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Chapter 1: "Introduction"



This is story about a wrist watch. Not ordinary wrist watch either. This watch has a amazing power. Although I donít understand why or how it works exactly. All I know is my life has been turned upside down since I got this watch. My name is Jessica Hope and it all started when turned 16 years-old. I got the watch has a birthday present from Uncle Scott. Uncle Scott was traveling the world and going to different places every week this year. This was the first time I can remember him not stopping by to see me at my birthday party. My family always had a little get together every year. This year my Uncle had my gift sent to me by mail. The package arrived on same day as my birthday.

If I only knew how much trouble that little brown package was going to cause I would of never open it for the world. My birthday was back in October and always get Halloween theme type gift from my uncle. This year it was wrist watch with funny looking skeleton with a spider on the face. There only a few numbers on face of the watch and to my disappointment it wasnít digital watch. The watch also has black leather straps and only 1 knob on it. When I first pick up the watch I felt something on the back of the watch. It was word scratched into the steel case of the watch; "Spooky". I smile at the name and thought it was silly for a watch to have a name. I look back in the package for birthday card or note. Only found a piece of paper which read. "Hope this watch gives you plenty of time Ė Love Uncle Scotty". I was little embarrass that Uncle Scott remember that was my nickname for him when I was a lot younger.

I guess the watchís power must of first activated when I was late for school. I was still learning how to drive and not being morning person I always had trouble getting up. Most of the time I always managed to catch school bus nearly everyday. Today wasnít my day for being on time. I missed the bus and no choice to run to school. I didnít live far from school and it was only 20 minute walk. Riding the bus only takes 5 minutes. Giving anyone plenty of time to get ready for classes. I dress in a hurry and quickly strap on watch before I was running down the street at top speed. I must of been wishing it was a hour earlier so I be early to school instead of being late. I didnít notice a small green flash come from watch, but I did hear the watch chime. I stop to have a look to see how much time I had left and to my surprise I had a hour before school. Confused I looked at the watch again. It canít be I said to myself then I look around and saw a bank clock telling me it was really 7:30 A.M.

Thinking to myself I must of mistaking the time back at the house. I walk the rest of way to school that day. The rest of day went by normally enough, if I was awake instead of sleeping and look at that watch exactly at midnight I would seen a strange site. I would seen the hands on the watch go backwards exactly 1 hour and felt a little chill in my body. Because I was asleep I never saw it and only pulled the covers closer to my body when the chill came.


Chapter 2: "Locker Room"



It was about a week before Halloween before the next strange event happen. This event was more pronounce then last one. It was just after gym class when I was changing clothes in the locker room. Sara Miller walked in only a minute later after I did. Sara Miller was the kind that love to pick on others and to tease them about their physical faults. Lucky for me the locker was empty now everyone else had gotten dress and left for the next class. At the moment I didnít realize how lucky it was.

"Hey, what are you still doing here" order Sara.

"Nothing" I replied calmly. While putting on my watch losing around my wrist and slipping on my shoes in a hurry.

"Nothing, huh? You know there is fee for being the last one in the locker room" Sara said.

I blushed a little at her comment. I was still somewhat underdeveloped and always waited for the locker room to become empty before I changed. Sara might of figured why I was waiting just outside the doors before.

Sara saw her moment to insult me at that moment.

"Perhaps you donít what people to see what a baby you are? Just look at the childish watch and clothes you are wearing. " Sara said with a evil grin.

Just then the watch started a faint green flow that was unnoticed at first

Angry with her I stood up and said "Your the one that is pathetic Sara. Always picking on everyone who is smaller then you. "

I turn to leave for the door thatís when I felt Sara hand on my wrist. She managed to slip the watch from my wrist as she pushed me down.

Stunned for a moment I watch as she drop the watch to the ground and prepared to step on it.

"I think I stomp on your stupid watch to teach you a little respect" she said as she raised her foot.

"NooooooÖ" I cried.

Just as she started to bring her foot down. The watch glowed so blight it temporary blinded us both. When my eyes refocused I saw Sara now backed a few feet away from the watch looking a little dazed.

Then I noticed something strange about her. She was shrinking, no she was getting younger. Her strapless tank top was slowly deflating like there been nothing under there but two balloons that sprung a leak. Her face was becoming more childlike and spouted with freckles. Her hair was retreating back into her head. Along with top her shorts and panties slipped down her body giving me a view of her now hairless vagina.

Her eyes seem to cry out for help and she look like was in too much shock to speak. How old I wonder she was now. Seven maybe younger now. I quickly notice she was stopping. It was amazing to see baby fat returning to her body. I stood up and pick up the watch which was still glowing that strange green light.

"It was the watch that was doing this. It had to be the watch. " I murmured to myself.

Pleading I said "please stop, Spooky" I had barely remember the name of my watch.

Glowing stop almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth. I look backed where little 6-year-old Sara had been and saw she lost two more years in the time it took me to pick up the watch. Now she nothing more then a naked 4-year-old toddler standing in the middle of her former teen clothing.

"maybe you should worn a T-shirt instead of that strapless top." I said with a little smile.

Sara only looked at me with her now innocent eyes. She was now so cute and I wouldnít believe such a beautiful little girl would become a bully. Sara slowly nodded her head only I the was a child does when a adult tells them something that is very important.

Sara started to shake just then.

Now concern for this helpless little girl I ask "Are you scared?, Sara"

"No" she replied with a Mickey Mouse like voice.

"Cold" she said holding herself.

"How old are you Sara?" I asked already knowing the answer would be.

"Four" she said while she held up four little fingers.

The watch had not only taken her years away from her, but had also changed her mind to a toddlerís mind.

Wanting to salver this moment a little longer and make sure I wasnít going to land in trouble. Although I didnít think there was any law that involved making someone younger against their will.

I asked her "Do you remember where you before?"

"day kay" she said as she sat down with her knees up to get more body heat from her legs. She was almost in ball type sitting position now.

I walk back to my locker and pulled out a spare shirt I kept in there.

"Here you go sweety" I said with sweet smile as I slipped the shirt over her head. The shirt was very old and too small for me now. The bottom of it barely touched the ground. I picked her up and held her with my left arm. She wrapped her little arms around my neck and shifted her body close to mine for warmth and comfort.

I almost laugh as I thought here is big bad Sara Miller helpless as a baby in my arms.

Then fear flooded my system. What I am post to do now. How in the would am I going to explain that Sara Miller is nothing more then a toddler now.

"How can I tell anyone she is a baby now?" I whisper to myself while I was thinking out loud.

"Not a ba be, Big gurl" Sara said now just she started to cry.

"shhhhhhhhh" I said trying to clam her down.

"I want my mommee" she said with her tears starting to really flow now.

Look toward my watch and softly asked "Help me!"

A small green glow appeared around the watch and exact green glow appeared on Saraís discarded clothes. Clothes vanished with a small flash. I look toward Sara locker it was empty just like the place where her clothes were. Then a idea stuck me like a bolt of lighting. That 17-yr-old Sara Miller was just erased and to fill in place was 4-year-old Sara Miller.

"I hope so" I thought as I carried little Sara to the Principleís office.

It was little bit of shock for the principleís secretary to see a 16-yr-old girl carry a toddler into the office. As I set Sara down on the counter with her feet dangling off the edge. Mrs. Williams asked " and where did you came from little angel?" while looking from Sara to me.

"I found her in the locker room with nothing on."

Mrs. Williams nearly laughed out loud, but only smiled warmly.

"Day Kay" Sara said in answer to Mrs. Williams question.

"ohhhÖ.you must of shuck out of that daycare just across schoolís grounds" She said with a amused smile.

"Lets give them a call and see if they can come and get you."

I had butterflies in my stomach as Mrs. Williams chatted with the daycare employee.

"Yes, this is Mrs. Williams over at Eastern High School. One of our students found a toddler wondering inside the school, Are you missing any of your children over there? "

"OK" Mrs. Williams said with a smile. "Let me check"

"Is your name Sara Miller dear?" she asked the toddler.

Sara shook her head up and down in reply to her question.

"Yup, we have her over here. OK, Goodbye" said Mrs. Williams she put the phone back down on the receiver.

"Yup, I was right. Little Sara went to bathroom and a didnít come back. They found her clothes in bathroom and the window slightly open. First they thought the worse and thought maybe someone took her, but now they figured she somehow escaped out of the fenced-in yard and wonder out. Her mother and the police are already over there. Her mother is now coming over here to pick her up. She was lost for a good 20 minutes according to the daycare before you found her. Explained Mrs. Williams

Finally at last the last of my butterflies in my stomach were gone. Little Sara was happen to see her mother and Vice Verse. As thanks for finding her baby Mrs. Miller offer me a job baby-sitting Sara next weekend on Halloween.

I gladly accepted and wonder if I could prevent Sara in becoming a bully a second time around.

"Since you missed most of your last class Jessica. After what has happen I got the principle to excuse from school the rest of the day. " Mrs. Williams said has she handed me the note to give to teacher before I walked home.

For a few more hours after that amazing event I wondering if I was really awake or still in my bed at home dreaming.

I was happy it was Friday, I get two full days to recover from what I just saw and took part of. I spent that night turning the watch over and over in fingers with a thousand questions in my head about my birthday watch. It was nearly 3 hours later before I gently set the watch down on the night stand and went to sleep. It was now 11:55 p.m. as I close my eyes to go to sleep.

At midnight the watch glowed slightly and hands on the watch moved backwards exactly 13 times then back to midnight position. A very small and almost unheard laugh came from the watch. The kind of laugh that is heard when a great trick or joke has been pulled on someone.


Chapter 3: "A Little Kiss"



I was little afraid to wear Spooky over the weekend. My dreams were no help about my fears toward Spooky. Nightmares kept coming into my normal peasant dreams nearly every night. Worst one yet had been the school dance one. Where I was dancing with Brad Coners a boy just down the street and had a crush on long for a while. We had always been very good friends I was overjoyed when he ask me to the dance. Me and Brad are just dancing in the middle of school gym in the dream. He asks me if I be his baby forever and without thinking I say yes. My wrist watch glows and find myself looking up at Brad and all my friends who are now surrounding me making funny faces and saying how cute I am as a baby. Next moment later I am trap in a crib crying out for someone to help me and all that comes out of my mouth is baby talk.

"NoÖ" I cried as I nearly jumped out of my bed. I quickly look around my room to make sure I was still the right age. My room was still the same and TV was still on with the volume a little louder then it should of have been. Finding the remote and clicking the TV off I stare out the window at the new snow now falling down coming through the darkness of the night. It was now Wednesday and Halloween night was only a few days away. The Dance would be on night before Halloween and my baby-sitting job would be on Halloween night. Middle school and high school had their dance on the same night every year now.

On Saturday night I would have to take little Sara trick-&-treating because her parents are going to Halloween party and wouldnít be back to well over 1:00 a.m. Mrs. Miller herself promise extra pay for the extra leg work. At least Amber Smith would be helping me out. Me and Amber had been friends for as long as I can remember when we first moved here. To those who didnít know that we were best friends you easy mistaken us for sisters if wasnít the different hair colors we each had.

I finally summoned enough courage to put Spooky on again and to finally tell someone about Spooky. I told Amber to come over my house as soon as possible. A few hours of hanging out passed before I told Amber everything.

"NO WAY!, your joking!" said Amber just after I finished with my story.

"True, every word of it" I said keeping a serious and straight face.

"Really? Then how come I donít remember Sara Miller being any older then a 4-yr-old?" Amber said with a hint of doubt in her voice.

"Like I said it erased her from existence I guess" I said with even more serious tone.

"HmmmÖ..OK, I got a idea. Remember what theme we dress up as the first year you moved out here?" Amber said with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah, it was the princess costumes wasnít it?" I said with small smile. I almost knew where this was going. Amber knew I still kept that old costume in my closet. I was going to guess she wanted me to be the certain age to wear it.

"Yeah, look here in my backpack." Amber said with little triumph in her voice.

It was her old princess costume when we were preteen girls. She must of been digging through all the old boxes in her parentís basement to find it. We both had very happy memories with those costumes. We had gather the biggest stash of candy any kid would ever hope to see in our neighbor hood on that Halloween night long ago and had a sleep over the same night where we shared and traded our candy.

"Before I was just going chat about this old costume and good times, but if that watch can really make people younger then make me young enough to fit into this costume. " Amber said with a victory smile already on her face.

For Amber seeing was believing. It was very doubtful story all the same.

"Are you really sure you want to do this Amber?" I said with little fear in my voice. Putting Sara back into those diaper type nighties was one thing. I couldnít bare losing my best friend to wear diapers for a few years.

"Yeah, I forgive yah if I am baby again" Amber said has she stuck her thumb in her mouth and suck a few times.

"OK, Spooky make Amber here into a child again so she wear her costume, but only in body not in mind" I added quickly so spooky didnít start before I could finished my sentence.

Then I heard it for the first time. The watch gave a little laugh and started to glow.

Amber look in doubt at the watch and then wonder how in the world did Jessica make it laugh.

"whoaÖI feel a little strange, Jess" Amber said as she look down at her body.

"Hey, check it out I am getting younger" Amber said as she kicked off her now oversized shoes and socks.

"Hey, now my baggy jeans are really baggy now " She said with a smile.

I watched with fearful and happy feeling as I saw my best friend from my childhood return to me. Along with her shoes and socks Amber simply step out her pants and underwear and walk over the full length mirror. Her shirt now hung a little bit past her knees.

"Cool!Ö.." she said in her new little girlís voice then went into a fit of giggles.

"Do I really sound like that?" Amber said with a smile looking at me in the mirror.

"Kinda", I said with a grin.

"Kinda funny not to have anything upstairs. Flat as a pancake too. " she said has she rub her right hand across her now preteen chest. I happen to glimpse to her other hand in the mirror it was grabbing for a quick feel of her crotch. She was checking if she had any hair left and judging from her face I say she was quite bare now.

"OK, Spooky change her back to right age now" I said to Spooky

Nothing happen this time.

"Oh-No, what is wrong?" I asked myself

"Donít you remember Jess?" Amber said laughing.

"What!?" I said with my mind racing on what I did wrong.

"The costume dress, how do you know I am the right age and size now to wear it. Here help me put it on. It be faster if I had my big bestest friend to help me." Amber said with a her best smile.

"I always wanted a little sister" I said joking back to Amber. She might have been my little sister for her body showed no hint of teen hood anymore. After I slip her shirt over her head Amber turn away little so I could not fully see how much her body dwindle down to. I help her into the Princess dress costume and zipped it up for her too.

"WowÖI am cute! I am?" Amber said as she look herself over in the mirror.

"yeah to middle school boys maybe" I said with sarcasm in my voice.

"OK, lets change your back now Amber" I said with thrill of it now wearing off for me.

"Not yet, Let me have a little fun first" Amber said with a very excited voice.

I could almost see her whirlwind of thoughts and ideas behind her new somewhat innocent eyes. I bet all the money I had in the world that most were about boys.

"Hey didnít your little brother had a crush on me when I first started to come over" Amber said with almost cheek to cheek grin.

"Yeah, still does to this day I think" I said with smile now catching on fully to what might Amber had in mind.

"How about I give him a little kiss?" she said with a fit of giggles.

"NoÖDonít you dare." I said before I could stop her. Amber was already out in the hallway.

Now they were about the same age. I think Tommy was a little older then Amber now.

"Amber!" I shouted in a whisper as she bolted down the hallway.

"ShhhhÖ" Amber said as she creep into Tommyís room.

My already half-asleep and soon to be confused little brother was in bathroom cleaning his teeth. When the first girl of dreams pop around the corner wearing a cute princess dress. He was around six when first felt puppy love for her.

"Hi Tommy" Amber said in her sweetest voice.

"Amber?, How did you get so small?" Tommy said as he wiped away the last of his bubble gum flavor mouthwash away. He had a few pictures of Amber through the years and knew each face by heart now.

"Come over here to the bed Tommy" She said not intending to answer any questions he had.

Tommyís eyes were fixed on Amber as I watched through the crack in the doorway. The crack was just big enough to let me see the outer edge of doorway to the bathroom where Amber was standing and full view of Tommyís bed. Amber had taken his hand and lead him over to the bed. They both sat on the edge and I watched with such amusement I could not almost stand it.

"Would you like to kiss me Tommy?" Amber said already leaning forward before he could think about his answer.

Tommy was 12-years-old and already starting to like girls around his age. A 10-year-old or 12-year-old Amber would be his number one choice. Before now that had only been dream.

"ye Öyes" Tommy said now with dry throat and then shallow his Adamís apple. He could already smell her breath.

It was quick kiss on lips that only lasted a few seconds. Then Amber jumped up from the bed and ran out of the room.

Tommy blush slightly as they kiss and then went into a state of shock for a minute.

I was already running back to my door when I saw Amber jump up. Tommy has completely stunned that a cute girl had just walked into his room and gave him a peck on the lips.

Amber was nearly red as her hair from giggling from the little kiss. That bubble gum mouthwash was really sweet and so was his lips.

"Hurry, ask Spooky to change me back now. Before you brother comes in looking for his dream girl" Amber said nearly out of breath from the excitement and running.

Amber had quickly slipped out of the princess outfit and flip her shirt on and quickly yanked her underwear and pants up to her chest. She looked just like a 10 year-old girl who didnít know to exactly how play dress up quite right. I turn around and picked up Spooky from the dresser table.

"OK, Spooky change her back to her right age" I said with nearly my own fit of giggles nearly stopping me from speaking.

Hard to say how fast she was growing with her holding her clothes like that, but she quickly fill out her clothes in no time. Except for her bra that she forgot to put back on and I kicked under the bed when I heard Tommyís door gently hit the wall. After a few quick readjustments to her clothing. Me and Amber where ready to carry out the rest of our joke. She had already put the princess outfit in her bag and got into position just in time.

"No way, I say Robert is cuter!" Amber said just like if we were in the middle of serious conversation about boys.

"HiÖ" Tommy said has he knock and enter the room slowly. Amber face wasnít complete back to normal yet. She still had a little red left around the cheeks.

"Yes, Tommy" said Amber with such sweetness in her voice that would make Tommy blush red again.

"Did you see anyone or see something strange?" Tommy asked with a very confused look on his face

"No" Amber sounding a little unbelievable.

"Nope" I said while I held back my own laughter.

For a full two seconds Tommy was looking down toward his feet and thinking hard.

"Amber, do you have a sister?" Tommy asked with a little bit of hope in his voice.

"No, Tommy I donít. If I did would you like her more then me?" Amber asked hopefully to get another blush from Tommy.

Not wanting to blush again. Tommy ignore the question and walked back out of the room.

"OKÖ.Goodnight" Tommy said. More confused then ever and wonder what just experience was nothing more then waking dream. Tommy slowly walked back to his room and left the door almost completely shut. Just the way it had been before his dream girl had walked in. Maybe a part of him hope she return if he had the door just exactly before.

If I didnít turn on the TV at that moment. Tommy would have heard the laughter that exploded out my room that night.

Shortly after Amber and I said our goodbyes as she left for her house with her bra now on. I didnít know it at the time, but Amber couldnít help stop thinking how cute Tommy was when she was around his age and how sweet it was that he still carry a torch for her. His lips were nearly as sweet as that mouthwash she thought. She made up her mind that very soon she have to become young enough for him again. She knew with no doubt if he was a year younger or older she would be going steady with him for sure.

I crawled into bed not bothering too take off any my school clothes and gently undid the band on my watch.

"Thanks, Spooky that was fun." I said as I laid the watch on the dresser table.

Then I saw it happen the watch hands went backwards again exactly 10 hours then forward to midnight. What did that mean? I wonder to myself. The time was right it was exactly midnight according to my wall clock. Why do it just do that I wonder to myself.

Too tired to think anymore I rollover and went to sleep. Tomorrow was the big school dance.


Chapter 4: "Getting Ready"



Wasnít till day of dance which makes it Friday now that I ask spooky for the next favor. Amber had a shocking sight on her way home that night she left my house. Her current boyfriend Chris Wiggins was making out with Cindy Turner on her parentís porch just two blocks down from where I live. I didnít know Chris well, but he seem nice enough. Amber loved boys who were nice, honest, and sweet. Amber arrived that morning before school and talk while as we rode the bus. Our chat only lasted for three minutes. Amber was furious and wanted to take out some revenge.

"If just had that watch like yours Jessica they both be in diapers now." She said still a little steamed.

"Good you donít have one. Didn't you kissed a boy other night or donít you remember?" I said to clam her down.

"You didnít see them this wasnít no little kiss" Amber said turning away to look out the window.

"Besides I already broke up with him and told him what I saw. He claims he didnít touch her. Thought I could trust him" Amber said with bitterness in her voice.

"You could always take my little brother to the prom. I am sure he say yes in a minute" I said to defuse the unpleasant quiet moment.

"ha, why not" Amber said in a very serious tone.

"Come on, Amber I was joking. He look silly at the High School Prom" I said nearly laughing at the mental image of my little 10-year-old brother dancing with tall beautiful 16-year-old Amber.

"Why not the middle school prom?" Amber said quickly.

"You want to be little Amber-lina again?" I said making a lame joke toward Hans Christian Andersenís Thumbelina.

"We could make your brother older and we both could become young again?" Amber said with new hope in her voice.

"Let me think about it. I am not sure this is a good plan. " I said as I began to think everything over.

It was a long two minutes till we got the school. It was in study hall that finally made my decision and it was Brad that help me. He wanted to go out to Make-outís Point right after the prom and after the look he gave me after I was started to say no he had me thinking. Brad had been gentlemen all these years. Our relationship had grown from friendship into something that was wonderful. I felt just more year of current relationship status would be enough. I knew Brad couldnít wait. If I didnít take the next step we doom to be just friends for the rest of our lives.

I thought it be better to have him feel lucky to get to 2nd base instead of home base tonight. He really was perfect for me. With Spooky around I could delay anything for long as I needed too. I spent the rest of hour making up the plan in my head while Brad had a smile on face that I thought it was dead giveaway to want he thought he doing tonight.

Maybe it was just me. After all I did know Brad a long time now. I smile as I thought maybe longer now with Spooky around.

First thing that would be the main part was what age to be. Amber temporary age the other night was little too young. No boobs and boyish body wouldnít be much fun even with Amber around. Maybe later preteen age like thirteen pop into my head. Perfect I thought couldnít have a better number for a Halloween party. Me and Amber will be a little develop body wise, but not by too much. We still have cotton bras and underwear at that age that I was sure of at the very least. Little Tommy would be still be too embarrass to even ask her out much less dance with a 13-year-old Amber. I have to give him a few years before the dance started.

"Still think Chris and Cindy in diapers would be better" Amber said after I told her my plan on the way back to my house.

"You could always stay at home instead?" I said knowing full well that Amber rather die then to miss any party.

"OK, you sure thirteen is old enough. I felt so much like a little girl when I 10-years-old again"

"yeah, its good age. Besides not like any of us are driving there. You know my mom promised to take all of us in her van. Since none of us has a car or a truck and walking to prom is silly" I said with touch of bitterness in my voice for once. I was only halfway there with a down payment for my own car.

"So, where do we begin?" asked Amber with excitement once again in her voice.

"Your knowÖ" I said with first devilish tone and smile I ever truly had.

"Tommy! You home little bro!?" I said with a smile.

"Yeah, In the TV room" Tommy answered back just two rooms away.

"Come on, up to my room" I said to Amber.

"Ready? " I asked Amber.

"Spooky, make Amber here 13-years-old to rest of world except for me and Amber herself" I said with such a voice it sounded like I was casting a spell. I guess in strange way I was casting a spell.

Amber stood in front of the mirror waiting for herself to shrink out of her clothes like before, but it didnít happen. Instead her clothes grew smaller more childish has she grew younger. Besides decreased height the other very noticeable feature was her now much smaller breasts.

"Still think this is too young for a date" Amber stated.

"It kept you out of trouble for tonight anyway" I said with a grin.

"Hey, check it out." Amber said with surprised as she open her slightly smaller backpack. To my surprise as well as Amber's her Princess costume looked and felt brand new.

"Looks Bigger too" Amber said after a careful moment of looking it over. She had to be sure because she was little smaller then before a few seconds ago.

"I think it will fit you" I said with very sure tone.

"Come on, leave the dress here. Time for my brotherís turn now." I said. We have only 2 hours left before the dance.

Me and Amberlina shuck down the steps and slip behind where Tommy was sitting.

"Spooky make Tommy a true 12-year-old to the world except for me and Amber " I whisper to my watch.

He changes were small. Clothing didnít change much except for size. Mostly a taller and better built body and soon to be discovered a deeper voice.

"Its funny our birthdays only a month apart now." said Amber.

"I hope he likes older girls" Amber said with a evil grin.

With that Amber quietly walked into the room. I soon followed her.

"Hey Tommy" I said as I walked over to the open closet door. Pretending to look for my dress coat for a few seconds. I saw it back and shifted my eyes and look for in the front looking over all the other coats first.

"Hey" Tommy replied without taking his eyes off the TV screen.

"You know Amber from just down the road. She wanted to stop in and see you. " I said with smile when I saw Tommy sat up and took his eyes off the screen for the first time.

"I be up in my room if you all need anything. " I said to both of them when I saw Amber taking a seat not too far from Tommy.

"Sure" he said without even look toward me.

"OK" Amber said sounding just a like guest in our house.

As I left the room I heard Amber jump right to the point.

"Doing anything tonight?" Amber asked Tommy as she stare toward the TV.

Already knowing where this conversation was going I was already walking up the stairs to get my costume dress out of the closet. As I climbed the stairs I went ahead and ask Spooky to change Brad to a true 13-year-old to the world except to me and Amber of course.

I wonder how cute he looked now compare to his former self. As I open the old costume bag and I just taken it out of the plastic bag when Amber walked in with a smile that said she had a date.

"Your brother is a lot braver then before. I barely mention the dance and he just asked me. " she said with a bit of old giggles returning.

"Your turn! " Amber nearly shouted.

She had been waiting for me to use the watch on myself for a while now. I pick up my costume dress and held it in my hands and made my wish to Spooky.

Amber was right it was a strange feeling at first. Slightly cold feeling at first then warm. The world seem the grow all around me. What was even more amazing my room changed in a quick blur. Not by much, but it went from mature teenís room to a more preteen type room.

"More pink in here then I remember" Amber stated as she stared around.

"I supposed my room changed as well back home" Amber said with a curious face has she look out the window toward her house.

"Lets get ready!" I told Amber. No telling when Brad was coming over and my mom will be home any minute now.

We both quickly got into a new princess costumes and I was right both of us had cotton underwear on underneath.

"Its not too bad" I said as I look at myself in the mirror I was still little worried my nightmare would come to life.

"Just think I am virgin again" Amber said with a laugh.

"I thought you said you didnít do it yet?" I said thinking Amber was still a virgin

"Remember Bobby, The boy next door to me before his family moved away a few months ago" Amber said with a touch of red coming into her cheeks.

"No, you weren't old enough" I said little shocked.

"Neither was he" Amber said as she try control her embarrassment. It was a lot harder then before. She felt so full of energy now.

"Was going to tell you soon. Then that watch made me forgot all about telling you about Bobby" Amber said as she look at the wrist watch.

"Hey your mommy is home" Amber said with a giggle as she watch her drive the van pull up the driveway.

"Good, come on Amberlina" I said with a smile.

"Hey girls, are you ready for the Halloween party" ask Mrs. Hope she walk in.

"yeah!" Me and Amber almost said in unison.

"Who are you bringing Amber?" Ask Mrs. Hope.

"Tommy" Amber said with a blight smile.

"My Tommy?" Mrs. hope asked with little bit of surprised in her voice. She always thought he was little shy around girls.

"Yup" He asked me today.

"Oh" said Mrs. Hope as she smile.

It would be the last chance for him to ask Amber out. Thought Mrs. Hope.

Doorbell rang just at that moment. I nearly ran to the door eager to see Brad a little younger then the last time I saw him today at school.

Freckles on his face alone was worth the wait. I had forgotten so such much about him at that age. We only kiss at the end of first summer when we were kids and before we both started high school. Things have change a lot since those days from my point of view anyway.

"Hi" I said little higher in pitch then normal.

"Hi" Brad reply in almost the high pitch as me.

"Come on in" My mom said to break the small silent moment. As we just looking at each other. He was wearing a make shift knight type costume.

"Tommy, You ready yet?" Mrs. Hope shouted up the stairs as Brad came in and sat down by Amber to make some small chat. Good to see he was just has nervous as I was. The school didnít start the middle school Halloween parties until a year after I left middle school. Me and Brad had never went to the middle school Halloween party.

"Yeah" said Tommy has he stomped down the stairs throwing his leather jacket for his shoulder. Tommy made himself look like a boy from the 1950's.

"Come on, everyone into the van " Mrs. Hope order the group.

Me and Amber only exchange glances as we walk with our dates toward the garage to get into the van.


Chapter 5: "Halloween Party"



After an "Have a good time" from my mom we were walking into middle school gym in no time. Last rays of sun light that day were quickly fading now.

The gym was done in a grand Halloween theme. It was more childish then High school Halloween theme, but hands down there was more to do then just dance and rest. There was bowl after bowl of candy to pick from. A lot of different drinks to choose from too. Down the hallway was a haunted house and behind the school was well lighted trail that looped back to gym. Back doors to the gym lead to Haunted Trail according to the sign over doors. Just warm enough inside and outside. where we could get by wearing heavy dress or jeans in case of boys. Snow that fallen from a few days ago had melted away already.

"It's all a dream" I whisper to Amber as we walked in.

"Sure feels like one doesn't it" Amber whisper reply back.

Not sure what the girls were talking about Brad suggested to Tommy they should get some drinks.

"Shall we get our ladies some drinks" Brad asked Tommy.

"What do you want to drink?" both Tommy and Brad ask their dates.

"Pumpkin Punch would be fine" we both reply one after the other.

"Are you excited as I am?" Amber asked me.

"Yeah" I replied back. Amber was right it was little thrilling to be young again. There was like a ball of energy in me that felt I could on forever this way.

"Here your go my princess" Brad said in rehearsed bold voice. As I took the paper cup from his left hand. I smile at him as I thought how sweet it was that spent so much time thinking about to act on our little date.

Amber took her drink from Tommy as they both walk toward back of the gym to either dance or take the haunted trail I thought.

"You wannaÖ.Dance" Brad said not making too much eye contact and going slightly red.

"Sure" I said and thinking maybe we were too young now. I toss my paper cup in the trashed and walked out to the dance floor with Brad. Brad was so nervous just being my date. Thinking I hope we werenít going to be dancing all night. I really wanted to take a walk with him and hold hands again like when we first started dating.

Amber and Tommy had disappeared somewhere. I hope she doesnít get into trouble I though to myself. I grin as I thought I be baby-sitting two little girls this time tomorrow just to teach her a lesson for a little while.

"What are you thinking?" Brad asked nervously when he took my hands to slow dance to the song that was now playing.

"Nothing." I smiled back.

"Brad, remember our kiss last summer" I ask wanting to focus completely on our date.

"yes" Brad replied with a little redness in his cheeks.

"I really like it. " I said.

"Really?, I thought because you ran away from me that day you didnít ever want to talk about it. " Brad said with little stunned look in his face.

"I was little surprised thatís all" I said. "You never said or done anything before that. " I added on only a second later.

"I was scared too. " Brad confessed in almost a whisper.

I lean into him more and allow him to wrap his hands around me while we dance for what seem like forever.

Before this night it took Brad nearly a year to ask me to go the movies with him without any of our friends.

"Do you want to sit down for a while" asked Brad after a long time of slow dancing.

"yes" I replied back little bit relief. I was getting little tired now of just dancing, but it was wonderful all the same.

"Hey Jess!" I heard Amber said has she and Tommy took their seats at the table.

"How was the trail I asked" I said with a small grin.

"Good, a little boring because nothing to scare you out there." Amber said with little frown.

"Me and Tommy saw that they are playing a movie in one of the classrooms " Amber said with a bit more cheer.

"Which one?" I asked as looked down the hall.

"One of the Harry Potter ones I think. " Amber said with a smile.

"OK" I said now turning my face back to her face.

Judging from Tommyís face and body movements they did nothing more then held hands as they walked and talked for a while.

"Seen them all" I said to Amber.

"Haunted house then" Brad jumped in.

"OK" we both said.

Haunted House was more like a fun house with mazes, fog and strobe lights. Me and Brad had taken a wrong turn and somehow gotten behind one of walls and found our selfís fallen out of back door to the class room.

"You OK?" Brad asked as he help me up.

"Yeah that was fun, but way too loud." I said as a heard the sounds now muffed by the windows and door.

"Its locked!" Brad said with little a bit of panic.

"We could find another way in?" I said hopefully.

Finally I thought here a chance for a little walk.

"OK" Brad said with little cheer in voice now.

"Not the picture perfect date I wanted" Brad said has we started walking back around to the gym.

"Its been perfect so far" I said.

We walked slowly and on purposed to delay ourselves in getting back to soon. It had been better then I hope, but it was getting colder now.

"Hey this door is unlocked." Brad said with little bit of stutter in his voice. He was getting this as cold I was.

We walked in and felt the heat from the vents almost as we stepped in.

"We walked down to the elementary school" Brad said with little shock in his voice.

Curious, because I never seen it because I had only attended Middle and High school.

"Check it out, its my old classroom. " Brad said as he open the door.

It was cute to say the least. ABCs Letters on the top of walls and little desks, chairs in the room.

"It is cute. " I said still looking around. Still little numb didnít want to head back yet.

Brad had moved back to me and gently touched his hands to my waist. Looking into his eyes and then shutting them as we tilted our heads to kissed. Before it was a simply childish peck on the cheek.

I move my hands down his small back to give his butt a quick squeeze and could feels his sliding up under my dress and cotton bra.

It was like a full static shock when I felt his warm hands on my small breasts. They had become more sensitive then I remembered.

We held our embrace a moment longer then return our hands to hold each others hand.

Both of us feeling dazed and feeling each other body heat was great.

"That was good" I said as we held each other.

Worn out from our little loverís embrace. We both sat down on the mats in the corner of the room.

Brad was looking guilty as hell as I watched him sit down.

"I didnít mean too grab them, it just happen" Brad said going nearly as red as the canyon figure behind him.

"Its OK, I really like it." I said smiling.

Wanting to embarrass him just a little bit more I ask him.

"Did you like the size of them?" I said grinning.

To my delight he turned even more red. There was something missing in our embrace. I didnít think of it till I was thinking back. When he was older I could always feel him go hard between his legs. Now he is younger the stiffness wasnít there but for only a few seconds.

Not wanting him to make him feel to bad I gently took his hands and guided them under my dress shirt to allow him one more quick feel as we kissed.

To my pleasure and he accepted willing.

"Come on, We better get back." I said. The room was starting to make me nervous now. All the childish toys and posters was making me think of my nightmare.

Getting scared of getting caught by a teacher judging from Bradís face he agreed quickly. We went down the hallway back the gym with our hands even more tighter grip then before and hardly swinging them at all.

"There you are!" shouted Amber as she and Tommy came out of the classroom where the Harry Potter movie was playing.

"Looks like you two were on the trail. " Amber said with a grin. Amber wasnít sure but she thought maybe Jessica had ditch them to sneak away for a quick kiss or two with Brad.

"Was the movie good I asked" as I look at her shirt. It was a bit wrinkle then before.

"Yeah" Tommy and Amber said in almost unison. His ears were noticeable red like Bradís cheeks.

"The dance is over now. We better get back to the gym. your mom should be waiting." Amber said with sadness in her voice.

The night had to seem to fly by in a blur of events. After getting into the van and dropping Brad off at his house. Amber asked if I could stay over her house. Judging from their faces Mrs. Hope only smiled as she thought they talk all night about what is it like to kiss a boy.

"OK, but remember Jessica you got that baby-sitting job tomorrow. No staying up all night." She said with a smile.

"Donít bother going home I got extra clothes for Jessica to wear for tonight." Amber said with a small and unnoticed evil grin in the darkness of the van.

"OK" Mrs. Hope said. She didnít bother making a U-turn back to the house, but instead heading straight down on the street toward Amber house.

"Donít forget!" my mom shouted has she pulled away.

Amber parents would sometimes leave her alone to take care of the house from time to time. She was a only child and they felt responsible like that was a good thing for her.

"They over at my Auntís at a Halloween bash. They staying over night in a hotel because they donít want to drive back in the middle of the night " Amber said she unlocked the door to her house.

We both bolted up the stairs to her room. I just had to see her room in the way it was so long ago.

"ohhhhh!" Amber nearly screamed.

It had more dolls and soft cuddle animals then I ever could remember. Her walls were purple instead of pink like mine room was.

After getting into some more comfortable clothes to sleep in.

Amber asked as we sat down on the bed: "So what did you and Brad really do?"

"Nothing much, Just a little kiss and touching" I confessed.

"Did it feel great like you were getting shocked all over your body?" Amber asked with no doubt in her voice.

"Yeah it did, Hey how do you know?" I said I was watch Amber face closely.

"Your brother is still shy as ever. He just held them as we watched the movie from the back row. The teacher that was post to watch us fell asleep halfway through the movie." Amber said while holding her breasts in a mocking way like Tommy had them.

"Stop, you making me laugh too much" I said now fighting a stitch in my side.

"Hey, Why do you get that look sometimes when you look at Spooky" Amber asked with little concern in her voice.

"Donít have a look." I try to lie quickly

"Come on, I already guess what it is. I just want to hear you say it" Amber said eagerly.

"How do you know?" I asked puzzled.

"I know you Jessica. Everything time anyone said baby or diaper around you. You get that scared look sometimes. At first I thought you didnít want to think about having babies for a long time. Then I remember you got that look any time I mention diapers or Spooky" Amber explained.

"Remember that time you were scare of height and I made you climb up that tree with me. You got to face your fears Jessica. " Amber said with a very convincing face.

"No way!, I not going to ask Spooky to that. " I said with horror in my face.

"Come on, Jessica if you donít you always going to be scared of Spooky a little. Put a time limit on how long you want to be. I promise to take care of you and make sure you return to your normal 16 year-old self " Amber said has put her hand over her heart and rise her other hand to show the fingers were not crossed.

"I just donít like the idea of being helpless thatís all." I explained. Then it hit me that Amber just wanted someone to take care for once. She had loved dolls for so long and had gotten nearly type there was. With no other siblings around she had never cared for anyone before. I had always had to be the smart one and look after her these past years.

"Aright for one night only and no tricks OK?" I asked her sternly.

"I pinkie swear!" Amber said with her right pinkie finger standing out waiting for me to do the same.

"Deal" I said as we did our pinkie finger shake. It has been some years since we did a pinkie promise.

"What I am going to wear? I not going naked all over the house. " I said with a chill in my spine.

"My momís pick up a package of diapers long ago just in case one my cousins ever visited and I am sure I got some toddler clothes that were for my dolls around here somewhere. " Amber said with a blight smile. This was her chance to have a little sister for one night at least.

There was part of me that wanted to make this adventure even more unreal then before. I knew Spooky only listen to me in the past. Amber had mention out loud to Spooky her ideas and watch never glowed for her once.

"Not going to be very young. " I said sternly.

"Well most of the clothes I have are toddler size and look at these little cloth diapers. So you wonít be too uncomfortable" Amber looked like a girl that was planning to be the prefect mother.

"2-years-old then. I be able to walk and talk still" I said sounding little more braver then before.

Not wanted to miss my transformation I open Amberís other closet door to see myself in the mirror glued to inside of the door. Amber had already pick out a sleeper outfit and very soft diaper when she stood up to watch me become a baby.

I wanted to see my body change so little bit to my embarrassment I strip off all my clothes. With the curtains closed and no one but Amber around I felt safe with her. She is my best friend, sister, and so to become my baby-sitter for one night. In a few minutes she be dressing me anyway no sense in being too shy. Goose bumps quickly spread over my small cones I called breasts and I grip my watch in both hands and made my request to spooky.

"Spooky, make me a 2-year-old in body only for 13 hours."

The same green flash happen and heard the watch laugh with joy this time. First my body lost height and my chest went flat. I felt the tickle as my small patch of hairs below went back into my body. My body became lean and soft. I was nine again now passing into 8. The world around me was growing larger and larger and I watch in utter amazement.

Amber sat down in a kneeing position so we could somewhat be eye level when I finished.

I was cute 5-year-old now. I could feel my body changing. Wonderful chill and warmth they kept coming and going. My stomach slowly grew out to a toddlerís belly.

4-years-old old now. My arms and legs were so chubby now. My face had change a lot too taking on very innocent features and pudgy look.

3-years-old now and my arms and legs continued to get shorter and shorter.

Let it stop now. Please I thought and nearly cried out load in a burst of tears and wailing.

2-years-old now and perfect picture version of myself judging from my old babyís pictures.

"You feeling OK Jessica? Your nearly white as a ghost." Amber asked with such concern and worried on her face.

"Just a little scary thatís all" I piped in my new squeaky voice.

We both laughed at the sound of my voice. It was a dream like feeling for first few hours that night.

"Wow, you are a cutie pie!" Amber said after we both got done laughing.

"Yeth, I know" I said with natural lisp to my voice.

"Lets get you ready for bed" Amber said with joy in voice.

"OK" I said rising my arms up. I assume she dress me now, but to surprise she didnít. She pick me up and carry into the bathroom.

"Man!, you are heavy" Amber said as she carried me.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I gripped her body tightly. The fear of heights returned for a minute and I felt very small.

"Bath-time with bubbles" Amber said with a smile and I smiled too.


Chapter 6: "Trick or Treat?"



Amber was a good baby-sitter after all. She gently sat me down in the middle of tub and started the warm water first checking to see if wasnít too hot for me. Amber quickly stripped off her clothes and sat down right behind me. After she wash the little hair I had left she poured bubbles bath liquid into the water. She moved closer to me and I could my head touching the top part of her stomach area. Amber wrapped her arms me and gave my a sister like hug.

I squealed in delight as her fingers tickled me for a second.

"Ticklish huh?" Amber asked she unlocked her hug and give me a small tickle around belly and under the arms.

"Stop!" I screamed in my highest pitch toddler voice. Giggling was making me tired and I wanted to play with the bubbles first.

Water filled up to my chest level and Amber turn the knobs to the off position. Amber help me turned around so I could be face-to-face with her and we play various bubble bath games for the next hour in the warm water. After the bubbles were gone Amber sunk into the water as she lifted me up to sit on her waist area. For a full minute I had to resist the urge to lay my head down her breasts. I justed wanted to be held and cuddled more then anything in the world now.

"Thank you, Jess" Amber said with a warm smile.

"Your the best friend and temporary sister I could ever want. " Amber continued

"No, thank you Amber. Being this young is not so bad. You should try it sometime" I said with a very child like voice.

"Next time!" Amber said with a grin. I was amazed at her expression on her face. She wasnít joking unlike I was. I had wonder if she secretly desire to put on those toddler clothes herself sometimes.

"Hey, Look at my fingers. They are really wrinkled now. We should get out now" I said. My little fingers were very wrinkled now and water was getting cold.

"Yeah, I getting cold and your getting heavy." Amber said has she sat up and lifted me out of the tub.

I was freezing as soon I was standing on the cold tile and the air seem to hit me like a chilly wind.

"Give me a towel" I nearly shouted as I shivered for a full minute.

"Here you go!" Amber said has she wrap the beach towel around me three times. Amber wrap her own towel around her body and one for her head.

Too tired to carry me back Amber only took my hand and lead me back to her room. I accepted without thinking about it. As a toddler I seem to have certain urges. I wanted to play with bubbles and wanted to be held. It felt naturally thing to do for me at this size and age.

With a small grunt Amber lifted me up onto the bed and handed me a small stuffed cat to hold. With a small smile of wonderment and confusion why she given it to me I look back up at Amber. A blight white flash had blinded me for a few seconds. She had taken my picture with her camera.

"Perfect!" she screamed.

Still seeing spots of light dance in the air and I felt a little dazed.

"Hey!" I said not wanting any pictures taken of myself this young.

"Your thank me later, Jess. You really were very cute holding that cat. " Amber said as she slip camera in top drawer and took off her towels. Amber had carry her night clothes back with her from bathroom and was fully dress in seconds.

I was little envy of her when she put on her bra and underwear. It be morning by the time I could wear my own. I was admiring how grown up she was compare to me. Yet another strange urge I had.

"OK, your turn squirt to get dress. " Amber said as pick up my watch from the floor from where I dropped it and placed it on the dresser.

Amber unwrapped my towel and helped me into big girl type cloth diaper and little girl underwear. I held onto her shoulders for support has she gently pulled them up.

"Mommy, Wow. I am big girl now" Amber sang with a smile.

I only giggled a bit at the catch phase and softness of the diaper as she pulled it up.

Sleeper outfit was a soft fading pink jumper with a zipper in the front. I was happy it was just warm. I never imagine how fast toddlers got cold.

"All warm and comfortable?" Amber asked.

"Yeth" I replied back. It was harder to say words exactly right and prefer to say them like a child anyway.

Not completely tired I wanted to do something else then go to sleep right now. I looked back up at Amber.

"What do we do now?" I asked Amber.

"Well it is past your bedtime young lady" Amber said with false serious face and tone. "but I suppose we could watch a movie down stairs. "

"I donít know if you can watch any of the movies we got. Most of what I remember us having is PG-13 rated" Amber stated she helped down the stairs. The steps were very hard for me to go down. My legs were so short and keeping balance wasnít easy at first. Once or twice I landed on my butt. Amber held one of my hands as I took each step one at a time and making sure I didn't fall face foward.

After putting a movie called "Lilo and Stitch" in the DVD player. Amber left the room and came back with covers, pillows and one stuff cat for me.

"Just in case you get scared. " Amber said with a laugh.

The movie was a lot funnier then I thought it be. Me and Amber had laughed several times before we laid down completely. I had to wonder if it still be as funny to me now then later on.

I barely stayed awake to see the ending of the movie. I felt so warm and sleepy under the covers with Amber holding me and fell to sleep. Amber check to see if I was really asleep and drifted off to sleep herself.

It was nearly 9:00 A.M. when I finally awoke I thought I heard a bell ring. For a second I was puzzled at the size of the room and the objects in the room. I then remembered everything that had happen last night.

Still had a 2 hours to go before I changed backed. I heard a young boyís voice coming from the hallway.

"No, Brad. She left to walk down to the store. I donít know when she be back. " I heard Amber voice now in the hallway.

"Come on in and wait for little while" Amber said with a devilish tone. I was too asleep and tangled in the covers to run out of room in time.

Amber and Brad popped around corner before I could hide.

Amber and Brad were still in their preteen ages, but I didnít want Brad to see me in a diaper.

"This is my cousin Chrissy, our parents went out to have early breakfast and left me to baby-sit for a while. They didnít want to wake her up so early in the morning. " Amber lied quickly and with very convincing tone of voice.

"Hi Chrissy" Brad said as he sat down the couch and sat right on the stuffed cat.

"Opps, This must be yours" Brad said as he sat back up and gave me the cat before sitting back down.

Too embarrass to say anything I lightly grab the cat and started to get up. Then I felt something that made my situation worse. I felt cold wetness in my diaper area. I forgot to use the bathroom last night and at the dance.

Using the stuffed cat I placed in front of my crotch to cover any wet spot that might be there. I looked down at my sleeper outfit and felt that area quickly. It as little damped, but no visible wetness could be seen.

Amber came back from the Kitchen and sat down next to me.

"Isnít she cute?" Amber said with a smile as looked at Brad.

"Yup, Can she talk yet or is she very shy?" Brad asked.

"yes and not too much. Why do you ask?" Amber replied back.

"Hasnít said anything to me. Not even hi" Brad said smiling back. Brad had a little sister and knew children that size could say a few words at the very least.

Amber grab my waist to tickle me and started to say "are you scared of Brad here?"

"OHÖyour wet! Sorry Chrissy its all my fault. I forgot ask you if you needed to go tinkle last night" Amber said as I lowered my head and started to cried.

"Please changed me" I whisper to Amber not wanting to let Brad see me crying.

"Hush now, its OK. Its my fault" Amber said again.

After calming me down Amber left the room to go upstairs to grab a few things.

"Chrissy, lets get you out that cold sleeper. Did you know that I have little sister myself?" Brad asked as he unzipped my sleeper. Why did Brad have to be so nice and helpful? as I thought to myself. Just would have been the one time I would been thankful that Brad wasnít so helpful and kind.

After stripping off my semi wet sleeper. Brad laid me down my back and waited. To make sure I wouldnít try to get up Brad and grab each of my feet in his hands started making funny faces at me.

Amber return to see Brad making funny faces at me. Some of them did get a giggle out of me.

"AwwwwwÖThis is so cute." Amber said looking at Brad.

"My little sister likes them. She is all ready to be change now" Brad said changing the topic fast.

"Lets see how good you are at changing diapers. " Amber said with a grin handing a cloth diaper to Brad.

I nearly cried out NO!, then wonder how good would he really be. This would be a good point of view to judge him by too.

"OK, your on. Amber" Brad said taking diaper from her. "I help my little sister get dress all the time. Diaper shouldnít be too hard to put on. " Brad said with a smile.

"Want me to change you Chrissy or you want Amber?" Brad ask nicely.

"You" I said softly. I was curious to see if he could really do it. Despite my feelings about letting him see me naked.

Brief few seconds would be all I would have suffer at the most.

Amber had set him up a touch. She had given him a few items that he wouldnít need such as safety pins, baby powder and baby diaper rash cream. Brad carefully slipped off my cloth diaper and did a very quick wipe with the baby wipes while Amber watched closely with amusement. Amber was having too much fun I judged by her face alone. Which I could only see over Brad's shoulder. As soon she is baby again I going have Tommy change her one of these days. Maybe more then once too as I look at her grin.

Brad knew better to even pick the pins but much to my embarrass and his later. He used diaper powder on me. The wet and dry wipes in the box did the job of the powder.

"Nice try with cream Amber, she doesnít have a rash anywhere. " Brad laughed. He finished and slipped the new dry cloth diaper over my legs and to my waist. I squealed in delight as his hands touched me. My soft skin made it hard not too.

"Very good girl. you didnít hardly move a inch the whole time" Brad said with a warm smile while looking down toward me.

"Not Bad, Brad. Powder was your only mistake. The wipes would dried her off enough and the cloth diaper too." Amber said with a hint of defeat in her voice. She wanted to show Jessica how little guys knew about taking care of babies.

"Up you go!" Brad said with a touch of redness in his cheeks. I could tell he was thinking what Amber would say to Jessica about his little diaper changing adventure.

Brad got up when Amber wanted to finish dressing me. She grabbed a small pair of overalls, shoes, socks and a old toddler T-shirt.

"Well, I got to go. Tonight I got to take my sister out trick and treating. Going to take hours for her to decide on what to be tonight and it be faster if I help my mom prepare for tonight. " Brad said with a little frown. "If you see Jessica before I do" could you just tell her that I had a good time last night."

"Consider it already done and I know you really wanted to wait for her, but if you got to go I know you have no choice" Amber said. "My mom always making me take on more responsible every day." Amber said as she picked me up and carry me to door to say bye-bye to Brad.

"That was fun" Amber said has she carry back to the living room.

"I will get you back for that, Amber" I said with a small grin.

"I know, but it was worth it all the same. " Amber said with her grin now fading away. She just started wonder if she be in diapers for a week for her actions.

"Hey, Jess we got a lot time to kill. Shall we go to the park for half a hour. My parents wonít return to well over noon anyway and I have you back here with time to spare. " Amber said. Amber thought If little Jess had lots fun today maybe she wouldnít be a baby for very long.

Dressing up part would be fun to her.

"Sure" I said. "The slides should be really fun now. " Amber was right for once it was more fun then I had know it be. I even had a chance to play with Sara for a little bit. Few kids wanted to know who I was and Amber would just say I was her little cousin staying for a short visit. It was still cold outside but sandbox where me and Sara played and slides were the best parts to me.

We got back to her house with no trouble at all. As soon I was in her warm house I taken off the overalls, socks, shoes, and the shirt.

"I think Saraís mom really likes the idea now that your helping me baby-sit tonight. " I said with a cute smile.

"I think so too. She kept going on and on, mostly how good I was taking such good care of you today. " Amber said with tired look.

"Hey, donítí worry about the clothes. I have those wash and put away before my parents see them. " Amber said when she saw me starting to pick them up.

"Is it hard adjusting to be that size and age?" Amber asked with a curious voice.

"Not really." I said. I did indeed adjusted very quickly. Stairs was only thing I didnít master yet.

"Nearly time now. " Amber said as she picked the toddler clothes dropped them in the washer in the back room.

"Do mind if I watch you grow up?" Amber asked.

"Not really, you want to see your little sister grow up?" I said joking.

"Yeah, Kinda" Amber replied with a blush. She was getting little too attached now and seeing her grow up would help a bit.

"Any minute now. " I said as I slip the still dry cloth diaper off and tossed into the closet.

"It had been fun and wonderful dream to live out. " I said as I felt something stir inside of me.

I was a amazing thing to see. I started grow slowly it seem to pick up speed when hit double digits in age.

I grew in height and lost my plump belly in no time at first. My arms and legs grew longer a good deal before I felt my body grow into early womanhood. I didnít return to 17-year-old self either. My breasts only grew to two small cones and only a small patch hair return between my legs. Spooky had only taken back to age I was before turned into Chrissy.

"Time to become our old older selves now" I said as I pick up the watch from the dresser.

"Can we stay this age till end Halloween night" Amber pleaded.

"It means more candy for all of us" Amber added quickly.

"I supposed we could. Meet me at Saraís house and we do it. " I couldnít help thinking how sweet it be to have all the candy and money to boot at the end of night.

While getting dress I couldnít help thinking about the cloth diaper when I put on my preteen cotton underwear. If Amber really wanted too I would be happy to make her into a toddler again for revenge and as a favor. Now fully dress with Amberís extra clothes and with my costume folded up in my left hand. I turned toward Amber.

"Thanks for helping me face my fears as usual." I said. Then we did one of rare friendship hugs.

"No sweat, Jess" Amber said. "you just owe me one. "

"I know I do. " I said with smile.

"Catch you later. " I said as I left to walk back home. It had been a strange, but wonderful two days. I even got a phone message from my uncle that night. Although my mom figure it was one of his silly riddles. "till the end of Halloween is what you shall be till the next Halloween month"

I didnít have time to solve one of my uncleís riddles now and besides the answering machine had cut off the first part. Tape was going bad and needed to be replaced soon.


Chapter 7: "Winding Down"



I arrived at Saraís house a few minutes early that night. After a quick greeting I was giving a quick tour of the house and set of rules that Sara was to obey to the letter.

"Sure, this isnít too much for you" Saraís mom asked quickly

"No" I said smiling.

At five past seven Amber arrived to help me out.

"Good, your both here now. Here is the house key and remember to keep a close eye on Sara. " As Saraís dad came into the room.

Sara came out the bathroom right after her dad wearing a adorable kitten costume that also included a tail.

"Got her zipper to finally go up" Me and Amber heard Saraís dad tell her mom.

After a goodbye kiss and hug from Saraís parents to their daughter. They said their polite good-byes and were pulling out of the driveway waving one last goodbye.

"I am ready to get some candy. " Amber said to Sara

"Yeah!" Sara scream.

I noticed when I first arrive and left the house . That just outside door and to the left was big bowl of candy for anyone who might stop by that night. Unlike the Halloween Dance We had our outfits on the outside of our normal clothes. Be next month by the time it snowed again, but this night was just as chilly. I only hit a few houses when we ran into Brad and his little sister dress like a Rugrat charcter. Brad didnít bother wearing any costume. He figured he was too old to trick or treat, but anyone who offer candy he simply told them to put in his sisterís bag and that would share it later.

"Hope you all get plenty of candy" I called out as we finished our chat. I had nearly forgotten to return Brad back to his normal age. I was too far away to see his transformation in full detail, but I ask spooky to return him back to normal anyway.

"Donít change your brother back or me yet. I still want to be age for as long as possible. " Amber said as she back toward where we last seen Brad.

"OK" I said looking my watch checking the time.

"Thatís strange I think my watch is behind in time" I said noticing the hands were at four oíclock and it had to be eight oíclock now because we started at seven.

"Your right, it is a little past eight now. " Amber said looking at her own digital watch.

"I think your watch is broken. Can I have it if you donít want it anymore?" Amber asked grinning.

"I donít care if it canít keep perfect time I not going to let you have as long itís other features still work and I know they do. You saw it glow green before when I asked it to change Brad. "

"Come on!" shouted Sara a few feet in front of us. Since we started little Sara had been eager to get to each and every house on every street. Being too short and small to reach the doorbells she was force to wait for me or Amber to ring it for her. We walked nearly all the way back now when a group of teens had knock me down while they were fleeing from a house. Lucky I landed in the soft grass and wet ground.

"You OK?" Amber asked as she helped me up.

"Stupid Pranksters, I think they just egged that house with the lights off over there. " Amber said pointing to the left.

"Yeah, just my pride that is hurt." I said brushing my back of my jeans off.

"Hey better get the squirt home soon. She still needs a bath and then put to bed. " Amber said.

"Our fun is now winding down" Amber said as I unlocked the door to Saraís house and notice my watch was gone. Then I felt the pit of stomach giveaway. Sara ran in to empty her bag on the living room floor and admire over her candy.

"Winding down. " said to myself

"Yeah. You know like one of those old wind-up toys. " Amber said proudly.

"I know, but if Spooky wasnít broken. Just winding down instead. My uncle had left me message something about to the end of Halloween. What if it stops working tonight at midnight" I said with cold sweat. It all made sense now. That explain why the watch went backwards only at midnight. It was a warning.

"You mean the watch wonít work at all after Halloween is over." Amber said with concern.

"I think so, but I am not really sure." I said.

"Jess you got to back and find your watch. I think you lost it in that one yard where those kids knock you over. " Amber said in a hurry.

"OK, stay and watch Sara for me" I said as handed my bag of candy to Amber and started off.

"Sure, just one favor. Donít turn me back or your brother. I really like him and want to be with him. You got five minutes till midnight Jess!" Amber called back as I left the yard.

"You got it!" I said with little bit of sadness. I liked having Amber almost my age.

Scared now because I didnít want to be 13-years-old little girl anymore while Brad was 17-years-old .

I ran back to spot where I had had been knock down and scan the area with my eyes. I was knock down here just between these two street lamps. This was the right place.

"Come on, where are you spooky?" I thought out loud.

Spooky was no where on the sidewalk or the street. Its in the grass somewhere I thought. It was no use with the grass a few inches high and pitched black. I used my hands to feel around and only felt only wet grass and cold ground. I felt around forever and ever with no luck. How much time did I have now. A minute left now till I was doom.

I let a small sob out and just sat down for my minute for the end to come.

"You OK?" I heard a small boy say.

I looked up and saw a boy about 7 or 8 holding a flashlight in one hand and bag in the other.

"I lost my watch and I canít find it. Can I use your flashlight? " I said smiling.

"OK." The little boy answered back.

Less then ten seconds of searching with the flashlight I saw it. It was further up in the yard then I realized. I grabbed the watch and give the flashlight back to the little boy.

"Spooky, return me to my normal age and life except to Amber" I whisper quickly.

The little boy had missed my transformation. He was too busy checking his flashlight and looking back to where his mother and sister were. He only wondered away by one house only and they catch up soon enough. Nearly all the lights at each house was nearly out now. Midnight was official curfew for all kids and teens to be out for Halloween.

My clothes changed along with me. I once again filled out my bra and gotten back most of teen body when It stopped. I wasnít sure but I think it had stopped short just by a few months at the most. It was hard to tell by looking down myself in nearly pitch darkness.

"Thank you so much" I told the little boy.

"If you go down to that house over there we have a big bowl with lots of candy leftover for you. You can have all you want for helping me find my watch. " I said.

"OK, my mom said just is the last street for us. We live just right over there. " The boy said pointing to the house with the lights out.

I walked back to Saraís house to find a very happy little girl.

"Since you were changing back I gave Sara your bag of candy. No sense in letting it vanished. " Amber explained Saraís excitement.

I told Amber how I found the watch with help of a little boy and When he arrived with his mother and sister. Me and Amber help the boy and his little sister fill their bags up with what was left in the bowl.

"You got a very good boy there. He helped me find my birthday watch" I said with a smile.

"I know, he explain to me why he knew there was a big bowl candy for him at this house" His mother said proudly.

"Donít eat too much tonight" I called back as they left.

Looking at Spooky I notice the hands were now little past midnight now.

"I think you didnít age all the way back. You look little younger then 16-years-old. " Amber said when she saw me in the full light now. I pulled out my student ID and did a quick check. I was 15 according to the ID and in the mirror I looked like a 15 year-old girl.

"I guess Spooky didnít have enough time to change me all the way back" I said with little disappointment.

I asked Spooky to make me just one year older. Nothing had happen. No green light or spinning hands. Just the soft tick of the watch.

"No choice for us. We just have to be these ages all over again. " Amber said with a frown.

Ď"Why the frown Amber? I thought you wanted to be 13-year-old again?í I asked puzzled.

"I going have to go back to school and take all my old classes over again. " She nearly wailed in terror.

"Look at the blight side. Your sure to ace the classes. " I said laughing.

"I think your right. Maybe I skip a few grades and join you in your high school classes in no time. " Amber said hopefully.

"Maybe" I said with doubt. Later on I be surprised to find out that Amber would ace nearly all her tests and did skip a few grades. Wasnít easy for her being the youngest and smallest girl in class, but to her just being in the same class rooms as me was well worth it.

Itís been nearly a year now since last October and I be 16-years-old again next month. My uncle Scott had arrived to pay us a short visit.

"Hey, there she is!" he shouted has came in with my mother. Come here and give your uncle a hug.

As we hug I heard him whisper something in my ear that gave me a bit of shock at first.

"How does it feel to be almost 16-years-old again?" He quietly whispered.

"How did you know?" I asked stunned.

"Called it a trade secret" as he rolled up his sleeve to show me his own Spooky watch.

"Yup, I bought those watches as a pair. One for man and other for woman. Your aunt didnít like the watch so instead I got her a diamond necklace and sent you the watch. " He said with a smile.

"If your aunt only knew what she gave up. We just a few weeks away before the watches start working their magic again" he grin.

"I wasnít too sure how old you be when I returned so got you a gift card this time. " he said as he handed me a small plastic card as we walked into the kitchen so me and my mom could hear about all the places he had been.

I am 16-years-old now again and gotten some pretty cool gifts. My family had put in enough money for me to get a car and Amber which is now my brotherís girlfriend to the rest of world gave me a camera and an photo album with a funny and very cute picture of 2-year-old girl wrap in a beach towel holding a stuff cat on the outside. Inside was small collection of pictures of us doing various things we all did over the past year.

My mom couldnítí believe how much the little girl look like me when I was younger.

"That picture came with the album. " Amber said with little grin looking directly at me. I grin back thinking back to this time last year.

"Hey Tommy, My little cousin is coming to visit this weekend while my parents are visiting my aunt. I could use your help and Jessicaís. " Amber announced.

"Her name is Amber just like mine, but everyone calls Amberlina or Lina for short" Amber smiled.

"Stop by on Saturday morning . Promise it will only be for a few hours only. "

"Hey Mom, is it OK if I spend the night over at Amberís this weekend " I asked quickly.

"Sure, along her parents are OK with it" She answer back and wondering if was give Amber a few tips in baby-sitting.

That Saturday my brother arrived to find out that I sent Amber out to get some supplies and to find what he thought was her cousin sleeping in only a cloth diaper with a empty cup of juice beside her on the floor.

"She had a busy night last night. Trying out all of Amber dollís clothes then a long bubble bath after that and finally we watched few movies. " I said with happy smile.

"Come over and let me show you how to change a diaper. Lina drank a lot juice last night I was sure she is wet again. " I said as a woke little Amber from her long sleep.

"I know Amber would be impress if you can do it?" I said almost singing it.

"OK" Tommy said. Kneeing down and slid Lina's diaper off and to my delight he wiped her down, powder her and used the diaper cream on her. I took a few tasteful shots with my camera of him changing her diaper and thinking revenge is sweet. Amber had even grab his nose at one point.

"I know Amber would of wanted to see this. " I said as I took my last picture of them. With Tommy holding Amber in his arms and looking as proud as a father would look. Amber look embarrass and must of thought the diaper cream was cold and slimy under her new diaper.

"That was perfect" I said has I rewind the film in my camera. I shouldnítí have taken so my pictures of Amber last night, but she was cuter then I was in her toddler clothes.

"You can head on back home now if you want. I just tell Amber she just missed you and you were a big help" I said as I took Amberlina in my arms.

"Have her call me when she returns." Tommy said as he left out the door. Tommy thought he got off pretty easy. I only changed one diaper and left almost as soon he got there.

"Why didnít you stop him when he grabbed the cream? It was so cold and tickled when he put it on. " Amber said as soon as Tommy left.

"It was too cute to miss. You thank me later. " I said as I set my camera down on the table.

"Come on, Time for another bubble bath I got to wash all that baby stuff off of you before you change back. " I said has I carried her over my shoulder giving her a playful spank while we went up the steps.

Me and Amber had spent countless days as newborns, babies, toddlers and children over the next long years. It would be a short way down the road of life before our husbands were allowed to join us. In time we had that album filled with a odd collection of pictures. Including two 2-years-old girls only wearing cloth diapers with their arms over each other shoulders and another picture was Polaroid shot of me and Amber changing diapers on a pair of toddler boys.

Tommyís favorite picture was one where he was changing little Amberlinaís diaper again now knowing who she really was. She made a real mess that time. At least he used less diaper cream on her.

Amberís favorite picture had to be the one where she is holding a baby version of Tommy with his diaper yanked down a second before the picture was taken. Which always made your uncle Tommy go red in the face no matter how old he was.

Chrissy only grin when I said that fact.

Brad didnít say which one he really liked the most, but there was picture of him at 6-years-old playing with a 2-year-old me both of us only wearing underwear. It was a cute picture of him holding me in his arms. I caught him staring at it from time to time with a smile on his face. I think he really like taking care of me more then anything in the world and thats why I miss him so much these days.

Mine was a group picture of all us as toddlers playing in a tub which had 2 girls and 2 boys in it. We rented the same Polaroid camera with a timer to set it up. It was a true symbol of what we were. A family that trusted and loved each other like toddlers would with no shame at all.

"That is why I am giving you Spooky, Chrissy. As my oldest and only daugther. I giving Spooky to you so can live your own life now. " I said has I closed the old album. "You and your brothers have enjoy a very long childhood and teenhood. Your brothers have families now of their own and left home a very long time ago. Now its your turn to finally leave home. "

Little Chrissy always wanted to be mommy's little girl forever. Even if her brothers would tease her about being the real baby of the family. Her mother had reached real old age now in the naturally way it was meant to be reached.

"Thank you, mommy" my little 10-year-old angel said. I had adored the word mommy and love to hear my children say it.

"Time for you to go back now and start yourself new life. Your aunt and uncle will look after you and from now and you shall call me your grandmother from now on as well. I am 30 years older then them now in body. " I said has I got up slowly and carefully.

"OK, but I think I stay this age a little longer til I get home. " Chrissy said slowly putting on the watch with new self-sealing straps on it that always made a cool sucking sound.

"Don't bother trying to use the watch on any of us. I already asked Spooky to let me and your aunt, uncle age normally from now on. " I said as she left my house in silence.

I watch my little Chrissy walked slowly up the street then crashed staight into a boy, while watching them chat then leave togther I knew that her time to grow up and have a life of her own had finally come at long last.

"Ouch!" Chrissy said she was knock down to the ground.

"I'm Sorry, are you OK?" said a young boy about 12-years-old while picking up his new air-board.

"I am alright, I just wasn't looking where I was going thats all. " Chrissy said has she got up and then stared at him. He was cute she thought.

"My name is Jacob Tomson. " He said staring back at her and combing back his dark blue hair with his fingers.

"Chrissy. " Chrissy said smiling fixing her stain proof clothes.

"If you don't need a med-tech., do you want to come in and play my new VR game with me? Today is my birthday and haven't even played it yet " Jacob said blushing. Just asking her to come in and play a game was really hard for him to do. He had fallen in love with her at first sight, but didn't fully understand it yet.

"Sure. " Chrissy said and then followed Jake toward his house. She had what was already a crush for him now and she couldn't help it when she walk side by side with him as they enter his house. Both of them with smile on their face and a song in each of their hearts for each other.

The End