Swaps Start in Home



It was a Saturday noon when the 9-year-old Irene opened slowly the door of her mother's bedroom. In the bed were sleeping her mother Elaine next to her baby sister Wanda. "Good" smiled Irene.

Very quietly, she entered to search for the silver medallion left to her mother when grandmother passed away. Its bright caught Irene eyes ever since she looked at it 3 days ago.

"Here it is" whispered Irene taking the medallion from the chain and pulling it out from the drawer. She felt a strange itch in her fingers, like electricity. She hide it in her pocket and walked fast out of the room.

Rapidly, she went downstairs to the living room. She stood in front of the mirror and clasped the medallion around her neck. The medallion looked great over her orange dress. She did a ponytail with her hair to see the silver chain. "You look pretty Irene" she said extremely happy.

But her happiness didn't long when her 16-year-old sister Vicky entered the house. "What are you doing standing in front of the mirror?" she yelled.

"Nothing" said Irene sliding the medallion under her dress.

"Nothing uh? I think those dolls didn't come here by their own will, right?" said Vicky pointing at the dolls spread over the rug. "Better clean this place soon. My friends will be here in an hour and I don't want you around, got it? The last thing I want is that they you start to talk about ponies and dolls to them. You can be so immature sometimes" said Vicky in an arrogant voice.

"I will take them back to my room" said Irene picking up her stuff.

"Whatever. Just I don't want to see them when I return" said Vicky walking upstairs to her room.

"I don't know why my sister gets mad with me. I'm not a baby, but also I'm not a teenager. If I only were as mature as she is" said Irene picking her toys.

Then, the medallion glowed under her dress and Irene felt embarrassed for being caught playing with dolls. "What I was thinking?. I don't blame Vicky for excluding me from the meeting with her friends. Sometimes I acted so immature" sighed Irene undoing her ponytail..

In her way to her room, Irene passed near the bathroom. "What??" she exclaimed.

She couldn't believe what was she seeing. Inside the bathroom was Vicky combing her hair after taking a shower, but the reason for Irene exclamation was that her sister was completely naked. She had never see Vicky nude before.

"Come on Vicky, you are not a little girl. Grab a towel and cover yourself" said Irene.

Vicky shrugged her shoulders and tied a towel under her waist, leaving her round C-cup breasts uncovered.

"You are acting too childish Vicky. You know that your friends will be here soon, do you?"

"Yeah mom" played Vicky "I will do some sandwiches in a minute"

"Why did I act like that?" thought confused Irene "Better I do my homework" she said confident.

Fifteen minutes pasted and Vicky went down dressed with her jeans and a top revealing her proud cleavage. Irene saw her and said "Hey sis, can you help me with my homework? You know how I hate math"

"Like if I had time for it" said Vicky and continued walking into the kitchen

"Thanks for nothing" said Irene. "I will like to have your concentration, these problems are very tough, and your school knowledge could be very handy too".

Then to Irene surprise, all the letters that apparently were dancing in her book were now in their position and rapidly Irene started to solve all the problems like if they were nothing to her. "I'm a genius" said proudly.

Finishing her homework Irene joined at her sister in the kitchen. When Vicky opened the refrigerator looking for ham, she ended watching the movements of the jelly.

"This is so cool. I like how it's move" said Irene pushing the jelly with her finger and shaking it more.

"Better I help you sis" sighed Irene. She picked up the ham and put it next to the bread. She looked at them wondering what to do "If I only knew what to do?" she wished.

She shocked her head for a moment and prepared 10 sandwiches with tomato and lettuce, then she done an ice lemonade. "How did I know what to do?" asked Irene to herself astonished of her own skills.

When Irene left the lemonade jar and the sandwiches in the table of the living room, an aloud scream made her jump. She ran to the other room and watched Vicky screaming like a little girl watching a music video. "Look Irene, Josh looks so hot in that outfit".

Irene looked at the pop group in the screen. "Sure they are handsome, but you don't have to scream like that. You scared me" said Irene.

"Sorry, I can't avoid it. They made my body tingle in excitement. Just looked at them, I mean, they are so hot" said Vicky.

It was then than Irene noticed that her sister was rubbing her breasts with her arms as her hands were getting inside her jeans. "Compose yourself Vicky!!" yelled Irene "You are a grown up teenager, not a little girl".

Vicky was red of embarrassment; she got up and ran to her room. "How I wish to know why Vicky behaved that way" said Irene picking up the remote control. When she was about to turn off the TV, she felt an itchy sensation running trough her body as she saw the same pop group of before. Strangely, watching the video made her flat nipples got hard and poked her dress. She looked under her dress to see why they were hard and she noticed that the medallion was glowing.

In that moment everything was clear for her. Irene finally understood that the medallion was the responsible for the changes in her manners. "That is why I'm acting so matured and why I finished my homework, and not to mentioned this" she said touching her nipples that were hard thanks to the teenage hormones of her sister.

"Oh no!! Vicky will be mad with me when she discovers that I'm responsible for all of this. She will never believe that all was an accident. I just hope there will be a way to restore everything to normal" thought Irene walking upstairs to her room

When she opened the door, she found Vicky playing with the dolls moments before she ordered to pick up. Irene didn't want to mention the problem directly to Vicky. Instead, she decided to talk to her.

"It looks like you are too busy playing with my dolls" said Irene.

"Yeah!! It's so fun. I will like to spend the rest of the afternoon here" smiled Vicky.

"But, how about your friends? Don't you want to be with them?" asked worried Irene.

"Naaah!! They are bored. They only talk about boys and make up. You talk with them, I will remain here" said Vicky.

Irene was about to argue, when she understood the great opportunity that was in her hands. Her sister was giving her the chance to interact with her friends. Maybe she could learn a lot of being a teenager

"Are you sure that I can be with your friends" said Irene.

"Yes silly" said Vicky without taking her eyes from the toys.

"OK" sighed Irene "I think is time that the body equals the mind"

Holding the medallion, Irene wished to be the age of her sister. Instantly, Vicky's body began to shrink in her clothes while Irene's dress was getting tight as her body blossomed. First her body began to enlarge; it was like the room was shrinking before her eyes. Then her expanding hips tore the sides of the dress and her growing breasts busted the front of it. "This is amazing" said Irene listening her lower voice.

Vicky was so happy with the dolls than she didn't realize the change, in fact she didn't turn around and saw how her sister's body had change. Irene was now 5' 4" feet tall, with a slim body, long hair, but what disappointed was the lack of curves. Her breasts stopped near the B-cup and her bottom was almost flat.

Irene closed the door of her room, but not before whispering "Thanks" to her now little sister.

In the hallway, everything looked smaller to Irene. "Whoa!!" she exclaimed as her disorientation and her long legs made her fall. Irene felt clumsy in her teenager body and took her a couple of minutes to adjust at her new center or gravity.

"Since my clothes are useless with this body, I think my sister wouldn't mind lending me some of her" giggled Irene.

Inside her sister room, Irene peeled off the shreds of her dress and stood naked in front of the mirror. She was astonished of her own reflection. Gone were her childish features and her baby fat. Even her body was not very developed, there was not doubt her curves belonged to a teenager.

With interest, Irene cupped her small breasts. Her nipples reacted to her touch turning hard. New feelings were invading her body. If Vicky's friends weren't so close to come, certainly she would ended locked in the room exploring the wonders of her body.

Searching a nice outfit to wear was a difficult task, since Vicky had a huge wardrobe and everything looked so sexy and tentative. Finally she chose a hot tub that accentuated her cleavage and short jeans with sandals. Irene didn't use make up since her face looked fresh and alive.

Near 1:00 o'clock, Vicky's friends arrived. "Welcome. Vicky has gone to the store and she will back in a few minutes. Please come in" said Irene inviting the teens at her home.

The five friends came in and sat on the couches. "I will like to know you girls. Vicky didn't tell me your names. I'm ... Alexia, Vicky's cousin" said Irene thinking fast in a good cover.

"I'm Marcia..." said a tall blond girl with green eyes and she continued introducing at the other girls

"... she is Susana...", a brunette latin girl with a perfect ass waved her hand;

".... Tamara....", a short curly girl with sensual lips nodded her head,

"... Ryoko ..." an asian girl with a tiny waist smiled innocent

"... and finally Nadia..." the last girl, owner of shapely legs and DD-cup size, blinked her eye.

"Nice to meet you all" said Irene "Now that we know each other I will like to talk about the normal things that a teenager girls do around here. I'm quiet new in this town" giggled Irene.

For the next hour, the girls talked about shopping, school, boys, make up, clothes, boys, music and boys.

Irene felt jealous of not being as developed as the other girls when they talked about the charms they used to hook a boy. She wanted to feel herself as a full woman and the medallion was her opportunity to increase her beauty by swapping bust size, ass shape, tanned skin, and other things.

"It seems that Vicky will not come back soon" said Tamara.

"I told mom that I will be in home at 2:30" said Nadia checking her watch.

"It was nice to talk to you Alexia, but we must go back early to our homes. Can you tell Vicky that phone me at home when she arrives?" said Marcia standing up.

The girls were about to leave and Irene panicked. "Maybe there wouldn't be another time of fulfill my dreams. But how I will get the girls agree to swap with me the attributes I need?" Irene thought.

Then she got an idea. "Of course I will tell Vicky to call you, but what about a snack before you leave?" said Irene pointing the table.

The girls nodded and Irene guided them to the sandwiches and to the jar of lemonade. She took the jar and walked to the kitchen saying "I forgot the glasses, please serve yourselves sandwiches I will be right back"

In the kitchen, Irene searched in the cabin the sleeping pills her made takes before to sleep. Her mother kept them there to be far of Irene's reach. Being a teenager made easily for Irene to reach the pills. She put three pills in five glasses and serve the lemonade on them. She keep her glass empty to avoid confuse it with the others.

When Irene exited from the kitchen, she watched delight as the girls by causality sat around the table in order of bust size. The smallest was on her left and the biggest on her right.

Since she had only B-cup and Nadia had a perfect DD-cup, she decided to exchange size from left to right. "I hope my idea distract them long enough to do the swaps without they notice it" though Irene.

"Hey girls. I want to share a little secret with you. Will you believe me if I tell you that I know how to make my breasts grow?" said Irene.

"Yeah, right" laughed the girls.

"If you know it, why my bust is bigger than yours?" said Nadia thrust out her massive chest.

"Because is temporally, silly" giggled Irene. "OK, I see that you need a demonstration. May I have your attention here?" said Irene pointing her finger to her bust while her other hand raised her glass of lemonade. "Until not see the bottom".

While she was drinking, rapidly she expanded her chest. Her breasts pushed against her top which each shallow. The girls looked astonished as Irene's bust was growing, they though the lemonade was going directly to her breasts. Little they know that the true was very different.

Irene grinned as her plan worked. The girls attention was on her breast instead on their own. First was Tamara, then Marcia. Irene swapped breasts size with every girl until finally she deflated a little Nadia's bust and imposing her own as the biggest of the five.

"They are pretty heavy" said Irene cupping her large breasts.

"Nice try girl. But an inflating bra will never be a match for what it's natural" said Nadia trusting her chest.

"They are natural!!! Look!!" exclaimed Irene pulling up her top and letting her huge boobs bounced free. "Good thing I didn't wear a bra. I couldn't suffocate myself" she grinned.

All the girls' mouths dropped as they saw her defying gravity tits. Irene was happy, as her perkiness wasn't affected by the new size. Feeling insecure, the girls adjusted their bras and missed the free space left in their cups.

Irene stood next to Nadia. There was no doubt that Irene was bigger. "So, do you believe me now?" smiled Irene.

The girls looked greedily to the glasses of lemonade. Like hunger predators they snapped the glasses from the table and drink the lemonade.

The girls sat in the couches waiting for their breasts to grow. A few seconds later their eyes began to close as the overdose took effect. After the first minute, the girls fell sleep deeply.

"Sorry girls. I want to know, at least for a short time, how it feels being a sexy girl. I will borrow some of your charms, but I promise to return them before you wake up" said Irene before began to swap attributes with the sleeping girls.

"Here it comes the elevator again" Irene said taking Marcia's height and increasing her previous 5' 4" to 6' 1". "I'm a giantess" giggled Irene watching as her world once again got shrunk.

"Now, I think my hair can look much better". Irene combined the hairstyle of Tamara with the hair color of Marcia. "I like my hair this way" said Irene admiring her golden locks "and since you two are a great duo, I will do another combination".

This time her lips turned fuller and sensual, as her eyes became rich emerald. "You are next Ryoko, I like the shape of Asian girls eyes..." said Irene as her eyes extended to the sides "... and the smallness of your waists". Since Ryoko was a petite girl the change was drastically.

"This is unbelievable!!!" screamed in joy Irene placing her hands on her tiny waist. "Well, I have the boobs, the waist, there is something missing to complete my hour-glass body". Focusing on Susan bubble shape ass, her shorts started to fit tight around her expanding rear. "and I wouldn't mind have a tanned skin too".

"It's true Nadia that you have gave me a great gift, or I must said two" giggled Irene "but those shapely legs of yours will be a great addition to my body". Irene watched amazed as her chicken legs finally looked attractive and beautiful

Feeling sexy with her gorgeous body, Irene went upstairs and opened the door of her room. Inside she found at Vicky sleeping in the bed.

"Certainly my sister realized that her clothes were too big for her" thought Irene looking at her sister's clothes lying on the floor. Softly, Irene raised the sheets and sighed at the view of her sister wearing her pajama. "She looks so cute" said Irene before waking up at her little sister.

"Who are you?" said Vicky rubbing her eyes as she woke up.

"Don't you recognize at your sister?" teased Irene "Your friends were so generous with me. They help to make me this attractive, you know?". Irene stood up to give at her sister a good view of her enchant body.

"You look gorgeous Irene" said Vicky.

Irene blushed of the comment "Oh! Cut it out sis. You are embarrassing me".

"No, it is true. I just hope to have a body like yours when I grow up" sighed Vicky.

Those words fell like cold water over Irene. "When I grow up?" though Irene "But she is a teenager. These changes had altered her perception of the realm" tough very scared Irene.

In that moment the door was opened. "Irene, I will go to…." Elaine stopped speaking when she saw two strangers in her daughter room. "Excuse young lady. Are you friend of Vicky?" said Elaine.

"It's me mom. Irene" said the stunning teenager. "I took the grandmother medallion and now Vicky is 9 years old and I'm… well…" blushed Irene "… the attractive girl I always dream to be"

Elaine doubt for a moment of the Irene words, but when she recognize the face that Vicky had 7 years ago, she pay attention at what her now grown-up daughter had to say.

Irene told everything to her mom. About how first she accidentally swapped things with Vicky, her maturity, knowledge and age, then how she obtained the well-develop body she was showing off in her too small clothes.

"I have to admit that your story sounds incredible Irene" said Elaine

"Yes, this medallion is amazing. Even you can be young again mom" suggest Irene.

"Sounds tempting Irene, but who will to swap age with a old woman like me" smiled Elaine.

"You are not old mom and to prove it I will switch ages with you right now" said Irene.

Holding the medallion, Irene closed her eyes and made the wish. Elaine didn't felt different at the beginning, and then she saw her hands. The marks left by the years were slowly fading away. "I'm getting younger Irene. I can't believe it" exclaimed Elaine.

"I told you mom, just I hope this room will be big enough for me" said Irene as the incoming years of her mother triggered a late growth spurt shooting her to the amazon size of 6' 6" and even filling out more her curvaceous body. Her bust swelled to an extraordinary E-cup.

As the transfer continued Elaine was recovering her lost youth while Irene began to enter as her twenties. She was in the peek of her beauty. Then the mother and daughter were the same age, after that, Irene became the adult of the house.

Elaine felt her clothes loose on her as she was leaving her twenties. The reduction of her age also implicated a reduction in her curves. Irene looked sad as her once proud chest began to sag, as her skin was getting older and drier.

Vicky watched excited the whole transformation until it ends. Then, she ran and hugged her teenager mother. "Mom, you look so young" exclaimed Vicky. Next she ran toward her sister but Vicky only reached her perfect waist. "And you sis are SO big".

"Come here Vicky, let me cradle you" said Irene getting in her knees. Vicky jumped happily to the opened arms of her big sister. Irene held Vicky carefully and picked her up gasping as how easily was for her carrying at her older sister.

"This body surely is strong. You almost weight nothing" smiled Irene to Vicky.

"That because I have the best sister in the world" giggled Vicky.

Elaine saw at her daughters playing like the sisters they were. When Vicky entered to her puberty, she stopped playing with Irene and only worried about clothes and hang out with boys. Now that Vicky was a kid again, her cute personality was back. It seemed also, that Irene still was the same innocent 9-year-old girl that she was this morning.

The happy thoughts of Elaine were interrupted as Wanda began to cry in the other room. "She will drive me crazy" said Elaine opening her blouse "This is the third time I breastfeed her today".

"I think you deserve a break mom" said Irene placing her hand over her mom's shoulder.

"But darling, I don't think…" Elaine turned her head to see at her daughter, but instead she faced at one of her huge tits. In this moment, Elaine realized the obvious. Now that she was a teenager, and she had lost a few inches in height, Irene looked so imposing, matured and commanding, almost as a real mother.

"Let me handle it mom" continued Irene.

"Alright darling. If you think you are grown up enough to take care of a baby" said Elaine.

"I think I'm" smirked Irene.

Irene walked into the bedroom followed by her mom and sister. Irene couldn't avoid felt motherly as she saw at her baby sister even more small than she remembered inside her crib crying aloud.

"Be careful with her Irene, she is a baby" said Elaine.

"I will be" said Irene pulling her extremely stretched top off. The sight of those mammoth naked boobs called immediately the attention of the crying infant.

"Is my baby sister hungry?" said Irene rubbing Wanda's tummy making her laughed and giggled.

After calming her sister, Wanda very carefully picked her up and carried her to the bed. Then she sat over the bed and guided Wanda's mouth to her nipple.

Wanda sucking felt wonderful for Irene. She didn't know why she was starting to feel different things all over her body, especially between her legs. Unfortunately as soon as she began to familiarize with those feelings, they stopped. The reason was that Wanda had stopped sucking.

"Is it something wrong?" said Irene to Wanda as she patted her breast.

"I think you don't have what she wants darling" said Elaine unclasping her nursing bra. "You tried it Irene, but you aren't lactating and the insatiable hunger of Wanda has accelerated my milk production. My breasts are ready to explode". Drips of milk fell from her breasts.

"Mommy, may I borrow your milk for a while. I really want to feed Wanda. Please" begged Irene.

"Well, I don't think why not. If you want you can have it" said Elaine.

"Thanks!!" exclaimed excited Irene. She pulled the medallion from between her breasts and made her wish. Immediately, Elaine breasts began to shrink as her milk was transferred to Irene breasts.

Wanda continued patting Irene's breast until she heard it slosh inside. "Yes baby, now I'm ready for you" smiled Irene to Vicky as she let her suckled the milk from her. The sensations returned and Irene moaned softly.

"Since Wanda is in good hands, I will take a shower" said Elaine leaving the room.

Minutes later, Elaine stripped off her adult clothes and opened the faucet. The cold water washed her younger body making her feel energies she hadn't feel in years. "It's good to be a teenager again. I forgot completely how soft my skin was". Elaine fingers were getting down as she was soaping her body. When she reached her womanhood, she moaned as her teenager libido boiled inside her. A pleasant scout confirmed that she was a virgin again. "Sweet sixteen!!" screamed in pleasure Elaine as a huge orgasm shook her body.

After 15 minutes of breastfeeding, Wanda fell sleep again. "That was so cool sister" said Vicky "Can I taste you milk too?"

Irene was surprised for Vicky's request. "No Vicky, that milk is only for babies" quickly responded Vicky.

"But you can turn me into a baby and feed me, right sis?"

Irene initially shock only got bigger "Do you want to be a baby?" asked incredulously Irene. Vicky nodded her head. "But you are a teenager in a little girl body, and you are beginning to act like a real little girl. I don't think it will be a good idea changing you again".

"I have memories of being a teenager, but I don't want that life anymore. I like being a child and if there is a chance I can experience a second babyhood, I will like to take it" said confidently Vicky.

"If you are sure about this, I will give you Wanda's age" said Irene. Grabbing the medallion she continued saying "Until now, I have only used the to exchange my attributes. This will be the first time I try to exchange something between two people. I hope it works" said Irene.

Vicky crossed her fingers and closed her eyes. Irene concentrated in her wish and the medallion did its magic.

"Bye, bye sister" waved Vicky as she was shrink in Irene's pajama. Irene's concerned turned to Wanda, who was growing and stretching her diaper.

With a quick action, Irene undid the diaper letting Wanda naked. Irene was watching the aging of Wanda when she felt a punch in her legs. She looked down to her regressing 6 year-old sister "I want to see too".

Irene helped Vicky with the pajama and cradled her in arms to let her see how Wanda's body was changing. First her whole body was enlarging, then her arms and legs grew faster than the rest of her body. Her hair also lengthened. Even Irene wasn't looking at Vicky, she knew she was also changing as her weight was getting lighter and lighter.

Finally, Vicky reached the nine months old. "I'm the baby, yeah!" cheered Vicky. Irene was amazed that Vicky still could talk. "I want my milk please" begged Vicky trying to reach with her small hands the huge nipple of Irene above her.

After checking that Wanda was alright and still sleeping. Irene sat in the bed and proceed to breastfeed at her other sister. "Do you want this?" said Irene pressing her nipple and letting milk squirt out of it.

"Yes" said Vicky having badly urges to taste the warm milk. Slowly, Irene approached her to the nipple where a drop of the white nectar was still on it. Vicky licked it and her hunger got stronger. Vicky got red as her stomach began to rumble.

"Everything is OK sister. Let me feed your hungry stomach with my tasty milk" smiled Irene.

Vicky's happily started to suck the milk her sister was now producing.

"Uhm!! It feels wonderful Vicky" moaned Irene as her sister was hungrily sucking her milk "I will enjoyed breastfeeding you every day you want sister" smiled Irene.

Irene and Vicky were enjoying their interaction until Wanda woke up. When Wanda opened her eyes, her eyes reflect a look of terror beyond words. Her baby mind couldn't understand all the changes surrounding her alien body. She tried to suck her thumb and with the new size of her arm she pinched her eye and started to cry noisy.

"Wanda!!" said Irene turning her attention to Wanda. She placed Vicky carefully on the bed and tried to see what was the problem with her sister.

"What happened? I heard someone crying" said Elaine entering in the room dressed in one of Vicky's favorites outfits. A low cut blouse to show off her perky bust and a pair of tight jeans.

"I think Wanda is scared" said Irene.

"But Wanda is..." It took a moment to Elaine to understand that the baby on the bed wasn't Wanda. "What have you done now Irene?" demanded Elaine.

"I'm sorry mom. I was just playing with Vicky" said Irene feeling truly sorry.

"Yes mom. Not get angry with Irene. I was the one who asked to be a baby in the first place" said Vicky trying to defend her sister.

"Quiet!! Both of you. How you dare to play with a baby" said angrily Elaine. "Everything is OK my darling, mommy is here" said Elaine trying to calm down at her grown up baby.

"Maybe she is still a baby mentally" said Vicky "Quickly Irene, give to Wanda everything she need from me before mom got crazy" said Vicky.

In her despair, Irene swapped maturity and some basic knowledge, like speak, between Vicky and Wanda. The noise of Wanda's cries changed into words "Mom, my eye hurts me"

"My baby, let me see your eye" said Elaine "There is nothing wrong with it. It's was just.... DID YOU TALK?"

"Yes" said Wanda blinking her eyes as the words left her mouth. "I don't know how, but I'm talking"

"It was a gift of your sister Vicky" said Irene as the Vicky, now a completely baby, was grabbing Wanda's arm.

"It would be better if everything returns to normal now Irene, before you forgets all the changes done. But I have to admit that I will miss this body" said Elaine caressing her young skin.

It didn't take too long for Wanda to understand that Irene was responsible for her suddenly knowledge and don't mention her recently growth. "Oh mom, it felts fantastic being a grown up girl. Can I be as old as you?"

The eyes of Wanda were full of such happiness that Elaine couldn't deny her wish. "Well, I think Irene can change you once more" sighed the mother, but also loving the opportunity to retain her youth a little long. "This time Irene, why don't you take a few years of the girls downstairs. It will be wise to know if the medallion can work that way" suggested Elaine.

"Sounds good. I will take 1,4 years of each girl to help Wanda reaches her 16 years old" said Irene grabbing the medallion.

"I feel good" exclaimed Wanda as her voice began to change as she entered at her puberty. Small bumps appeared in her previous flat chest and hair started to grow in her under regions. Wanda soon blossom from a cute girl to a gorgeous teenager.

Irene was pleased to see at her mother and sister now the same age and both were very beautiful. "Hey mom, we look like twins" said Wanda.

Elaine was having a hard time to clear her mind. Her youth was now clouding her judgment. "Can I remain like this? No" Elaine shook her head "This is not right. Irene is a girl and I'm her mother" she thought

Seeing at Wanda admiring her teenager body in the mirror gave Elaine and idea "But Irene can be younger again just be giving the extra years to some else" thought Elaine.

Irene was placing Vicky in the crib after she fell sleep when Elaine talked to her "Irene, I think we need to talk"

While Irene and Elaine were discussing, Wanda walked free trough the house and find Vicky's room. All the clothes were on the bed, the place were Elaine left them after hearing Wanda's cry, and Wanda couldn't wait to try all.

She giggled at how easy was for her to snap Vicky's bra on her C-cup breasts. She put the panties on and slipped a red dress over her head. Wanda stood up in front of the mirror and was amazed that the hot teenager girl in front of her was indeed herself.

When she returned to her mother's bedroom, Elaine and Irene were waiting for her. "Well sis, I know that this will be a little confusing for you, but mom and I decided that there will be a few changes in this house, if you agree of course" said Irene.

Wanda nodded and Elaine continued "First, with the amount of years that the four of us have is more than enough to make at my three daughters 16 years old while I can be only 24 years old. Second, since I'm a psychiatrist, I can use hypnosis to erase all the memories of Vicky's friends about been here and they won't know what really happen to their bodies. Third, Irene will use the medallion to take from the girls small parts of what Vicky gave to you, that way their personalities won't change drastically and Vicky will act as a teenager again. Now Wanda, do you agree with all the things I said?"

"Of course mom. I wouldn't give up being a teenager for nothing in this world" said cheerfully Wanda.

"Since the memories of the girls will be erased, why don't you and mom go downstairs and chose whatever you want from them. I will join you in a minute to do the changes" said Irene.

Elaine and Wanda grinned to each other and ran downstairs leaving alone Irene in the room. She walked to her mother's mirror and admired her now matured colossal body. Her blond curly hair matched perfectly with her green eyes and luscious lips, her impressive F-cup breasts full of milk looked even bigger thanks to her tiny waist and prominent rear, and her long and shaped legs were just great.

After looking her image in the mirror, she noticed that being 39 years old made her skin a little drier. Easily, she solved the problem taking the smooth skin of Ryoko.

"From this moment, nothing will be the same in this house" thought Irene.

The End.