned 80, then 85, then finally 89 years of age when the machine stopped. She was now a very old, eldery woman as she staggered around the room in a loose fitting t-shirt in which her impressive breasts now sagged completely and swayed as she walked. Her taught rear was sagging down onto her shapeless legs as she shuffled barefoot across the room to a waiting armchair. She slowly sat down, hunched over from age and slowly feel asleep.

Rick smiled at the sight of Tanya and then thought "Well, I am going to need quite a few more years in order to set things right with Kristi and Annie too." A plan began to form as he realized that some of the colleges prettiest girls and meanest bitches were housed in this dorm. Time for some payback! Rick made his way around to the emergency exit of the dorm and picked the lock and went inside.

As Rick walked quietly down the girls dorm hallway, he knew exactly who he wanted to find. Melissa Sellars had hurt him badly in high school, leading him on and flirting with him, then dumping him publicly just to humiliate him. It was now payback time. He found her room, and it was cracked open. He slid strealthfully inside and quickly jumped into the closet. He heard a girl humming and saw his prey coming out of the bathroom. Melissa was a tall long blonde-haired nordic beauty with long legs that were tan and taught and a body that was unbelievable. Large D-Cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity and the bluest eyes you ever saw. She had nothing but a towel on and he was about to hit the button on the device when he heard another girl come into the room, it was Melissa's roomate Alison. She was also blonde, but with very short page-boy cut hair. As Melissa was beautiful, Alison was the ultimate "cute" with a pixie face, but killer body. She was very much the tomboy and athletic. He had always wanted to date her too, but she would never give him the time of day. "Cool" he thought to himself, "Two for the price of one!"

As he set the device and hit the button he watched with extreme interest as the two 18 year old girls began to age. It was hardly noticable at first, they simply seem to grow just a bit taller and lose their baby fat as they entered their 20's. As they blossomed into full grown women, their faces took on a radiant beauty and he could tell that their breasts had filled out just a bit more too, along with the rest of their taught bodies. Melissa adjusted her towel as Alison was getting undressed to take a shower herself. As she stood with just her shirt and panties on, Rick could see that her legs were long, shapely and very muscular, but in a beautiful way. Their reality was already shifting too he could tell by their conversation. Before, they were talking about boys and their next exam, now they were talking about more mature topics such as politics and careers. "We really need to find a bigger apartment, this place reminds me of our old dorm room in college"

as they both turned 30, Rick could see that they were beginning to lose the flower of their youth as they both looked less innocent. At 35 he noticed the fine lines around their eyes and forehead, crows feet and the like. Also, he couls see that they did not seem as taught and firm as they used to a few seconds before. "I really need to find a husband Alison...I can feel my biological clock ticking away, you know that we are in the prime of our life right now" As they turned 40 the effects of age were now more and more apperant. Alison took her very tight t-shirt off and exposed her upper body. Her once firm C-Cup breasts which had been perky a few minutes before were straining the black lace teenage bra as they were now sagging from middle age and gaining a bit in size. Her firm taught stomache was now developing a small paunch. As she struggled to get her bra off she noticed her now 45 year old hands which were now quite motherly and becoming thinner and creased. "Do you have some lotion Melissa, I need to work on these liver spots, they just seem to pop up" "I know what you mean" said a now 50 year old Melissa examining her feet "My feet are getting a bit tired too, women our age need to stop wearing those high heels" she began to run her whithering feet as viens were becoming apperant. At 55 years of age Rick saw cellulite forming on their thighs and legs, the paunch on their midsection seem to grwo as their asses were now dropping and spreading from age.

"I wish we had gotten married when we were younger dear" muttered a now 60 year old Allison struggling with her teenage panites that were now way too small on her expanding rear. Her voice was almost an octive lower now and becoming shakey. Rick noticed that their once beautiful blonde hair was turning white, infact all their hair was now a snowy white color. Melissa struggled to put make up on, her face now wrinkled and her lips shriveled, she was having a hard time making her now 70 year old whithered hands stop shaking. She stopped to run her now knarled and whithered feet again as the onset of arthritis was now hurting them badly. As Rick stopped the process at 80 years of age, the two very elderly women sat looking at each other, hunched over and shaking from old age. "Allison dear, remember when we were young and beautiful?" "Of course dearie, but we shouldnt dwell on such things now, we need to learn to act our age" Melissa sat on the edge of her bed and began to cry "I was so young and I am just another old woman" Rick smiled and sneaked out of the closet. This was becoming fun!

Rick checked his watch quickly after his last amusement, "Damn", he muttered, "I better get back before those two girls age themselves into the grave." Still, he figured he should be safe and siphon the years from at least one other victum just to be sure that he had enough years to give back to the girls, as well as his lovely, but currently ancient, girlfriend. But who to get? Suddenly a broad grin spread across his face as a thought hit him. Marcy Courtright. This young 15 year old flirt lived just a few doors down from the dorm with her parents, but she was constantly flirting with all the boys and men, she had developed early and had a killer body with blonde hair. She was just starting to model some and the offers were pouring in. But she also had a rep for getting guys into trouble, including Rick. When Rick had refused her advances she threatened to tell her folks that he tried to rape her. It was only after some fast talking that he avoided going to jail on a false charge. Rick immediatly took off down the street hoping she would be there.

When he got to her house, he was in luck. She was trying to sneak back into the house from the backyard from partying somewhere. She was wearing a short, tight mini-skirt with a halter top that showed off her firm, taught stomache and large breasts. In fact, she was not even earing a bra as he could see her teenage nipples poking through the soft fabric. Her long, tan legs looked so sexually tempting in the moonlight in those high heels and her firm, round ass was a perfect "bubble butt", a 15 year old girl with the body of an adult and future playboy playmate for sure. The future was abound with the bodies of future boyfriends and flirts he could tell. With her outfit and makeup she looked more like 21 than 15. "Well, if she wants to be older, I think I can fix that!" Rick whispered to himself as he carefully pointed the device at her.

The device made the familiar humming sound and Marcy seemed bathed in light. The changes were almost immediately noticable as she rose about 2 more inches in hieght and her breasts balooned even more to perhaps a 36D, her now erect nipples pressing tightly against the halter top and her long legs now even longer as the mini-skirt rode up now high enough for Rick to get a glimpse of her black silk panites which now looked tight on her firm ass. She was now a full-grown woman of 25 and she was drop dead gorgous. Her blonde hair was a little longer and her features on her face sharpened a bit as the babyfat dissapeared leaving no traces of the young girl, but the outlines and curves of a voluptuous adult woman. Even Rick had to admit that she was about as beautiful a woman as he had ever seen. She would have made a great playboy playmate....would have that is until she got too old, which was soon to happen.

Sure enough, he began to notice fine lines around her eyes and mouth as her firm breasts, without the support of a bra, began to sag just a bit as she passed 30 years of age. As she aged through her 30's she stayed beautiful, a tribute to her genes he figured. As she hit 40 she was still radiant, but it was a mature beauty now, that of an adult, older woman, classy, but the mini-skirt was looking ridulous on the 40 plus year old woman now as her breasts sagged a bit more as the protuding nipples pointed more downward than upward, and they also rounded out into teardrop shapes as well. Her legs had lost the firm, tan suppleness of young adulthood and now were beginning to show their years. As Marcy struggles through her purse looking for the keys, still unaware to the changes about her, Rick noticed her hands were aging as well and looked more like a mothers hands rather than a teenage girls.

Suddenly, the changes became very appearant as Marcy aged past 55 years of age, her hair, which had somehow kept its luster, quickly turned a silvery grey as the lines on Marcy's face deepened around her mouth and eyes and wrinkles formed under her eyes as her neck showed lines and sagging. She had not gained really any weight, but stayed trim, but her exposed stomach was no longer taught and it was showing a softness and lines as well. Her legs lost muscletone and got thinner as liver spots became appearant on them. Marcy showed discomfort with her feet in those high heels as she tossed them off her feet revealing knarled and arthritic toes with veined aging feet. She passed 60 years of age and then as she hit 70 she began to groan abit with the years piling upon her as she began to stoop over more and more and her knee's looked boney. Her face lost the classy look of an good looking older woman and that of a grandmother in sad need of a face-lift as the lines deepened into creases and wrinkles that now covered her face giving her a wizened look of a woman who had experienced life and was now on the short end of life, her hands now shaking a boney with transperent skin. Her hair was now solid white and thinning. As she finnally hit 90 years of age Rick stopped and Marcy finnally found her keys, her could hear her rattling like an old woman talking to herself. "There you are, my, I need to be more careful and not stay out so late like I did when I was young....I was so beautiful then, so beautiful." she was going senile as she placed on hand on her back for support as it ached as she shuffled into the house and give her parents the surprise of their lives. "Guess the only beauty contest she will win now is that of Miss Senior Citizen at the local old folks home!" laughed Rick.

Rick checked his watch again and then bolted back to the house to try and return his girlfriend and the other two girls back to normal. He just hoped it would work.