Shadow Falls on Momzer

by Jennifer Loraine


The two of them stood naked in the living room. The furniture had been pushed to the sides of the room and a magick circle had been drawn with chalk on the bare wooden floor. Four large wrought-iron candle stands stood at each of the four points of the compass at the edge of the circle with a different colored candle in each stand. "Are you sure you want to do this, Shelah?", he asked hesitantly.

"Shut-up, Jules and stand over there just outside of the circle!"

Jules stepped outside of the chalk circle while Shelah made last minute preparations on the altar. She motioned for him to be quiet and then began the ritual. She walked around the circle with a drawn knife in hand, lighting candles in the wrought-iron stands. She glared at Jules and ordered him to turn out the overhead lamp. He moved quickly to appease his love, leaving the room lit only by the candles. He tripped in the semi-darkness and she shook her head in disgust. "Such a schemiel I've married! Brilliant, but still a fool!," she thought.

She couldn't understand his infatuation with her, but his love for her had served her well. She had no such love for him; he was only the means to an end. She had cajoled him into researching the Lemegeton and The Lesser Key of Solomen or Goetia for her. His brilliance had revealed the inner secrets of commanding the spirits and she intended to use the knowledge he had given her. She went to the altar and continued with the ritual. Shelah blessed the water and the salt, then lit the incense. Shelah began chanting in a low voice; Jules could not understand the words, but the sound of the chant sent goosebumps up his spine.

The room grew dark, throwing Jules into the shadows. Shelah made a pass with her wand and said, "Come forth, I command you to attend me."

The smoke from the incense roiled in the candlelight and coalesced into a large man-shaped, grey cloud. "Who calls me?", came a bass voice from within the mist.

"It is I, Shelah , who calls you. Come forth!"

The miasma became darker until it was a three-dimensional shadow in the room. "What would you have of me?"

"I wish the boon of youth. I would like to retain my beauty and health for one hundred years."

"You wish to be transformed, then?"

"I wish my body was twenty-one years old again and to stay young and healthy for one hundred years while retaining my present memories and abilities," she said craftily. She was well aware of the dangers of dealing with this spirit. Unless wishes were carefully stated, it could interpret them how it wanted, with disasterous results.

"You wish age to be transmogrified into youth? You wish your ugliness to become beauty as well?"

Shelah was annoyed at the spirit's suggestion that she was ugly, she had always been good looking, she thought. "Still, if the spirit can make me even more beautiful, then why not?," she told herself.

"Yes, I wish to become a timeless woman. I wish my beauty remain unchanged in the eyes of those who love me." she said pausing, then finished simply by saying, "I wish to remain at the age I am now, and to continue the pursuits of young womanhood."

"There must be equilibrium in this universe; what one gains, another must lose. The price must be paid! Who shall pay the price?"

"What is the price?," Shelah asked. "For one to remain young and be content, another must remain youthful and unsuccessful," came the reply.

Shelah smiled evilly, pointed to Jules and said, "My husband has been an unhappy putz his entire life! If anyone should suffer a miesse meshina, it's him! He's used to it. Let my husband pay!!!"

Jules screamed, "Shelah noooo!!"

The inky figure nodded and said with a hint of dark humor in it's voice, "He shall provide the equilibrium. That which is disdained, shall be changed and loved. Your ugliness shall be trans-formed. The covenant is accepted! Let us begin."

It floated to the center of the circle and pointed at the floor. A shadow appeared over the spot and twisted itself into a throne-like chair without arms. The shadow creature glided over to the throne and sat down. "Come hither," the resonate voice boomed.

Shelah approached hesitantly. "Mount!," the creature commanded.

"What?!!," cried Shelah in surprise.

"Mount!!," the creature commanded again. Shelah looked down at the creature's lap. Ris-ing between it's legs was a black penis-shaped shadow. The creature beckoned with it's hand to it's crotch. She swallowed and started to straddle the Thing's legs when she was stopped by the mon-ster's hands.

"Turn!," it ordered. She turned around and faced away from the creature, then slowly lowered herself onto the creature's lap. The shadow penis slipped into her vagina as easily as if it was a dildo made of lubricated teflon. She could feel the heat radiating from the creature's member throbbing within her. The creature's hands moved to her shoulders and forced her down until her buttocks rested on the Thing's lap. Her bottom burned with the heat from the spirit's crotch. She felt light-headed and dizzy; power coursed through her loins to the top of her head forming a golden nimbus about her. Her vagina itched, then tingled from the unworldly stimulation. She felt her vaginal muscles quiver deep within her. She became aware of a throbing sensation that burned in her lower abdomen. Gradually it became a faint sensation of pleasure, growing in intensity into a fire of desire, and finally a furnace of lust which threatened to consume her entirely. A pulsating vibration rippled through her pelvis and sent tingling thrills coursing up and down her spine. The creature held her at the waist with both hands and began moving her bodily up and down its shaft. "Fornicate!," the Thing commanded.

She pumped up and down slowly on the shadow piston, gaining speed with every stroke. The thrills became uncontrollable tremors and she was seized with insatiable lust. Faster and faster she stroked; her head was a maelstrom. Golden bolts of lightning played about her head. She thrust with wild abandon; her long hair flew in a desperate attempt to follow the gyrations of her head. She climaxed violently, moaning in sexual ecstasy.

"Again!!," the creature commanded.

She began stroking again, .....slowly, painfully fucking the monster.

"Come here," ordered the Demon, pointing at Jules.

Jules was terrified, "What has she done? She gave me to the dybbuk in payment for her wish! What will it do to me?," he thought in panic.

Jules wanted to run and hide, but the creature had taken control of his body. His feet were moving towards the fiend, instead of away from it. Shelah seemed to by possessed by the monster. Her eyes were unfocused and glazed with lust. The scene of the un-natural fornication made him shiver in fright. His body stumbled and his legs became noticeably clumsier with each step as they tried to walk guided solely by the creature's will. The copulating nightmare appeared to grow larger as he approached the throne. When he reached her knees he found his chin was level with Shelah's now enormous legs. He realized dizzily that the throne and it's occupants had not grown with respect to the room. His body had shrunk!

"Pick him up!," the spirit commanded.

Shelah saw Jules for the first time since she had mounted the Thing. She reached down and took him in her arms.

"Hold him on your lap!"

She struggled with him to get him seated on her bouncing thighs. She held his head tight against her bosom with one hand while holding his bottom against her stomach with the other. The Thing's hands reached up to her shoulders and gripped them. It pulled her down hard against it's legs, immobilizing her buttocks in it's lap. She gasped in sexual euphoria. Then the creature's hands slipped down and reached around her torso, cupping her breasts within their palms. She felt a strange tingling sensation in her breasts. A rush of energy swelled her bosom, filling them to bursting with a warm throbbing glow. She looked down at herself to see what had happened to her and saw that her breasts appeared enlarged and distended.

"Suckle him!!," the Thing ordered.

Jules watched mesmerized as she lifted her teat and guided the nipple towards his mouth. The smell of her breasts intoxicated him, made him want to grab them and suck. Jules lay against her excited and red-faced; he was fully erect. He had forgotten his fear and could only think of the teat in front of him. He put his lips around the nipple and felt the nipple grow, become erect and fill his mouth. Her nipples engorged with blood and became incredibly sensitive. His tiny hands kneaded her breast, titillating and arousing her further. Suckling him was making her incredibly horny! She reached down and circled her thumb and forefinger around his little penis and began to masturbate him slowly. He whimpered in delight as she moved faster and faster. Jules's sucking made her want to groan with pleasure. A minute later Jules's body went rigid as he orgasmed. She looked at Jules and saw his face was surrounded by a bright, golden aura.

Jules lay stiffly in her arms with an expression of carnal rapture, his lips still making fee-ble attempts to nurse at her tit. Then Shelah climaxed and realized the Thing beneath her was or-gasing too! The three of them were having a simultaneous orgasm! She felt a wet, hot rushing sen-sation filling her groin and the world exploded in a shower of lights around her. Her entire body pulsed with the spirit's power. Shelah's skin tingled and burned in delight. She noticed distractedly that the golden aura extended beyond Jules and covered her as well. She had never had an orgasm like this! It radiated from the vagina to her nipples and seemed to fill the universe. " It is done," the Thing boomed in her ear. "You may get up. The price has been paid and the covenant fulfilled."

Shelah dismounted from the Thing's lap and sank to the floor with Jules in her arms. A warm, languid feeling of relaxation and release enveloped her and she floated momentarily in the bliss that remained as it subsided. The shadow creature dissolved into a semitransparent mist, then faded into nothingness. "I've done it!," she shouted in glee. "I'll be young for a hundred years!!"

She looked down at Jules to see his reaction. She blinked when she saw what lay in her arms. Jules had been transformed into a baby! An overpowering feeling of love and concern for him filled her. Shelah stood him up in her lap, clutching Jules' shoulders in her hands and said, "Jules, Oh my darling ! Speak to me ! Say something! Oh my darling!"

She hugged him to her chest and stroked the back of his head and shoulders. He babbled in delight and tugged on her hair. She pulled him back from her and looked into his face. "Are you trying to speak to me? Jules, this is Shelah, your wife, speak to me!" Jules smiled winsomely and touched her cheek with his fingers. He swayed unsteadily and balanced himself against her arm with his hand. "Oh my poor husband, what have I done to you?"

Jules's leg muscles trembled violently under the strain of standing and he collapsed suddenly on the chalk marked floor, grinning foolishly up at her. He spotted his left hand moving in front of him and he froze, mesmerized by the unfamiliar sight of his tiny fingers. He drew his hand close to his face and studied it minutely, turning it from front to back in an infantile parody of adult concentration. Then, with perfect aplomb, he put his thumb in his mouth and began sucking it.

Shelah laid him carefully back on the floor and began searching his body for injuries. Jules sucked his thumb contentedly throughout her examination, happy to lay back passively and watch her movements. In place of her husband's body, there remained only the body of a one-year-old baby boy. "So this is what the creature meant when it said that the debt was paid.," she whispered to herself.

She picked up her robe and fastened it around herself quickly, then picked him up and cuddled him in her arms. "Poor Jules," she said. "You've paid the price for my youth. I won't forget what you've done for me. I'll take care of you."

Jules gurgled in delight and toyed with his fingers. He lay in her arms tranquilly, content to lie cuddled safely in her arms and revel in her closeness. His thumb stole between his lips and he sucked it with a gratified expression. Shelah looked down and smiled sadly at her naked, infantized husband; he was the picture of a lovable, thumb-sucking baby. He snuggled sweetly in her bosom, eyelids drooping and yawning with post-orgasm induced drowsiness. His tiny cock and balls lay innocently between his legs. She grinned in spite of herself, "He makes such a sweet baby!," she thought.

She sat back on her buttocks and pushed up her right breast with her hand to examine it. Her teat appeared to have grown. In fact, when she looked at it closely it looked huge! The aureole was almost twice as wide as it had been. She touched the tip of the nipple and was surprised at how tender it felt. It wasn't painful, just more sensitive than it had ever been before. Shelah gently pushed on the teat above the aureole to test it and a thin jet of milk squirted out. The milk struck Jules on the cheek causing him to turn his head toward her with a soft whimper. She wiped the milk from his face gently with her fingertips and smiled knowingly as she saw his mouth make unconscious sucking movements. "Why not?," she said to herself. "He deserves something for what he's done for me."

She cradled his head in her arm and lifted her teat toward his face. " sweet Jules" she murmured, as his cheek touched her breast and his mouth sought and took in the tit. His lips snuggled the aureole and a squirt of milk filled his mouth, trickling down his throat. He swallowed involuntarily and then tugged hard on her tit with his toothless gums and tongue, drawing it completely within his mouth. Within minutes he was nursing passionately and making loud sucking noises. Shelah stroked his head fondly as he continued to nurse. She switched teats and let him nurse the other teat for five minutes. When her nipple became sore from his sucking, Shelah put her finger into the side of his mouth to break the suction. She pulled her teat from his lips and took her breast from him tenderly. He burbled happily, blew milky bubbles, then grinned strangely. Moments later Shelah smelled the reek of baby poop as Jules relieved himself on her lap. "Jules, you naughty baby! Look at what you've done to me!", she said in dismay.

He smiled innocently at Shelah, completely unaware of what he had done. Shelah stood up to carry him to the bathroom and felt the warm stream of urine running down her leg. She looked down and saw the puddle growing on the floor beneath him. She rushed him into the bathroom and sat him down on his bottom in the bathtub, while she stripped off her soiled robe. She turned on the spigot on the tub and began to run the water, setting the temperature to barely lukewarm. Then she stood him up in the tub and inspected his bottom. It was just as she expected; his bottom was covered in baby poop!

She sat him down in the tub again and began to wash him all over with a washcloth and soap. Jules was delighted. He splashed and played in the water gaily, patting the surface and watching the waves ripple out from his tiny hand. Shelah finished bathing him, then dried him and carried him to the bedroom wrapped in a beach towel. "There must be something I can dress you in, Jules."

She laid him on the center of the bed on the beach towel while she rummaged through her chest of drawers. When she looked back at him again, a thin stream of urine was arcing up from his baby penis and making a puddle on the beach towel beneath him. "Oh, no!", she exclaimed, "Not again!"

She blotted up the puddle with the corner of the towel and said, "Shelah will be right back, honey. Shelah remembered she has just the thing to dress you in."

She left him momentarily alone on the bed and returned a few moments later with a folded white cloth over her arm. She stopped and searched the tray on her vanity for some safety pins, then sat on the bed beside him. "I bought a package of these to dust with the other day, honey. When I bought diapers to use as dustcloths, I never dreamed I'd be using them for their original purpose!", she said, picking up his feet and slipping the diaper beneath his bottom.

Jules kicked his legs in pleasure at her attentions and chuckled merrily. "Be still Jules!", she commanded.

Jules started peeing again; urine jetted up and wet her hands. She hurriedly threw the front of the diaper over the stream which was soaked up by the absorbant cloth. "Poor darling, you're completely incontinent. Sweetiepie, you're going to have to wear diapers until I can potty-train you again," she told him firmly.

She pulled the diaper up evenly between his legs, pulled it over his stomach and pinned it snugly to the other end of the diaper. Shelah got up, washed her hands in the vanity sink and dried them, then returned to look at him. She stood beside the bed gazing thoughtfully down at his soggy diaper and said, "I've got to find something to cover that diaper before you soak the bed."

She considered a moment, then said, "I know what I'll use!" She opened the cabinet under the vanity sink and withdrew a box of white plastic trash can liners. She removed a liner from the box and replaced it in the cabinet, then sat down on the bed beside him again. Within minutes she had pinned the liner over his diaper and tucked it in, completely waterproofing the cloth diaper.

Then she lay down on her side in the bed beside him. She looked down at him tenderly as he gazed up into her eyes in frank adoration. She smiled at his expression; whatever the creature had done to his body had not affected his love for her. She looked into his wide innocent eyes and saw a enchanting infant face peering at her with love and affection. "I can see the love in your eyes, my darling. You still love me in spite of what I've done to you."

Drool rolled down his chin as he bubbled and smiled up at her. She gazed deeply into his eyes and saw the inchoate mind that lay behind them. "Oh Jules, I've destroyed your mind!", she said in shock.

"Oh my poor baby, you were so brilliant! Now you can't even understand what I'm saying! You have the mind of a baby! Oh my poor husband, there's nothing left of you but a slobbering, incontinent infant.", she sobbed.

Horror crossed her face as she realized that he was doomed to remain in this condition for a hundred years. "Oh my precious darling, you've regressed into eternal babyhood!", she wept, cuddling him with both arms to her bosom.

"You can't talk. You can barely even stand. You can't be more than a year old! I'm sorry for what I've done to you, sweetheart! My stupidity has taken you back to the beginning of your life. You'll spend a lifetime imprisoned in an infant's body, my darling. It'll be a hundred years before you can re-learn how to walk and talk or be potty-trained again."

Tears welled up in her eyes as she grieved for her ruined husband.

Jules reached up and touched her cheek, bewildered by her weeping. She cuddled him silently, with bitter tears of shame streaming down her face. He quieted and lay his head serenely against her breast. "He's reliving his babyhood. He doesn't need me to be his wife anymore.", she thought sorrowfully.

The sight of him nestled sweetly against her breasts wearing only a diaper with it's makeshift cover aroused her maternal instincts. "He looks so helpless.", she whispered sadly. "I was wrong to sacrifice him for my youth. It was so ugly of me to treat him the way I did. I realize now how much I love him. I can't abandon him. He doesn't need me any less because he' s become a baby, he needs me more than ever. He needs a mommy to take care of him now. If I can't be his wife, then I'll be his mommy.", she thought.

"Would you like me to be your mommy, sweetiepie? Do you want to be Shelah's little baby?" Jules bubbled happily and reached up to grasp her blouse in his tiny fist. "Julie likes that idea, doesn't he? Shelah will be the mommy and Julie will be her baby boy. Mommy will take good care of her baby; she'll clean his dirty bottom and change his diapers when he messes in them. She'll get up in the night and give him his bottle. She'll spoon-feed him his meals and watch over him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Julie will never have to worry about anything again, mommy will tend to his every need." Her expression changed into intense sorrow as she considered the effect of her youth spell. "I've betrayed him," she thought, "...and in so doing I've betrayed myself."

She heaved a tremendous sigh and held him closer to her. Jules was content to be her baby, she would spend the rest of her life taking care of him. She smiled down at him indulgently as he put his thumb in his mouth and resumed sucking. Shelah looked down at him tenderly as he gazed up into her eyes in adoration. A small runnel of drool coursed down his chin unheeded and dripped onto his chest.

She would spend the next hundred years loving him, changing his diapers, feeding him and taking care of him. She would spend the rest of her life caring for an infant who would never grow up. The years of youth she had purchased at such a terrible price would be spent changing diapers and mothering a child who would never blossom or mature. She had become a slave to the happiness of her infant husband. Just as Jules had been changed, so had she. She loved him completely now, with all her heart and soul. He animosity toward him was gone, replaced by the need to nurture and cherish him as he deserved. She had failed in her quest for youthfulness.

She hadn't understood the Demon's price; she thought Jules would pay the price for her youth, now she knew better. She would pay the price for his youth and happiness! He had been unhappy his entire life, now he would be happy. Shelah was oddly pleased with the outcome; equilibrium had been restored to the universe! She should have known, she told herself with a smile, that the only kind of timeless woman in the universe was a Jewish Mother!

Finis coronat infans


Copyright 1998 by Jennifer Loraine. All rights reserved.