Second Chance

by Jennifer Loraine


rewritten without permission from a story titled "My Fantasy" by


Jim basked in the afterglow of his orgasm and sighed in contentment. "This is great," Jim thought, "I've only met her a few hours ago and I've had sex with her already. She's wonderful!"

Jenny looked like a fantasy out of a men's magazine. She had a svelte figure with a bosom that couldn't be called bounteous, but was still more than adequate to promise the female nurturing that men sought in a woman. Jim ran his eyes down her supine figure and smiled in deep appreciation for what he saw lying beside him. Jenny didn't have the figure of a Goddess, but she could give any girl next door a run for her money. Her chestnut brown hair was draped sexily over her shoulder contrasting the creamy appearance of her unblemished skin. Jenny's lack of makeup didn't mar her appearance, rather it heightened the impression of wholesomeness that she exuded without conscious effort. Her youth gave the impression of energy rather than innocence; she was every boy's idea of the perfect mother. In Jim's case, she was his idea of the perfect lay. He grinned at the memory of being her lover as he looked over her shapely body and thought, "God, what a build she's got!"

Her long, sensuous legs lay across his legs languidly and reminded him of events leading to the incredible climax he had just had. Being picked up by a beautiful woman was a new experience for Jim. It was the kind of thing he had daydreamed about for years, but Jim had never been approached by a woman with sexual designs. He thought he was a pretty good-looking guy, but women didn't seem to be attracted to him they way he would have expected for someone with his looks. Jim seemed to bring out the maternal in women and he constantly found himself being mothered by women he had just met. If he talked to a potential date in the apartment Laundromat, the woman would take one look at his basket and suggest that he use a presoak, then point out that he shouldn't wash colored clothes with whites. If he met one at the grocery store, she would comment on the junk food in his cart and try to talk him into buying more nutritious foods. The month before, he had spoken to a single woman at the bar, asking whether she came there often. She had patted his hand and called him "Sweetie", then told him that the "little boy's room" was in the back. She hadn't even listened to his question before she started trying to help him!

Jenny was different. He had been sitting alone at the bar, thinking about the awful week he'd just had. His boss had blamed him earlier in the week for not taking over a project that had ended up in a shambles. He had asked to do the project originally and his boss had refused him the opportunity on the grounds that he was too inexperienced. When the project had fallen through, he had been blamed for his lack of dedication to the job. Somehow his boss had twisted the situation in his mind so that Jim was at fault rather than the person who had proved incapable of completing the project. His boss had retaliated by making the rest of the week a living hell for Jim.

Jim was nursing his troubles, seeing if they could be made to founder in the solitary beer he allowed himself before going home to his empty apartment. He was two thirds of the way through his beer when she came up to the bar and sat in the empty barstool beside him. She took one look at him and smiled, then asked him if he knew what brands of beer they had on tap. Jim told her the names of the draft beers that he knew they carried and struck up a conversation with her on the merits of various brews. When the bartender came, she ordered a glass of white wine. Jim was intrigued by the switch and asked her why she decided to drink wine instead of draft beer. She laughed merrily and said that he hadn't named anything she liked and invited him to sit in a booth with her. Jim was taken aback by the sudden invitation, but decided that this was his chance to interact with a woman on an adult level.

They found an empty booth and sat down to get to know each other better. After a while, Jim relaxed and told her his troubles with women. Jenny smiled sympathetically and said that she had met a number of men with the same problem. She patted his hand affectionately and said, "Don't worry, Jim. You'll soon find the perfect woman."

Jenny began asking him all sorts of personal questions about his job and career. She seemed to be genuinely concerned with whether he was happy with his life. Jim admitted to her that he had discovered after graduation that he wasn't really interested in the field he had chosen for his career and that he found his job boring. She nodded and asked, "What about your hobbies?"

"I don't really have a hobby," he answered, "I like to draw and do sketches, but I haven't done anything with it. I had planned to take some art courses in college, but somehow I never got around to signing up for an art class. I've thought about taking up oil painting, but my efforts have never seemed to get beyond the finger painting stage."

The self-description of his artistic efforts as finger painting brought a huge grin to her face and she asked, "If you don't have a hobby, then what about TV? What kind of television shows do you like? Do you watch sports on weekends?"

He shook his head and replied, "I'm not into sports and don't watch much TV during the week either, except on Saturday nights when I watch "Mad" TV." Jim looked sheepish and admitted, "I enjoy watching kid's cartoons on Saturday mornings. I get up early on Saturday's so I don't miss any of my favorites."

Jenny nodded again and said, "That's at least something. What do you do with your time?"

"Mostly I sit at home and read my comic book collection," he answered. "Oh! So you're a comic book collector!", she exclaimed encouragingly. "It's not much of a collection. They're just my old comic books that I've had since I was a kid. I've never had the heart to throw them away. I don't think they're worth anything, they're pretty tattered," he admitted. "Have you thought about starting a collection?", she asked.

"Yeah, I thought about it for a while, but comics have changed since I was little. They don't seem to have the old magic they used to. If you know what I mean," he replied.

"Life goes on...things change," she agreed.

"I'd have rather they stayed as they were. That's the problem with life. If you like a comic book, they "modernize" it. If you get into watching a TV show on a regular basis, they take it off the air. If you love someone, they get old and die," he told her.

"Have you recently lost someone you loved?", she asked, sounding concerned. "Not that recently. My mother...two years ago...I just can't seem to get over the fact that she's gone. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night after dreaming that I'm a kid again. Usually, I'll dream that I can smell breakfast cooking in my mother's kitchen and I wake up thinking that it's time to go to school. When I wake up enough to remember where I am, I get depressed and lay in bed awake half the night. Pretty pathetic, aren't I?", he said with a disparaging smile.

Jenny looked directly into his eyes and said, "It sounds like you don't enjoy life much. Did you have a happy childhood?"

Jim answered, "My childhood with my mother was idyllic. Sometimes I wish I hadn't had to grow up. I haven't really been happy since childhood. I often sit in my office and wonder what I'm doing there. I wish that I had the time to play like I had when I was a child."

Jenny said, "At least now that you're an adult, you can afford to buy the toys you couldn't have when you were a kid. Why don't you go to a toy store and buy something for you to play with? No one at the store has to know it's for you. If they ask, tell them you're buying a birthday gift for a nephew."

"It's too late, Jenny," he replied, "I've grown up and kid's toys just don't appeal to me now." He shook he head and frowned, saying, "Can you picture me sitting on the floor and playing with a kid's choo-choo? I'm too old for that. I'd feel ridiculous playing with kid's toys. I just wish there was something in my life that I enjoyed doing." He gave her a gloomy look and said, "Sometimes I feel like my childhood memories are the only things that keep me going."

Jenny smiled sympathetically and seemed to come to some sort of decision. She asked, "Would you like to come home with me? I'll make a nice dinner for us and we can talk after dinner. Who knows? Maybe something will happen that will allow you to enjoy life again."

Jim's heart leapt in his chest when he heard her offer. She was actually picking him up! He stuttered his agreement and she told him to follow her home in his car.

They drove to the outskirts of the city to a secluded residential area and she escorted him in her house. Jenny poured a glass of wine for him and had him sit at the kitchen bar and talk while she made dinner for the two of them. He was surprised at how quickly she prepared an elegant meal. In about forty five minutes she had made a full dinner with Cornish game hen with a grape and white wine sauce, a rice pilaf, dilled baby carrots and mocha flan for dessert. They sat down to dinner and discussed trivialities while they ate.

When they finished dinner, Jenny cleared away the dishes and turned on some mood music in the family room. Jim felt wonderful, during dinner his spirits had recovered from the week's travails and his moodiness had vanished. If he had not been afraid that Jenny would think he had lost his mind, he would have started singing. They sat beside each other on the couch and sipped wine while they talked. Jenny kept getting closer to him on the couch and soon she was sitting right next to him. Finally she put her hand on the inside of his leg and told him it was time to go to bed. Jim misinterpreted her thought and got up to go home. When he started towards the front door, she asked him where he was going. Jim looked at her incredulously and said that she had just told him to go home. Jenny laughed and said that no, she hadn't told him to go home, she had just said it was time to go to bed. Didn't he want to go to bed? She got up from the couch and led him back to her bedroom as if he was a little boy who had lost his way.

When they got there, she insisted on undressing him, telling him that she loved to undress her men before she disrobed. When she got to his underwear, he quailed and insisted on taking them off himself. He had enjoyed her undressing him seductively, but letting her take off his underwear brought back memories of his childhood appendectomy. He had been too ill to undress by himself and the nurse who was caring for him had stripped him down to the buff before dressing him in a flimsy hospital gown that opened in the back. Jim had thought that the nurse was trying to put him in a dress. He had gotten upset and started crying when she put the gown on him. The nurse had had to hold him for ten minutes to get him calmed down. Jim hadn't known that the incident had had such a profound effect on him until Jenny had started to take off his underwear. He supposed that his subconscious found a parallel between the determined expression on the face of the unfamiliar nurse and the look Jenny gave him as she started to tug on his briefs. Jim gently removed her hands from the elastic band and slid his briefs down his legs without assistance, then stepped out of the limp garment that had pooled around his feet. When he was fully naked, Jenny kissed him on the lips and proceeded to give him the night of his life.

Jim surfaced from his reverie and looked at the gorgeous woman who had chosen him to share her bed. She seemed to know his every thought before he voiced them. He found it strange that she seemed to anticipate his sexual needs and was willing to help him satisfy his urges when so few women in his life had shown the slightest sexual interest in him. If he hadn't gone to a drunken college party attended by some inebriated coeds, then he would have been a virgin until his graduation. After that one incident, the opportunity hadn't presented itself to repeat the experience.

After Jenny had undressed him, she had sat beside him on the side of the bed and put her arms around him. She had nuzzled his ear, then kissed him full on the lips before drawing him down to the bed and seducing him like a professional. Her hands had been everywhere, exploring every crack and crevasse of his anatomy. She had been like a master violinist playing a concerto on his body. Jim had been both shocked and ecstatic when he discovered the designs that Jenny had upon his body. At first he had thought she was some kind of prostitute or crazy nymphomaniac but after a minute or two he had realized that she was sane and sincere. He had relaxed and let her work her will upon him unimpeded. The first round of lovemaking had been glorious. But instead of acceding to his desires and laying back for a second round, she insisted on relieving his renewed erection with her hand. "It's kind of a let-down," he thought, "I've just had great sex and now she's going to get me off with her hand like I was a high school kid. I'd give anything if she'd give me a second chance to make love to her." Jim was determined that he wouldn't say anything to her about the second session of lovemaking. She was too sweet and gentle for him to make a fuss over such a small thing, besides he wasn't in the mood for complaining, he simply felt too good.

She took his member firmly in one hand and stroked him gently while playing with the tip of his penis with the fingertips of her other hand. She was talking in low soothing tones that were almost hypnotic in their intensity. A few words stood out in the steady stream of loving babble, but for the most part he couldn't understand the words she was saying. He smiled at her murmuring; he didn't really care what she was saying. The sound of her coos coupled with sensations from Jenny's tender ministrations were lulling him into pleasant idiocy. Jenn brought him slowly to a crescendo of passion, fondling and kissing his member until he ached with the need to release. At the exact moment of ecstasy, he heard her say clearly, "Him just think him want to be big man. Jenny knows her little boy better than that. Jimmy just wants to be loved and cuddled the way he was when he was a little baby. Jenny is going to do poor little Jimmy a favor and give him what he wants. She's going to take that nasty old manhood away."

She gave him one final tug and his world seemed to explode into shards of excruciating pleasure. As the orgasm subsided, the realization of what she had just said sunk past his glutted senses. Suddenly a fear of his erstwhile girlfriend seized him in its frigid grip. "What is she talking about?", he thought to himself, "Is she insane? Is she going to attack me with a kitchen knife like that Bobitt woman did to her husband?"

His momentary panic restored the sensation back to his abused genitals and he became aware of a dull aching pain in his penis that had appeared shortly after she had started murmuring. It was as if the ache had been with him his entire life and he had just now become aware of it. As he lay there, the ache diminished rapidly into nothingness. Stranger still, as the pain had dwindled, so did the feeling of having a penis. It felt like his penis had shrunk until all that was left was a tiny sexless stub. The absence of pain gave him the impression that his penis had somehow vanished along with the pain he had been feeling. Oddly, he didn't find the thought of losing his penis disturbing. He felt like his need for a penis had diminished along with its size until it was no longer of any importance to anyone, including himself. His body started to tingle all over, then his mind clouded and his consciousness faded into oblivion.

He awoke still feeling the strange sensations he had experienced before he had fallen asleep. His mind cleared somewhat and he realized where he was. He was lying next to Jenny, but she appeared different. He was covered in a sheet up to his chest while Jenny was lying naked and uncovered on the mattress beside him. He looked up into her sleeping face and saw that she appeared to loom over him in bed. His head was at the same level as her breasts and when he looked over the sheet that covered him, he couldn't see where his feet ended. Jim kicked his feet up to move the sheet and saw to his astonishment that his toes barely reached her shins. Somehow Jenny must have doubled in size while he slept. He moved around on the mattress to get a better view and discover ed that somehow during the night he had gotten dressed. He had been naked when he fell asleep, but now he was dressed in a warm comfortable garment that covered his entire body. He bent his arm and brought his wrist up to his face to get a better look at it and saw that it was covered in a thick fuzzy material that ended in a knit cuff at his wrist. When he saw his hand, he started to panic. His hand looked smaller and chubbier than it had before he went to sleep. Obviously it was not Jenny that had grown, he had shrunk! The fingers had shortened making his hand look like it had when he was little. Fear of the unknown seized him and he began to whimper in panic. "I'm crying?", he thought to himself in confusion, "I haven't cried since I was a little boy! What's wrong with me? Is this a dream or have I lost my mind?"

The high pitched sound of his whimpers terrified him even more than his apparent transformation. He even sounded small. His whimpers changed into the crying of a severely distraught little boy as images of himself as a psychotic flashed through his mind. The thought of being strapped to a bed in a psychiatric ward while he raved insanely filled him with stark terror. The nurses would stand over him and cluck their tongues while they shook their collective heads at the poor babbling psychotic's delusions of rejuvenation. Jim pictured himself lying bound helplessly to the bed while the nurses bustled about the room taking care of him. When he made a mess in the bed, as he surely would, they would be forced to put him in diapers. He would probably be so sedated that he'd be unable to feed himself. They would sit him up in the bed with his hands tied to the rails and feed him hospital mush with a rubber spoon. As time went on, his muscles would atrophy from disuse and he would only be able to creep around the floor on his hands and knees. His mind would continue to disintegrate until all that was left was a semiconscious diapered madman curled up in a permanent fetal position in an adult crib. Jim wanted to gibber in horror at the unwanted fantasy, but all he could manage were whispered anguished wails. In the brief respites between sobs, Jim prayed fervently that it was all a nightmare and that he would wake up soon. "I'm not crazy and I haven't changed into a little boy. This must be a dream!"

He looked at his hands again and wriggled the pudgy fingers in front of his face. It all seemed so real! "I can't be a little boy again," he wept, "I just can't! My mother is dead! There's no one to take care of me!"

Jenny awoke and turned over. When she sat up in bed, she towered over him. She looked down at him with a sad smile and said as she pulled him close and cuddled him against her breasts, "Aw, Sweetheart...What's wrong with my little man? Don't worry, little Jimmy. Jenny is here to take care of you. Everything is going to be alright."

He stopped whimpering and looked up at her in confusion, then the world went black as he passed out in her arms.

Jim awoke again in the morning feeling lightheaded. Jenn was nowhere to be seen and he was alone in bed, covered by a sheet. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs of sleep from his mind and sighed as he remembered the events of the night before. "Wow, that was a weird dream!", he thought as the memory of lying in bed next to a huge Jenny returned to him. "There must be something about Jenny that reminds my subconscious of my mother for me to have a dream like that. Maybe it's her cooking. That meal last night was fabulous. I haven't been fed like that since my mother died," Jim thought.

He closed his eyes again and lay back in bed indolently. The smell of cooking bacon from the kitchen permeated the house and called to him insistently. As he lay on the bed, he thought that he had probably been right about what caused the dream.

His favorite childhood memory was waking up on Christmas morning when he was five and smelling breakfast cooking in the kitchen. When he had gotten dressed and come down the stairs, his mother had been waiting for him at the breakfast table with a full plate of flapjacks, bacon and eggs. After he had eaten, he and his mother had gone to the living room to see what Santa had brought him. He had known at the time that there wasn't a Santa Claus, but it had be fun to pretend there was. He remembered that his mother had stood over him while he sat on the floor and opened his gaily wrapped presents. The memory of his mother in her omnipresent apron smiling in pleasure at his joy would be with him forever. The light seemed to have gone out of his world when she died.

Jim sighed at the pleasant memory and returned to his thoughts of the night before. The dream he had seemed so real at the time. If it hadn't been so silly, the vividness of the memories would have convinced him that it had actually happened. He smiled at the thought of being a little boy in Jenny's arms. The idea of losing his manhood was horrible of course, but the dream had a oddly erotic appeal to him. It wasn't that the idea of being castrated attracted him, far from it. But the thought of being held in Jenny's arms and cuddled like a small child made thrills of pleasure crawl up his crotch.

Jim noticed that the thrills felt very similar to the odd sensations that he had felt in the dream. The strange tingling feeling had gone with the dream, but the world still felt out of kilter somehow. He chided himself for being childish and moved to get out of bed. Jim threw his legs over the side of the bed without looking and sat on the edge yawning sleepily with his eyes half closed. He stretched his arms and yawned again, then attempted to stand up. The drop to the floor was unexpectedly long and he almost fell on his face. He fell against the dresser and steadied himself, then turned around to see what had happened. He was shocked by what he saw in front of him. The bed seemed to have grown in the night and his arm was covered in the same fabric he had been wearing in his dream. Jim looked down and saw that he was wearing some kind of one piece garment that was zippered down the front and covered his feet. He measured himself against the mattress and saw that it almost came up to his chest.

Jim looked around the room from where he stood and was awestruck by the size of everything. The dresser where he had placed his wallet the night before was too high for him to reach. Somehow he had shrunk during the night! He saw a full length mirror mounted on the back of the bedroom door and was suddenly seized by the desire to look at himself. Jim went over to the mirror and saw the image of a three-year old child dressed in a footed blanket sleeper facing him. He recognized himself vaguely in the chubby childlike features that were reflected back at him. Jim swayed dizzily but kept his balance while he examined the image of himself. He pulled his eyelid down with some hope of finding a clue to what had happened to him, but released it when he realized that even if there was some information to be gained by looking at his eyes, he didn't have the training to recognize it. He had only examined his eye because he had seen television doctors doing it when they examined their patients.

Then an idea struck him; if he was really younger then there ought to be some difference in his teeth. He drew close to the mirror and opened his mouth as wide as he could to look inside. All Jim could see was a dark hole. He started to panic when he didn't see any teeth, then realized that without a flashlight or some other source of light, he would never be able to make out the teeth in the back of his mouth. The reason he hadn't seen any teeth in front was simple; his lips obscured his teeth. He put his forefinger in his mouth and rolled his lip away from his gum. Sure enough, there were teeth in front! But there were large gaps in his dentition that he couldn't explain. He was missing teeth he had had since childhood! He released his lip and stared at the innocent faced three year old in front of him. He knew he should panic at the sight of himself as a child, but somehow the idea wasn't as upsetting as it should have been. For some odd reason, he felt happy. Jim supposed his mood was part of the illusion and was pleased that he wasn't crying like he had earlier. "I must still be dreaming," he thought to himself sagely, "It's scientifically impossible for someone to get younger while they sleep. It's the only rational explanation!"

Jim tottered out to the kitchen where Jenny was fixing breakfast at the stove, marveling at the rich detail produced by his imagination. If he didn't know better, he would think that it was really happening to him. He stopped next to the huge refrigerator and stared at Jenny's lovely legs. She glanced at him and smiled in greeting, then turned back to the food on the range. He looked at her and wondered, "How tall is she in comparison to me? Am I half her height? Less? If I stood beside her, I bet I would barely come up to her hip!"

His ability to think was preternaturally clear, but he found the concept of being smaller than Jenny difficult to embrace. His mind seemed to resist the act of reasoning. Jenny's nonchalance with his regression was baffling. She didn't seem concerned at all with his change in stature as she said, "Climb up in your booster, Jimmy."

It suddenly struck him that she was the one in the dream who had caused him to change. He wanted to run away in panic, but found himself rooted to the spot. She seemed like an oasis of safety in a dream world that didn't make sense. Jenny sensed his ambivalence and said, "Come to Auntie Jenny, Baby." He found the offer enticing, but her tone of condescension prevented him from taking her up on her offer. She walked over and swept him up into her arms, then settled him to ride on one of her hips with a leg on either side of her. She stood holding him to her side with one hand under his buttocks while she finished fixing breakfast. He wanted ask her what was happening to him, but he couldn't. The illusion of being her child was too strong. Jim rested his head aga inst her silently as he watched her cook the scrambled egg dish she was working on. The warmth of her body comforted him by its closeness and he closed his eyes in pleasure. However the fantastic dream ended, for the moment he felt hopelessly and happily ensnared.

When she finished cooking, she put him in the booster seat on the chair. His breakfast of cereal and milk was set in front of him and a spoon placed in his hand. He finally mustered the courage to speak and squeaked out a few words as he began to utter his question, but Jenny stopped him and said maternally, "Eat your Rice Krispies, Honey. Auntie Jenny will talk to you in a minute."

Jim felt strangely compelled to obey her commands and he obeyed her order for silence without question. He ate slowly and somewhat sloppily, doing his best to eat the cereal without making a mess. His motor coordination seemed to have deteriorated along with his size and he was having trouble keeping the spoon straight in his hand. The spoon seemed to want to turn itself of its own accord as it reached his face, spilling the Rice Krispies on his chin rather than delivering them to his mouth. Even when he did get the spoon into his mouth, the unaccustomed gaps between his teeth let small amounts of milk escape. Milk ran down his face and dripped onto his lap, forcing Jenny to wipe his face repeatedly to keep the mess from reaching his clothes. As he ate his cereal, he watched Jenny munching on the bacon and eggs she had made for her own breakfast.

Finally he could no longer contain himself and he said in a rush, "What's happened to me? Is this some crazy dream?"

Jenny laughed in the condescending manner women have with little boys and said, "No, you're not dreaming, Baby! I learned a spell from a friend of mine who's a witch. I enjoy turning men into the boys they would rather be. I pick men up at bars and take them home with me, making them think they've got a cheap lay for the night. I make dinner for them and then satisfy their carnal desires in any way they wish. After I've worn them out, I exact my price for the evening's entertainment.

I make them horny again and use my hands to get them off. While I'm masturbating them, I cast a spell on them. I take their sexual energy and weave it into my spell to give it power. The spell reverses the aging process for them. Within hours they are turned into little boys just like you. Then the fun begins as they slowly turn into babies again. I love watching their anguish as they lose the little bit of maturity they've acquired in life and regress back into infancy. Of course I don't just do it because I like to see how men react to being turned into babies, I make money from it too! I take the infants I create and sell them to well-off women who can't have children. I cast a spell on you so you can join your childish brethren in infancy. In a few days, Sweetheart, it will all be over. Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror today? You're getting younger by the minute. Last night I took you back to early childhood. Today you're about three years old, by the end of next week you'll be two, and in two weeks you'll be a babe in arms."

Jim shook his head and said, "No! I can't believe it! This is all a dream!" Jenny smirked at him and said, "Is it? Pinch yourself! Bite your tongue! Does it hurt? Of course it does! This is reality, Honey! Your imagination isn't that good. Think about your painting; how detailed were your pictures?"

Jim frowned as he thought about his attempts with oil painting. She was right, his imagination lacked the visual detail of what he saw around him. But that meant.....

Jenny smiled at the expression of horrified realization on his face and said, "I choose my men carefully, Honey. You've never been happy as an adult. You hate your job, your career and everything else in your adult life. You haven't even learned how to play like an adult. You daydream about painting like a little boy. If you had been serious about it, you would have taken some classes. And your sex life? It's a joke! You're not really interested in sex with a woman. What am I, the second or third woman you've ever slept with? What you really want is to be mothered. You exude an aura of being a lost little boy who's lost his mommy. Every woman you meet knows it instinctively and tries to take care of you. Face it, Sweetheart, you're just a little boy who was for ced to grow up against his will!"

He looked at her in wide-eyed amazement as she continued, "Of course, you're not alone in that. Most men want to be babies. They won't admit it, but they don't want women to be their equals. They'd rather have mommies to love and take care of them. That's the secret that women keep from men, Jimmy Dear. Every woman has the power to turn her man into a whimpering baby if she wants to. Deep in their subconscious, men are aware of this and constantly strive to be free of women. That's why men join armies and play rough games like football. They're just trying to convince each other that they've grown up. It doesn't do them any good, though. Sooner or later, they have to face the fact that they can't function without women. Then they go hunting for some poor woman who's so overawed with their muscles that she'll let them tell her she's too stupid to make decisions for herself.

Men have tried to dominate women over the centuries because they fear the power women hold over them. Have you ever heard that the last word a dying man says on the battlefield is 'Mother'? Or have you ever wondered why men become so dependent and helpless as they grow old? Have you ever seen a man when he's sick? He expects to be fed and babied as if he was two years old again. Women don't act like that when they're sick, only men seem to regress when they're under the weather. When the thin patina of maturity men flaunt becomes a little tarnished with ill use, it's easy to see what men really want. Men have a secret wish to return to babyhood where they are loved no matter what they do or say. Deep in their hearts, men know that the only time in their lives that they were truly happy was in their infancy. That's why women frighten men so much. They know that if they gave in to their desires for a moment, they might find themselves giving up their adult lives and becoming tiny children again. They're afraid that what they really want is to be cradled in their mommy's arms while they suckle milk from her breast. Why do you think men have such a fascination for women's breasts? It's their infantile need to be nurtured that causes them to ogle every big titty that goes by. They're just big babies looking for a mommy to breast feed them.

In fairness, I let the men I regress make the decision about their fate. You actually have a choice here; you still have most of your adult faculties and can resist the process for a few days. That's your chance to be a man again. Your first chance was to turn down the one night stand and go on with your life. You couldn't resist the opportunity for a romp in bed so you flubbed that chance. If you flub the second chance to become an adult, it will be your last. If you resist strongly enough, the spell will disperse before the final transformation and you'll wake up as an adult. The memory of being a child again will fade rapidly and this will seem to have been a silly dream. Or you can give in to your desires and return to babyhood to be cared for by a adoring mommy. This is your opportunity to have a woman be at your beck and call. If you want, you can spend the rest of your life without worrying about a job or career. Everything will be provided for you, you won't have to lift a finger to have your needs fulfilled. You won't even have to feed and dress yourself, your mommy will do that for you. Your days will be filled with endless play. You'll creep around the floor in your dydees, happily exploring a world that will be as bright and shiny as a new penny. This is your second chance at reliving the happy childhood you miss so much.

The choice is entirely up to you. When the spell has completed its work, I'll find a woman to tend to your every need. All you need do to have a second chance to find the contentment of childhood is to accept what I've done. If you relax and let the spell take its course, you'll be an infant again in two weeks."

Jenny's explanation was too much to absorb at one time. "Should I believe her?", he asked himself, "And if I believe her, what do I want to do? Should I resist? Do I really want to return to the rat race? She's right, I can't remember having been really happy since I was a child. Is that what men want? Is it what I want?"

He looked up into her eyes and saw the horns of the dilemma that lay before him. He ached to surrender and let the spell bring him happiness, but he was too scared to let his adult powers slip away from him without a battle. Jenny was the crux of the problem. She was at once warm and caring and at the same time condescending and patronizing. Jim longed to be in her arms but the fear of losing control of his life to someone who had so little respect for his maturity terrified him. The choice between the two fates seemed to paralyze his mind. He knew he should reject her offer out of hand, but the allure of being nurtured and coddled was too great to be ignored. Jim felt himself caught up in a vacillating loop. In one minute her plan seemed ridiculous, in the next instant the idea seemed warm and inviting, and the next moment it seemed revolting.

Jenny gave him no chance to accept or reject her proposal, saying, "C'mon, Pumpkin. Let's get you bathed and dressed."

She picked him up under his armpits and carried him off to a large bathroom in the rear of the house. It wasn't the one he had been in the night before when he had gotten ready for bed. When she set him on the bathroom rug to undress him, he saw that the bathroom looked like it was owned by a young family instead of a single woman. There were brightly colored toys on the edge of the tub and bottles of baby shampoo and conditioner in the wire rack hanging from the shower head.

As the tub filled with water, Jenny poured a large dollop of Bubble Bath under the stream rushing from the faucet. Jenny knelt on the rug in front of him and unfastened the button at his neck of his sleeper. Then she pulled the zipper down to its stop beneath his navel while mounds of foam filled the tub. She worked the garment from his shoulders and pulled it down his torso, slipping his arms out of the sleeves when the loose sleeper reached his waist, then sliding it down his skinny legs to form intertwined rings of baby blue fleece around his feet. She held his upper arm as he struggled to free his toes from the confining garment, pointing with her other hand to where she thought he should move to extricate himself. Once his feet were clear of the sleeper, she grasped the waistband of his underwear and jerked them to his ankles in a single motion. Jim froze in shock and embarrassment. He had always dreamed of being forcibly stripped by a woman, but his imaginings had never been anything like the experience of being undressed like a small child. It made him feel vulnerable and helpless. He tried to cover his nakedness with his hand, but Jenny brushed it away casually to see how dirty he was. When she turned him around roughly to inspect his bottom, he thought he would die in shame. She tsk-tsk'ed at the brown streaks she saw and said, "It looks like Aunt Jenny needs give your little bottom a thorough scrubbing, little boy! Didn't your mommy ever teach you to wipe himself properly after using the toilet?"

Jim hung his head in shame while she looked behind his ears and examined his neck, making disapproving clucking noises at his lack of diligence in bathing. Then she put her hands on his shoulders and turned him around again to face her. When she put her hand between his legs and seized his tiny penis in her hand, he froze in utter mortification. He let a low moan of despair escape his lips when she delicately pulled back his foreskin to see the dirt that lay beneath. She shook her head in disapproval, making him want to cry. Her patronizing treatment of him made him realize how small he had become. Jim thought with a shock that if he resisted, she could pick him up and put him over her knee for a spanking without breaking a sweat. The idea made him cringe before her. His naked childish body felt so powerless in her presence and emphasized the helplessness of his position. Jenny stood up, picking up his clothes as she rose and turned to toss them in the bathroom hamper. Then she locked the door with an old fashioned warded key and put it in her pants pocket. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on Jim. He had daydreamed for years about being locked naked in a bathroom with a beautiful woman who intended to bathe him. Now that he was confronted with the reality of his erotic notion, he was terrified. The locked door didn't serve to keep intruders out, it was locked to keep him from escaping. He was trapped with a woman who would scrub him until his skin shone from the effort.

Jim thought despondently that she would probably dust his body with baby powder when she was finished bathing him. She turned to the cabinet on the wall and opened it, taking a large apron from the shelf and tying it around her waist. The sight of her towering over him in her apron brought back childhood memories of his mother preparing to bathe him and completed the illusion that he had never grown up. Jenny bent over the tub and turned off the water before turning back to him. Then she went back to the cabinet on the wall at took out a pink pencil shaped plastic object. She put the object in the top pocket of her apron and took out a small jar of vaseline. Jenny bent down and grasped Jim's hand then lowered the lid on the toilet and sat down. She pulled him close to her and lifted him up to lay him prone across her lap. She held him down with the heel of one hand on his back while she took the pencil shaped object out of her pocket and fiddled with the top of the vaseline jar for a moment before wrestling it free of the jar. Jenny put the top to one side and began to twist the clear top of the pencil shaped object while Jim squirmed on her lap. Jimmy managed to get his head twisted around to see what she was doing. His face contorted with alarm as he yelled, "No! NO! I won't let you do that to me! Let me up from here! Let me up NOW"

"Now Jimmy, be reasonable. I know what changed you was a magick spell, but I still need to check your metabolic rate and this is the easiest way to do it. I'm sorry, I know it's uncomfortable, but I need to find out how fast you're changing," she replied calmly as she put the clear top to one side and laid it over to the side with the top to the vaseline.

Jim watch with an expression of sick horror on face as she withdrew a long slender object from the pink plastic case in her hand, confirming his suspicions about what she was planning to do. Jimmy screamed, "NO! NO! Let me go!" and began to jerk around on her lap violently.

He kicked his feet and screamed wordlessly while she held him over her knees with one hand. Jimmy was in a frenzy; he beat his tiny fists against her legs and flailed his legs in an attempt to escape. Finally, in a fit of desperation, he bent his head down and bit her as hard as she could on her leg. "Owww!", squealed Jenny, almost dropping the thermometer and jar on her lap.

"Damn it, Jimmy! No biting! Do you hear me? NO BITING!", Jenny ordered angrily.

Jimmy saw that he had hurt her and he craned his neck to bite her again. Jenny snatched the thermometer and jar in one hand and laid them on the floor as his small teeth sunk themselves into her flesh again. "Owwww!", yelled Jenny in response to his new bite as she grabbed his hair and jerked his head free of her leg.

"Damnit, Jimmy! I said no biting and I meant it!", she yelled angrily. She let go of his head and began to slap his behind with the palm of her right hand while holding him down with her left. "If you behave like a little hellion, I'm going to treat you like one, little boy!", Jenny said as she whacked him a second time.

Jimmy inhaled sharply as the sensation of savage pain reached his brain. Then the reality of what was happening exploded in his consciousness and he began screaming in agony. He writhed in an effort to get away but he was too small and weak to get free. Jenny redoubled her efforts when she saw he was resisting the spanking, causing him to choke and sputter in a fit of hysteria. Jenny continued beating on his fanny until he went limp in defeat. His screams died down to exhausted gasps of pain punctuated by agonized whimpers. Jenny stopped and looked down at the broken child draped across her lap. His bottom was beet red and showed hand prints in several places. Jimmy mewled like a three month old infant and lay limply across her knees. He knew he would never be able to disobey Jenny again. She had established their respective roles forever. She was the adult and he was the child. He would do whatever she said from that point on. Any other thought brought back memories of the humiliating agony he had suffered at her hands. Jimmy wept bitter tears at the grievous error he had made in defying her. He would never make that particular mistake again.

Jenny noted with satisfaction the results of Jimmy's spanking. It was obvious he was sorry for what he had done and that he'd not repeat his o dious behavior anytime soon. She had a duty to the women she sold the babies to and she intended to honor her commitments. When she sold the babies, she promised the women that they would get a loving adorable infant to take care of, not a hellish changeling who scratched and bit at every opportunity! Jenny wasn't surprised at Jimmy's reaction to the thermometer, many of the men she had changed had panicked when they saw it in her hand. Jimmy was the first one that had bit her though. They had settled down and cooperated once she gave them a paddling on their fannies. Most men only needed an excuse to surrender themselves to a woman's rule. Once they got over the illusion of being independent, they fell over themselves to be as agreeable as possible. She had never had to spank any of them as hard as she had Jimmy though, his poor little bottom was going to be sore for days!

She reached beside her with her free hand and picked up the thermometer and vaseline again. Jenny continued to hold the whimpering child with one hand while she shook down the thermometer with the other. After three vigorous shakes, she dipped its bright silver end into the jar of vaseline and put the jar to one side. Jenny used the fingers of her left hand to spread the muscles of his bottom apart while she continued to hold him down with the heel of her hand. Jimmy shuddered as he felt the cold bulb of the rectal thermometer penetrate his anus and slide to a stop within him. Jenny held the thermometer in place by slipping it between her first and second fingers, letting the flat of her hand rest on top of his bottom.

Jimmy had never been more humiliated in his life! First she spanked him, then she was taking his temperature with an rectal thermometer as if he was an infant! Whenever he squirmed, the thermometer would move slightly within him in response, making him feel like he was about to have a bowel movement. Jimmy was miserable, Jenny tried to comfort him by patting his bottom with the fingers of her hand, but it only served to remind him how helpless he had become. Finally she withdrew the thermometer, popping it out of his rectum in a single motion. Jimmy was convinced by the sensation produced when the bulb passed his anus that he had pooped involuntarily. He waved his legs and felt the slippery vaseline between his cheeks make them slide frictionlessly across each other. He wept silently, mistaking the slippery vaseline for the poop that he thought had escaped him.

Jenny looked at the thermometer carefully for any indication of fever. When she saw that he only had a rectal temperature one degree above normal, she wiped the thermometer with a wad of toilet paper and set Jimmy down on the floor beside her. She was unconcerned with his slight temperature, it had been far higher during the night. That's why she had dressed him in the blanket sleeper while he had slept, she didn't want him waking up with chills. Jenny pitched the wad of dirty paper in the toilet, then washed the thermometer in the sink and put it in its plastic case before putting it away in the cabinet. Then Jenny turned her attention back to Jimmy. She hoisted him up by his armpits until his feet cleared the side of the tub and sat him down in the sudsy water to bathe him. He was incapable of resisting Jenny in any way after the dubbing he had gotten on his bottom. He wanted to say something, anything that would make Jenny change her plans for him, but his fear froze his tongue in his head. All he seemed able to do was watch helplessly while she washed him like an incompetent preschooler.

The warm water eased the tension from his muscles and made him relax in spite of himself. Jenny industriously lathered the washcloth and thoroughly cleaned his back and shoulders before scrubbing his neck and ears. When she worked her way around to his chest, he was surprised to find he was enjoying himself. The bath wasn't the erotic adventure he had dre amed about, but it was pleasurable nonetheless. After he had soaked for awhile, she made him stand so she could clean his bottom. He faced the wall and leaned against it while she worked the warm soapy washcloth into his bottom to remove any traces of encrusted feces. He squirmed as she barely broke the privacy of his anus and ran the cloth around the inside of the opening. Jim trembled as she stopped to soap the washcloth again and reinsert it into the crack of his bottom. He was glad he was facing the wall, despite his body's youth, he had gotten an erection from her ministrations. He hoped she would finish soon before he had an embarrassing accident. The washcloth made him feel like he was going to have a bowel movement at any minute and he felt an urgent need to pee. When she turned him around to help him sit down in the tub again, she smiled at his tiny erection, making it deflate immediately. Jenny dropped a few of the toys in the bathwater to keep him occupied while she attended to the rest of his body. His embarrassment at being treated like a child diminished as she continued to wash him. In a few minutes he was happily playing with the bath toys while she shampooed his hair. He closed his eyes and let his cares be carried away by the warm feeling of the water she poured over his head to rinse him. "This isn't so bad," he thought, "I could get to like this!"

When she finished washing his hair, she said, "Let Jenn wash your wee-wee."

An hour before, "wee-wee" would have been the biggest insult she could have levied against him. Now it was inviting. Jenny gently scrubbed his penis with a warm soapy washcloth. She took the tiny member in her washcloth covered hand and slowly worked the suds into the skin of his penis. Jim stared down at his body and looked the child's body he inhabited. All he could see was the chubby belly and tiny feet of an older toddler. There wasn't a hair on his body aside from the wet mop on his head. He lifted up his protruding paunch with his hands to look at his penis. All that remained of his pride and joy was the tiny appendage of a small child. The potbelly he had gotten in the night bothered him. "Am I fat or is this gut normal for a toddler?", he thought neurot ically.

She lifted him out of the tub and dried him off with an oversized bath towel, giving him orders to turn one way or the other so she could sponge away every drop. When Jenny told him to present "his little tushie" to her, he tried to turn away in embarrassment. She threw her arm around his shoulders, holding his torso firmly against the apron on her lap, saying, "Gimme that pumpkinbutt, Baby!", as she worked the terrycloth into every crevasse of his behind.

Jenny finished toweling him off and said, "Now him don't want to be a big man, do he? Him want to be Auntie Jenny's babykins."

He realized that while he was nodding in automatic agreement, he simultaneously felt an eerie sensation that he was shrinking ...

Jenny took something white from the counter and knelt on the bathroom rug in front of him. She spread the fabric between her hands and asked him to step into the two holes at the bottom. Jim took the garment for underwear and obliged her by stepping into the legs holes and standing still as she pulled them up his legs. When she had tugged them up to his waist, she ran her fingers around the elastic to take out the folds and said, "There you go, Sweetheart. These will protect the furniture in case you make a boo-boo."

When he looked down to see what he was wearing, he saw that Jenny had clothed him in what appeared to be toddler's training pants. The thick, foam-filled, absorbent panel on the front of the pants left no doubt as to the nature of what she was protecting the furniture against. He put his hand behind him to check on the training pants in the rear and was not surprised to find the bottom was thicker than the sides. Apparently pee wasn't the only thing she was protecting the furniture against. Then she showed him the little children's potty in the corner of the bathroom he was to use instead of the toilet. She took him out to the family room and sat him on the floor in front of the TV.

Jenny went to the large rectangular object that sat next to the wall by the TV. It was covered with a forest green cloth and had small black Egyptian statuette of cat on top. Jim had thought it was a storage box when he had seen it the night before. She bent over and took the statuette and placed it carefully on the TV, then whisked the cloth from the box in a single motion, revealing a gaily painted children's toy box. Jenny folded the cloth into a rough square and laid it on the bookcase next to the TV. Then she opened the box and began taking out objects to pile them at Jim's feet. As the mound grew, Jim saw that the toy seemed to be made of some sort of interlocking wooden tracks. There were grooved curves, straight-aways and bridges with bright red plastic sides. He picked up an intersection and looked at it closely. The track had a clever wooden switch that allowed the track be switched from one path to another. Then Jim realized what she had gotten out for him; it was a toy wooden train!

The pile at his feet grew until there were enough pieces for him to construct a layout that would easily be five feet in diameter. Jenny glanced at him and smiled at his reaction to her surprise, then bent over to present her piece de resistance with a flourish. She withdrew a red velvet bag from the interior of the box and handed it to Jim as if it was a treasure. Jim's curiosity was piqued and he took the bag from her eagerly, wondering what she had concealed in the bag. When he pulled open the drawstring, he found the bag contained small wooden train cars that had magnets on each end. He took one of them out and examined it closely. The little red wagon seemed so attractive that he was instantly seized with the desire to see how it rolled on its track. Jim picked up a straight piece of track from the pile that lay at his feet and held it in his hand while he ran the little wagon back and forth in its grooves. Then he put the track down and took another wagon from the bag. He held a wagon in each hand and put the two ends together to see how they coupled. There was something magical about the way the invisible magnetic force made them stick together that intrigued him. Although he remembered the theory of magnetic fields he had been taught in school perfectly well, there was something about the way it behaved that appealed to his sense of wonder. He pulled them apart and put them back together several times before he tired of the exercise. Then he put one of them down next to his leg and went back to his examination of the first wagon. He spun the wooden wheels on the wagon and smiled at how long they continued to turn after he gave them the initial torque. The wagon's color was so bright and red. It reminded him of a fully ripe Johnathan apple. It looked so.....appetizing!

He was struck by an irresistible impulse to taste the wagon. Without thinking about what he was doing, he put the end of the wagon in his mouth and explored its corners and curves with his tongue. The clean flavor of birch filled his mouth and made him think of forests he had walked in when he was little. He looked up to see Jenny grinning down at him in amusement as she watched him sucking on the end of the wagon like a toddler. Jimmy pulled the wagon out of his mouth guiltily and dropped it to the floor beside him when he realized what he had done. He ducked his head in embarrassment and made himself busy with the bag in an effort to cover up his faux pas.

He hastily began removing the other wagons from the bag and laid them down beside him in rows, being careful to line them up in a precise enfilade in a show of intense concentration. When he got to the bottom of the bag, he discovered that there was another bag contained within the first bag. He took out the little bag and pulled open its top. Nestled inside the bag was a little battery operated train engine. He took the engine out of its bag and carefully placed it at the head of the line of cars it would soon be pulling. Jim sat cross-legged on the carpet and began to assemble the tracks at his feet. Within minutes, he had forgotten his embarrassment and was happily playing with the wooden choo-choo as if he had never grown up. Jenny smiled in approval and pi cked up the covering cloth to put it away. As an afterthought, she turned on the TV before she left the room so he could watch cartoons if he got bored with his new train.

Later that morning, he felt the urgent need to urinate. He got up from the rug in front of the TV and ran to the bathroom. Eschewing the demeaning potty, he stubbornly tried to use the bathroom toilet to relieve himself. He soon discovered the reason that she had provided the potty chair for him; he was too small to climb up on the toilet unassisted. After several fruitless attempts to pull himself up on the toilet seat, he gave up and went over to the little plastic potty. Jimmy was mortified that he was forced to use a children's potty to relieve himself but he had no choice. He pulled down the training pants and sat on the plastic seat wondering if Jenny had other humiliations up her sleeve. The protective plastic urine shield jutted up between his legs and redirected any errant streams into the potty. It reminded him of the lovemaking session they had had the night before when Jenny had held his balls in her hand. Jimmy found the memory of his lost manhood distressing and hoped he'd be able to resist her spell until he returned to normal. He unconsciously put his hand down to check on his crotch and was shocked when his hand met the cold unyielding plastic instead of the soft flesh of his penis. He instinctively grabbed for himself in self-protection, but was stymied by the urine shield.

For a moment he thought that his penis had gone completely. It felt like the potty chair had swallowed him up without even leaving him a little boy's wee-wee to pee with. Then reality returned and he realized the second purpose of having a urine shield. It was to keep little boys from playing with their wee-wees when they were on the potty. The thought of being forced to use a potty like this until the end of his days was depressing. Surely he'd be able to defeat the spell and return to normal in a few days. He couldn't imagine himself accepting his current condition and falling prey to her enchantment.

When he finished, he stood up and pulled the training pants up around his waist. He noticed with irritation that he dribbled a little into his training pants once they were in place and resolved to shake himself after he finished on the potty next time. Hopefully Jenny wouldn't notice the yellow stains on the front of his training pants when she washed them. He closed the lid on the potty and then ambled out to the family room to watch cartoons again.

Despite his irritation at being treated like a child, he enjoyed the next few days of his return to childhood. His cares seemed to melt away as if his adult life had been a bad dream from which he had awoken. He watched television, was served his meals, and played with toys just as he had when he was a little boy. Jenny would dress him each morning in a clean pair of training pants and put a T-shirt on him to keep him warm. She seemed to delight in showing him the childish motifs silk-screened on the T-shirts. At first the humiliation of wearing toddler's clothes irritated him, but after a while he fingered the colorful design on his chest in a vaguely pleased way. From then on, each dressing seemed like an adventure as she showed him the T-shirt he'd be wearing for the day. When she was finished dressing him, she'd take him by the hand and lead him to the kitchen for his breakfast. She would help him into his booster chair and tie a napkin around his neck before she gave him a bowl of Malt-O-Meal for breakfast. Jenny had stopped giving him Rice Krispies for breakfast after the first day. He had gotten Rice Krispies all over himself and the floor, she had explained when she gave him the soupy bowl of pulverized wheat the next day. Jimmy wasn't too unhappy with the substitution; his missing teeth had made it difficult to chew the rice nuggets and the Malt-O-Meal was easier to slurp down.

After breakfast, she would lead him into the family room where she would let him watch cartoon shows that she deemed appropriate. If nothing was on that she approved of, she would open the large toybox that sat next to the TV and let him play with his toys. He would sit on the floor for hours building log cabins and forts with the giant drum of Lincoln Logs she had given him. Occasionally, when his attention was occupied by playing or TV, he would unconsciously put his thumb in his mouth and suck it the way he had when he was a child. When he realized what he had been doing, he would jerk his thumb from his mouth guiltily and sit on his hand. Soon he would become preoccupied with his activity and forget all about his thumbsucking. He'd pull his hand from beneath his bottom and his hand would gradually migrate up to his mouth and slip his thumb in unnoticed. Several times he had turned to find Jenny standing over him with a grin on her face as she watched him suck his thumb.

At night he slept in a crib in a cheerily decorated nursery surrounded by the plushy stuffed animal toys of early childhood. The nursery had an elusive sweet smell that Jim was unable to identify. Jim had the feeling that he had smelled the aroma before, but he could not put his finger on exactly where he had encountered it. Whatever it was, it gave him the impression of cleanliness and security and he slept soundly in its presence. Jenny would take him into the nursery each night and check his training pants to see if they were damp. If they were, she'd strip the training pants from his body on the spot and make him lie on the crib mattress while she put a dry pair on him. Then she'd dress him in a blanket sleeper for the night. When she had finished dressing him, she'd arrange the toy animals around his body and put a teddy bear under his arm to sleep with before tucking him in for the night. Then she'd raise the side of the crib, sit in the rocking chair in the corner of the room and read him a story from "Winnie the Poo" until he fell fast asleep.

Jim found himself enjoying his new life. He woke in the morning joyously anticipating another day of relaxation and play. Despite his anger with her for what she had done to him, he felt himself bonding to Jenny. Whenever she called him a good boy, he felt a warm glow of pleasure at her maternal praise. Soon he found himself trying to please her by acceding to her every wish. Somehow his desires didn't seem as important as Jenny's and the prospect of being spanked by her was unthinkable. It was easier to obey and make her happy than it was to fight the woman who had taken control of his life.

His rapidly changing body forced him to make adjustments to his behavior to accommodate the differences in physique and metabolism. He found himself looking forward to the afternoon naps Jenny made him take and his sleep was as sound and deep as any toddler's. Each day he would wake with fewer teeth in his mouth and he quickly found it was impossible to make a "th" sound with his tongue without front teeth. He developed a lisp and stopped using the letters "l" and "r" as his control of his tongue deteriorated, substituting "w" instead. Jimmy's indolent life started to affect his speech. He began speaking in short sentence fragments rather than make the effort to form complete sentences. Careful diction and sentence construction seemed like a waste of time when his mouth wouldn't make the sounds he needed. Jenny understood what he was saying and there didn't seem to be any reason to try to impress her by sounding like an adult. If he stopped himself and enunciated his sentences carefully, Jenny ignored him. It was only when he sounded like a little boy that she seemed to take notice of what he wanted.

His speech became increasingly childlike in structure as well as in sound. He began using the infinitive case of verbs without making the slightest attempt to make them agree with the tense or number of the other words in his sentences. Jenny would smile at his childlike efforts to communicate and give him whatever he had asked for immediately. The more childish he made himself sound, the faster she seemed to fulfill his requests. Within two days he was talking like a preschooler and by the third day his speech was a credible imitation of an older toddler's jabber.

By the third day, the changes in his muscle control and physiology were apparent. His lips became slack and he began drooling constantly, making large wet spots on the front of his T-shirts. Jenny had to gently reprove him several times for wiping his nose on the back of the sleeve of his sleeper after it started running continuously. She started hovering over him constantly with her ever ready wad of clean kleenex to wipe the drips from his runny nose. As his lack of muscle control became generalized, Jenny had to help him dress himself whenever he used the potty chair. He would have to call her to help him by wiping his "tushie" when he pooped. Occasionally he would get flustered when he wanted to pee and find it impossible to get undressed without assistance . He would cry for help urgently and by the time she got there, his training pants would be sopping wet. She would strip him of his panties on the spot, shaking her head ruefully at the mess he had made of his pants. Then she would leave him on the potty wearing nothing but his T-shirt while she took his soggy underwear away to be washed.

Jenny would make him sit on the potty until he peed again, telling him she wanted to make sure his bladder was empty. She would give him a picture book of Dr. Suess's "Cat in the Hat" for him to look at while he waited. In the beginning he thought the book was asinine, but after the first day he began to be highly entertained by the colorful pictures and amusing doggerel. He'd sit on the potty for long periods giggling to himself over how funny the words sounded when he read them aloud. He'd become so enthralled in the book that when Jenny came in and asked him if he'd pottied, he would look up at her sheepishly and tell her he didn't know. She'd smile down at him, pat his head condescendingly and tell him he'd have to stay on the pot until he was sure. The long sessions on the potty seemed counterproductive to Jim. Instead of learning to control himself on the potty, he would pee whenever he felt the slightest urge to go. Within a day he was dribbling in the potty without feeling anything. When she took him off the potty and put him back in training pants, he was unable to tell whether or not he was still peeing. He rarely had a "boo-boo" in his pants that was big enough to soak them, but whenever she checked them he always seemed to be a little damp.

On the fifth day he drenched his pants on the way to the potty. Jenny warned him as she removed the sodden pants from his behind, "Sweetiepie, you're not even trying to stay dry! If you continue like this, you'll lose your bladder and bowel control completely. If you don't start fighting the spell soon, you'll become an infant. Is that what you want? Aunt Jenny won't be disappointed in you if you decide you want to be a baby. She knows how you've missed your mommy since she died. Just tell me that you want to be a baby again and I promise to see that you'll get a wonderful mommy." Some of his adult thinking returned to him and he thought, "Strange, she sounds like a doctor asking her patient for his consent to perform surgery. I've been trying as hard as I can to use the potty she's given me. I don't pee in my pants deliberately! Does she think I really have a choice?" The thought quickly left him as the Rugrats came on TV...

Walking came progressively more difficult. On the sixth day, he made his first "big boo-boo," as Jenny called it. Until then, he had only peed his pants if he didn't get to the potty in time to pull down his undies. Most of his "little boo-boos" had been caused by a sudden urge to pee after Jenny had taken him off the potty and redressed him in his underwear. He had been watching TV and been too engrossed in the cartoon to notice that he needed to go to the potty to have a bowel movement. Before he realized what had happened, he had pooped in his pants. A minute later, he starting peeing too. At first he was terrified at what Jenny would say when she found out what he had done. After a while, he got used to the idea of sitting in soiled underwear and his fear d issipated. The reek that exuded from his behind didn't seem to bother him the way it should. He'd had a strong aversion to the odor of feces as an adult but somehow his reaction to the smell had changed along with his body. Instead of perceiving the fetid odor as disgusting, it seemed like it had a somewhat pleasant....homey smell. Jimmy was surprised at how good it felt to sit in the warmth of his dirty underwear. He giggled as he moved his bottom around in the wet training pants, enjoying the slippery feel of the poop. This was something he really liked! He chortled at how naughty he was and rocked back and forth in the mess until his bottom was thoroughly coated with brown ooze.

After a while he lost interest in playing in his dirty pants and stuck his thumb in his mouth as he went back to watching cartoons. As time passed, the mess irritated the skin on his bottom and he started to itch fiercely. He got up on his hands and knees and stood up in front of the TV, seeking relief from the prickling pain. When he started to walk over to Jenny, the raw tissue between his legs and cheeks forced him to adopt an awkward swaying gait that allowed him to keep his knees spread as he went. He stopped and stood before her with a silent look of pleading in his eyes. Jenny seemed to know instantly what had happened. He thought that she must have either smelled him, seen his uncomfortable waddle, or both, and deduced the truth. She frowned slightly as he said innocently, "I make poopy!"

Jenny heard his guileless babytalk and noticed that he seemed free of any appearance of chagrin at soiling his training pants. "It looks like he's ready for the next stage of his retraining," she thought to herself soberly, "Unless I miss my guess, he's been wallowing in his poop for at least two hours. He didn't get that bowlegged waddle by messing in his pants a few minutes ago. I'll need to get him cleaned up and into some dry diapers as quickly as possible. I don't want a bad case of diaper rash to impede his progress. It's too bad he went so long without telling me he had dirty pants. I could have sworn his social development was still too advanced for him to be that nonchalant about being in poopy panties. I'm afraid that this little one doesn't have a chance of resisting the spell. I guess I'm going to have to cast the second spell so I can start feeding him when he becomes an infant. It looks like he's going to be ready for it sooner than I thought."

She smiled sympathetically and said, "Jenny knows you have poopy panties, Baby. I think you're too little to wear training pants now. Aunt Jenn needs to put you into dydees."

"NO!", Jimmy said firmly, "No dydees! Wear pants. Wear big boy pants! Use potty!"

Jenny leaned down from her chair and patted him on top of his head affectionately, saying, "Jimmy can still use the potty if he wants, but Aunt Jenny wants him to wear dydees in case he makes another 'big boo-boo', okay?"

"No dydees!", Jimmy said, stamping his foot on the ground and grimacing in pain as the movement made his sore bottom hurt.

"Honey, Aunt Jenny can see that your poor little bottom hurts you. Don't you want to get into something that's clean and dry? Aunt Jenny will dress you in a nice, soft, fluffy dydee that will make your bottom feel all better. Wouldn't you like that, Baby?", Jenny asked soothingly.

"No baby dydee! Big boy pants!", Jimmy demanded.

"Big boy pants are only for little boys that don't go poopy in their panties. They don't get clean if you make a big poopy in them, Honey," Jenny replied.

Jimmy looked embarrassed and dropped his eyes to the floor. He hadn't lied to Jenny before, but he didn't want to wear diapers. He could only see one chance of avoiding the humiliation of wearing the infantile garment. He looked into her eyes and said, "It wittle poopy!"

"Is it? It doesn't smell like a little poopy to Aunt Jenny. Let Aunt Jenny look and see," she asked reasonably.

He backed off a step and said in desperation, "No wook! Wittle poopy!" She reached out with her hand from where she sat and grabbed him by the shoulder to pull him close to her. Jimmy panicked at the realization he was going to be discovered in his lie and began to scream, "No wook! Jimmy good boy! It wittle poopy!"

"Then it won't matter if I see it. Will it, Honey?", Jenny said as she turned him around and pulled the back of his training pants open. She looked inside and saw the coating of feces that had completely covered his bottom and had thoroughly soiled the back of the pants. She shook her head and said in a reproving tone, "Jimmy, you lied to me! Your little tushie is covered in poop!"

"No wie! Jimmy good boy! No wie!", he replied as tears started welling up in the corners of his eyes.

"Then how did your bottom get covered in poop?", Jenny asked quietly. Jimmy put his forefinger into the corner of his mouth as his face took on a blank expression of childish innocence and he temporized, "I fowgot." Jenny smiled at his little boy countenance and said sympathetically, "It hurts, doesn't it Baby?"

"Owie!" he agreed.

"Aunt Jenny's not mad at Jimmy for making a boo-boo! Let Aunt Jenny get Jimmy's tushie cleaned up, okay? Then your owie will stop hurting," she told him.

"Okay," he agreed.

"After Aunt Jenny gets your bottom clean, she'll put some ointment on your bottom so it will stop hurting. Won't that be nice?"

"No owie," he said agreeing to the application of the medicine.

"Yes, Honey. The ointment will make the owie go away. But we have to do something else too! We have to protect your bottom so it doesn't get another owie if you have another boo-boo. Would that be alright?"

"Pwo...pwotect tushie!", he stammered in agreement.

"What can we find for you to wear that won't make your bottom sore?", Jenny asked, turning the decision into a game.

"Twaining pants?", Jimmy said hopefully.

"No, they're too tight. They make the poopy get all over your behind. What else can we think of?", Jenny asked.

"I donno," Jimmy said, dancing around slightly as the itching started again.

"We have to put something on you that's looser so the poopy won't be next to your skin all the time, right?", Jenny asked.

"Wooser," he agreed.

"And whatever we put on you had better be nice and thick in case you have another boo-boo and pee a lot, right?", Jenny asked.

"Yesss," he answered slowly, sensing the conclusion that she was leading to.

"And it should be nice and soft too. Your bottom needs that, doesn't it?", she asked

He put his hand to his bottom and felt it gingerly before he answered, "Soft. Tushie owie!"

"It also needs to be easy to get off so I don't make a mess when I undress you, right?", she asked.

"Wight, no mess!", he agreed, becoming involved in the riddle.

"And it should be adjustable in case you get any smaller," Jenny said.

Jimmy pursed his lips and said, "Jimmy not get smawa!"

"What if Jimmy thinks his din-din is nummy and eats lots? His tum-tum will get soooo big! What will we do then?", Jenny asked.

"No pants?", Jimmy offered in bewilderment.

"No...Jimmy sometimes makes a boo-boo. We have to protect the furniture and carpet. Jimmy will have to wear something. Now what could it be? We agreed that it must be nice and thick and soft, right?", Jenny asked recapping their progress, "And it has to be loose so it won't hurt you. And it has to be easy to get off, so I won't make a mess when I take it off. And it needs to be adjustable so I can fit it around your tummy in case it gets big, right?"

"Wight!", Jimmy agreed.

"Now I wonder what that could be?", Jenny said to herself, putting her chin in the palm of her hand in a parody of concentration and continuing, "It can't be big boy pants, they're too tight! I don't have any underwear here that have snaps in them to make them adjustable. Hmmmm. Maybe I could use pins to adjust the waist. That way I could make them any size I wanted to, right?"

"Wight!", Jimmy said enthusiastically.

She took her chin out of her hand and said excitedly, "Pins are a wonderful idea! They'll be easy to put on and take off. But we still have the problem of the elastic on your undies, right? The elastic band is what makes them so tight. We can't have elastic," she said.

"No ewastic," Jimmy agreed solemnly.

"But if we're using pins, we don't have to have elastic!", Jenny said as if she had discovered a great truth. Then she looked sad and said, "But I don't have any pins. I could go to the store and buy them, but we need something right now. I know! We'll use tape! I could cut the sides of your underwear so that there'd be no elastic to make them tight. If I did that, I could dress you in your underwear by laying you down top of them, pulling them up between your legs and taping them at the sides. They'd be easy to get off then. All I'd have to do would be to pull the tape off. Ohhh, Aunt Jenny just thought of something. Tape won't stick to your underwear. We have to think of something you can wear that's not fabric so the tape will stick. If it's not fabric it had better be disposable too, because I won't be able to wash it. It would be nice if it had the tape already on it too, as well as a waterproof covering so it won't leak. Now, what's not made of fabric, has tape already on it, is thick and soft and really absorbent, is disposable and waterproof and is just the right size to fit you? Hmmmm. I can't think of anything, can you?"

Jimmy thought for a moment, turning all the pieces of the puzzle in his head until he came up with the perfect answer, offering tentatively, "Disposabwa diapwa?"

Jenny clapped her hands in applause at his solution, saying, "That's a perfectly marvelous idea, Honey! Of course I know that you're too big to use diapers like a baby. You still want to use the potty when you have to go. You're just trying to be nice to Aunt Jenny and wear them in case you make a boo-boo. That's so sweet of you to think of me! It'll be so easy to dress you if I use them instead of your old training pants. Let's go back and get you changed right now!"

Jimmy frowned in distaste at the suggestion. He had the feeling that he had been tricked, but he couldn't see how she did it. There was something vaguely unsettling about wearing diapers, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. But it had to be the right solution to the problem of what he should wear. It was his idea. Wasn't it?"

She lifted him up and put him on her hip to carry him to the changing table in his room. Jenny laid him down, unsnapped his clothes, and pulled them off.

She took a baby wipe from the plastic dispensing tub and raised his feet with one hand so she could wipe the encrusted poop from his bottom with the other. When the wipe was dirty, she tossed it in the dirty diaper pail and began again with another. It took three baby wipes to clean the mess that he had made on his bottom. Jim had managed to smear himself with poop all the way around to his front. When she finished the preliminary cleansing, she turned him over to lie on his stomach. Then she took another baby wipe and carefully swabbed the spots she had missed. Jenny bent down and examined his skin carefully; his bottom was bright red and oozed nastily in several places. Jim had the worst case of diaper rash she had ever seen for someone who had only worn dirty pants for two hours! Jenny opened a tube of diaper cream and applied a thick layer to the crack between his cheeks, the back of his scrotum and to the insides of his legs. Then she turned him over to lie on his back so she could finish putting cream on his rash. Jenny worked the cream into the folds of his skin on the front, making sure that every area that had reddened was protected. Then she lifted his feet again and slid a disposable diaper under his bottom. She adjusted it, then opened the top to the large bottle of baby powder that sat on the changing table and proceeded to dust his crotch with the sweet powder.

When Jenny sprinkled baby powder over his crotch, Jimmy had a revelation. The elusive aroma that Jimmy had smelled in the nursery was baby powder! He wriggled in pleasure as she smoothed the sweet powder into his tender skin. It's silkiness made his abused skin feel so goooood! Jimmy cooed involuntarily as she rubbed the baby powder into the skin of his tiny scrotum, caressing him with her fingertips. He sighed contentedly when she stopped, that had been almost as good as sex was with the coeds! Sex with the drunken women had been a disappointment. They weren't nearly as sensual as Jenny. All they had been interested in was a quick fuck with a stranger. The only thing that had made sex better than Jenny's ministrations had been the orgasm. Jimmy was sure that if Jenny had continued to rub his pubes a few minutes longer, he would have orgasmed this time too!

Jenny usually only powdered her charge's crotches before they went to sleep, but his skin was so irritated she decided to give him the full treatment. She'd have checked on the condition of his pants more frequently if she had known that his skin was so sensitive. Jenny rubbed the powder in with the tips of her fingers and smiled at the little erection that had started growing in her hands. She finished with the baby powder and pulled his diaper up between his legs. She taped it down on one side, then pulled it snug across his belly and taped down the other side. When she had finished, she slipped a pair of Gerber plastic pants over his disposable diapers for extra protection before she put him down on the floor to stand beside her. Jenny held his hand as she l ed him back to sit in front of the TV again.

Jimmy sat on the floor morosely, plucking at the soft plastic of the Gerber pants with his thumb and forefinger as if he could pull the humiliating garment from his body with his fingertips. After a while he forgot the disappointment at having to wear diapers and was merrily laughing at the cartoons on TV. When lunch was ready, she came into the room to walk him into the kitchen. He was only mildly dismayed to see that his booster seat had been replaced with a high chair. Jenny hoisted him into the high chair and strapped him in before tying a bib around his neck. She placed a tray of food before him and began to spoon it's contents into his mouth. Everything on the tray had been chopped into small pieces to make it easier for him to manage. The day before he w ould have been upset if she had tried to make him eat food in that condition, but the growing gaps in his dentition caused by his disappearing teeth had made it increasingly difficult to chew. His bare gums were tender from the tooth loss and made him grateful that she had gone to the extra effort for him. He took the spoon from her hand when she offered it and ate the vegetable medley with relish, chasing errant peas around his tray with his fingers when Jenn wasn't looking. When he finished, Jenn wiped his face roughly with the bib and went to the refrigerator. She took something out and returned to stand before the high chair. She smiled down at him and said, "Aunt Jenn has got a surprise for her little boy! Would he like to see it?"

He put out his hands expectantly to take possession of the surprise she was hiding behind her back.. When she took her hand from behind her back and presented him with a baby bottle he grimaced in chagrin. He was embarrassed by the dirty trick she had played on him but realized there was nothing he could do but accept the proffered bottle and drink the contents in the manner intended. He took the bottle from her hand awkwardly and stared at the nipple a long time before slowly slipping it between his lips. After a minute, he screwed his will to the sticking place and forced himself to suck on the bottle. Jimmy was surprised at how little milk came out of the nipple and tried adjusting the position of the nipple in his mouth until it rested flat against his upper palate. The tiny amount of milk he got from the bottle enraged rather than quenched his thirst. He began sucking on the bottle as hard as he could to increase the flow. His muscles tired quickly from the unaccustomed sucking and he was forced to slow down to try a more systematic approach. Within minutes he developed a rhythm and was drinking from the bottle as if he had been doing it for months. Jenny observed his success with approval as he polished off the bottle.

Then she took the empty bottle from his hands and rinsed it out before putting it in the sink. Jenny wiped a runnel of milk from his chin with the bib and unsnapped it from his neck before patting him on the back. Jimmy belched explosively and Jenny chuckled at the surprised expression on his face. She lifted the tray from the high chair and unbuckled the strap that came up between his legs, went around his waist and fastened in back. She lifted him out of the high chair and set him on his feet on the floor in front of the chair. Jenny took him by the hand and led him back to the family room to watch TV and play until it was time for his afternoon nap.

About an hour later Jimmy came toddling into the kitchen to tell Jenny that he needed her help on the potty. She turned him around and put her fingers into the back of his plastic pants then pulled back his diaper to peer down inside and see if he had messed in his diaper. When she saw that the diaper was still clean she agreed to help him take off his diaper. She put her hand down for him to grasp and said, "Hold Aunt Jenny's hand, Baby! She doesn't want you to fall on the way to the potty!"

Jimmy reluctantly put his hand in hers and let himself be taken to the potty like a barely trained two year old. When they got there, Jimmy let out a small groan of despair. Jenny sniffed and asked, "Did little Jimmy make a boo-boo? Let Aunt Jenny see!"

She pulled his plastic pants down to his knees, then grasped the back of his diaper in two of her fingers and peeked down inside to see the mess that had escaped his control. Jenny shook her head in mock disappointment and said, "Oh dear, it looks like we're going to have to forget about you using a potty from now on. You've made another big poopy in your dydee! That's the second time today!"

Tears of humiliation welled up in Jimmy's eyes, threatening to burst forth and flood his face. Jenny bent down to pick up the unused training toilet and said, "Aunt Jenny will change your dydee in a minute, Honey. I'm going to put this potty away first, I don't think you'll be needing it now."

Jenny led him into the nursery without taking the time to pull his plastic pants up his legs again. He waddled with difficulty because of the plastic panties confining his knees and stumbled several times on the way to the nursery. Jenny didn't slow a step when he stumbled, she simply raised the hand holding his, causing him to be hoisted aloft and to his feet by the merest exercise of her adult strength. The loud crinkling noise the plastic pants he made with every step reminded him how helpless he had become. Tears streaked his cheeks as he whimpered in the throes of his defeat, forcing him to stumble blindly down the hall. When they arrived in the nursery, she lifted him up to the table to change him. Tears fell from the corners of his eyes and rolled down the sides of his face while Jenny rapidly denuded him and wiped the poop from the insides of his legs. Jimmy realized that he was completely incontinent and that she would keep him diapers permanently. Jenny noticed Jimmy's tears and put a pacifier in his mouth to comfort him. It was the wrong thing to do. Being forced to suck on a pacifier was the last straw. Jimmy let the pacifier fall from his mouth and began to wail like a one year old with a horrible case of diaper rash. Jimmy screamed his rage at what had been done to him in as loud a voice as he could manage. Jenny patiently ignored his cries and finished rediapering him before she picked him up and took him to the rocking chair in the corner of the nursery.

She took the receiving blanket that was draped across the back of the chair and wrapped it around him to comfort him, then took the pacifier she held in her hand and put it between his lips. Jimmy's screams of frustrated humiliation became yells of fury. He sputtered and convulsed, heaving his tiny chest in frenzied throes of infantine wrath. Jenny quickly adjusted the blanket until he was tightly swaddled in its soft confines, then held him tightly against her with one arm while keeping the pacifier in place with her free hand, rocking him back and forth. Presently Jimmy calmed down and Jenny was able to keep the pacifier in place with two fingers. Jenny stopped rocking and kissed him on the forehead as he unconsciously began to suckle. Jenny cuddled him closer and he closed his eyes, solacing his wounded ego with the pleasant sensations produced by the latex soother. Jimmy's breathing became deep and regular as he fell into slumber. Jenny smiled down at her small charge and said softly, "Sleep now, Honey. When you wake, you'll have forgotten all about using toilets and potty chairs. You won't remember having ever been potty trained. In a day or two you won't even remember your name. Then Aunt Jenny will see about getting you a permanent mommy to take care of you and you'll be happy. Aunt Jenny won't have any trouble finding a mommy adopt an adorable baby like you. Poor little Jimmy, he thought he was such a big man when he made love to Aunt Jenny. Now look at him. He's just a little baby now. It won't be long before little Jimmy will be feeding from a bottle instead of eating baby food. No, it won't be long. Aunt Jenny is going to miss her little sweetheart. She wishes that she had a baby like you to take care of forever and ever."

Jenny got up from the chair and put his swaddled body in his crib for his afternoon nap. She decided that if he slept without waking, she wouldn't wake him until it was time for dinner. He looked so exhausted when he was laying in her arms. If Jimmy was like the other babies she had made, he'd wake some time during the night and want his bottle. Jenny would hold him in her arms and hold the bottle for him while he fed, then put him back in his crib to sleep the rest of the night. She was surprised at how rapidly the transformation had taken place. Usually the process took much longer. The men would change into small boys overnight and then begin the gradual transition into babyhood. The change itself was governed by how the subjects felt about themselves as well as their surroundings. The spell only provided the process for the change. The real secret was in the person's image of himself. If the subject accepted the change, then the next change would take place almost immediately. Most men bottomed out quickly at the age of three or four, then began a slow rejuvenation into infancy. If they fought the change and continued to see themselves as adults, then they would slow the change enough to keep the final change at bay until the spell wore off. The was the key to breaking the spell. All they had to do to resist it was maintain their mental image of themselves. If they started seeing themselves as babies, then the physical changes would follow naturally. Jenny's art was in making men think of themselves as babies again. She could take a full grown adult male and have him whimpering for his mommy within a week. It would take another week for the transformation to complete and leave the subject as a permanent infant. Jimmy was different in that respect, he was almost a week ahead of schedule. The only way he could have regressed so quickly was to have accepted himself as a baby. The thought had other implications. Babies don't exist independently of their mothers.

If Jimmy was regressing that fast, then he must have accepted Jenny as his surrogate mother. That implied that he loved her too. She told herself that the thought merited some consideration. She had never had one of her subjects fall in love with her after the transformation. She wondered if she would make a good mother for little Jimmy. Certainly she would like to have him as her baby, but that hadn't been part of the original plan. It wasn't that she needed the money. She had money and to spare. It was just that she wasn't sure she was ready to be a baby's mother yet. She decided to see how things went before making any decisions. It wouldn't do to get her hopes up if Jimmy came to his senses and decided to resist at the last minute. Jenny turned him on his side and rolled the ends of another blanket to put in front and back of his body. The swaddling was as effective as a full body straight jacket, but he could still roll to the front or back. The rolled blanket chocked his body so that he was completely immobilized. If he woke up, he would find himself in a completely helpless position, unable to do anything but cry over his fate. Jenny knew that the swaddling treatment would insure that his spirit would be broken by the time she came to release him from his blankets. It had worked on so many ex-men before him and there was no reason to suspect that Jimmy would be any different. She left him in his crib to dream away the remaining months of his life.

Jimmy was awoken at six o'clock when Jenny came to get him for dinner. He had regressed a few months more during his nap and had a sopping wet diaper. She changed him and carried him into the kitchen to get him fed before putting him down to sleep again. Jimmy seemed to accept his fate calmly and ate the food that was placed before him. Jenny thought the swaddling must have made his arms stiff because he kept waving them in the air aimlessly as if he was a nine month old baby. He drank from the bottle without objection and had a bowel movement in his diaper about forty-five minutes after dinner. Jenny let him play on the floor in his dirty diaper for a half an hour before taking him to the nursery and putting him down for the night. She got up once in the night when he woke as predicted and fed him his bottle. Afterwards he fell fast asleep in her arms. She tucked him back in his crib with a kiss on his forehead and left him to return to her own bed. Jenny smiled to herself as she closed her eyes to go to sleep; a further swaddling treatment wouldn't be necessary. Jimmy's reaction to his night bottle had told her his spirit had been crushed by the swaddling earlier in the day.

The next morning Jimmy woke up with a very wet diaper. He didn't object to the sensation of wearing a cold soggy diaper. On the contrary, the squishy feeling it made when he squeezed his legs together made him chuckle in delight. He crawled over to the side of the crib and used the bars to pull himself to a standing position. A few minutes later Jenn came in the nursery to see if he was awake yet. She tousled his hair affectionately and leaned over the rail to put her fingers down the front of his diaper to see if he was wet. When she discovered he was, she lifted him out of the crib and laid him on the changing table to clean him up and put him in a fresh diaper. She diapered him efficiently and then swung him over her hip to carry him to the kitchen for break fast. She strapped him into the high chair, snapped a plastic bib around his neck and set a small bowl before him. Then Jenn went to the pantry and took out a jar of baby food. She returned to her seat in front of the high chair and began spoon the prepared mixture of oatmeal and applesauce into his bowl. When she was finished, Jenn put the spoon in his hand and turned away to get a cup of coffee. Jimmy promptly dropped the spoon on the floor and started to cry in frustration. Jenny returned with her coffee cup in hand and bent down to pick up the spoon. She set her cup on the table and took the spoon to the sink to rinse it off before she came back to sit down in front of him. "I think little Jimmy has gotten too young to feed himself," Jenny said conversationally as she dipped the rubber coated spoon into the baby food and ladled out a heaping spoonful.

"Open wide, Sweetie!", she said as the spoon neared his mouth.

Jimmy opened his mouth as wide as he could to receive his breakfast. He was a little surprised when he tasted the texture of the baby food, he had not expected it to be so....mushy. As he swallowed the fine puree, he realized why she was feeding him food meant for very young babies. The remainder of his molars had vanished during the night, except for a few teeth in front he was nearly toothless! Jenny fed him as fast as he could swallow the sweet paste, perhaps a little faster. Oatmeal dribbled from his lips and ran down his chin in large drops to fall into the catch pocket in his bib. The spicy scent of apples filled his nose balancing the rich cereal aroma from the oatmeal. Jimmy wondered why baby food had the reputation of being foul flavorless food, he thought the taste of the prepared baby cereal was marvelous! Jenny continued to feed him until she had scraped the last of the food from his tray, then she laughed and said, "It looks like little Jimmy has got as much food on his face as in his tummy! Here, Baby, let Aunt Jenny scrape some of that cereal off of your face."

Jimmy held still while Jenny took the edge of the spoon and began cleaning the area around his mouth and chin. When the spoon was full she said, "Open wide, Honey!"

He opened his mouth so she could feed him the oatmeal that had gotten away from him, then she repeated her actions until his face was nearly free of cereal. When she finished, she wiped his lower face with a warm washcloth and went back to the stove. Jenny removed a gaily colored plastic baby bottle from the pot of hot water where it had been warming and brought it back for him to drink. When Jimmy saw the bottle, he stretched his hands out eagerly to take it from her. The cloyingly sweet taste of the baby food had made him thirsty and he was more than willing to drink from a baby bottle if he could only quench his sticky thirst. When he put the latex nipple into his mouth, his tongue seemed to wrap itself around the nipple automatically as if nursing from a bottle was his normal fare. He sucked on the artificial teat and was rewarded with a mouthful of warm infant formula. The taste of the formula was heavenly to his rejuvenated taste buds and he sucked avidly, making little lip smacking noises as the vacuum was made and broken. Jenny smiled at him tolerantly and sat down to eat her own breakfast, glancing occasionally at the baby she had created. Gradually, his nursing slowed as his stomach began to fill with formula. Then he stopped altogether. Jimmy sat in his high chair looking uncomfortable as the bubble of air he had swallowed hung in his throat. He tried to belch, but he had lost control of his epiglottis during the night and found it impossible to burp without help. Jenny noticed his discomfort and reached over his shoulder to pat him on the back. Immediately, he loosed a large belch and the feeling of fullness eased. Jimmy blushed at the loud noise he had made and stared down at the floor in embarrassment. Jenny looked at him lovingly and said, "Did Baby have a big burp? That's okay, Aunt Jenn expects you to burp after you finish your bottle. All babies your age need to be burped. There's no need to be embarrassed."

Jimmy's face returned to normal and he began to appear more like his old cheerful self. He was not too pleased about having to wear diapers, but given his bowel and bladder control over the previous two days, he could not have rationally expected her to dress him in anything different. Certainly he was too young to sit on anything but a baby potty and his "accidents" were becoming routine. It was a waste of time to call to her to help him to the potty, only minutes passed between the time he felt the need to go and the actual deed. Jimmy's bowels were becoming impossible for him to control. His stools had become progressively softer over the past three days until they were the consistency of soft pudding. Passing a stool had become almost effortless for Jimmy. His anal sphincters had lost all their tone and the poop seemed to slide out of his bottom the minute he felt the slightest urgency. If he concentrated, he could hold it in for a few minutes, but any effort beyond that was wasted when the poop was voided willy-nilly. It seemed like he pooped about a half hour after he ate whether he willed it or not.

It was hard for Jimmy to tell exactly how long it took though, his time sense seemed to be dilating and contracting tremendously depending on how his attention was focused. Looking at a clock wasn't much help either, he had started having trouble remembering what the numbers on the face of the clock meant the day before and that morning they didn't make any sense whatsoever. Jimmy supposed that if he had tried to read, he would have had the same problem. He had tried to remember what he had learned in grade school the day before and had drawn a blank. Everything he had learned after kindergarten had vanished from his mind as if he had never had a day of school after reaching the age of five. He tried to remember the alphabet song he had learned in kindergarten and discovered it was gone too. He couldn't recall a single letter of the alphabet no matter how hard he tried. He tried to remember the colors and had almost the same luck. The only name for a color he could remember was boo. Somehow the color boo just didn't sound right. It didn't make any difference though, he couldn't remember what the color boo looked like. He had a vague memory that it was his favorite color, but that was all. Jenny removed the tray from the high chair after putting his serving dish in the sink. He kicked his legs exuberantly as she unstrapped his waist from the chair. Then she picked him up in her arms and carried him into the family room.

Jenn lowered him into the playpen she had set up that morning for her guest and began to clean the room while he sat in the playpen and sucked his thumb. After a while he got up and stood at the side of the playpen to watch her vacuum the rug. He felt a momentary urge from his behind, but it was forgotten instantly as the feeling receded. Jimmy espied a shiny object on the floor beside the playpen and dropped to all fours to look at it more closely. Crawling felt so good he decided that he'd crawl from then on, walking was too difficult on legs as wobbly as his. He saw a dark prettily colored object in the playpen beside him whose name he had forgotten. It's color was the same as the pretty thing that seemed to fill the top part of the window by the pen. It looked so inviting that he couldn't resist, he had to know more about the thing. He picked it up and popped the end of it in his mouth. A funny rattling noise came from the thing's interior as he mouthed every inch of its exterior, causing him to chortle in glee. Jenn turned to see what he was so amused at and saw him happily sucking on his sky blue rattle. She came close to tousle his hair and tell him what a good baby he was and smelled his dirty diaper. She smiled down at him and said, "Hims so cute! Hims an adorable baby! Isn't him? Does baby like his new rattle?"

Jimmy grinned gleefully and Jenny said, "Aunt Jenny thinks baby made a poopy in his dydee! Is that true?"

Jimmy looked up at her with a silly expression on his face and drooled. She grinned back at him and demanded gently, "What does baby have to say for himself?"

Jimmy chuckled and replied, "Gaaaaaaa Ca-Ca!"

She nodded her head in agreement and said, "Jimmy certainly did make ca-ca, didn't he?"

He looked over his protruding belly at the spreading yellow stain beneath the white plastic of his disposable diaper and said, "Oooooo, wee-wee!" Jenny nodded again and said, "Why don't we go and get the little baby cleaned up? Okay?"

Jimmy held out his arms for her to pick him up. Jenny bent over the side and hoisted him easily to her side to carry him to the nursery, causing him to giggle uproariously. She laid him on the changing table and unfastened his diaper, then pulled it down in front to see the mess he had made. She shook her head at how the mess had spread over the back of the diaper. It looked like he had wallowed in his poop. Jenn chuckled and said, "You're a little stinker, aren't you?"

Jimmy chuckled in agreement and let loose a fountain of baby pee straight into the air, spraying Jenny with his urine. "Jimmy!", she shouted in exasperation, "How could you!?"

Jimmy chortled in glee over his childish lack of control and kicked his legs in amusement.

Jenny looked at him sternly and then broke out in laughter at his infantile prank. She knew his bladder control was so poor it was nonexistent and he was only chuckling at the incongruity of what he had done. Jenny was a good sport and she wasn't angry about him peeing on her. She dabbed the spots on herself with a clean diaper before she turned back to him. She felt like it was partially her fault that she had been peed upon. Baby boys were notorious for peeing unexpectedly on their mommies and she could hardly hold little Jimmy to a higher standard than a one year old. After all, she was the one who had transmogrified him into an infant!

She threw the front of the diaper over his penis to catch any more "accidents" and strapped him to the table so she could finish cleaning herself up before diapering him. Jimmy amused himself by sucking on his toes while she disrobed. In a few minutes she had stripped to the skin and she returned to the changing table to begin again. Jenny unstrapped him and grasped both of his feet in one hand to lift his bottom. She held his tush almost a foot in the air while she took a babywipe and scrubbed the sticky poop from his behind. Then she folded the dirty diaper with one hand and tossed it in the dirty diaper pail before sliding a clean diaper beneath his bottom. Jenny lowered him to the changing table and then flipped him over on his stomach to powder his bottom. Jimmy cooed as she sprinkled baby powder on his bare chubby bottom and rubbed it into his soft yielding skin. Then she applied a small amount of diaper cream to her finger and rubbed it into the crack between his cheeks. When she was finished, she grabbed him under the armpits and flipped him over again to repeat the process on the other side. Jimmy was rapidly approaching a blissful nirvana. For an added touch of sweetness, Jenny powdered his arms and shoulders as well as his belly so his entire body would be delicately perfumed with the baby powder. Then she drew the front of the diaper up between his legs and taped it down on one side before pulling it tightly across his waist and taping down the other side securely. Jimmy waved his legs in delight at the feel of the disposable diaper. It's thick padding felt comfortable between his legs and the snug fit of the elastic waistband gave him reassurance that it would not fall down unexpectedly. He chuckled at the soft crinkling sounds that the diaper made as he moved his legs and cooed pleasantly when she slid the palm of her right hand underneath his diaper protected bottom while simultaneously sliding her left hand underneath his back. Then she picked him up and held him tightly to her chest as she carried him back to the family room.

She sat down with him on the couch and watched with amusement as he sucked on the fingers of his hand. Presently his eyes began drooping sleepily and he began to fall asleep. Jenny smiled down at her small charge and said, "It's time for baby to take his morning nap, Sweetiepie. Let's get you tucked in your crib so Jenny can get the rest of her chores done."

Jenny carried him to his nursery and carefully laid him on his side in the crib, then covered his small body with a fleecy receiving blanket and tucked it in. She smiled at how adorable he had become after his change and turned away to get something from the oak dresser. Jenny took a pacifier from the jar on the dresser and brought it back to the crib to slip it between his lips as his eyes closed in sleep. Then she bent over his head and gave him a motherly kiss on the cheek before lifting the side rail of the crib and locking it in place. She stood over him and watched his deep abdominal breathing while she thought about how many bottles of baby formula she would need to prepare for him that day. "Three would be about right," she thought to herself as she turned to go into the kitchen, "After that, he'll be getting his milk from another source entirely."

She grinned as she walked down the hall, thinking about the surprise she would have for him in the morning.

When Jimmy awoke from his nap, it was time for lunch. Jenny changed his wet diaper and fed him his lunch, then took him to the family room to play while she talked with a friend on the phone. Jimmy tried to walk around the room, but he fell down so many times that he finally gave up and started crawling. The cushy folds of the disposable diaper between his legs seemed to caress his pubes as he crawled, making him smile in pleasure. The diaper made him feel like Jenny's hand was on his bottom constantly, protecting and comforting him as he crept on his hands and knees around the carpet. At one point, he stopped and closed his eyes as he felt the warm pee from his tiny wee-wee rush into his diaper. For the first time since he had been a toddler, Jimmy felt totally free to do anything he wanted. If he had needed to poop, he could have done it right there while crouched on the family room carpet and not a word of reproof would be said to him. The heat from the pee warmed diaper felt so comfortable that he would have peed again if he had had enough control to manage it. He looked up at Jenny sitting on the couch and smiled gratefully at the woman who had brought him back to such a wonderful life. Then a discarded toy laying on the carpet caught his attention and he gaily crawled over to the toy to see what delights it would bring him. The warm beams of sunlight streaming through the sliding patio door embraced the back of the happy baby that played in its glow while his nanny grinned at her contented charge and continued her conversation.

Jenny invited her friend over for a cup of coffee and her friend agreed to come over at two pm. After a while Jimmy grew bored with exploring and sat on the floor in front of the TV looking restive. Jenny noticed his lack of interest in the cartoon show she had tuned in for him and decided that he had become too young to watch cartoons. She thought his lack of interest was due to his failing memory of the world he had grown up in and the general inability to concentrate on any one thing for too long. Jenny rummaged through the toy box in front of the TV until she found what she was looking for. She returned to stand before him with a large red mesh bag in her hand. She smiled as she upended the bag on the floor of the playpen to Jimmy's intense delight. Out tumbled hundreds of multicolored wooden blocks next to Jimmy's feet. He chortled in delight as she picked him up and swung him over the side of the playpen so he could play with the blocks she had confined within the mesh of the playpen. He sat down with his legs splayed apart amid the rainbowed profusion. Immediately he seized a block in his chubby hand and put it in his mouth. Jimmy was pleased by the strange texture of the wood he was sucking. The grain in the block had a curious texture that seemed to tickle his lips and tongue. Then the doorbell rang and Jimmy dropped the block from his mouth as Jenny went to answer the door. It was her friend that she had invited over earlier. Jenny ushered in the young woman and showed her friend her latest conquest. "Isn't he just darling?", Jenny bubbled exuberantly at her friend. Her friend bent over the playpen and said, "He's a little cutiepie alright! How long have you had him, two weeks? He looks like he's about ready for the final stage."

"I've only had him a week," Jenny said smugly. The friend looked at Jenny incredulously and said, "A week? How old was he when you started? No...Never mind, I know how you work. After all, I was the one who taught you the spell. I don't know how you pick them. The ones you find seem ready to trade in their underwear for diapers at the drop of a hat. Do you know that the spell only seems to work on about a third of the men I get. What's your success rate?"

"I had one grow back up on me a couple of months ago. He was the only one I've had for six months," Jenny said with a self-satisfied smile.

"Let's see how this one is doing. You don't mind if I take him out of the playpen, do you?", her friend asked.

"Not at all! Be my guest," Jenny said proudly.

The woman bent over the side of the playpen and put her hands beneath Jimmy's armpits, then lifted him easily from the mesh-walled playpen. She hugged him temporarily to her chest while she shifted her support of him. She put her left arm underneath Jimmy's bottom and swung him over to her side to hold his pelvis against her with her hand on his hip so she could look at him and talk to Jenny at the same time. She poked at his belly and smiled as she said, "He certainly looks like a baby! For one week, Jenn, you've done a remarkable job! Does he understand what we're saying?" "I doubt it," Jenny answered, "He's only able to talk in a baby's babble now. It's hard to believe he was a full grown man only a few days ago, isn't it? I'm going to cast the second spell this afternoon. I think he's ready for the final stage."

Jimmy smiled uncertainly at the unknown woman while a huge string of drool hung from his chin and landed on his chest. The cobwebs that had formed in Jimmy's mind from disuse started to clear and Jimmy began to think like an adult again. "Poor little Jimmy," the woman cooed as she tickled his tummy with her fingertip, "He's gotten so little and helpless. How does it feel to be a baby again? Does hims like his dydees? Does him like to make a nice squishy mess in them and feel the warm poopy ooze up between his legs? Does him like to crawl at mommy Jenn's feet? That's the right place for a little baby like you. Hims should never have been allowed to grow up and think hims was a woman's equal. Hims is just a itsy-bitsy baby that needs to be fed and diapered like any other baby, isn't him?"

Jimmy blushed in at what the woman was saying, but her tickling was starting to get to him. He smiled in spite of his embarrassment, hoping he wouldn't start to giggle uncontrollably. "Would you like to know my name, little one? I'm the witch who taught Jenny how to make men into little babies like you. My name is Alice. Can you tell me yours?"

Jimmy struggled to get his tongue under control and answer her. He felt like if he didn't make the attempt to show her he could still think, Jenny's spell would complete itself and he would turn into an unthinking infant while Alice held him. He discovered that he was unable to make a "J" sound with his tongue anymore and so he concentrated on saying the rest of his name. All that came out of his mouth was, "Imma...imma!"

"Awww, poor little Jimmy! Hims can't even say his name! Maybe hims name is too big for hims to say all at one time. Maybe we should call him by a name that's easier for him to say. How does "Jim-Jim" sound, Baby? Can you say Jim-Jim?", she asked patronizingly.

Jimmy was mortified by her treatment of him, but he tried to say the baby name she had given him. If he didn't try, it meant that he accepted what Jenny had done to him and he knew instinctively that acceptance meant his doom. "Im-im!", he said explosively in an infant's version of his baby name.

Alice chuckled evilly and cooed, "That's a good baby! Hims sound just like hims look!"

She turned to Jenny and said, "Let's go to the kitchen and get that cup of coffee you promised me. I'll take little Jim-Jim here with us and he can sit in the his high chair while we talk."

Jenny nodded and led the way to the breakfast nook where she took out Jimmy's high chair from the corner in which she had stored it when it wasn't in use. Alice turned Jimmy in her arms so he was facing her and boosted him up in her arms to so his head looked over her left shoulder. She held him tightly to her body with her left hand on his back and her right supporting his diapered bottom. The ride was confusing for Jimmy. Her tight grip made him feel secure and comfortable, but the nearness of someone who was so obviously hostile to him made him feel uneasy. Jimmy wondered if the feelings he was experiencing were similar to how real babies felt when they were taken to a daycare center. "Being taken from the security of a mother's arms and carried away by a stranger must feel just like this," Jimmy thought.

The anxiety that the ride created made Jimmy want to cry. He struggled manfully to strangle the wails that threatened to escape him, but his heart wasn't in the effort. Tears rolled down his face unseen as he looked over Alice's shoulder at the retreating family room. Alice stopped and waited while Jenny got the high chair ready. She bounced him in her arms and patted the back of his diaper to occupy his attention until she could give him to Jenny.

Jenny took the tray off and turned to Alice to take Jimmy from her arms. She put her hands underneath his armpits and swung him over to the high chair without bothering to turn him. Jimmy felt like he was a light as a feather in Jenny's hands. She moved him effortlessly as if he weighed next to nothing and plopped his bottom into the seat of his chair. Then she took the safety strap and pulled it up between his legs and threaded the ends of the strap to either side of him before locking it in place behind him. Jenny started to replace the tray on the high chair but was stopped by Alice saying, "Don't put the tray on just yet. I want to be able to see how he looks sitting in the high chair. Just move the chair closer to me so I can put out my hand to catch him before he falls. I'll sit here and watch him for you while you get us some coffee."

"Okay," said Jenny agreeably and moved the high chair closer to wear Alice was going to sit. Then she turned and went into the kitchen, leaving Jimmy alone with the witch who was the prime genitrix of his troubles. Alice took the bottom of Jimmy's T-shirt and pulled it up to his chin to blot the drool that was forming on the bottom of his jaw. She smiled at him and said, "It won't be long now, Baby Boy! How does it feel to be carried around like a baby? I wonder what you used to be like? Were you a sweet and gentle mama's boy? Or were you big and rugged? It doesn't matter what you were before. Jenny's spell has sucked all the virility out of your teeny-weeny body."

She poked the bulge in the front of his diapers with her forefinger and said, "You look so cute with that bulge in your dydees! It's too bad there's nothing under your dydee but more dydee. Do you miss your dickie, Honey? All you have now is a little pee-pee! There'll be no more chasing after women for you, Baby Boy! At least you can cuddle up in the lap of a teenaged girl without getting the law on your hiney now. You'll probably like that, your mommy will hire of your teenaged neighbors to come over and babysit you when she goes out for the night. Of course she won't be interested in making whoopie with you in the condition you're in. Maybe if you're sweet and smile at her, she'll bounce you on her knee. If she gets horny, she'll call her boyfriend over and make love on the couch while you sit in your playpen and try to remember what it was like not to wear diapers. When she's finished, she'll send her boyfriend home before your mommy catches her acting naughty. She'll take you out of your playpen and croon lullabies to you while she dreams of laying down with a man. I know it'll be frustrating for you, Honey, but now that you're a baby you don't have anything to impress a girl with. Since you've gone back to creeping on the floor, you won't be able to swagger in front of the girls. You can't even pretend to be macho when you have to crawl around wearing diapers. It's hard to act like a tough guy when you've got a load of poopie in your dydees, isn't it?"

A single tear formed in Jimmy's eye and rolled down his cheek in answer. "She's right," he thought, "It's no use pretending to be something I'm not. I wasn't very good at being a man when I was big, so how can I act like it when I wet myself and poop like a baby? The last couple of days haven't been that bad. I've kinda enjoyed myself. I haven't had to worry about my job or what I was supposed to do with my life. All I've had to do was do the things that I wanted to do. If I'm sleepy, I take a nap then and there. If I want to play, I play. If I need to pee or poop...Well, I do what I need to do and let Jenny worry cleaning up the mess. This isn't so bad. It's not like Jenny is mean to me or anything. I like the way she holds me at night before she tucks me in my crib. I haven't felt like that since my mother.....Oh my God! What am I thinking? If I continue to think like this I'll be a real baby before the day is out! This isn't what I want out of life. My mother wanted me to grow up to be a man, not a perpetual infant. Maybe if I can resist the spell, I'll get another chance at being a man. I can do better next time. Please God, if you can hear me, let me be a man again!"

Alice laughed at the way his eyes had rolled up to the ceiling and said, "I wonder what he's thinking right now. I could swear he looks like he's praying!"

"Oh, he probably thinks he sees something on the ceiling," Jenny replied as she set the cups of coffee down on the kitchen table, "When they get to his stage, they pretty much stop thinking of anything in particular. After a few days of playing on the carpet in their dydees, about all the men I change can do is think about the things they see in front of them. Their capacity for rational thought deteriorates pretty quickly from disuse. That is, assuming you believe that men have a capacity for rational thought. Most of the men I've known think with their bellies and their penises. Once those urges are satisfied, the only other real urge they seem to have is to spend their time on the potty. Everything else is just play to keep them occupied until it's time to eat, fuck, pee or poop again. Men's drives are much more primitive than women's. They don't really think of the future. If they gave any thought to the future, they wouldn't start wars. Everything is here and now for them, just as it was when they were babies. Once you realize that, they're easy to control. Women are the ones who have to think of the future. It's part of our nature. We make plans for their future when they're little babies. That's why little boys and little girls are raised differently. Little girls have to be raised to become mothers some day, but little boys will be little boys forever. That's my secret of success in changing men into babies again. I cater to their basic needs. I let them do the things they enjoy most and ignore them when they don't behave in the way I want. It doesn't take long for them to realize that they really enjoy being babies. Once they realize how dependent they are on me, they're so anxious to please that they'll do or say anything to please me. A few pointed looks and some benign neglect and they start talking and acting like toddlers. I could probably change a full grown man into an infant without the spell if I wanted by using the same technique. True, he wouldn't have the body of an infant, but he would be a weepy, thumb-sucking, diaper-messing baby nonetheless."

Alice grinned and said, "I'll bet you could! Although why you'd want to do it is beyond me."

"Oh, I don't know," Jenny said with a grin, "I can think of a couple of reasons. I grant you it's more fun when you can make them small enough to take care of easily, but I can see how a woman might want to show a man who's really the boss of the house. Can't you imagine how humiliated a man would be if he was forced to sit on the floor in diapers and play with baby toys while his wife sat on the couch with her friends having a coffee klatch? I can just picture the scene. The women would sit on the couch and make comments about how sweet he looked in his diapers as if he was too young to understand what they were saying. He wouldn't be allowed to talk except to gurgle and coo like a baby. If he got too noisy, his 'mommy' would get up from the couch and put a pacifier in his mouth. From time to time one of the women would go over and check his dydee to see if he had wet or messed them. I swear if I found out my husband was running around on me, he'd find himself spending every minute he wasn't at work in diapers. He'd think twice about stepping out on me then. If he was really wayward, he might find himself wearing diapers for weeks at a time. Of course, spending that long in diapers is bound to have an effect on someone no matter how old they are. He'd probably lose his potty training and need to wear diapers full time. Then he'd be stuck. He'd have to spend all of his time with 'mommy' instead of some 'foxy lady' he'd met and wanted to bed. After all, how many mistresses are willing to change their lover's dirty dydees?"

"None, I'd think," Alice said dryly as she frowned at an old memory that Jenny's talk had evoked.

"What if a husband was a drunk? Can you imagine a better punishment for a man's alcohol incontinence than putting him in diapers while he was passed out on the bed? That wouldn't be his only punishment though. He'd be forced him to carry a baby bottle around all day to remind him of why he was being disciplined. Of course she'd have filled the baby bottle with formula so he could drink like a baby. And he'd drink it too! He'd be so thirsty from his hangover that he'd have no choice. If she was really mad at him, she could lace his formula with a bottle of liquid ducolax. You know how men pee after a night on the town. If his wife put a lock on the bathroom door, he'd have to use his diapers like a real baby. She'd tell him that he'd have to behave himself if he expected her to change his soggy dydees. He'd be made to crawl on the carpet at his wife's feet begging for her forgiveness like a naughty two year old until he'd learned his lesson and controlled his urge to drink," Jenny said seriously.

Alice laughed and said, "The ducolax is a nice touch. Men are such prudes. I can just picture how a naughty hubby would look if his bowels cut loose without warning and he made a mess in his dydees. He'd probably start bawling like an infant! If she put an entire bottle of the stuff into his formula, he'd be so loose that he'd have to wear diapers for days!"

"What if a married woman found another man she wanted to sleep with? Wouldn't putting her husband in diapers be an excellent way to keep him from objecting? Once she had reduced him to his proper station, she could do anything she liked with her paramour. He'd be forced to sit on the floor at the foot of her bed and watch while his wife got slumped by a real man. What a perfect punishment for an inadequate lover! Think of how humiliated he'd be when her paramour came to visit and brought him a baby toy as a gift to keep him quiet while the adults played! He would either learn the proper way to make love to a woman or he'd spend the rest of his life in diapers!", Jenny laughed.

Alice chuckled at the thought and said, "I hadn't thought about that! I've thought of one too! What about this? If a husband keeps missing the potty and doesn't clean up the mess after he's used the potty, his wife could put him in diapers so he knows what the floor feels like. If she didn't change him until after he had gotten a bad case of dydee rash, he'd be a lot less prone to making work for her in the future! Or how about this? There are a lot of men who don't wipe themselves properly after using the bathroom and leave brown stains on the back of their underwear. If a woman took away a man's toilet privileges for a few days, he'd get the message pretty quick!"

"Exactly," Jenny said, "See? There are a lot of reasons a woman might want to turn a man into a baby. Jimmy had the underwear problem you mentioned. I've probably saved some poor woman a lot of trouble washing his filthy underwear by changing him into a baby. At least the woman who gets him now will know what she's getting into. Besides, she can always use a diaper service or buy disposables. There's no reason a woman has to put up with a man's shit! If he messes in his pants like a baby, then the solution is simple. Diaper him!"

Alice laughed and said, "Look at the expression on Jimmy's face. You'd think he could understand what we're saying! Too bad his mind has turned to baby mush. It would be fun to tell him what's going to happen to him in the near future."

"What could you tell him that he doesn't already know? I've told him that if he doesn't start fighting the spell, he'll be a baby by tomorrow. What else is there to tell him?", Jenny asked.

"Maybe that's your secret to turning men into babies! You don't tell them what's in store for them. Personally, I like to watch them squirm when I describe what being a baby full-time will be like," Alice said. "What's there to know? They eat, they sleep and they mess in their dydees! What else is there to tell him?", Jenny demanded.

"Oh, I find that it's the little things that get to them, like being the guest of honor at a baby shower, or being left at a daycare center all day, or having their diaper changed in a ladies room in a department store and having all the women present make comments on what a cute little pee-pee they have. Men are so self-conscious about their image. The idea of being forced to sit in a shopping cart at the grocery store wearing nothing but a diaper really blows their minds. When I tell them that their new mommy may elect to breast feed them instead of letting them drink from a baby bottle, they seem to go to pieces. It's fun to watch their faces when they realize that they may be totally dependent for sustenance on their mommy's titties. I explain to them about how they're not going to age and that the little baby girl that their mommy's neighbor brings over to share their playpen today will be their babysitter in a few years. They'll continue as babies living from day to day, never noticing the time passing. Their mommies will get old and wrinkled while they remain babies. Of course, I don't hesitate to describe how a sixty year old woman's titty looks. When they start thinking of how they'll still be nursing at their mommy's titties when her breasts have become wrinkled, sagging, old ladies teats, they get the most amusing green looks on their faces!

I go on to tell them that in many cases, perpetual babies like them are handed down from mother to daughter like a family heirloom. Over the years their infant minds disintegrate from lack of use until they have the intelligence of a newborn. That's when the fun really begins for them. Newborn babies aren't very cute and an aging mother usually isn't mentally equipped to care for one when she's eighty years old. When the mother gets that age, there's only one thing to do; send both of them to separate nursing homes. The baby boy in question will spend the rest of his life confined to a filthy nursing home crib. There'll be no one to hug him or give him any cuddling or love. He lie there on a bare mattress for years, wasting away from the lack of proper nourishment and exercise. The baby will have a case of perpetual diaper rash because no one will bother to change his diaper. When he dies, they'll put his tiny body in a cheap plywood coffin and bury him in the most inexpensive cemetery they can find. There won't even be a headstone above his grave. It will be as if he never existed. His life will have gone for nothing. He will have accomplished nothing, seen nothing, been nothing but a wet little plaything for some woman wanting a living doll to dress and cuddle as she desires. No one will care that he's died, no one will mourn. He'll just be another broken toy on the garbage heap," Alice said with an evil chuckle, "When I tell them that part, then they usually start bawling!"

"I'll bet," said Jenny grimly, "The thought makes me want to cry too!" "That's curious," Alice said looking at Jimmy, "Look at Jimmy! There are tears running down his face! Look at his expression and how sad he looks. That's the same expression my babies get when I tell them about what will happen to them. I think you're wrong about Jimmy! He can understand everything we say!"

"He can't understand! You should have seen him sucking his toes! He must have a wet diaper or something. Maybe he's thirsty and wants his bottle," Jenny said as she got up from the table to go to the refrigerator. Jenny took a baby bottle full of infant formula out of the refrigerator and came back to the table. Jimmy was still silently weeping and Alice took her fingers out of the front of his diaper. She looked up at Jenny and said, "He's not wet! I can't vouch for the other end, but I don't smell anything so I'd say he doesn't need a dydee change yet."

"Maybe this will make him feel better," Jenny said with some concern in her voice as she handed the weepy infant his bottle.

Jimmy took the bottle from her hand and began to suck on its nipple morosely. He hadn't thought about all the ramifications of being made into a permanent infant. He had begun to get comfortable in the role of Jenny's child and hadn't thought about what it would mean to him if he never got any older. Alice's description of his future life as a baby had made it clear to him just how helpless he'd become. If he let himself become a baby, he'd be at the mercy of whoever Jenny sold him to. He wouldn't have a real mommy, he'd have the status of an expensive living doll for her to dress and feed as if he was a real baby. If his "mommy" got tired of him, he'd be given away like a plaything that had gotten too tiresome to deal with. He had let his desire to be mothered lull him into thinking that he'd have a real mommy to love and take care of him. He had to fight the spell!" Alice smiled at the baby boy in front of her and said, "He's so adorable. He'll fetch a good price when the prospective mother sees how cute he looks. Be sure to act reluctant to sell him when she makes an offer. She'll up the price if she thinks you're so taken with him that you want to keep him."

"I'm not altogether sure I want to sell him," Jenny admitted.

"What? Have you lost your mind? This is only a business, not a volunteer charity for infantile men! It's not our job to insure that each of them is happy for the rest of their lives!", Alice said indignantly.

"He's special. Look at him! I think he really loves me. Otherwise, how could he have changed so fast?", Jenny asked.

"He probably does love you. So what of it? He'll get over it soon enough when he gets a mommy. That's why I told you to refer to yourself as 'Aunt Jenny' in front of your subjects. You don't want the client to think that the baby boy has gotten permanently attached to you. They'll start feeling sorry for the baby and call off the deal then you'll be stuck with him," Alice said firmly.

"I think I'm getting attached to him too!", Jenny said sincerely. "Jenny, be sensible! You know what the spell does to men! If he lets himself turn into a baby, he'll be one forever! Have you thought about that? Are you ready to take care of a baby who'll never grow up? You'll be changing dirty diapers for the rest of your life! Is that what you want to do with your life? Do you love him so much that you're willing to put up with the messes and the stinks until the day you die?", Alice asked. "It's not any different from what I do now!", Jenny said defensively. "But if you sell him, you'll get paid for changing his dirty dydees. If you adopt him, there won't be any money in it for you!", Alice countered. "I've got plenty of money! There'll be other babies that I can sell!", Jenny responded.

"On your head be it! Promise me one thing! Promise me you'll think about it before you make a decision. Okay?", Alice asked.

"Well...I hadn't really made up my mind yet. It's too early to tell whether he'll make the final transition anyway. It was just something that I've been thinking of in the back of my mind," Jenny said.

Alice nodded and said, "Keep thinking, Honey! That's the only way you'll survive in this business. Did I ever tell you what happened to my husband?"

"I thought he disappeared," Jenny answered. "Oh, he disappeared alright. He managed to shrink from public sight entirely. I told the police that I thought he had run off with another woman. I even showed them the letters I had found that he had written to his mistress. They questioned his mistress and poked around in my garden for his body, but they never found anything," Alice told her.

"What really happened to him?", Jenny asked.

"I sold him," Alice said.

"You what?", Jenny asked incredulously.

"I sold him. I changed him into a baby and sold him. He was the first. It's not what you think. I didn't do it to him because I was angry or wanted to get rid of him. My first clue came when all my checks started bouncing. I went down to the bank to talk to the bookkeeper positive that the bank had made some sort of ghastly error. She showed me my husband's checks to prove to me that the bank hadn't made a mistake. That same name appeared on check after check. Apparently our money had gone to keep some woman in a fancy apartment. I went home and started searching through his private papers to find out who this woman was. When I discovered his letters to his mistress, sat down and read through them. In the letters, he had confessed his attraction to young girls, but had written his mistress that he had sworn off them after meeting her. When he came home from work, I confronted him with the evidence. He became enraged and threatened to kill me. I tried to calm him down, but everything I said seemed to make him more upset. He took the pistol he kept in the drawer of the bedside table and came after me. I pleaded with him not to shot me. I offered him an uncontested divorce if he'd only let me live. He only laughed and said that as far as he was concerned, the minute I was dead he'd be divorced. He told me that he couldn't afford to go to court and that he'd been planning to kill me for months. His last words were that this was the only divorce I'd get from him and then he started squeezing the trigger. I saw my life fla shing in front of my eyes and knew I only had seconds to live. Just before the gun fired, I lashed out instinctively and cast a spell on him in self-defense. The next thing I knew there was a little baby boy tangled in a pile of clothes that my husband had been wearing.

It took me a few minutes to collect myself and remember the exact words I had used to cast the spell. The spell was irreversible. There was nothing I could do to change him back. I had changed my husband into a permanent infant in a moment of panic. I was really in a fix. My husband had disappeared and I had a motherless infant on my hands. I didn't have a job or any other source of money. He had spent all of our savings on his mistress. I was flat broke. If I went to work, I wouldn't be able to take care of him. If I didn't go to work, we'd be out on the street. He had left me with a terrible dilemma. I had no idea what I should do. Moreover, I was livid with him. His philandering had left us destitute. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life changing his dirty diapers and trying to eke out a miserable living for the both of us at minimum wage! Frankly, I couldn't stand the sight of his drooling face. I wanted to be rid of him! When he pulled the trigger on his pistol and had told me that would be the only divorce I'd ever get from him, it ended our relationship as far as I was concerned. If his mother had still been alive I would have dumped him in her lap and gone my separate way. But she had died years before and he had been an only child. He didn't even have a sister to take care of him! All of his relatives were dead. I wrapped him in a blanket and put him into the car to go with me to the store.

On the way to the store I stopped at a convenience store and purchased some diapers so I wouldn't be carrying around a naked infant. I went back out to the car and was diapering him when a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in years drove up into the parking place beside me. She called out my name and we stopped to talk. It turned out that she had gotten married to a wealthy man and he had died in an accident a month earlier. She told me how lonely the house had seemed since her husband's death and invited me over to her house. I agreed and followed her the short distance to her home. After I got there we had a long talk. She told me that before he died, she and her husband Robert had been trying to have a baby together. She had undergone a series of fertility tests and the final results had just gotten back today. She told me that she was returning from the doctor's office when she saw me. Then she asked me how I was doing and told me how adorable my baby looked before breaking into tears. She was disconsolate. I held her until she quieted and she told me that the doctor had told her she'd never be able to have children. She told me that the preliminary tests had said the same thing and she and her husband had even tried to adopt a baby. She told me that she envied me my child and would have given anything to have a baby boy like mine. She said that babies were in such short supply that it was virtually impossible for a couple to adopt one without waiting for years. She and her husband had gotten on the list but the people at the agency weren't hopeful. They had tried to buy a baby on the black market but the deal had fallen through before they got a baby. She told me that they had offered fifty thousand dollars in cash if someone could provide them with an infant. Her husband Robert had worked out a way to provide bulletproof paperwork for the undocumented baby. That got me to thinking. I needed money and someone to take care of my infant ex-husband. My friend wanted a baby...No, that's not right...she needed a baby...any baby... including mine."

Alice grinned and said, "It was a marriage made in heaven. I told her that my baby suffered from a rare congenital disorder that would keep him a baby until the day he died. I explained that the doctors had said that since his mind wouldn't mature, they couldn't consider him to be a candidate for human growth hormone. I told her I was a member of a support group for mothers with babies with the same condition and had seen with my own eyes babies that were twenty years old and hadn't grown an inch since they were infants. I said that my husband had started running around on me after the baby was born and had disappeared the day before with all of our money. I explained that he had left me in debt and that I didn't know how I was going to work and take care of my baby at the same time. She told me she had the solution to my problems and made me an offer for my husband then and there. I got the entire fifty thousand! She gave me the name of the black market adoption agency and told me to give it to any of the mothers in the group who had similar problems with money. She told me that there were plenty of wealthy people who were willing to pay large amounts of money to adopt a baby. She said that even a baby that would never grow up could be easily adopted. I thanked her and told her I'd bear it in mind as I tucked the number into my purse. I didn't have any intention of doing anything with the number at that time but I didn't want to queer the deal by acting out of character. I told her I wanted her adoption of my baby to be secret to keep my creditors from discovering the money she gave me. She told me that she had already intended to keep quiet about the money and use the technique that her deceased husband had invented to get new papers for the baby. She explained that the sale of babies was illegal and that we could both go to jail if the authorities found out what we had done. I agreed to keep quiet and left her with my ex-husband. I haven't seen her or my ex-husband since that time.

That's how I got started in the business of baby selling. The way I look at it, I'm providing a public service. The men I change want to be babies again and the women I sell them to want a baby of their own desperately. I bring the two of them together and receive a fee for the service.

After the money ran out, I got to thinking about the way men have treated me in my life and decided to make a business of regressing men who are overgrown infants. I got out the phone number of the black market agency and gave them a call. You know the rest of the story. I've been as fair as I could and only enchanted the men who had a deep seated desire to be rejuvenated. I've told you about the Law of Three and how the spells a witch casts are karmically returned threefold. As long as it's what a man really wants, there's not that much karma attached to regressing them. That's why I give them the chance to grow up again," Alice chuckled evilly and continued, "That's also why I tell them that terrible story about what may happen to them! Men just don't think about what they're getting into. I want them to think about the consequences of letting themselves become babies again. I know it seems cruel to do it like that, but it's the only way I can be sure that they've thought about what's happening to them. If these men weren't so foolish, they'd foresee what lay upon the path of second childhood without my help. Wisdom often seems cruel to the ignorant. Men rail against acts of the Goddess because they lack understanding. Kn owledge puts a different perspective on reality. What may be seen as cruel by the foolish may really be an act of kindness by the wise. That's what being a witch is all about, Jenny, knowledge and understanding. Wicca means 'wise' in the old tongue. We are the wise women of our age, Jenny. It's our duty to act responsibly."

"I think that talk of changing men into babies as being only a business is hogwash! You're just an old softie, Alice!", Jenny said with a smile.

"There's that," Alice agreed and continued, "But I'm serious about thinking over your plan to adopt little Jimmy. It may sound like a good idea now, but you have no idea of how you'll feel a few years down the road. Promise me!"

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Jenny said with a twinkle in her eyes as she crossed herself in mock seriousness.

"See that you do. I'll not have my protegee unknowingly tied down permanently with a baby who loves her. If he falls in love with you and starts believing you're his mommy, the karma from having him adopted will be unbelievable. Mark my words, Jenny! If the two of you bond to each other, it will be for life. There's more to this than a simple relationship between mother and child. Magic made him a baby and if he surrenders to the spell, its power will hover over him like a cloud! Being an apprentice witch won't protect you from the effects of the spell, Jenny. The spell is meant to protect him from a mother that might lose interest in him otherwise. The two of you will become one spiritually, Jenny! Remember that!", Alice ordered.

"I will," said Jenny.

Alice looked down at her watch and said, "Look at the time! I've got to go, Honey! Don't get up, I'll let myself out."

Jenny watched as the middle-aged witch left the room, then unstrapped Jimmy from the high chair and lifted him up in her arms. She took him back to the living room and set him down on the floor to crawl at her feet while she listened to a talk show and worked on her knitting.

He played with the toys for an hour before he gradually sank to the floor on his hands and knees and fell asleep with his face laying on the carpet, his bottom high in the air and his knees tucked up underneath him. Jenny put down the baby booties she had been knitting and carried him to his crib to let him sleep until dinner. Jenny noted that the final change was almost upon him now. He was acting almost exactly like an infant. He was spending most of his time either sleeping or eating with short periods of play. By the next day the changes she had wrought would reach their climax and she would see what would happen to him.

Jenny woke Jimmy for dinner and changed his diaper. She noted that his bowel and bladder habits had become extremely regular; he would poop within twenty minutes of dinner and peed while he slept as well as several times a day. Jenny estimated that Jimmy was going through six to eight diapers a day. His body had nearly completed the transformation into infancy. She took him to the kitchen and fed him a meal of chicken dinner puree while her dinner cooked. About midway through the cooking, she got up from the seat in front of the high chair and went to check on her dinner. Jimmy saw his chance, he picked up the half-empty bowl of food and dumped it on his head. When Jenny turned around with her dinner in hand, she saw Jimmy's bowl on his head being worn as a hat.

"Naughty Baby! Look at the mess you've made!", Jenny exclaimed in exasperation.

Jimmy laughed adorably and grinned up at her in triumph at his shenanigan. She took the soiled bib from his neck and wiped off the worst of the mess he had made, then began unstrapping him from the chair. Jenny picked him up and held him against her front, looking into his food stained face and smiling at his childish antics.

"You need a bath, Sweetpie!" she said as she carried him into the bathroom. Jenny held him to her chest as she bent down and opened the cabinet under the sink. She withdrew a small plastic tub from the cabinet and placed it in the bathroom tub near the faucet. Jenny ran the water for a few minutes to let the temperature stabilize and then slid the small tub under the running water. When the small tub was nearly full of water, Jenny turned off the faucet and gently eased him into the warm water. The remaining part of Jimmy's adult mind noted that he had become so small that he could only be safely bathed in a basinette rather than a normal tub. In a few minutes the brief period of lucidity passed and he gaily splashed his palms against the surface of the water while she bathed him. Jenny finished by shampooing and conditioning his thin hair before wrapping him in a bath towel and taking him back to the changing table.

She lifted his chubby little bottom up and put a diaper under it before she lowered his feet to the table. Jenny deftly taped the sides of the disposable diaper together and smiled at the adorable baby Jimmy had become. She nuzzled his belly with her nose and made little raspberries on his belly with her mouth while Jimmy laughed in pleasure and cooed to show how much he enjoyed her attentions. "Him Jenn's little diaperbutt now. Him just the best little pumpkin baby!" she cooed back at him.

Jimmy bubbled happily and waved his arms in infantine applause. Jenny straightened up and took a small flannelette sleeper with a jungle animal print out of the dresser, then returned and began dressing him. When she finished buttoning the snaps at his crotch, she said, "Show Jenns the edefant,"

Jimmy pointed his chubby little finger to the elephant and Jenny said approvingly, "That's right! That's Jenny's good baby!" He smiled in response and giggled as his little legs came up to his tummy. Jenny tickled him in the stomach with her finger and said, "Tomorrow's the big day, sweetheart. You will either be Jenn's little baby or return to what you were."

He barely understood the words, but had the vague feeling that first choice was good, while the second was bad. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but by then he could only coo. She smiled at his happy noises and took him to his crib to tuck him in. He laid in the bed contentedly as she put a pacifier in his mouth and said, "Sleep tight, Honey! Tomorrow we'll know which way you've chosen to go."

Jimmy closed his eyes and sucked on the pacifier placidly as Jenny walked over to the light switch and turned off the light in the nursery. A few minutes later he was sound asleep.

Jimmy woke up the next morning with Jenny standing over him with a huge grin on her face. As she reached down to lift him out of the crib, Jenny said, "There's only one more thing you need to do for Jenny before the transformation is complete, Honey. Let's get you changed and then I'll show you what to do."

She took him to the changing table and unfastened the tapes on his wet diaper before powdering his bottom and taping him in a clean diaper. Then she picked him up from the table and held him to her shoulder with his entire bottom cradled in one hand as she carried him to the rocking chair. She sat down in the rocking chair and said, "Jenn has a surprise for you, Precious."

She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her bra-less breast. Her teat was beautiful to him in a way he could not have envisioned before he had changed into an infant. Small droplets of milk leaked from the nipple of her turgid breast, forming an inviting pool at the edge of her aureole. She had been bottle-feeding Jimmy canned infant formula along with pureed baby food she fed him. It appeared she intended to change his diet into a more natural food for an infant. If he had still been an adult, he would have asked her how she had become able to nurse in such a short time. Unfortunately, Jimmy's ability to question Jenny about anything was a thing of the past.

When the nipple brushed his cheek, his head turned of its own accord toward her breast. Jimmy's eyes closed as his face approached the distended teat and his lips sought her tit instinctively. His mouth engulfed the nipple until all that showed was a thin brown ring demarcating the boundary of the aureole. Jimmy's cheeks began a rhythmic movement as he suckled at her breast. Tiny jets of thin, sweet, warm milk streamed into his mouth as he tugged hungrily at the dimly remembered source of nourishment. Jenny smiled down at the tiny slurping noises he made while little rivulets of milk slavered from the corners of his mouth. She wiped his chin tenderly and watched the savoring expression on his face as he continued to fill his stomach. After five minutes, she shifted him from the left breast to the right as her breast emptied and his fat little belly swelled with milk. Jenn revealed her plan for him as his comprehension of language faded away, "Jenn's decided to keep you, Sweetheart. You regressed so quickly that Jenn knows you love her and that you're happy being her little baby boy, Jim-Jim. Jenn loves you too. She's not going to sell you, there'll be other babies to sell. Jenn wants to be your mommy forever and ever, Sweetiepie. Do you like that idea, Puddin?"

The remaining vestige of Jimmy's adult mind bubbled up from the depths in which it had retreated and looked up at her in askance. Jimmy knew the end was near and this was the instant to seize his second chance at adulthood. He had to act immediately, this was his last chance to either return to the adult he had been or to be doomed to permanent babyhood. Jimmy saw the tiny fingers clutching Jenny's breast and knew that his physical age could be measured in months. He wasn't even sure whether he had already lost his chance or not. He had gone downhill so rapidly he had barely noticed the changes in his personality that had crept up on him and had led his mind happily down the path into infantile idiocy. His mind asked the universe before retreating forever into the womb of darkness from which it was born, "Is it too late to decide?"

Little Jimmy's voracious feeding slowed to a crawl. Jenn tenderly eased her nipple from his questing lips and tucked her breast primly inside of her blouse before putting him over her shoulder to burp him. She patted him on the back gently, causing him to eruct in a tiny infant's burp. Jimmy heaved a blissful sigh as the pressure was released from his stomach and he thought, "Will I be a baby for the rest of my life? Will she keep me in diapers and breast feed me my meals?"

Jenny took her baby son down from her shoulder and cradled him in the crook of her arm. He looked up with the wide innocent eyes of an infant at the compassionate face that hovered over him protectively and thought, "She truly loves me. She'll never hurt me or allow me to come to any harm. I'll be hers forever."

The odd tingling sensation returned to Jimmy briefly and then vanished as he grew smaller in Jenny's arms. Jimmy felt a strange popping in his skull and the world became new as the dendrites that formed associations disappeared. His vocabulary dropped from one thousand words to three hundred, then one hundred, then thirty as the process continued inexorably to its conclusion. Jenn brushed the wisps of hair from his forehead and smoothed them back on the nearly naked scalp of the six month old infant in her arms. She bounced him gently in her arms and murmured loving coos down at him as he thought, "Jim-Jim Baby! Jim-Jim not grow! Jim-Jim stay here!" A serene contentment settled over him like a fleecy security blanket and his eyes began to droop. As he snuggled against the warmth of her bosom, the first word he had ever learned bubbled to the surface. Jim-Jim smiled up at Jenny as he savored the sound of it in his mind. The word had a completeness to it that described everything in his diminishing universe. It was would be the last word he would ever need. It was the last word he would ever think. Jim-Jim looked up into his mother's eyes and brought his toothless gums together to utter his final statement on the world as his mind disappeared forever, "Ma-ma!"

Finis coronat infans


Copyright 1998 by Jennifer Loraine. All rights reserved.