Science Marches On



Barbara Millings sat down on the edge of her bed and kicked off her high heels. She glimpsed at her reflection and saw a middleaged face looking back at her. Although she knew many men still would die to be with her she was losing her battle with time. The high heels that she liked to wear caused her feet to ache. Her energy wasn't what it used to be. Her formerly smooth skin had a few creases showing. Her hair didn't shine or have the body that it once did. Her excercise regimen didn't seem as effective anymore. She contemplated plastic surgery to take car of some of the sagging. She knew she was wearing more makeup than ever. Her dresses no longer fit quite the same.

She was 36 years old and felt like she might as well be 100! She had always prided herself on her sexy looks and her ability to make any guy want her. Old guys or young guys... it didn't matter, she just liked the attention! When she was 21she felt there was no heterosexual man that could resist her but now she found younger guys who didn't seem to pay her the same attention as she was used to. Even older men sometimes would seem more interested in younger women when their eyes had the chance to check out the choices.

Even worse, she was married to an older man. A man that she didn't really care for. She pretended to care but in reality he meant nothing to her except as a conquest. She had many affairs in the time she had been married. It didn't matter to her.... she knew Steve would always take her back. How could he not she figured? But now that he was getting older he wanted to stay home more. And he wanted her there with him!

None of this made her happy. This wasn't how she had planned things!

She often wondered why she married him. After all, he didn't live in a large mansion like she wanted. He wasn't particularly good looking. But she knew the answer. 7 years ago she saw his picture and a story in the paper. He had just gotten a Government grant at the time to continue his research into reversing the aging process. THAT is what she was interested in. But she never considered that 7 years later and he still would be working with mice and rats. And the Government grants had all but dried up. They weren't seeing the results. But Barbara knew Steve had had successes but he refused to accelerate that research or fully report his findings. Steve argued that the Government would become too involved and turn this into some sort of top secret weapons project. He wasn't interested in that. He always argued that he had plenty of time.

TIME! That is what Barbara felt she was running out of! She steamed a bit longer, massaged her tired feet, and then exchanged her dress for some sweats and a T-shirt.

She walked to the mirror and studied her 36 year old face. Most people would have been happy to look like Barbara at 36, but she wasn't happy. Her face looked tired to her. Her eyes no longer sparkled. She pulled her hair back and saw a couple of gray strands mixed into her blond mane. She scanned the dressing table and looked at the ever growing pile of creams and lotions.

She seethed! She felt she had wasted 7 years with Steve. This was his fault! She stormed out of the bedroom and made her way to the living room where Steve was watching TV and enjoying (as best as he could) a TV Dinner.

'You fucking dick!' she yelled as she entered the room.

Steve turned to see her eyes shooting daggers through him. 'What's wrong, hon?' he asked.

'Wrong? We live in near poverty! You could be a millionaire but you're either too stupid or too fucking lazy.....or both!' Barbara sniped.

'Hon, we aren't poor by any strecth of the imagination. We might not have a fancy car or big house in the country but we aren't poor' Steve replied.

'I'm 36 years old and ~I~ shouldn't have to live like this! I could've had any man I wanted but I chose you. You and your damn Fountain of Youth drug! And you refuse to take advantage of it!' she yelled in an ever increasing hysterical voice. 'You're a stupid asshole!'

'But... I need more time... ' he answered. '...I want to be sure...'

'Time? Fuck You, little man! Old man! Sure? What else is left? You won't get anymore grants with the way you're going...and you know it is ready! You told me 5 years ago it was almost complete!' She argued.

'But... I.... It's not like I can just go around testing things... Animals are different.' Steve told her.

'Well, I don't believe you! I wasted 7 years with you!' she said icily as the words oozed from her lips 'You think I married you for YOU? Fuck you! I married you for what you could give me.... and that wasn't YOU or your love! I want money and youth! I know the shit is ready and I want it! No more lies or waiting! I'm tired of the waiting. If you want me to stay with you then you WILL give me a dose of the formula!'

'But, it's not been tested on humans. Maybe in another...ummmmm 5 years???' he stammered.

'FIVE YEARS! My God I'll be 41! NO, tonight or else I'm outta here and will take you for everything you have! This rathole will be mine!' Barbara threatened.

The argument continued. Barbara would accept nothing but Steve's use of the formula on her. Finally, Steve agreed.

'If I give you a dose you must sign a form. And you'll have to give it to yourself. I can't do it. I won't be responsible if something goes wrong. That's why I want you to sign the form. I don't want anyone saying I forced you to do this. And I'll videotape your signing the form and also your taking the dosage yourself' Steve told her. 'I have to cover all the bases'

'Agreed. I knew you'd see things my way! How can you resist? You're wife will be young and beautiful again!' she said.

'But I like you as you are' Steve told her.

'Well, I don't! Make me young!' she ordered.

'Alright... I'll get a form worked up and bring you the formula.' Steve told her as he left the room.

Barbara smugly sat down and crossed her legs. She had won again! And it slowly sank in just what she had won! A chance to be young again! No more aching feet. No more sagging boobs. No more tired eyes. No more glasses. Just her sexy curves returning and her youthful energy. No more of the conservative dresses that she had been wearing lately but rather short and skimpy styles that no man could resist her in. Pefect she thought.

Steve finally returned and set up the video equipment. He sat a glass with a brown colored liquid in it on the table. He started the video camera and handed her a form along with an ink pen.

'Here, this is the form we discussed. The formula is in the glass on the table.' he said as he focused the camera on his wife. 'Sign the form and then drink the liquid... if you want. This is your choice. I also want to be on record saying I am against this at this time.'

Barbara sneered at him as she signed the form. 'Well, bottoms up!' she said as she grabbed the glass and drank it down.

'So when does it start?' she asked.

'It'll be a while. Overnight and then some I'd imagine. Please hold that newspaper up so I can get it in the shot' Steve told her 'I want to make sure the date is in plain view just in case there is a question'

Barbara obliged him and seemed anxious for the process to start.

'You might as well go to bed now. It will be a while before the celluar regenaration will take effect.'

Barbara looked frustrated but knew that soon she would be young again and could soon go on the prowl for any man she desired.


The next morning


Steve woke up and looked for his wife. She was gone. He put on a robe and made his way downstairs where he found Barbara.

'You like?' said a 25 year old Barbara 'You're a genius! It worked! I'm young and look how good I look! I'm gorgeous!'

Steve took a breath 'Yes.... my.... incredible! You look lovely!'

She was wearing shorts and a cropped T-shirt. Her hair was again full and shiny. Her eyes sparkled with a mischevious glint. Her legs were toned and perfect. Her stomach firm and flat. Her face was smooth and unlined. The package left Steve breathless. THIS was the fruit of his labors!

He tried to kiss her her but she squirmed away 'Ahhhh not yet.... I need to do some shopping. I just wanted you to see me before I left' she told him.

'Ok....' Steve replied dejectedly as he backed away.

Barbara bounded out of the house. She was absolutely giddy at her transformation. She'd always loved to shop but this trip was going to be even better! She tried on nearly every piece of sexy clothing she could find. Short skimpy dresses, shorts, shorter shorts, tank tops, cleavage flattering halters, bikinis, sandals, high heels, and anything else that caught her young eye. She wasn't sure if it was the transformation or just buying so much clothing but she felt like she was about to burst with excitement. Her energy level was off the scale!

By this point it was into the afternoon and so she stopped for lunch. She decided a glass of wine might be in order and ducked into a classy eatery. Upon ordering her wine the waiter asked for her ID. She giggled. How strange she thought... but flattering. She had always looked young but she hadn't looked young enough to be carded in quite some time. She showed the boy her ID fully knowing that the 36 year old on the license wasn't at all the vibrant 25 year old she was now... but she figured it was close enough and the waiter would be surprised to see that she was really 36.

He looked over the ID and winked. 'Well, thank you Ms. ~Millings~. I'll be back with your drink'

That was odd she thought. It was like he didn't believe the ID at all but let it slide. He brought her drink and she slowly sipped the intoxicating beverage. After nibbling on her lunch she requested the check and prepared to leave. Before she could escape the waiter stopped her.

'Sorry, to bother you... but... I was wondering... if you might wanna go out sometime?' he asked.

Barbara stopped and sized up the young man. She figured he couldn't be over 18. 'I don't date younger guys' she told him.

'Oh... I.... ummm younger? I'm 18. I'm a freshman in college' he said in his defense.

'Well, you saw my ID' she told him.

He laughed. 'Oh I see.... It's OK. I won't tell. All you girls from Valley High have fake ID's but I always let you guys slide.'

Barbara's eyes opened wide and she immediately ran out of the eatery without a word. She realized her sandals were slipping and her tight shorts didn't seem as tight. She had to get a look in the mirror. Could she be even younger she wondered? Barbara started to dart into a restroom when a man grabbed her.

'Excuse me, Miss! Shouldn't you be in class?' he said sternly. It was a mall security guard.

My God he thinks I'm skipping school she thought. How young am I?

'I'm out of school...... uhhhhhhh sir' she said as sweetly as possible in a now higher voice.

'Well, let's see your ID' he replied.

Uh oh! That isn't going to work! Her mind raced. Before she could think he began tugging on her arm. 'Just as I figured! Let's get you back to Valley'

As much as she tried, all of her excuses only sounded more lame. Pretty soon she found herself in the principal's office!

'So, Miss.... You didn't want to stay with us today?' the principal asked her.

'I'm not a student here' she told him.

'I where are you a student?' he answered.

'Uhhhhhhh....... ' she couldn't think. How young was she? What could she say?

'It is better to tell me now who you are and get it out of the way rather than prolong this. We take truancy very seriously here. You don't want that on your permanent record' the principal said.

She didn't know what to say or do. Instinctively, Barbara jumped up and ran as hard as she could. Her young legs carried her faster than the principal could manage. Down the hall and out the door and she was free. She got on a city bus and rode back to her neighborhood. As she stood up to leave the bus her sandals stayed behind. If not for quick reflexes her shorts would have done the same. Walking down the aisle of the bus she saw her reflection in the mirror. What she saw was a 14 year old girl staring back at her. A tear rolled down her cheek. Her womanly curves were fast disappearing. Not much of them remained! More tears streamed down her face. She left the bus and ran down the sidewalk as fast as she could. She had to get back home so Steve could fix this!

She swung the door open and ran in. There was Steve watching TV. He sized up the barefoot 13 year old in her oversized top and shorts.

'It's still going!' she cried.

'Yes, I see it is' Steve told here.

'You gotta make it stop!' she cried in a girlish voice!

Steve didn't answer. He just looked at her.

Barbara waited for an answer. 'My boobies are almost gone! Please!!!! Stop this!'

'Sit down, Barbara....errrrrrrr Barbie' Steve said.

'My boobs are gonna be gone!' she cried.

'Barbie... on the couch...' Steve ordered.

She sat down on the couch. Her feet now barely touched the floor. 'Can you stop this... Reverse it?' she asked between sobs.

'It can be reversed' he told her.

'It can?' She said as her sobbing slowed. Her legs retreated more and her feet no longer touched the floor. "Noooooo! My boobs are gone! This'll reverse???"

'Yes.... when it stops it'll automatically reverse.' He answered slowly.

'And I be big girl again?' the still youthening Barbara asked hopefully.

'Yes, you'll be a big girl again. A year at a time. You'll be growing up again as John and Betty's little girl' Steve said with a touch of arrogance in his voice that Barbara had never heard before.

'Noooooooooo.... I wanna be big girl NOW!' she said in the bratty spoiled voice of an undisciplined 5 year old child.

'Now, now. John and Betty want a child and they have a nice big house.' Steve said softly.

'They don't any much money and live on a farm! I don't wanna live on a farm! I wanna live in the city!' she lisped.

'Sorry. Just as you told me you married me with other motives in mind.... I have to confess I married YOU with another motive myself. I knew someone like you wouldn't marry for love. And I needed a human to test the regression formula on. But who'd be stupid enough to test the first batch and me not hold me responsible for any accidents? Well, someone as vain as you...that's who! I'm just surprised it took you so long to order it. But it gets even better. John and Betty have been wanting a child but they couldn't have one on their own or afford to hire a lawyer and adopt. But you're healthy and able. You'll be great at farm chores. It's all so perfect!' Steve explained.

'I ain't gonna do no chores! And people'll miss me. You can't just let 'em 'dopt me!' little Barbie argued.

Steve laughed 'Well, that would be true. But then you signed the form yourself and that form granted John and Betty full custodial rights WHEN the regression is complete. Piece of advice for you... always read the things that you sign.'

'I'll tell on ya! You can't get 'way with this' the pudgy child with wispy strawberry blond curls threatened.

'As you probably notice, you're still getting younger. You'll continue to get younger. Right up to the point of being a newborn. And already those nasty memories and adult intelligence are starting to fade and distort. Your undeveloping mind just can't hold those thoughts. You'll be a clean slate! You'll learn to like your chores!' he said as he laughed wickedly.

'But.... me.... no farm girl.... me city girl..... You make me big so you have wife! Pwease... Pwetty pwease???' the toddler begged.

'Wife? The man who has found the fountain of youth and proven it works on humans will have trouble finding a wife? Surely you jest!? You know, people don't have to take such a concentrated dose like you did. A little in some face cream can go a long way.. How much do you think Oil of Olay would pay me?' he said lauging.

Newborn Barbie merely cried........ and then fell silent and happily watched the spinning ceiling fan.

The End