SRU: School Days

by Louder

"Well, hello Lisa! How may I help you?" asked the old man from behind the counter.

Lisa stopped dead in her tracks wondering how the old man knew her name. She tried to remember when she could have met him. She felt that an odd looking character like him would surely have left an indelible impression on her....An old man that would come to work in his bathrobe! Still she couldn't place him and so just let it pass.

"I don't know really....I just come to the mall with my daughter. She's just so stubborn sometimes...... Anyway, I just saw some of your curios in the window and thought I'd come in. No need to bother you with my 'parenting' problems....I'll just browse a bit"

"Bother me? No, I'm always glad to help."

As he spoke, two well endowed young women entered the store. Both were barely dressed and Lisa could see all the men in the mall gawking at the two young women.

"Sammy, Billy.... how can I help you two?" the old man asked. "Oh, we just (giggle) wanted to see if we could change (giggle) back yet?" one of them asked as the other just mindlessly laughed the whole time.

'What bimbos!' Lisa thought.

The old man smiled, seemingly unfazed, and answered "No, not just yet. I told you that when the time comes it'll just happen. Now why don't you go on and get to the club. You wouldn't want to be late!".

"Oh, OK....(giggle) Bye now!" they replied and jiggled back out into the mall and into the glaring eyes of every male who had passed the age of puberty.

The old man turned back to Lisa, who was looking a bit puzzled by the relationship between the two bimbos and the old man, and began speaking where he had left off

"Now, Lisa..... I think I have what you need for your problem..... It's in here somewhere...." he said as he rummaged through some books stored in the counter. "Ahhhhhhh..... here we go...." he said as he pulled a book from the mess and then blew the dust off of it.

Lisa looked at the book in the old man's hands and recognized it as a copy of her high school yearbook. "I don't think you understand. I'm just looking around....." she said hoping to let the old man down easy "I don't really need a yearbook....."

"Actually, I think you do! This will help you with your problem. And there's no charge. It's on me. Here, look at this picture....." as he spoke he opened the book directly to the page with Lisa's junior picture.

She politely obliged, glancing toward the picture. Suddenly, a strange feeling swept over her. Lisa didn't know what was happening, but she was engrossed in the picture. She could hear the old man urging her to "look deeply into the photo..." in a very soft voice. The picture began to change. At first it looked like it was fading. Then it looked like it was badly out of focus. Lisa kept staring, almost as if she was in a trance of some sort. For some reason she couldn't take her eyes off of the picture. The picture began to clear up. The blurring slowly lessened as the picture returned to focus. Finally the picture cleared, only rather than Lisa's high school face peering out from the photo, it now looked like it could've just been taken. A middle-aged face stared up from amongst all the other fresh-faced high schooler's pictures in the yearbook.

Lisa staggered back. She felt woozy and had trouble composing her thoughts. Her hair fell onto her face and she brushed it back with her hand. Her hand looked different somehow. Her rings were loose. Before she could speak the old man took out another year-book. This one was newer. It was from her daughter' high school. In fact it was much newer.... the date saying 1998! The 1998 year-books weren't even out yet! He helped her take a seat as he opened this new year-book.

"Lisa, this will help you understand your look at this...."

Lisa finally spoke "What's happening to...." her hand covered her mouth as she heard her younger sounding voice!

"Look at this page, then you'll understand." he told her as he placed the page in front of her. It was blank.

"I, I, I don't understand..... I have a daughter in this school. I'm her mother..... What did you do to me? I've got to get out of here!"

As hard as she tried to get up, her legs wouldn't obey. Her eyes just wouldn't leave the page. A fuzzy image was appearing on the page.

"....My daughter..... I'm her mother...... I'm 40 years old!....." Her voice was fading.

At the top of the page the the words "Junior Class 1998" were becoming more focused. Photos on the page were individually appearing. Lisa could recognize some of the faces as her friends ...... no, friends of her daughter! Her thinking was getting cloudier as the photos became clearer. She could see her daughter's photo clearly now. There was another photo beside her daughter's that was coming into better focus now. She could vaguely see that the photo was her..... at least it was her with 24 years of life 'erased'! She tried to fight the murky thoughts that were clouding her thinking. "I'm not a teena..... I can't...... I've been through high school..... and college..... I can't remember! I wanted to go to college...I think...... Will errrrr didn't I?..... pleasssssse sir..... My memories...... I'm a mother..... this can't happen...... I'm 40..... I think, I CAN'T remember!....How old am I? ." The picture was much sharper now. She could hear the old man slowly speaking. It felt more like he was in her head rather than speaking out loud.

"Don't fight it, don't make his difficult....You want this.....You want this to happen......"

The smiling teen in the photo was almost in perfect focus now. She could see the bright sparkle in the eyes staring back at her. Her memories were fading, almost as if they were being replaced with new ones. She tried to fight it but her consciousness was fading " ......I'm a mom..... mom....... mom?..... mom?.... mom!?.... too young.... young?.... teenager?.... teenager?.... teenager.... teenager....."

Soon she was awakened by someone gently tapping on her shoulder. Lisa looked up to see a strange man in a bathrobe.

"You must've fell asleep in my chair, Miss! It sounded like you were having a bad dream so I elected to wake you. Are you Ok?"

"Yeah, WOW! I must've really been wiped out! I'm sorry Mister."

"Oh, no problem. Rough day at school?" he asked.

"You wouldn't believe! And I've got to go back for cheerleader practice! I'm probably going to be late! It'll help a bunch when I'm able to get my drivers license in a couple of weeks. I have to get up sooooo early for the bus and then there's nothing to do but hang out here at the mall after school until cheerleader practice starts at 5:00..... Oh no! Where's my cheerleader outfit?! Ms. Farmer throws a fit if we don't show up with our stuff!"

"Uhhhh, Miss. I think you're wearing it!" he said laughing.

"Sheeesh.... I forgot about putting it on I guess! ..... I'm such an airhead!" She thanked him for all his 'help'. "I gotta go, Mister......Thanks for all your help! And I really am sorry about falling asleep in your chair."

"Oh, it's no problem. I'm always happy to help a sweet young girl like you.... Now you better head on over to the school. You wouldn't want to get in any trouble!" he told her as she took her bag and ran out the door, hurrying not to be late.

When she was safely out of sight, another teen appeared from the back room of the shop. It was Susan, Lisa's daughter. "What a 'Miss Goody'! I figured mom was a real 'winner' in school and it looks like I was right! How 'geeky'!.... But, I gotta say there, old dude, you sure know your stuff!"

The old man smiled saying "Cheerleaders are one of my 'specialties' here! You shouldn't be so hard on her though. She might surprise you. Those teenage hormones sometimes get out of control. She might not be as mature as 'you' are and so you should be careful with her emotions"

"Oh, like she is so 'careful' with mine! This little 'spell' is to teach her a lesson.... and I'M the teacher!" Susan hissed.

The old man grinned a bit and told her, "Sometimes things don't work out as we plan.... just remember that. Good luck to you Susan." The old man waved as Susan left the shop.

Back at the school Ms. Farmer had the girls run through some new routines. Lisa had no problems with any of the moves. She had always hoped to be a cheerleader in college and worked hard to stay in shape and learn the routines.....Although at 16 staying in shape is a lot easier than with her now forgotten 40 year old body. Ms. Farmer lets the girls work on some tumbles and then lets them take a 15 minute break. This was the girl's favorite part of practice as it gave them a chance to watch the football team practice. More precisely, it gave them a chance to watch the football players! Ms. Farmer actually planned it that way to keep the girls interested in coming to practice. One of the cheerleaders walks up to Lisa and asks if Susan is still dating Michael, the star running back.

"Yeah, I guess so...." Lisa answers.

"Nothing personal Leez, but I don't know what he sees in that sister of yours!" another girl replies.

"Yeah, she treats you so bad and is always in trouble." says Candy, one of the cheerleaders that is standing next to Lisa.

Soon, Ms Farmer blows her whistle signaling the end of their break and then has the girls brush up on some of the older routines. After a while she compliments them and sends them to the locker room early.

The girls take off to their locker room and started showering. This was Lisa's first chance to see her rejuvenated body since the transformation. As she passed a mirror she paused, something not looking 'right'. She couldn't quite place what was different, but something felt different. The wizard's spell had buried her former life and experiences deep in her conscious and her mind couldn't 'connect the dots'. She stared at her lean body. Her now long hair. Her smaller hands and feet. Her height.

As she was concentrating on her image, one of the girls pushed her jokingly and said "Whatsa matter, your boobs aren't big enough for you?"

All the girls laughed and Lisa forgot all about the 'different' feeling. Lisa reached in her bag and pulled out her clothes. She put on some shorts and a short top and then carefully put her cheerleading clothes away. All the girls fussed with their hair and then headed out into the hallway. As they came out they met the football team on their way in.

Michael stopped when he saw Lisa, saying "Look at you! Boy if I wasn't dating your sister....."

Lisa blushed and Candy whispered "I think he's got the 'hots' for you! You oughta go out with him and show that sister of yours a thing or two! After all, she deserves it!".

Both girls giggled and they walked on down the hall, turning to see Michael 'checking them out' as they walked off.

Lisa took the Transit Bus home and headed inside hearing a voice "Hey Lisa, do those dishes OK?"

It was Susan setting on the couch doing her nails.

"Sheesh, sis.... I just finished practice and need to study for a test first period tomorrow" Lisa whined "and I'm starved!"

"Like I care, Lisa! Michael is coming over later and I've gotta get ready! Just do the dishes and then worry about your precious 'studying'!" She sneered.

Lisa wanted to argue but she bit her lip and went into the kitchen and started on the dishes. She heard a car pull up and then heard Susan greeting Michael. Susan had made a mess in the kitchen and hadn't made any effort to clean up. She also hadn't left anything for Lisa's dinner. Lisa finished up in the kitchen, finally, and walked back into the living room only to see Michael and Susan making out on the couch.

Michael looked up and asked playfully "Wanna join us Lisa?"

Susan grabbed him and said "You're mine big-boy! Let the Geekette find herself a Geek at the Jr. High!"

Michael shrugged his shoulders and gave Lisa a little 'wink' as he went back to kissing Susan. Lisa picked up her books and went upstairs to study. She opened the door to 'her' and Susan's bedroom but once again had a strange feeling that something wasn't right. She shrugged it off, kicked off her shoes and sat on the bed studying. She could hear the sounds of love-making coming from the living room. The louder the sounds grew, the more she started thinking about how cute Michael was and how great it would be to get even with Susan. She put her book down and began thinking of her 'plan'. By the time she climbed into bed, she had her plan fully prepared.

That morning the alarm went off and Lisa quickly hopped up and got ready for school. Susan took her time but both were able to catch the bus. Susan was complaining that Lisa could've fixed a better breakfast. The complaining just helped Lisa decide that what she was planning was the right thing. That night after cheerleader practice Lisa would intentionally catch Michael and wouldn't let his flirting pass like she had done earlier. This time she would flirt back! When Michael came out of the building Lisa was still there.

"Hey there, Lisa. You looking for a man?" He asked, laughing.

"I don't know.... I'd take 'you'..... IF you were available......" she giggled.

"That can be arranged" he said. "Awwwww you wouldn't do that.....You probably think Susan is better than me any way!"

With that comment she could see that her plan was working. Michael moved closer and put his arm around her saying "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were serious."

"Maybe I am..... If you're up to it?" Lisa answered.

"Ummm I've got some beer. You wanna go park somewhere and have a couple?" Michael asked.

Lisa shook her head 'yes' and they got into Michael's car and drove to the lake. Michael got a beer for himself and one for Lisa. Although Michael was pretending to drink fast he was really not drinking much. Lisa, on the other hand, easily downed her beer and was ready for another. Michael quickly obliged and Lisa started on her second beer. Michael could tell she was starting to feel the alcohol in her system. She started laughing at everything. She playfully grabbed at Michael's beer. Before Michael could finish 2 beers, Lisa was on her third. Lisa's teenaged body didn't have the tolerance of her older body. Michael got more bold with his talk and his actions. He glanced at her smooth legs. Soon he had his hand on her knee. She didn't seem to mind and so he began slowly moving his hand up her thigh. Lisa, her inhibitions nearly gone, put her hands on Michael's face tracing his around his face with her fingers. Michael gently took her hand and kissed her fingers. Lisa responded by kissing him with a long passionate kiss. She playfully nipped at his lip and giggled. He moved his hand inside her thigh. Soon, she had forgotten all about her 'plan' and was only caught up in the moment. In a while it was over. It was 'soooooo great' she thought!

Michael started his car and said "I better get you home....."

Once they arrived at her home, Lisa was more than a little tipsy. She had drank another beer on the way back to her house. Michael tried to help her straighten her clothes up a bit but didn't have much success. He got out and walked around to her side of the car and opened the door for her. It was obvious she wasn't going to be able walk to the house by herself. Michael helped her out of the car and 'walked' her to the door. Just as he started to quietly open the door, the porch light came on and the door flew open. Susan is standing at the door looking out at her boyfriend with her 'teenaged' mother! Michael is holding Lisa up, her hair messed up, one shoe missing, clothes dishevelled..... It is obvious what has happened.

Susan screamed "How could you!? Both of you!".

Michael smiled and said "Look, I don't need this. You sister came on to me..... I'm a guy.... If you don't like it, wellllllll too bad!"

Susan started to cry. Lisa couldn't remember 'always tough' Susan crying. Michael turned saying "I'm outta here.... Lisa, I'll call you!". Susan cried even more "This isn't the way this was supposed to turn out!" Lisa didn't know what she was talking about. She staggered on into the house and fell onto the couch.

"Ya know, Suzie, ya got what you deserved. I have feelings too!" Lisa slurred. Susan was not in any mood for any Lisa's mouth. "You little tramp! If you only knew......."

Early that next morning Michael entered the Spells R Us shop in the mall.

"So, Michael, I trust that my spell worked for you and you won the 'contest' amongst your team-mates?"

Michael laughed "Oh yes! No problem! Turning Susan's mother into a teenager was brilliant! It was too easy. I was easily the first one to score with a mother and her daughter!"

"I'm glad I could be of service.... Now there is the matter of 'compensation' ....$49.00 I believe." said the old man.

Michael reached in his pocket and grabbed a $50 bill handing it to the old man. The old man took the bill and smilingly deposited in his cash register. He then grabbed a coin and flipped it to Michael saying "...And here's your 'change'!" .

Michael caught the 'coin' "Hey, it's a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar!" And then he felt a tingle in his chest.....

A busty, obviously ditzy young woman walked out of the shop that morning. High heels, teased hair, micro mini skirt.... She knew that men thought of her as a bimbo, but she didn't care. She wanted to meet the High School football team that was having a 'sex' contest.

'Will they ever learn?' thought the old man.... he then smiled as he thought 'NOPE!'