Sand Castles Are For Babies

By Tazz

Why are you making a sand castle? Building sand castles are for babies.

They are not screamed John to his older brother Jack.

Jack just graduated high school, while John was going to start High school in the Fall.

Oh look my friends are coming.

Jack then destroys Johns sand castle and walks to his friends.

It took me a hour and a half to build this. I just wish that Jack was the youngest so he could have fun making sand castles instead of destroying them.

Meanwhile Jack was talking to friends about college in the fall. Beth said “What was your little brother doing?" He was building a dumb old sand castle, so I destroyed it.

Why did you do that? Because building sand castles are for babies not for kids going into high school in few months.

No they are not.

Name one high schooler who builds sand castles.

I do Bob states.

You do?

Yea we all do, well except you.

Jack then realized that his bathing suit felt a little loose on him. He then rushed to bathroom and as a shocked in the mirror instead of a 18 year old there was a 15 year old. Whats going on?

John was working a new sand castle when he saw a naked 12 year old standing near him.

Who are you kid? And why are you naked?

John its me Jack, somehow I am getting younger.

Jack is that really you?

Yea who else would it be.

I guess my wish came true.

What wish? What are you talking about?

After you destroyed my sand castle I wished that you were the younger brother so you will build sand castles instead of destroying them.

Well unwish then.

I can't, I don't know how my wish came true it just happened.

Just them right before John's eyes Jack shrunk into a 8 yr old.

John you have to think fast before I will be a baby again.

Ok follow me.

John lead Jack to where he made the wish.

Now unwish the wish, Jack said in a childish voice.

Ok, I will try. I wish jack will turn back to normal.

It did not work.

Maybe we should wait a while. 20 minutes pass and now Jack is a 5 yr old.

Hold on, John said as he went into the beach store. He came out with a pair of those diaper type of bathing suits. When he got back he saw a 3 yr old.

Wat is tat, Jack said in a toddlerish voice.

It is one of those bathing suits that are like a diaper, I got them just in case and well I think I should put them one you now.

No, I am a big boy.

John then put one on Jack and decided to finish the sand castle. When it was about 5 pm. John was about finished with it.

I guess you were right building sand castles are for babies.

On the other side of the castle was a baby wearing a diaper bathing suit that was no more then 1 years old.

Oh yea, Jack I knew what made my wish come true and I wanted you to regress into a baby at age 1 with no memory of the past. If I told you that I knew, you would force me to tell you.

John told his parents that the baby was Jack's abandoned son and that Jack left the country with the mother. As Jack got older he began to like sand castles. But as John got older he began to hate it. Years later at the same beach, a 15 year old Jack was building a sand castle and John came along and said it was for babies and destroyed it.

"I wish you were the younger brother," said Jack.

The End?