School Daze


Merlin & Bobby

Julie was bored out of her mind. She had come home from her boarding school to spend the day with her father at work for "Father-Daughter Day" and she felt like every minute there was an hour. Her dad was a genetic engineer for some pharmaceutical company in research and development. He wanted to show off his little girl and kept talking to her like she had no mind of her own. At 10 years of age, Julie felt she was old enough to not be treated like a baby.

As her father paraded her around all day, she did her duty and smiled and acted like she did not understand what was going on with all the scientific talk, even though she was very bright for her age and president of the science club at school. Just as they were finally about to leave the lab and go home, the vice-president of R&D came in quickly and pulled her father away, but Julie could still hear the conversation.

"Bob, we have got to keep this new experimental device under wraps! If word of this got out, we could start a run on our stock and with the problems we have been having with corporate espionage lately, we simply cannot take that chance."

"I understand Mr. Winters, and trust me, it is well hidden, in fact, I even disguised it so it looks like a television remote control, no one would ever suspect that was an age manipulator" Julie's ears perked up at that comment. An age manipulator? She knew her father's specialty was looking for the genetic strands of DNA that controlled the aging process.... could he have found it? She looked over at his work desk and saw what appeared to be a TV remote. It was within reach, so she looked over to her father and his boss and they seemed engrossed in their conversation so Julie quickly grabbed the remote and placed it in her school knapsack.

"I sure hope your right Bob, we just found out that some plans were stolen next door for another project we are working on unrelated to yours, but that's why I am here, to make sure they did not steal anything from your department!" "Don't worry sir, the device is over here on my work bench, I will lock it up in the safe if you think there is any danger of it being stolen. Wait a minute, where is it? It was right here!"

"Oh dear god!" exclaimed Mr. Winters as he quickly grabbed a small radio that was on his belt. "Security to sector 3, security to sector three! Damn it! They must have broken into here too and stolen the device. Put all your notes in the safe now Bob and get your daughter out of here! We are going to lock-down mode until we know we have secured the facility!" Julie's Dad grabbed her hand and ran the two of them out the door and out to the parking lot and into the car. "I'm so sorry sweetheart, I know you must be disappointed we did not get to spend the whole day here, but this is serious, and I have to take you back to the bus so you can get back to school now, will you forgive me?" "Sure Dad, no sweat, I have got some research of my own to do anyway" she smiled.

A few hours later and Julie was back at school. Her mother had died when she was born and her father being the absent minded professor that he was, felt that it would be better if she was put in a boarding school so she could be looked after properly. That was a year ago, and this small exclusive school of only about 50 girls was very nice, but also very strict. Julie dropped her bags on the floor of her dorm room, her roommate Kelly was not back yet, so she had some time to check the device out. She pulled it out and quickly looked it over. There were only a few control buttons on it marked. There was an "AP" button, and an "AR" button; She figured those had to be short for "Age Progression" and "Age Regression". Above both buttons was a small digital display that was marked "Age" and a small button below it. There was a small port opening at the front of it, so she assumed you simply pointed the device at whom you wanted to alter. But did it work? At that moment, her roommate Kelly walked into the room. She was a cute 10-year-old girl with auburn hair. "Hiya Julie, you back to, huh?" "Yea, glad to be back here to be truthful, my Dad is like, way too geeky sometimes" "I know what you mean, mine too, sometimes I think I just get in his way. Hey, what do you have there?"

A wicked thought crossed Julie's mind as she pointed the device at Kelly and pushed the "Age" button, the digital display read "10 yrs - 3 mths", hmmm, that must mean she is 10 years and 3 months old. "Oh nothing, just a little toy I picked up while at home" she then pushed the "AR" button slightly and watched as the display began to go down until it read "8 yrs - 1 mth", she then looked up and watched with amazement as Kelly began to shrink, her face becoming rounder than usual and more innocent. Her voice rose some too and her clothes loosened. Kelly felt that something was wrong, but could not put her finger on it; her clothes seemed looser than normal too. Julie smiled and quickly aged Kelly back to her original age. The change was just slight enough for Julie to experiment without Kelly noticing. She now knew the device really worked.

"Kelly, go get Shannon and Misha from next door and tell them to come in her ASAP for a secret meeting, ok?" "Sure" smiled Kelly "I love it when we have these secret meetings!" Kelly bounded out of the room. Julie then sat down and quickly did some figuring. She made some notes on her notepad and soon there was a knock at the door and Kelly came back in with their sweet mates next-door, Shannon and Misha. All of the girls were 10 years of age except Shannon who was 9. Misha had long black hair with an Italian complexion, very tan, while Shannon was a cute brunette. Julie had short red hair herself cute short like a boys. These 4 girls were notorious for causing mischief and pranks, and everyone knew they had a secret little club in which they planned their pranks. All of the girls sat down on Julie's bed. "So" smiled Misha, "What's up? You got something cool in mind to pull?"

"Ok, I have got a wild plan here that is going to sounds really crazy, but I think it would be just so cool. All right, we know that vacation is going to last another couple days and the 4 of us are about the only ones here in the dorm, right?" the girls shook their heads eagerly; they knew Julie must have a very cool plan to break up the boredom of this place. "Ok, I figure that there is only Ms. Haskell, Miss Walker, Miss Higgins and Miss Warren still here faculty wise to watch over the school. I propose we switch places with them." There was a silence for a moment; the girls seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. "What do you mean switch places with them Julie, I am not sure we know what you mean" Julie then pulled out the device and went through the whole story about what it could do, her father and the whole story. Needless to say the girls thought it was some sort of joke, but they decided to play along. "So you are suggesting that we become the adults and they teachers the kids?" whispered Shannon. "Yep, just think of all the fun we could have as adults, even for just a couple of days! But we would have to make ourselves the same ages as the teachers so no one would question us. We just tell anyone that comes that we are replacements while vacation is going on!"

"Ok" giggled Misha going along "How old are they and who is going to switch with who?" Julie knew they were only humoring her, but they would soon learn otherwise. "I figure Miss Walker is about 25, Miss Higgins is around 27, Miss Warren is the new one, she is only about 22, but Ms Haskell, she has got to be around 50"

"Ewww, who is going to want to be that old?!" frowned Kelly "We will just have to play rock, paper, scissors to see who loses" At that point they began to play. It only took one try. All the girls but Shannon picked rock while she picked scissors. Rock crushes scissors, so Shannon lost. "Sorry Shannon" said Julie, "But I will tell you what I will do, I will stop aging you at say 25 for a few minutes so you can see what you will look like at that age, then I will age you the rest of the way" Shannon did not seem to upset about it, as she and the others were still convinced that this was just some elaborate fantasy.

"Alright, lets get started. Who wants to be first? Everyone go ahead take all your clothes off, we don't want to rip anything, do we? You can either stay naked or put on a t-shirt." The girls decided to play along, and they all began to take their clothes off. Misha and Julie got completely nude while Kelly and Shannon put on large t-shirts with nothing on underneath.

"Alright Misha, how about you go first?" "Sure, I will switch places with Miss Higgins, so make me 27 years old. Now give me your best shot!" laughed Misha, feeling that this prank had finally run its course. Julie pointed the device at Misha and hit the age button. It read "10 yrs - 6 mths". Julie smiled as she then pushed down the "AP" button and a soft beam of light hit Misha enveloping her whole body.

"Holy cow!" exclaimed Kelly, as Misha's three friends stared awestruck at her. "What's going on?" asked Misha, feeling a little scared now. She hadn't been expecting something like this to happen. Julie said nothing. She already knew what to expect, although it didn't make the transformation any less interesting for her. The digital readout on the device now read '11 yrs - 6 mths, and Misha did look slightly bigger. "Don't worry, Misha, this is how it works," reassured Julie, sensing growing fear in Misha's eyes.

Kelly and Shannon stood with gaping mouths as they watched their friend growing up before their eyes. The device now indicated Misha had reached 12 years and 8 months, and other changes were becoming evident. Her areola was getting wider and her nipples were enlarging and turning darker. Soon after that small cones appeared and quickly grew into a pair of small breasts. A few wispy hairs appeared around her private area, followed by more and more hair until it covered the whole area. As Misha grew taller, her arms and legs became longer and soft curves started to replace her sharp, bony features. Her thighs and calves slowly got fuller and curvier. "Julie, this really works!" said 14-year-old Misha, smiling proudly as her body was gradually leaving her girlhood behind and entering womanhood. Her voice was considerably lower as her hips and butt started expanding. Misha reached around and felt her cheeks, as they grew bigger in her hands, getting rounder and firmer. Julie watched Misha's face change too, as it grew thinner and more mature. Her nose got longer and less upturned, and her lips were filling out more each second.

Julie glanced down at the age readout to see it was up to 16 years and 5 months. "How do you feel, Misha?" she asked. "Great!" Misha responded, as she looked down at her friends. She had grown about 7 inches so far. Misha's body seriously began to blossom now. She hit a growth spurt and shot up 3 more inches in just a few seconds. Her breasts were now firm B-cups, and the expansion of her hips accelerated. Misha stood with her hands on her widening hips and struck a pose, turning slightly to the left and bending her right leg at the knee in front of her left. She shook her head, causing her long dark hair to spread out and settle back down across her shoulders, contrasting beautifully with her smooth tan skin. "How do I look girls?" she asked in her lower, smoother tone. She was now 17 and approaching 18 according to the device.

"You look fantastic, Misha," Shannon said as she watched her friend getting older and sexier by the second. "Well, thank you, Shannon," Misha said flashing Shannon a gorgeous smile. She walked over to Shannon, towering over her by almost a foot, and cupped her C-cup breasts in her hands. They were just inches in front of Shannon's face. "Just think, Shannon. You may have some boobies like these pretty soon, if you're lucky. Let me tell you, you don't know what you're missing. They feel really good." She gave them a squeeze, and turned back to Julie. "How old am I now, Julie?" "Nineteen and a half," Julie replied, still holding the button down. "Mmmm, I'm feeling better all the time, girls. This was a great idea," purred Misha, her voice now as smooth as silk. As she hit 21, Misha stopped getting taller. She had reached a height of 5' 8". Her other measurements weren't quite done though. Her hips spread another inch or so wider, and her breasts enlarged a little more to CC size. Misha stood and rubbed her impressive rear end, looking back over her shoulder to admire her new posterior.

Finally the readout read '27 yrs - 6 mths' and Julie released the button, as the light dissolved around Misha. Misha was now nothing short of a goddess, as she stood in front of her friends with an air of superiority. She was tempted to grab the remote from Julie so she would be the only adult in the group, but then thought better of it as these were her friends. "Do you think I could pass for Miss Higgins, girls?" she asked as she slowly turned around to give them a full view of her new, sexy body. Julie, Kelly and Shannon all agreed she was the most beautiful woman they'd ever seen, and could easily pass for Miss Higgins.

"Well, who's next?" Julie asked. "I'll go next, I want to be Miss Warren!" Kelly said eagerly as she ran to the spot where Misha had been transformed. "OK," Julie said. "Here goes." The readout showed Kelly's current age was 10 years and 4 mos. Julie hit the AP button and now Kelly was bathed in the light as the changes began. Kelly decided to assume a pose and hold it straight through the transformation, so she placed her hands on her hips similar to Misha's pose and waited.

Kelly's T-shirt rose up her legs as they lengthened and filled out. The sleeves crept up her arms from her elbows toward her shoulders. Her auburn hair grew thicker and fuller as it reached her shoulders and beyond. "Wow, you're right, Misha, this feels wonderful!" Kelly said in her teenager's voice. The curves of her hips and breasts were becoming evident through the tightening shirt, as were her developing breasts. The readout on the device now read: 16 yrs - 8 mths as Kelly's shirt was well above her knees. She looked at Misha and found she was only a few inches shorter now, and gaining. "I'm catching up to you, Misha," she said, giggling as she reached 18. Her legs were becoming long, and the shirt, which was fitting her like a second skin, was now reaching her upper thighs. The neck of the shirt was getting pulled out and down by Kelly's growing breasts, revealing more and more of her deepening cleavage. 20-year-old Kelly was turning into quite a looker, with a body curvier than a mountain road. Her figure was something to behold. She was about an inch shorter than Misha now, as she walked over and stood next to her friend, finally reaching age 22. "Well, well, Kelly. Looks like you've moved up in the world. Not bad, honey," Misha said, nodding approvingly at Kelly. "You'll make a pretty hot Miss Warren."

"Thanks, Misha, I feel fantastic. I don't ever want to be a kid again!" Kelly said as she studied her new adult body in the mirror. "OK, 2 down, 2 to go," said Julie. "I guess you're next, Shannon." "OK, Julie," 9-year-old Shannon stood up and walked in front of Julie. "Can I just ask one question, Julie?" "Sure." "Why do I have to be Ms. Haskell? I don't want to be an old lady!" "C'mon, Shannon, it's only for a couple of days, then we'll go back to normal. Besides, we did rock paper scissors and you lost," said Julie.

"Yeah, Shannon, and anyway you get to be the boss of the school!" Kelly said, smiling down at her small friend. "Oh, alright, go ahead," grumbled Shannon.

Julie once again hit the AP button and watched as the numbers increased on the readout. Shannon froze as she felt the light hit her. "This is weird. I don't like this," she said apprehensively. "Don't worry, Shannon. You'll start feeling pretty good in a second," Kelly reassured her. As the shirt crept up her legs Shannon did start feeling a little better, then more than a little better, as delicious warmth flooded her growing body. She put her hands on her chest and felt her budding breasts begin to take shape. "So, am I right, Shannon?" Kelly asked. "Definitely," said Shannon smiling broadly.

She looked down and saw her bony arms and legs begin to fill out as she approached puberty. Her brunette hair, once cut in short bangs, was now shoulder length, and she watched her fingers get longer and longer. "How old will I get, Julie?" 13-year-old Shannon asked. "Ms. Haskell is 50, but first we'll stop you at 25 to see how you look first," Julie replied. Shannon's hands now held A-cup breasts, which she could feel filling her palms. Julie was feeling really young, watching all her friends getting big while she stayed the same, but she knew she was next, which made her feel a lot better.

Shannon, now 16, was developing some curves of her own as her breasts were now B cups and still growing. Her shirt was above her knees now and the sleeves were getting tight around her bigger upper arms. Her face was becoming very pretty now, she was starting to look like a teen model, with bright green eyes and flawless complexion. Her body was taking on a more mature appearance as she reached the age of 18. "Jeez, I don't believe how great I feel," Shannon said, her voice getting low and sexy now. She closed her eyes and began running her hands up and down her body, feeling all her new curves, while she continued to grow, now about 21. The shirt was now just below her hips, revealing a patch of brown hair around her private area. "I'm almost as old as you now, Kelly," she said, with a giggle. Shannon arched her back, thrusting her C-cups out and displaying her cleavage. "Do I still look like a 9-year-old girl, Julie?" she asked as she moved her hands up and down her sides from her narrow waist to her full breasts. "Uh, not any more, Shannon," said Julie, feeling a little uncomfortable as it seemed her friends' personalities were changing along with their ages; they got more aggressive as they got older, it seemed to her.

Julie watched the numbers on the readout increase until Shannon was 25, then she released the button to stop Shannon's growth. "OK, Shannon, take a look at yourself in the mirror, this is what you have to look forward to in a few years." Shannon walked slowly over to the mirror and took a long look at her 25-year-old body. "Mmmm, very nice," she said approvingly, as she was joined by Kelly and Misha. "You're one fine looking girl, Shannon," Misha said laughing as Shannon turned side-to-side admiring the view. "Very hot!" agreed Kelly. "Can't I just stay like this, Julie? Please?" Shannon asked her remaining young friend. "We need you to be Miss Haskell, Shannon, I'm sorry," said Julie. "Maybe later we can do it again, and then you could stay like that." "C'mon, Shannon," coaxed Misha. "OK, let's get this over with," said Shannon, pouting, although at this point it was a pretty sexy looking pout. Her two adult friends backed away, and Julie prepared to continue Shannon's aging. "Ready?" she asked. "Yeah," was Shannon's reluctant reply.

Julie once again hit the button and the light enveloped Shannon again. The three friends watched her transformation from a young to middle-aged woman begin. She quickly passed Misha in age. Her breasts continued to grow, reaching D-cup size, and her face, while still beautiful, was looking more like a mature woman's face. As the readout hit 30, Shannon's friends could see very faint lines appearing on her face, near her eyes and mouth, and across her forehead. Single gray strands began to spring up in her solidly brunette hair, as Shannon asked Julie, "How old am I now?" She coughed a little when she heard her voice had taken on a lower pitch. "35, Shannon," said Julie. "That's all?" Shannon complained. "I already feel old, my body feels a lot different now." She tugged at her tight T-shirt, as her tummy was starting to bulge and fat was gathering around her hips and rear.

Her breasts began to sag as her nipples started to point downward instead of slightly upward as they did before. The gray was starting to spread into streaks through her brunette hair as time passed. Now 40, Shannon's face was becoming more lined, and her tummy bulge was spreading out becoming a roll of fat around her waist. She looked down in dismay as she watched her once sexy body losing its figure and becoming flabby. "I really don't like this," she said, her voice getting heavier and a little scratchy. Shannon ran her hand through her half-gray hair now, and gasped as she brought her hand down and saw veins showing through the skin on the back of her hand. As she passed 45, cellulite dimples were multiplying on the backs of her thighs, and varicose veins were starting to appear on her thighs and calves. Her breasts were now drooping noticeably; they had lost their youthful firmness and now hung limply on her chest. Shannon was in severe need of a bra. The lines were now deepening into wrinkles on her face, and her posture deteriorated as she began to slouch a little bit. Julie stopped the aging process when the readout hit 50, and they all stood in shock looking at the middle-aged Shannon. "Am I that bad?" she said, then put her hands to her mouth when she heard her heavy, rough sounding voice. "Oh, God, I'm really old!" she lamented as tears of fear welled up in her eyes. "It's OK, Shannon. It's just for a short time, I swear," Julie said, running over to her friend and hugging her. "Once we take over the school, it'll be fun, I know it will, then we'll all change back." "Sure, Shannon. You'll make a great Ms. Haskell, and we'll have all sorts of fun. Remember, you're the boss!" Misha said, as she and Kelly joined Julie for a group hug.

Shannon looked in the mirror and saw a 50-year-old woman with almost solid gray hair, and a tired looking face. Her T-shirt struggled to contain her flabby stomach and matronly hips and butt. "I hope you're right," she said sadly. "I think it's your turn, Julie," Kelly said cheerfully, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, you're right. Well, get ready to meet the new Miss Walker," Julie said as she pressed the AP button for the last time, pointing the device at herself. The three adults watched their friend slowly grow and mature. Julie's red hair became long and lustrous, and her prominent freckles faded and disappeared as she aged through her teens. They watched her body's lines change from straight up and down, as her hips and upper body curved more and more to form an hourglass figure. "Get ready for some fun, ladies," the teenaged Julie said as she passed 16 years. Her breasts had grown, although not as big as the other girls, and remained relatively small, about a B-cup. Her hips didn't stay small though as they widened and took on very provocative curves. Her legs grew shapely and graceful. Julie's Irish heritage was very evident now, with her flaming red mane and sparkling green eyes. As she entered her twenties, her hair reached the middle of her back and contrasted well with her porcelain complexion. "You're really cute, Julie," Misha said. "You won't have any problem finding a date this weekend." Julie looked at her naked form in the mirror and said, "I think you're right, Misha. I can't wait to meet some guys." As Julie reached 25 she let go of the button and the light disappeared.

"Ladies, I think it's time to put our plan into action. Let's find some clothes and get busy," Julie said, and the four friends laughed.

The girls all grabbed their now much too small robes and put them on best they could, but they rode up to the tops of their thighs and were next to impossible to close, leaving their ample breasts exposed and swaying as they walked. Walking was a new experience for them as well. Their hips and breasts made them "shimmy" and sway in a way they were not used to and it all seemed very erotic to them. As they got ready to leave the room, each of them in turn secretly went to the bathroom and examined their new bodies in earnest, surprised at the thick patches of pubic hair and how it felt when the probed between their thighs, or rubbed their now large and sensitive nipples.

New sensations were coursing through their new adult bodies and they loved it. As they walked carefully barefoot down the halls towards the faculty apartments, they came to Miss Warren's apartment first. They heard at least two women talking inside. "Alright, I will use the device on them as soon as we open the door, we have got to catch them by surprise" whispered Julie.

Misha carefully turned the doorknob and on Julie's signal she swung the door open quickly. Julie jumped inside and simply hit the AR button on the device. There were three of the faculty inside, Miss Warren, Miss Higgins and Miss Walker. They were startled by the sudden door opening and then a bit shocked to see an almost nude adult woman with flaming red hair jump inside and pointed TV remote at them. "What's going on here!?" demanded Miss Higgins, but then a soft light seemed to envelop all of them, almost freezing them in their tracks as they felt a cold tingle pass through their bodies.

"I feel.... strange" mumbled Miss Walker, already looking like a teenage college girl. "Me too...this is...weird.... I feel...weird" said Miss Warren as she regressed more rapidly. Miss Warren who had been the youngest of the three women was now only 16 years old and her adult clothing was now getting quite baggy on her adolescent body, the other women where now in their late teens and beginning to loose height as well as their other womanly attributes. Miss Walker looked down and was shocked to see that her ample D-Cup breasts were now only A-Cups, as her large black lace bra seemed to sag inside her blouse. Soon, a 12-year-old Miss Walker looked helplessly up to the group of adult women looking amused at her and the others "Please, make it stop! Who are you? Why are you doing this to us?" A 16-year-old Miss Higgins made a jump for the device, her high heels flying off her young feet as she lunged; Julie instantly used the device like a weapon focusing all of its energy on her at one time. Miss Higgins seemed to transform in mid-air rapidly as she jumped - 15, 14, 13, 12,11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 years old as she hit the floor in a large pile of clothes that seemed to envelop her. The young toddler looked shocked at the rapid transformation and began to cry.

The other two "girls", Miss Warren who was now only 7 years old and Miss Walker, who were now 10, looked shocked at what had happened, as Miss Warren began to sob as well. "Pweese ladies, don't turn us into whittle babies, pweese!" Kelly walked over to the small toddler and picked her up and began to rock her gently in her arms, a strange maternal instinct was kicking in now. "There, there little one, Mommy will take care of you now, it's going to be all right. Gee, she is so cute!"

Julie walked over to the two other children and looked down on them. "Alright, if you two promise to behave yourselves, we won't regress you any further, but if you try anything, then you will be using diapers for the next few years, understand?" The two girls nodded, scared at the adult woman. "Alright girls, lets find some decent clothes that fit" Misha walked over and took the black lace bra and panties that were piled in the floor where Miss Warren had originally been standing and slipped them on. Figuring out how a bra went on took some effort, but the fit was about right for Misha's ample breasts. All the women went through the closets until they were all dressed in conservative clothing and skirts with high heels. "Wow, how do they walk in these?" exclaimed Julie as she wobbled in the shoes. "Oh, my feet hurt," whined Shannon, who was feeling her age at this point. "We better find Ms Haskell," said Kelly.

Just at this point, a 10-year-old girl and a beautiful 16-year-old teenage girl walked into the room. It was Misha's best friend Jenny and her older sister Stacy. "What's going on here?" said Stacy. The girls all knew Stacy too well. She was a beauty queen who was so stuck up about her looks and was also quite the snitch. Julie knew what she had to do. Julie wasted no time as she quickly set the device and pointed it at Stacy. Before she could react, Stacy gasped as the light surrounded her and she felt a tingle coursing through her body. "What's this?" she asked with fear in her voice. "Oh, just consider this a valuable lesson," said Julie with a wry smile. She could see Stacy had already begun to age; her figure which had already begun to blossom was now rapidly approaching full flower. Her breasts had already grown a cup size and were now C's, and her hips and rear were expanding, stretching her tight shorts even tighter. Her panty lines were now clearly seen through her shorts. "Lesson? Lesson for what?" asked Stacy, at 19 and then 20. Julie replied, "I think you can figure it out Stacy. Don't you remember the time you told Ms. Haskell about us staying up past lights out? All we wanted to do was to sit up and talk for a while but you had to rat on us and we got in big trouble. You're always sticking your nose in everyone else's business. Maybe if you lost your looks for awhile you'd realize how it is for the 'other' people around here."

"What are you talking about?" asked Stacy in disbelief. "I have no idea who any of you are! I've never seen any of you before in my life." Stacy was now 25 and a ravishing beauty, with long flowing golden brown hair and a gorgeous face. She had grown to a height of 5' 7" with long legs and a killer figure. "Are you sure about that, Stacy? We don't look at all familiar to you? I know we were a little younger last time you saw us so you might have to use a little imagination to picture us as we were," Julie said, still smiling. Stacy stood staring at Julie, her mind racing to understand what was going on. She was entering her 30's now, and her hips and breasts were starting to soften and enlarge as fat began to build up. Stacy rubbed her chest as her bra, which was already too small, was really starting to dig into her skin. A slight bulge formed on her tummy, and her shorts began to rip in the seat as her womanly hips and rear were exerting more pressure on the material. Her thighs pouched out below the bottom of the shorts as they tightened around her legs. A layer of fat forming on her thighs exaggerated this.

Finally it hit her. "Julie? That can't be you," Stacy said. "You're just a kid." She coughed to clear her throat; her voice was much lower that she was used to. "Correction, Stacy. I was a kid, but this little device has changed all that, at least for now," Julie said. "I could say the same for you. Feeling a little tired, dear?" "What are you doing to my sister? She's getting old!" Jenny asked. "Don't worry, Jen, it's just for a short time. We'll all be back to normal soon," Julie reassured her. "Old? I'm not old, I'm only sixteen," said Stacy, now more like 36. She had to admit she was feeling a little tired though, just like Julie had mentioned.

She rubbed her forehead with her hand, not noticing that her face was now developing faint lines near her eyes and mouth and across her forehead. She was still a very attractive woman but was losing the glow of youth. "Why are my clothes getting so tight?" she asked herself, tugging on the waistband of her shorts, which were now ripping along the leg seams; the rear had split from the waistband down to her crotch, exposing overstressed white lace panties, which were now riding up the crack of her expanding rear end.

Stacy's bra was getting quite painful now, and its impression could be seen through her skintight tank top, as breast tissue was pushing out around the sides and bottoms of the cups. The front of the top was stretching out and down as her increasingly large breasts forced it away from her chest. Her breasts were sagging considerably now, and her once fine cleavage was no longer impressive. As Stacy hit her forties, gray hairs appeared intermittently then quickly spread through her long golden locks, which were losing their luster.

Misha walked up to Stacy and smiled at the 45-year-old, who would soon be Shannon's age. "Recognize me, Stacy? I've really changed for the better, don't you think? I'm not some little ten-year-old anymore." Misha ran her hands up and down her body caressing all her new curves as she spoke. "You on the other hand, might want to start thinking about using some Oil of Olay, it looks like it may do you some good." "Misha?" Stacy said incredulously.

"What's going on here? Why is everyone so different? And why is my voice getting so heavy?" Stacy coughed again to try and clear her throat. She winced as she finally noticed her sandals had become constraining, and kicked them off. Her painted toenails looked strange on her 50-year-old feet, which were developing calluses and swollen joints. Her long hair was totally gray and starting to transition to white. She had lost almost all muscle tone now, her skin hung loose on her arms and legs, with cellulite dimples covering her thighs. The shorts were now completely ripped and were just hanging on by the ultra-tight waistband, which dug into Stacy's sizeable tummy that now hung on her like an overloaded sack of grain. Her figure was history; she was just a pudgy middle-aged matron, soon to be more of a grandmotherly type.

Now well older than Shannon, Stacy's breasts were becoming huge and pendulous; having entirely lost their shape, they were just hanging with the nipples pointing almost straight down. Her bra had snapped and the struggling tank top exposed an obscene amount of their milky white expanse, they were bound to pop out of the top at any time. "Will someone please tell me what's happening here?" Stacy cried as she passed 60. Her voice was now rough as though she'd been smoking for 45 years, which was where she was headed, having started a year ago. Her face was now wrinkled with growing bags under her eyes and flabby jowls hanging from her cheeks. She grabbed a handful of stringy white hair and moaned as she saw what was left of her once luxurious hair. Her hand elicited an even stronger reaction; the skin was very thin with veins clearly visible, and her fingers were now bony. "My God, this is a nightmare! Stop this now!" she yelled at Julie, or at least who she thought was Julie. Her eyesight was getting weak and everyone in the room was very fuzzy-looking. She wanted to lunge at Julie and knock the device from her hand but when she went to move she felt a sharp pain, and bent over placing her hand on the small of her back. "Please, Julie! Stop this now! I don't want to be like this," she pleaded as she neared 70. "I don't think you're ready to go back yet, Stacy," Julie said. "We need to make sure you've learned your lesson. Maybe a couple of days like this will clear your mind."

"NO! I can't stand this for that long!" Stacy said as her voice was becoming more frail and thin. Her thighs were rubbing against each other even as her knees had gotten knobby, and her legs wobbled as she stood with one hand against the wall for support. She hunched over as Julie stopped the aging process when the readout reached 75 years and 6 months. That should do it," Julie said as she smiled at her friends. They all seemed satisfied with Stacy's change. "Maybe you should go lie down and take a nap, Stacy," Shannon said as she walked up and took Stacy's arm in hers. "Here, I'll help you to your room, OK?" "OK, dear," Stacy said as she let Shannon guide her out of the room taking small mincing steps. "How could you do that to my sister, Julie? I know she can be a jerk sometimes but that's pretty mean," Jenny complained.

"Relax, Jen, like Julie said it's only for a short time. Besides, you weren't around when Stacy was really mean to us," her friend Misha said sympathetically. She bent down and put her arm around Jenny to comfort her.

"Come on, Jen. We swear Stacy'll be all right. We don't want to hurt her or anything, just let her know how it is for the rest of us who don't have what she has, at least until now." Misha spoke the last phrase with a smile.

"And now," Julie said, "we have something for you, Jenny. Can you stand over here?" "Oh no, you're not doing that to me, too!" Jenny said as she turned to run out of the room, but Misha stopped her. "No, we have something much better for you that you'll really like, we think," said Kelly as she continued to cradle the toddler who was once Miss Higgins. Misha guided her friend over to a corner of the room and stood by as Julie readied the device. "Don't worry, Jen, this won't hurt a bit. In fact, you'll wish it wouldn't stop!" Misha said encouragingly. "You see, Jen, we just need someone to help us watch the kids here while we take care of some other business. You can even join us if you want!" said Julie as she pointed the device and activated it, bathing Jenny in the soft light.

"Please don't hurt--whoa, this feels good!" Jenny's attitude quickly changed as the warmth and tingle of the light passed through her. Julie watched the readout as it steadily progressed toward the goal of 23. Jenny wore a pair of navy blue stretch pants and a pink top, and Julie marveled as the clothes gradually began to reveal the curves of Jenny's rapidly developing figure. Jenny's chest already bore pointy cone-shaped breasts and the top had pulled free of the pants as she reached 13. At 15, she hit a growth spurt and quickly added three inches of height, pulling the cuffs of her pants halfway up her calves; the pants became skintight around her hips as they expanded. Jenny slipped off her shoes before they were destroyed, and her top started to rip in the back as she bent over. Her breasts were now full A-cups and were becoming rounded and more mature-looking, her nipples pressed into the thin fabric, and the sleeves were receding up her arms. At 18, Jenny hit another, late, growth spurt and grew another four inches. This was too much for her top, which finally gave up and fell away in tatters, revealing B-cups proudly sitting atop her chest. The pants were still hanging on, but were now just above her knees and small rips were developing in the seat and legs. Jenny placed her hands on her hips and turned side to side as she reached 20 years of age. Her pouty lips added a hint of mischief to her otherwise angelic face. Her hands traveled up to her C-cup breasts, gently massaging their new forms and she felt a delicious wave of pleasure wash over her, intensified by the already incredible feeling she was getting from the device's light. The readout hit 23 years and 1 month, and Julie let go of the button, stopping Jenny's changes.

"Oh, that's absolutely the best feeling I've ever had," Jenny, said in a silky smooth voice. She reached behind her and felt her new firm rear and laughed. "This is amazing! I can't wait until I really look like this!" she said. As she started to walk around the room, the strain was too much for her painted-on stretch pants; the seams exploded up the sides of her legs and hips and the pants were history. She was left wearing only a pair of comically small white cotton panties. "Of course, I'll be wearing clothes that fit a little better," she added. Jenny stood 5' 6" now, and she was shocked at how small everything looked in the room now. "See, Jen? Told ya you'd like it," Misha said standing next to Jenny. Jenny noted she was only about 2 inches shorter than Misha now. "We can almost see eye to eye again, Misha," she said and they both laughed.

"OK, ladies, are we ready?" asked Julie and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Let's go!"

Shannon came back in the room smiling "Grandma Stacy is taking a long nap, seems her arthritis is bothering her. At least now I'm not the oldest one here!" The other girls laughed as they proceeded towards Ms. Haskell's room. "You watch the "kids" Jenny," said Julie. "No problem, I will take care of the little tykes!" laughed Jenny.

As they approached Ms. Haskell's room, they thought they could hear some talking, but just as they were about to break in the door swung open with a surprised Ms. Haskell standing there. "Excuse me, but can I help you ladies?" "Certainly, are you Ms. Haskell the head mistress?" "Why yes I am, but who are you ladies?" Kelly smiled and replied, "We are some of the mothers of the students here and we wanted to ask you a few questions if you don't mind" Ms. Haskell seemed uncomfortable at the idea but opened the door and let the women in. When they got inside they noticed another woman in her mid twenties sitting on the sofa. "Ladies, this is my daughter Lea, she is here visiting this week while school was out. Now what I can I do for you."? The ladies sat down in various chairs and Ms. Haskell sat next to her daughter. Julie placed the device on her lap and set the chronometer and hit the AR button as she sat down, trying to look like nothing was wrong. Neither Ms. Haskell nor Lea seemed to see anything out of the ordinary.

"We were just wanting to get an up-date as to how the school year is progressing" Smiled Misha, "By the way, this is my mother Shannon, her granddaughter is here" as she reached out and touched Shannon's hand. Shannon cringed a bit at that statement. The fact that she was now old enough to be the mother of this full-grown woman, let alone a grandmother bothered her quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Ms. Haskell seemed not as stern looking as before. Some of the harsh lines around her face were fading away, and her hair was becoming more full and bright, as it seemed that the gray hairs that were once woven into the brown hair were disappearing rapidly. Meanwhile, Lea seemed to be looking more like a college student in her late teens than a 25-year-old businesswoman. "The girls are having a wonderful time this year, in fact, it has been one of our best years ever!" Ms. Haskell squirmed a bit in the sofa, feeling new energy and a tingling sensation that was very pleasurable. The now 35-year-old woman was looking more like a mature and very attractive woman than the middle-aged crone she used to be. Lea however was having difficulty now. She had regressed to 16 years of age and her conservative business suit was now growing on her, as she seemed to be wearing and outfit that was a good size too big for her. Her once full D-Cup breasts were now perky B-Cups and her full, long curvaceous legs were now those of a high school cheerleader. She had slipped from womanhood to that of a young teenager in high school and was beginning to lose her fight with time. She squirmed in her seat too, trying to understand why her dress was getting so loose and she was constantly trying to adjust her bra strap, which seemed very loose now.

A now 25-year-old Ms. Haskell was radiant. The girls had no idea how beautiful she had been in her youth. The years of working in the school had aged her before her time, but now, they had watched her hair brighten and the wrinkles and fine lines disappear from her face as her large breasts rose on her body as it firmed up, regaining lost muscle tone, she wiggled in the sofa more as her ass firmed up and legs tightened and toned, she kept having to re-cross her now shapely legs. "Uh, yes, we, uh, I mean, this being my first year teaching and all here...I mean, I have been here for.... gee, I guess a few months"

The regression had been going more rapidly on Ms Haskell than her daughter Lea as Julie had focused it more on her. But she had watched Lea's legs and body begin to shrink as she passed back from 15, 14, 13, 12 years of age and her body began to lose its curves, the high heel shoes slipped off her small feet to the floor as her legs began to rise up off the ground and her arms began to retract into the sleeves of the blouse. Her soft brown hair now fell across her face and eyes giving her an innocent appearance. Her breasts were now just small cones with large pink nipples, but even they were retracting into her body. "Mommy?" she looked at the young woman next to her confused. A 21-year-old Ms. Haskell looked at the now 10 year old girl. "It's ok dear, we'll find your Mommy for you. I'm sorry ladies, but this is just my first year as a student teacher so I don't know all the girls names yet, is she one of yours?" Kelly smiled "You could say that"

The dress suit began to look ridiculous on poor 7-year-old Lea now. "I want my Mommy, what's happening to me?" a 16-year-old Ms. Haskell began to look confused now too. "Hi, my name is Samantha, but all my friends just call me Sam, are you the teachers here at this school? Mom wanted me to check it least I think she did...everything seems so strange. Whom's the little squirt playing dress up?" she pointed at a now 5 year old Lea. 'Sam' was now trying to adjust her own dress, which looked really strange on a 14 year old girl, that was meant for a matronly 50 year old woman. She was losing her own fight with time now as her own body began to de-evolve from that of a woman to an adolescent to a that of a young girl, losing the curves, and attractive lines of a woman. Sam stood up from the sofa as her skirt and panties fell to the floor revealing the young shapely legs of a 13 year old girl just on the right side of puberty, at that awkward stage where her thighs and breasts and hips would be filling out. She turned red and struggled with her large blouse as she slipped to the wrong side of puberty in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, a 3-year-old Lea collapsed on the floor as she had tried to get off the couch too. "Me not baby, me gwown up...pweese, what" she finally regressed back to 1 year in age and began to suck on her thumb and coo as she watched her mother follow close behind.

Sam was now only 8 years of age "Excuse me Ma'am, but is this the principles office? I seem to have lost my clothes and all I have got is this big ladies shirt" she smiled meekly and somewhat frightened, unable to process what was happening to her. 7, 6, 5, 4 years of age and she collapsed onto the floor next to her now infant daughter. Julie stopped the process just as she regressed to 3 years of age and began to play with the baby.

"Wow, that was really cool!" exclaimed Misha "Yea, it sure was, she reacted differently to it, she seemed to lose reality" said Shannon. Julie stood up proudly and admired her handy work. "I guess it effects different people different ways. I mean I am beginning to forget what it was like to be a little girl myself. All right ladies, we are now in control of the school. We will spend a few days exploring the world of adults and then we will set everything back in its proper order, and if we run into any trouble, we always have our little device, eh?" The other women laughed as they began to plan their week. It would be one strange week.

The end