Strong Vitamins

By bobby

Nikki and her mother were driving back home from the doctor's office. 'I don't care what the doctor says, Mommy, I won't take those pills. I hate pills! I always feel like I'm choking when I take one,' Nikki complained. 'I know you hate pills, Nikki,' her mother said. 'But it's for your own good and it's really for a very short time; only a few days.' 'Mommy, no! I won't do it!' 'Nikki, you have to,' her mother insisted. 'If you don't take these new vitamins you're going to get very sick. Then you'll have to stay in the hospital for a long time, and you won't be able to play with any of your friends.' 'I don't care. I don't care!' the seven-year-old cried, adamantly.

The rest of the ride home was in silence, with Nikki leaning against the car door and staring out the window. Her mother knew what she had to do: she would grind the vitamins up and dissolve them in Nikki's water at dinnertime. She hated being sneaky with her daughter, but had no choice. She was very frightened and wanted to follow Nikki's doctor's advice to the letter.

They had found out last week that Nikki had a very rare condition; a kind of virus that prevented absorption of nutrients from her food. Luckily, Nikki's doctor was one of the best pediatricians in the country, if not the world, a benefit of living in San Francisco. He had read research about this particular condition and had immediately started Nikki on a treatment of an experimental drug to try to control the virus. This fueled Nikki's main objection to taking more pills: the drug was very vile tasting and made her gag every time she took one.

Anyway, moving right along, along with this drug, the doctor strongly recommended that Nikki take vitamins that were many times stronger than standard multi-vitamins. What the doctor hadn't mentioned, however, was that these vitamins were even more experimental than the primary drug he had prescribed. However, due to the nature of Nikki's illness and the urgency of the situation, he felt it was incumbent upon him to do what he felt was best at the time. Also, there had only been a miniscule number of cases with side effects, albeit very unusual and drastic side effects, and since a respected research team in China had developed them, he felt they would be relatively safe. Of course, being that these vitamins were not yet approved for use in the U.S. was a fact he wanted to keep silent about. Better than the alternative, at any rate. If they delayed the course of treatment much longer, the results would be quite tragic.

Nikki stomped up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door when she and her mother got home. She threw herself on the bed and cried. She had been feeling worse and worse the last few days, very weak and often quite feverish. In fact, she hadn't been to school for the last week and a half. She knew she should take her vitamins, and she didn't want to disappoint her mother, but she just couldn't stand that feeling when the pill went down. She sat up after a few minutes and looked at herself in the mirror on her closet door. She was a cute girl, with long blonde hair she kept in a ponytail. She had bright green eyes, and stood about 4 feet 3 inches tall.

'I wish I was somebody else sometimes so I didn't feel so bad all the time,' Nikki said to herself.

'Nikki, time for dinner, honey. Come on down!' her mother called.

'Okay, Mommy!'

Nikki went downstairs and sat at the table. 'Where's Daddy?' she asked.

'He's still working, honey. He'll be back in a couple of hours,' her mother said, watching to see if Nikki tried drinking the water she had prepared with the vitamins. 'Nikki, I thought maybe we could hold off on the vitamins for a while, since taking the pills would bother you so much,' she said brightly, although it bothered her that she had to be dishonest with her daughter. It was the only way the doctor's orders could be followed, though, she thought.

'OK, thanks, Mommy,' Nikki replied, feeling a little better now, as she took a big drink of water. She was very thirsty today, and drank almost half the glass in one shot. Her mother had made her favorite meal, spaghetti and meatballs, she was excited to see. She quickly ate her dinner, then asked to be excused. Her mother was glad to note that Nikki had finished all her water.

'Certainly, honey,' her mother replied. 'Oh, by the way, I forgot to give you this earlier.' She reached into a bag she had brought in from the local supermarket and pulled out a brand new coloring book.

'Oh, wow! Thanks, Mommy!' Nikki jumped up from her seat, kissed her mother on the cheek and ran upstairs with her new book. She grabbed her box of crayons off the dresser, jumped onto her bed and lied down on her stomach to start coloring. She pulled at the collar of her T-shirt, as it felt a little tight, then continued coloring. As time went by she began to feel more and more uncomfortable, and kept pulling at her T-shirt and her overalls, but they started to feel very constricting. She got off the bed and tried to unfasten the straps of her overalls, but they were so tight they wouldn't budge.

'Why are my clothes so tight? They hurt.' Nikki looked up at the mirror as she kept tugging at her overalls and her mouth dropped open. Staring back at her in the mirror was a ten-year-old girl, with coveralls that were about three inches too short, the cuffs stopping well above her ankles. She also felt the coveralls were starting to ride up between her legs, as her torso was growing as well as her legs. Her pink T-shirt was also getting stretched, as the sleeves had moved from just above her elbows to halfway up her arms. The shirt was getting very tight around her arms and chest.

'My feet are killing me!' she complained as she saw that her black patent leather Maryjanes were so tight she could see where her toes were pushing out the sides of the shoes. Then, as she was watching, the strap across the top of her left shoe snapped, followed by the right about a minute later. She tried to slip the shoes off, but they too were so tight they were like a second skin.

'What's going on? What's happening to me?' Nikki asked, noting her voice was becoming lower and didn't sound like a little child's voice anymore. She looked back at the mirror and saw an eleven-year-old in painfully tight clothing. She had to start hunching over to relieve the pressure on her shoulders from the coverall straps. Just when she thought she couldn't stand any more, the straps thankfully snapped and flew down off of her shoulders.

Nikki breather a sigh of relief as she stood up straight, noting how much taller she had become, then became aware of how tight the legs of her coveralls were. She sat down on the bed and luckily was able to pull them off over her bigger hips and peel them off her legs, which were now about four inches longer. As she was pulling them off she heard a ripping sound and noticed the soles of her shoes were separating from the upper portion, providing welcome relief for her growing feet which were a couple of sizes bigger now.

She was now approaching thirteen, and her T-shirt was now well above her belly button and the shoulder seams were quickly tearing, along with the seams along the sides of the shirt. Suddenly, she seemed to start growing faster as she felt herself getting taller at a faster rate. The shirt gave up the ghost and fell around her feet in tatters, leaving her standing in absurdly overstretched white cotton underwear and the remains of her Maryjanes over socks which were quickly going the way of the shirt.

As the patent leather uppers split and fell off her feet, Nikki realized she'd better cover up with something, but nothing in her dresser would fit her any more, so she ran into her parent's room and frantically started digging through her mother's things. As she ran into the room she felt a curious bouncing sensation on her chest, and saw two small bumps growing on her once flat chest, which she saw were visibly getting larger before her eyes. Her underwear emitted a loud tearing sound as they split at the seams along her growing hips and fell away. She looked in the mirror over her mother's dresser and saw a now fourteen-year-old digging through the clothes. She pulled out a very large oversize nightshirt her mother wore in bed and threw it over her head. It covered her down to mid-calf, which she thought was long enough, so she went back into her room and locked the door.

'Should I tell Mom?' she said to herself, noting how her voice was getting even lower. 'I can't right now, she'd get really upset at me and I know she hasn't been doing well lately.' She paused for a second as she noticed something peculiar, or more peculiar than what had happened so far. Her hair was becoming darker; it was now a medium brown instead of her former bright blonde color, but something even stranger was that her eyes were now a dark brown instead of green. 'That's really weird,' she said as she passed fifteen. Her breasts had become large enough they were now hanging off her chest, she felt them through the nightshirt, and could feel them getting heavier by the second.

Then she looked at her hands and saw her fingers getting longer and longer, and her nails were growing longer as well. She moved her hands down to her hips and felt them expanding, widening; she moved around to her rear end and could feel her cheeks swelling like balloons.

When Nikki looked back in the closet mirror, the sixteen-year-old saw how much she really was changing. Her face was starting to look a lot different. Her lips had gotten much fuller, her hair was totally black, and her ponytail was down to the small of her back. Her eyes were now very dark, and the corners were folding to give them an almond shape, kind of an...Asian shape.

'This is getting really freaky!' Nikki said as she grew another couple of inches. The nightshirt was now above her knees, and the impression her breasts were making was now very apparent, pulling the material outward from her chest. Her skin was now starting to darken, turning from its creamy white to a kind of golden tan color. She was becoming almost unrecognizable to herself now.

As the eighteen-year-old watched the curve of her hips become obvious through her nightshirt, she said, in a much lower, adult voice, 'I look like a totally different person now, what can I tell Mom? She'll freak out completely!'

Nikki went over to the bedroom door where her parents had tacked up a growth chart to track her height since she was three, and stood facing the door trying to line up the top of her head with the chart. It appeared she had grown from her previous height of 4' 3' to about 5' 5'! Her bed and dresser looked almost like toys and the chair she used to sit in while she read her books may as well have been in a dollhouse; there was no way she could sit in it now.

She went back to the mirror to see how much more she was going to change. As she watched the beautiful twenty-year-old Asian girl in the mirror grow even taller, she took an inventory of the latest alterations. Her nightshirt was now at mid-thigh, and had gotten very snug in her upper thigh and hip area, loosened a little at her thin waist, then became tight around her bust. The sleeves were now well above her elbows. She put her hands up to her face and felt her new features: her high cheekbones that framed gorgeous dark eyes with graceful eyebrows, and a slightly flat, delicate nose. Her lips had become even fuller and were now incredibly sensuous. Her complexion was such that she wouldn't need any makeup; there wasn't a blotch anywhere to be seen. Her hands now had long fingers bearing nails an inch and a half long, which she now moved down to her breasts, which were at least C cups if not D by now. They felt very heavy, but almost seemed to support themselves, as they didn't sag by even a fraction of an inch. She then slid her hands down to her waspish waist, and continued down to the now impressive curves of her hips and butt. Then her legs continued for about a mile down from underneath her nightshirt, tapering from her full thighs down to her delicate ankles and small feet. She had grown another two inches during this inspection, but it appeared that the changes were now complete; she waited a while but didn't see anything else different. She now looked to be about twenty-two years old, with no sign of the old Nikki at all remaining.

'My God, how did this ever happen?' she asked in a smooth, velvety voice. 'This couldn't be from that wish I made, could it? I didn't really want to be somebody else!' She started pacing around the room trying to figure out how to tell her mother, when she heard a knock at the door and froze.

'Nikki? It's almost nine o'clock. Are you getting ready for bed?' her mother asked, gently.

Nikki cleared her throat and said, 'Almost, Mom...mie,' trying to make her voice sound high like it used to, but sounding more like a screech.

'What, honey? Are you all right? You don't sound too good.'

'I'm OK, my throat's just a little dry, that's all.'

The knob rattled as her mother tried to open the door. 'Unlock the door, honey. I just want to make sure you're OK.'

Panic rose up from Nikki's stomach into her throat, as she swallowed hard, but then she thought, 'She's going to find out anyway. Let's get it over with,' and opened the door.

(to be continued?)