This story involves characters from T.V. land (Sabrina - The Teenage Witch).  You must be at least eighteen years of age or older to read it.  In addition to heterosexual sex, this story also contains seduction of innocence, lesbianism, and fantasy.

Sabrina & Tabitha
~ Teenage Witches
by JR Parz


The last day of school! Sabrina was really excited! Her boy friend Harvey promised he wouldn't go away to visit his father, and Sabrina wanted this summer to be their most memorable.  Later that evening, while Sabrina surfed the net, she stumbled upon a chat room called the Witches Coven. The site posted warnings regarding entrance to the room. 'Witches Only' Sabrina's curiosity got the best of her, and she clicked on the graphic 3D art picture of a cauldron.  As she entered, the members of the chat room sent their hellos; "Hi Teen Witch". Sabrina responded with her usual flair, extending her hellos. It didn't take but a minute to realize these girls knew their witchcraft, as they chatted about various incantations, chants and curses. Sabrina was just about to type in a specific question, when the hostess of the room, who's screen name was "Teen Sorceress", sent "Yes Sabrina, we're real". Sabrina almost fell out of her chair in surprise!

Sabrina asked "Teen Sorceress" how she knew her name. The "Teen Sorceress" told her that she could teach her that trick, just instant message her. Within seconds, Sabrina learned the trick and applied it. Sabrina picked up the vibes and was able to tell the "Teen Sorceress" was in fact a teen girl. Sabrina smiled and sent; "Hi Tabitha".

Tabitha invited Sabrina to a private chat room where Tabitha explained all about the Witches Coven. Later on, when Sabrina was about to say goodnight, Tabitha told her about the Witches & Warlock Party this Friday night. When Tabitha invited her, Sabrina felt an overwhelming compulsion to attend. Tabitha told her she would e-mail her the incantation to instantly transport her to the party. Each incantation was specifically formulated to the witch attending, so, it would only be good for her. Tabitha added that the party would begin at midnight. Sabrina typed back, "kewl", and told Tabitha that she would definitely be there!

The next morning, Sabrina asked her aunts if she could attend. The answer shocked her. Sabrina couldn't believe it! Here she was, sixteen years old, and her aunts were treating her like she was a baby! It was only a party! So what, the party was exclusively for witches. So what, in order to go you had to be invited. Her aunts told her that parties of this nature usually included black magic, and she was far too young to be associating with this type of wizardry.

On Friday night, despite her aunts wishes, Sabrina prepared herself for the party. Sabrina stood in front of her huge mirror, zapping in and out of various clothing. She finally settled for a flashy tight black jump suit, with black pumps. Sabrina loved looking in her mirror. She knew she was pretty, not the model like beauty, but pretty nonetheless. Sabrina felt her three greatest assets was her shoulder length blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and nice full breasts. Sabrina looked down at her breasts, cupping them. Harvey had yet to see them naked, but has taken to sneaking feels through her blouse. When Harvey did caress them, his touch would elicit pleasurable sensations in her nipples and groin. Her Aunt Hilda, who possessed 40Ds, commented one day that she must take after her side of the family. Sabrina cast an illusion on her chest just to see what it would like and she almost fell down with shock. The illusion, which she quickly sent away, made her appreciate her 34Cs all that much more. Right now, her breasts filled out the front of her jump suit nicely. Sabrina's self inspection was interrupted when she heard the downstairs clock strike twelve. Sabrina recited the incantation out loud, and was instantly transported.

The party was outside, and with a quick glance to her left, she noted that she wasn't on earth.  The party was on the moon!

"Hi Sabrina."

Sabrina stood in awe. Standing right in front of her was her exact double! Well, not exactly, but someone who could have passed for her twin! There were some noticeable differences. This girl possessed more curves, especially on top. In fact, she was huge! She also wore her hair sexily down to her curvy ass, and it was pitch black.

"Hi...this is incredible...are you...ah...Tabitha?"

"Yes, I'm Tabitha...your newest best friend and I'm also your cousin."

"This can't be possible. I mean...the cousin part. How come nobody told me about you?"

"Oh Sabrina...don't worry about that. What's more important is that we are finally together."

Tabitha then stepped forward and they hugged.  Sabrina felt flooded with warmth and love as they continued to hug, then something quite strange.  With their height being the same, Sabrina felt Tabitha's huge breasts crushing against her breasts and for the first time in her life, her body responded sexually to her own sex.  What!  She couldn't believe it!  She only felt this way when she was making out with Harvey. How could a casual hug with her cousin make her feel this way? Sabrina did a spell check on herself. Nothing.  Sabrina pulled away to break off the sensations. She hoped that Tabitha hadn't noticed the pitching of her body and her irregular breathing.

Sabrina and Tabitha talked for hours, telling each other about their likes and dislikes.  Sabrina found she could tell Tabitha anything, feeling absolute trust in her cousin. Tabitha told her she searched the world wide web for her location. The chat room was merely a tool to contact her.


Tabitha knew it was extremely important to maintain patience. While Sabrina told her all about herself, Tabitha couldn't help fantasize what the two of them would soon be doing.  This was going to be fun. Sabrina had no idea she was actually talking to herself from an alternate universe. Unlike Sabrina, who was merely a rookie witch, Tabitha was ranked as one of the most powerful witches on her earth. This was due to Tabitha's access to the black arts.

It was only two weeks ago when Tabitha discovered this world through the portal inside the ancient gypsy's crystal ball. It was earth, but not hers. This earth was in an alternate universe.  Curiosity led her to look herself up and what she found totally captivated her. Her name on this earth was Sabrina. While she was dark and wild, her alternate was blond and pure. Further more, Sabrina was heterosexual while Tabitha was a lesbian.  As the week progressed, Tabitha became obsessed with Sabrina. Her innocence was driving her wild and most of her thoughts envisioned themselves naked in bed together. Tabitha had to possess this blond for her very own.

When Sabrina told her about Harvey, her mortal boy friend, Tabitha couldn't help feeling a little anger. Careful not to be detected, she stayed clear of her mind, and mentally probed Sabrina's lower region. Tabitha knew that Sabrina was pure, but for what she had planned, constant checks were paramount. Tabitha smiled. Sabrina's hymen was intact. Tabitha suggested to Sabrina that they spend time together this summer and Sabrina responded enthusiastically. Tabitha didn't want Sabrina's aunts knowing about her at this particular time, so, she asked Sabrina to wait until she did a couple of things before asking them for permission. Sabrina agreed.

Sabrina wanted to get back before her aunts woke up, but she didn't want to leave Tabitha.  Tabitha hugged her again and said not to worry. Tabitha said they would chat together in the Witches Coven while Sabrina felt her cousin press against her body. Sabrina again felt the tingling of arousal. These feelings concerned her. When they broke apart, Sabrina recited the party's
departure spell.

Sabrina popped back in her room, still feeling the arousal that her cousin evoked. Sabrina walked over to her mirror in quiet confusion. Was she bi? She blinked off her clothes and now stood naked. Sabrina was very pretty and portrayed a stunningly erotic sight standing before her mirror. On one hand she felt elated that she had a cousin, but on the other she felt shock at the
sensual feelings Tabitha elicited from her. Her hands went up to cup the fullness of her breasts.  The mere contact of her warm hands sent a jolt of pleasure to her groin. Why did she feel this way about her cousin. Her mind brought up her cousin's image. 'So, that's what I would look like with big tits' and long dark hair', she thought to herself. Sabrina climbed on her bed, not bothering to slip on her teddy. As she laid back, her right hand snuck down between her legs, and parted her lower lips. She was wet. The touch sent intense desire for more. For the first time in Sabrina's life, she thought of someone other than Harvey as she began to masturbate. She pictured Tabitha.

Tabitha smiled at Sabrina as she disappeared. She was so pretty, so innocent, oh she just had to have her! She knew that she could whip up something quick and have her in an instant, but her carefully planned seduction would prove much more gratifying in the end. In order for the strongest spell to work, Sabrina had to remain a virgin.

Tabitha turned back to the crowd of party goers and waved her hand. They disappeared.  Warlocks and witches, everyone of them. All from this earth. All pledging their loyalty to her when she demonstrated her powers. Tabitha ordered this little gathering for the sole benefit of meeting Sabrina. Tabitha used a powerful spell on her breasts, which would elicit sexual arousal in whomever made physical contact with them. Tabitha knew other witches were trained to detect spells placed on themselves, and this is why she placed the spell on herself. Tabitha also had the other witches and warlocks send waves of trust, comfort and love at her. With Sabrina's close proximity to her, the innocent witch would find herself feeling these waves of emotion.

Tabitha used the web to contact Sabrina the following night. Making sure she came off innocent and friendly. Sabrina didn't want to physically go there until she decided the best way to handle Hilda and Zelda, her two aunts. Then a comment Sabrina made about her cat 'Salem' perked her interest. Tabitha didn't have a familiar on her world. Sabrina told her how he was a warlock that pissed off a powerful witch and destined to live as a cat for the next century. Tabitha's mind quickly formulated a plan and smiled. A potential ally.

Both Hilda and Zelda were protected by charms. These charms were necessary for witches who did not wield black magic, and would neutralize any black magic cast against them. Without the charms, these two witches would be powerless against her. In Sabrina's case, her virginity was a charm in itself. As long as she retained her virginity, black magic could not work against her.

The next night, as soon as the clock struck midnight, Tabitha willed herself inside Sabrina's home.  It didn't take but a few steps when Salem, the black cat, made his presence known.

"Interesting illusion...  I like the original, better." Stated the black cat.

"Speaking of the word original. How would you like your original body back. Or would you prefer being a black cat for the next 100 years?"

Salem had every intention of warning the others when this sexy young witch said this. Was it possible?

Tabitha read Salem's thoughts, and responded; "Yes. With a snap of my finger."

"Okay. What's the catch?"

"Bring me back two charms. Bring them to me and you may have your body back."

Salem knew she meant Hilda's and Zelda's charms against black magic; "I've grown mighty fond of this little family........I have to know that you aren't going to hurt them."

"Witches promise. In fact, where I plan on sending them will be much more pleasurable to them than this menial existence they currently are living in. You may even be interested in filling a current vacancy for a male stud them proper technique." Tabitha smiled at the cat;  "You interested?"

Salem figured he was in a no win situation. If he didn't help this witch, and she had the kind of power she proclaimed, then he'd be in serious trouble. Obviously, Salem had no charm to protect him. This witch was going to use the black arts, and this is the type of magic that placed him in this current condition; "Sabrina...  What is she in all this?"

Tabitha smiled; "Everything. Let's just say that Sabrina will reap nothing but pleasure."

"How do I know you will keep your word?"

"You don't. I do."

Salem knew he had no choice; "I'll be right back."

Salem darted up the stairs and entered Hilda's room. The charm was part of a necklace she wore around her neck. Salem knew that Hilda slept like a log, and he wouldn't have any problem removing it. Seconds later, Salem darted back down the stairs. 'Half way to my old body' he thought to himself.

Salem quickly entered Zelda's room. Her charm stood alone on her ring finger. This wouldn't be as easy. He started licking her finger, all around the ring - making her finger slick. He carefully wrapped his fangs around the ring and backed up. It was working! In seconds, the ring was in his mouth as he trotted quickly down the stairs.

"You now have what you want. Now me."

Tabitha's grinned, holding the charms in her palm. She glanced up at Salem; "As you were!" she commanded with a simple flick from her hand.

Salem instantaneously popped out - then back. Now a six foot tall and powerfully build man stood naked inside the living room. Salem, noting his nudity and erection, quickly materialized himself some clothes.

Tabitha was impressed. He was good looking. Only one slight change would be necessary, but she could wait till later to do it.

"Now...about that job?" Salem asked with a smile.

"Recite this spell and it will transport you to a vacation resort. The resort caters to sexual fantasies. Hilda and Zelda will be going there real soon."

"Ah. I hate to say this, but they are kind of long in the tooth for this sort of thing. Don't you think?"

"They'll be as young as I when you see them next. Now, you go. Tell admissions that I sent you, and that you are to be prepped as a Master Instructor. I promise you, you won't regret it."

Salem popped out.

Tabitha popped into Zelda's room, standing by her bed. She recited an incantation to send Zelda into a deep sleep - it was so deep, that Zelda found herself in a deep cavern. Once Zelda was totally under, Tabitha focused mind control measures and instructed her to come up with the idea of a two month summer vacation. Tabitha implanted the incantation she would need to transport her and Hilda. Once recited, the two of them would be directly transported to the resort. Tabitha then popped into Hilda's room, and used the same methods. Tabitha instructed her to enthusiastically agree with Zelda's idea. Tabitha took special care to erase all traces of her visit in their rooms. She also materialized fake charms to replace the ones she now had in her pocket.

Tabitha popped into Sabrina's room, and the sight of the young witch elicited an ache deep inside her. She looked down at Sabrina, who's body was spread out naked on top of her sheets. The sight was so erotic, Tabitha moaned in desire. Not yet! Patience! Tabitha entered her mind for a peak into Sabrina's dreams. This was one time a witch could enter the mind of a witch without detection. Sabrina dreamed of Harvey. Nothing 'x' rated but Harvey nonetheless.  Tabitha wouldn't allow this tonight. Tabitha gazed down to the blond's pussy and gazed beyond her flesh.

"Feel the fire Sabrina and now picture me. Feel the heat lick deep. Feel the heat lick your clit.  Picture me. Picture me naked. Picture me in your wildest most erotic fantasy. Now dream!"

Tabitha smiled at the innocent witch. Her dreamed changed instantly. Now Sabrina laid out naked, spread eagled, looking up at Tabitha. In the real world, Sabrina twisted on the bed with a moan. Tabitha mumbled; "You will remember your dream most vividly Sabrina.....and every time you do, you will feel the arousal flood your body." Tabitha gazed at her soon to be lover with
hunger. "Soon Sabrina...soon."

Both Zelda and Hilda responded according to instruction, and when Sabrina was told of their decision to take a summer long vacation, she responded just like a teenager! Ecstatically happy!  Through e-mail, Sabrina asked Tabitha if she'd like to come visit her. Sabrina mentioned that her aunts were going to a summer vacation resort, and she had the place to herself all summer.

Tabitha responded enthusiastically, and said she would make arrangements to come visit her. The only arrangements Tabitha had to make, were to meet Hilda and Zelda at the resort. She looked forward to this meeting.

Hilda didn't know where she was being transported when Zelda popped them out of their home.  All she knew is that the vacation resort sounded like a great idea, and that Zelda was handling all the details. Hilda had no idea that Zelda was laboring under a spell. Upon their arrival, two things happened. Number one, they were stripped of their witchcraft. Number two, they were stripped of their free will.

When Zelda and Hilda realized they couldn't move, they were stunned. They stood at attention, trapped inside their bodies. Both witches wondered why there charm didn't protect them from this attack, fully aware that black magic was being used against them. They tried continuously to break free of this paralysis but to no avail. Suddenly, a figure materialized before them. Sabrina?

"No, not Sabrina...  Tabitha."

Both witches tried to say something, but found they couldn't. In a closer look at the girl before them, they noted the differences. They wanted to shout at her, ask why she was doing this to them, but nothing came out of their mouths.

" two could have caused some trouble if I let you stay with your niece. This is why you are here. You are at a vacation resort, and it is very exclusive. Once you go through the door behind me, you will begin a new life. I've taken away your witchcraft. You don't need it now. I've left your immortality."

Both witches stood still, unable to do anything other than listen. They couldn't believe that this was happening to them. The girl before them waved her arm and quite instantly, their clothes disappeared leaving them naked.

"I see we're going to have to do something about your bodies. You see, you will be undergoing some training before your allowed to really enjoy yourselves. This place has standards regarding looks and age. You two are way to old, and well, let me see..."

Tabitha started circling her hand in a quick counter clockwise motion. Then she pointed at Zelda, sending a bolt of energy at her. Instantly, Zelda felt different, but given she couldn't move, she couldn't see what had happened to her.

Hilda wanted to turn her head but couldn't. She could just barely catch Zelda in the corner of her eye. Then a movement of Tabitha's hand brought her attention back. A bolt of energy flooded Hilda, instantly transforming her.

"Much, much better. I wish I had time right now, but I don't. You can bet I'll be coming back to pay you a visit after your training is complete."

Tabitha materialized a full body mirror in front of Hilda and Zelda. The girls stood silent, wide eyed, gazing at their new bodies. Zelda couldn't believe it. From early forties, to, maybe, seventeen. Her hair was auburn and it came down longer than she could ever recall it. Her breasts weren't big. They never were. But they were formed perfectly.

Hilda also gazed in awe at herself. When she was seventeen, she was winning Miss Witch contests. Hilda always possessed huge tits! Now that she was back in her seventeen year old body, there was no more droop. Their firmness and roundness made them her sexiest attribute!  Her waist was slim and her hips spread out nicely. Her blond hair was thick and long, hanging down to the crack of her ass. Hilda was absolutely beautiful.

"These aren't illusions,'re looking at the new you. Black Magic can be a wonderful tool. Now, a couple fine tuning adjustments and you'll be ready for your next step."

Tabitha gazed at the girls, using her mind to heighten certain sex centers on their body. She then gave them a dose of submissiveness. Not enough to alter their minds, but enough that their bodies would react accordingly to certain situations. Hilda and Zelda were transformed into highly sexed submissive teenager's now. Physical touch and word association would render them the perfect sex slaves.

Tabitha had them turn and face one another. Hilda and Zelda gasped as they laid eyes on their naked beauty. They were breath-taking! Then Tabitha added the last touch to their transformation. As the girls gazed at one another, the final alteration kicked in. One second they appreciated the beauty of their bodies. The next second they felt their bodies flood with arousal.
The arousal was directed at one another. Hilda and Zelda knew that they wouldn't normally feel this way and that whatever Tabitha did to them, elicit these feelings. Knowing this didn't help them. The attraction they felt for one another grew.

"I'm not a mean person. Believe me, your training will elicit cravings in you that will be very difficult to relieve. I've provided you a way to slake some of your desires. You will thank me for it, later. Now, I'd like you to turn and meet your Master Trainer."

Hilda and Zelda turned to the door behind Tabitha.

"Girls, I think you know Salem."

Hilda and Zelda stared at the man coming through the door. Salem? Their Salem?

"Yes girls.....although, as you've probably noticed, he's no longer a cat." Tabitha said with a chuckle.


Salem gazed at his former friends. They were gorgeous....especially Hilda!  He suddenly felt a breeze and looked down at his body and smirked.  Tabitha stripped him of his clothes.  The only person in this room with clothes on was Tabitha. Tabitha pointed at his crotch area, and he felt the growth. His semi erection sprung to attention, then started to grow before his very eyes. His dick didn't stop growing until it was ten inches long! He looked up to the girls, and saw that their eyes fixated on his huge dick. Then he looked at Tabitha and nodded his thanks.

"Girls, follow me." Salem said.

Hilda and Zelda, still locked under Tabitha's power, followed Salem through the door. The second they were inside the new room, they regained their own will. They both couldn't resist touching themselves, and began their self exploration of themselves.  Then they looked at Salem.

"Why Salem. Why are you part of this?" Asked Hilda

"Because I knew that I'd be a victim if not a beneficiary. "Now, I bet you're just dying to put those bodies to use. Come girls. I command you to suck me off."

Both Zelda and Hilda felt an intense passive arousal flood their bodies with the word 'command'.  Their desire overrode their intellect, and they rushed over to Salem.  Salem saw Tabitha standing in the doorway with a huge smile on her face.  The girls before him dropped to their knees and started licking each side of his enlarged cock.  Both girls responded hungrily. How poetic, he thought to himself. The girls pet was now their master.  Now they were his pets.

Tabitha was free now to seduce her look alike. She popped in Sabrina's home, materializing inside her room. The young blond was sitting in front of her computer.

"Hi Sabrina!"

Sabrina had learned long ago not to react on people sneaking up on her. A witch or warlock could pop in and out of practically everywhere. Sabrina got up from her chair, and hugged her cousin; "Hi Tabitha...  I'm so glad you're here." Sabrina again felt the contact of their breasts together. There was no denying her arousal for her. The sensations flooded her lower region.

"Harvey is coming over tonight. I told him you would be here. He really wants to meet you."

"Sure. Sounds like fun."

"You can't do witchcraft around him. He has no idea I'm a witch, and I don't want him knowing."

"Okay Sabrina. I'll behave." Tabitha said with a smile. Sabrina just laughed.

When Sabrina's boyfriend showed up, Tabitha made sure she played the part of a bubbly teenager.

Tabitha knew that Sabrina was confused now that she had both her sexual interests inside the same room with her. She could see why she felt an attraction towards the boy, he was cute.  Dumb, but cute. If she wasn't a full fledged lesbian, she might consider turning him into a boy toy for a spell.  The thought made her laugh.

During the evening, Sabrina discreetly asked Tabitha what she thought about Harvey.  "He's so cute. Have you fucked yet?" Tabitha questioned for shock value, knowing Sabrina was a virgin.

Sabrina turned beat red from embarrassment. Tabitha saw that she was caught off guard by her bluntness. Sabrina stammered a reply; " But I think we're going to this summer.  I really want to."

Tabitha smiled at the lovely girl. So sweet, so innocent. No Sabrina. He'll never have the opportunity.

When Harvey said his good-byes, Tabitha cringed when she saw the two of them kiss. She needed to do something about him, and fast.

Just before going to sleep, Tabitha told Sabrina she had to take care of a few things and would probably be out for awhile. Tabitha hugged Sabrina goodnight, giving the innocent beauty something to think about. Sexual desire was a powerful emotion and Tabitha made sure Sabrina would feel it as often as possible.

Harvey couldn't get the fantasy of having both Sabrina and Tabitha at the same time!  The thoughts obsessed him all the way home. When Harvey climbed into bed, he couldn't help rub the huge bulge in his crotch area. Within restless minutes, the Haynes underwear were stripped off and he slept completely naked. His mind visualized the three of them in bed together. Both girls laid there, legs slightly apart, passively awaiting his touch. Harvey tried shifting his body between Sabrina's legs when he suddenly felt strange. Without conscience will, he found himself sit up and move to the foot of the bed. He watched as Tabitha moved towards Sabrina. His eyes followed the movement of Tabitha's hands. One hand started to caress Sabrina's nicely rounded breasts. Tabitha's other hand went to Sabrina's blond bush between her legs. Harvey hadn't realized his own hand as it wrapped itself around his throbbing member. Harvey pumped while watching the two girls. Occasionally, Tabitha would turn to Harvey and smile. Tabitha's face wore a "eat your heart out" look. Harvey could only gape at the erotic sight before him.  Sabrina's body was slim and tight, while Tabitha's was curvy and oozed sexual appeal.  Harvey again tried to move forward, but couldn't. In the dream and in real life, his right hand continued moving up and down on his erect shaft. Tabitha inserted a couple fingers inside Sabrina, who responded passionately to her ministrations. Tabitha then shifted around in order to bury her head between Sabrina's legs. Tabitha started to lick and Harvey screamed out! It was that first lick of Tabitha's, on his girlfriend's love nest, that shot his wad straight across the bed and against the wall. In real life, it merely soaked himself and his bed sheets.

Tabitha enjoyed playing with Harvey's mind. Transporting herself into his dreams and fantasies turned her on, especially when they starred her and Sabrina. The boy's come was all over the sheets and in his hair. She laughed. Now for the reason she was here.

Tabitha delved into his mind, picking out various people he saw everyday until he came to a very attractive dark haired girl called Libby. A further probe told her that Libby was always causing Sabrina grief. She flaunted her looks all over the school and this appealed to Tabitha. The girl was hot and would fit perfectly in her plans! In fact, Libby could take care of other needs.

Tabitha sent Harvey's mind down a deep tunnel. She didn't have to be careful with him. If Sabrina did get suspicious of his sudden change in attitude, she didn't have the powers to dig this deep. Tabitha telepathically asked 'Harvey, do you hear me?' The boy didn't say a word in the waking world, but answered 'yes' in the deep cavern he found himself in. 'Harvey. From this point on, you are not sexually attracted to Sabrina. In fact, you'll feel no emotions whatsoever when you see her, hear her, or talk to her. She doesn't make you feel anything. Do you understand?' 'Yes' replied Harvey. 'From this point on, you will find yourself totally consumed with lust for Libby. Picture her. Yes, the sight of her makes you hard. She is the answer to every sexual desire, fantasy, and wet dream you ever had. Libby turns you on with a mere glance. You lust Libby more than life itself. You want to be with her constantly. Do you understand?' 'Yes.' replied Harvey. Tabitha smiled. Harvey was out of the way.

It was 2:00 a.m. when Tabitha popped into Libby's room. Libby had a frilly while night gown on and slept on top of her covers. Tabitha just stood there inspecting the girl, probing her mind. The girl was sexy and knew it. This was all right with Tabitha. She then willed the girl to continue sleeping while having her take off her night gown. Libby then slid off her white silk panties.
Libby's breasts weren't as big as Sabrina's, but they were nice. The girl now laid there completely naked. Tabitha willed her awake.

Libby didn't know why she awoke all of a sudden, and immediately sensed something wasn't right.  There was enough moonlight coming through her window to see, and the sight of her naked body startled her;  "What!"

"Hi Libby...I did that. I wanted to make you more comfortable." a sweet voice said to her right.

Libby tried to reach for the covers to cover her nudity, but her arms wouldn't cooperate. Why, she didn't know. Her mind screamed again to do it, but her hands wouldn't reach for them. She then found herself laying back down and turning to the girl; "Sabrina?" She asked with fear.

"Na...  Although I've been mistaken for her a couple times. I'm Tabitha."

Libby all of a sudden felt her fear disappear. The girl had dark hair like herself, but it was real long, reaching her ass. Her black outfit did nothing to hide her huge breasts. Part of her wished she possessed tits that big.

"That can be arranged." Tabitha stated in a calm voice. "Tell me, Libby, have you ever thought about making it with a girl before?" Tabitha again smiled.

Libby's mind recalled the fantasies she had with Sabrina. A couple of nights ago, she frigged herself to a couple orgasms while her mind had Sabrina eating her out; "Yes." Libby admitted with embarrassment. Libby was shocked when she realized she answered.

The Sabrina look alike, who called herself Tabitha, quickly stripped. Libby gazed at her beauty with lust, feeling arousal build like never before! She had to be dreaming this, her mind screamed. The girl climbed over her body, positioning herself in a '69' position. Libby felt sweet passiveness spread throughout her entire being. The girl lowered her wet pussy onto her mouth. Libby lapped quickly, wanting to please her. The aroma of the girl's sex was heavenly, and Libby hoped she smelled like that for her.

Tabitha was feeling far too horny to prolong this. Libby's fantasies of Sabrina heightened her own arousal and this was one girl she didn't have to seduce through supernatural means. The contact of Libby's mouth on her wet slit flushed her with an orgasm, and Tabitha responded by diving her tongue deep into Libby's cunt. Both girls swooned as their sex throbbed with more desire. They lapped each other's pussy's, eliciting more pleasure and several more orgasms.

As they lay together resting, Tabitha was reluctant to follow through on her plans. She liked this girl. Tabitha probed Libby's mind and saw where she did feel a slight attraction to Harvey, but not as much as she felt for Sabrina. Libby treated Sabrina rotten because she blamed her for eliciting these feelings for her. Tabitha willed Libby into a deep sleep. Then like Harvey, she sent Libby down deep into a dark cavern.

'Libby. Do you hear me?' 'Yes' replied the sated teen. 'From this moment on, you will feel a deep sexual attraction for Harvey. You desire to have him sex him. You want to kiss every part of his body and be taken in every sexual position he so chooses. You lust him more than life. Do you understand?' 'Yes' replied Libby with a smile. Tabitha couldn't resist. 'You will also continue to find girl's attractive, but understand that Sabrina is off limits. You will seek out one special girl you find especially attractive. I will return to you one week later and your mind will tell me her name.

You will wake up horny. You won't remember our time together. Do you understand?' Libby again said; 'yes'. Tabitha transferred her clothes from the floor to her body with the blink of her eye. The room smelled of sex. She gave Libby one more look. She was still naked, with her legs slightly spread. Tabitha smiled and thought, let her wake up like this.

It was nearly 7:30 a.m. when Tabitha popped back into Sabrina's house. She again blinked out of her clothes and walked naked to the bathroom. A bath would relax her and set the stage for the final seduction. Sabrina's.


Sabrina woke up with a yawn. She saw the sheets all twisted around her legs, leaving her virtually naked. God, she was horny! Sabrina recalled her dream. The vividness both surprised her and excited her. It wasn't about Harvey, and this part continued to embarrass her. She slipped a hand down to her pussy. It was wet. Every time she dreamed about Tabitha, she woke up so, so wet. Sabrina wanted to masturbate, feeling her arousal. First a quick scan of the house to make sure she was alone. Tabitha was here! Tabitha was taking a bath and the sight of her nudity caught her off guard. The sight also elicited a greater desire in her. Witches could blink themselves clean, why was she in the bath? Sabrina, who always seemed to lose her panties during the course of the night, popped on a teddy. She laid there on the bed.  Sabrina was tempted to use her witchcraft and watch Tabitha bathe while she herself masturbated.  Sabrina felt tears well up in her eyes as she fought back the temptation.

Twenty minutes later, Tabitha came walking into Sabrina's bedroom in all her glorious nudity.  Sabrina gasped at the sight of her cousin.  Sabrina was unable to stop herself from staring.  Not only did Tabitha sport huge tits, she also had a shaved pussy.
Tabitha was beautiful. The sight of her was too much!

"Hi sleep good?" asked Tabitha, obviously very comfortable in her nudity.

", sure. When did you get in?" stammered Sabrina.

"About an hour ago. Its been ages since I enjoyed a bath. I forget sometimes that there are a few things that mortal's do, which are pleasurable."

Tabitha walking over to Sabrina's full length mirror. Sabrina watched her cousin inspect herself, and couldn't help gaze at her the entire time.

"I saw you looking at my hairless crotch, Sabrina, do you like it?" Tabitha asked with an innocent voice.

Sabrina wasn't prepared for Tabitha's bluntness, turning red and quietly replying; "Yes...but I don't think I could do that to myself."

Tabitha turned to her and said; "Sure you could...and it feels so sexy. You'd love it."

Sabrina felt nervous and uncomfortable, yet horny and excited! Tabitha just gave her a sexy smile and whispered; "Tell me Sabrina. Have you ever thought about sex with another girl?"

"No...I mean...not really."

Tabitha turned to her and sat on the edge of the bed. Sabrina continued to gaze at her, feeling her arousal grow.

"You don't sound so sure of yourself...have you ever kissed a girl before?"


"I tell you what. I'm going to ask you to trust me. Lay back on the bed. Oh wait. Let me help you take this off, first."

Sabrina knew this was wrong, but with all the feelings she had experienced over the last week, she couldn't resist a certain passiveness towards Tabitha. Sabrina raised her arms up obediently as Tabitha pulled her teddy over her head. Sabrina knew that her panties were long gone, so, this left her totally exposed. When the teddy blinded her face and curled around her arms, Tabitha stopped. The hint of helplessness burned her lower region, intensifying an already heightened desire for this. Tabitha kept her in this pose while she kissed her left nipple, then her right.  Both nipples were erect and when Tabitha brought a hand down to her pussy, Sabrina's breathing increased noticeably. The sensations flooding her body could not be denied.

"Do you want this Sabrina?"

"No...we...we shouldn't."

"Your body tells me to continue. You want it?"

"Yes...but it's wrong...we...shouldn't."

Sabrina felt Tabitha's breasts flatten on her breasts. The contact sent her to another plateau.  Tabitha's tits felt so good on her naked body, and more than anything, she wanted her.  She really wanted her.

"I'll ask one more you want me to continue?"

Sabrina didn't answer at first. The feelings coursing through her body made her breathing ragged and it was hard to talk; "Yes...Yes I want you to continue."


Tabitha dove her face down to Sabrina's pussy. The innocent blond was wet and wanting, and Tabitha wouldn't contain patience any longer. Tabitha nibbled Sabrina's clit, sending the girl a tremendous orgasm! The first of several!  Tabitha blinked the teddy completely off Sabrina, and then shifted her body around, lowering her pussy on Sabrina's face. The incantation required '69'. Tabitha mouthed Sabrina's pussy, drinking in her come while Tabitha, slowly, started to do the same.  Tabitha was horny, and at first contact, she flooded Sabrina's mouth with her come.

"Misa...Vesual...Remor...Talto!"  The spell was cast!

Sabrina screamed out her passion and passed out!  Tabitha stopped and turned. The blond innocent was out cold, but more importantly, Sabrina was hers.


Sabrina woke up with her body erotically entwined around Tabitha. The mere sight of her sent her a rush of arousal. She was beautiful. She loved her. She loved her more than anything. The thought didn't disturb her. It excited her. Sabrina felt an overwhelming passion to start licking her pussy, not realizing that the feeling was generated by her great desire to please her.
Sabrina moved her body around to Tabitha's shaved pussy. The intensity of her desire to mouth her clean, coupled with the sweet aroma of her sex was getting her really horny. Sabrina started lapping her. All around her pussy, then inside her. The mere act made Sabrina wet, and she thought about masturbating while performing this act, but Tabitha may be upset with her if she did, so she stopped from moving her hand in the direction of her own pussy. Sabrina performed this oral bath to Tabitha's pussy for several minutes.


Tabitha woke to Sabrina's ministrations. Her lover was beautiful and made her feel so wonderfully sexy.  She spread her legs wider for Sabrina. The blond lapped her like no other lover before.

The spell would only work on a willing virgin. It was an irreversible Love Spell. The most powerful. Sabrina would love her through eternity. No fact could deter it. The love spell would render Sabrina totally consumed with Tabitha's body and pleasure.

"How do you feel, Sabrina?"

"Oh Tabitha.....I didn't realize how beautiful this could be. I.....I really love you! I love you so much."

Tabitha had Sabrina come up her body, and they both hugged. For the first time, they both kissed on the lips. Using their tongues to dive deeper inside their mouths. Tabitha released the kiss and then they both laid back; "Sabrina, I love you, too."

Sabrina sighed and replied; "I don't ever want to lose you."

"You won't honey. That I can guarantee."


Tabitha eventually stripped Sabrina of her pubic hair, transformed her breasts to 38DDs, and lengthened her blond hair down to her ass. Sabrina would also have the slim athletic look, while Tabitha, the more curvaceous look.

Tabitha also paid Libby a visit a week later. She popped in when Libby was getting fucked by Harvey, who appeared very happy in his new lust interest. Tabitha checked out Libby's mind. She wanted a girl named Sarah, an actress who played in a series called; "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." (Sorry, couldn't resist). Tabitha made it happen.  Tabitha also put a spell on Libby's breasts that each time she orgasmed, her breasts would grow and continue to grown, until they were 40"DD's".

Sarah Michelle Gel...  You know who, felt compelled to relocate to a small town, which obviously baffled her. Then Sarah went to the school's high school girl to look for a girl named Libby. She wasn't sure why, until she finally met the highschooler outside the school.  Sarah found Libby to be the sexiest girl she ever layed eyes on.  Sarah couldn't help herself as she begged Libby to make love to her.  Sarah never experienced a lesbian relationship, and found her compulsion strange, but the need overruled the strange.  Stranger still, was that her female lover had a boy friend, therefore, they had to keep their relationship discreet.

Tabitha did pay Salem, Hilda and Zelda a visit. Salem had already broken the two girls into their new roles. Both girls found themselves loving every second of their captivity. Tabitha enjoyed their tongues.

Tabitha eventually took Sabrina home to her universe where they loved each other every day.

The End of Part One.

Part Two


Sabrina woke with a yawn. She stretched out feeling totally alive and totally in love. It was this way every morning, and the only thing that could have made her feel any happier was if her lover, Tabitha, was in bed with her. Sabrina slowly got up and pranced naked to the full length mirror.  Sabrina still loved looking in the mirror. That didn't change from her past life. Although, before she used to pop on and off different sets of clothes, but now, all she did was gaze at her gorgeous reflection. Sabrina's body was very different from the image that looked back at her nearly a year ago. Now, Sabrina's body was taller by a few inches. Her hair was still blond but came down to her lovely rounded buttocks, speaking of which, Sabrina blushed at the memory of what Tabitha did to her buttocks last night. Sabrina brought her hands up to cup her very huge breasts, weighing them in each palm with a smile. Sabrina never thought she'd go for huge tits, but Tabitha knew better. Tabitha used a growth spell and right before Sabrina's eyes, she swelled from a very healthy 34C to a hefty 38DD. Sabrina used her thumbs and forefingers to pinch her nipples. She closed her eyes as the sensation shot straight to her groin. It was as if her nipples and clit were one in the same.

Every now and then, Sabrina would use this quiet time to reflect on her new life here with Tabitha. It took a long time for Sabrina to accept what Tabitha had told her, but now she understood it to be the only rational explanation. Sabrina didn't dwell on it. She wasn't capable.  Sabrina knew she was under a very powerful love spell, but knowing it meant absolutely nothing in changing her situation. In fact, Sabrina found she had no desire to resist the spell. Sabrina felt nothing but the purest pleasure in Tabitha's body, and "came" every time she pleased her mistress.  Why would she ever want to be living any other type of life than this? Sabrina realized her feelings were a byproduct of the spell she was under, but again, it simply didn't matter. The bottom line was that Sabrina was totally in love with Tabitha, and very happy in her new life.

Sabrina remembered their first morning together. It was the sweetest of all their sweet times together. It was nearly a year ago when Tabitha gave birth to her. That's how Sabrina liked to look back at it, because everything prior to this point in her life, was meaningless. Sabrina remembered how she begged Tabitha to let her go live with her when Tabitha casually mentioned that she was going off to an alternate Universe. Even then, Sabrina thought nothing of leaving her old life and going with Tabitha. When Tabitha asked if she wanted to say goodbye to anybody in particular, she responded in a confused voice that she couldn't think of anybody.  Sabrina now could recall the various mortals and witches in her previous life, but they were just names. Not one of them elicit any emotion in her at all.

Sabrina had no idea where Tabitha was at the moment, and like every other time when Tabitha was away from her, she felt an emptiness inside. Sabrina knew Tabitha was very important in this Universe and one of the lessons she had to learn from the start was to deal with being separated.

Sabrina walked out naked to the next room and stopped one of the maid's in the hall way. Not only was Sabrina completely naked, but the maid was, also. This maid in particular was one that Sabrina had grown fond of, and wished for more than friendship.

"Hi Bambi. Could you please prepare a bath for me." Sabrina's eyes basked in the girl's innocent beauty. then added; "thanks."

The maid beamed with pleasure, smiling wide for Sabrina. Sabrina always enjoyed looking at Bambi. She was very sweet, and a very innocent sixteen year old. Sabrina openly gazed at Bambi's nudity, while Bambi did the same with her. The big difference was in the curves of their bodies. Sabrina not only sported a huge set of knockers, but her hips flared out beautifully from her slim waist, giving her a nice rounded ass. Sabrina didn't always possess a body like this, in fact, she looked more like Bambi, but after a month with Tabitha, Sabrina found her body slowly transforming to the exact replica of Tabitha, except of course, the hair.

Bambi, on the other hand, possessed apple-sized titties, and a slim ass, making her look even younger than her sixteen years. Bambi's dirty blond hair cascaded around her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled no matter what direction you looked at her from. Sabrina always thought Bambi was so cute, and in the rare times that Tabitha allowed another girl to join their love making, Sabrina wished it could be Bambi...but it never was.

For the most part, Sabrina's life was spent right inside Tabitha's mansion. The rare times that Tabitha allowed Sabrina to go any place else was under her strict supervision. Sabrina didn't mind this and never complained. Tabitha also forbid her to use her witch craft. At first, Sabrina thought it would be difficult to go without her powers, but as time went on, she found it she liked doing things the mortal way. Her baths were her favorite. As time went on, Sabrina found she could only remember the simple spells.

In the beginning, the one rule that Sabrina did find herself blushing over was when Tabitha forbid her to wear clothes. Tabitha instructed Sabrina to stay naked all the time, unless told otherwise. Sabrina found herself blushing and discreetly trying to cover herself every time some stranger popped in. It wasn't until about a month later that Tabitha instructed the entire household staff, which included nine pretty girls, ranging in age from sixteen to eighteen, to walk around completely naked. Now, Sabrina wasn't alone in her blushing, and it did make it easier for her knowing that she wasn't the only girl parading around naked. Tabitha, on the other hand, only went naked inside her bedroom. As Sabrina leaned back in the tub, enjoying the suds and relaxation, she smiled. She couldn't imagine life better, spell or no spell.


Hilda stood at attention, as like Zelda and the rest of the slaves in Salem's chamber. Six girls in all, wearing nothing by a g-string. Hilda had heard that Salem received a promotion from Master Trainer to Magistrate, and now she wondered how this development would effect Zelda and her.

As soon as Salem entered the chamber, all six of them immediately went down to their knees, legs spread with their heads bowed. In Hilda's case, it always took a few moments before her giant breasts stop jiggling with the movement.

Salem came around to the front of them; "Slaves, as I'm sure you are well aware, I take on a new role tomorrow. This will mean changes for most of you. As a gift, tonight, I give you permission to enjoy yourselves in any way you so choose. In addition, I have set up a schedule, which is posted on the board, indicating your last time with me...dismissed."

All the girls moved up to their feet and started moving towards the sleeping chambers. Salem had been strict about free sex between the girls, and with the pent of passion they felt, this would mean that they could enjoy not only Salem, one more time, but each other. As Hilda and Zelda were about to leave, looking forward to their time together, Salem called out to them.  Immediately, both girls went over to him, assuming the position by kneeling down.

"Yes Master", both girls whispered. "How may we serve you,"

Salem always took special pleasure in them, given their former relationship. "I thought you'd like to know that I plan on keeping you two."

Hilda felt a flush of excitement spread to all her pleasure centers. This was a conditioned response due to their training under Salem, and there was no denying it. Hilda knew Zelda was feeling the same. They had to repress a giggle, and the temptation to touch themselves.

"I also thought you'd like to know that there will be a special ceremony tomorrow marking my promotion, and Tabitha has informed me she will be attending."

Anytime Hilda heard the name Tabitha, she felt a mixture of anger, sadness, and pleasure. Tabitha was responsible for their new life and Sabrina's enslavement, but she was also responsible for some of the most intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.

"In addition, she told me that she's bringing a certain someone we all know."

Hilda's eyes lit up with understanding while Zelda appeared totally oblivious.  "Hilda, I can see by your reaction that you want to see me, you and Zelda will both be in attendance. I wouldn't have you miss it for the go enjoy yourselves."

As Hilda and Zelda made their way off to their chamber, Hilda reflected on the possibilities. Was this the right time? Hilda hoped beyond hope that it was. Once a witch formulated a spell, it was hers until she cast it. When Tabitha stripped her and Zelda of their witchcraft, it only meant that they couldn't cast any new spells. Hilda, who was a pretty powerful witch before Tabitha got a hold of her, had cast a couple of wishes on herself as a precaution, and this enabled her to maintain her sanity during this ordeal. Hilda knew that her body and mind still could be triggered by key words, thanks to the conditioning, but unless those key words were said, she could function intelligently. Hilda knew she looked like your classic bimbo, with her long blond hair and huge chest. Not to mention the attacks of the giggles she would get from time to time. Hilda remembered how everything started over a year ago, when she agreed to Zelda's summer vacation idea. Hilda felt the compulsion to go right along with it despite thoughts of doing otherwise.

This didn't make sense, so, as a precautionary measure, Hilda formulated a teleportation spell and a self analyzing mind set spell. The teleportation spell would deliver her and one of her choosing, to any location she so chose. Throughout this ordeal, she was often tempted to zap her and Zelda away from here, but until she knew how to save Sabrina from her enslavement, she was forced to hold on to the spell until the right time. Her conditioning and Tabitha's initial spell still rendered her an obedient sex slave, but thanks to the self analyzing spell, she was able to exert rational thought every time that she was alone or with Zelda.

Hilda was tempted to tell Zelda of her plans, but wisely chose against it. Zelda didn't have anything protecting her and was totally entrenched in her submissive role. Hilda wouldn't put it past Zelda to win some points with Salem. Hilda knew that she would only get one whack at this, and it was essential that she make it count.


Sarah Michelle Gellar found herself in a daze, as her plane made it's way back to the studio.  Sarah had been commuting now for nearly a year, and regardless how many times she played back  over the irrationality of her sudden twist in life, she couldn't prevent her trips back east. It was a good thing that her "Buffy" series paid as much as it did, because the plane trips alone were costing her a fortune. Sarah could still taste Libby's juices on her taste buds. The thoughts of their love session last night flooded her body and was making her horny again. Sarah knew that this was going to frustrate her because Libby was the only one that could relieve this pent up arousal and instead of flying in the direction towards her, she was flying away from her. Sarah wished she never had to go back to Hollywood, but Libby insisted and for whatever strange reason, she felt compelled to please her young lover.

Another twisted thing about their relationship was the fact that Libby was engaged to be married to another high schooler by the name of Harvey. In fact, they were planning on getting married after their graduation in a couple of weeks. It wasn't bad enough that she was having a torrid love affair with a seventeen year old, but soon she would be having a love affair with a married girl. When Sarah begged Libby to leave him and come live with her, Libby firmly told her that Harvey elicit a animal like passion inside of her that she never knew existed. Sarah felt her own tears well up as she remembered their discussion. Why did she agree to discreetly be Libby's lover? Remembering how she sought her out in the first place was another mystery. If Sarah didn't know better, she'd swear that she was living out an episode of her 'Buffy' show. None of this made any sense, but week after week she flew out to see her.


Tabitha popped into the bedroom while Sabrina was masturbating. Before Sabrina even noticed, Tabitha quickly zapped off her clothes and quickly moved between Sabrina's legs. Sabrina's pussy was shaved and Tabitha's tongue didn't hesitate to stab a perfect hit on the blond beauty's clit.  The mere contact sent the girl gasping while Tabitha lapped up the juices that formed around her vagina. Sabrina moaned in ecstasy.

Tabitha had given Sabrina permission to masturbate anytime she felt the need and loved catching her in the act. Sabrina spread her legs wider, allowing Tabitha easier access. Tabitha always felt heady from Sabrina's musk, and the act of her ministrations never failed to wet her own pussy.  Tabitha loved Sabrina, but unlike the love that Sabrina had for her, Tabitha's was genuine.  Anytime she caught Sabrina fingering herself, she knew that the girl was thinking of her. It was all built into that one single spell.


Harvey had set a date to be married with Libby the day after graduation. Harvey was tempted to impregnate her while she was still a student, but chose not to for reasons he couldn't explain.  Ever since Harvey's sudden obsession with Libby and Sabrina's mysterious departure, there was a lot of things he didn't understand. Harvey always felt that Libby was a hot babe, but part of the distaste for her was this evil way she treated Sabrina. Well, that was then and this is now.  Sabrina was nowhere to be found and Libby was more than willing to spread her legs for him.  Harvey took pleasure in knowing that Libby responded like a bitch in heat around him!

Harvey remembered their first fuck session vividly, and the memory was getting him horny. Libby had called to meet him at the Library after school. When he saw Libby, he was floored. Her boobs must have grown ten times their previous size! She was huge! Everything that followed just seemed so natural to them. First, they went in the back room, stripped naked and began rutting like pigs. Harvey found they could fuck and fuck and fuck and never tire of each other.  He knew he gave Libby multiple orgasms by her passionate screams.

Harvey enjoyed life these days, and although he admitted from time to time that it didn't make sense, he didn't care...Libby was his very own fuck toy, and a good one at that!


Salem couldn't help laugh at these proceedings. The promotion ceremony was silly, but when he thought about it, a lot less sillier than being a cat. Just then, an extremely beautiful Tabitha walked in...ah...wait...Sabrina!  Sabrina's long blond hair was up, but yes, despite being identical to Tabitha in every way, except for the color of her hair, there was no mistaking Sabrina.  She wore a pure white wraparound dress that strained against her very womanly body.  Her voluptuousness was only eclipsed by her sweet innocence. Sabrina walked over to the chair designated for Tabitha, and turned facing in front. She then slowly dropped down to her knees and kneeled down. Her beauty was breath-taking, and Salem couldn't help respond to it.  There was something about seeing her subservient to Tabitha that was incredibly erotic.

When Tabitha walked in, she looked identical to Sabrina in every way except where Sabrina's long golden hair was sitting on top of her innocent head, Tabitha's long pitch black hair sat on top of her less than innocent head. Tabitha wore a black wraparound that hugged her body as equally as provocative as Sabrina's. There was nothing innocent in the way Tabitha looked. Salem glanced back at Sabrina and saw that she was gazing lovingly at Tabitha. He knew Tabitha had placed a very powerful love spell on Sabrina, but seeing it work first hand was making all of his ten inches strain forward.


Hilda and Zelda kneeled obediently beside Salem, looking very much like harem girls. While Salem was obviously captivated with the entrance of the identical twins, Hilda couldn't help steal a few glances herself. Hilda was no stranger to beauty, having to look at herself in the mirror every day, but when Sabrina and Tabitha walked into the room, it was as if every set of eyes in the room was riveted on them. Both identical, yet completely opposite. Sabrina, the epitome of pure white innocence, and Tabitha, the epitome of pitch black evil.

Hilda didn't feel right leaving Zelda behind in this plan, but hopefully she wouldn't feel any backlash for what was about to happen. All Hilda had to do was touch a part of Sabrina's body and the spell would transport them instantly. Away from here and safely in the hands of the most mightiest wizard in this Universe...  Merlin.

Hilda knew that Tabitha was very powerful and that the only one capable of resisting her powers would be the highest ranking wizard. Hopefully, Merlin wouldn't be in the middle of something private when they materialized in front of him.

It wasn't until after the promotion ceremony when Hilda and Zelda were brought over to kneel at the feet of Tabitha. Only five feet away, Sabrina kneeled down at Tabitha's side. Could she reach out and touch Sabrina before being stopped? Probably not. Hilda noticed that Sabrina didn't pay them no mind which meant that she had no idea who they were. Hilda knew that she had to act fast.

"Master...please allow me to say hello to Sabrina."

Salem glanced at Hilda and replied; "She don't even know who you are."

"Please Master...please."

"Alright, you can go over there, but kneel down in front of her."

Hilda beamed with pleasure. She took a quick glance at Tabitha, who was talking to some other dignitaries, and then quickly moved over to Sabrina, who made eye contact with her for the first time.

"Hi Sabrina."

" I know you?"

"Oh least you did. I'm your Aunt Hilda."

Sabrina smiled back at her and replied; "Oh can't be...your much too young to be my Aunt Hilda."

Hilda responded; "Oh...Tabitha age regressed me back to my teen years."

Sabrina still didn't show emotion, giving Hilda a small smile, then returned her gaze back to the object of her desire.

Hilda extended her hand to Sabrina, hoping that Sabrina would take it. Every second seemed an eternity as Sabrina smiled at her, while extending her own hand. Hilda thought that Tabitha would pounce on them any second if Sabrina didn't hurry up. FLASH! They were gone.


While Jennifer Love Hewitt squeezed her vaginal muscles tight against his shaft, a feeling of pleasure flushed his lower region. The young actress was so cute and pretty. Along with her very pretty smile, she sported a rather large set of tits, and Merlin just loved to watch them bounce up and down as she rode him. She was becoming well versed in the art of lovemaking. Her long brown hair fanned out touching her extremely pretty behind. Every time he went to grab hold of her shapely ass, her hair would get tangled in his hands. Jennifer continued to ride him and cried out again with another orgasm. Merlin always made sure his lovers had multiple orgasms before he would release his own stream of come.

" you!" panted Jennifer, as she continued to gaze lovingly in his eyes. 'Of course you do, pretty girl, your under my twenty-four hour love bug.' Merlin said to himself, as he alternated between squeezing her breasts and squeezing her ass cheeks...both incredibly erotic. As they continued fucking he reflected on the spur of the moment decision. He saw Jennifer, along with a woman he found out later to be her Mother, leaving an LA cafe. Merlin loved to just walk amongst the mortals and recognized the young actress from a special he'd seen her in. He remembered remarking that she was a very sexy piece of tail and being captivated by her huge beautiful boobs, plus her smile. Merlin had a standard twenty-four hour love bug that he could give a girl with a single sneeze in her face. First he held her attention, using a mild form of mesmerizing. Then walked up to her while she simply gazed back at him, and sneezed right in her face. The sneeze sprayed a bug which directly took residence inside of her. Within seconds, Jennifer Love Hewitt swooned, and instantly fell in love with him. Merlin sent the Mother home and took the excited Jennifer back to his place. They had been making love for nearly four hour now. The girl simply couldn't get enough of him. Merlin continued pumping in and out of Jennifer's very wet sex, burying all nine inches of him, until he finally screamed out his own release. A gushing stream of his own come flooded Jennifer's ovaries. Jennifer cried out with her own earth shattering orgasm, but this time she passed out from the intensity, while collapsing on top of him. Merlin wasn't sure how passionate the girl was before this love bug she was experiencing, but a by product of the virus would stay with her forever and would keep Jennifer Love Hewitt in a constant state of readiness. He wasn't sure how Jennifer felt about sex prior to this bug, but from this day forward, she'd be living for it.

While Merlin climbed up out of bed, letting the young actress sleep for awhile, a FLASH quite suddenly lit up his bedroom. Merlin knew that only a council member, witch or warlock, had access to this magic, and only in the event of a serious emergency. As a precaution, never underestimating a potential risk, he quickly threw a shield around the naked beauty on the bed.  Jennifer would be protected. As Merlin watched, two very pretty blond girls...looking to be about Jennifer's age... materialized in front of him.  Merlin quickly zapped on a pair of black trousers while he took in the sight of both girls. He smiled, both were very pretty and he couldn't help be impressed by the size of their boobs. Merlin thought one girl in particular looked incredibly breath-taking. He didn't know it then, but he was looking at Sabrina.

"What did you do!" screamed the more beautiful of the two.

The other girl turned to Merlin. "Merlin, I'm Hilda - I need your help. Make her sleep while I explain!"

Merlin gazed into the girl calling herself Hilda, and saw that she was telling the truth. Obviously, a much younger version. In fact, Hilda now looked like the Hilda he fucked many moons ago.  Merlin turned to the pretty one and cast a sleep spell on her. The girl, who was terribly frightened, was about to scream but was stopped instantly, as her blue eyes closed. Merlin elevated the beauty off the floor and floated her to the bed, softly dropping her beside the sleeping Jennifer Love Hewitt. Merlin couldn't help but appreciate the extremely erotic sight of these two beauties sleeping together on the bed. But wait...the unknown beauty was still dressed in a white wrap around and wearing white high heeled shoes. Merlin smiled, and the blond's clothes instantly vanished, leaving her completely naked like Jennifer. Merlin couldn't help notice that the blond was shaved of her pubic hair and the look aroused him. Merlin turned back to Hilda.

"Okay, who is she?"

"My niece...Sabrina. She's under a very powerful spell."

Merlin scanned the spell surrounding Sabrina and the power of it startled him. "You aren't kidding. I've never seen one this powerful before! Who owns it?"

"Tabitha...she's Sabrina from an alternate Universe."

"Ah...I see. Well...  You're going to find this hard to believe, but there are parts of the spell that I can't even break."

Hilda was shocked. "Tell me she doesn't have to be tied to Tabitha for the rest of eternity. Please tell me she doesn't."

Merlin went over and hugged the pretty witch. "No, at least not like this...anyway, look at you."

Hilda blushed, still in her harem get up. "I've been a slave to Salem for the last year."

"Your cat?!?"

"No...  Tabitha turned him back into his true warlock form."

"Where's your sister?

"Back at that resort and totally under Tabitha and Salem's power. My teleporation spell was only good for two passengers, so, I had to leave her there."

Merlin scanned Hilda and detected strong traits of the slave conditioning still in her. He also saw the self analyzing spell she had placed on herself and was impressed. Merlin scanned further and saw how she'd been stripped of her powers. "Very clever proved that you are not one to reckon with lightly. Incidentally, let me make a few adjustments to you." Merlin motioned with his hands before Hilda had a chance to respond, and then quite instantly, felt her witch craft return to her and the disappearance of her conditioning. She smiled; "Thank you."

Hilda immediately got rid of her harem outfit and popped herself on some jeans and a tee shirt.  Now, instead of a slave, she looked like a high school girl. Hilda tried the only spell she could to restore herself to adult hood, but it didn't work. "I think I'm going to need your help in this department." gesturing down at her youthful body.

Merlin smiled and nodded, sending a bolt of energy towards her. Nothing happened. Merlin then took his time to study the spell, and noted the spin to it. "Looks like I can't restore you. The spell she has placed on you is permanent. Your locked at age seventeen eternally...sorry."

Hilda sighed. "Well, things could be worse."

Merlin walked over to Sabrina and took his time to study all the spells placed on her. After several minutes of deep thought, he finally concluded. "I'm afraid she's in worse condition than I previously thought...there's only one way to break this obsession she feels for Tabitha, and it means altering her life forever if I do it."

Hilda looked concerned; "Anything is better than what she's under now."

"Maybe...but I suspect she was happy being Tabitha's lover. If I do this, she'll be confronted with a lot more responsibility than her seventeen years should have to worry about."

Hilda didn't know what Merlin meant by all this, nor did she question it.

Merlin, popped off his trousers and glanced at Hilda. He could see her blushing at his sudden nudity, and turn yet a darker red when all of his nine inches sprung to attention. Merlin then turned back his attention to Sabrina. He used his mind to mentally stroke Sabrina's pleasure centers, and within seconds, the unconscious girl was withering around the bed while moaning.  Merlin knew what he was going to find when he inserted his middle finger inside the girl, but he had to be sure. "Did you know that Sabrina is still a virgin?"

Hilda smiled, feeling proud of her niece. Apparently, Tabitha didn't want the girl soiled. "I thought that she might be, knowing that Tabitha was a full fledged lesbian."

Merlin felt his own arousal build and guided his erection into Sabrina's vagina. Taking Sabrina's virginity would cause many things to happen, but Merlin saw no other way. He had to flood her insides with his own come, while reversing the mantra that Tabitha used. He was well aware of the spell she used, and gave her credit for her selection. Merlin pushed his erection inside the sleeping Sabrina, which elicit a louder moan.

Merlin then closed his eyes and chanted; "Talto...Remor...Vesul...Misa" and at the same exact time Merlin said 'Misa', he broke through Sabrina's hymen. Sabrina screamed out while bucking hard against Merlin's erection. Knowing that Sabrina needed it, Merlin continued pumping in and out of her until they both screamed out an orgasm simultaneously. Merlin flooded Sabrina's inside walls with his come and smiled. Hence, the birth of a powerful sorceress.

Hilda, who watched the entire experience, couldn't help her own body's reaction. It reminded her of the time Merlin fucked her after winning the Miss Witch contest. What she would give to have him touch her again, but what she was witnessing was more for recovery purposes than sexual.  As Merlin pulled his huge member out of Sabrina's treasure, Hilda could see her virgin blood seeping out. Sabrina lost her virginity to the most powerful Wizard in the Universe.

"Is this she free of Tabitha's spell?"

Merlin zapped back on his trousers and climbed off the bed. He looked back down at Sabrina.  Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. "Not completely, but she's no longer mindlessly devoted to her. Nor will she feel passive around her. Sabrina will be totally herself now with the exception of her sexuality. When she sees Tabitha again, she'll still feel a healthy sexual attraction towards her. In fact, from now on, Sabrina will find herself attracted to every pretty female she sees."

"You mean she's been turned into a lesbian?"

"Well, not exactly. By me taking Sabrina's virginity, I've taken away her ability to feel passion for another male. She'll find a very powerful attraction towards me and love the orgasms I can bring her body, but I'm the only male she will ever feel this desire, on the other hand, she will feel a strong sexual desire for her own sex. This will help her sate the constant state of arousal she'll feel."

"Is that it, or is there something else?"

"Oh, there's a lot more. Understand, the only way I could break the hold Tabitha had on her was to take her virginity and reverse the spell at the same time. Now, her body is stuck just like yours.  She will look this way through eternity, and finally, the most important difference."

Hilda looked at Merlin perplex like; "What's that?"

"When I took Sabrina's virginity...I instantly elevated her from witch status to a very powerful fact, she's nearly as powerful as me. I've bestowed her a great honor that I've only did with one other witch during my existence"

Hilda's eyes lit up. She was curious; "The Scarl...Wanda!?!"

"No...she gained her powers from...well, that's another story."

"Then who?"

Merlin smiled. "You remember Samantha?"

Hilda asked; "Endora's daughter?"


"Wow...whatever happened to her."

"Trapped in a time warp...somewhere in the sixties. She's stuck inside the reruns of some television show...even I failed in my attempt to rescue her."

"How'd that happen?"

"Her twin cousin, Serena...but that's yet another story, so, let's stick with this one."

Hilda glanced at the other naked girl, who she hadn't paid much mind to until this moment. She looked so pretty sleeping beside Sabrina. "What's the story with her?...or is that too long like the other two."

"No, she's in this story.  Jennifer Love Hewitt just happened to be here when you two interrupted recognize her, right?"

"No...but the way you say it sounds like I'm supposed to be impressed."

Merlin smiled at Hilda but didn't say a word

"She looks awfully young...did you have yourself two virgins tonight?" asked Hilda

Merlin laughed. "Actually, no...she's been with at least one other."

"She's very pretty...something about the two of them laying there naked together, innocently sleeping side by side that's extremely erotic." Hilda stated while gazing at the two of them.

"Yes...I most certainly agree, but now, however, we must wake Sabrina up." replied Merlin.


Sabrina woke up feeling strange...and sore. Without realizing just yet where she was and who she was with, she suddenly realized she was naked. She reached down to touch her soreness, dipping a couple of fingers inside her swollen sex. Sabrina could feel the stickiness of her fingers and when she brought her hand up to look at the stickiness, she saw the blood mixed in with her come?

"Actually, it's from both of us. We came together." stated the male voice to her left.

Sabrina was startled by the male voice and as she was about to jump up out of bed, she noticed a naked girl sleeping next to her! Sabrina looked at the girl's face. No! It couldn't be! Yes!  Jennifer Love Hewitt laid there naked, apparently sleeping, next to her!!!  Did we just????  Although the thought of them together sounded appealing to her, Sabrina quickly buried the thought due to the shock of her whole situation.  Sabrina turned back to the guy, who looked in his late twenties, and then saw the beautiful blond girl standing in back of him. They both stared at her. Sabrina was about to ask 'who the hell they were, when she realized she was still naked.

"Here...let me take care of that for you." said the pretty blond girl.

Sabrina looked back down at herself, and she was now wearing faded jeans and a plain white tee-shirt. "Wh....What is going on?...why did you rape me?" Sabrina asked, looking at the man.

"Take a second to remember everything...alright Sabrina." stated the man.

All of a sudden it hit her! Sabrina remembered how she first met Tabitha, then how she was seduced by her, and then enslaved by her. The memory made her blush and feel arousal at the same time. "Oh my God...  I can't believe it!" exclaimed Sabrina.

"Sabrina...  I know this may be hard to swallow, but there's a whole lot more. To start with, I'm your Aunt Hilda."

Sabrina looked up at the pretty blond teen and suddenly realized it was her aunt. Sabrina ran over to her and they hugged. As they separated, Sabrina glanced at the man. Sabrina suddenly started to feel desire for him. A strong desire, and she backed up, not understanding why? This man obviously took her virginity, and she was still confused. "Who are you?"

"Merlin...and I have a lot to tell you. Lets go out to the living room." Merlin stated, while noticing Sabrina looking back at the sleeping brunette. "Jennifer will be alright by herself."

Sabrina gazed at the young actress one last time before leaving the bedroom. In addition to being in awe of the actress, she was also feeling an attraction to her. Maybe I can talk with her later, she thought to herself. I've always been a big fan.

Merlin went on to tell Sabrina all about what he had to do to lift Tabitha's spell. Sabrina sat there listening and remembering. She blushed as her memory recalled everything, including the loss of her virginity and how she reacted to it. Merlin entered Sabrina's mind for the final stage of her transformation. As if he were throwing on a light switch, that's all it took to turn Sabrina's new powers on. Instantly, Sabrina's eyes lit up with power and understanding. Merlin commented; "No incantations simply think what you want, and make any gesture and your thoughts become reality."

When Merlin was done explaining, Sabrina looked at Hilda. "Zelda is still there, isn't she?"


Sabrina spoke with conviction "Payback can be a bitch. Watch out Tabitha, because here I come!"
The End of Part Two

Part Three


Tabitha stood there fuming.  Not knowing was her biggest fear.  Were there powers in this universe greater than hers?  You think...  Sabrina and that bitch Hilda disappeared last night, and despite every tracking spell in her arsenal, she lost the trail.  This didn't make sense?  Hilda must have received outside help...but from whom?

Tabitha spent the entire night trying to locate her lover, but came up empty.  Now it was morning, and she walked into her parlor chamber in an unpleasant mood.  Upon entering, she headed straight for the parlor's new addition.  "Damn you!" she shouted at the nude statue.
A few hours ago, Tabitha directed all her anger and frustration at Salem.  "It's all your fault!" she had shouted at him...then added;  "It was your idea to have Hilda and Zelda see Sabrina!...your idea!"  Tabitha didn't give the low grade warlock a chance to answer, instantaneously turning Salem into a solid stone statue.  As to further humiliate him, Tabitha stripped him naked and gave him an erection.  Tabitha now looked at the statue critically, and saw something she didn't like.  "Oh my, we can't have you looking all that now, can we?"  Tabitha pointed at Salem's ten inches and shrunk it in half.

Tabitha's mind filled with Sabrina again. Did she lose Sabrina forever?  Tabitha loved Sabrina more than she cared to admit and felt a deep emptiness without her.  Tabitha was confident that the love spell Sabrina labored under couldn't be broken, and because of this, she worried that Sabrina was feeling stress from their separation.

Tabitha still couldn't believe Hilda...  Did she underestimate her?  Did Hilda really possess a power strong enough to elude a witch of her stature?  No way!  Tabitha's thoughts were interrupted by a knock...  With a flick of her finger, the door opened.  Zelda stood at the door with her head bowed.

Tabitha motioned Sabrina's aunt inside.  Zelda walked straight up to her and stood at attention.  Zelda's teen body was pretty...  It wasn't the type of beauty that knocked you over, but she did possess a cute slim look, oozing sweet innocence.

"Yes Mistress, how may I serve you?" whispered Zelda.

Tabitha didn't say a word.  She glanced over at the cauldron...  The potion that was brewing still had awhile to go.  Tabitha turned back to Zelda and asked;  "Where did Hilda and Sabrina go?"

Zelda replied;  "I don't know Mistress...please believe me...I don't know."

Tabitha knew that Zelda was telling the truth but felt angry anyway.  Drastic events called for drastic measures, and with that thought, Tabitha needed to prepare herself for the worst.


Zelda felt fear like never before.  She had already been questioned by Tabitha, so she wasn't sure why she was here.  Zelda witnessed Tabitha's anger and was present when Salem was turned into stone...  Zelda stood at attention and wondered if this was her fate.

Tabitha moved in front of her, and captured her eyes;  "Look deep Zelda...look deep down and straight into my eyes...keep looking."

Zelda found herself responding to the order.  A very small part of her realized that if she was going to make any stand at all, this would be the time, but she found her conditioning too firmly in place and relished a sweet pleasure from obeying.  Tabitha continued to stare into her eyes, sending Zelda down deeper and deeper.


Tabitha smiled after Zelda was firmly entranced.  Her strongest hypnotic would keep Zelda in a suspended animated state until the potion was ready.  They both had to drink the potion in order for the spell to work, and once accomplished, there would be no turning back.  Tabitha walked over to the cauldron hanging over the fireplace.  As primitive as it was necessary.  Tabitha
picked up the ladle and slowly stirred...  Did she really need to go this far?


Sabrina, Hilda and the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt popped back home.  Sabrina blushed at the memory of her and Merlin's love making...especially when Jennifer joined in.  The actress still labored under the love bug and as a gift, Merlin transferred the girl's obsession to Sabrina.

Sabrina remembered how desperately she needed Merlin.  She also remembered her sexual attraction to Jennifer.  It made for the greatest sex she ever experienced.  Tabitha's touch didn't even compare.

Sabrina knew it wasn't going to be easy living away from Merlin.  Jennifer would help alleviate some of her desire, but would it be enough?  Jennifer wondered whether she should go out and ensorcell a few other girls?  Then she sighed...  Regardless how many girls she took, her body would always crave Merlin the most.

Sabrina sent Hilda out to wrap up some lose ends.  She wanted to have everything cleared up before she went after Tabitha.  While Hilda was out running some chores, Sabrina called Jennifer into her bedroom.  It was hard to believe the actress was really here.  Sabrina merely thought her naked, and Jennifer's clothes disappeared.  Jennifer stood naked before her, smiling that famous
smile, and...visibly aroused.  Sabrina popped off her own clothes and moved over to her bed, willing Jennifer to join her.  It was about this time when Sabrina noticed the growth of Jennifer's breasts!  Did Merlin put a spell on them?


It wasn't totally by accident that Hilda materialized inside of Libby's bedroom at the precise time when the two high school seniors were having sex.  Hilda smiled as she watched Harvey plunge in and out of Libby.  So not to startle them, she quickly threw an invisibility cloak on herself...then thought that she might as well enjoy the show.  Hilda looked at Harvey altogether differently now.  She found her new teenage body responding as Harvey continued to thrust in and out of Libby.  As Hilda continued to watch, she slipped her right hand down to her own wet slit and slowly played with herself.  It didn't take long before all three of them screamed out in a mind-boggling orgasm.

"Who's there!" shouted Harvey, hearing the additional scream.

Libby jumped up off of Harvey to find something to cover herself with, and in doing so, some of Harvey's come dripped out of the pretty brunette's pussy.  Hilda smiled at the girl's actions while gazing at her bouncing breasts.  Her tits were gigantic in size...obviously a product of Tabitha's doing.  WAIT!  What was this!...  Libby was pregnant!

Hilda quickly placed a silence spell on the both of them and materialized;  "Don't mind me, I just got caught up in your love making."

Both Harvey and Libby's eyes lit up at seeing the young naked blonde girl materialize in front of them, but remained silent.  Hilda giggled at their reaction and popped them all back to Sabrina.


Merlin listened to the lad's plea.  If it weren't for the fact that the lad was the son of a personal friend of his, he would never be dealing with this...but out of respect to his friend, here he was helping this mortal like a third ranked wizard.  While Merlin listened, he found his mind wandering.  Never in his immortal life, had he felt this confused about his feelings.  Sabrina was constantly on his mind, and the mere thought of her distracted him in more ways than one.

"Sir, she never gives me the time of day, and I really love her.  My dad says you can fix this, and I would be really, like, really thankful..."

Merlin glanced back at the young lad and smiled.  Guys usually had the same request, and the girls were no different.  "If I place a spell on this girl, it will be relentless...  Is this someone you want to live with for the rest of your life?"

"Yes Sir.  Every time I look at some other girl, I see nothing but Sheri's face.  I can't get her out of my mind..."

Merlin thought to himself, 'Tell me about it' thinking of Sabrina.

"Sir.  It doesn't have to be a real powerful love spell, just one that will give me a chance with her."

Merlin hadn't done this type of thing for anybody in ages.  This was something he simply grew out of eons ago.  Normally he would just give a girl a nudge in a certain direction, and accompany it with a slight infatuation spell, but a larger part of him felt this lad's frustration.  Merlin entered the lad's mind, and captured a picture of his obsession.  Sheri Carson.  The image was enough for him to cast a spell and quite instantly, Sheri materialized before them.

"Wh...What!"  exclaimed Sheri, who was standing there half dressed.  She must have been in the middle of changing.  She didn't have her shoes on, she wore jeans, but she only had a bra on.  Her breasts were small, but perky.  Merlin figured he'd have to enlarge them before he released her.

"Hi Sheri...  I'm assuming you know Jimmy."  Merlin said while glancing at the lad to her right.

"Jim...Jimmy Peters!  What is this!?!" the girl screamed.  Then she realized she was still half-dressed and covered her tits.

The lad was in shock, having never actually seen magic performed.  "I...I...I'm sorry Sheri...I couldn't...I couldn't help you."

"The nerve!  You did you get me here!"  the very pretty girl exclaimed while frantically looking around the room.

"I...I want you to love me."

The girl's eyes looked fiery red as she screamed;  "NEVER!"

Merlin had enough and snapped his finger, instantly freezing the girl in place.  Merlin noted the lad's look of fear when he cautiously reached out and touched the frozen girl.  He stammered; " she alright?"

"Sure she is...  I just had enough."  Then Merlin waved his arm and what little clothes the girl had on vanished.  Sheri now stood completely naked...  The lad gasped.

Merlin had to admit the girl was stunning.  Merlin then asked the lad;  "Do you like the girl's tits?"

The lad gazed at the girl's breasts in rapture, along with the rest of her body.  "Yesssss Sirrrrrr." he replied.

Merlin saw that the lad would have said 'yes' to anything and decided to take a different approach; "Okay Jimmy, look at her breasts now."

The lad watched as the girl's breasts grew right before his very eyes...  Merlin stopped their growth when they reached a healthy set of "D" cups.  " you like them like this, or do your prefer small?"

"Oh my god!  This way...god yes!  She's so beautiful with those tits!"

Merlin then gestured the girl's tits back to their normal size.  "Okay Jimmy, that's the size Sheri will have, but I've placed a gradual growth spell on them.  It'll take a few months for her to grow them that big.  This way there will be less explaining."

"Th...thanks!" stated the lad.

Merlin snapped his fingers and the girl suddenly found herself unfrozen, but still rooted to the floor.  After attempting to move, and failing, she asked what was going on, and was startled when her voice didn't rise above a whisper;  "Please...please don't hurt me...please tell me what is going on?"

"Okay may turn to Jimmy."

The girl blushed when she turned to face Jimmy, knowing full well that she was naked.  She also knew that this boy was somehow responsible for her being here.

"Look at him closely, find him sexy and attractive, don't you?"

The girl started to say no, but looked closer.  All of a sudden a surprised look crossed her face.  The girl stammered as if realizing it for the first time;  "I...I don't know why...but all of a sudden...he does look kinda cute...real and cute."

"Keep looking closely Sheri...the sight of him also makes you feel...horny...doesn't it."

The girl continued gazing, and because she was naked, it was easy to tell she was feeling excited.  Her little breasts moved up and down on her chest with her increased breathing, and her hands roamed all over her body, especially down between her legs;  "Yesssss.  I'm getting hot.... I... I...feel so hot..."

"You sexually desire Jimmy, don't you?  You want him to make love to you, don't you?  You want to have sex with him, don't you?"

The girl was in a state of great need by now, panting with desire.  The girl couldn't help herself as she slipped her right hand down to rub her swollen clit.  The girl moaned as her arousal grew.  "Yesssss.  I...I...I want Jimmy me..."

Merlin threw his arms up and the girl again froze in place.  This time she made an incredible sight, standing there with her legs slightly spread and her fingers tips barely inside her wet pussy.

Merlin looked to the lad and smiled.  He could see the lad's hardon poking against his trousers.  "I take it you approve."

"God YES!...she's so fucking sexy!"

"Well, she's yours now...  Oh, she's still herself, but now she has the hots for you.  She'll be so horny for you that she'll agree to be your sex slave just to be close to you."  Merlin then freshened her up, popped her clothes back on, and sent her back to her bedroom.

The lad looked confused;  "Huh?"

"She's back in her bedroom.  Her desire for you will go into full effect the second she lays eyes on you."

"Thank you sir."

"Thank your father...and tell him I'm one up on him."
As the smiling lad left, Merlin wondered how Sabrina was coming along.  She had specifically told him that she wanted to deal with Tabitha herself, so he respected her wishes and stayed clear.  He was feeling horny, and thought to himself; 'Maybe I'll just pop in on her, and see what materializes...'


Sabrina had both Harvey and Libby, completely naked, standing at attention.  She needed to see what Tabitha had done physically and mentally to them.  Both humans were in a state of deep hypnosis.

Sabrina, feeling her own arousal from the sight of Libby, lightly cupped the brunette's huge breasts.  She knew that Libby's enlarged tits were more so a product of Tabitha, than of her pregnancy.  In any event, they looked nice on her and Sabrina decided to let Libby keep them.  Sabrina walked in front of Harvey, and felt a slight sadness at the memories they shared.  She
remembered them and her love for Harvey, but thanks to her curse, the memories sparked no emotion.  Sabrina then looked down below Harvey's waist...  Physically, Tabitha may have added a few inches, as he seemed abnormally large, but she wasn't sure.  Their own relationship never advanced to that stage.

Sabrina flexed her mind and straightened out Harvey's artificial personality.  Tabitha had been mean to him, making him cold and violent.  Sabrina could see that he didn't really love Libby, he just needed her to slake his passion.  To him, she was merely a tool.  Sabrina stripped him of all his artificial traits and resurfaced his old traits.  Instead of the cold passion he felt for Libby, she
replaced it with a genuine love.  These two were scheduled to be married and it would make no sense to break up their relationship...especially given Libby's pregnancy.

Sabrina scanned Libby's mind and WAIT!  What was this!  Libby and...and...Sarah Michelle Gellar!  Sabrina couldn't believe it.  Tabitha had given Libby a mistress...and it was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer!  Oh my god!  Sabrina thought for a second.  She wondered if Jennifer and Sarah knew each other.  Sabrina telepathically sent the sleeping Jennifer the question, and the gorgeous
young television star subconsciously responded that they did a movie together.  Sabrina smiled.  Tabitha must have done this...but why?  Sabrina dove deeper inside Libby's mind and discovered the girl's real was for her.  A year ago, the idea would have repulsed her, but now it aroused her.  Libby was a beautiful girl.  Maybe instead of Libby sneaking out to meet Sarah, she
would have her sneak out and meet her.  Sabrina removed all the artificial mental commands in Libby's mind, and resurfaced her old ones.  Sabrina did place a similar type love spell on her, so she would feel a genuine love for Harvey.  Sabrina removed all real memory of Sarah from her mind, and merely made it a fantasy.  Sabrina then popped them out of her house and back to their
apartment.  They would live happily ever after...


On the set, Sarah was having her usual tough morning.  The physical frustration she had to endure being this far away from Libby rendered her restless. During a class room scene she suddenly felt a strange ripping of emotion.  Sarah tried to identify it and then it HIT her!  Sarah stopped talking in the middle of her scene and smiled.  The director yelled 'cut'.  Sarah apologized and ran to her dressing room.  The feeling she felt for that high school girl Libby...was gone.  Sarah cried...with joy.

"Hi Sarah."  said a soft voice.

Sarah looked up startled.  She thought she locked the door.  'What?' "Oh...Melissa, what are you doing here?" mistaking the young blonde beauty for actress Melissa Joan Hart.  (I couldn't resist)

"Melissa?...No, I'm not name is Sabrina."  replied the soft sweet voice.

Sarah looked at the blonde girl and could now see the slight differences...especially in her breasts.  "Oh...I...I...what are you doing did you get in?"

The Melissa look-a-like was pretty, and Sarah found herself responding.  'Oh no...not again.' She thought to herself.  As if the blonde could read her mind, she replied;  "This time it will be much more pleasurable...I promise."


In just a short time, Jennifer Love Hewitt's life changed so much.  First she meets Merlin, who is the most incredibly guy she ever met in her life...  She still felt arousal when she recalled their lovemaking.  Never had she been so totally consumed with desire before.  Then she meets Sabrina.  What was it about this girl that looked so familiar?  Jennifer, who would admit to fantasizing about making it with another girl, never thought she'd actually be doing it.  Sabrina was so beautiful.

Jennifer then indulged in another first...a threesome with Merlin and Sabrina!  After she woke from the greatest sex she could ever imagine, she practically begged Sabrina to let her stay with her.  Jennifer knew she'd be missed from the set of "Party of Five", but being with Sabrina was the most important part of her life now.

In fact, now that Jennifer had time to think about things, she felt totally comfortable and alright with her new lesbian life.  What actually confused her was her breasts!?!  They'd been tender, sore and swelling ever since that special night the three of them made love.  Jennifer was proud of her tits.  She felt they were nice sized and was happy to know she wouldn't need breast implants.  A lot of actresses had that dilemma, and she always felt comfort knowing she wouldn't need to make that decision.  Jennifer slowly crawled out of bed and walked over to the mirror.  Her breasts had grown noticeably larger...  At this rate, Jennifer wondered if she would soon need breast reduction surgery?  Maybe she should say something to Sabrina?  Hell, she wouldn't have to say anything...  All Sabrina would have to do is look at her!  Jennifer felt a tingle in her groin from the thought of Sabrina.  Only way to explain her  Jennifer smiled back at her reflection...  She still had the cutest smile in Hollywood.  Just then the door opened.



Despite her nudity, Jennifer went over and hugged Sarah with genuine friendship.  They hadn't seen each other in so long.


Sabrina walked in behind Sarah, and was pleased...  This would certainly make their lives easier.  When they separated, Sabrina thought it was cute how Sarah blushed...then Jennifer blushed.  Sabrina thought they were perfect for each other.

"Okay girls...  Ground rules.  Take a seat on the bed.

Both girls complied.

"By now you two realize I'm a witch.  Well, actually I'm a sorceress, but that only matters to other witches and warlocks.  Jenn...  <Sabrina then noticed Jennifer's breasts>  Jennifer!  What is happening to your tits!?!"

"I...I don't know...they're just growing all of a sudden." stammered the lovely actress.

Sabrina was just about to take a closer look when Merlin popped in the room.

"Merlin!"  Sabrina and Jennifer excitedly exclaimed...while Sarah looked on in wonder.

Sabrina rushed over to hug him, relishing the feel of their bodies together.  Sabrina felt a rush of pleasure spread throughout her body...she hadn't realized how much her body missed him.  Sabrina wanted!


Merlin popped him and Sabrina back to his place.  The two actresses were left to reacquaint themselves...this time more intimately.  Just before leaving, Merlin watched Sabrina throw a desire spell over them.  Good selection, he thought to himself.  It would compliment them nicely.  Their sexual desire for one another would increase as the other's increased.  It worked like a loop, never ending.

Merlin could have easily popped Sabrina's clothes off of her, but decided he wanted to let her passion grow a little.  Sabrina's normally strong personality was swallowed up at the moment, and she was totally subservient to him.  Merlin thought about the only way he could lift the curse... He had to be sure.

Merlin had Sabrina down to her fiery red panties and stood back to gaze at the girl's beauty.  She was absolutely breath-taking.  Enough was enough, and Merlin popped off his clothes, springing free his eight inches.  He then popped off Sabrina's panties, displaying her bare pussy.  He willed Sabrina to kneel before him, and the girl's eyes lit up with excitement as she opened her mouth.  Her breath was warm, and lips were wet.  Merlin cried out at the contact.  Sabrina proceeded to swallow all of him full, and used her tongue to slide pleasurable strokes up and down his shaft.  Sabrina was incredible!  Where did she learn this?  Just as Merlin was about to come, he willed Sabrina to go over to the bed.  Sabrina stopped in mid stroke, still smiling and picked herself up.  She crawled onto the bed, and turned herself around.  Sabrina then very sexily thrust her beautiful ass up in the air and awaited...  Merlin gazed at Sabrina in love.  The sight of her in this doggy position flooded him with more desire than at any other time in his immortal life.  He loved taking a girl like this!  How did Sabrina know?  At that very moment, Sabrina was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen in all his years as a wizard.


Sabrina felt she was floating on a title wave of pleasure...  Merlin slammed his huge erection in the depths of her hot vagina, and she cried out her passion.  Sabrina couldn't help how her normal personality disappeared in Merlin's presence...  Sabrina couldn't help this sweet submissive side surface when she was with him...and when Sabrina experienced Merlin the first time a couple
nights ago, Sabrina begged her Aunt Hilda to teach her everything.  Man's favorite positions, and the advanced art of fellatio were part of the "A" list.  Sabrina smiled while shoving her ass back against Merlin's thrust.  It was nice that Hilda retained all her slave training memories...  Sabrina closed her pretty eyes and basked in the most pleasurable climax of her young life...

Merlin collapsed on top of her, and then off to the side of her.  Sabrina and Merlin both rolled over on their back.  "That was incredible!"  exclaimed Merlin, as Sabrina snuggled in close to her lover.  Now that Sabrina felt sated, she felt a tad bit of her own personality seeping back in.  "We have to do the time!  Please Merlin...  Please..."

"Maybe we can get know...twice a week."

Sabrina smiled at Merlin...  Here he was the most powerful wizard in this universe, holding absolute authority over her libido, and he actually stammered his response to having more sex with her.  "I'd love that." Sabrina said with a smile, and added; "It's worth this passive feeling that over takes me."

"Have you decided how you're going to deal with Tabitha?"

Sabrina smiled;  "Yep...and I'll be ready to move on her tomorrow evening at midnight."

"Do you want any help?"

"Nope...although, I wouldn't mind another session like this one after I'm through."

Merlin smiled at Sabrina, and responded;  "You'd better make time for a session before the mission."

Sabrina blushed, feeling her passive obedience to Merlin kick in and replied;  "Yes sir."

Merlin continued.  "Remember Sabrina...  Tabitha can still affect you sexually...and you don't know how powerful that affect will be.  The best armor against her would be for you to be sated and I can help in this area."

Sabrina again replied;  "yes can."

"I won't get in the way of how you handle her.  That is your call, but I want you to be totally prepared.  I have no doubt you're more powerful than her, but don't underestimate your adversary."

Sabrina felt more of herself come back, feeling as if Merlin had somehow lifted the command portion of his tone.  "Alright Merlin...I'll be careful.  You wouldn't want your number one slave to be under that bitch's spell again now, would you."  Sabrina replied with a chuckle.

Merlin shuddered at even the thought of that.  "Don't even joke about that."

While Sabrina laid there snuggled close to Merlin, her eyes came to rest on her huge beautiful breasts.  As they moved up and down on her chest, they reminded her of Jennifer's.  "Oh yeah, by the way...did you put some sort of spell on Jennifer's tits...they're growing."

Sabrina was startled to see Merlin spring out of bed.  "Oh NO!"  he exclaimed.


Sarah and Jennifer laid back on the bed cuddling one another.  They knew that Sabrina had cast a spell on them to feel attraction for one another, but it didn't matter.  This life was so much greater than the greatest fantasy either of them could have ever imagined.  Sarah found herself reaching over to Jennifer, and cupped her huge breasts...they appeared yet even bigger.  Sarah guessed that Jenn had grown an additional cup size during their love making.  Jennifer blushed and murmured;  "Sarah...  You're making me horny again...and if you don't stop now, we'll end up '69'ing' again."  Sarah smiled at her friend, and kissed her on the mouth.  Both girls dueled a moment with their tongues, feeling love for one another.  Sarah dropped her mouth down to kiss Jenn's nipple and then a playful tug with her teeth...  A gush of milk sprayed out and down her throat.

"'re lactating!!!"

Jennifer brought her own hands up and squeezed her nipples.  The pressure caused her milk to spray all over Sarah.  Sarah brought her mouth down on her nipple again, exclaiming;  "God Jenn, this taste so good!"  As Sarah continued to suck on Jenn's nipple, swallowing more and more of her milk, Sarah not only was horny, but pleasantly drowsy.  Soon Sarah fell asleep with her mouth still on Jennifer's nipple, and her throat continued swallowing.


Sabrina looked in on her actress lovers.  They were both sleeping.  Sabrina gasped at the size of Jennifer's breasts...  Abnormally huge now, and leaking milk.  Sabrina glanced over at Sarah.  Uh oh...  Sabrina reached down and cupped Sarah's breasts...they were growing too.  Why?  Then it dawned on her...  Sarah must have suckled on Jennifer's teats.  Sabrina wondered how big they would grow...


Sabrina popped in on Hilda.  "Opppps...sorry Aunt Hilda.  Do you need to be left alone"?

Hilda was crying and sniffled.  "That's alright Sabrina...I...I just can't help it lately.  I keep on thinking of Zelda, and it depresses me to know that she's still Tabitha's slave."

Sabrina smiled at her aunt, and sat down on the bed next to her.  "Well, that's why I'm here.  We're moving against Tabitha tomorrow night at midnight."

Hilda perked up.  "We?"

"Yep...  I need you to act as my game?"

Hilda was ecstatic...this is what she had been waiting for!  She did feel nervous about going against Tabitha, but she wouldn't have wanted it any other way;  "You bet Sabrina!  Anything you want me to do, I'll do."

"Aunt Hilda...  I have to go out tomorrow afternoon and...well...let's just say I need to prepare.  Anyway, I've placed a sleep spell on Jennifer and Sarah which means they won't wake up until noon.  I'd like you to take care of them for me, while I'm gone."

"Sure honey...but why?  What's wrong?"

Sabrina looked at her aunt and smiled;  "Hold onto your seat for this...  Jennifer is pregnant with Merlin's child."

"She's WHAT!"

"I'm not kidding...and right now, Jennifer's tits are expanding to the size of beach balls...and I'm sure by morning, Sarah's breasts will join her in size."

"What happened???"

"Oh...and here I thought you knew how a male impregnates a female."  Sabrina said with a chuckle.

"Oh that's not what I mean!"  Hilda replied while laughing.  "How did Sarah end up looking like least in the chest area?"

"I'm not really sure how it works.  I think she must have drank Jennifer's milk...and the milk must have some sort of built in spell to prepare a nursing maid to help Jennifer.  Anyway, I placed a calming spell on them.  I don't want them freaking out...and please don't say anything to Jennifer about her pregnancy.  I'll tell her after we get Zelda back and take care of Tabitha."

"Sure Sabrina"  stated Hilda.


Jennifer woke up first and shifted around to her side...WHAT!?!  Jennifer reached down with her hands and cupped her...her...nipples.  She couldn't come close to wrapping her hands around these monsters!  "SABRINA!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.  Sarah jumped up from her deep sleep, and when she realized she was in the same condition, she screamed along with Jennifer.  Both girls had their hands cupping the tips of their humongous tits, wondering what had happened to them.

Hilda popped into the room and immediately recited an incantation.  Jennifer felt a comforting lassitude envelop her and smiled.  When she turned to Sarah, she saw the same glazed expression on her.  Jennifer not only cupped her tremendous breasts, but she also started to caress them.  Jennifer wasn't sure why her breasts grew to these proportions, but the fact of the matter was, she
no longer seemed upset about it.  Nor apparently did Sarah.

Hilda interrupted Jennifer's daze by helping both her and Sarah up to their feet.  Both of them were naked, and thanks to Sabrina, neither of them possessed any modesty.  Hilda recited another incantation, and Jennifer quite instantly felt totally clean and smelling fresh.  It was as if she had just soaked herself in a bathtub.  Jennifer glanced over at Sarah, and could see that her lover's state was the same.  Hilda waved her hands before them and suddenly clothes materialized on them.  Jennifer and Sarah both smiled, presenting quite the picture.


Sabrina felt powerful but more importantly, completely sated...  Merlin seemed to work extra hard in rendering her totally female...  She couldn't get over how many orgasms she experienced.  The memory made her blush.  Sabrina used a strong cloaking spell to make herself invisible.  Not only to the human eye, but to a witch's eye.  The spell would only last for a few moments, so it was important that Hilda draw Tabitha out as soon as possible.  It didn't take long before Hilda found Zelda...  She was a statue...the same with Salem.  Her Aunt Zelda and Salem stood side by side completely naked.  Sabrina fumed at this apparent act to humiliate them...  When Sabrina looked closely at her Aunt Zelda, she found her strangely erotic.  Something about her was different, and it was more than her new teen body.  Why was her body responding in this manner?  Sabrina continued to look on as her Aunt Hilda tried to break her Aunt Zelda out of the statue spell...but she couldn't.

Then everything happened so fast!  Tabitha suddenly materialize behind her Aunt Hilda...and Sabrina sprung into action.

"Stop right there Tabitha...its over!"  stated Sabrina, who pointed her finger at her alternate universe self.

Sabrina watched Tabitha wave her hands in front of her.  Was she trying to stall for time?  Sabrina didn't hesitate, and cast her ready-made spell.  Sabrina could feel her spell link on to Tabitha and she wondered why she felt no resistance.  Maybe Tabitha wasn't as strong a witch as she thought she was?  Slowly, Tabitha started to lose her womanly figure...  She was age regressing!
Tabitha's form rapidly lost age...  14...13...12...  Tabitha's breasts shrunk to almost non existent now...  The jump suit she had been wearing appeared way to big on her child's frame...11...10...9...  Tabitha age regressed younger and younger...  8...7...6...  Sabrina watched the transformation in stunned silence.  It was like looking at herself get younger, and the thought of it was eerie.  Tabitha stopped age regressing at 6 years old.  She stood there looking like she was playing dress-up with her mother's clothing.

Sabrina walked over to the little girl and smiled.  The spell would lock her in this state forever.  The little girl would know her name was Tabitha, but not remember anything about her previous life.  The old Tabitha...was gone.  The girl looked up at Sabrina and smiled.  "Hi...wanna play with me."

Sabrina replied;  "Sure Tabitha...but not right now...okay sweetheart.  You have to go take your nap."  With that statement, Sabrina zapped Tabitha out of her oversized clothes and into pajamas with little hearts on them.  Sabrina then magically made a small bedroom inside her house, and zapped little Tabitha into bed.  The little girl fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

Sabrina walked over to join her Aunt Hilda, who was standing by the statues of her Aunt Zelda and Salem.

"Can you break Zelda out of this?" asked her Aunt Hilda.

Sabrina looked at the spell and replied sure.  Suddenly, Zelda was back to normal.  The teen looked at them and ran over and hugged Hilda;  "Oh's over!"

While her two teen aunts hugged each other, Sabrina's body continued to respond to Aunt Zelda.  Something about her was turning her on, and she was a little surprised by it.  Then it hit her!  Her Aunt Zelda must remind her of Tammy from the alternate universe.  That was it.  Both of them were sweet and innocent looking.  Her Aunt Zelda did not have the vivacious body that she and her Aunt Hilda possessed...  Her aunt Zelda's was more slim looking and athletic.

" about my hug?"  commented Sabrina with a tease.
Her Aunt Zelda was crying with joy and ran over to her and they hugged.  The crushing of her huge tits against her aunt's small ones reminded her of the first time she hugged Tabitha.  Same erotic feelings, too.  Although a role reversal regarding who was carrying the larger set of tits.

Aunt Hilda broke the strange moment;  "What about Salem?"

All three of them gazed at the naked statue of their former cat.  Sabrina turned to Zelda;  "Well Aunt Zelda...since you went through the most, you decide what you want to do with him..."

Zelda walked up to the statue and replied;  "Let's make him our mute slave...and reduce his IQ to about ten."

Sabrina was a little surprised at the severity of her decision.  'She's reacting in anger.' Sabrina thought to herself.  "Are you sure?"

Her Aunt Zelda's smile almost looked evil; "Yes...  Make sure he's mute."

Sabrina figured that she could always change the spell later.  "Okay...done."

XVIII.  (Epilogue)

Sabrina broke the news to Jennifer of her pregnancy.  The lovely (and rapidly rounding) actress with the huge breasts, and leaking milk...cried with joy.

Jennifer was the happiest mortal on the planet to know that she was carrying Merlin's baby.  Then Jennifer again experienced tears of joy when she found she was carrying TWINS!

Sarah felt pleasure in knowing that she would be Jennifer's nursing maid.  Her huge breasts also leaked milk, and the fact that her best friend and lover was carrying twins meant that she would be nursing a baby as often as Jennifer!

Sabrina whipped up a couple major spells to have the television networks grant both actresses a leave of absence.  Sabrina also put an idea in some executive's head to give Jennifer her own show.  Sabrina then made everyone on the planet believe that Jennifer and Sarah always sported huge breasts.  Only a sorceress could wield such power.

Hilda decided to take responsibility for little Tabitha, feeling a strange closeness to the six year old girl.

Merlin offered to take in Hilda, Zelda, Sabrina Jennifer, Sarah, little Tabitha and Salem into his huge mansion...they agreed.

Merlin proposed to Sabrina...who did her own crying with joy.  Merlin knew by marrying Sabrina, he would be breaking the submissive curse she was under.  Merlin made it a point not to mention this to Sabrina.  He didn't want to give her the impression that their marriage was for this reason.  On their honeymoon, Merlin was a little surprised that Sabrina acted no differently.  Merlin chuckled in between one of their love sessions.  Who would have figured that Sabrina was a true submissive...inside the bedroom.

XIX.  (Months Later)
Hilda was surprised to see the door slowly open to her bedroom...who?  "Oh...Zelda.  What is it?"

"I...I'm feeling lonely...can I cuddle."

Hilda smiled at her teen sister and replied;  "Sure Zelda..." while lifting up the covers to allow her to crawl in with her.  Over the last few months, Hilda had noticed small personality changes in Zelda, but not big enough to be concerned.  However, when Zelda slid in beside her naked, her nudity startled her.  Before their enslavement, Zelda never slept naked...ever.  Zelda always wore
panties and a teddy.  Hilda was the one always sleeping in the raw.  They had both agreed not to continue their sexual relationship, now that they weren't under Tabitha's spell.  But here was Zelda hugging her naked body against her naked body and the contact of their warm bodies felt good.  Hilda was slowly drifting back to sleep when she felt her sister's hand caress her large breasts.  When her other hand snuck around to play with the crack of her ass, Hilda murmured; "Zelda...Zelda...wh...what are you...ah... you..ohhh...doing?"  Zelda answered by replacing her hands with her mouth.

Zelda shifted her body around and positioned her mouth between Hilda's legs.  In doing so, Hilda saw Zelda's slim ass come down on her face.  Hilda tried to move up but when she tried, Zelda wet mouth starting licking her pussy...  She thought she heard Zelda whisper;  "Just enjoy Hilda...don't fight it, enjoy it...and do what comes natural."

Hilda found her own mouth sucking the juice she elicit from Zelda's pussy, while Zelda continued mouthing her wet slit.  Hilda knew it was wrong, but it felt so, so good...  Just as she was about to cry out her orgasm, she heard her sister say four words;  "Misa...Vesul...Remor...Talto."  Hilda wasn't sure where she heard those words before, but the thought was swallowed up in the throes of her most intense orgasm...

XX.  (Later...)

Zelda gazed at her reflection in the mirror.  "Not bad" she whispered with a smile.  She turned to look at Hilda, who was sprawled out naked on the bed sleeping.  Hilda was now her's.  The spell she used was usually placed on virgins...  Only difference, Hilda would feel an irresistible lust for her instead of love.  Zelda turned back to the mirror.  'Sabrina...I'm not done with you yet.'

The End of the Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches Trilogy.  Yeah...Right!  Tell me I didn't leave this open for another chapter or two or three!!!  Please!  Tell me I didn't do this!!!

Spells R Us: "Rings of Transformation"
by JR Parz


"Damn!" Bart Stearns muttered under his breath. This was the third time Tara Seavers rejected him. As Bart watched the girl walk away, he gazed at the sway of her buttocks. Tara then turned the corner and disappeared out of sight.  Bart's attention was then drawn to the laughter behind him. He turned around and saw both David and Ray laughing at him. They had warned him only moments before that he'd be making an even bigger fool of himself this time, than before...but he ignored their advise. He just wasn't in the mood for 'I told you so'. He looked over at the exit sign and decided he'd had enough.  Bart headed for the door and walked right out of school.

It all started less than a month ago. It was his buddy, Ray, who first told him about the beautiful new transfer student. 'Wait to you see her, she's a knockout.'

At the time, Bart was going steady with Lisa Templeton. Had been for nearly a year, and he had absolutely no interest in ruining a good thing. When he did eye Tara for the first time, she proved to be everything Ray said she was...and more. Bart decided to eliminate the temptation, by avoiding her.

Tara stood about 5'6" with long wavy blond hair. Curvaceous, yet slim, weighing 120 lbs. Her face was beautiful, and sexy. Highlighted by sparkling blue eyes. Her breasts, although not as large as Lisa's, did fill a 'C' cup, and jiggled and bounced with every step she took. Tara instantly became the talk of Cheshire High School, and most likely, the fantasy of every male's wet dream.

It was a Sunday morning when Bart woke up to something different. He reached down to find the longest and hardest erection of his young life. This wasn't what was different, though, as he often woke with a hard on. What was different was that his mind was consumed with someone other than Lisa...and her name was Tara Seavers.

Bart couldn't understand his sudden obsession with Tara, but the intensity of his feelings wouldn't be denied. Initially, Lisa reaped the benefits of his increased passion. Every time he entered her, he thought of Tara. The harder he pounded into her, the more he visualized Tara underneath him.

Despite Lisa's sexy response, who was enjoying the best sex ever, it was becoming harder and harder for him to come. His arousal didn't dissipate, just his ability to come. When Bart wasn't in bed with Lisa, he was privately masturbating. It did nothing to slake his unholy passion, and he found his obsession with Tara getting the better of him.

Bart knew Lisa was well aware of the effect Tara was having on the other guys throughout the school. Lisa understood this more than anybody, given her own beauty and similar effect.  Lisa was the school's head cheerleader, and before Tara's arrival, she was without question the best looking girl in school. Lisa stood five feet - eight inches with shoulder length brown hair. She
possessed huge, dark brown eyes and a vivacious amazon-like figure. In fact, some of her friends nicknamed her Xena, after the Warrior Princess from television. Lisa would comment that she felt she was prettier than Lucy Lawless, and Bart and everyone around would agree. When Lisa performed various cheers, which included bridge kick overs and back hand springs. Every set of male eyes would be drawn to the bounce and jiggle of her tremendous breasts!

Bart remembered the night he first had sex with Lisa. It was nearly a year ago. He remembered his excitement when he stripped off Lisa's bra, setting free a set of tits that took his breath away.  He reached down and kissed each nipple while cupping each breast in the palms of his hands.  He later couldn't resist looking at Lisa's bra tag, and noted the size. Out loud he proclaimed '36DD!' and Lisa smiled. Lisa loved having the nicest set of tits in her school, and she got the biggest charge when the guys, and even girls, would be distracted from what they were doing to gaze at her tits.

Bart still found it hard to believe that Lisa and him were no longer an item. They broke up about a week ago, when he accidentally yelled out Tara's name during sex with her. It happened while he was sliding his dick in and out of Lisa, and just as he was about to shoot his load, he cried out Tara's name. "You bastard!" Lisa responded and then proceeded to go ballistic on him. As Bart rushed to put his clothes on, he heard Lisa shouting; "We're through!".

Bart tried to rationalize that maybe the break-up was a blessing in disguise. As much as Bart enjoyed fucking Lisa, he thought that now he'd be able to concentrate all his energies on Tara. Never, in his wildest nightmares, did he ever imagine how difficult this would be.

Bart wasn't used to rejection. As a child, he always stood out as the cutest boy in his class. The girls just flocked to him, and he took them for granted. Not only was he considered cute, he was the town's best athlete, and in his freshman year, he made the varsity in all three sports; Baseball, Football and Hockey. Bart quickly became the school's most popular boy, and it was in these early years of high school that Bart litterally played the field. It wasn't until mid way through his junior year when he fell for Lisa.

In addition to this strange obsession he felt for Tara, he found himself extremely nervous whenever he was around her. Why was he so nervous to talk to her? Why did he feel she was so much better than him? Was he ever this nervous? The thought brought him back to his first time. Her name was Sally Springs. He was only thirteen at the time! Now, Sally attended USC, but at the time, she was a very sexy seventeen year old. Sally lived next door and would often tease him by sunbathing nude in her back yard. Of course, she did this when neither his or her parents were home. Her fence was tall enough where no one from the street could see, but his bedroom was on the second floor, so he saw everything. She always wore sunglasses, so he never knew if she saw him gazing down at her.

One day, she waved, gesturing him to come over. It didn't sink in at first, but when it did, he practically flew over there. Bart smiled at the memory of Sally stripping him of his jeans, tee shirt, and finally his Calvin underwear. Sally quickly laid his naked body back on the recliner, and mounted him. All seven inches of his throbbing erection slid into her. It didn't take but a few
humps for both of them to orgasm. Sally then lifted her rump and turned around. While Bart felt Sally take his soft dick into her mouth, she lowered her lovely rounded ass on his face. It didn't take long before Bart was hard and ready again, while Sally basked in yet another orgasm. They would end up doing fucking fourteen more times before she left for college. By the time Bart entered his freshman year of highschool, he was reputed to be the school's stud. He possessed the ability to charm the panties off of any girl and collected five cherries before settling down with Lisa. What Bart learned, was that girls didn't say 'no' to him. Not until Tara, that is.

Bart stood stunned. Tara actually smiled at him while shaking her head 'no'. It was almost as if she expected him to ask, and she couldn't wait to shoot him down. It took a few moments before Bart's face regained its original color. As he walked away, he couldn't for the life of him, understand how any girl could say 'no' to him.

Bart let three days pass before finding the nerve to approach her again. This time he told his friends about his interest in her, and they joked that she was quickly gaining a reputation as the school's ice queen. Bart wasn't aware that there were others trying to go out with her, but the news didn't surprise him. Apparently, they were dealt the same blow he was, but at least his initial failure wasn't public knowledge. Bart spent some money on a dozen roses, and approached her in the hall way next to her locker. He could see that Tara saw him approaching, and he also noted that she glanced at the flowers. He remembered stumbling over his words; "Tara. These roses are for you. May I follow them up with dinner, tonight at 7:30 p.m.?" Tara didn't smile this time, she smirked! Her hands never left her side as she replied; "No. I really don't want to go out with you." then she walked away. Bart stood there speechless, holding flowers in his hands.

Now Bart officially joined the rejected list. Dave and Ray gave him hell. They laughed so hard they cried, and he knew that this was payback for all the times he laughed at them. Bart hated this girl now, but it seemed the more he hated her, the more he had to have her. He just couldn't understand his obsession with her.


Bart pulled his sporty blue firebird into the Sterling Mall parking lot without any real conscience thought as to why. He got out of the car and headed for the entrance. It was as if his legs belonged to somebody else. They propelled him along, but he had no idea where he was going. As he made his way towards the food court, he abruptly stopped dead in his tracks. He looked to his left and there it was; "Spells R Us".

Bart never saw this store before as his legs pushed him forward to take a look. A jingling sound announced his arrival. It took Bart a few seconds to locate an olderer gentleman, wearing what appeared to be a bathrobe, kneeling down at the far end of the store. The man was stocking a shelf while Bart stood there in confusion.

"Hi Bart. I've been waiting for you. Please, come in...I'll be with you in a moment."

Bart wondered what was going on as he slowly approached the man. He realized that he moved closer due to the same mysterious force that brought him here in the first place. "How do you know me...and what's going on?"

The old man stood up and looked him over; "You did note the store's name, right? I'm a wizard and knowing who you are is the very least of my far as what is going on, let me have a few seconds to finish stocking this shelf."

Bart stood still, not sure if he should run out of the store or stay. The wizard finished and turned to him; "So, you've been having problems with a certain girl named Tara...haven't you?"

"Wh....what?...How do you know Tara?"

"Listen Bart. If I'm going to help you, the least you can do is pay attention. I'm a wizard, remember?"

Bart nodded.

"Now, let me put this in simple analogy if you will. Wouldn't you agree with the saying; 'three strikes and you're out?"

Bart continued to stare at the older man in astonishment. He hadn't even told his friends about his first did he know about any of them!?!

"Don't feel too bad. Tara hasn't really been playing fair with you. In fact, you didn't have a prayer of getting into her pants...that is what you wanted, isn't it."

Bart actually blushed when the man made reference to sex; "What do you mean by Tara isn't playing fair?"

"Tara has been hiding her true motives. You see, Tara isn't into guys...she's into girls."

Bart's eyes lit up with disbelief; "You mean...she's a lesbian?"

"Yep...and she's used witchcraft on you...well, voodoo to be more precise."

"Huh?...I...I've been under a spell?"

"Yep...think back to that morning when you woke up lusting for her. Ever since then, you've been totally obsessed with her...right?"


"Incidentally, how do you feel about her now?"

Bart's eyes lit up. Now that he thought about it...the desire to be with her was gone. "Great! I'm okay!"

"Yeah, for the time being...but that's only because you're in my shop. The second you step outside my shop, this protection you feel from her magic will come back full force."

"Then I'm stuck like this forever?"

"Nope...I would venture to say that she'll be lifting the spell real soon in order to use the doll on her intended subject."


"Her real desire."

"Real desire?...who?"

"Your ex girl friend."


"You see, Bart, your obsession with Tara was due to voodoo. She owns a voodoo lust doll and with a simple incantation, the doll has been transformed into your likeness. She used your desire to break-up the two of you, and as a bonus, she decided to publically humiliate you."

"Wh...what is Tara going to do to Lisa?"

"I would say she's going to be placing the same type of spell on Lisa as she did with you...I would guess sometime tomorrow. You'll know when it happens."

"But wait, Lisa's not a lesbian...she's sickened by the idea of being in the same bed with another girl...I can't see how she can just change...and what do you mean; 'I'll know it when it happens?"

The wizard smiled at Bart. "You'll know because she only has one voodoo doll. In order for Tara to place the spell on Lisa, she has to lift the spell off of you. Second, if you are talking about the time Lisa became upset when you proposed the idea of a two on one with her and her best friend.

Think again. Under normal conditions you'd be right...but remember, we aren't talking about normal conditions?"

Bart just gave the wizard a stupid confused look.

The wizard continued; "It doesn't matter what Lisa is or isn't. She'll find herself fighting the same intense attraction for Tara as you did. In fact, given Lisa's the object of Tara's desire, I would expect she'll use a more powerful spell. All of Lisa's thoughts will be centered on Tara.

She won't understand them and I expect she'll try fighting them, but it won't help her."

"This is unbelievable! I can't let this happen to Lisa! What can I do to stop this?"

The wizard looked at him with a grin. "I'm glad you asked. In fact, I was hoping that you'd want Lisa back...I can help you get Lisa back and take care of Tara in the process...interested?"

"I...I...think I love Lisa...I'll do anything to get her back...but why are you helping?"

The wizard smiled; "Anytime supernatural powers are being used, I'm notified and must take appropriate action. Tara doesn't have any real powers herself, but the voodoo doll and the knowledge of how to cast the lust spell is enough for her to cause problems. She was a sweet innocent girl before she received this voodoo doll. Tara's aunt gave Tara the voodoo doll at her
sixteenth birthday party...along with the knowledge. We think there has to be some evil influence at work. Tara was a perfectly normal sweet girl before the gift, and over one year's time she's used her voodoo powers to sexually enslave three girls. Two are from her previous high school, and although they are no longer under Tara's spell, they are still going to counseling from the
experience. The other girl is a waitress Tara met the first night she arrived. Not counting you, Lisa will be the fourth."

Bart watched the wizard pull out a small box he had in his bathrobe pocket. He handed it to Bart, who in turn, opened it. Inside the box laid three rings. The rings were made of gold.

"The rings are already charmed and ready for use. It doesn't matter which ring is used, the spells are triggered by the wearer and the situation."

Bart looked at the rings and asked; "What will the rings do?"

"First, the other rings will only work if you are first wearing yours. Then Lisa's will be activated and finally, Tara's. The spells take effect immediately. I must warn you...make sure the ring isn't forced off any one of you. This is absolutely imperative."

"What happens...I mean, what does the ring make happen...and what happens if I force a ring off?"

"Each action triggers a reaction. Each ring is set up the same way. Everything depends on timing and circumstances. The spell will handle all the variables and alter whatever is necessary to succeed in its mission. If the ring is forced off before the mission ends, you would all be stuck."

Bart felt nervous. Stuck? What did the wizard mean? Before Bart had a chance to ask, the wizard continued; "You'll understand everything as it's happening....just let the rings dictate your next move. Well, are you game?"
Bart pictured Lisa with Tara, and felt anger; "Alright, I'll do it!"

"Good." Replied the wizard.

Bart extended his hand for a handshake, sealing their agreement.


It wasn't until later on that evening when Bart was finally feeling relief from Tara's spell. With his sexual hunger subsiding, he knew it meant Lisa would soon be feeling hers. Just as the wizard had said, the spell enveloped him the second he stepped out of the store. It took every ounce of his will power to stop himself from going to her. It wasn't until after dinner that he felt the desire dissipate.

Bart went over to his dresser, and picked up one of the rings. He looked at it closely for a second and then slipped it on. Almost immediately, he felt drowsy and needed to sleep. Usually, Bart slept in the nude...tonight, was no different.


Lisa had been tossing and turning in bed. All night her mind was going in directions she never ever imagined before. Why was she thinking of that new girl, Tara Seavers...and why was she thinking of her in a way that made her blush? Lisa stripped her teddy and panties off. Maybe being naked would help her sleep. She felt 'hot'. When she closed her eyes, she envisioned
Tara. Lisa let her hands roam over her body, and finally down to her vagina...her thumb and a couple of her fingers found her clit. Lisa's mind vividly pictured Tara laying beside her naked.

Lisa tried shaking the picture out of her mind, but it didn't help. Tara's sex stared at her in all its glistening beauty, and Lisa responded with even a greater desire. Lisa's free hand played with her huge tits, alternating back and forth, while her mind pictured Tara bring her mouth up and bite one of her nipples. Lisa gasped as a rush of pleasure flooded her groin. Lisa continued its ministrations on her clit, while her mind saw Tara use her tongue. "Unngghhhh." Lisa squeezed her thighs together, tight, trying to make her orgasm last.

Lisa felt the tears slowly come down the sides of her cheeks. Despite the orgasm, she felt an emptiness without Tara. Lisa didn't want to go back to playing with her clit, but her hunger for sexual satiation overruled her mind. Soon her cries of sadness, turned to cries of passion. Lisa finally fell asleep with three fingers buried deep inside herself.


Bart woke up slowly, not even opening his eyes. He was curled up in a fetal position and reached down with his hand to scratch his groin area. The difference in his pubic hair and the lack of his male genitals didn't even register. When he turned over, he noticed a heaviness on his chest.

This however, did register. He opened his eyes in confusion.

"Oh My God!" Bart screamed in a feminine voice! "Oh my god!" he again cried out, realizing his feminine voice.

Bart cupped both breasts with his new feminine hands...and squeezed. They were huge! He quickly shot his right hand down to his crotch again...nothing! Just a...a...female vagina! Bart sprung up off the bed and the quickness made his new huge tits bounce and jiggle around while his long blond hair whipped around in front of his face. He looked down at his female nudity and couldn't believe what he saw. He ran over to the mirror and again was shocked! He wasn't just any girl...he was TARA! "Oh My God!"

Bart walked over to his dresser and started looking through his drawers. What would he wear?  How would he get to where he needed to go? Bart had to think. Was this permanent? It better not be, and decided he wouldn't dwell on that. He then went over to his closet and threw on his bathrobe. He looked into the mirror. He had to admit, Tara's body looked spectacular in his bathrobe. He slowly opened the door and peaked down the hallway. No sign of his Mother.

Bart pranced down the hallway to the phone. Quickly he called Lisa.

"Hello." said Lisa's mother.

" Mrs. Templeton...can I speak with Lisa?"

" is early. I think she's still sleeping."

"Could you please tell her its important...tell's calling."

"Alright...wait a second."

Bart was nervous while he waiting for Lisa. He kept on looking down the hallway at his Mom's room, praying she wouldn't wake up. How would he explain this, he wondered? He looked down to see his new female breasts poking out of his bathrobe. Now that he looked at them closer, they weren't as big as Lisa's...thank god he didn't have to deal with a set like those! While Bart waited, he envisioned Lisa's breasts...and then envisioned her completely naked, and felt himself getting horny. What a strange feeling he thought...female arousal. He used his free hand to reach down to his crotch...he was wet.

"TARA!" Lisa's voice rang out with excitement.

"Hi Lisa...have you been thinking about me?"

"Please Tara...I don't understand it, but I need to see you." pleaded the sweet voice on the other end.

"I know Lisa...listen, what I'm about to tell you will seem strange, but you have to trust me. I don't want you asking questions over the phone, so just do what I ask. Go over to Bart's and use the fire escape entrance. I'll be inside on his bed waiting for you. Trust me and do this."
"Why are you're with him, aren't you!?!"

"Lisa, behave yourself...I haven't slept with him and don't plan too. I want you, and only you...I just need you to meet me in Bart's room. Come now...don't even shower. I want you as you are.  Okay sweetie?"

"Okay...I...I...think I love you...please be there...I'll be right over." Lisa stammered, and then hung up the phone.

Bart suddenly heard some noise coming from his mother's room and he quickly ran down the hallway back to his room. His breasts bounced the whole way. The only thing he could do now was wait, so he went back over to the bed and laid there. He figured it would take Lisa about fifteen minutes to get here. Should he confide in Lisa? He thought about telling her everything,
but then thought against it. The trip to the SpellsRUs shop, the rings, how Tara used voodoo to break up their relationship, and the spell she was under at this very moment would send her right over the edge. Stuff like this only happened in Internet stories.


When Lisa came through his window, Bart was laying on top of his covers in his unwrapped bathrobe. He smiled when he saw her, and thought she was the loveliest sight in the world. He could tell by Lisa's eyes, that the spell Tara placed on her was working. Lisa had no idea he was inside Tara's body as she slowly approached the bed.

"Hi Lisa...join me." Bart said with a female giggle.

Bart couldn't believe how horny his Tara body was feeling. His eyes basked in the sight of his girl friend stripping out of her jogging suit, followed by her panties and sports bra. Bart's eyes lit up at Lisa's huge tits. He missed those the most during their brief break-up. Lisa quickly climbed on top of the bed and settled in between Bart's female legs. Lisa's mouth didn't waste time in finding Bart's clit and proceeded to lick and suck the wet juices inside his vagina. Bart didn't want to make noise in fear of his Mother hearing, but he found he had very little control over his female excitement. He ended up using a pillow to muffle his screams when he felt his first female orgasm.

As soon as Bart recovered from Lisa's tongue lashing, he repositioned himself in a sixty-nine.

Bart loved going down on Lisa when he was male, and felt even a greater excitement doing it as a female. When Bart dove in, he was quickly assaulted with a raunchy sweaty smell coming from her pussy. Instead of wanting Lisa to go shower, Bart found her smell work on him like an aphrodisiac, and he shoved his pretty nose and mouth down on her wet crotch. Lisa responded
with a whimper, as she thrashed and moaned with every stab of his tongue. Soon both of them cried out another orgasm, as they licked and lapped every drop of each other's come.

About an hour later, Bart finally broke the sated spell they were in; "Lisa...I have a ring here that I want you to will always show me how much you love me. It will be our sign...our bond."

He watched Lisa take the ring, and slip it on her finger. Moments later, Bart watched his girl friend begin a transformation...

Initially, Lisa was basking in the afterglow of sex, feeling too sated to really notice the changes going on...until of course, a flush of heat flooded her breasts. Lisa looked down at her chest and gasped. Were they getting smaller? Lisa loved her breasts, and she quickly grabbed them with both hands as if to stop their shrinking. It didn't help. "My tits...what's happening to them!?!"

Lisa looked at Tara, who only smiled in response. As the last of her breasts disappeared, Lisa then felt a movement in her hips...then a shifting around her buttocks. Everything grew tighter.  Lisa caught her hair strands also appear to shrink, as he shoulder length hair quickly became a page boy style. Her hands confirmed this...and while doing this, she noticed her arms. In fact, hair sprouted all over her body, especially around her now muscled defined chest. Then it 'hit'. The feeling was so intense, and centered down in her groin area. Lisa looked down and whispered.

"Oh my god."

Lisa felt and watched the shifting in her crotch. Within seconds she recognized a male penis and testicles form. She reached down to touch it, as the growth continued...the mere contact of her hand, sprung her new dick to life. Her eyes grew wide as her dick grew long and hard. "Oh my God!" she proclaimed louder, and this time in a male voice.

Lisa bounced off the bed and ran over to the mirror...her gaze lasted a few seconds before fainting.

Bart had quickly bounced off the bed to watch his girl friend's transformation. He stood stunned as he watched his girl friend alter shape and transform from a female to a male right before his very eyes. When the transformation was complete, he gaped at Lisa, who was now wearing his old body. How would Lisa react to this? Lisa then jumped off the bed and headed straight to the mirror, and Bart quickly moved up behind her. A mere second later, Lisa feinted and Bart was there to ease his old body down to the floor. Bart tried to move Lisa to the bed, but found it too difficult. Just then, Bart started to feel a strangeness envelope him. His last transformation happened while he was sleeping, so he wasn't familiar with the sensation...but he somehow knew he'd be changing. Bart moved in front of the mirror to watch.

Bart stood still in amazement! Tara's body shimmered right before his very eyes. The first sign of his new transformation was his breasts, as they began to grow. He took his female hands and cupped them, feeling a pleasure with the growth. In seconds, his breasts went from a handful and perky to huge. Then he felt himself grow slightly taller, and fill out in all the right places.

Where Tara's slim curvy body stood seconds before, now stood an amazon like body. Bart watched his long blond hair climb up his back to his shoulders, and turn darker. His sparkling blue eyes changed shape and turned to a dark brown. The final transformation was his face itself, as he watched his Tara face become Lisa's face. He was now Lisa! Then the other feeling flooded his being, and he gasped at the intensity...

The intense feeling flooded his new body with a painful arousal. Much more than he had to deal with when he was in his male body. He recognized it immediately, having to live under a much smaller version of the spell. His Lisa body was under the effects of Tara's spell.

Bart knew he'd have to hurry. First, he took advantage of Lisa's much stronger body to pick up his old body and placed Lisa on the bed. As he laid her down, he couldn't help notice his old erection poking up at him. He quickly threw the sheet over it. How long would Lisa sleep? Bart knew what he had to do...didn't understand why, he just knew. The only one that could possibly get close enough to her would be Lisa. He'd have to hurry before Tara's spell made it impossible to rationalize.

Bart threw on Lisa's sports bra first, encasing his new set. They were beautiful, but at the moment, Bart wished he didn't have them. He reached down and put on Lisa's dirty panties, followed by her stinky jogging suit. His arousal was climbing by the second, and he quickly exited the same why Lisa had come in.

Tara stretched and yawned, feeling spectacular. She reached down and woke up the pretty brunette, who was sleeping between her legs.

"Tina...wake up honey. You need to leave."

The girl woke up, and after realizing what Tara had said, she pouted. Tara loved that look and debated whether or not that was the reason she cast a spell on her in the first place. Of course, Tina was no longer under a spell. It had been lifted several weeks ago. Nonetheless, this cute college girl, who had been a closet lesbian, begged Tara to let her continue seeing her. Tara found
Tina adorable and decided to keep her. What was it about this girl that captivated her so much?

Tara watched the cute girl slip on her panties and jeans. She was way to small to need a bra, and when she put on her tight halter top, it almost rendered her tits non existent. Maybe it was Tina's short page boy haircut? Maybe it was her cute waitress outfit she wore the first night she spotted her? Tara really couldn't pin it down...but she was happy to have her as a pet.

Tara's mind then wandered to her new trinket...Lisa. The spell should have her squirming with passion about now. She would call her. Tina interrupted her thoughts to kiss her goodbye. Her lips were soft. Maybe it was her lips? Tara told her that she'd call her next week sometime. The girl's eyes misted up...but such was life.

Bart couldn't believe how difficult it was to sprint in Lisa's body, and it wasn't because Lisa was out of shape. In fact, Lisa's body was in great shape. It was due to Lisa's tremendous breasts! The sports bra did very little as his new breasts bounced and jiggled with every sprint forward. He concluded that girls paid a big price for having huge breasts.

Bart wasn't sure how he knew Tara's address, but like everything else during this ordeal, he just seemed to know. Ten minutes later, Bart stood outside Tara's apartment door. He felt his female vagina lubricating being this close to Tara. He was about to knock loudly, but changed his mind.

He felt a sudden fear of upsetting her. Bart tapped on the door.

Tara thought maybe Tina had forgotten something when she heard the knock. She yelled it was open and in walked Lisa Templeton.

"Lisa! What a did you find me?"

"I...I...need you...please don't make me go. I..." Lisa stammered, not sounding at all like the confident amazon girl she was reputed to be.

Tara walked up to the girl. She looked a mess...with the sweat dripping off her body. "What a mess! You stink! How dare you come to me looking like this! Get out of those clothes, now!"

Tara loved the fear she saw in Lisa's eyes. The girl was quite a sight as she quickly stripped out of her jogging suit, bra and panties. The clothes pooled around her feet in a heap. Lisa stood naked awaiting further instructions.

"Go in the bathroom now and take a shower...take your time and make sure you clean yourself real good...especially down there." Tara said while pointing to her crotch.

Lisa replied in a soft voice; "okay..."

Tara went over to the heap of clothes in the middle of the floor. God, they stunk. As she went to lift them up, she heard a 'ting' hit the floor. Tara then saw the glint of gold. She reached down and picked up the object was a ring. Was this Lisa's? Was this intended for her? Tara slipped the ring on to see how it looked on her and in the next instant, she felt a strange disorientation.  'Wha...what's happening to me?' Tara's dizziness forced her to the couch. When she looked down at her body, she noticed how her nightgown appeared larger for some reason. She peaked inside her gown. 'My tits! They're shrinking.' she screamed to herself. Although she wasn't wearing a bra at the moment, she figured that she had shrunk a whole cup size. Tara ran over to the mirror, and as she ran, she felt how loose her panties felt. Tara gazed in the mirror for a second before stripping off her gown. Her panties followed, and then she screamed.

Bart felt something give in him, and it made him gasp. Something was happening. He heard a scream come from the next room, and jumped out of the shower. Bart's gorgeous female form was dripping wet and completely naked, but it didn't stop him from running out to see what happened. Standing before him was Tara...and in the process of changing.

Bart quickly realized what was happening. Tara was age regressing. At the moment, she couldn't have been much older than twelve, and getting younger by the minute. Bart looked down to Tara's hand. The ring glowed and Bart smiled. Tara had taken the bait...just as he somehow knew she would. Good thing, because the second he entered the apartment, he had felt powerless to do anything other than what Tara told him to do.

Bart gave Tara space as the girl continued to age regress. When Tara appeared no more than ten, she started crying. Bart went over and hugged the girl against his huge breasts. He wondered when the age regression would stop. Or would it stop? He looked down at the Tara, who had now lost all her pubic hair and her breasts were no more than little bumps with nipples. The girl's crying subsided a little as Bart continued hugging her. As he did this, he started to feel a tingling spread throughout his body...he knew the feeling. He was changing again...but to what?!?

Bart now gazed at himself in the mirror. His image shimmered and soon he felt some shrinking.  Not too much, but enough to notice that he no longer carried the same vivaciousness as Lisa's body possessed. Bart looked into his eyes, and watched them turn blue. His shoulder length dark hair grew down past his shoulders and turned blond. His face turned from Lisa's into Tara's. The transformation was complete. Bart then felt something not quite right and looked down at his breasts. His eyes lit up; "What!" His breasts remained the same size. Tara didn't have breasts this big? Lisa's breasts on Tara's body!?! Why?!?

Bart turned to Tara, and saw the girl looking at him in confusion. Then little Tara smiled, and yelled; "Mommy"! Bart was a bit surprised, but welcomed the now toddler anyway. He stroked her long blond hair in a comforting manner, while softly stating; "everything is going to be alright, Tara."

Bart saw the ring on the child's finger and thought that maybe he should break the spell by taking the ring off...but remembered the warning. Bart watched as Tara regressed further. She looked about two. Bart then felt something shift in his own body. What? He had just transformed, why would he be doing it again. His huge breasts seemed to feel heavier. His nipples felt really
sensitive. Bart didn't notice a drop of milk form on each nipple, because his attention was drawn to the shifting he felt around his hips and buttocks...they were getting bigger! Bart then felt a strange compulsion to lay down...and then spread his legs, while lifting his knees up. Tara was an infant now, and somehow managed to crawl between his legs. It didn't even dawn on him that an infant wouldn't normally be able to crawl. Bart felt baby Tara poke at the entrance of his female vagina, and then he passed out.

Lisa wasn't sure what woke her. She smiled. A dream? NOT! Lisa reached her right hand down and cupped her balls...then wrapped her male hand around an erection that wouldn't quit!  Lisa felt a flush of pleasure, mixed with some fear. God was she horny! She couldn't help tug at her new pole and the sensation was heaven. She had stroked Bart's dick a few times during their relationship, and now that she was doing it to herself, she understood why he didn't ask for it to be done. Lisa had been doing it all wrong before...this way felt much, much better. While Lisa stroked her throbbing erection, she wondered what was going on...but the thought didn't seem to alarm her.

Two things happened at the same time...and Lisa turned red with embarrassment. Just as she stroked her dick to an humongous orgasm, which spurted globs of come all over her male chest and face. In walked Tara from the fire escape entrance. Tara witnessed the whole thing!

"Well, well, well...I see one of us in enjoying this switch of bodies." Commented Bart.

"Tara? Bart?" Lisa replied, not realizing she was still holding her dick. Then Lisa noticed Tara's breasts and she exclaimed; "How did you get so huge!"

"'s me, Bart...Inside Tara's body, and that isn't the only thing inside my body, which will answer why I'm so huge." Lisa saw Bart look closely at the position she was in. He then added;  "So, how did you enjoy masturbating with my body?"

Lisa blushed and used the bed sheet to wipe herself. While she was doing this, she didn't realize that Bart was beginning to take off his clothes. When Lisa turned her attention back up to Bart, she was startled to see a naked Tara standing before her. "I want you to see this for yourself."

"Oh my god!" Lisa gasped. "You're..."PREGNANT!"

"Correction...You're pregnant. As sexy as Tara's body is, I'm looking forward to getting my old body back...and I'm sorry I got you knocked up. I'd say you're about three months along."

"What do you mean, I'm pregnant? I'm Lisa, not Tara! What do you mean!?!...and how did you get pregnant in the first place?!?" Lisa responded with alarm.

Bart stated; "Tara age regressed from a seventeen year old to an infant, and in the meantime, I was transformed from your body to Tara's seventeen year old body. Then, don't ask me how, little Tara climbed into my new body and then into a womb that formed inside of me. I passed out, so I missed my reverse pregnancy. When I woke, I saw I was three months pregnant."

"You mean...Tara's inside of you?!?"

"Yep, but in a few minutes, she'll be inside of you. We're going to go through a final transformation. It's only right. You're the female, and that is my body you're wearing. Well, you understand, right?"

"NO! I don't think so! Where's my body?" Lisa responded. She didn't like this at all! Then she felt a sudden panic. Whatever was going to happen, she had to stop it. Lisa looked down at the ring. It was the ring...that had to be the answer! When it began to glow, Lisa quickly reached down and yanked it off...

"NO!" yelled Bart as he rushed to stop Lisa. Too late. He saw the ring in Lisa's open palm.

"Why?" he asked Lisa, with tears forming in his sparkling blue eyes. Then they both watched as Lisa's ring disappeared. Bart looked down at his own ring, and that, too, disappeared.

"It's over...we're stuck." stated Bart in a defeated tone.

"Wh...what do you mean, stuck?" Asked Lisa, inside of Bart's body.

Bart felt his new female hormones flood his system, and he began to cry; "I'm a pregnant Tara...and you're me. I'll be delivering a baby...a baby girl named Tara. Why did you do this to me?"

Lisa stared at Bart...wait! She was Bart! She had to start getting used to that. Lisa went over to hug Tara...yes, how could a girl this lovely be Bart. Impossible. While Lisa hugged the beautiful pregnant Tara, who continued to cry, Lisa felt arousal at the contact of their naked bodies. Lisa looked down at herself and smiled...she was getting hard. Correction...he was getting hard. Lisa led Tara over to the bed, and laid her down. God, Tara was very beautiful. Lisa climbed on the bed, opening Tara's legs. The sobbing girl looked up at her confused. Lisa wanted to make sure the pregnant girl was ready, so Lisa used her fingers to play with Tara's pussy. In seconds, Tara was moaning. Lisa now understood why Bart was so impatient sometimes...her erection throbbed with anticipation. Lisa then moved herself up against Tara, and felt a tight friction as she entered the girl...what a feeling! The desire to pump in and out of Tara overwhelmed Lisa, as she proceeded to fuck the girl underneath her.

"Tara you..." Lisa stammered, while continuing her thrusts.

"I...I...never knew...god...never knew it felt this good....this good for you...." responded Tara's, while moaning.


Bart woke first. His felt a soreness, and then a feeling of nauseousness. Morning sickness! Bart slowly got up out of bed, with his newly enlarged tits swaying up and down.

"What's a matter, sweetie?" his old voice asked from the bed.

"I...I feel like I have to throw up." replied his soft female voice.

"Hurry up and come back...I'm horny."  stated Lisa.

Bart turned to notice his old dick growing an erection.  He then looked down at his own body and smiled.  Maybe this won't be so bad after all, feeling arousal.

The End

Author's Note:  This story went through many rewrites before completing.  I trust you found it as unpredictably enjoyable as I did when writing it!

Hi...  The story you are about to read was written by Laura Jean and JR Parz.  Some of this story involves sex, and you really must be eighteen to read it.  If this type of story offends you or you are not legally old enough to read it.  Please don't.
"Serena - Teen Witch, Meets A Vampire"
by Laura Jean and JR Parz

I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Serena...and I'm a witch.  No, not the kind of witch who worships the elements, or practices wicca.  I'm not that type of witch.  Hmmm.  Let's see...  I guess you could call me a witch who can really cast spells.  Spells that work.

You wouldn't know it by looking at me.  I kind of blend in with the rest of you humans.  I eat, drink, and sleep.  Just like you do.  When I fly, it's as a passenger on a plane, and not on a broom.  If you don't believe me, you're really not going to believe me now.  I'm nearly two hundred years old.  Relax, I don't look that old.  In fact, I physically turned fifteen last July.

Confused?  I understand...  Where should I start?  Well, I guess everything stems from a Halloween Party I attended eleven years ago.  I just love Halloween Parties...

Hang Mom is calling me...

Okay, I am back.

My Mom wanted to remind me that Sabrina is on tonight, and it's a Halloween Special.  There's something about that show I really like.  Hmmm.  <lol>  I think every girl in the world with the name Sabrina or Serena gets teased about being a witch...  If they only knew.  Anyway, in my family we all sit around the television to watch the show.  What's that?  Oh...  I am the only witch in my family, and they haven't a clue.

Did I mention it's Halloween in a couple of days?  I've been, like, invited to a really kewl party.  A couple of my girlfriends are trying to set me up with Darren.  He's in my Math class and really cute...but I have my sights on someone else.  I'll get to that later, kay.  Anyway, Halloween night is a very special night for me.  It was midnight on this date, exactly two hundred years ago, when I was conceived.  In fact, it's the only night of the year a witch can get pregnant.  It certainly makes for some interesting parties.  Well, on a certain Halloween night there was another significant event, and like I said, this happened eleven years ago.  I'm reminded of it several times a day...  It's hard not to when I look in the mirror.  No, I'm not fact, I'm a very pretty girl.  I mean, really pretty.

You may find this hard to believe, but eleven years ago, I was a healthy beautiful twenty-eight year old.  I stood about 5'8" and weighed about 125lbs, very firm and very curvy.  My most prominent feature were my tits.  They were the product of my real Mom and a growth spell.  Plus, many hours before a mirror perfecting them thanks to a shaping spell.  If I were to wear a bra
back then, I probably would have needed a 35EE cup.  I was quite the beauty back then.

Anyway, I guess I should get going with what happened to me.  First, let me explain some facts.  In order for a witch, or a warlock, to stay young and beautiful, they must steal 'age' from a human.  I know this sounds mean, but in most cases, you humans don't even realize it's happening.  Hmmm.  Okay, did you ever notice how some people look much older than others but according to their birth certificates, they're the same age?  For example, some of these models you see on
television.  You know the kind...  They're fourteen years old and look twenty.  Trust me.  They've been tampered with.

You will be happy to hear that the nicer witches outnumber the evil ones.  So, when a nice witch steals "age", they usually steal a little at a time.  The victim never knows it.  Incidentally, if you haven't already figured it out, I'm a nice witch...and I've never intentionally stolen more than three months from the same human.  Evil witches are another matter and can be very dangerous.
I recommend you stay clear of them, but chances are, you wouldn't know one if you met one.  If they did do something to you, they'd probably cover their tracks.  You know...memory loss.

Just to shine some light on how serious stealing age can be, let me share a very sad story with you.  It happened about thirty or forty years ago.  I'm sorry, when you lived as long as I have, trying to pinpoint a time frame is difficult.  What I do remember is my cover, because I enjoyed some of my most memorable...ah...experiences.  I remember being physically twenty years old and portraying myself as a rich college girl.  I learned later of how prestigious this college is, and I laugh now at my own motive for attending.  You see, this particular institution is exclusively for females.  Well, at least it was back then.

I remember renting a small house in a quaint little suburban area.  I even grew a friendship with my neighbors, a young couple and their daughter.  Their little girl would always stop by and visit me after school.  I loved listening to her talk.  She was so adorable and would say some of the silliest things.

Anyway, just to stay in the loop of my true nature, I would occasionally attend a Coven party.  It was at this party that I toyed around with a warlock.  The guy was a creep, and had a reputation for playing the witches.  I thought it was about time someone paid him back in spades.  I knew he wouldn't try any spells on me.  It was against the code, and I seriously doubt he could outlast my powers anyway.  Well, by the end of the party, the warlock found out he wasn't getting any, and he became very belligerent.

One Friday afternoon, he showed up unexpected.  I was shocked.  He said that he decided to forgive me and was surprising me with a weekend getaway.  Of course, I told him I wasn't interested.  I remember thinking; doesn't he get the hint?  Anyway, I told him that what I considered him doing was harassment, and I threatened him with a formal complaint to the Warlock & Witches Council.  Well, it only made him angrier.  He kept on saying that he didn't understand how I could refuse him...  If you hadn't realized it by now...I'm a lesbian.  Well, at least I was one.  What?  You didn't know witches could be lesbians?  I guess you wouldn't believe me if I told you I forgot to mention the lesbian part to the warlock?  <lol>  Let me explain something...  Even if I were into men then, he would not have had a chance.  He was a creep.  Anyway, the warlock starts harping on our age difference.  His body is that of a man in his mid thirties, so he asks me if I prefer my men younger.  I ignore him and quietly ask him to leave.  Then the sad part.  It was about this time that my little friend came through the door.  Stealing 'age' doesn't take long.  It can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.  Well, no sooner had the warlock mentioned the age difference, he spotted the girl and grabbed her arm.  Before I had time to react, the 'age' transformation spell stole the girl's childhood.  I stood there in utter shock.  How could anybody do this to a little girl!?!  I looked at the warlock, who was now wearing his
body of early twenties.  Then I looked back to the little girl, who was no longer little.  In fact, the girl was now a very beautiful young woman.  She stood there near naked, with her child's clothes in shreds...some of it still hanging off of her.

I think her name was Christina.  Anyway, Christina had age progressed to a pretty young woman of maybe nineteen or twenty...but mentally, she was still a child!  Once a witch or a warlock performs an 'age' transformation spell, it's final.  At least to the best of my knowledge.  Christina started crying and I led her over to the couch.  I quickly placed her under a sleep spell and then turned to the warlock.  He stood there thinking he was god's gift to woman.  I remembering calling him a huge jerk and a bunch of other names.  I wanted in the worst way to cast a curse on him, but before I had time to react, he told me to go fuck myself and then disappeared.

So, here I was, faced with a ten year old girl inside the physical body of a twenty year old.  I kneeled down beside Christina and cried.  It was all my fault.  Ten years of this girl's life was gone and she'd never get it back.  How was I going to explain this to her...and her parents.  How was Christina going to adapt?  As all these things ran through my mind, I kept on staring at the girl and I feel ashamed to admit it, but started feeling aroused.  The girl's twenty year old body was breath-taking.  She looked so sweet and obviously innocent.  Please don't think the worse of me.  Try and understand.  A young, innocent woman...incredibly beautiful...Naked and asleep on my couch...  I would have given anything to make love to her.  Well, I restrained myself.  I didn't go there.  Oh, I wanted too...but I didn't!  Instead...  I spent the rest of that day and night casting a
slue of spells.  I did what was best for all three of them.  Yes, the parents included.  What I did is another story, and I need to get going with the one I started.

Like I had mention earlier, at twenty-eight years of physical age, I'm a knock out.  Believe me when I say I draw my share of attention.  My hair is blonde and I keep it long...Down to my ass.  It tickles when it brushes across my cheeks.  Please...  Hold the Blonde jokes.  Anyway, here I am at this party, thinking that I was all that and I had no idea what was in store for me.

I love Halloween parties.  Always have...and despite this experience...  I always will.  I love the fact that people dress up in costumes and hide their inhibitions underneath their mask.  I myself tend to be more daring myself.  My costume is the one I always wear...  A human's version of a sexy witch.  You know the kind.  Black short skirt, black top, black sexy hat, and blond hair.  If you still can't picture it, there's an old television series I've seen on "Nick" called 'Bewitched'.  Remember the beginning where an animated blonde witch is flying around on a broom.  That's what I look like!  Well, not exactly.  My long blonde hair comes down to my ass and my tits were incredible!  The black outfit I wore hugged my tits, along with the rest of my curvaceous figure.  I looked *hot* and I was attracting all kinds of attention.
Tonight, I was out on the prowl...  Feeling really raunchy and horny.  In my two hundred years, most of my sexual relationships lasted a week here, and a week there.  In all my years, there was only one girl, Cassandra North, who shared my bed for a longer period...but Cassandra's another story, so I'll save that for a different time.  Anyway, as my eyes roamed the room, I settled on a cute young girl dressed as Super Girl.  Next move... My favorite part...the seduction.

Most of the girls I seduce are virgin to female sex.  There isn't anything more sexy and arousing to me than seducing innocence.  I love taking a heterosexual lovely and eliciting a sexual response from her.  The confusion on the girl's face, as she squirms with desire for me, is priceless.  The girl I selected this night, looked college age...maybe.  Petite, and long auburn hair.  She looked
very sexy in her mini and cape.  If I remember correctly, I think her name was Lisa.  Well, I know it started with an 'L'.  Everything about her was perfect except for her tits.  Based on how much time I spent perfecting my own, you shouldn't be surprised I'm a breast girl, myself.  Lisa's tits were way to small.  I decided to place a growth spell on them.  I even played with the idea of making them grow during the party, but decided I didn't want to embarrass her.

It didn't take but a few minor spells before Lisa felt a compulsion to start talking with me.  Lisa and her roommate were here as friends of the host.  I crashed the party, so I had no idea who the host was.  Both girls attended the local college.  Lisa told me her friend was dressed as Bat Girl, but when she went to point her out, she couldn't find her.  I don't think I saw her that night
because I can't recall seeing a Bat Girl...  If she looked anything like Super Girl, I probably would have wanted to seduce both the female heroines!

As Lisa and I talked about various likes and interests, I decided to place one of my favorite spells on her.  Just to let you know, there are over one hundred different spells to choose from when you want to seduce a girl.  My favorite is the plain, old fashioned, arousal spell.  Now, I have a feeling I know what you're thinking...  Why would a girl who looks like me, need to resort to a love spell?  Excuse me.  Hello.  The girl I'm seducing is heterosexual.  Just because I'm a knockout doesn't mean a heterosexual girl is ready to start licking me all over.  Yes, even pretty witches sometimes resort to witchcraft.  The arousal spell I use transmits a stronger version of my own arousal inside my target.  Simply put, the hornier I become for the girl, the hornier the girl becomes for me.

While I talked to Lisa, I placed a time delayed growth spell on her little titties.  I'm usually pretty good at measurements.  I decided to go with an increase of three full cup sizes and two inches.  I wasn't completely sure what size bra she was wearing underneath her tight blue costume, but I guessed her to be a 32"A".  The spell would activate the second she slips her bra off.  Lisa would grow from her present 32"A" to a much nicer 34"D".  I also put a sensitivity spell on them which would make any stimulation to her nipples tickle her clit as well.

Well, it wasn't to long before Lisa started fidgeting.  She mentioned a couple of times how hot it was and couldn't keep her hands off herself, while stealing glances at my breasts.  I couldn't wait till I could get her alone, and was about to invite her upstairs when I noticed *him*.

The man walked like he owned the place...  At first my eyes were glued to his body.  His presence just seemed to be so powerful.  My eyes then moved up to his face, and the second our eyes met, I felt a strange tug inside my mind.  Right there the alarms should have gone off, but for whatever reason, I didn't even question the feeling.

I'm not sure how I was able to look away, but I did.  I turned back to Lisa, and saw that she was ready.  Her eyes were glazed over with passion and she was having trouble breathing.  Hell, I could even smell her arousal.  I reached over real close to her and whispered in her ear that we should go upstairs.  As I did this, I circled my right hand underneath her sexy mini skirt and
pressed my middle and index finger against her pussy...she gasped, then blushed, and leaned her ass into my fingers for deeper penetration.  Lisa whispered; "yes".

As I was about to lead the way, the man that so captivated me a few moments ago, stood in front of me...  He then turned to Lisa and smiled.  Lisa responded the same way.  I couldn't help really scrutinize him as his attention was on Lisa.  He oozed virility...  He was on the tall side and wore an all black outfit.  I think he was trying to pass himself off as a vampire, but I felt he failed miserably.  I was about to tell him that he was intruding on something private between me and Lisa, when Lisa turned to me;  "I have to go home."

Impossible!  I could still tell Lisa was horny for me!  She was putty in my hands only seconds ago...  Did she really have the will to resist my arousal spell?  I was about to throw a "get lost" spell on this man when he caught me with those damn eyes again.  As I stared straight into them, Lisa walked away...but I no longer cared.

The man started making small talk with me, and I felt compelled to respond.  Strangely enough, I even found I was enjoying our conversation.  As I talked, I felt a sexual tension thicken the air.  I thought it was left over from wasn't.

I'm not sure how the topic landed on immortality, but it did.  It has always been my stand that warlocks and witches should not be classified as immortal.  I say this because we have to steal *age* in order to stay young.  I've had my share of debates on this subject, and they often end up in heated arguments.  This guy was no different, and his smug smile told me he wasn't taking me seriously.  I was getting really pissed.

"Witches can die of old age...just like humans.  That in itself proves their mortality."  I stated adamantly.

"Witches choose themselves whether to live or die.  Only immortals have this choice."  replied the man.

"No, you're wrong...witches need to steal their youth in order to survive.  How can you be so ignorant and what makes you such an authority?"

The man's eyes lit up for a brief second and lost its smile;  "Sounds to me like you've had this argument before...  Maybe if you were less a bitch and more a witch, you'd be as attractive on the inside, as you are on the outside."

I was fuming!  Who the hell did this guy think he was and how dare he call me a bitch!  I was about to let him have it when he simply stared at me.  Again, his eyes...  Big, beautiful, dark, deep, and gorgeous...  I wasn't aware of what he was doing until it was too late.  I felt the tugging of my will and then a scary falling sensation.  I realized then that I was totally hypnotized...and
powerless to do anything about it.  Oh, I tried to break eye contact.  I simply couldn't.  When I tried to say something.  I couldn't.  Not until he asked me a question;  "What's your name, mean witch.  Your true age?"

"Serena Templer...  I'm one hundred eighty-eight."

"You're very pretty for one this old...must be your *immortality* that keeps you looking so young.  <he laughed> Wouldn't you say this is an accurate and true statement?"

"I...I...yes."  I couldn't help it.  He was mentally forcing me to admit I was wrong about my definition of immortality.  I turned red with shame.

"But then again...I could easily kill you.  <I felt fear but stood still>  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Michael Anthony Lexington...and I'm what you would consider a vampire.  Not your every day, run of the mill, vampire.  I'm an ancient vampire that has been undead for over one thousand years.  Follow me, witch."

I found myself following the vampire as he led the way through a crowd and finally out the back door.  When we were outside, we went another fifty feet until we were alone.  We stopped next to a black limo parked on the side of the street.  It was obviously his.

"Tell me my pretty little witch...Have you ever made it with a vampire before?"

"Yes...a vampiress by the name of Cassandra...we were lovers for a decade."

The vampire smiled at me.  "The only Cassandra I'm aware of comes from a different clan, but I do know her...  Were you always a lesbian witch or did Cassandra turn you into one?"

"I...I...I don't can she turn me into one?  I've always been a lesbian...I think."

The vampire smiled again.  "She could have changed your sexual preference as easy as drinking your blood.  You witches are as helpless as humans sometimes.  Have you ever been with a male before?"

"No...well, not really."


"I...I had sex when I was real young...with a boy.  He got me drunk and took advantage of me."

The vampire chuckled at this;  "So, why didn't your witchcraft to protect you?"

"I was too young..."

The vampire smiled.  "I see...well, what did you do to him when you turned sixteen?"

"I cursed him to only feel sexual arousal through the act of masturbation."
"How interesting..."

I stood there like a statue as the vampire slowly approached me.  When he stood inches from me, he brought his hands up to cup my chin.  I'm not small, and usually I don't have to look that far up at someone, but with him, I had to look up.  In fact, I felt very small...weak, too.  When his hand cupped my chin, the contact shot a very intense feeling through me.  Desire.  Sexual desire.  Something I've never felt before when it came to a man.  Slowly he brought my mouth forward to meet his, and in that instant, I wanted him more than anyone else in my entire life.  I was so filled with need.  A *hot* need.  I remember my huge breasts heaving up and down with every breath.  I remember feeling the wetness between my legs.  Never in my life had I wanted anyone more than I did this vampire...not even Cassandra compared.  If the vampire wanted my neck, I would have begged for him to drink from me.  As he kissed me, I kissed back harder and with more passion than ever before.  I blush even now at the memory...  Did I mention he left me a vivid recollection of our entire experience?  My only thought at that moment was how desperately I wanted him.  Not to make love...but to just outright fuck.

He broke away, leaving me gasping.  My eyes pleaded for more.  I had no control over my body's movements, otherwise I would have wanted to rape him!  I just stood there...breathing real hard.

"Tell me Serena...what would you like more than anything right now?"

"I...I...want you to...fuck me."

"Strip for me...slowly."

The fact that we were outside didn't faze me.  All I remember caring about was undressing.  I looked down at my witch outfit, and felt it was all of a sudden, choking me.  I would be much sexier without the costume on.  Nothing else mattered but to get out of the costume, except that I had to do it slowly.  This was hard.  I forced myself to go slower than I would have preferred.  I remembered smiling the whole time.  I made the act of stripping a whole minute.  Now, I stood before the vampire completely naked.  Horny, and with my eyes begging him to fuck me.

"You still want to be fucked, Serena?"

"Yesssssss.  Pleeaaaassssssseee"

"Go ahead and lean yourself over the hood of the limo...I'm going to give you a taste of what you've been missing all these years."

I went over to the hood and assumed his instructed position.  With every step the vampire made towards me I felt myself getting hotter, and hotter.  Waves and waves of arousal washed over me as he neared.  I heard the zipper of his pants and would have giggled if permitted.  Then the penetration...  Never in my 200 years had I felt more pleasure than with his first thrust into my dripping hot cunt.  I cried out in ecstasy as the vampire filled me and I cried in fear with each backward movement...  Fearful that he may stop.  I know I was loud, but I couldn't help it...he must have allowed me to proclaim my passion, because each scream came naturally.  If someone was outside in a couple block radius, they would have heard me.  By the time he was done, I had lost count of the orgasms and passed out.
I'm not sure how long I was out, but I woke up still leaned over the hood of the limo.  I must have looked a sight with my legs spread eagled and my naked ass on display.  I also remember how sated I felt.  The magnitude of my predicament quickly sobered me up, but when I tried moving, I still found myself immobile.  Then I heard the vampire tell me to turn around.  I did.  As I turned, I noted the soreness inside my pussy.  He smiled as if he knew what I was thinking.  Was this a reminder of my first true fuck?

When I realized the vampire's zipper was back up, I felt a rush of disappointment.  Apparently, he was done fucking me.  It was about this time when I noticed two teenagers standing by the side.  A boy and a girl, who didn't look much older than fifteen or sixteen.  My first thought was to cover my nudity, but my arms remained at my sides and my sexy costume remained on the ground by my feet.

"Serena.  I must tell you.  That was one of the finer fucks I've had in a very long time.  You were not only *hot*, but *tight*."

I blushed at his comment, but also felt a little proud...I have no idea why?

"Now, let me introduce you to Jeremy and Connie.  My chauffeur selected them.  He found them while you were taking a nap.  You've been sleeping in that position for more than an hour.  I'll tell you this much, both Jeremy and Connie couldn't get over how erotic you looked in that position.  Yes, even Connie, who never looked at another girl in that manner until she looked at you...  There's another thing that the three of us did while you were taking your nap...  We talked about the future.  Your future, their future, and how you will all be one happy family."

I just stood there wondering.  What was he up to?  More sex?  It was feint, but I felt it.  Arousal.

"It seems these two are merely friends.  The boy has always had a secret desire for the girl, but she has never felt anything other than a friendship for him.  They're both virgins.  Apparently, she has a boyfriend...  She has thought about losing her virginity to her boyfriend, but hasn't yet allowed it."

I watched the Vampire walk over to the boy and girl, and stand directly in front of them.  Both kids faced forward, apparently in a trance.  The vampire continued;  "I have plans for them...and you.  First, though, let me make some adjustments in them."  The vampire stood silent, alternating his gaze back and forth between them.  It seemed like a long time, but it was probably less than a minute.  I only did what I was allowed to

"All set with the first phase.  When they come out of their trance, they will have a real passion and love for one another...and of course, the girl's sexual desire will be stronger, but yet in a passive sort of way.  This way Jeremy has the power to keep her in line.  Now, for your part."

The vampire walked back over to me;  "I could simply make you believe that you no longer want to live.  As a result you would grow old and die.  Don't worry, I have no intention of proving you right in our previous debate." <he laughed>  "So, what do I do?  How about I make you my own personal sex slave?  Based on your response a little while ago, you obviously enjoyed it.  I'm sure you would look incredible crawling on your hands and knees to me.  Begging me to make use of'd want it so much, that pretty little pussy of yours would be perpetually creaming."

I stood there, envisioning life as this vampire's sex slave and I could feel myself growing hotter.  I knew he was putting the image there, but I responded anyway.  My desire for this overwhelmed me, and my intellect took a back seat.
"Or I could provide you an opportunity to start over.  Of course, the big advantage of starting over is grooming you to be much more compliant.  Yes Serena, you'll be much more docile and passive...around everybody.  The way you should have been the first time around.  This way your big mouth won't take away from your beauty, like it did tonight."

I looked at him, not wanting to understand where he was going with this.

"You've also been much to focused on one type of sex.  Well, not no more.  This time around, you'll indulge in a variety.  Of course, you'll have to wait a spell before enjoying it."  <he laughed at his pun>  "I will leave your memories alone...especially tonight's.  I wouldn't want you forgetting our time together...every thrust of it."

If I could have looked alarmed, I would have.  I watched the vampire walk over to the boy and lead him over to me.  I still wasn't sure exactly what he had in mind and felt fear when I heard him tell the boy to strip.  Within seconds, the boy was completely naked.  He had an erection and I wondered if he was going to force the boy to have sex with me.  I tried moving, but still wasn't able until he instructed me to take the boy's hand.  I reached out my hand and did so.  The kid
must have been in "la la" land, because he didn't seem to notice that we were both completely naked...nor what he was doing.

"Alright Serena...take twelve years from him."

The command stunned me.  There was no thought to my action.  I just did it.  I couldn't refuse, because my body was a puppet, and he held the strings.  I performed the age transformation spell, and within seconds, the boy was no longer a boy.  He was a man.  In fact, a good looking man.  He looked mid to late twenties and possessed, at the moment, a huge erection.  I gasped at the sight, and felt arousal creep in between my legs.  I wanted him!  Then it *hit* me!   If the boy was
a man, that made me...

"Serena, you may look at yourself, but you cannot move your feet, nor talk above a whisper."

I quickly looked down at my body and cried.  What I saw, shocked me!  I was sixteen again!  During every age regression I performed on myself, I never ever went below the age of 21.  I was stunned.  I now had some baby fat added in with my curves.  My very beautiful adult body almost looked chubby at sixteen.  Actually, I was being too critical.  I looked a lot more like that actress Alicia Silverstone.  Yes, I was still great looking, but with enough baby fat around the edges to make me more *cute* than *beautiful*.  I felt heavier in my ass and hips, and for good reason.  I wanted to look behind me to check my ass out, but felt too embarrassed.  My breasts shrunk a little, but not a lot because of the growth spell I placed on them.  I dropped maybe a cup or two.  Now, I would probably be a 'D' cup.  My face would obviously give proof to the fact that I was sixteen.  Then another realization *hit* me.  Good thing he didn't go back any further.  If he had, I would have lost my witchcraft.

I looked back at the  Our age difference was reversed and I wanted him!  I looked down at his erection and the sexual desire flooding my body made me feel weak in the knees.  Only if I could move!  I wanted to be fucked by that big pole sticking straight out at me!

The vampire then walked over to the girl, and whispered something in her ears.  She too, proceeded to strip.  My mind was racing.  Why was he doing this?  Maybe a two on one?  She was a doll and with every article of clothing she took off, I found myself feeling more and more aroused.  Despite her young age...hell, we were physically the same age now.  I wanted them
both!  If he allowed it, I would have cried out with joy!

"Alright Serena...what I've done is give you a taste of what you will look like in about twelve years.  I've been kind enough to let you enjoy both sexes.  Instead of a lesbian, I've made you bisexual.  Now, take twelve years from Connie."

"NO!!!  You can't do this to me!"  I shouted in a whisper.  Again, without willing the movement of my hand, I reached over and took a hold of Connie's hand.  She, like the boy, had no idea what was happening.  I performed the age transformation spell, and within seconds, the girl was no longer a girl, but a woman.  God, what a beauty, too!  She even rivaled my previous form!  Her breasts grew from a 'B' cup to a 'DD' cup, and she had delicious curves in all the right places!  Her hair, which had been long to start with grew down to her very rounded and full buttocks, and WAIT!  As much as I appreciated her very beautiful body and looks, I noticed I felt NO...arousal.

I felt absolutely nothing for this lady and the thought baffled me.  Then I remembered why.  The vampire must have let me appreciate the girl's transformation before letting me dwell on....I started crying.  Really crying.  I was a child.  Actually more like a toddler.  Four years old if that.  No breasts!  No patch of er...nothing.  Just a little toddler.  "You...why!?!  Why make me little girl?!?"  My high pitched voice cried out.  I still maintained my intellect, and it was all me, but my words would not only sound like the little girl I looked like, but would also come out of my mouth worded like a little girl.

"To teach you respect, little witch...  Oh more witchcraft.  Not until you reach sixteen...  Almost twelve years from now!  Tell me Serena, what do you want right now?"

"I want my mommy."  I replied while sobbing.

"Remember Serena...never engage in a debate with a vampire.  Especially, one as old as me."

The vampire walked before the naked couple, and stared at them for a few moments.  Then he knelt down in front of me, and as I looked into his became so clear.  I could move again, and I ran over to the pretty lady and yelled;  "mommy...mommy." and into her arms.  The pretty lady hugged me tight and replied;  "Yes my precious Serena...what is it dear?."

"Can we go home...I sleepy...pleeeaassee."  I replied.

Well, I'm now fifteen...and three months.  In Nine more months I'll be a full fledged witch again!

I remember a lot more about my childhood this time.  Probably because I'm me just trapped in this child's body.  The vampire made Jeremy and Connie my parents.  They love each other...and as far as they're concerned, I'm their first child.

My Mom and Dad are constantly making love.  I hear them a lot.  My Mom is very loud.  They've been at it ever since that special Halloween night.  Incidentally, I have six younger sisters and another one on the way.  No brothers.  I remember the vampire telling them to have ten children, so my Mom has two more pregnancies to go...unless she has twins.

The vampire also did a few things to me.  I have a passive personality.  It's like I have this burning desire to please everyone and I feel weak during confrontations.  I've never been in an argument.  Some of the boys in school have picked up on my passiveness, and I even allowed a boy I went to the movies with, feel my tits.  I couldn't believe how horny I got.  Not because he attracted me so much, but because I felt so damn helpless while he was doing it.  I'm hoping I turn sixteen before the boys start really taking advantage of me.

This leads me to tell you about Jason and Jessica.  They're twins at my school, and they also turned fifteen last summer.  They look older than they are...and I'm almost tempted to believe a witch or warlock got a hold of them.  I'm constantly thinking of them.  Jason is really cute and Jessica is very pretty.  They're going to be at the Halloween Party I'm going to...I can't wait!

Like I said, childhood was a lot different this time around.  Much easier.  Modern technology is a little like makes life easier.  I also play soccer and that keeps me busy.  I'm pretty good at it and play the striker position.  The coach calls me her secret weapon...I think she has lesbian tendencies, because I catch her stealing glances at me.  She's attractive, and I have a feeling if she tried to seduce me, there would be very little resistance on my part.  I just hope I'm sixteen before she tries.

My breasts have been getting bigger lately.  Maybe I'm not ready for a 'C' cup, but it should be soon.  Of course, when I'm sixteen, I can simply make my tits as big and shapely as I want them to be.  Jessica's are already big.  I stole a glance at her bra size in the girl's locker room.  She's a 32"D".  It's hard for me not to look at her when we take showers.

Lately, I've been masturbating while fantasizing about the two of them doing me at the same time.  God!  They make me so horny.  I'm really looking forward to getting my powers back.  Right now, I'm only a casual friend of Jessica's, and Jason doesn't really give me the time of day...but that'll change.  Love spells are the easiest type of spell...nine more months.

Hang on...

My Mom is calling me...  Sabrina is on.  Don't you think Melissa Joan Hart is the bomb...  Yes, I have a crush on her.  Every time I watch the show, I think of how kewl it is being the real life version of the Teenage Witch...  Maybe when I regain my witchcraft, I'll go visit Melissa.  Oh...  I haven't seen Michael Lexington since that night...  You remember...the Vampire.  Maybe one day I'll meet him again.  God I hope so...  Talk to you later...kay.

The End...for now.