The Baby Shower

by TinyG

Horror and sex as men are changed into babies at a shower

As I ran out the door Audry yelled, "Don't forget about the baby shower tonight." The whole day I thought about Audry's desire for a child. We have been married for ten years and every time she sees a baby she asks me if its time yet. Its not that I don't love her and want to give her everything. She is the most beautiful woman I could imagine. She has a perfect hourglass figure, breasts that are a little small, not quite a "B" cup, but so round and perfectly formed. Her thighs are hard and slim and her waist small and flat. Her facial feature are small and unobtrusive with gorgeous blue eyes and soft blond hair. I just can't imagine her being pregnant though. The thought almost repulses me. Of course, I kept those thoughts to myself and told her our carriers and lifestyle have no room for another person. I told her we should wait until we can afford a baby.

I knew she was getting impatient. The other night when Audry told me we were invited to a baby shower, she didn't even bring up the subject of our baby. But, I knew the subject would come up again soon.

That night we met the Schemes for dinner before the shower. Jim and Janet are a nice young couple with similar interests. Janet and Audry met through a mutual contact and now Audry did work for them in a large investment firm. Over time they became the best of friends. Jim owned his own business but had just sold it to a Japanese firm. They had more than enough money and Janet claimed they could afford to stay home and never work again. That night at dinner Jim proposed a new business arrangement. He said Janet and he had talked it over and they wanted to start a new business with Audry and I. Audry smiled at Janet and I looked at Jim with interest. He said we could start a chain of day care centers. I was puzzled but he showed me a page in the newspaper noting all the lack of affordable child care. Janet and Audry both said it was a great idea. I told Jim, I'd think about it. He told me he was serious and took me to his spare room. It was all set up like a nursery. Janet and Audry followed as Jim explained they had another complete nursery still in boxes in the garage and were just waiting for a commitment from us. I told him I'd like to talk it over with Audry but I'd give him an answer in a few days.

When I got Audry aside I told her: "This idea seems a little strange. I can't picture myself looking after infants and changing diapers all day.

Audry responded:"I don't mind changing diapers and I kind of like the idea of having babies around, if I can't have my own just yet."

"Well wouldn't we be contributing to the pollution problems with all those disposable diapers?"

"I'd insist we only use cloth. Everything would have to be natural." That could be one of the biggest selling points. We wouldn't even use rubber paints. Janet and I would just make sure the babies were always dry."

"I'm not too sure about this."

"He did make over ten million on his last investment" Jim announced they were ready to go and we headed out to the car. Before we even reached the door, Audry asked Janet If she had her gift. Janet told her she found some great cloth diapers and pins.

Audry responded, "Great, I brought some really cute baby bonnets."

I asked Jim if he thought we would be the only men at the party.

Janet told me: "Don't worry you two won't be the only men there."

Audry said: "This is the nineties. Men go to baby showers all the time now."

Janet interrupted: "It wouldn't be any fun without them," and both girls laughed.

Jim and I headed to the car and got in the front seat. We joked about the shower and wondered what they did there. Both girls got in carrying diaper bags. I said: "You goofed. Both of you brought diaper bags."

Jim agreed: "I thought you arranged things better than that." Audry and Janet looked at each other and laughed. Audry said: "Yeah, were just dumb blonds." They whispered to each other and showed each other the baby powder and other items in their bags.

I asked: "What do you do at a baby shower." Audry said: "We usually play all kinds of games and have allot of fun."

Jim asked: "What kind of games?" Janet said: "Oh, see who can diaper the baby the fastest." Seeing how uncomfortable this made Jim, Audry giggled: "You'll see."

We drove up to a lush upper class house and entered. Inside the three other couples were already there. The hostess met us at the door and gave us each a drink. She said: "The blue cups are for the boys and the pink for the girls." We all went in and sat down. I didn't know any of the people inside so introduced myself to two men and we talked about the idea of men going to baby showers. A few seconds later the hostess came by and picked up the glasses. I told her the punch was delicious and asked if there was any more. She giggled and said sorry, maybe later. Fred hadn't finished his yet and told me I could have the rest of his. The hostess immediately objected and told Fred to hurry and drink up. She said it was part of the games and everyone had to drink their own drink and look at the bottom of their glass but don't tell anyone if something is there. I remembered seeing a small golden figure in the bottom of my glass. At first I thought it was a small Buddha but upon closer inspection I saw it was a little baby. Fred drank up and the hostess took the glass.

The girls went into the back room and started laughing. I asked if any of the men knew who was going to have the baby. Fred said he thought they owned the house. Another man said: "No, my wife isn't expecting. We are only storing some of the presents here. You should see our garage. There is a whole nursery out there. The lucky lady will have everything she needs. But I haven't seen a pregnant lady yet."

At this point the girls started coming back in, each of them carried a diaper bag. I looked at Audry and whispered: "It looks like you weren't the only dumb blond, but I still think your beautiful."

Audry laughed and said: "Thank you." The hostess told us: "Take your seats. We're almost ready to start." I sat down next to Audry and waited. She looked over to me and whispered. "Do you like my breasts?" I said: "Sure."

She responded: "But you would like them to be bigger." I said "Well, wouldn't any man."

She said: "You're going to get your wish." At that moment, her breasts started growing in front of my eyes. Her blouse constricted on the budding masses of her breasts. Then they started expanding through the top of her V cut and put noticeable stress on the buttons holding them back. Suddenly buttons started popping all over the room as all the women experienced the bustumous expanse. I asked: "What was in that drink?" All the women in the room laughed and Audry asked: "What's the matter don't you I liked it?"

"Like it, I Love it. As long as the same thing doesn't happen to me."

She laughed and said: "Don't worry. You won't be getting any bigger."

One of the men started to clap. The rest of the men joined in with the applause. Most of the women giggled. Janet got up and bowed. Her cleavage was to die for, as she held her arm up covering her exposed nipples. Audry explained that one of the women had discovered a Amazon statue of fertility. She described the statue with eight removable breasts and eight small infants sitting on the woman's lap. She told me they had each put a nipple in their glasses and recited words over them to enhance their breasts. I was just going to ask her about the little gold infant I found in the bottom of my glass when she stood up asked the other girls: "Do you think its time to start the shower?" One of the other girls said, "We might as well. I think my milk is coming in."

The hostess suggested: "Let's exchange packages." At that point each of the women opened their diaper bags and started handing out packages to each other. As each girl passed her packages out she received one from another woman. Eventually each of them had a diaper bag filled with identical packages. I told Jim: "This is the strangest shower I've ever seen." THEN IT HAPPENED.

I looked at one of the men who was here before we arrived and saw him shrink before my very eyes. He was only four feet tall and getting smaller by the second. Then another man asked: "What's... happening to me?"

One of the girls said: "Look the guests of honor are arriving!" I looked over to the door but nobody entered. I got up to look out the window but didn't see anyone either. I looked at the woman who made the statement but she was watching her husband become smaller. She saw me and said: "Isn't this cute." Then I looked at Jim and saw him getting smaller as well. I felt my pants starting to fall and grabbed them. I was beginning my transformation as well. I looked at Audry who was starring at me with a big grin on her face. I continued to shrink until I didn't need to hold up my pants any longer. My shirt reached the floor. I looked around and noticed all the men reduced to the size of infants.

Audry reached over to lift up my shirt, leaving me exposed in my nakedness. Helpless, I was stunned. I was a big man, 6'2" and 270 lbs. Audry at 5'2 and 110 lbs. had always been small to me. Now she was gigantic. I didn't know how to react. She towered over me even when she was sitting down. I knew in my condition she could do anything she wanted with me. Suddenly she had become immensely powerful. Her enhanced breasts now as threatening as desirable looked even more sensual as she leaned over to look at me. I looked up at her, both the image of fear and intense sexual desire. My penis started to become erect and I blushed, unable to hide my excitement.

Audry said: "Ah you really like this don't you? You like being my little man. Well I'm rather glad. And by the way, you don't have to worry about giving me a baby anymore." She paused studying my reaction, as I looked at her inquisitively. She continued: "I know you didn't want to see me pregnant."

I tried to object: "No, I never said that!"

"Well you don't have to worry, I not pregnant." I took an uncontrollable sigh. She was already so big and so beautiful. I didn't know what I'd do if she was pregnant.

Audry responded: "You needn't be so at ease, I was trying to explain. You don't have to worry about giving me a baby because, YOU'LL DO JUST FINE, BABY ANDY."

I panicked as my mind raced through the implications of what she just said and the strange situation I found myself in. What did she mean. She couldn't? but she could if she wanted to. I couldn't stop her.

While I stood there aghast, Audry reached down to picked me up and sat me on her lap. I was shocked and abashed. I looked around. Most of the men were the size of babies sitting on their wife's laps. Several of the women started opening their presents and showing them to their husbands. Audry asked me what I thought. I said: "Why? How could you?"

She inquired: "You didn't know this shower was for you, did you? Well it is. Each of us was expecting a baby tonight and now they've arrived! Lets look at your presents. She picked up one of packages and said: "This is the one I brought. Do you want to open it, or shall I?"

I struggled to get down and she said: "I guess that means you would rather me open them. Look at this a cute baby bonnet, bib and booties. Let's try on the bonnet. I twisted my head and tried to get away. She was just too strong and forced my head around. She tied the baby bonnet under my chin in a large bow then knotted it. Janet had done the same thing to Jim and said: "They fit just fine Audry. Aren't they adorable as babies!"

I looked at Jim and noticed he was wearing a baby bonnet too. I could see tears in his eyes as Janet humiliated him telling Audry how cute he was. I almost felt sorry for him but then I could see the tears clouding my own eyes as I realized I was in the same position.

Janet broke my self pity and sent a new wave of panic through me as she told Audry: "Now open my presents."

Audry responded "OK. Let's see. Is this the one with the diaper pins tied up in the ribbons."

"Yes that's it."

"OK let's see what Auntie Janet bought you Andy." Audry took off the diaper pins and opened the package. I remembered what Janet brought and fought Audry's hold on me as new wave of panic set in. My fears were justified as Audry revealed a package of one dozen cloth diapers. She proceeded to rip open the package and remove one of them. "This is perfect" she said as she folded it and laid it down on the floor. "Now, stop fighting me Andy, or I'll have to spank you. Everybody knows babies wear diapers. Your just going to have to get use to it."

Just then the Hostess shouted: "Wait!" For an instant I thought I had a reprieve and this nightmare would end. Could I actually return to adulthood? I vowed to be a better man, willing to listen to my wife and give her the desires of fulfillment. I would do anything just to stop this surreal form of bondage.

But instead the hostess continued: "This is the perfect time to show off our motherly skills. Who can diaper their baby the fastest?" A mummer of agreement echoed through the room. Janet asked "What do we win?"

The hostess responded: "If you win, I'll give you one of the golden infant charms and you can keep your man a baby forever. This sent a visible ripple of fear through all the men. Each of us must have had an infant charm in our glass that preformed the transformation magic. We all struggled to free ourselves from our new mothers. Jim and another man felt totally helpless and even started to cry, looking even more like babies.

The hostess exclaimed: "Everybody get ready."

Audry took the baby powder out of her diaper bag and set it along with the diaper pins on the floor. She then folded the diaper into a large irregularly shaped rectangle placed it on the floor and knelt down next to it. I was next as she laid me down on top of the diaper, opened the diaper pins and held them firmly between her lips. I tried to get away but she held her hand on my chest. I looked up at her with an expression of pity as if to ask her to stop. She did not respond. She meant business as she prepared for this motherly contest.

"Ready, Set, GO!"

Audry grabbed my ankles with one hand, holding me up off the diaper and sprinkled my butt with baby powder. She laid me back down and sprinkled my genitals. Then she put the powder down. I tried to role over and get away but she pushed me back down and grabbed the diaper up from between my legs. I heard a few of the men screaming "NO! and STOP IT!" I tried to roll over again. I was on my side but she just grabbed the two closest corners of my diaper and pinned them together.

I thought I still had a chance if I could roll again quickly and crawl away without being diapered. I tried but Audry quickly rolled me over the other way and grabbed the remaining two corners of my diaper. Quickly she pinned them together she screamed "I'm done!" My inane attempts at escape had inadvertently helped her diaper me. She picked me up to show everyone as one of the other women said "I'm done." Then several others echoed the refrain. The hostess finished diapering her husband and brought the gold charm over to Audry. Audry held me in one arm and grabbed the charm with her free hand.

The hostess said: "This is rather appropriate since your husband (She paused and smiled down at me) or should I say baby, liked his drink so much the first time. He even wanted another helping. Well now he can have as much as he wants."

Audry laughed and held the baby charm in front of my face. "He probably doesn't want it now that he knows what it is. Do you little Andy?"

I turned my head and said: "No, and my name is Andrew!" I grabbed at the diaper pins and tried to open them. I couldn't abide this humiliation and wanted out of these baby clothes. I tried and tried to open the pins but they were just too strong. I decided to push the diaper off but Audry had pinned it too tight. I attempted to untie the bonnet but only proceeded in tightening the knot. Frustrated and helpless I started to pout, even beginning to act infantile.

Audry loved seeing me helpless and in her complete control. When she first found out about my aversion to pregnant women, she wanted to leave me. As she made plans however, she went to her gynecologist and found out it was already too late. She could never conceive and have a baby. Her doctor told her about a small Amazon society near our house. It was there she met Janet and the other women here tonight.

Audry loved the idea of the Amazons and wanted to find out as much as she could about their culture. She studied old books and searched out an old Amazon sorceress. She found out about the Amazon's island kingdom with no other metals but gold and how the men of the island desired the gold so much they turned away from their women to acquire it. Frustrated the women drove the men from the island or forced them into submission. They developed a high culture with the use of magic items. They found ways to deal with even the most stubborn males. Audry joined their secret fertility cult to enjoy the fruits of motherhood without going through the drudgery of pregnancy and childbirth. The sorceress told her how she could reduce even the most macho man to the size of a baby and about other kinds of magic rarely practiced but extremely useful. Each of these women were part of the fertility cult. Each had been wronged by their husbands and now wanted revenge. Audry was no different. She wanted me to pay.

"Your name used to be Andrew, but now I'm your mommy and I'll decide what's best for you. You are Baby Andy now and if you forget just look at your self in the mirror. You were too big for your britches. Now your britches are too big for you." She laughed and then continued. "I'll be the one wearing the pants in this family from now on. You look rather cute in diapers. You might as well get use to them you'll be wearing them from now on! And stop smarting back at me. You had better behave like a good baby or I'll take off your diaper right here and spank your bare little bottom." I responded "Good. It's about time we stop this baby nonsense. Take this diaper off me right now."

I had pushed her too far. I watched as a stern motherly expression crossed Audry's face as she lost her temper. I shrank back as I realized just what she could do.

"All right mister. You asked for it." She laid me on the floor unfastened the diaper pins and folded back my diaper. She picked me up and to my abashment, put me over her knee. I didn't believe she would do it but started spanking me with her bare hand. At first, I was shocked. Then her hand began to sting. Eventually it started to hurt as I pleaded with her to stop. Audry demanded I cry like a baby or she would keep it up until I did. After a couple of minutes I knew she must be getting tired. Her arm couldn't last for ever, but I couldn't hold out much longer either. I had had enough. I was already the size of a baby, diapered and treated just like a newborn. A few of the men had been crying like babies, acting more and more like them as the day progressed. I would find a way out of this but I had to survive. What was the harm in crying. I swallowed the little macho pride left and gave a little whimper. Audry said: "That wasn't a very big cry for such a big baby." I started to wale. Eventually I started sounding more and more like a real baby. She stopped. Picked me up. Hugged me and said: "I'm sorry but you have to understand, I'm your mommy now and You're my baby and you have to act like that." I was sniffling and she laid me back down on top of my diaper. Again she took out the baby powder, lifted my legs and sprinkled it on my bright red butt. She laid me down and sprinkled it on my genitals. My erection of a few minutes before was totally deflated. She lifted the diaper between my legs and I submitted, giving no hint of resistance as I held back my tears.

Audry began talking to me in baby talk and said "Tuch a goood wittle way-bee-aye-bee. Mom-ma yust woves her wittle man when he's peing a goood baby." She pinned one side of my diaper then the other. She picked me up and sat me down on the floor. I looked at the other men and saw them playing with rattles and other toys. One of the women was even breast feeding her husband. I watched them with envy. Audry saw me and asked if I was hungry. I sniffled and demurely concurred: "Yes" She said then cry again and mommy will take care of you. By this time I didn't care anymore. All the other men were acting like babies so I started to cry. Without any hesitation Audry picked me up and took me to her breast. Her blouse was already opened but she pulled it back to reveal her bustumous ripe mammary. She played with her nipple and rolled it between her fingers and then placed it in my open mouth. Starting to feel aroused I sucked. I couldn't believe the feeling of being a baby again at his mother's breast. I wanted sexual gratification and thought about last night as I forced Audry down on her knees and demanded her to swallow as I ejaculated. Now she was filling my mouth as mother's milk suddenly burst from her nipple. I drank and drank, anxious to get as much as I could. I started to like my submissive position and couldn't get enough milk.

After a few minutes the other men noticed us nursing and wanted the same. Eventually all the women were nursing their babies. And another transformation slowly began taking place. Breaking the silence of new mothers nursing their infant sons, The hostess started talking to the rest of the women about her husband. She claimed: "He wouldn't give me a baby because we didn't have enough room. I told him we could convert the den but he refused to give up His den. Now he doesn't have too, do you baby?" She said looking down at her husband nursing on her breast. "I told him all the baby things in the garage were for the shower. Now we can start bringing them into His den and redecorating. Of course we will have to remove some of his old things like his easy chair, computer, desk and TV. To make room for his crib, changing table, dresser and play pen. I'm sure he won't mind though since they are all for him." She laughed as she again looked down at her baby- husband. "Will you baby?" At this point her husband pulled away from her breast and started to cry. I pulled my head away as well and looked over at him. He no longer looked like a little man. Instead he looked like a real infant, only about six months old. Quickly I looked around at the other men and women in the room. Instead I found two other mothers breast feeding their babies. Except for the few clothes lying around the room there was no sign these infants ever were men.

I heard a lot of gurgling and cooing as mothers were talking with their babies. I asked Audry:"What's going on? Why do all the men look and sound like babies?" Audry answered be saying: "They are babies, just like you."

"What do you mean, I don't look like that." "Ah but you do. You look and sound just like a six month old infant to everyone except me."

"What?! How?! Why?!"

"You shouldn't have been so anxious to drink my milk." Audry said as she sighed. "You should have realized there might me more magic here than you first imagined. My breast milk is my magic. It doesn't work on me but it works on everyone else. They see and hear what I wanted from a little man sucking my breast. I couldn't have a full grown man sucking my breast and getting excited in public. But a baby..."

"You can't mean..."

"Yes. I can see you are a man but everyone else here sees a baby. If you nursed on another woman here, her magic would work on me and no one would know you were ever a man. I couldn't even tell what you were saying or doing. I'd only see a baby, hear baby talk and crying and have to treat you just like a real infant. In mercy I could give you to another of my sisters to breast feed. The third woman's magic you taste would cause even you to forget who you were. You would forget everything and actually be a real baby." Just then Janet handed Jim to Audry and said: "I think my baby's still hungry. He keeps looking at your breasts. I told him you'd probably give him a taste, if he was a good baby." Audry put me down on the floor and took Jim from Janet's hands.

Janet looked down at me and asked: "Does Andy want to taste Auntie Janet's milk?"

I looked at her with horror in my eyes and screamed at Audry: "Don't let her near me!"

Audry came to my rescue: "I don't think he's all that hungry right now.

Janet responded: "From all his crying, I didn't think so. But its nice to know for sure. I'll just burp him." She reached down to pick me up then placed a diaper over her shoulder and started to burp me. She continued talking to Audry: "I'm sure going to miss knowing what little Jimmy really wants. But I want a real baby and this is the only way I'll get one. Last night he actually told me to shut up and that the only time a man had to listen to a woman was when he was wearing diapers. Well, I guess now he'll listen." Audry responded: "I know what you mean. Andy was pretty chauvinistic as well, but I want to try it this way for awhile. I want to see Andy's expressions as I dominate him. I just loved the look of horror on his face when he started to shrink, and I'll never forget the look in his eyes as I knelt over him with the diaper pins in my mouth. He probably hasn't see anything like that since he actually was a baby. I want to enjoy every minute of his anguish and remind him that he brought this all on himself." I looked up at Audry and almost started to cry thinking about the validity of her last statement. I did bring this all on myself. I could have easily given her a baby years ago. Now I paid an unbelievable price for my selfishness.

From what I could tell, no one else exchanged babies. Jim was the only one who appeared to be a baby even to his wife-mother. He also looked younger than the rest of us, only about three months old. Once Janet burped me she sat me back on the floor and took Jim back in order to burp him.

Audry looked down at me smiling and said: "Go ni-ni now. While mommy helps her sisters move things." An almost uncontrollable yawn gripped me as my eyes became heavy and I could no longer hold up my head. I started to fall into a deep sleep just like a baby." Each of the other new mothers laid their babies down on the floor and started taking things out of the den. Once the room was empty, they started moving baby things in. When they had finished the room looked like a nursery. The hostess said: "It's perfect. I can't wait to try everything. I know Johnny will just love it." I woke up to see little Johnny sitting next to me crying at the top of his lungs. The other babies started to cry and I woke up. I told them to shut up and the women entered. Janet said: "Look all our babies are crying. Isn't that so cute." She picked up Jimmy and tried to calm him down. She told him: "Don't worry. You'll have your own nursery when we get home." I remembered how Jim had shown us a nursery in his house and his plans for a day care center. I thought to myself, "I bet he never imagined..."

Janet broke my contemplation as she continued her conversation with Jimmy:

"I don't want to take care of someone else's spoiled brat. I want my own baby and now, I have him. I'm going to hire Audry to manage our finances and give her the duplicate nursery in the garage." Jimmy started to cry again and Janet tried to comfort him by rocking him back and forth. Unable to pacify him she laid him down on the floor and started to change his diaper. Only a few hours before I was having dinner with that man. Now we were both helpless infants.

Audry picked me up and started gathering her things together.