Taking Over



When Lucy Cameron and her mother moved next to April's house a year ago, both girls became best friends. Since the children were 5 years old, their mothers agreed in send them to at the same kinder and Mrs. Cameron offered herself to picked up the girls everyday.

It was Friday noon and all the children were running into their parents arms as other day in the kindergarten ended. April stood alone next to the door and try to see at Mrs. Cameron in the crown. Because Lucy didn't came to class, April was fearing that her mother has forgot picking up her.

When all the children left, a woman in her lately twenties appeared in the sidewalk. She was wearing a long dress and her face looked fresh without make up. The woman seemed familiar to April, but she didn't know why.

"Hello, you must be April right?" said the woman.

"Yes" she shyly said.

"I'm Mrs. Cameron's sister. She couldn't come today, because she is dealing with a 'little' problem in home. That is why I will take you home today" smiled the woman.

"And the van?" asked April "Mrs. Cameron always comes with her van"

"The problem is that I don't know how to drive. I hope you don't mind walking to home with me. I know that it is only 3 blocks away"

April doubt for a moment about walking with a stranger. The warm smile of the woman rapidly vanished all her worries and holing her hand they walked to home.

"Is Lucy OK? She didn't came today" said April April knew that Lucy's mother was a nice person until she got drunk. Lucy often talks to her about how her mother hit her the day before. Maybe this time her mother over did it.

"No, not at all" giggled the woman "She and her mother had a fight, but everything is alright. I promise"

The woman walked with April until her door. Using the key that April's mother gave to Mrs. Cameron, the mysterious woman opened the door.

"Well April, you are in home. My work is done" said the woman.

"Thank you" said April giving her a kiss in her cheek.

April was closing the door, when the woman grabbed it and said, "Wait a second April. I need to ask you something"

"Yes" asked curious April.

"You and your mother still have problems?" asked the woman

April's mother got pregnant when she was only 18 years old. As a single mother, she got a job as central operator to pay the cost of raising a baby. Now at the matured age of 24, she always arrived home carrying too much stress from the office, and at the little mistake April done, she released it in her innocent rear.

"Mommy is not bad" said April as a little tear came down from her eye "I'm bad. I need spanking"

"No my dear, that is false. Here, take this cream. Tonight used a little in your bottom and everything will be different. Trust me" said the woman. Then, she walked away.

April closed the door holding the cream tube in her hand. Not wasting time, she locked herself in her room watching the mysterious tube with sparkly eyes.

The clock marked 5:24 pm. April knew that her mother will be in home in any minute and surely she will spanked her, because before to go at the kinder, she broke the lamp in the living. Since it was late, the mother postponed the spanking for the afternoon.

"Maybe the cream will help me with the pain" thought April.

The mother arrived at 5:40 pm. That day was a very bad one for her. Her headache and stress was intense, and the pieces of the broken lamp all over her carpet were the trigger to release them.

"APRIL!! Came down in this moment!!" yelled the mother.

The little April finished rubbing the cream in her bottom and ran downstairs. "Yes mom" she said.

"Do you know how much that lamp costs?" said the mother pointing the mess.

"Sorry mom, I didn't mean it. April is a good girl"

The mother sat chair and carrying April in her legs, she exposed her pinky rear and slapped it very hard.

"This one is for being a bad girl. This one is for playing with expensive things..." and the mother went on and on.

Amazingly, April didn't felt any pain. Instead, each time her mother slapped her a tingling sensation was getting stronger. "This is weird" said April as her clothes began to get tight on her. She knew that something was wrong, but she didn't understood what.

Thanks to the hard slaps of her mother, the tearing sounds of her T-shirt passed imperceptible. The stress and the tiredness didn't let the mother noticed that April's weight was increasing.

Every slapped April received, aged her more. She must be near of the 10 years old when her T-shirt finally tore apart. Laid naked, the pre-teen April continued receiving her punishment, or to be more exact her mother's age.

April's mother noticed that her clothes were bigger on her, even her bra felt lose. "The stupid washing machine surely stretched the clothes" thought logically the mother. "OK, April go to you room" she said.

April picked up her shredded clothes and went to her room. Moments later she came out saying "Mom, where are my clothes?. I can't find anything that fits me and it seems that my training bras must be for laundry, because I don't find any either".

"Training bra?" thought the mother. A bell rang in her head, but too low. "April are you wearing training bras?" she asked.

Still naked, April left her room and stood in front of her mother "Since they start to grow mom" she said cupping her small bumps.

"Yeah, you are right…" said the mother at the presence of such evidence "Maybe I'm working too much". The mother rubbed her eyes trying to understand was going on.

"Do you feel tired?" said April touching her mother's hand. She felt the tingling sensation again.

"I think that I need a cold shower" said the mother. April help her mother to stand up. The mother was surprise to see at her daughter eye to eye. "This can't be" she thought. "I agree. A cold shower is what you need now Mo… Molly" said April "Then I will have to borrow one of your bras. I know that you buy C-cup bras to stuff them, but I think they will help me" April smiled.

"Stuff my bra?, come on" thought the mother "like I need to stuff my lingerie to show my…". Molly grabbed her breasts, but they didn't felt right. She looked down at her breasts, just to see they in fact where smaller that the cups of her bra. Then she looked at her daughter's chest and gasped in surprise to see a perky B-cup bust. She couldn't clear her thoughts. She was very confused. "Sure, take whatever you want".

April thanked her and ran to Molly's room. Molly walked to the living room and watched her reflection in the mirror. The woman reflected wasn't a 24 years old woman. Molly smiled to see her lovely 15 years old teenager face. "I'm beautiful as my sister April" giggled Molly forgetting all her doubts.

"Hey Molly, how do I look?" said April standing out of the room wearing only a bra and panties.

"You look great sis, but I look better" said Molly stripping her oversize clothes and standing in bra and panties too.

April stood back Molly, both girls watching their reflections. "Yeah Molly, you are as beautiful as me" she placing her hand on the exposed shoulder of Molly.

This time, April noticed the change thanks to the reflection. Slowly she began to grow as Molly shrunk. She felt her breasts growing and filling up the bra. Her panties tightened as her rear took a bubble shape. Her body was maturing suddenly everything became clear for April.

She remembered clearly that in the morning she was a 5 years old girl and now she was a gorgeous 16 years old girl and aging. Then she remembered he encounter with the strange woman and the magic cream.

"The cream!! I still had it in my rear and hands. Some how it's giving me my mother's age and her understanding. It seems that the cream avoid that when you are younger to notice the changes. Since now I'm the grown-up, it's logical think that my mother is trapped in a younger body and she doesn't know" thought April.

"Tell me something Molly" said April still pressing her mother's shoulder "How am I?"

"You are my big sister April. You always take care of me" smiled Molly.

April put her other hand increasing the itching sensation. Her mother regressed faster as she progressed at the same speed. April was delight seeing her body blossoming in front of her eyes. Her wonderful D-cup breasts overflowed the cups of her bra. Her rear big and round, just perfect. Her long legs and tiny waist made of her a really bombshell.

The sensation vanished when April reached her mother's age. "This is amazing" thought April at the sight of her break heart body. Then she looked at her mom, with her face showing a restored innocent. Far were the days of angry and sadness. Now it was a whole new life for both, but April needed to now something.

"Tell me Molly… Who am I?" asked nervously April.

"You are my mom. And I don't like to play with your clothes" said Molly taking off the useless lingerie of her underdevelopment body. "I will play with my dolls mom" she said running into April's room.

April was completely happy, thanks to the magic cream, she was now taking the position of mother in the house. Her days of being grounded and spanking were over. She had now the control.

Wearing the appropriated clothes, April went out of the house, just to see at the strange woman standing in the tree of her front yard.

"Lucy is that you?" said April recognizing the matured face of her friend.

"Finally. I thought you will never discover who really I was" smiled Lucy.

"From where did you obtain that cream?" said April walking down the street with Lucy.

"That my dear friend is a very long story" Lucy smiled.

The End.