"Rini's Change of Fortune"

by the AP Scout

(c) 1999

NOTE: This fanfic is a LEMON. That means it contains sexual scenes that may offend some of you. If you are under eighteen, don't read this fanfic! All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks.

Part 1

The sun's dawning kiss upon the city of Tokyo found Serena comfortably, and sleepily laying in bed, Darien's bed to be more precise. His head was resting on her shoulder; his slow and steady

breathing of sleep sent warm and gentle caresses along her partially exposed breast. She lay there, thinking about how wonderful last night had been. How his breath was like his gentle touch of last night. A small shiver of excitement shot through her then. Darien had seemed excited, and a

little disappointed too. The disappointment was because she had once again told him that she was going to wait until she was older to have intercourse.

Not that the petting they were doing didn't please him. Maybe she should have given him a little more attention before she left for home. Reaching up, she gently brought Darien's head upwards so she could kiss him. To feel his lips, to taste him. Slowly his eyes opened and stared

deeply into her blue orbs. For that incredible instant, the world was still.

"Good morning, Muffin," Serena whispered out.

"Good morning, Meatball Head," he replied while tracing a finger from shoulder to nipple. The already semi-erect nipple grew harder as he circled it, first with his index finger and then with his tongue. She at that moment wished her breasts were larger than their 30B size. They stood out proudly on her petite fourteen-year-old frame. Serena let out a little sigh as she cupped his head in her hands.

After a moment, he stopped and she felt the pang of loss. Opening her eyes, she drew him to her again and kissed him deeply, their tongues interweaving with each other.

Serena felt Darien's arm slip around her slim waist. She felt his manhood pressing against her as he drew her tightly to him. Rolling, she found herself on top of him. His growing hardness pressing against her. Firmly but gently, she pushed herself away from his warm body and into a

sitting position. She felt the cool morning air wash over her naked body.

She started coaxing his erection along with her hands. Carefully bending forward, she kissed him. And after what seemed like an eternity, she felt his hands upon her. The feeling was one she never could describe, even if she wanted to. Slowly Serena moved hands up and down along the length of his member. She could feel the heat beginning to rise within her from Darien's attention to her clitoris. It only increased as Darien urged her forward so he could take one of her supple

breast into his mouth. A tongue flicked across her nipple once again and she moaned.

The stimulation and excitement drove Serena higher and higher. Darien's own sounds of pleasure, his ruddy heavy scent intoxicated her. Serena thought she would be kept teetering upon the brink of release until Darien stiffened. She knew he was about to shoot his load over her and that sent her over the edge.

The waves of pleasure crashed over her, as the fire was finally released. As it passed, she slowly sank down resting on top of him. His manhood softening but still within her loving hands.

"Serena..." he whispered softly.

"Darien..." she replied and snuggled closer to him.

"OH, COOL OFF!" came a high-pitched voice. Neither Serena nor Darien had time to react as a deluge of cold water washed over them. Serena gave a little scream and rolled off her lover, trying to save some of her modesty. Darien was in no hurry to be exposed either.

"Rini!" Serena yelled at the little girl who was standing in the doorway. Serena had forgotten that she had firmly sentenced her "cousin" to sleep on the couch of Darien's apartment instead of the same bed as Serena and her true love.

"Like I said, cool off!" Rini then pointed the hose she had been concealing behind her back at Serena and fired off another blast of icy water.

"Why you little spore!" Serena bellowed as she dodged to the side and fell from the bed. Scrambling, she put on the first set of underwear she grabbed before yanking on a shirt. Neither helped as Rini's aim with the hose was true. "When I get a hold of you..." Serena raged as she scrambled to her feet. The now thoroughly drenched clothes clinging to her skin.

The seven year old dropped the hose and took off running with Serena following closely behind her. Rini might have gotten away if she had thought to unlock the front door first. She hadn't and by the time she realized her mistake, Serena was nearly to her. "You made me sleep on that old couch!" she complained, "And then you kept me awake by yelling!"

"I don't yell!" Serena yelled. Seeing a chance, the little girl tried to dodge between Serena's legs but she was ready for this and caught her cousin. Shifting, she bent and lifted the struggling child into the air.

"Let me go or I'll tell Aunt Irene!"

"Go ahead," Serena growled as she headed for the couch, "I'm quite sure she'll agree with me."

"She won't like you sleeping with Darien!"

"She already knows," Serena replied.

"Huh?!?" Darien asked in a horse voice. He had taken the time to pull on a set of track pants. "She knows?!?"

"You're lying!" Rini protested.

Serena stopped and shifted her cousin so she could look into her large red eyes. "Listen here, I might be a klutz and I might pig out on food but I DO NOT LIE!" When Rini's angry gaze looked away, she gave a nod of satisfaction and proceeded the rest of the way to the couch. Sitting down, she put Rini over her knee and pulled down both pajama bottoms and underpants.

"NO NO NO!" Rini howled in realization. Serena ignored her and started smacking the misbehaving child's bottom. The entire time Rini wailed and struggled, kicking her feet and flailing her arms. Serena ignored all of it until her cousin's bottom was a pink as her hair. Satisfied, Serena pulled the lowered clothing and stood the child upright.

Immediately Rini started hopping around, rubbing her bottom trying to work the heat out of it. Her face was red with crying and embarrassment, eyes and cheeks glistened with tears.

"You get dressed and wait for me. Once I'm dressed, we're both going home," Serena said sternly before turning and stalking back into Darien's bedroom.

Once the door was shut, Darien asked, "Your mom knows?"

"Yes," Serena answered, "If she didn't, do you think I could spend so much of my evenings over here? As long as we're careful, Mom'll handle Dad." Darien still wasn't happy about the revelation but Serena kissed him. And as usual, he forgot about those worries. Darien could only watch as Serena fussed over her damp clothing.

"I'm really sorry, Muffin, but I should go home." Sighing a little, Serena turned and left the bedroom. Her uncharacteristic exclamation drew Darien from his daze. Coming out, he noticed what had caused Serena reaction. Rini was gone! The front door left wide open.

"Oooh!" Serena said with great annoyance, "This is just great!"

"Maybe we should split up and look for her," Darien suggested.

"Guess so," Serena replied, "Well when it hits the fan at home, I probably won't be able to come over tonight."

"Serena," Darien said, "Did you forget I have to work tonight... remember?"

"Oh yeah..." Giving him a sheepish grin, she sighed again, "Okay, I'll start looking for the little spore. Maybe she went home to complain to Mom." Giving him a quick kiss, she skipped from the apartment.

"Rini must have used Luna Ball for the hose." He was going to have a hell of a time explaining the water to his building superintendent. Walking over, he closed and locked the door before picking up the phone. After dialing a number, he waited. "Hi Raye, wanna take a ride?"

"It's been two weeks!" Raye replied.

"I know, I know," Darien soothed, "Come on, Serena's just left. She'll probably get grounded and not be back today." He smiled as Raye almost purred. "That's right. No more worrying about the klutzoid showing up."

"I still don't see why you even stay with her. She's an immature brat," Raye replied.

"Simple, she's the Moon Princess and that's the only reason," Darien replied, "So what about it?"

"I'll be right over."

Rubeus paced around his crystal spaceship floating above the city. "Damn those Sailor Scouts!" his voice echoing within the ship, "Damn those traitorous Sisters!" And yet again, the Rabbit had slipped by him. The voice pulled him from his thoughts. Quickly turning, he found himself looking at the cloaked and hooded figure of Wiseman.

"Rubeus, I have good news for you," Wiseman said, his voice black and cold, "Prince Diamond has been persuaded to give you one last chance."


"Patience," Wiseman cautioned, "Being hasty was how you lost the Sisters." Rubeus growled with barely surprised anger. "Take this gem." With a flick of his skeletal hand, a black gem appeared in front of Rubeus. When the villain had taken it, the cloaked figure continued, "When you see the Rabbit and Sailor Moon together, use its powers. Leave then."

"What does it do?" Rubeus asked suspiciously.

"It will make the Rabbit into a an adult. This we must have. She will be unable to hide so easily. It will also take the fight out of Sailor Moon."

"An adult Rabbit?" Wiseman was pleased to see a lustful gleam come into his lackey's eyes. "You know where she is, Wiseman?"

"At the docks," Wiseman answered, "Rubeus, do not fail or you will never return home."

"Is that a threat?"

"Only a prediction." And as Rubeus started laughing, Wiseman faded from sight.

As Serena walked towards her home, she brooded. It would just be like that little spore to run home and tell her mother and probably blow the facts out of proportion. Serena would then be grounded for sure, and yelled at, for something Rini had done. It was the typical thing but she wasn't going to stand for it, not this time anyway. After all, school had let out for the summer and Serena was not going to spend the first part of it confined to her home, if she could help it. She had, reluctantly, let Rini come along to the movies with Darien and herself. And it wasn't that unusual for both of them to stay over at Darien's for the night. Irene knew and took care of Ken.

This arrangement had its price. Firstly, Serena couldn't be alone with Darien as much as she liked. Getting Rini out of her mother's hair was part of the agreement. Secondly, Serena had to promise that there would be no intercourse. Serena didn't really mind that part; she was content to wait. It did help that Irene didn't pry unless she was worried about Serena for some reason.

Ken likely knew what was going on, even if he pretended he didn't know. Her father was smart and Serena didn't have any doubts about her father's ability to figure things out. She had never been able to fool him when she was younger. No, despite her father's feelings, he wasn't the big concern. The big concern was Sammy. If the little twerp ever did wise up to what was going on, if he hadn't already done so, all of Tokyo would likely know about it.

A flash off to her left and a tightening of her heart pulled Serena from her gloomy thoughts. "Rini's in trouble!" It looked like it was coming from the dock in the park. Serena should have known. Her cousin always went there when things were bothering her. Running into a nearby alleyway, she clasped her locket and shouted out her transformation phrase.

Rini was scared. Not only did Rubeus have her but also it was a long way down to the ground. She and her captor were floating more than thirty feet off the ground. She held still, quivering. Rubeus had promised to drop her to the ground if she struggled. Even her Luna Ball couldn't help. Rubeus had taken care of her floating companion when he has snuck up on her.

"Soon, Little Rabbit, the big Rabbit will appear." His laughter sounded dark and very excited. "Soon Sailor Moon won't be able to save you either." The only thing keeping Rini for crying was the real possibility of a long drop. She had confidence Sailor Moon would come though, she always did.

"Where's that stupid twit?" Rubeus asked, "Maybe you need to send off another one of those silly beams." He turned Rini upside down and suspended her by holding one of her ankles. "Come on now, brat, send out that beam again!"

As Rini began to softly cry, a voice shouted out, "Put her down!" It was Sailor Moon! "For flying without a permit, I AM THE SAILOR MOON THE CHAMPION OF LOVE AND JUSTICE AND IN THE NAME OF THE MOON, I WILL RIGHT WRONGS AND TRIUMPH OVER EVIL AND THAT MEANS YOU!"

"So, Sailor Brat, you finally showed up."

"Drop her, Rubeus, or I'll hurt you plenty!" Rubeus obliged and let Rini go. She plunged headfirst towards the lake below screaming the entire time. Sailor Moon ran out to the dock and in a might leap, cut Rini in midair before plunging into the lake herself. Both girls came up sputtering and choking.

"Now!" Rubeus cried. He lifted the gem that Wiseman gave him and fired off its dark energy. It came so fast that neither girl could do anything except stare in horror.

"That's it?" Sailor Moon asked after the attack passed. She had only felt a tingling sensation.

"MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!" was heard as the other Scouts arrived.


Both attacks missed as Rubeus flitted out of sight and reappeared behind them. Giving them a grim smile, he launched his dark energy attack causing them to scatter.

"VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!" Venus' golden chain soared high and wrapped itself around Rubeus who snarled.

"MERCURY ICE STORM SPLASH!" The column of coldness slammed into Rubeus. He launched another dark energy attack at Venus to break free of her chain before raising higher into the air.

"I will be back, Sailor Brats!" he promised, "I will be back and I will get the Rabbit!" As he left, the Sailor Scouts staring after him, Rubeus chuckled. A lewd thought ran through his mind that brought a smile to his face. "Yes, Little Rabbit, soon you will be a big rabbit... and I shall have you." That was such a delicious thought. His manhood rose to the occasion.

Part 2

Rini and Sailor Moon got out of the water with the help of the other Sailor Scouts. Kneeling in front of Rini, Sailor Mercury said, "You okay?"

Rini sniffled and wrapped her arms around Sailor Moon while crying softly, "I want my mommy!"

"Mercury, is she okay?" Sailor Moon asked as she knelt to hug Rini. Mercury used her VR visor and scanned both subjects. "Everything seems fine. I think she's just scared."

"I gotta book it... I left something simmering."

"Oh, what are you cooking, Mars?" Sailor Moon's tummy rumbled at the mere mention of food.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Mars shot back with a grin, "Get that child home and into some dry clothes. You'll both catch pneumonia standing around dripping wet." Turning, the Fire Scout ran off.

"Mars is right, we should get you home," Sailor Moon said, "Mercury, if there's any trouble with Rubeus' attack, I'll call you, 'kay?" Mercury nodded and walking closer, asked, "Can I talk to you for a second alone?" Sailor Moon shrugged, gave Rini a reassuring pat on the head, and walked off with the Blue Scout. A couple of minutes later, only Sailor Moon returned and held out her hand.

"Come on, Rini, let's go home." The little girl didn't waste any time in taking Sailor Moon's hand and it was even more of a relief when Sailor Moon picked her up. Moving off, she called out to Jupiter and Venus, "I'll see you guys later."

After a couple of minutes, Sailor Moon stopped and looked around. "Is he back?" Rini asked, her voice trembling.

"No, Pumpkin, old Rubble-head is gone." Setting Rini down, Sailor Moon grasped her locket and reverted back to Serena. The child gave a gasp of surprise, her red eyes large and round with shock.

"You... you're Sailor Moon?" Rini asked.

"Yes, and you can't tell anybody about it," Serena warned sternly, "Now come on, we need to get you home before you catch cold." Rini paused for seemed reluctant at first and then hopped up into Serena's arms.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Rini asked. She felt a little betrayed. Wanting to make sure Serena felt guilty, Rini made sure to wince when her bottom was pressed by Serena's arm.

"Oh Rini... that's a long story," Serena replied while moving off towards home.

The trip home was made as quickly as possible. Serena tried to tell Rini why she never revealed herself as Sailor Moon. The reasons seemed to satisfy the child who just hugged her neck and didn't talk.

When they did get home, Rini asked, "Do we gotta go in?"

"Don't you want to?"

"Auntie will be mad when you tell on me. I'll get inta trouble again."

"Don't worry about that, just let me handle it, 'kay?" Rini sighed. She'd probably be in for another spanking. "Hey, you trust Sailor Moon so trust me."

"Okay," Rini agreed reluctantly.

When they entered the house, Serena took her shoes off and called out a greeting. Irene came in from the kitchen and gave a little squeak of concern. "What on earth happened?!?" she demanded as she quickly moved down the hallway to inspect Rini.

"Rini wouldn't stay with me when I told her to. She had a little tumble and went into the lake."

Irene placed her hands on her hips and glared at Rini. "Little Miss, I thought I told you to listen to Serena." The little girl just sniffled. "I seem to remember telling you what would happen if..."

"Mom," Serena cut in, "I already had a long talk with Rini. Maybe we should get her a nice warm bath before she catches cold." Rini sneezed then to prove her cousin's point.

"All right, have her change in the bathroom though. I don't want water dripping on the carpets." Serena's stomach rumbled so she asked, "Have you two had any breakfast?"


"Well have a bath, and get warm first and then, I'll make you something nice and hot to eat."

"You're the best, Auntie!" Rini said with a little more energy and gave her "aunt" a smile as she was carried up the stairs.

Sitting Rini on the toilet lid, Serena started working on the wet laces of Rini's shoes. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Rini said, "You didn't have to lie to your mom."

"I didn't," her cousin replied, "I told the truth." Getting one shoe off, she started working on the other one. "You want a bubblebath?"

"Yeah, just start the water."

Serena paused in her work and looked at Rini. "Hey kiddo, you want to do this? I just thought these laces might be a little tough 'cuz they're wet."

To Serena's surprise, Rini started to softly cry. The child angrily wiped at her tears as she said, "How come you're being so nice? You knew I needed the Silver Crystal." Serena knelt and hugged Rini. "I want my mommy..." That fall had just been too close for comfort.

"I know, Rini," Serena replied while resuming her work on the other shoe, "But you know why I can't give it to you. Would you want your friends to be hurt by Rubeus?"

"No," Rini admitted. Sniffling a little, she rubbed her eyes and said, "Would you have a bath with me?"

"Well, I do need to shave... and I am cold," Serena replied, "Okay, but let's get you undressed first."

"Rini," Serena said as she sunk up to her neck in pink bubbles of the large bathtub, "I said don't worry about it."

"But Aunt Irene will think I'm a baby that doesn't know how to use the toilet." Rini was also up to her neck in pink bubbles and looking rather glum. "How'd you know about it anyway?" Serena hadn't acted surprised when they had seen the soiled underpants.

"Amy told me. Look, we'll just toss your underpants into the washer for a quick wash with mine and then put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Mom won't know you had brown streaks in 'em and she won't know that you got them because Rubeus dropped you from up in the air." Rini still looked glum so Serena added, "Cheer up, Rini. It's just between us girls. Mom 'n' Dad won't know anything 'bout it. Sammy's out of the house too."

"You don't have to watch out for me. Even if Auntie makes you."

"Of course I do. I'm Sailor Moon. I just can't let Rubeus think he can pick on you." Serena had pushed herself up and she was looking at her cousin thoughtfully. "I'm not happy about all the trouble you've caused but I wouldn't want to see you hurt." Rini held her nose and breath and slowly submerged under the layer of pink bubbles. Sighing, Serena stood up and rinsing herself off under the shower, got out.

"Well, guess I better shave before my tummy gets any louder." She felt like going down and telling Raye she still hadn't eaten. The Priestess wouldn't believe it.

Rini slowly came back up and noticed Serena was gone. Looking around the bathroom, she saw Serena using a razor. First under her arms and then along her legs. It fascinated Rini. It seemed almost like a dance. She felt a little ashamed in disturbing Serena so she slid down so only her eyes were peeking over the side of the tub. Serena's body was slim. Her frequent running to school and her Scout activities had given her a firm build and tight butt.

"Rini," Serena's voice made her jump, "What are you looking at?"

"How did you see me?"

"I saw you in the mirror," Serena answered and turned around. "So what's got ya so interested?" Rini blushed and sank back into the water again. She would have remained there until she was forced to breathe if Serena hadn't gently poked her in the ribs. "Time to get out or you'll turn into a prune, and you're sour enough as it is." Rini stuck her tongue out but did as she was told.

"Well?" Serena asked.

Rini got a towel and started drying herself. She paused to look Serena over. Her teenage cousin had curves and breasts and hair down there between her legs. It was easy to see the beginnings of womanhood.

Serena began shaving most of her golden pubic hair off. Dropping her towel, Rini wandered over and watched for a long time. Rini looked down at her own flat chest and curveless body.

"I wish I was older, then I could shave... 'n' have nice boobies like yours."

Pausing, Serena reached out and placed her hands on Rini's shoulders, "Don't worry, when you get older, you'll get your own."

"I'm never gonna get older," Rini whined.

"Sure you will."

Rini sulked silently; everybody was trying to keep her little. Glancing up she asked, "You promise?"

"Everybody grows up sometime. And when it's the right time for you, you'll know." Serena grimaced. "Yuck, I sound like Mom!" She had complained about the same thing to her not that long ago. Despite her mood, Rini giggled. Serena smiled and rumpled her cousin's pink hair. "Listen, I'm sorry I embarrassed you this morning."

Rini sighed and looked moodily at the ground for awhile. "I'm sorry too." Shuffling a little, she added, "Darien'll really think I'm a kid, huh?"

"Want me to talk to him for you?" Serena asked. Rini nodded, looking a little happier about the situation. "Come on, the sooner we're downstairs, the quicker we'll eat."

"Mooom!" Serena whined late that afternoon, "I don't need a babysitter!" She was fourteen years old, not some little kid like Rini. "And me and Rini won't fight, honest."

"Rini!" Irene called up the stairs, "Come down here please!" A couple of minutes past before Rini came down the stairs. "What were you doing?"

"Um... nothing," Rini replied, "Did you want somethin', Auntie?"

"Do you think you can behave with only Serena here? The babysitter couldn't come tonight. Or do you want me to see if you can stay at Melissa's?"

"Do I gotta go to Melissa's?" Rini asked. She wouldn't mind staying with Serena. She felt safe.

"No, you can stay with Serena... but she's in charge. You misbehave and Serena can punish you."

"Okay Auntie, I'll stay, if I don't have to eat Serena's cookin'."

"Listen here..." Serena began, caught the warning look from her mother. "Dad's giving us pizza money." Ken seemed mildly surprised by this but after his wife nudged him with her elbow, he fished out his wallet.

"Here's thirty dollars. Enough for pizza and ice cream for dessert. But I want the change, Serena." Serena pouted slightly. "Okay?"


"You two be good, and try not to kill each other," Irene implored before she and her husband left.

"So, short-stuff, what do you want on that pizza?"

"Um... surprise me," Rini said, "I gotta do something." Turning, she ran up the stairs.

Serena watched her go. "WAITAMINUTE!" Serena screeched, "What did you do?!?"

Serena sighed and blinked into the darkness. Ever since her aborted masturbation session earlier that evening, she had felt very edgy. And the more she thought about her state, the more worked up she got. Rini's presence was preventing her from doing anything about her situation.

Serena was also conscious of the tingling sensation that both she and Rini had felt while preparing for bed. Now though, it was stronger then ever and it intensified her sensitivity. Every little shift of her panties sent a shiver through her. Serena had nearly reached the point where she was willing to risk discovery when she felt Rini shifting beside her. After an enjoyable evening, her cousin had asked to be allowed to sleep in Serena's bed. Still worried about her, Serena had agreed.

"Hey Rini." The little girl's motions stopped and a pair of sleep filled eyes came around to look at Serena, "What's the matter?"

"My pajama top is tight."

"Musta shrunk. Well, undo a button or two. Either that or get out, I need my beauty sleep for my vacation."

"So do I!"

"Both of you settle down!" commanded a sleepy Luna. Rini did as Serena suggested and felt the tightness lessen.

After a moment, Serena sighed. She was wide-awake. "Want another story?"

"No... what about a hug?" Anything to get the kid to sleep; so Serena hugged her and after a moment or so, Rini was lightly snoring. Serena spent the next few minutes thinking about that day's events before finally falling asleep herself and began dreaming about Darien.

Morning brought some distressing realizations. Serena was smaller than she was the day before while Rini was bigger. This was easily judged from their pajamas. Serena's were looser than they should be and Rini's were tighter. Even worse was Serena found she no longer could fill her B-cup bra. Her breasts were probably barely A-cup now.

That was a beginning of a rough day for both girls. Serena pulled on a smaller pair of pink shorts and a tank top. Rini went with a pair of red shorts and one of Serena's smaller T-shirts. Thankfully, neither Irene nor Ken noticed any difference when both girls came down to eat breakfast.

"Mom?" Serena said, "Is it okay if me and Rini go over to Lita's?"

Irene smiled a little and said, "You're going to take Rini?" Serena nodded. "All right then, but be home for supper."

"Okay Auntie," Rini replied. She felt a little disappointed at being told to come home for supper but maybe if she and Serena got along, they could con Irene into letting them stay longer.

Breakfast went fairly smoothly with Irene commenting that they'd likely have to get Rini a new swimsuit. She also commented that maybe she should pull out some of Serena's older summer clothing for Rini to wear. While Rini shoved cereal into her mouth, Serena shoved a piece of

toast into hers.

As they started walking towards Lita's, Rini was mildly disappointed that Serena couldn't carry her. The sudden growth, for that's what she had obviously done, had vanished. She could tell that Serena was bothered, and the thought that Rubeus had done something to Sailor Moon was rather sobering to the little girl. Rini took Serena's hand and they made their way to Lita's apartment in silence.

"Hey, you two!" Lita greeted them after answering their knock, "What's got your meatballs in a knot this early in the morning?" Both Serena and Rini blinked.

"You can't tell?" Serena asked.

"Tell what?" Lita scowled at her for a long moment and then gave her a surprised looked, "Holy cow!"

"You're tellin' me," Serena replied darkly. She entered Lita's apartment and heaved a sigh, "Call Amy and get her over here pronto."

"Maybe we should go to the temple."

"NO!" Serena said sharply and crossed her arms over her chest. "Raye and Mina don't need to know. Please Lita, just call Amy."

"Are you sure, Ames?!" Serena whined an hour or so later, "Maybe you did it wrong."

"Serena," Amy said with some exasperation, "I did not do it wrong. You and Rini have aged. Rini is about nine and you are about twelve, or maybe, just shy of thirteen. My first scans show that you are regressing and Rini is progressing... and the process is continuing."

"I DON'T WANNA LOSE MY BREASTS!" Serena wailed. They seemed to be what Darien liked best about her body.

Lita allowed her friend to wail for a moment and then said, "Serena, is that all you can think about?!?" Serena quieted and sniffled. "Rini is growing up and if Ames is right, she's gonna hit that time and not know what the heck is going on." Serena blinked in confusion.


"Yeah, you know," Lita flushed, "puberty and all that stuff?"

"Lita's right," Amy added, "Maybe you should have 'The Talk' with Rini... just in case."

"'The Talk?'" Serena queried. She was still wondering how she was going to break the news to Darien that her breasts were shrinking. During her last check, they seemed no more than AA-cup in size. If she got any younger, he'd have to wait that much longer. "Amy, you gotta stop this!"

"Serena," Amy said, "I'll need to do some research but we were talking about Rini."

Serena looked around and noticed for the first time that Rini wasn't there. "Where is she?" Serena asked.

"I think she went to the bathroom," Lita replied, "Amy's right. You need to have 'The Talk' with Rini like today."

Serena sat thinking about what Lita and Amy were saying for a long moment and then blushed. "Me... b-but I'm not her mom. I could get Mom to do it if you think it's important."

"Honestly, sometimes I think Raye is right," Amy countered, "Serena, you can't involve your mom in this. You know that perfectly well."

"Then you do it." Amy shook her head. "Why not?"

"Serena, you need to do this," Amy said firmly.

"Lita, can we use your bedroom?" Lita nodded. "Okay..." Serena reluctantly agreed, got up, and headed for the bathroom. "Rini?" she called out while tapping on the door, "Sweetie, are you done in there?" After a long moment, the door opened. "What's the matter?" Serena asked as a very glum looking Rini came out.

"Nothin'," Rini replied.

"Come on, Sweetheart, we need to talk," Serena said and taking Rini's hand, led her into Lita's room and shut the door.

"Am I in trouble?" Rini asked.

"Nah." Kneeling, Serena stroked her cousin's seemingly longer hair and smiled. "I just wanna talk about a few things. That okay?"

"Are they important?"

Serena gave Rini a concerned look. "Rini, what's wrong?"

"I thought I was bigger," Rini sniffled out.

"You are. Amy was just telling me you're nine."

"But it won't work!"

"What won't work?" Serena asked puzzled. Rini glanced downwards. Serena was puzzled for another moment before her eyes widened. Taking Rini by the hand, she led the little girl over to the bed and sat down. "Rini, you aren't old enough yet. Does it hurt?" Rini shook her head and looked sad.

"How old do I have to be?"

"Well... that's what I wanted to talk to you about." Rini lifted her head and stared at Serena in surprise. Serena tried to remember how her mom explained this to her a few years ago. "See Rini," Serena began, "everybody is different. And boys are different from girls."

"I know that," Rini said testily.

Serena grinned for a moment. "I don't just mean that they have a penis. I mean they go through puberty at different times."

"What's that?"

"Well puberty is when your body changes. You know how you wanted boobies?" Serena giggled and wondered if Amy would scold her for not using the proper words.


"Well, I bet Lita was as flat as you when she was your real age."

"You mean when she was seven?" Rini asked.

"Yep, and then when she got older, puberty came along and now look at how big she is." Rini's eyes widened in awe.



"What else does it do?"

Serena considered what else to tell Rini and decided to give her a warning first. "Rini, when you start to change, boys will start looking at you funny. They'll think you're very pretty." Rini smiled. "But don't ever let a boy touch your privates, and don't let them be alone with you."

Rini seemed confused and a little upset. "But you let Darien..."

Serena sighed. "I trust Darien, and we both love each other." Giving it a little more thought, she added, "I just don't want a boy to hurt you, Rini. Darien and I make each other feel good but we don't have sex. I'm not old enough for that."

"Sex... is that when you make a baby?" Rini asked with a slight scowl. Serena grinned and pulled Rini to sit down beside her. She had thought this would be a chore but if Rini was going to go through puberty, she didn't want Rini to be scared.

"I tell you what, I need to tell you some other stuff first. Then you can ask questions okay?" Rini nodded. It seemed fair enough to her.

Fifteen minutes later, Rini was sitting cross-legged and looking a little awed. "So I got a pee hole, a poop hole, and a baby hole?" she asked, more for reassurance than anything else. When Serena nodded, Rini grinned. "Thanks for tellin' me, Serena." This was the first time of her life she didn't feel treated like a little kid. Serena leaned forward and hugged Rini. "You're welcome, sweetheart. I just don't want you to get hurt." She gave the younger girl a serious look and added, "I want you to promise me something."


"Amy says it isn't stoppin' so you're gonna get older. Just... just promise me that you won't have sex."

"You don't want me to make myself happy?"

Serena chuckled. "No, Rini, I don't mean that. Didn't ya understand when I explained it?" Rini couldn't think what Serena had said; her mind was so full of the other stuff they had talked about. She told Serena. The older girl just smiled and repeated it again.

Rini sat for a long time before she nodded, "I promise... least 'til I'm old enough."

"Good girl." Rini smiled and hugged Serena. "Rini, why don't you go help Lita with lunch. Then we can all go shopping for swimsuits."

"'Kay." Giggling, the two girls hopped from the bed and ran out of the room. Serena smiled and then slipped quietly into the bathroom. Lita noticed her and smiled. Serena returned the smile but didn't make any comment.

Locking the door, Serena undressed and moved to the toilet where she perched nervously. Cupping one of her much smaller breasts in one hand, she slowly started massaging the nipple. After a moment, she only felt the smallest of sensations. Taking the other nipple in her free hand, she tried to relax, to sink into the stimulation that she had known before.

At one point, Serena thought that she had lost the ability to masturbate but slowly the fire began to grow; painfully slow, it grew and seemed but a flickering flame.

Moving one hand from her breast, she started stimulating her clitoris and was again disappointed by the absence of the missing stimulation. When finally it came, Serena felt tired and worn out. The orgasm she had was like a mushed up cookie. She'd take it but would have preferred a freshly baked one.

Sighing, Serena cleaned up and washed. Then quickly dressing, she slipped from the bathroom to find the others waiting for her.

"I thought you fell down the hole," Rini replied, "Come on, I'm hungry!" Serena tried not to blush as Lita gave her a knowing look. Her stomach smelt food though and wouldn't let anything interfere with its worship of Lita's cooking.

"I wonder where Serena is?" Rini said late that afternoon, "Auntie told us to be home for supper."

"She'll be here, Rini," Lita assured her. Serena had begged off going shopping, much to the surprise of Lita and Amy and to the disappointment of Rini. "You know her and Darien." She chuckled and Rini made a sour face.

Another few moments passed when a knock came. Rini scurried over to the door and opened it. "Serena?!?"

"Rini?!?" Serena replied.

Lita and Amy came over to see what was so shocking and stopped dead. Both Serena and Rini were the same height. Amy started another scan and nodded.

"I thought so," she mumbled out. Rini pulled Serena inside and looked at her worriedly.

"What happened, Serena? Didn't you see Darien?"

"I did," Serena said softly, "But... he didn't have any time for me." She could tell that he had rejected her, not because he was busy but because of her immature body. She had decided to take a long walk around the park. "You've grown some more," Serena observed, "I hope you didn't waste your money on a bathing suit. You'd probably outgrow it." Serena's own clothes appeared several sizes too large and hung loosely on her.

"I can use my Luna Ball to make it fit," Rini said, "I did it to my clothes." She twirled around. "I better do it to yours too."

"How old am I, Ames?" Amy appeared as tall as Lita used to appear to her.

"Eleven, maybe eleven and a half. Rini is ten. I suspected this would happen."

"Can you stop it?" Serena asked hopefully. When Amy shook her head, Serena sighed.

"Come on, we better fix your clothes and run... or Auntie will be mad at us," Rini said and grabbing Serena's hand, pulled her towards the bedroom.

"Thanks for taking her shopping, guys!" Serena called over her shoulder before she disappeared into the bedroom and the door was shut.

Later that evening as the girls were dressing for bed, Serena turned to Rini and asked, "What'd you do to them this afternoon?" It had been strange being Sammy's twin.

"I just made them think this is real," Rini replied, "I mean that you're eleven and their daughter and I'm ten and your cousin." And best friend but she didn't mention that.

"I guess I should sleep in my own bed."


"Because... 'Cuz I'm supposed to be ten," Rini replied and then sighed, "But I just look it." Even though she found growing up at this speed to be something she had always hoped for, she still felt unsure and scared.

Serena seemed to sense this and smiled. "You can stay here, Rini, if you want to. The bed might be a little crowded but I won't mind."

"Thanks Serena," Rini replied and giving her same aged cousin a hug, slipped under the covers. Serena followed after turning out the lights.

"I thought Mom was going to spank you," Serena said after a moment or so, "What did you do to Sammy anyway?"

Rini blushed and was glad for the darkness. "I wanna forget that," she replied, "Auntie said that if I did anythin' like that again, I'd really get it. Even if I was ten." They both lay in the darkness for a long time before Rini asked, "Serena, was Darien mean to you?"

For a long time, there was silence and then Serena replied, "To him, I'm just a little kid now." Serena thought about her breasts, which were only small bumps now. Rini seemed to sense the tears in Serena's eyes. And as Serena started to cry, Rini turned away. "Rini..." Serena began.

"Sammy was right... I shoulda never stuck up for you."

Part 3


The call jolted Serena out of her slumber. Sitting up, she scrubbed at her face with an oversized pajama sleeve. "Hmm... wha?" the sleepy preteen asked.

"What happened to you?!" Luna demanded sternly, "And what happened to Rini?!" Serena turned at the last question and gave a little gasp. Rini was bigger now. It was obvious that she had started budding as she approached the onset of puberty. Panicked, Serena glanced downward and gave a whine of protest.

"They gotta be here!" Serena wailed as she patted her flat chest and bleakly realizing that she, yet again, had lost part of herself.

"What's goin' on?" Rini asked groggily. Serena didn't answer; instead, she threw back the covers and ran from the room. Sitting up, Rini rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched.

"Please!" Luna scolded, "Have some modesty... and tell me what's going on!"

Rini looked blank for a moment and then felt the cool morning air graze across her skin. Looking down, she felt a slow smile cross her face as she noticed the starts of mounds forming on her chest where there had been none before. "Radical..." she said, lifting a hand to brush her new breasts. "Are they real?" She gave a mild yelp as she pinched a nipple. Giggling, she did it again. It was not the pain more than the strange new sensation that the action was generating.

"Rini! Stop that!" Luna scolded, "And cover yourself up." Reluctantly Rini did so but she couldn't help but smile. Before Luna could ask any more questions, Serena came back into the room looking very glum. "What is the matter with you, besides you not being the right size?"

"It don't work," Serena said as she flopped onto the bed. She felt like crying but simply pulled a pillow over her head.

"What doesn't work?" Luna wondered.

"Mine didn't either," Rini said, "But I bet it does now!" She stifled her giggle as Serena glared at her. "Yours will when you get older," she said repeating what Serena had told her the day before.

It took Luna another few minutes to retrieve the information out of the two girls. While Rini seemed to be ecstatic about the changes, Serena was looking dejected. Luna wasn't too happy herself. "Why didn't you tell me about this before?"

"'Cuz," Serena grumbled, "Nothing happened the first night and you were gone last night." The feline seemed mollified by this explanation. "Look, I'm majorly hungry." Getting up, Serena began to dress. She was about don her bra on when she sadly realized she no longer needed one. Flinging it onto the bed, she pulled a T-shirt over her head with a disgusted sigh. After poking her head through the neck hole, she noticed Rini trying on the discarded bra. "Give me that!" Angrily, she snatched it away from her cousin and shoved it into a drawer.

"What'd you do that for?!?"

"You don't need one and besides, it's too big for you."

"I could get Luna Ball to shrink it."

"Forget it," Serena retorted, "That's my bra and it'll only hold up my breasts!"

"Yeah, like you got any," Rini grumbled out.

Serena finished pulling the T-shirt on and noticed it was loose, even looser than what it would've been the day before. "Hey Rini, I'm sorry. You can wear it if you want."

"Maybe I shouldn't. Auntie might notice."

"Well if she thinks you should wear one, then you can have it."

"Thanks," Rini said with a grin. Pulling on a tank top, she asked, "Can I wear these?" They were a pair of Serena's shorts. "I gotta shrink them though." Serena shrugged. Grinning, Rini pulled those on and then headed out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Luna asked.

"I gotta pee," Rini replied.

"I'll go with you," Luna said and headed for the door, "To make sure that's all you do." Serena gave Rini a confused look while the other girl blushed.

"What do you have planned for today, girls?" Irene asked as she cleared the dishes from the table. Serena and Rini were more like best friends than cousins from what she could tell. She was glad than Rini was able to come for an extended visit.

"I thought we might go over to Lita's," Serena answered around a piece of toast.

"Again?" her mother asked, "Maybe you should find something else to do today." She hated to impose on Lita again. Lita was a teen, after all, and these two are definitely a handful.

"Like what?" Rini asked.

"There are chores that need to be done. And I think maybe a little shopping trip."

"Shopping?" Serena perked up, "Whatcha gonna buy, Mom?"

Irene grinned and said, "I think somebody needs a training bra." She grinned at Rini who smiled shyly. "Are you okay, dear?" she asked Serena.

"Yeah fine. So what are these chores? I mean it's summer time. I should be at the beach, or readin' comics."

"What I want you to do," her mother said pointedly, "Is clean your room. It's an absolute mess. I went in there to get the sheets for the laundry and I could hardly find the bed!" Serena rolled her eyes before glaring at Rini.

"You think that's funny, huh young lady? Well, you're gonna help too."

"Am not!" Rini replied, "I'm gonna go to Darien's."

"You'll help Serena, or you can work on your own room," Irene countered, "Just because you've been spending time in Serena's room doesn't mean yours is clean either, Rini." Now it was Serena's turn to laugh. "Why don't you two help each other. You'll get both done faster and have more time for fun."

"Whatcha say?"

"'Kay," Rini agreed reluctantly. She had wanted to go see Darien.

Serena wiped her forehead as she turned the vacuum cleaner off. She noticed her hair was a little over half its normal length. "Oh, I'm so hungry!" Her mother hadn't let her stop for something to eat and the candy bar that she had hidden was gone. Apparently Luna had snarfed it down.

"It's almost lunchtime," Rini replied as she tugged at her tight blouse.

"Getting bigger, huh?"

"Yeah, you're getting smaller too."

"Don't remind me," Serena said with a sour look. "I bet you're about eleven now."

"Did you always eat a lot?" Rini asked as she hung up one of

Serena's skirts.

"I don't eat a lot!" Serena protested and then grinned, "Well... okay, so I go overboard... sometimes... At least, that's what everybody tells me."

"No, I meant when you were little."

"Don't think so, why?"

"I'm hungry too. I mean extra hungry."

"You're a growin' girl," Serena observed and giggled. Rini giggled too. "Hey about last night, thanks."

"Sammy really shouldn't pick on you."

"You did."

"But that ain't the same!" Rini protested. "Do you think Auntie Irene really meant what she said? I need a trainin' bra?" Serena nodded. "Can I have yours then?" She scowled as Serena shook her head. "Why not?"

Serena put down the stack of comics she had picked up and walked around to where Rini stood. She had to look up to meet her cousin's eyes and a pang of despair shot through her. Forcing it away, she said, "Rini, getting your first bra is special. I remember Mom taking me to get mine. I know you don't have your mom here but I think my mom taking you will be just as special."

Rini's face shifted from a smile to a stricken look. "Hey kiddo, don't worry, I said I'd help your mom." Rini just shook her head. "What's the matter?" Serena asked concerned.

"I... I think I peed." Serena gave her a curious look. "I ain't sure though." Blushing, Rini carefully lowered her shorts and let out a small cry. "I'm bleeding!"

Serena's eyes enlarged. Her emotions battled within her but seeing the fear in Rini's eyes, she tried to calm herself. "Rini, it'll be okay."


"Listen, remember our talk yesterday?" Her cousin nodded. "It just might be your period. Pull up those shorts and come to the bathroom and then, I'll get Mom." Rini was distressed and Serena was as well. Coming out into the hall, she called out for her mother while gently moving her cousin towards the washroom. Hearing Rini sniffle, Serena gave her a smile and said, "Don't worry, it'll be okay." But the appearance of her mother was reassuring to Serena.

A while later, Irene sat on Serena's bed and hugged Rini reassuringly. "It's okay, Rini."

"I know, Auntie," Rini said softly, "I was scared." She smiled as Irene hugged her again.

"You're going to become a very beautiful lady. This is the start of womanhood."

Rini was confused but she couldn't help but blushing a little at her aunt's comments. Irene smiled down at her niece and a longing for her mother ran through her. She glanced over at her daughter on the other side of her. Serena turned her face away, blushing herself, but Rini saw Serena's clenched fists. Irene noticed this as well and giving Rini one more hug, said, "I remember you saying something about going over to Lita's. Why don't you go and phone her, Rini."

"Can we stay the night, Aunt Irene?"

"Yes, if Lita says it's okay. Now go phone her."

"Thanks Auntie!" Rini got up and happily skipped from the room. Serena moved to follow her cousin but her mother caught her arm and gently settled her back onto the bed.

"What?" Serena said sharply. Her mother didn't say anything. She simply got up and closed the bedroom door. Coming back over, she sat down on the bed again before wrapping her arm around Serena.

"Don't be mad at Rini. She can't help when her body changes."

"I know, Mom," Serena said sulkily.

"You aren't much younger than Rini. I think you won't have too long to wait for yours." Serena didn't have any answer she could give. Even in her current mood, Serena felt a little better now that her mother was giving her a hug. "Serena, sweetie, I don't think Rini will tease you. You're still good friends." When Serena, yet again, didn't respond, Irene added, "What if we get you a training bra too? Would you like that?"

"No," Serena replied sullenly, "Even that would be a lie."

"So you gonna go to Darien's?" Serena asked as she and Rini walked down the street later that day. The sun was, once again, shining brightly in the clear blue sky.

"Nah, I wanna come with you to Lita's," Rini replied and reached up to adjust her new training bra, "Maybe Amy'll know how to stop this." Luna, who was riding on Serena's shoulder, couldn't believe her ears.

"You wouldn't want this to stop," Serena accused her.

"Well, no. But it doesn't mean I want you to get littler though."


Luna's movement caused Serena to wince. "Luna, have you been putting on weight? You're gettin' heavy."

Luna hopped off on to the ground. "Serena! It's because you're regressing."

"Oh... Right."

The trio walked in silence for another few moments before Serena asked, "Why did you want a sleepover?" Her cousin shrugged. "I guess it'll be better than having to put up with that weasel Sammy." He was bad enough as a younger brother. She wasn't sure she could handle him as an older one. He already seemed more aggressive than usual.

"Come on, Serena, cheer up. It can't be all bad."

"I guess you're right. I just wish Luna wouldn't make me tell Raye 'n' Mina. I'll never hear the end of it."

"Now Serena," Luna chided, "You're still Sailor Moon."

"That's right!" Rini added in with pride.

"I don't think you give Raye and Mina the credit they deserve."

"But Raye'll try and take over."

Luna blinked and turning her head to look at Serena, asked, "Is that what you're worried about?" Serena nodded. "Mina's always been loyal, and so has Lita. I know Amy went with Raye when you two were fighting over it before but I don't think she will this time. And I don't think Raye will either."

"She'd better not!" Rini said sternly, "You're Sailor Moon. Just 'cause you're lazy and a crybaby and a klutz and a pig..."

"HEY! Who are you calling a pig?!" Serena demanded. Rini giggled and ran past Serena. "Come back here, you little spore!"

"I might be a spore but I'm not little anymore!" Rini called over her shoulder. She grinned again as she heard Serena protest before running after her. As least her cousin wasn't so miserable looking now. They arrived at Lita's breathless but happy.

"So, you two, I see you shrunk."

"Thanks Lita," Serena said sarcastically. "Is Amy here?"

"Yeah, what's the rush?"

"We get scanned, and then we go get ice cream!"

"After we talk with Mina and Raye," Luna reminded her charge. Serena pouted but didn't offer any further protest.

"Hey, two short-stuffs!" Mina declared with a grin, "What a surprise this is!" For some reason, Raye hadn't seemed all that surprised.

"I gotta better surprise!" Rini piped up.

"What would that be, Pumpkin?"

"Don't you dare," Serena hissed.

"I got my first period today!" Rini declared. Everyone, including Amy looked shocked.

"Interesting..." Amy murmured.

"Uh oh..." Lita said in a mock whisper, "You're in for it now, Rini. Amy's got that mad scientist look in her eye."

"Oh hush!" Amy retorted. She took both Serena and Rini by the hand and dragged them towards Lita's bedroom.

Sometime later, Raye appeared angry while Mina appeared hurt. "If you can't trust us, then maybe you shouldn't be leader!" Raye snarled angrily. Folding her arms, she glared down at the nine year old looking Serena.

"This is why I didn't tell you!" Serena whined, "You're always so mean to me!"

"Meatball Head!"

"Flame Butt!"

Raye sprang forward from her position. She was starting to grab a hold of Serena when Mina intervened. "Raye, cool off girlfriend."

"Why should I?" Raye asked while glaring.

"She's just a little kid," Mina explained.

"Am not!" Serena shouted.

"Sounds like it!" Raye retorted.

Before anyone could say anything else, Luna yelled for silence. "Now, Amy, have you had time to come up with anything?"

"It appears," Amy began, "That whatever Rubeus did is affecting them biologically... at least. My data indicates that Serena and Rini's rate of change is decreasing."

"Huh?" the group questioned.

"Serena is nine, or almost nine by now. Rini is approximately twelve and half."

"Yeah, so?" Lita prompted

"So... I would have thought Serena would be much younger and Rini much older based on my observations yesterday."

"It'll stop?" asked Serena hopefully.

"It appears so."

Amy seemed ready to launch into further explanation when Rini came into the room. She was naked from the waist up and holding a bra in her hands. "Somebody help me put this stupid thing on!" The others stared. Artemis was crushed as Mina rushed to cover his eyes. Luna sounded like a motorboat.

"Rini!" Serena said while blushing slightly, "Cover yourself up!"

"Why?" Rini asked while looking down at herself, "I just can't get this thing on."

"Come here," Serena ordered. Rini obeyed and walked over to her cousin. Serena reached up and realized she was too short. "Get down here!" Giggling, Rini complied. "Why did you take it off in the first place?"

"It hurt... My training bra was too tight," Rini complained.

"But it'll still be tight."

"Nuhuh! This is one of your old ones," Rini replied. The label said 30B so she was right. Serena laughed nervously for a moment and then helped Rini put the bra on.

"I think we need to talk about modesty," Luna said sternly.

"No way!" Serena cried, "Now we go out for ice cream."

"At least have Rini go put on a top."

"Come on, Rini," Lita said, "Go put something on before Luna has a heart attack."

Rini gulped the last of her ice cream down hungrily. Sitting back, she rubbed her stomach for a moment before belching. "Yummy!" She dug into her pocket but pouted, "Awww... nuts!"

"Whatsa matter?" Lita asked.

"Outta cash."

"You want more?" Raye asked in surprise.

"Her energy requirements seemed to have increased with her body mass," Amy said.

"Yeah whatever, Ames," Mina said.

"Hey Serena," Rini asked, "Can I have some more money?"

"Gwory," Serena mumbled through a mouthful of ice cream, "I'm busted too."

Rini sighed heavily; she was still hungry. Well, not really hungry, she just wanted something else. "I'm gonna go see Darien," Rini said while standing. Serena mumbled something around another tasty mouthful but didn't look up.

"Come back to my place afterwards," Lita said, "And don't be too long, or you'll miss dinner."

"Like you would make her go without," Mina countered.

"I certainly would! If she doesn't have the sense enough to come and eat my cooking, then she should go hungry." Rini giggled and left.

Darien was in a moment of self-indulgence when he heard a knock at the door. Sighing with some annoyance, he stood up from the bed, pulled on some clothing, and left the room. Unnoticed, he was still carrying the pornographic magazine he had been gazing at.

"Who is it?"

"RINI!" was the reply. It was followed shortly afterwards by a giggle.

It was Rini's voice but different -- lower than normal. Opening the door, Darien's mouth dropped open as he noticed how large Rini now was. "You like?"

"Uh... yeah, you look older." Rini smiled and walked into the apartment. He stared as Rini walked into the living room. She was taller than Serena had been and definitely more curvy. Rini blushed a little when she noticed Darien was gawking at her. "You got me in trouble with my super," he said, more to distract her than because he was angry.

"Oh yeah..." Her blush deepened.

That once well-spanked bottom had grown bigger but he bet it was still firm. Another part of him was growing bigger at the thought. Giving a small shake, he walked into the living room and carelessly tossed the magazine onto the coffee table.

"So this is what Rubeus did to you?"

"Yep!" Rini replied and hopped onto the couch. She pulled Darien to sit beside her and was happy to find he didn't seem mad. "I'm sorry if I got you in trouble, Darien."

"Did you get Serena into trouble?" Maybe that was why he had only seen her the once since the attack. It was just as well though. He shot the occasional glances at Rini's breasts which he couldn't help but notice. They were as large as Serena's, maybe even larger.

"No. Meatball Head and I get along okay now."

"I'm glad to hear that," Darien said and snaked an arm around Rini's shoulder. She seemed pleased by this so she leaned against him.

"Are you Tuxedo Mask?" Darien didn't respond, "Darien?"


"Are you Tuxedo Mask?"


Rini shifted. She could feel the bra pressing into her sensitive flesh. "I know Serena's Sailor Moon." She noticed one of his hands on her right breast. Smiling, she asked, "Darien, do you like my boobies?"

"What?!?" Darien asked. He jerked his hand away and looked ashamed.

"What's the matter?"

"Um... nothing," Darien responded, "Uh, how about some food?"

"Sure!" Darien looked relieved and went into the kitchen.

The next few hours passed quickly. Rini ate some food and tried to watch television. She was aware of Darien watching her and she enjoyed that. It was annoying though because every time it seemed like Darien would be willing to do something, he would pull back.

Sometime later, Rini was, once again, feeling uncomfortable. Her clothes were getting very tight. She was also annoyed. Darien was obviously interested in her but he kept acting strange anytime she pointed out her new body.

"Don't you like me anymore?"

"Of course."

"Then what's wrong?"

"Well... I er... I mean you... I don't know how to say this."

"You think I'm a little kid!" Rini huffed hotly as she stood up.

"No, it's just that... well... How old did you say you were?"

"I bet I'm already thirteen." Stepping over the coffee table, Rini turned and shoved out her chest. "And I bet I'm even bigger than Serena!" Darien was at a loss for words. Rini could feel the strain of both her shirt and bra pressing against her.

"It isn't that, Rini," Darien began.

"Then what?"

"Serena would be mad."

"But I'm a big girl now!"

Darien warred with his emotions while Rini glared at him. Something had to give, and it did. At first it was a soft sound and then, it grew louder. Darien watched in a mixture of horror and eager delight as Rini's growth spurt caused her shirtfront to rip open, and then, ever so slowly, caused her strained bra to snap and slide downward.

"Look, now I really am bigger than Serena!" Rini's voice was happy as she pulled away the loose shirtfront and looked down at her now exposed 34C breasts. Dropping both useless items to the floor, she turned to give Darien a better look.

"Let me close the blinds," Darien said and moved to do that. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to thank Rubeus for doing this or kill him. "You are bigger than Serena." She even gave Raye some competition.

"I wonder if..." Rini began. Stopping, she discarded the rest of her clothing and smiled. "I even got a little hair." Darien thought he was going to explode seeing the pink hair between her legs.

Rini walked along the streets towards Lita's. She had a smile on her face that stretched from ear to ear. She was wearing one of Darien's sweatshirts and its course material rubbed pleasantly against her erect nipples as she walked. While she hadn't been able to get him to play with her like he did with Serena, she had gotten a good look at him. It had been easy enough and now she knew his secret. Darien loved breasts. His magazine had been full of large breasted women.

She decided she would take a shower when she got to Lita's apartment. Not only because she had never showered before, and was certainly big enough now, but she was sweaty. Despite not really doing anything at Darien's, she was feeling a little hot but she attributed that to the summer heat. His sweatshirt was also making her sweaty.

When she arrived at Lita's, Rini discovered that Serena was not in the best of moods. And that mood grew even worse when Serena noticed Rini wearing one of Darien's sweatshirts. Raye took off soon after Rini arrived, claiming she had some "errands" to run.

"Was Raye picking on you?"

"Yes," Serena snapped, "I'm glad you didn't let Darien see you change." Rini was relieved it wasn't a question. She sighed. "I hope Darien isn't too mad at you. I tried to talk to him before."

"No," Rini said reassuringly. "He did ask 'bout you though." That seemed to cheer Serena up. She turned to Lita. "When's dinner?"

"It's almost ready. Why?"

"I was gonna try your shower... I mean if you wouldn't mind."

Lita chuckled. "Knock yourself out, kiddo, but Serena should show you how it works. I don't think you've ever taken a shower before."

Rini had when she was smaller but her mother had held her then so she didn't really count that. "Nope."

"Maybe Serena can have one too and give us some peace and quiet," Luna suggested.

"Hey... What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means if you and Raye go at it again anytime soon, I'm going to hurt someone!"

Rini gave a giggle of delight as the shower washed over her back and then through her long pink hair. She could feel the water running down her skin. "Rini," Serena said. Rini opened her eyes and looked down at the eight year old or so Serena who was sitting in the tub. "You can hold the showerhead in your hand. That way you don't have to crouch down under it."

Rini seemed mildly surprised by this. After Serena told her how to remove the showerhead so it could be held, Rini forgot about her little cousin. Serena really didn't need a bath. She was just using it as an excuse to hide from the others. At least that's what Rini thought.

Moving the showerhead, Rini hummed softly as it glided over her kin like a hundred tiny fingers. A sensation, almost like electricity, hot through her as the water caressed her breasts. Shivering a little, he slowly moved the water back across and felt the sensation again. Smiling a little, she ran it over her flat tummy and felt a ticklish sensation.

She went further, allowing the water to splash against her mons pubis and outer labia. The sensation was stirring. Raising the showerhead slowly up, she returned to the almost electrifying sensation hat she had experienced when she had run the water over her breasts.

"Rini, don't waste all the water," Serena said gently.

"'Kay," Rini said with a little reluctance but shut the water off and replaced the showerhead. After a moment's pause, Rini brought her ands to both her nipples and started gently brushing them. They were already erect from her pervious activities. She no longer cared if Serena was there with her or not. Ever so slowly, she continued to rub and as she rubbed them, she could feel the heat building up below. Pinching her one nipple gently, she ran her hand down her stomach, then over her mons pubis with its fine hair that had once not been there.

As the world faded, she slipped a finger past both labia. Remembering what Serena had told her, she found her urethra. Slowly she drew her finger upwards and even that was stimulating. She felt a mild sensation ripple through her body. Upwards she searched until she found her clitoris. That sensitive nub. And as she brushed her finger across it, the heat within her doubled.

First slowly, for she was unsure, she stroked both clitoris and breasts. And then as the sensations grew and she became sure of what to expect, she increased her efforts. At first she tried to go as fast as she could but something, someone told her to slow down.

First one and then another finger joined in stimulating herself. The heat climbed and Rini became aware of a scent. It was something like she had smelled when Serena had done this, but yet it was different.

Her hand at her vagina was slick with her lubricant. Her breathing was rapid. It seemed as if her entire body was on fire. The scent of her arousal hung heavy in the air and only increased the pleasure she felt. And then, finally, her first orgasm hit. It washed over her like a tsunami as her muscles locked.

As she sank into that happy afterglow, her body slid into the warm bath water and she sighed contentedly. Saltiness touched her lips and she knew she was crying. And then there was a gentle touch.

Opening her eyes, she saw Serena looking up at her, a soft smile on her face. Rini moved to speak but couldn't. The glow would have faltered but Serena seemed happy.

"Are you mad?"

"No," Serena said and gave her a quick hug before climbing out of the tub. "I can tell you liked it." Serena hoped soon she would soon be doing it again herself.

"I did!" Rini would have begun again but Serena reached out a hand and stopped her. "What?"

"Relax a little. Do you want the others to find out?" Rini shook her head. "I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have watched but..." She blushed and looked away.

"That's okay," Rini said, "I watched you too." Giggling, she covered her mouth. Her eyes wide. Serena seemed surprised. Climbing out, Rini got a towel and started drying Serena off.

"What are you doing?"

"You dried me off when I was little." Serena was too tired to argue so she let Rini dry her off. Sleepily she pulled on her, formerly Rini's, pajamas and headed out to see the others. Rini wanted to stay behind but she didn't want to explain what she had been doing. She quickly changed for bed and went with Serena.

As Rini drifted off to sleep, she thought back to that wonderful experience. Maybe Amy would take some time to figure out a solution so she could experience it again.

Part 4

Serena was jostled awake. She stirred and sat up. Apparently it was still early, for while the sun had risen, Lita had not. She was about to go back to sleep when she heard a gasping noise. Thinking it was because Rini's top was too tight once again, she turned to shake her cousin awake and froze.

Rini's sleeping bag was flung open. Serena noticed Rini's pajama top was unbuttoned exposing her enlarged breasts. She noticed as well that Rini's pajama bottoms and panties were piled up at the bottom of the sleeping bag. What had really given Serena pause was that Rini was gasping and, occasionally, grunting due to her actions.

Flushing, Serena turned away from her cousin who was masturbating. She pulled a pillow over her head, trying to block out Rini's ragged breaths as she climbed higher and higher towards orgasm. Serena shifted away as she was jabbed with Rini's elbow as her teenage cousin caressed one of her firm large breasts and then stimulated the erect nipple. And finally, Serena tried to ignore the musky odor that was filling the air about her. Envy entered Serena's mind as she longed for the feelings Rini was experiencing next to her.

She heard Rini give an almost strangled yell and saw the larger body's back arch as muscles tightened. And when it was over, Rini was laying, breathing shallowly, totally exhausted from her activities. Her honey nectar ran from her womanhood and seeped into the sleeping bag.

After a moment or so, Serena hissed, "Rini, cover yourself up!" Rini jerked away and stared at Serena.

"I didn't know you were awake."

"You woke me up," Serena said softly, "Come on, do you want Lita wondering what you were doing in her living room?" Rini blushed and drew the sleeping bag across to cover her nakedness. Serena looked seriously at Rini and said, "You should be careful where you do that."

"But it was sooooo good," Rini countered. She couldn't even imagine these wonderful feelings a scant two days ago. It would be very difficult to give them up for years when she became a little girl again.

Rini was almost ready to begin anew when she noticed one hand was sticky and moist. Bringing it to her face, she first sniffed it and could smell her own musky scent. Before Serena could stop her, she put one of her fingers in her mouth and sucked on it for a moment. She noticed Serena looking at her intently so she stuck out her hand. "Wanna taste?"

"RINI!" Serena protested with a mildly disgusted look. She glanced towards Lita's bedroom and then back at her cousin. "Like I was saying. You've got to be more careful. Masturbating is something that you do in private."

"But you and Darien..."

"That's different. Did I do what you were doing when you slept in my bed?" Rini shook her head. "No, and you know that I try to make sure I'm alone, right?"


"I'm not trying to stop you, Rini," Serena soothed, "But what you were doing is a very personal thing."

"So what do you and Darien do?" Rini asked in confusion.

"It's called 'petting'."

"So you only do that when there's another person?"

"There could be more than one," Serena answered and then immediately covered her mouth. She tried to scowl but only managed a small frown of irritation. "Look, let's clean up and get ready, I'm majorly hungry!"

"Me too."

"Serena," Lita said after they had finished eating breakfast, "Be reasonable."

"NO!" Serena whined, "I don't care what she says. I am not going to give up my mom!" She had already lost enough of herself.

"But it's only for a little while," Rini countered. "Come on, Serena. It has to be easy for Luna Ball to work right. I'm your age; you're my age. We gotta switch places." Serena crossed her arms and looked stubborn. "Come on, Serena, I'm not gonna take your mommy... I mean your mom; I want mine."

"You promise?"

"I promise," Rini said solemnly. "When Amy finds a cure, you'll be the Meatball Head again." She smiled hopefully at Serena who looked away.

"Okay," Serena said glumly, "But I want Luna Ball." Rini shook her head. "Don't say no to me!" Serena's voice said shrilly, "It follows you around so it has to follow me around too."

It took some squabbling but finally Rini conceded to giving Serena Luna Ball after she had adjusted Serena's family. It wasn't that Serena was being purposely cranky, she just didn't like being little any more than Rini did. Serena was more depressed that Darien wouldn't be accepting her anytime soon. In addition, she didn't seem to have the rapport with him that Rini had as a child.

After leaving Lita's apartment, some of Serena's bad mood disappeared. Rini had offered to carry her much as Serena had done. It was fun not having to walk and easier than trying to match Rini's much longer strides. Serena noticed a lot of things she hadn't noticed before. By the time that Serena and Rini had reached home, the sun was at the mid-morning point and the weather was already hot.

"How's your clothes?" Serena asked as she slipped from Rini's arms.

"Okay... I think I stopped," Rini replied and wiped her brow, "I'm glad we're home... These things are heavy." With a sigh, she dropped both sleeping bags. "I'm gettin' heavy." Her energy level had definitely decreased.

"You are," Serena giggled and patted Rini's stomach. "It's all that food you pigged out on." Rini looked like she was going to retort nastily when the front door opened. "Come on, let's get this over with."

"Did you have fun at Lita's?" Irene asked as she held Serena on her lap a short time later.

"Yes Auntie," Serena forced herself to say.

"That's good," Irene said and gave Serena a hug. She heard Serena giggle and was glad to see that her niece was in a good mood. "Serena, why don't you go play for a little while. I want Rini to help me wash the curtains since it's such a nice day."

"Awww Mom..." Rini whined, "I wanna go to Darien's!"

"Now Rini," Irene said with a knowing look, "Give the poor fellow a little peace and quiet."

"Yeah!" Serena agreed.

"Shut up, spore!"

"Flamingo Head!"

"Spaghetti brain!"


"Serena!" Irene said with mild shock, "Don't say such things."

"I'm sorry, Auntie," Serena said while blushing.

"Wherever did you hear that type of language?" Serena gave Rini an evil grin before pointing. Irene looked sternly at her daughter before shaking her head. Lifting Serena off her lap, she said, "Go play for a little while, Serena."

"Can I have my allowance first, Auntie?"

"Oh, I almost forgot about that." Getting up, Irene retrieved her purse and brought out her wallet. "Here you are, Rini," Irene said while handing over her daughter's allowance. "And here you are, Serena."

"Hey! This ain't right," Serena protested after counting her money.

"You are not getting a raise in your allowance, young lady." Turning to Rini, Irene continued, "Go get your and Serena's curtains from your bedrooms please."

"'Kay Mom," Rini said. She gently pushed Serena ahead of her and up the stairs. "Come on, Serena, play along!"

"But I want ALL of my allowance!"

"How much did you get?" When Serena told her, Rini nodded and said, "That's all I ever get." Serena muttered darkly as they walked down the hallway and into Serena's room. "I guess this is my room now."


"Well, I'm you," Rini said, "I got your allowance. So this is MY room..." Walking over to the dresser, she picked up the picture of Darien. "And MY picture of Darien."

"No way, spore, this is still my room."

"It's MY room. 'Member you're my little cousin who moved in here. Everythin's all mine!" Cackling evilly, the fourteen year old walked around the room hugging objects. "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

"No, it's not!" Serena protested. She could feel herself getting angry with this interloper. Rini just ignored her, which infuriated the little girl even more. She watched as Rini flopped down on her bed and hugged the pillow to herself.

"Being you is gonna be so great! More money, all this cool stuff..." Rini trailed off as she saw a flash of something hidden between the headboard and mattress. Reaching in, she pulled out something that made Serena's eyes go wide. "Oh and this locket too."

"Darien gave THAT to ME!" Serena said forcefully while running over to the bed, "Give it back!"

"Darien must have meant it for me as a sign of his love." To Rini's surprise, Serena started to cry. "Hey Serena, I was just jokin'." She held out the locket to her cousin. Serena snatched it away and held it to her chest.

"It's not funny. This is my stuff, not yours!" "I know," Rini said, trying to soothe Serena. She never meant for Serena to cry. "Come on, I was just playin' around." Serena looked unconvinced. "Do you really think I'd take all your stuff on you?"


Rini winced and opened her mouth to respond. Sighing instead, she changed the subject. "So how do I get the curtains down?" Still clutching her precious locket, Serena instructed Rini before heading off to what was once Rini's bedroom to see what she would be claiming as hers.

Rini sat back in her chair at the table and sighed. "That was good." Irene smiled at her. "I didn't think I could eat so much!"

"Don't kid yourself, Rini," Sammy drawled, "You're a real trough feeder." Rini scowled at her new kid brother.

"Rini, thank you for helping me with the curtains," Irene said, "What do you have planned for today?"

"Uh..." Rini hadn't really given it much thought; then she remembered that stash of money she had in her old room. "Shopping... Are you gonna come, Mom?"

"No dear," her mother said, "Maybe some other time. You can take Serena with you though. She could use a new pair of shoes." It'd get Serena out from underfoot as well. "Sammy, are you still going camping with your friend?" When Sammy nodded, Irene sighed. She'd likely get some serious stuff done around the house before taking a nice long bath. "Why don't you and Serena get ready to go and I'll get you some money for Serena's shoes."

Serena gave another long-suffering sigh. Folding her arms across her chest, she stuck out her bottom lip in a pout. Rini was yet again ogling skirts and blouses. It was strange. Serena usually enjoyed shopping but not this time. They had spent the last three hours in the mall. She was tired, hungry, hot, her feet hurt, and she kept getting jostled by the crowds. She glanced into the clothing store and noticed Rini heading towards a change room. It must have been the twentieth outfit she had tried on today! Serena had flatly refused to follow her cousin into one more clothing store.

"I never knew how much fun this was!" Rini giggled as she came out of the shop carrying a package about fifteen minutes later. "Listen, the girl told me there's like a sale down on the other end... come on."


"Whatcha mean 'no'?"

"We already got my shoes. 'Sides, I'm tired and hungry and I wanna go home," Serena whined.

"Come on, Meatball Head, it's only one more store," Rini countered.

"You said that the last time!"

"Come on!" With that, Rini grabbed Serena's hand and started tugging the little girl through the crowds. She remembered Serena doing the same when she was little on more than one occasion.

"I am NOT going!" Serena whined louder and did the only thing she could think of, she plopped herself down on the ground and refused to budge.

"Okay, okay..." Rini said in a huff, "Well, look after this stuff." Why was Serena so stubborn? She then dropped all of her packages onto Serena's lap and disappeared through the crowd of what seemed like giants to Serena. Serena sat and wondered what she would do next.

High above the city, Rubeus floated in his crystal spaceship. "Is it time, Wiseman?" Rubeus asked.

"No, you need to use the gem on the Rabbit one more time," Wiseman ordered, "Something interfered and halted the process prematurely." Rubeus clenched his fists and turned towards the Wiseman. "I know you are impatient, Rubeus, but you did well the first time. Prince Diamond is pleased. Learn more patience, Rubeus, and you will go far." The buffoons were playing into his hands.

"Should I strike tonight?" He had something in the pants he wanted to give the new Rabbit. Wiseman took a long moment before answering.

"Only far away, Rubeus. Give them something to worry about if you wish. But do not engage the Sailor Scouts. The time's not right for that."

Serena giggled as she soared still higher on the swing at the playground. She smiled over at the little girl on the swing beside her as she passed. Serena had come through the park, lugging as many of the packages as she could. It had been hard work for her smaller frame. She had just begun to despair that her decision to leave Rini was a bad one when she had noticed a girl she recognized. A little girl now about the same size as her, maybe even bigger.

When Melissa had called her over, Serena was nervous about meeting one of Rini's friends. She had smiled when Melissa had asked if she was Rini's cousin's little sister. Rini hadn't mentioned one to her but you never knew. There was quite a resemblance and that broke the ice between the two children. Rini still hadn't handed control of Luna Ball over to her yet so Serena played along and said she was.

"Uh oh!" Melissa said as she glanced at the watch around her wrist. "Serena, I gotta go home. My mommy's waiting."

"I'm gonna stay," Serena said, "I wish you could stay too, Missy. We were just startin' to have fun."

"Maybe we can play tomorrow and Rini can come too," Melissa said. Waving, she skipped off towards her home. For the next little while, Serena continued to swing. It had been a long time since she last swung and she was finding it to be very enjoyable. She giggled and squealed as she swung. She could forget about Darien and her problems. Most of all, though she could forget about Rini.

"SERENA!" Serena turned to see Rini storming towards her. "What do you think you're doing?!?" Serena didn't notice the relief in Rini's eyes.

"I'm swinging... or was," Serena said as she stopped her swing and got off. "Finally get bored of that dumb ol' mall?"

"You should've stayed with me!"

"The hell I should have!" the little girl yelled back, "I'm fourteen years old! I don't need YOUR permission to go anywhere!"

"But Mom told me..."

"I know MY mother told you to look after me," Serena interrupted, "At least when you were a kid, I didn't start dragging you 'round through crowds."

"We switched places so she's my mom!" Rini said, "Now get your things, we're going home."

"Oh yeah?"


Rini stormed into the house and dropped the packages to the floor. In her other arm was Serena who was struggling to get free. "Lemme go, you overgrown spore!"

Rini sat down on the chair that was beside the door and put Serena over her lap. "What are you doing?!?"

"You know that Mom wouldn't put up with you running 'way, or the naughty language you used at the park. I'm 'sponsible for you so I'm gonna punish you." Serena froze as the implication sunk in. In that instant, Rini jerked down shorts and underwear.

"NO!!!!" Serena howled but it was too late. Rini started spanking her and despite her best efforts, Serena couldn't wiggle free. The almost forgotten pain of being spanked shot through her and tears streamed down her face. When it was over, Rini set Serena on her feet before pulling up underwear and shorts.

"I HATE YOU!" Serena screamed through her tears at Rini, "I HATE YOU!"

"But Serena..."

"I'LL NEVER EVER HELP YOUR MOTHER! YOU DON'T DESERVE HER!" Rini's hand darted forward and a loud smack filled the air nearly knocking Serena off her feet. She stared in horror as one of Serena's cheeks started to turn red.


"GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" Serena screamed at Rini. Turning, she ran up the stairs to her new room. She threw herself onto the bed and cried into her pillow.


The voice roused Serena from her sleep. "Serena! Come down here please!" Blinking, Serena realized that it was her "aunt". Her heart grew a little lighter. Once she told Irene what Rini had done, Mother would straighten out that overgrown pink spore but good.

"Coming!" Serena called out. She scrubbed at her eyes and hurried from the bedroom. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she found her aunt and Rini waiting for her. "Hi Auntie!" she called happily. Hopping down the last of the stairs, Serena went over and hugged Irene. "Where were you?! Rini was really really mean to me!"

Irene looked sternly at her niece and pushed her gently away. "I had to go out. Now... what do you mean Rini was mean to you?"

"She spanked me."

"I know, Serena. Rini was telling me about this afternoon." Irene took Serena's chin in her hand and said, "That was naughty of you to run away like that. Rini was worried about you."

"She left me alone!" Serena protested, "And then, she spanked me. You wouldn't've spanked me... right Auntie?"

"Serena, Rini was in charge and from what she told me, you deserved the spanking."

"What?!?" Serena's voice cracked. "You're taking her side?"

"You ran away, Serena, and used language that wasn't appropriate. I can't say what I would do because I wasn't in charge. Rini was and I trust her judgment."

"So you hate me too?" It couldn't be true. Irene stared at her niece in surprise. "Don't you?"

"Don't be so silly!" Rini snapped.

"I'm NOT being silly!" Serena yelled at Rini.

"Serena, that's enough. Now I want you to apologize to Rini."

"NO!" Serena whined. New tears came to her eyes. "You're always on her side, even when she was little. You love her more than me!" Turning, she fled up the stairs again. Running into what was now her bedroom, Serena slammed the door shut. "I HATE HER!" Serena screamed towards the ceiling. Plopping down on the floor next to her bed, she drew her knees into her chest and cried.

Rini sat on the bed the next morning and looked glumly at Serena's clothes. Hearing a noise, she turned around and saw Luna slipping in through the open window. "I thought you were with Serena?"

"Serena doesn't want anything to do with me," Luna replied, "She thinks I'm a traitor to her."

"Why?" Rini asked in concern.

"Because I defended what her mother did. I told her that if you had done the same thing that Irene would have supported her just as she supported you." Luna sighed. "So Serena tossed me out. I take it you didn't have any luck either?"

"Nope." Rini sighed as well and pulled on a pair of blue jeans shorts and a tank top she had adjusted prior to turning Luna Ball over to Serena. It was not Serena's every day wear but Rini had wanted something that Serena couldn't really object to.

"Rini!" Irene's voice came from behind the door, "Come down for breakfast. I need you to run some errands for me."

"'Kay Mom!" When she did come down for breakfast, Serena gave her a cold look before returning to her cereal. Somehow Rini thought that today was going to be a very long day.

That evening, Irene closed the door to her niece's bedroom and walked down the hallway to her daughter's. "Come in," came the soft reply to her knock. Opening the door, Irene slipped into the room before closing it again.

"Hi Mom," Rini said glumly. She was sitting on the floor leaning back against her bed. As Irene moved to sit on the bed, Rini pushed herself up to do the same.

"Rini," Irene said as she gave her daughter a hug, "You can't let this type of thing bother you so much. Serena will get over it."

"She hates me."

"I don't think she hates you, Rini. I know you try to show her you care about her and she pushes that away... and that hurts. But I think if you didn't keep trying to be friends, Serena would be very lonely." Rini leaned her head against her mother's shoulder while closing her eyes. "I think when Serena tries to hurt your feelings, she does it to cover up how much she actually likes you."

Rini never had considered that. "Mom?"


"Would you have spanked Serena?" Rini sat up and looked at Irene intently.

Irene was silent for a long moment before saying, "No, I don't think I would have."


"Firstly, Serena does wander off but she usually goes to the park or to Darien's. The first time she did that I spanked her... she scared me half to death!" Rini felt herself flushing a little and hoped her mother wouldn't notice. "But she kept doing it. I could have spanked her every time but I don't think that would have stopped it. Serena just doesn't realize how much we worry about her when she does that type of thing."

"What's the other reason?"

"Rini, did you spank her because she wandered off or because she scared you and you were angry?" Rini shrugged. "Well, think about it." Getting up, Irene gave Rini a kiss on the forehead and then left the room.

"I will," Rini replied softly. After turning off the light, she slipped under the covers and stared up at the ceiling, deep in thought.

The next afternoon was cold and rainy. When Darien answered his apartment door, he found a dripping wet and shivering Rini standing in the hallway. "Come in, come in," Darien said. "I haven't seen you in a couple of days."

"Sorry," Rini said while walking inside. "Can I have a towel?" Darien nodded and walked into his bathroom to get a towel.

"I see you've gotten a little bigger." It was hard to believe this beautiful young woman was the same little girl who sprayed Serena and him with water a few days ago.

"Amy said the change stopped. I'm fourteen now," Rini replied, "Serena isn't very happy about it."

"Where is Serena?" he said glancing toward the door.

"At home." Rini accepted the towel and sighed. "Darien, she doesn't talk to me much."

"Did you two have a fight?" Darien asked.

"No, she's just mad at me."

"You know, Rini," Darien said, "Drying your hair won't get the rest of you dry."

Rini looked sheepishly down at her wet body and then smiled a little. "Darien, would you dry me off?" Darien seemed a little surprised. "Serena used to when I was little."

"Take off your shoes and come into the bathroom." Rini complied and followed him into the bathroom. "You undress and I'll get some hangers for your clothes."

"Okay," Rini giggled and started pealing off her wet clothing. She felt herself shivering as the cool air about her brushed against her damp skin. By the time Darien came back with the hangers, Rini had discarded everything except for her panties and bra. "Would you help me?" Rini asked, "I can't get this silly thing undone."

"Sure." Quickly hanging up the wet clothing, Darien stepped behind Rini and unclasped her bra. "There." In the mirror, he admired the large firm breasts that were revealed. They were no bigger than the last time he'd seen her, however, Rini did seem taller and more mature. Serena had been about five feet six inches in height, but Rini was obviously taller than that. As Rini lowered her panties, he admired the shapely curves. "Okay, now hold your arms out to the sides."

"I think this bathroom is small," Rini observed as Darien started drying off her arms and shoulders.

"Yes but I don't want water on the carpet."

They fell into silence as Darien worked his magic. First the arms and then the back. He had Rini turn around. He could now see her semi-erect nipples and he happily thought how they were much larger than Serena's. He couldn't quite decide how they compared to Raye's. He fantasized about having each girl standing there while he meticulously compared and massaged their beautiful breasts. Rini snapped him out of his revelry.

"You like these?" Rini asked. She giggled and cupped her 34C breasts with her hands.

"Yes, they are very nice," Darien said. Slowly he ran the towel under each arm and then around her nipples. He smiled internally as she gave a little gasp when the coarse fabric of the towel rubbed against her exposed and sensitive flesh. After circling each breast a couple of more times, Darien continued onward.

Over the flat stomach he ran, around her hips, and to her lower back. He paused for a long moment and then slowly ran the towel over Rini's bottom. In the mirror, he could see that she had her eyes shut and a smile was on her face.

"That feel nice?"


Over each cheek and then down each leg he continued. Moving around to the front again, he patted her stomach one last time before moving downward. He observed the fine pink hair. He had hoped Serena would have taught her how to shave there. Carefully he patted at the nearly dry Mons Pubis. Then he lost his nerve. Quickly but carefully he dried the rest of her womanhood before standing back up.

"What's the matter?" Rini asked. Darien tossed the towel into the hamper and then, reaching out, stroked one of Rini's breasts.


"Darien... I need... your... mmm... help. Serena's mad at me... mmm... and I don't want... her to be... Mmmm... Don't stop..."

A few hours later, Rini had almost forgotten about her problems with Serena. She was laying on her back on Darien's bed panting. Darien was straddling her midsection. Both were lost in the rising heat of the moment. While Rini pulled and massaged his long hard shaft, Darien was expertly teasing her clitoris while softly chewing one of her nipples.

Higher they climbed. Each aware of the other's excitement. Rini was vaguely aware that this was not going to be the best one she ever had but she didn't care. Her mind was reacting on a level she didn't understand. She was enjoying herself and didn't care about the details.

"Da...ri...en...!" she gasped. The heat within her was all consuming. Teetering on the brink for an instant before falling into that warm glow. She was not aware of her hands gripping his staff of life tightly. And not aware of him ejaculating his seed across her tummy and breasts.

Slowly that afterglow she was expecting came and she smiled up at him. He smiled back. She shuddered slightly as he pulled a finger along the length of her Labia Minora. She watched in fascination as he brought the finger to his mouth and sucked on it.

"Very good," he commented.

Aware of his softening penis, she let it go. Realizing she had semen on her own fingers, Rini lifted them to her mouth and licked. It had a strange salty taste about it. She wasn't quite sure whether she liked it or not.

"Thank you," Darien said softly and kissed her on the lips. Rini's stomach fluttered slightly at the sensation. "I need to get ready for work."

"Yeah, I should go home." She smiled up at Darien and hugged him. "What you told me helped, Darien. Thanks!"

"You're welcome."

Serena giggled as she closed the drawer with Rini's panties in it. "Let's see if she can scratch that itch." Placing the tin of itching powder onto the floor, she waited for Luna Ball to return to normal. Hearing voices downstairs, she rushed out to the hallway to listen.

"I'm home!" Rini called out a short time later with a smile on her face.

"Hello Rini," Irene called.

"Where's Serena?" Rini asked her mother.

"I think she's upstairs. Be a dear and go check on her."

"Sure, when will dinner be?" Rini asked.

"About an hour or so. Why?" Irene asked while coming out into the hallway, "I hope you aren't going to run off again." She had a pretty good idea what her teenage daughter had been up to all afternoon.

"No, I thought I'd take a shower, Mom." She noticed that she needed to bathe much more than when she was little. "I need to wash my hair too."

Serena smiled; she'd be able to play her other trick too. Running down the hallway with Luna Ball in tow, she ducked into the bathroom and shut the door. "Kitty Magic!"

Rini came up the stairs and went down the hallway to her room. Entering, she shucked off her wet clothing. Donning one of Serena's former bathrobes, she headed for the bathroom but found the door locked. "Serena?" she asked while knocking on the bathroom door.

"Just a minute!" Serena called out. Rini was relieved to hear Serena sounding happy. Darien was right. Serena got over it and they could be friends again. After a moment or so, Serena came skipping out. "I see you're in a better mood." Serena just ignored her and wandered down the hallway. Shrugging, Rini entered the bathroom and closed the door.

When she was out of earshot, Serena giggled. "Thank you, Luna Ball!" Itching powder in Rini's underpants and blue dye in the showerhead. That'd show Rini not to spank her. Happily, she hugged Luna Ball and waited. Serena didn't have to wait very long. Rini screamed. Giggling, she ran to her doorway and carefully peeked out.

Irene came running up the stairs and to the bathroom. "Rini, what's the matter?!" Rini didn't answer immediately so her mother knocked firmly on the door. "Rini, are you all right?"

The bathroom door opened and Irene's face took on a look of surprise and confusion. Serena covered her mouth to try and stifle the giggles. She couldn't see Rini but she could imagine what her cousin looked like. Pink and blue were a wonderful combination.

"Serena did this!" Rini said. She sounded like she was going to cry.

"How do you know?" Irene asked.

"'Cause she was just in here 'fore I started. And Sammy hasn't been here all day either."

When Irene turned towards Serena's room, Serena slid backwards and quickly closed the door. She heard heavy footfalls and tried to brace the door against being opened. Serena's tiny seven year old frame was ill suited for the task and Irene opened the door with little difficulty.

"Serena, did you put dye in the showerhead?"

"No," Serena answered sweetly trying her best to look innocent.

"Then what's this?!?" Irene asked while catching up Serena's hands. They were stained blue.

"I was drawin'," Serena whined while trying to tug away from her aunt.

"Then where is the picture?" Irene asked firmly. Her niece looked away and didn't answer. "Serena, tell me the truth! Did you put dye into the shower?"

"Yes, Auntie... but she deserved it!" Serena didn't need to be told what would follow next. But she fought it all the way. Her aunt pulled her over to the bed. She struggled as she was placed over Irene's lap and fought hard from having her jeans and underwear lowered.

"You know better than to do such things!" Irene scolded while delivering a smack to Serena's bottom with every word. No matter how much Serena wailed, Irene kept spanking until Serena's bottom was bright pink. Setting the child up, Irene demanded, "Did you pull anymore tricks on Rini?"

"Yes," Serena admitted bitterly.

"Show me," Irene said while raising Serena's underwear and jeans. Reluctantly Serena led her aunt down to Rini's room and over to her underwear drawer. Irene opened it and looked in the drawer. "What did you do?"

"Itching powder," Serena answered through her tears. Her crying increased as Irene delivered two more resounding smacks to her already tender bottom.

When Irene let her go, Serena ran down to her room and threw herself onto her bed. She buried her face into her pillow and cried as loudly as she could. The whole world was against her and she wanted it to know that.

Part 5

With the dye removed, Rini had quickly showered and washed her hip-length pink hair. Luckily the dye wasn't a permanent type. She had, at first, been furious with Serena. However, as the soothing waters of the shower massaged her, she relaxed.

As Rini calmed, she started thinking and the only conclusion she could draw was that Serena was still very upset about being slapped. What would Serena do if the situation were reversed? She finished her shower and quickly dressed. She then walked down to Serena's room and gently tapped on the door.

"GO AWAY!!!!" came the croaky yell from the little girl.

Rini winced and slowly opened the door. "Serena?"

"Go away!" Serena yelled again, her voice muffled by the pillow.

Rini walked across the room and sat down on the bed. "Serena, I... I want to talk to you."

Serena hopped up to her knees and looked at Rini angrily. "You're gonna take Luna Ball, aren't you?!" Her face was a mask of sorrow.

"No," Rini said in surprise, "Serena... I'm sorry for slapping you." Reaching out, she scooped Serena into a hug and held her close. "Don't be mad at me, Serena. We're friends." Despite her anger at her cousin, Serena found herself snuggling closer.

"I don't wanna be little."

"I know, Serena," Rini said softly while continuing to hug her cousin.

The next day was once again bright and sunny. After having breakfast, Rini asked Serena to contact the other Sailor Scouts so that they could meet at Raye's temple. Serena was reluctant to go and was being uncooperative.

"Come on, Serena, put your shoes on," Rini stated again.

"What part of NO don't you understand, Spore?!?"

Rini could feel somebody watching her. Glancing around, she saw that it was her mother. "Okay," Rini agreed; she didn't want to fight with Serena. Tying Serena's shoelaces together, Rini hung them over on shoulder before bending down and lifting Serena up.

"Hey!" Serena squawked. Rini ignored her. She waved good-bye to her mother, opened the door, and headed for the Scout meeting. "You can let me down. I'll put on my shoes."

"Just relax, Serena," Rini said as she continued down the street. "It's too nice a day to fight." She smiled as Serena grumbled a little before settling down. "Are you worried about Raye?"

"Maybe a little," Serena admitted, "If she finds out about me getting punished, I'll never hear the end of it."

"Does she usually find out 'bout you getting punished?"

"Uh, yeah." Serena laughed a little nervously. "I mean Luna always

blabs to her why I can't come to the Scout meetings." Serena sighed a little and added, "I guess I've been pretty unfair to Luna. It isn't her fault that I'm small."

A short while later, Serena and Rini reached the Cherry Hill Temple and climbed the steps. Serena had enjoyed being carried. It was like being pampered in a way and from her house to the temple was such a long way for her little legs. When they came up the last few steps, they saw the other four Sailor Scouts and the two Lunar Cats waiting for them.

"Jeez, you're really getting lazy, Meatball Head!" Raye said by way of a greeting.

"Flamebreath!" Serena stuck her tongue out at Raye.

Raye responded by turning her back and huffing, "At least she's on time for once!"

"Please don't fight. We haven't even started the Scout meeting yet," Amy pleaded. Serena apologized. "Rini, come sit down. I want to perform another scan of you and Serena." Rini obliged and sitting on the deck, she held Serena on her lap. Serena didn't seem to mind and leaned against her cousin contentedly.

"Any changes, Ames?" Serena asked after the scan was complete.

"I'm afraid not."

"Rini, where are my shoes?" When Rini handed her the shoes, Serena put them on, slid from Rini's lap, and started pacing back and forth. "Amy, have you thought of anything?"

"Yes," Amy said, "We need to get that black crystal Rubeus zapped you with."

"Oh man!" Lita complained, "Like how are we ever going do that?"

"Isn't there any other way?" Mina asked. Amy shook her head. "That's a tall order, Amy, even for the Sailor Scouts. We don't know where Rubeus is and we really don't even know if he'll have that crystal on him the next time we see him."

"I don't have sufficient data," Amy admitted, "I'm missing a big piece of the puzzle and without it, I won't be able to do any more."

"You mean I could be stuck like this?!?" Serena cried out.

"I'm afraid so," Amy responded softly.

"Look at it this way, Meatball Head," Raye jumped in, "At least you'll be your proper age."

Serena balled up her fists and yelled, "BUTTHEAD!" Turning, she stomped off.

"I always knew she was a little kid."

"Raye," Rini said, "Leave Serena alone. She's had an awful time adjusting."

Lita looked worriedly towards Serena and asked, "She's been taking it pretty hard, huh kiddo?"

"Yeah," Rini admitted, "'Specially with Darien pushing her away... I haven't told her but he doesn't even get that happy look on his face when he talks about her."

"Poor kid."

"Mina..." Artemis sighed, "I don't think that was the best choice of words."

"So we have to get the crystal?" Rini asked Amy who nodded, "I'll tell Darien then. We might need his help." Glancing over at Serena, she added, "Somebody want to help me cheer her up? I've been trying but she just pouts or whines."

"That's so typical," Raye observed.

"Aren't you her friend?" Rini asked.

Raye took a deep breath and let it out again. "I'm sorry... I'm worried. I mean, can Serena still transform?"

"Hey yeah, maybe Rubble-head did this so that Serena couldn't transform," Lita said.

"There's only one way to find out," Luna said, "Let's have a practice." As expected, there was a chorus of protests, it was too nice a day.

"OUCH!!!!" Serena yelled. She and the other Sailor Scouts along with Luna and Artemis were sitting on the steps of the temple. All except for Lita who was in the kitchen making lunch.

"I'm sorry," Rini said as she dabbed at Serena's scrape with the iodine, "You don't want it to get infected, do you?"

"It's okay, Rini, really," Serena whined as she pulled her arm protectively towards her.

"Serena, let me finish then we can have some lunch. You wouldn't want Lita's food to go to waste."

"It wouldn't go to waste; Mina would eat it," Artemis remarked.

"Hey!" Mina complained before whapping Artemis on the head. "I'm not that much of a pig."

Luna decided to stop the argument from going any further by clearing her throat. "Now Serena, let Rini finish patching you up. You drew some blood when you scraped that arm and we don't want an infection." Reluctantly Serena allowed Rini to continue her work. "Fortunately we still have Sailor Moon to call upon. However, I think it would be advisable to let the other Scouts lead the charges until Serena returns to normal."

"No way!" Serena countered, "I'm still leader. I got all my powers still so I'm not going to sit back and watch."

"Your IQ must be the same as your shoe size!" Raye retorted, "Who knows what Rubeus has planned. So you didn't lose your powers but he went to a lot of trouble to attack you two with that crystal."

"I'm leader!"

"Maybe there should be a change."

"I am STILL Sailor Moon!" Serena said stubbornly.

"True," Raye admitted, "But does anybody really want to follow a little kid around?"

"Raye," Rini said before any of the others could protest, "Leave Serena alone. I say she's the Leader. She's Sailor Moon and she's got the Imperium Silver Crystal. She might not be big but Tuxedo Mask is and he would still want Sailor Moon to be the leader." Serena seemed surprised that Rini would say this.

There was a tense silence for a moment before Lita's voice called out, "Come and get it!"

"Food!" Serena cheered. Jumping up, she ran up the stairs and into the room where Lita was setting out the dishes. Rini quickly followed with Mina, Raye, and Amy taking up the rear.

It was about mid-afternoon when Serena and Rini came home. Irene, who had been in the living room, heard them enter the house. "Hello girls, how... goodness!" she exclaimed at the sight of a large bump on Serena's forehead, "What happened?"

"Nothin' Auntie," Serena said. Plopping down on the floor, she started removing her shoes.

"She was skipping along and..." Rini gestured helplessly, "I think today's her day for accidents." When Irene looked questioning at her, Rini pointed out the scrape on her arm.

"Oh Serena," her aunt said. Hugging the little girl, she asked, "But besides that you had a good time?"


"Why not?"

"Just didn't," Serena said with a shrug, "Can I go play, Auntie?"

"Sure, Sweetheart, just try be more careful." Serena grunted, set her shoes aside, and ran up the stairs to her room. Standing up, Irene turned to look at her daughter. "So Rini, did anything happen?" Rini shrugged helplessly. She was as puzzled as Irene was. Serena had appeared fairly happy during lunch; even getting conked on the head hadn't seemed to spoil her good mood.

After putting her own shoes away, Rini made her way up the stairs and along the hallway to Serena's bedroom. Pausing at the open door, she saw Serena laying on her back on the bed. Giving a gentle tap, she asked, "Can I come in, Serena?"

"Guess so."

Rini entered and walked across to sit on the bed. Turning so she could sit cross-legged, she reached out and shook one of Serena's feet. "You feel okay, Serena?"

Serena sat up and said as firmly as she could, "Yeah, I'm fine. Jeez, quit worrying about me!"

"But Serena, you seemed really happy today. I know you got hurt but you said it was okay." Rini looked worriedly at her cousin. "Is it that Raye was talking 'bout gettin' rid of you?"

"Don't worry about Raye," Serena said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "I've been handling her long before you got here. I certainly don't need your help in that department."

"But Serena..."

"Look," Serena interrupted Rini with a snap, "I don't need your help. I can look after myself. I'm really fourteen, you know. My life was just fine until you came along." Flopping back onto the bed, she pulled the pillow over her face and let out a deep sigh.

Stung by Serena's words, Rini slowly got up and left the room. Walking down the hallway, she could feel tears welling up. She went into her own room, laid down, and stared up at the ceiling. Rini tried not to cry but she still felt the trickle of tears. She was so lost in thought that she didn't even notice the nervous knock at the door. Her mind was trying to sort out all the different feelings she was having and getting nowhere.

"Rini?" The voice was soft and quiet. Rini gave a small start and looked around. She saw that Serena was standing a short distance away."Are you crying?"

"No," Rini answered while rolling away from Serena. She still had her pride and it wouldn't let Serena see her cry. She felt the bed shift as the little girl crawled onto it.

"Rini, I'm sorry. I shouldn't blame you for this; I listened to Raye though and I got scared that she might be right." Rini rolled over and looked at Serena who was looking down at the bed. "Raye's my friend, and so are you and if I can still fight, I'm going to. I won't let Rubeus get you or the Silver Crystal."

Rini pushed herself up to a sitting position and asked, "So you aren't really mad that I spanked you?" Serena seemed surprised by the question. "I thought you were just mad at me for the slap... I thought that's why you put that dye in the shower. But then, you were still actin' mad at me. If you're still mad, then I'm sorry... I was just doing what I thought you would do."

Serena sighed, "I know, Rini." Shaking her head, she added, "It took me a little while to see that. You did too good a job acting."

"So did you," Rini pointed out.

"No, that's what scares me the most. Rini, these past couple of days, I haven't been acting. Not like before."

"I don't get it."

"Neither do I but if I don't change back soon, it could get worse." Leaning forward, she hugged Rini, "I'm sorry. I'll try not to take everything out on you." She smiled as Rini gathered her into a big hug. She promised herself to be much more understanding of Rini when they returned to normal.

"I think we'd better tell Amy about this."

"Not the others though, at least not yet."

"Okay," Rini agreed. Serena gave her another quick hug before reaching for her communicator. "Serena?"

Serena's hand paused over the communicator, "Yeah?"

"Show me how to shave first... please? Mom mentioned that I could use one." Serena smiled. She'd do just about anything to avoid telling the others about her emotional state.

"You got it, kiddo!"

Rini cuddled close to Darien and sighed contentedly. She had come over to his apartment after dinner. When asked where Serena was, she told him that Ken had picked up a couple of children's movies for Serena to watch. Rini tried to get Serena out of it by inviting her to come along but oddly, Serena had said she really wanted to see them.

She smiled slightly as Darien hugged her. "Rini, would you like to try something new?"

Rini looked up at him and asked, "Does Serena do it?"

Smiling sweetly, he nodded, "Yes, she does, but not often." Rini perked up. Never is not often he thought but first things first.

"Okay, what do we do?"

"Let's go into the bedroom." Getting up, they both went into the bedroom. Rini started to undress herself but Darien stopped her. "Let me do it."

Rini felt a small thrill run through her. Letting her arms drop, she waited. First, Darien unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling it free from her skirt. Carefully he slid her arms from the sleeves before tossing the blouse to the side. Leaning forward, Darien expertly unclasped her bra and let it also drop. Lowering his head, he kissed each of her firm breasts.

Rini flushed a little as he squatted down, reached behind her, and undid her skirt. Slowly he slipped it over her curving hips until only her pink panties and socks were left. Gently he pushed her backward onto the bed and then taking one foot, peeled off her sock. Then he did the same to the other one.

She could feel her nipples growing erect and her womanhood becoming wet as anticipation and excitement shot through her. It only increased when Darien reached up and slowly slid her panties off. She giggled slightly as he brought them to his face and smelled them. Letting them drop to the floor, he moved forward and kissed her belly button.

Glancing up at her, Darien shifted backwards slightly until his face was over her vagina. He inhaled deeply and could smell the faintest trace of her musky odor. Extending his tongue, he ran it along her lower lips. When she gasped at the sensation, he smiled internally but did not halt his slow onslaught. Down he traveled to her anal opening.

Slowly he tested the opening with his tongue and made her giggle. Working his way back up, he brought his mouth closer. Using his to fingers, he slowly spread both labia before darting his tongue inward. Another gasp. Wiggling his tongue, Darien worked his way towards that most delicate of treasures just above the urethra.

He could hear Rini's breathing increasing and it became a little louder as he started assaulting her delicate clitoris with his tongue. And as he stoked her fires, her hips started bucking back and forth. He could tell she was climbing higher. He increased his efforts trying to get the sensitive nub between his teeth. Supporting himself by one hand, he raised the other to one of her firm breasts and started pinching a nipple.

"Da...ri...en...!" Rini moaned as she teetered on the edge. Quickly moving his hand, he placed a finger at her anal opening. Clamping his mouth over her vagina, he started running his tongue while pushing his finger into her. Giving a wild buck, Rini orgasmed. Her muscles tightened and she arched forward, allowing his tongue further access into her.

Collapsing onto the bed, she lay there gasping for breath. How could she return to how she was before? Darien licked at the sweet nectar flowing from her womanhood. Carefully he withdrew his finger and licked it clean. Finally, after a moment, he looked up at her.

"That was great!" she proclaimed.

After a moment, Darien stood up and said, "Now it's my turn." Rini gave him a puzzled look. "Do you want to undress me?"

"Sure." Slowly getting up, Rini slowly undressed Darien much as he had done to her. "Now what?"

Darien sat on the bed and said, "Kneel down." Rini knelt in front of him and she suddenly realized what it was. With Darien prodding her, she moved forward and sniffed his hardening member.

"You want me to lick it?" she questioned uncertainly.

"It would be better if you suck it," Darien said softly. He groaned slightly as Rini lowered her head and took him into her damp and wet mouth. It took her a few moments to catch onto the idea but then she settled into a slow and steady rhythm. With every slow stroke, she would push and prod with her tongue.

The scent of her musk and his own arousal increased the sensation. Darien placed his hands on Rini's head and closed his eyes. He let himself sink into the sensation. At one point, Rini's teeth grated gently over his sensitive penis head and he made a guttural sound.

He could feel the pressure building and when he thought he could hold it no more, he moved his hips slight forward and he held her head tightly to him. He could feel the back of her mouth and her muscles tightening. With a grunt, he let loose his load. When he was sated, Darien released Rini's head and flopped back onto the bed with a sigh.

Not wanting to swallow the bad tasting semen, Rini ran into the bathroom and spat it forcefully into the sink. How could Serena have liked it? As she brushed her teeth with the toothbrush she had left at Darien's, Rini vowed never again to do what she had just done.

The sky above Tokyo was growing dark. Rubeus might have been impatiently waiting in his spaceship for Wiseman to return if it had not been for the beautiful woman that was now lying in his bed asleep.

"Who are you?" Rubeus asked softly as he watched her turn. She was unlike any human he had ever met. Certainly she had been frightened but after a day or so, she hadn't even asked to return. That bothered Rubeus; he did not like the unknown... and yet, she had not seemed to pose any threat.

He lifted his head as he felt someone appear within the central chamber. Casting one last glance at the sleeping figure, Rubeus stepped through a mirror and entered into the central chamber.

"Did I interrupt something?" Wiseman asked.

"No Wiseman, I was..." Rubeus hesitated. Perhaps it was unwise to mention his companion.

"Do not worry, Rubeus," Wiseman said into the silence, "As long as you are prepared for your assignment, I do not care what you do with the rest of your time."

Rubeus relaxed, and then realization dawned on him. "It's time to take the Rabbit?" He'd gladly skip his rendezvous for tonight for that.

"No, my minion, it is time to use the Aging Gem on her and Sailor Moon," Wiseman replied, "We must wait until Sailor Moon is out of the picture before we can safely take the Rabbit. Remember that, Rubeus DO NOT take the Rabbit this time. Failure would be very unpleasant I can assure you."

"As you command, Wiseman," Rubeus said.

As Rini walked towards home, she wondered about Darien. This afternoon had been very enjoyable until the end. For some reason, she couldn't shake the feeling that Darien was lying in some way. And then there was Serena. She could tell that while she and Serena were back to being friends, her cousin was unhappy. Darien was forgetting Serena, but Rini wasn't sure why.

"Rabbit..." The voice had been low and from behind her. It was Rubeus' voice and the sound of it sent a shiver through her. Spinning around, Rini looked. "Rabbit..." Turning back to the front again, she saw Rubeus before her. "Ah, there you are."

Rini raised her arms to tried and push him away but Rubeus caught her wrists. "Lemme go!" Rini cried out, "Help me!" but the street was empty.

"My my, how you have grown," Rubeus purred. If he had not been told by Wiseman where to expect her, he would scarcely have recognized her. Rini tried to escape but Rubeus caught her. He drew her close and squeezed one of her breasts. "Yes, very nice... Let's have a look." Panicked, Rini screamed and shot off a beam of energy into the air. "Good, you're going to struggle. I like that. We're going to have some fun before I turn you over to Wiseman."

There was only one way to get away from Rubeus. Rini brought her knee up as hard as she could into Rubeus' groin. Without even uttering a word, her attacker slipped to the ground. Rini didn't waste any time; she ran.

Moments later, she rounded the corner and her heart lifted to see the Sailor Scouts. "Rini!" Sailor Moon called out, "What happened?!" Rini ran and dropping to her knees, hugged Sailor Moon tightly.

"It was Rubeus," Rini cried, "He... he was touching me so I used my knee."

"Good girl!" Sailor Moon said with a smile.

"Mercury, any sign of him?"

"Yes, I'm picking up Negaverse readings."

"Then let's go!" Jupiter said while smacking her fist into her other hand. "We gotta get that crystal of his."

"Who says he has it?" Sailor Venus asked.

"If he doesn't, we'll make him give it to us," Jupiter replied.

"Sailor Moon, you and Rini stay here. We'll go check this out," Sailor Mars said. Sailor Moon might have protested this but Rini was obviously very upset so she agreed. Rini continued to hug Sailor Moon tightly.

As the other Sailor Scouts ran towards where Mercury's readings indicated Rubeus was, Sailor Moon said, "Don't worry, Rini, well get him."

"I know, then you could get big again, huh?" Rini said.

Sailor Moon was about to answer when her communicator beeped. "Moon here," Sailor Moon said after answering it, "What's up?"

"Sailor Moon, watch out for Rubeus. That reading that Mercury found was just a big ball of negaenergy."

"What?!?" Sailor Moon and Rini asked together.

"You heard me!" Mars snapped, "Don't be a meatball head!"

Sailor Moon stuck her tongue out at Sailor Mars before switching off. "When did Rubble-head get so sneaky?"

"When the hounds are around, the fox has to be careful when he wants a tasty rabbit or two," Rubeus' voice answered.

Sailor Moon and Rini looked upwards and found Rubeus floating above them. Sailor Moon reached for her communicator again then saw the black crystal in Rubeus' hands. Scrambling up, she gathered herself up and was about to jump when Rini caught her.

"No, call the others!" Rini said while restraining Sailor Moon, "You're too little!"

It was hard for him to see how this diminutive Sailor Moon could be a threat but he wasn't about to cross Wiseman. Seeing his opportunity, Rubeus activated the black crystal and sent his attack at the two rabbits. He watched in satisfaction as his attack found its targets.


Rubeus jerked his head around and saw the other Sailor Scouts off to his left. Mars' attack streaked towards him but Rubeus teleported away at the last instant. His job done, Rubeus went back to his spaceship to wait once again and to the beautiful woman awaiting him.

Part 6

Sailor Moon hated that tingling sensation. It just meant she would get smaller and she hated that even more. With all of the frustration she had been going through in the last few days, she had had enough. Throwing back her head, Sailor Moon wailed.

"Sailor Moon, are you all right?" Mercury asked as she quickly walked over to her friend. She blinked when Sailor Moon picked up a nearby rock and threw it at her.

"NO, I'M NOT ALL RIGHT!" Sailor Moon shouted, "How can I be all right in this body?!?"

"Cool down, girl," Jupiter replied, "What did he do?"

"He used that..." she glanced at Rini and with an effort said, "stupid black crystal of his." She had wanted to use some choice words but that likely would have gotten her mouth washed out with soap at her current age. "Tell me nothing's happening," Sailor Moon begged of Mercury.

Mercury quickly did a scan and shrugged. "I can detect no abnormal biological activity."


"Both of your bodies seem to be functioning normally." Sailor Moon looked a little relieved. "However, while I do not detect any changes at the moment, I suspect that the process will resume soon. Just like last time."

"Why?" Rini asked while hugging Sailor Moon. She had no idea what Mercury had just said but she did want to ask her to explain it further.

"Because I did not detect any physical changes the first time Rubeus used his crystal," Mercury replied, "However, after a period of time, you and Sailor Moon started changing." Sailor Moon hugged Rini tightly. "I suggest that we have a sleepover so I can observe you more closely."

"NO!" Sailor Moon shouted, "If I'm gonna get younger, then I'm going over to Darien's!"

"We have to go home. I gotta use Luna Ball or Mom'll be worried," Rini argued. Sailor Moon protested this. Rini, being much bigger, prevailed. She simply lifted Sailor Moon up, said good-bye to the Sailor Scouts, and headed for home.

"I think we need to have a Scout meeting," Mercury said.

"Yeah, but not until tomorrow. Let's give Serena a little time to calm down," Mars suggested. When she got funny looks from her friends, Mars sighed. "Okay so I've been ragging on her lately. She's still a friend. I don't blame her for wanting to see Darien."

"From what Serena's said," Venus added, "Darien's been acting weird."

"I'll see you guys later then," Mars said and bounded off into the night. Her special sessions with Darien would be continuing unabated. The remaining three Sailor Scouts gave each other puzzled looks before also heading home.

The next morning was bright and sunny. Serena could have cared less. "I was ripped off!" Serena protested again. She was sitting on the bed in Rini's bedroom, formerly her bedroom. Amy was also sitting on the bed with Luna beside her. Rini was standing looking down at her cousin who now was even smaller than yesterday. Serena was now an extremely cute kindergartner with short blonde pigtails.

"I'm sorry, Serena," Amy replied, "I don't understand why you regressed from seven to five. Or why Rini aged two years."

"I trust Amy," Rini added, "She'll fix this."

"I could use the Silver Crystal," Serena replied.

"Absolutely not!" Luna countered, "Using the Imperium Silver Crystal puts a heavy strain on you... In your current condition, it could kill you."

Rini gasped and dropping to her knees, she squeezed Serena's shoulders. "Promise me you won't try using the Crystal."

"But if it could work..."

"Please Serena, don't use the Crystal," Rini said with tears forming, "Then who'd help my mommy?"

Serena looked at Rini for a long moment and then sighed. "I promise, Rini, I won't use the Silver Crystal to try and get big again." Grumbling, she remarked, "But I still think I was majorly ripped off."

"I'm afraid I have more bad news," Amy said.

"Might as well tell us, Ames."

"The process is still active but at a reduced level."

"But that's good news, isn't it? I mean that gives us more time to figure out how to get Serena big again," Rini said.

Amy was silent for a long time before shaking her head. "I don't think so, Rini. Without that crystal Rubeus used, I don't have the vital pieces."

"But Amy, what about the time I grew younger?" Serena asked, "Is this the same thing?"

"You grew younger?" Rini asked.

"Yeah, we were fighting that clock monster..."

Amy looked surprised, "I hadn't thought about it. While I can do some comparison, I don't think it's the same thing. That was much faster and was only temporary once we left the area."

Rini chewed on her lower lip. She knew someone that had a lot to do with time. She'd have to wait until she could get Luna Ball away from Serena long enough so she could call Sailor Pluto. Irene calling Serena and Rini downstairs cut further discussion short.

When the group came downstairs, Irene asked, "Serena, how would you like to go to the park and play with Melissa and her mother?"

"Sure!" Serena said delightedly, "Can Rini come too?"

"No, sweetheart, Rini's going to help me wax the kitchen floor." Irene replied, "Melissa's mother said she be here soon."

"Would you like me to come along?" Amy asked. Serena scowled a little bit before plastering a smile on.

"Sure Amy!"

"Are you sure, Mom?" Rini asked dubiously, "I think you could do it faster without me."

"Don't be silly, Rini, you've helped me before."

"Oh yeah..." This was not how she had wanted to spend the morning. Being big was no fun sometimes.

"Come on, Serena," Amy prompted, "Get your shoes on and we'll go wait outside."

Serena yawned expansively as she sat at the kitchen table. After eating lunch, she was feeling sleepy; that was nothing new to Serena. There wasn't anything she liked better than sleeping, except eating. Well, there was one thing she loved more but Serena refused to think about Darien. "Can I go back to the park, Mommy?" Serena asked. She had had a great time with Melissa.

"Pardon?" her aunt asked as she came into the kitchen.

"Can I go back to the park, Mommy?"

Irene chuckled. Walking over, she crouched down, picked up Serena's napkin, and wiped the child's mouth. "Maybe later on. I have work to do and you can't go to the park by yourself."


"It's time for your nap anyway," Irene added.

"But I don't wanna nap, Mom... Auntie."

"Come on, sleepyhead," Irene said and lifted the child up. Serena struggled but not very much.

"Where's Rini?" Serena sleepily asked as her aunt walked up the stairs to the second floor.

"I think she went over to Darien's."

Darien looked at Rini as he gently stroked one of her firm breasts. Rini had her eyes closed, a delicate smile on her face. Leaning forward, he kissed her again. At sixteen, she was a vision. He had hoped her breasts would have grown larger by now but he wasn't going to complain. Time was on his side if what Rini had told him was correct. "Are you ready for another?" he asked softly.

"That was very nice, Darien," Rini replied while hugging him.

Darien smiled. "I try my best." For the next few moments, he slowly stimulated her hardening nipples. Gently scooting back so he was kneeling between her legs, he brought his face down to her moist vagina and played across her Labia Majora with his tongue. He kissed his way up over her Mon Pubis, across her flat stomach, and across each luscious breast.

"Oh Darien..." Rini sighed happily.

Now for the coup de grace, he thought smiling to himself. Darien brought the tip of his now stiff manhood to rest against her womanhood. Kissing her again, he slowly pressed forward splitting her lower lips apart. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him. Smiling back, he said, "I think this will be the best yet."

She frowned slightly; the pressure she was feeling was different somehow. Glancing down, she noticed what he was doing. "No!" Rini exclaimed firmly and shoved Darien away.

"Rini?" Darien asked in puzzlement.

"I don't wanna have a baby," Rini said.

"Oh Rini, are you worried about that?" Darien asked, "I'm wearing a condom."

"I promised Serena I would wait until I was older," Rini said. Wiggling, she shifted over enough so she was sitting up in bed.

"What did you promise, Serena?"

"That I wouldn't do what she wouldn't do."

She felt Darien stroking her long pink hair before hugging her. "Rini," he sighed, "You ARE older. You're sixteen, aren't you?"

"I promised Serena I wouldn't let a boy put his penis thingy into my baby hole," Rini stated firmly.


"I said no, Darien."

Darien was quiet for a long time before saying, "Serena said that she didn't want you to let a boy put it in your baby hole?" Rini nodded. "What about your as... anus?"

"My what?" Darien reached down with his hand and gently touched against her anal opening. "I don't know..." She shifted slightly as Darien slowly pushed his way past her sphincter muscle.

"How does that feel?" he asked while curling his finger gently inside her.

"Strange... kinda like I gotta go to the bathroom," Rini replied. She shivered slightly as Darien withdrew his finger. "I gotta ask Serena."

"WHAT?!?" Darien questioned, his eyes were bulging; all the blood drained from his face.

"I gotta ask Serena if that would break my promise."

"Maybe we should just forget about it. Serena doesn't need to know," Darien replied.

"Why?" Rini asked, "If it doesn't break my promise, then we can try it... IF Serena's tried it." Glancing at the clock, she noticed the time and added, "I heard Mom saying she was gonna put Serena down for a nap so I think she'll be awake by now." Getting up from the bed, she picked up her clothes and said, "I'll just have a quick shower and leave."

"Oh sh*t..." Darien moaned and covered his face with his hands.

Serena was sitting on her bed drawing. Hearing a knock, she looked up and saw Rini standing in the doorway. "When did you get home?" Serena asked.

"Just now. Can I talk to you?" Rini asked. When Serena nodded, Rini entered the room and shut the door. Walking over to the bed, she tilted her head down to see what Serena was drawing. "What's that supposed to be?"

"Rubble-Head gettin' squished."

"I can't see Rubeus."

"That's 'cause he's under my shoe," Serena replied and giggled.

"Oh..." Sitting down, Rini said, "Serena, can I make a baby with Darien?"

"WHAT?!?" Serena shrieked.

"You know... when a boy squirts that bad tastin' stuff into a girl."

"Intercourse?" Serena asked so Rini nodded. "Rini... I... waitaminute!" Standing up, she glared at Rini and demanded, "How do you know how semen tastes?"

"I was sucking on Darien's penis thingy and he squirted white stuff in my mouth." Rini made a disgusted looking face. "It tasted really awful." Serena looked like she was going to explode. "Are you okay, Serena?"

"He made you give him a blow job?!?"

Rini shrugged, "If that's what it is, but I didn't really blow..."



It took five tries for Serena to calm down enough to count to ten. "Rini, did you and Darien have intercourse?"

"No." Serena sighed with relief. "He wanted to but I know that it'd break my promise to you. Would it be okay if he put his penis thingy in my poop hole instead?"

"I'll kill the bastard!" Serena yelled.

Rini glanced at her watch a short time later as she and Serena stood in the bathroom. "One minute... times up," Rini said. Rini took the bottle of liquid soap from Serena's mouth. The bottle was small and square. Its plastic surface colored a bright banana yellow didn't give any indication of the foul tasting contents it held. The cap on its top was round with a small hole for the soap to come out of. Irene had stipulated the punishment after she heard Serena's yell.

Serena scrambled for the sink and rinsed her mouth out. "That's really disgusting stuff," Serena replied.

"You should watch your language. Mom said..."

"What else did... Darien and you do?"

"We played, just like you 'n' him did."

"What did you do?" Serena asked again. Rini shrugged before giving Serena the details of their previous "play" sessions. By the time Rini was finished, Serena was looking just as angry as she had before. Snatching at the plastic bottle, Serena yelled again, "I'LL KILL THAT GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH!" She then stuck the bottle back in her mouth while crossing her arms. Rini for her part didn't say anything; she wanted to wait until Serena was calmed down again.

A short time later, Serena was sitting in Rini's room. "Are you mad at me, Serena?" Serena just scowled at the floor. Crouching beside the bed, Rini said softly, "I want you to get bigger, Serena... I'm not trying to take Darien from you." Why couldn't they both go back to being the same age? That had been great.

"Oh Rini," Serena said while looking at her cousin, "I'm not angry with you."

Rini gave her cousin a relieved look and added, "When you get bigger, and if I'm still big too, we can maybe... share Darien." Blushing slightly, she added, "Maybe... maybe even we could play together if we couldn't go over to Darien's."

Serena gave Rini a smile. "I'm not upset with you, Rini. I believe you when you say you'd share Darien with me." She was glad when Rini hugged her. "I am very mad at Darien."

"Why?" Rini asked.

"Because he should know better." Serena said sourly. "Rini, what I said about letting a boy put his penis into your baby hole goes double for your poop hole. It could hurt you a lot. It was never meant for something like that."

"I promise."

"Good, I don't want you to go to Darien's alone until we get this mess sorted out."


"Please Rini, I'd be to worried about you."

"Okay," Rini agreed, "Are you going to get Darien into trouble?"

"I should," Serena muttered. "I want to talk to Darien before the Scout meeting tomorrow." She'd make sure Darien understood what would happen if he continued.

"We can go over in the morning."

Serena yawned, scrubbed at her eyes with a floppy pajama sleeve, and sat up. It was about 7:30 AM. She glanced down at herself and sighed. "Smaller." She'd have to guess about four, so that would mean Rini would be about seventeen if Amy's analysis was correct. Sliding out from under the covers, Serena spent a minute or so attempting to arrange the covers so Rini's bare breasts wouldn't show. Her cousin had taken to sleeping nude, mainly to avoid the discomfort of outgrowing pajamas. Serena also guessed that it was because it was easier for Rini to masturbate.

After hurrying to use the bathroom, a job made more difficult by

her small size, Serena returned to get dressed. Discarding the oversized

pajamas, Serena started going through her clothing trying to decide what

she should wear when she talked to Darien. Nothing too childish, she

wanted him to talk her seriously.

A little while later at breakfast, Irene looked at Serena and asked, "Where are you going all dressed up, honey?" Her niece was wearing a blue skirt and pink shale colored top. She was adorable.

"Rini's takin' me to Darien's, Mommy... I mean Auntie Irene."

"That's if it's okay with you, Mom," Rini quickly added, "Serena's been wanting to go over to Darien's."

"That's fine, dear. Will you be home for lunch?"

"I thought I'd take Serena with me to Raye's after that," Rini replied.

"Just remember that Serena has to take her nap after lunch."

"Aww.... Mo-Auntie!" Serena whined.

"Are you finished, Serena?" Rini asked. When her cousin nodded, she said, "Come on then, let's go brush our teeth, then we can go over to Darien's."

A short time later, Serena was being carried down the street towards Darien's. When she squirmed a little bit, Rini asked, "Do you want down to walk?"

"Yeah," Serena replied. Rini lowered Serena before taking her hand. "I didn't think it was so far."

"I think it's just 'cause you got littler legs," Rini replied, "I mean I used to think it was a long walk but since I got bigger, it doesn't seem to take as long." Serena grunted and they continued walking for a few minutes in silence. "Serena?'


"How come what you did isn't bad but what I did is?" Serena gave her a puzzled look. "You were mad at Darien 'cuz he and I played like you guys did."

Serena screwed up her face in concentration before answering, "Rini, let's wait until we're at Darien's. This is a little too public."

"Are you okay, Serena?"

Serena gave her cousin a reassuring smile and said, "I was just thinking about playing in the park."

"We don't have to go over to Darien's. We could go to the park."

"Really? But... Yes, we do," Serena said firmly, "Now you got to get me back to thinking why we're goin' over there. Some things seem fuzzy like..." Serena scowled slightly before adding, "I'm having trouble calling Mommy... Mom by Auntie... I think I even was going to call you Auntie once."

Rini stopped and lifted Serena up again. Starting to walk, she said, "Don't worry, Serena. It doesn't matter now. I changed them this morning and I just forgot to tell you."

"How come it don't it matter now?"

"Because Mom is your mommy now. We um... 'dopted you." Serena blinked. "You're my cute little sister. So you can call Mom 'Mommy' if ya want." Serena smiled happily and hugged Rini.

"You're the bestest, Auntie... Rini."

Darien raised the coffee cup to his lips and tilted it back. After a moment or so, he realized that the cup was empty. Setting it down, Darien got up and started pacing once again. He hadn't slept at all the night before. He was sure that Serena had told the other Sailor Scouts and they'd be over to do him great bodily harm. He could only imagine what Lita would do to him. Why had he tried to push Rini too fast?

The knock that came at his door startled Darien. With his heart racing, he walked over to the door and looked out through the peephole. He was slightly confused to see Rini, but maybe it was a trap. There was a louder thumping at the door and he heard Serena's voice. "Darien, let us in or I'll change!"

Not wanting to have his apartment door ripped from its hinges, for that's what Serena sounded like she was going to do, Darien slowly opened the door. "I wanna talk to you!" Serena said forcefully. Darien opened the door and backed away. She looked like a preschooler now. He was surprised to find that Serena hadn't brought the other Sailor Scouts in tow.

"You low life rotten scumbag!" Serena yelled and delivered a swift kick to Darien's shin. As he hopped around in pain (for Serena's benefit), Rini held Serena and coaxed the little girl into removing her shoes. "How can you do such a thing?!?"

Darien's mind was whirling. "Do what?"

"You... you know!" Serena shouted. She scowled in concentration. "You uh... you played with Aun... Rini." Seeing Darien pale, which was a good trick in itself, Serena continued her barrage, "How could you even betray my love?"

"Are you jealous?"

"No, I'm not jealous go-gosh darn it!" Serena rubbed her head. "I'm really mad at you." She was just having trouble remembering exactly why. "No more, Darien, or Rini will tell the Scouts. We got a meetin' today and I'll tell on you."

"But I'm not sure what you're so upset about. Rini just comes over here to color and stuff." Was that why she was mad? Serena gave a frustrated yell and stomped into the living room.

Some minutes later, Serena was in the bathroom with Luna Ball floating beside her. "You with me?" she asked her companion. She had forgotten why she was so upset but she was. What was making her even more annoyed was that Darien was completely ignoring her.

She changed Luna Ball into a water pistol. Serena was about to fill it when she realized that she couldn't reach the sink. There was also no step stool. She began to pout when she spotted the toilet bowl. Giggling to herself, she began filling the gun from the toilet water.

"I'll show him not to ignore me." She had tried getting right up into his face, just like she remembered Rini doing, but Darien just brushed her aside. Eventually Rini had told her to calm down and be more polite. That hadn't irked her as much as Darien suggesting she needed to be put into a corner. How dare he treat her like a little kid?

Once the water gun was full, Serena left the bathroom and walked into the living room where Darien and Rini were sitting on the couch talking. She sauntered around trying to conceal the water gun as best she could.

"Whatcha talking 'bout?" Serena asked.

"Grownup stuff," Darien replied and chuckled to himself.

Serena noticed that Darien was holding Rini's hand and they were both looking serious. That was the last straw! "Darien, take me out for ice cream," she demanded. Darien ignored her and continued looking at Rini or rather, Rini's breasts. When she had walked closer, Serena brought the water pistol to bear and fired off several shots. Much to her delight, she hit him squarely between the eyes.

"SERENA!" Darien bellowed while getting up. Serena ran around and hid behind her sixteen year old sister.

Serena groaned and closed her eyes. She had thought Rini was going to take Luna Ball away; oddly enough, she didn't. What was even stranger was that Darien had given her a bucket of chocolate ice cream, a spoon, and a large bottle of soda. She had eaten until she couldn't hold any more. Lowering the last spoonful of ice cream back into the bucket, she carefully lowered herself off of her chair and wandered into Darien's bedroom. Climbing up onto the bed, Serena held her tummy.

"I'm gonna be sick..." Closing her eyes, Serena drifted into a light sleep. A short time later, she woke up feeling even worse. She sat up and was about to call out for Rini when her stomach heaved. She managed to hold back the bile long enough to get her head over the side of the bed. With that added pressure on her stomach, Serena lost the fight and vomited.

She was too busy vomiting to notice that she had started urinating as well. When the stench of the urine reached her nostrils, Serena vomited even more as her stomach rolled.

Serena began to cry and drew the covers up over her head so she could hide from the world. How could she face Rini?

Serena heard Rini's voice calling her and she cried even harder. The covers were pulled away from her face and she saw her cousin looking at her with a mixed expression on her face.

"Are you okay?"

"I don't feel good, Auntie," Serena replied.

"Gahed! What reeks?" Darien asked. Serena saw him looking into his room and closed her eyes.

"Serena, why didn't you go to the bathroom?" Rini asked.

"I tried... but didn't know I had throw up 'til it was too late. Sorry," Serena replied through tears. Rini smiled down and pulled Serena into a sitting position.

"Let's get you cleaned up. We have to go home and get some new clothes. Darien, can I borrow a tracksuit or something?" She was firmly ignoring the vomit on the floor. If she didn't, she'd probably throw up herself.

"None of my stuff will fit her."

"I can use Luna Ball to shrink it if I have to."

Darien considered and then digging through his closet produced an old university tracksuit. "I don't wear this very much."

"Thanks Darien," Serena sniffled. Taking Rini's hand, she got off the bed and shuffled towards the bathroom.

Irene looked curiously at Serena as the little girl came into the house. "Why on earth are you wearing a tracksuit?!" Serena looked sweaty and miserable inside of the oversized clothing. "And where did you get it?" Tears began to flow from Serena's eyes.

"Darien let us borrow it, Mom," Rini said. Holding up a plastic bag, she added, "Serena forgot about bathrooms."

Irene walked up to Serena and wiped at her eyes and then her sweaty forehead. "It's okay, sweetheart, accidents happen." She gave Serena a large hug. Serena brightened up. "Let's go upstairs and get you some clean clothes."

"'Kay Mommy," Serena said softly and hugged her mother. Irene scooped the little girl up and headed for the stairs.

"Rini, put those clothes into the washing machine. I don't want to have them stained."

"Okay Mom," Rini replied.

In a few minutes, Irene came down carrying a much happier looking Serena. The hot tracksuit had been traded in for a much cooler set of shorts and a tank top. "Serena," her mother said while lowering her youngest daughter, "Why don't you go watch cartoons for a few minutes." Serena nodded and wandered away. When Irene figured she was out of earshot, she went into the laundry room where Rini was staring at the washing machine. "Isn't it, working?"

"No, I was just reading the instructions," Rini answered. Or trying to was closer to the truth. There were a lot of big words.

Irene gave her a funny look before saying, "Rini, why didn't you take a change of clothing for Serena?"

Rini shrugged, "I thought she'd use the bathroom."

"You should know better. She's only four, Rini, accidents happen. Just be sure to take a change of clothing when you go out. So how did it go with Darien? I asked Serena what she wanted for lunch and she said she wasn't feeling hungry."

"I think she pigged out on ice cream and pop."

"You think?!?" Irene asked sharply. Rini suddenly got the feeling she had said the wrong thing.

Rini looked down at Serena and squeezed her hand. Serena looked up and scowled at Rini. "Did you really need to make sure I actually went to the bathroom?!?"

"I just don't want you to have another accident," Rini replied, "Maybe Amy can find out what's wrong."

"Whoa! Back the train up!"

"I don't think Amy would laugh at you. I mean it isn't like you did it on purpose or anything."

"And do I go 'round telling everybody you have accidents?"

"Yep," Rini replied, "You even teased me 'bout them." Serena raised her finger and opened her mouth before pausing. She prepared to speak again and then settled for starting to walk again.

"Okay, we can tell Amy, but not the others," Serena grumbled.

When they finally reached the Cherry Hill Temple grounds, Serena was ready to sit down. Rini had to prod her up the remaining steps. After a couple of minutes, they found the other Sailor Scouts, along with Luna and Artemis, sitting in a shaded area beside a pool of water.

"Hey, you two!" Lita called out in greeting, "What's up?"

"Rini," Mina giggled. Rini was clearly the oldest of the group now.

"Amy," Serena said with mild irritation, "Let me sit down first!" Amy had brought out her computer and started scanning as soon as Serena had come into sight.

"You sound upset."

"I'm sorry, Ames, I went over to Darien's in the morning." Serena went and plopped down beside Raye who was sitting by the pool's edge. "Anything new, Amy?"

"I'm afraid not."

"How old are we?" Rini asked taking a seat on the grass beside Serena. Amy activated her computer for a moment and studied the results.

"Serena's under four and a half. You're a little over sixteen and a half." Amy glanced up and asked, "Are either of you having any problems?" Serena took a deep breath and in blurted out what had happened that morning. A shocked silence fell over the clearing as the others tried to figure out what to say. "Anything else?" Amy prompted.

"Well... I wanna call my mom 'Mommy' 'n' Rini 'Auntie' and some things seem um... fuzzy," Serena replied.

"Mom," Rini added, "thinks I understand grownup stuff. Like how to use the washer and stuff."

"You better hope she doesn't ask you to drive," Lita observed.

"Are things going to get worse, Amy?" Luna asked.

Amy sat quietly for a long time before slowly nodding. "Yes. The process is still active. I can only speculate at what will happen but without a way to reverse this process, Serena will grow even younger."

"And I'll get even older," Rini added gloomily. She had wanted to be older but not this old. She was nearly Darien's age already. Next, she'd be ancient like Serena's mom!

"I guess there's only one choice," Raye said quietly, "We need a new leader."

"What?!" Serena asked, "But I'm your leader."

"I won't follow a baby," Raye replied.

Part 7

"I'm NOT a baby!" Serena shouted, "You're mean!"

"You are a child, Serena. You always were just a child." Raye replied, "And look what happened at Darien's. Even the old Serena wouldn't have done that."

Serena screwed up her face into a mask of anger. "Chili breath!"

"Doughnut Brain!"

"Pickle puss!"



Raye threw her hands up in disgust. "You are an immature, whiny little crybaby that's about as smart as a rock!!!" Serena's bottom lip trembled as she sniffled. "Go ahead and cry, baby, that's the only thing you're good for!" Bursting into tears, Serena turned and ran away.

"That was like way harsh," Mina said into the silence.

"She'll get over it," Raye said while crossing her arms.

"That was really mean, Raye," Rini countered, "Serena doesn't like being little. You could be nicer to her."

"You also could have allowed me to broach the subject of the Sailor Scouts' leadership, Raye. You've tried to take over before," Luna added, "Rini, why don't you go and try and talk Serena into coming back."

"No, I'm gonna stay." She did not intend to let Raye bully her way into being leader. At least, her new age would allow her to be taken seriously. The others tried to get Rini to go after Serena but she flatly refused. Eventually Artemis was given the task of going to talk to the little girl.

"While I don't like that Raye started this, I am forced to agree with her -- a temporary leadership change is necessary," Luna began once Artemis had gone to find Serena. "The question is who?"

"Amy," Rini piped up.

"Me?!?" Amy seemed a little shocked by this.

"Yeah, until you'll get a way to change us back, I think you should be leader." Rini was disappointed when Amy simply shook her head and said she didn't want to be leader.

"I say Mina should have it. She's been a Scout the longest," Lita said, "Besides, there's like no way Serena's gonna take Raye being leader." It was obvious she wouldn't like that option herself.

"Who says I want to be leader?"

"It's kinda obvious," Lita retorted.

"Please..." Luna began.

"I don't want Raye to be leader. She's really mean to Serena," Rini interrupted Luna, "If Amy won't be leader, then I guess Mina would be good."

"I was not mean to Serena!" Raye protested.

"Girls!" Luna shouted, "Please!" After they had all settled down, she continued, "Now, Raye, I know you've been chomping at the bit to get your hot little hands onto the leadership." Raye opened her mouth to protest this but Luna never gave her a chance. "You might be able to hide it reasonably well but everybody knows what you think of Serena. We also know that you believe you are the best qualified." Raye crossed her arms and sniffed. "What I'm asking, Raye, is that you support Mina. We don't need the Sailor Scouts being divided about this."

Raye took a long time in answering but finally said, "All right."

It was some time before Artemis and Serena returned. The white cat walked up to Raye and said, "You don't hate Serena, right?" Raye's face took on a surprised expression.

"Huh? Of course, I don't."

"Really?" Serena asked, "But why are ya so mean?" She was keeping a careful distance between her and Raye.

"Did you think I hated you?" Raye asked. Serena nodded. She didn't know whether to feel exasperated at Serena or guilty. "Serena, come here." Serena took a moment before walking over to Raye. "I don't hate you, Serena. I do like you. You're a friend."

"Then why are ya gonna be leader?" Serena asked.

"I'm not. Mina's going to be leader," Raye told her. Serena blinked.

"That's correct, Serena," Luna said quickly, "But it's only temporary until you get older."

"That's right, girlfriend," Mina assured Serena.

"So you like really think I can be leader... when I get bigger?" Serena asked Raye cautiously.

"You're the Princess, aren't you?" Raye added. She was surprised then when Serena came over and hugged her tightly. Her shock grew even more when Serena hopped up onto her lap.

"I knew you liked me!" Serena said happily. Raye sighed and gave Serena a hug; there didn't seem to be anything else to do.

Rini grumbled as she placed yet another dish into the drying rack. When she had been little, she had once helped with the dishes but at least she didn't have to wash them. Washing dishes was a lot more work than drying them. It seemed to be taking longer this time. At least before she had Serena to help her. She hoped Amy would find a cure for both of them soon.

"Can I help, Auntie?" Serena asked. Rini gave a yelp of surprise and dropped the dish she had been washing back into the sink. Serena giggled as Rini was splashed with soapy water.

"What do you want to do?" Rini asked.

"Well I can dry," the four year old said. With Rini's help, Serena dragged a chair over to the counter and stood on it so she could reach the dishes. Rini was just turning back to wash the other dishes when Serena gave a squeal; this was shortly followed by a crash. "Uh-oh..." Serena said as she stared down at the shattered plate. "Sorry."

"What was that?" Irene asked as came into the kitchen. "What happened?"

"Nothin'," Serena said softly.

"I think Serena dropped a dish," Rini replied. She wondered why Serena gave her a strange look.

"What were you doing with a dish, Serena?" Irene asked as she was getting a broom and a dustpan.

"I was dryin' the dishes," she said proudly.

"I think you're too little to do that, Serena," Irene replied.

"But Auntie said I could!" Serena protested.

Irene frowned a little and then noticed that Serena was starting to shift from one foot to the other. "Serena, do you have to go to the bathroom?" Serena froze for a moment before nodding vigorously. Irene lifted her adopted daughter off of the chair. "Rini, please clean up those broken pieces before somebody gets hurt," Irene said. She gave her daughter the broom and dustpan and hurried after the little girl.

Serena felt a little irritated when Irene followed her into the bathroom; however, she was glad that her mother had because getting up onto the toilet was a challenge for her small size. She also needed her mother to keep her balance.

Serena might have been more annoyed with the situation but she remembered that Jordan, the little boy she had babysat for a couple of times, was still in potty training and Serena did not want to use a potty. And there were far worse things -- like diapers.

That night was hot and muggy. Even with all the windows wide open, there wasn't much of a breeze. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, both Serena and Rini slept or at least had been sleeping.

Serena's eyes popped open and for a moment, she lay still before realizing she had to use the bathroom. Sitting up, she turned and found Rini still asleep. It didn't take long for Serena to realize that her need couldn't wait for Rini to throw on some type of clothing. Carefully she slipped out of bed and quickly padded over to the doorway.

The overly large underpants kept slipping down so Serena allowed them to drop to the floor. Yet again, the pajama top was large enough to allow her to maintain her modesty. She realized she had grown even smaller because it was very hard to reach up and turn the doorknob. Once the task was done, she hurried down the hallway; the need was growing even stronger.

She was glad to see that the bathroom door was standing open and that even a light was left on. Entering the bathroom, Serena pushed the door shut but not firmly so, she didn't want to struggle with the doorknob when it came time to leave.

That's when she found herself faced with a new problem: due to her smaller size, the toilet was too large. She had needed a boost the day before on her trips to the bathroom and now the toilet appeared even bigger. Much as Serena hated to admit it, she needed a potty and there was none available.

Serena could feel the pressure building and willed herself as hard as she could to keep control. She needed to go and get Rini but she wasn't sure if she could hold it that long or not. What made up her mind was a warm and wet touch on her leg. She'd never make it in time and unless she thought of something immediately, she was going to make a mess on the bathroom floor. Her mommy and auntie wouldn't like that at all.

Desperately looking around, Serena spotted the only thing that was smaller than her -- the trashcan. Quickly shuffling over, she dragged the trashcan out from beside the sink and pulled up her oversized pajama top. Squatting over the trashcan, Serena gave a sigh of relief.

Rini blinked as she opened her eyes. Something wasn't quite right. Looking around, she noticed that Serena was gone. She got out of bed and headed for the doorway. There she spotted what must have been Serena's underpants lying on the floor.

Becoming slightly worried, Rini quickly donned a bathrobe, picked up the underpants, and left the room. She noted that the bathroom door was shut. Softly moving down the hallway, Rini pushed opened the door. She observed that Serena was squatting over a small trashcan and heard an unusual sound. Moving into the bathroom, Rini closed the door before going over to the struggling toddler.

Rini scowled a little when she realized exactly what was going on. When Serena was finished, Rini whispered sharply, "That isn't a toilet."

"I didn't have a choice, Auntie," Serena replied, "I didn't wanna... but if I didn't..." She looked at Rini's scowl and started crying.

"Serena, I'm not mad at you." Handing her baby sister some toilet paper, Rini waited until Serena was completely finished with her business and then lifted the child into a hug. She sat down on the toilet seat and held Serena in her lap. "Don't cry... now put these on." Serena put her discarded underpants back on and sniffled as Rini told her not to cry again.

"Sorry, Auntie."

"It's okay, Serena," Rini reassured the little girl, "At least you didn't wet the bed." Sitting Serena on the floor, Rini got up, carefully dumped the putrid contents of the trashcan into the toilet, and flushed it. "At least this thing wasn't full," Rini muttered. She'd have to tell her mom in the morning though; that smell would be hard to explain otherwise.

After washing their hands and Serena's face, Rini carried her little sister back to their room. By the time Rini gently placed Serena back into the bed, the little girl was fast asleep once again, a thumb firmly placed in her mouth.

Rini was staring with consternation at the direction on the instant cake mix a short time after breakfast. She couldn't get Serena to help her with it. Serena didn't even have the attention span to try and read the package. She would have asked Luna but Irene was around. She might have called Lita but again, her mother was around and she had already gotten some odd looks as it was.

"Rini," Irene called as she came into the kitchen, "Oh good, you haven't started that."

"Did you want something, Mom?" Rini asked.

Irene came further into the kitchen and said, "I think Serena isn't ready for panties yet."


"I don't think Serena is ready to wear underpants yet," Irene said, "She barely got to the bathroom this time. I think we need to put her back in diapers for a month or two. Serena just isn't old enough yet to potty train."

"Oh," Rini said, "I don't think Serena will like bein' put into diapers."

"I know she won't, dear. I was going to ask you if you'd go out and get some cloth diapers. We seem to be out."

"Sure Mom." Rini refused the money her mother offered her, saying she didn't need it. Saying good-bye to Serena, Rini slipped out of the house and headed for Darien's. She needed to waste some time to make it look like she was actually shopping.

Darien opened his apartment door and was a little relieved to see that Serena wasn't around. "Hi Rini. Where's Serena?"

"At home," Rini replied. She entered the apartment and took off her shoes. Grimacing a little, she adjusted her bra. It was fitting very snugly and it would likely get more uncomfortable. She would have brought Luna Ball along but Serena had been playing watching television with it.

"Is she feeling better?" Darien asked while leering at Rini.

"Yes," Rini replied. She pointedly ignored his stare and moved over to the couch. Darien watched those hips sway back and forth. They seemed wider than the last time he'd seen her. He noted how the muggy heat made the fabric cling provocatively to her delicate skin. Her knee length pink hair hung in two long pigtails adding to the intoxicating effect. His member began to harden.

"How old are you?" Darien asked, almost in a whisper.

"Eighteen," Rini replied in a low and seductive voice, "At least that's Amy's guess without doing a scan. I'll know for sure at the Scout meeting later."

"Scout meeting?" Darien was still weary.

"Well, not a real one. Mina won't be there."

"S... so... what are you up to today?" Rini just smiled, and then adjusted her bra again.

"I'm shopping for diapers." The look on Darien's face was priceless. Darien still had that funny look after Rini had explained that the diapers were for his former girlfriend.

After a brief discussion, Rini agreed to stay long enough to watch a movie. She had no idea how long it would take to buy diapers but she figured the longer she took, the more genuine it would look.

About an hour into the movie, both jumped as they heard a snapping noise. "What was that?" Darien asked while looking at Rini.

"My bra!" She didn't want to wreck the shirt as well so she pulled the T-shirt off. She frowned with some annoyance as her bra rolled onto her lap leaving her ample breasts fully exposed. Looking up, she noticed that Darien was leering almost hungrily at her. She smiled slightly in arousal and stretched placing her arms behind her head. He got a good look at her 36D-22-34 figure. She could easily pass for an attractive young coed at his college now. "You like?"

Darien gulped and cleared his throat. "You are becoming a very beautiful young woman," Darien stated. His manhood quickly stood at attention. He suspected her breasts were the same size as Lita's or even bigger now and easily surpassed Raye's. Rini blushed and nodded slightly when Darien looked at her. She felt his fingers brush against first her right nipple and then her left one. It was with some surprise when Darien moved to kneel in front of her. She watched as he leaned forward and taking a nipple into his mouth started sucking it. It was his dream come true.

That stimulation was intensified when he used his hand to play with her other nipple. She could feel the heat starting to rise as it usually did. Then something changed. She felt the waistband of her tight shorts being slowly pulled down.

"No, Darien," Rini said and pushed Darien away. "I think I should go. Can I please borrow one of your T-shirts?"

"What's the matter?" Darien asked.

"I promised Serena," Rini said firmly. Now that she thought about Serena, she wondered if the toddler was missing her. "Can I borrow one of your T-shirts? I can't go out like this."

"I guess so," Darien said dejectedly. He tried to talk her out of leaving but Rini was firm on the matter, much to Darien's frustration.

As Rini walked home, she was aware of the looks that she was getting from men. She felt uncomfortable before with her bra on and now not having one seemed to be drawing more unwanted attention. Her large breasts flopped around with every step. The rough fabric of the T-shirt caused her nipples to stand out and only added to her anxiety. She continued on. She had to see how Serena was doing and then talk to Lita at the meeting that afternoon.

Luck was on Rini's side because she was able to get to Luna Ball and use it to create new clothes for herself and create both cloth diapers and plastic pants for Serena before she saw her mother or for that matter, Serena. Walking up the stairs with her bundle, she heard Serena giggling. She walked down the hallway to the bathroom. There she saw Irene kneeling beside the tub and Serena in the tub. Serena no longer looked like a little girl and had taken on the chubby little face and proportions of a toddler. She barely had enough hair to have meatballs with tufts of pigtails sticking out.

"Hi Mom, I'm home."

"Hello Rini."

"Auntie!" Serena greeted Rini.

"Did you get them?" Irene asked. When Rini nodded, Irene stood up added, "Can you finish up Serena's bath? I'll go start that C, A, K, E."

"'Kay Mom," Rini agreed. When Irene had left, Rini placed her bundles down on the floor before stepping over to the side of the tub. "Ready to get out, Serena?"

"No," Serena replied but didn't offer any real protest when Rini lifted her out. "Where were ya?"

"Don't you remember?" Rini asked. Serena furrowed her brow in concentration for a moment, then shook her head and stuck her thumb in her mouth. "Don't do that," Rini replied and gently pulled Serena's thumb out of her mouth. "Big girls don't do that." Getting a towel, Rini dried Serena off before wrapping her in the towel. "Let's go to my room. We got stuff to do."

"Wha?" Serena asked.

Rini lifted Serena up, got the items she had left on the floor, and made her way to her room. "Serena, I know you won't like this but I got you some diapers."

"I no need diapers!" Serena replied hotly.

"But you can hardly make it to the bathroom."

"Can so!"

"What about the trashcan?" Rini replied while sitting Serena on the bed.

"No need diapers... I'm big girl... I'm four...teen!" Was she fourteen? It seemed like the wrong answer somehow. Didn't she used to be bigger than Auntie?

"Raye said you were always a baby. Maybe you can wear them until you get big."

"I'm NOT a baby!" Serena shouted angrily.

"Serena, you gotta wear diapers. Mom told me so this morning."

"I won't! I won't! I WON'T!" Serena countered. She fought to keep the towel around her but her strength wasn't what it had once been. Angrily the three year old kicked with all her strength at Rini's legs.

Rini grabbed Serena's legs and brought her face closer so she was looking her little sister in the eye. "Do you want a spanking, young lady?"


"Then don't kick me." Serena just glowered at her. Rini ignored her sister. Spreading the towel out on the bed, Rini shifted Serena so the little girl was sitting on it. "Now lay back, Serena."


"Serena, please?"


"Serena, lay back!" Rini ordered.

Serena crossed her arms and turned her head. "No."

Rini sighed a little and said, "Serena, we're friends right?" Friends? That seemed right somehow. Serena nodded. "I know you don't wanna wear diapers... Do you think Raye'll tease you?"

Serena was quiet for a long moment before saying, "Yeah."

"Raye likes you," Rini said, "And if you aren't good, Mom won't let me take you over to Raye's... or even over to Lita's later on. You like Lita's cooking."

Serena chewed on her bottom lip, "But what if... what if I can get through the day with, um, no accidents, you tell Mommy no diapers?"

It took Rini a moment or so to figure out what Serena was asking. "I promise, Serena, if you get through the day without an accident, I'll make it so you don't have to wear diapers."

"Okay Auntie," Serena agreed. She lay back naked on the bed and waited.

Rini picked up the diaper and opened it. She looked at it and at Serena and back again. "Uh Serena, do you know how to put these on?"

"Um, no."

"I guess I could call, Amy." Serena sat up and shook her head. "Why not?"

"Nobody finds out."

"But we're going over to the temple today, remember?"

"Yeah but I'll be wearin' a dress. Nobody see. Nobody finds out!" Serena countered. When Rini shrugged, Serena laid back down.

Rini gave it a little more thought before putting the front waistband part to Serena's waist. Holding the diaper in place with one hand, she rolled Serena over to her stomach with the other pulling the rest of the diaper between Serena's legs. She was about to cover Serena's bottom when the little girl shifted slightly.

"Come on, Serena, hold still," Rini admonished. Serena's response was a slight grunt. Rini was disgusted to realize that Serena was pooping. Dropping the back end of the diaper, Rini scrambled away from Serena. "Eew!" Serena didn't care much for it either because she started crying again. Rini came back over and said softly, "Don't cry, Serena. We'll get you fixed up. You'll see." Using Luna Ball, she produced a roll of toilet paper and a garbage bag. There was no way Serena could wipe herself without making a mess and Rini had no desire to get any of it on the bed so she resolved herself to doing it.

Wiping your own bottom is one thing, doing it for someone else is another thing. It was with some relief that Rini finished the disgusting task and got Serena into another diaper without incident.

"What do you think? Rini asked as she stood Serena on the carpet." Even before Serena could answer, the diaper dropped to the floor with a plop. Serena giggled at the sour look that Rini was giving the diaper.

"It's gotta be tighter," Serena said. When Serena giggled, Rini did as well. It took another two tries to get the diaper seated properly so it wouldn't slip or hang too low. By that time, both were tired and they each decided to take a pre-lunch nap. Serena snuggled close to Rini before falling asleep.

The mid-afternoon heat was intense. Even under the shade, it was quite hot and muggy. "It's so hot..." Lita moaned, "Even the breeze is hot."

"It's the humidity," Amy replied.

"Isn't Serena supposed to be taking a nap?" Raye asked, "Even watching her play tag with Artemis and Luna is making me sweat."

Rini noted she was nearly as tall as Lita. "She had a nap before lunch," Rini replied. She watched Serena play and was happy that Serena had forgotten about her fear of being teased. "Careful Serena!" Rini called out. Serena just giggled and kept chasing after Artemis. Suddenly though, she stopped in mid-stride and took on a funny expression. After a moment, she straightened and walked over to Rini. "Bathroom," she said softly. Carefully lifting Serena up, Rini picked up the nearby diaper bag and headed for the bathroom. Thankfully, none of the Sailor Scouts said anything.

Rini spread the changing mat on the floor and had Serena lay down on it on her back. Rini had asked Irene some questions about diapers. She had chalked it up to wanting to be sure she was doing things properly and Irene seemed satisfied by the reasoning.

Rini undid the diaper and after a quick inspection said, "I don't think you peed, Serena."

"But feel wike I did."

The diaper did feel damp but there wasn't the unpleasant odor of urine. "It is wet, but I think it's just sweat." Digging in the diaper bag, Rini got out some baby powder and after applying it, put a fresh diaper on Serena. "How does that feel?"

Serena smiled a little. "Good." Serena wiggled a little, the diaper felt dry and cool against her skin. "I no wanna wear pants," Serena whined as Rini started to slide the plastic pants back on.

"But Serena..."

"Too hot," Serena whined, "Pwease Auntie?"

"Okay Serena," Rini agreed. Both were a little surprised to find Raye waiting for them.

"Serena, how would you like a Popsicle?" Raye asked.

"Yea pwease!" Serena clapped.

"Come on then, we'll go get you one." Serena reached up and took Raye's hand and they wandered away together.

Rini was surprised but was glad to see Raye being nicer to Serena. When she went back outside with the others, she asked Lita about Raye asking if Serena wanted a Popsicle.

"Raye can say some way harsh things but she does care about Serena," Lita replied to Rini's question. "I think Raye's trying to apologize to Serena... That and she's distracting Serena so we can talk."

"How is Serena doing?" Amy asked softly. It was with some reluctance that Rini told them of the latest news. "I suspected as much. Well you're eighteen and Serena is three. If this thing holds its course, you'll be nineteen by tomorrow and Serena will be two."

"You gotta fix this, Amy, I don't wanna get bigger. I want Serena to get bigger." Tomorrow she'd be Darien's age for God's sake!

"I know, Rini. I'm searching for an answer."

Raye and Serena returned a short time later. "We sat at the kitchen table to eat the Popsicle. Less sloppy that way," Raye explained when Rini asked why it had taken so long.

"Isn't the table a little big for her?" Lita questioned.

"She sat on my lap," Raye replied. Serena seemed quite prepared to run off again when Raye said, "Serena, come sit with me. It's too hot to run around." Serena seemed reluctant to but after a little more coaxing, she happily sat on Raye's lap.

"I wonder what Rubeus is up to?" Lita said after a few minutes of silence.

"Are you worried?" Luna asked, "That's not like you."

"Yes, I'm worried," Lita replied, "We haven't seen him since he last zapped Serena and Rini."

"It IS unusual," Amy replied, "I wish Mina were here. Maybe we could work out a plan for when he does show up."

"Why isn't she here?" Raye asked.

"She got grounded."

"What for?"

"Her parents caught her kissing a boy," Artemis replied.

"And what's wrong with that?" Rini asked.

"She wasn't dressed."

"Uh oh..." Serena said.

"You can say that again," Artemis muttered.

"Artemis... I don't think Serena was commenting on Mina's problem," Raye said as she stood up while holding Serena. "Ewww! She just peed on me!" Lita erupted into laughter. Unfortunately, Serena thought she was being laughed at so she started to cry.

"I don't think Raye hates Serena, Rini," Lita said later that evening as she, Rini, and Serena sat in Rini's room. "I think she's just majorly miffed."

"Raye just ignored Serena. She can't help she's little. I think Serena thinks Raye hates her."

Lita glanced between the dozing Serena and Rini before shrugging. "Could be," she said, "I wasn't really paying attention to Raye. That's the best thing to do when she gets into one of those crabby moods." Rini gave Lita a little grin. "So what do you want to do now?"

To Lita's surprise, Rini pulled off her T-shirt and bra. "How," Rini asked, "Do you handle these?" She jiggled her DD-sized breasts to emphasize her question.

"Uh Rini..." Lita began.

"You gotta help me. I feel funny with them this big and you 'n' me got the same size boobies," Rini interrupted. "Please Lita, with Serena the way she is, I really need your help."

Lita sighed while shaking her head. Lita wasn't about to point out that Rini's breasts were larger than hers were. "Okay kiddo, what do you want to know?" Rini grinned and moved to sit beside Lita.

Part 8

Rini was slowly awakened by something cold and wet touching her bare skin. Memories of her past bed wetting episodes shot through her, causing her cheeks to redden in embarrassment. She started to realize the wetness was too high up for what she had first thought it was.

Understanding slowly dawned through her sleepy mind as she felt Serena shifting. Tossing back the thin sheet that had been covering both of them, Rini could tell even without lights that the diaper on Serena was soaked right through. Rini hated waking Lita but there was no other choice. The bed sheets would need to be changed. That and Lita could watch Serena while Rini cleaned herself off.

Carefully getting up, Rini went over and shook Lita awake. She had just finished telling the teen what the trouble was when Serena woke up and started crying. Serena wanted to be changed and she wanted to be changed that instant!

Rini stared moodily at her scrambled eggs the next morning. Her mother had not been happy when she had learned that Serena had been sleeping in Rini's bed instead of her crib. Rini hunched her shoulders slightly, trying to block out the sound of Serena's incoherent babbling. She cared about the two year old girl a great deal but all she wanted to do now was go back to bed. Her only consolation was that Sammy was not there to see her humiliation.

"Ma-ma," Serena called out, "Ma-ma."

"Just a minute, Serena!" Irene called from the kitchen as if Serena could understand her.

"Ma-ma!" Serena repeated with more strength. Irene ignored her daughter, so did Rini. "MA-MA!" Serena shouted.

Rini turned to glare at Serena and got a face full of breakfast mush for her trouble. "What'd you do that for?" Rini demanded while wiping off the banana mush the child had been eating.

"Ma-ma..." Serena cooed and held out her tiny covered drinking glass to Rini. Rini looked downright puzzled at Serena's reaction. "'Ink!" Serena said more urgently while stretching out her drinking glass to her older sister.

"Psst," Lita whispered, "She wants another drink."

"I know that," Rini hissed back, "But why is she calling me 'Ma-ma'?" Unless...

Irene came out of the kitchen and gave Serena a stern look. "I said I'd be right out. No need to shout." She noticed Serena's empty glass. While reaching for it, she asked, "Do you want a little more milk, honey?"

"No!" Serena said firmly and pulled the spill proof glass protectively to her chest. Once Irene had lowered her hand, Serena shoved the glass towards Rini and said in a slightly exasperated tone of voice, "Ma-ma, 'ink!" Irene reached for the glass and Serena pulled it away again. "No!" she said with a scowl on her face. It took the grownups awhile to figure out that Serena wanted Rini to get her a drink. It was downright perplexing to Irene although Lita seemed to get some perverse amusement out of the whole situation. To the toddler, Rini was her mother and despite what anybody said, that's the way it was going to be.

By mid-morning, the day was clear, hot, and muggy. There was hardly any breeze and what little breeze there was only intensified the heat. Rini tugged with some annoyance at her T-shirt and bra. Both were uncomfortably hot and sticky and starting to become constricting.

Irene thought it was perfect weather to wash the windows. The fact that she had Rini helping didn't help to improve Rini's mood. Hearing a giggle, Rini turned to find her baby sister attempting to follow Luna around. It seemed as if Serena was having all the fun lately. Rini muttered to herself and turned back to the boring task before twisting around again to give Serena a harder stare.

"Serena!" Rini snapped. She dropped the sponge she had been using into the bucket beside her. Serena halted and looked at Rini curiously, "How do you do it?" Rini asked. The toddler just stared at her in confusion. With some exasperation, Rini looked around for Serena's diaper. Serena had somehow discovered a way to wiggle free of her diaper. "Come here so I can put this back on you."

"No," Serena said simply and started after Luna again.

"Serena," Rini said, "Come here!"

"No." Rini frowned and walking over, caught Serena by the arm. "NO! NO! NO!" Serena said angrily.

Rini firmly ignored her and after some struggling, got Serena diaper back on her. Setting the crying child back onto the ground, Rini admonished her baby sister. "You stay in that diaper, young lady!"

"No!" Serena yelled in defiance before glaring at the grownup.

Sighing, Rini went back to her window washing. For the next minute or so, she glanced over her shoulder at Serena who appeared to be sulking. Heaving another sigh, she continued with her work. Rini was just starting to think that it might be a good idea to take Serena back into the house; her mother had warned her that Serena shouldn't get too much sun. Turning around, she discovered Serena had yet again removed the diaper and was roaming around totally naked.

Walking over, Rini reached down for the diaper but Serena snatched it away. "No!"

"Give me the diaper, Serena," Rini said.

"NOOOO!!!!" Serena yelled. Rini grimaced and bent down. She reached forward and caught Serena's arm. Drawing the toddler closer, she gave Serena's bare bottom a firm swat. Serena started crying. Rini carried the crying child inside and after putting the diaper back on Serena, she gave the toddler another swat before plunking her onto the living room floor.

Rini was standing at the kitchen sink washing the lunchtime dishes when Irene came into the room. "Sweetheart," Irene said gently, "Don't take it so hard." Since Rini had spanked Serena, the little girl had been acting nervous the entire time whenever Rini was around. Rini's guilt increased when the toddler had hurt herself and had wanted nothing to do with her.

"I know, Mom," Rini sighed, "I think she'll forgive me."

Irene patted her on the arm before saying, "Go on, I'll finish these up. Keep Serena upstairs for a little bit. I want to do some vacuuming while your father and Sammy are not under foot."

Rini grinned while wiping her hands. She walked into the kitchen where Serena was sitting; the little girl seemed to be having a conversation with one of her stuffed bunnies. Exactly what this conversation was about Rini didn't really know.

"Hi Serena," Rini said, "Want to hear a story?" Serena hugged her rabbit and glowered at Rini. Sighing a little, she stepped forward and lifted Serena up. The little girl squirmed for a few moments before settling down. Talking softly to Serena, she carried Serena up the stairs and along the hallway to her room.

A short time later, Rini carefully held Serena as she slipped into the cool waters of the bathtub. She hadn't originally intended on taking a bath, or giving Serena a bath, this early in the day. Unfortunately, the little girl had soiled herself so much that the typical cleaning wouldn't do. Besides, it was a great way to cool down.

Serena seemed to have given up her grudge, if she had actually been holding one. Instead, she splashed about the bathtub delightedly. Rini had to be careful not to let Serena's head go underwater but she gave Serena free reign otherwise.

Serena liked getting her back washed. In fact, she liked getting everything but her face washed. Serena also didn't like getting her hair washed either, what little she had left of her once glorious pigtails. However after the cleaning was out of the way, Rini let Serena make her own rules pretty much.

Eventually though, Rini noticed Serena was slowing down. Seeing the little girl give an expansive yawn, She pulled her closer. As the baby girl settled her head onto her chest, Rini gently hugged her. While the guilt she had felt at that morning's events was now gone, she still felt guilt. She was feeling guilty simply because Serena was the way she was and it was entirely her fault.

She had wanted to be older, but not as old as she was. And she certainly hadn't wanted Serena to be as young as she was. Serena could barely talk anymore. Rini did enjoy taking care of the child, but it was a lot of work. The things Irene discussed with her were becoming even more confusing. Rini mostly nodded as if she understood. For a brief instant, she wished Rubeus hadn't ever zapped her.

Rini was distracted from her thoughts when she felt something familiar. Glancing down, she gave a little gasp of surprise. Serena's eyes were almost closed, her head lolled to one side. What had shocked Rini though was that Serena had started suckling at her breast. It was like what Darien did, only it was very different. Serena's suckling seemed gentler, more natural somehow.

Rini was unsure if this was right or not. But that was pushed aside as she felt the heat starting to build below. She felt the desire to rub herself grow but she shook it off. She had to look after Serena; she had promised that. Carefully Rini climbed out of the tub. She didn't want to wake the suckling baby. Gently she pulled Serena away and the little girl started to fuss but after a moment, settled down once she had her thumb in her mouth. As Rini dried herself and Serena off, she made a mental note to ask Amy about what Serena had done.

"Time for your nap, Serena," Rini said but the little girl was already asleep. Rini wanted to masturbate but it was still early in the day and she wasn't sure what Irene would say if she were caught.

It was later that afternoon when Rini found that Serena couldn't talk anymore. She was sitting on the living room floor playing with the child. "Serena," Rini said as she held out the stuffed bunny, "Want this?" She was surprised when Serena babbled something, walked unsteadily forward, and reached out for the toy. "Serena, want this?" Serena made a funny sounding noise but nothing that was really a word.

When she handed Serena the toy, Serena suddenly sat down with a PLOP onto the carpet. After the shocked surprise went away from Serena's face, the baby pushed herself into a crawling position and crawled away across the floor as fast as she could.

Rini watched then as Serena found something she could help steady herself. Once back on her feet, the toddler started back to where she had been playing before. Still the walk was ungainly and Rini suspected that soon Serena wouldn't be able to even stand up straight without some assistance.

Off to the west, a large fiery sun slowly sank. Serena was more fussy than usual because of the heat. Serena could no longer speak real words. She lay still on Rini's bed in nothing but her diaper. "She likes this," Rini said as she gently massaged one of Serena's legs. Amy smiled while studying the results of her scan.

"Serena's about eighteen months old," Amy observed, "Have you got bottles for her?"

"Yeah," Rini said, "Mom was asking about them at dinner time." She switched over to Serena's other leg before asking, "Amy... what's gonna happen?"

Amy gave Rini a worried look, "You mean if Serena doesn't stop getting younger?" Rini nodded. "Well, I don't really know," Amy lied. She had her own suspicions but she wasn't ready to tell them to anyone especially Rini. "Rini, you were worrying about something earlier, what was it?"

After a short pause, Rini told her what had happened in the bathtub that morning. "It felt... different," Rini said, "I don't really know why Serena even did it. She seemed to get mad when I stopped it." Amy blushed.

"You haven't started to lactate," Amy said as she gave Serena a thoughtful look.


"Lactate... I mean you haven't started producing milk."

"Milk? I'm not a cow!" Rini said indignantly, her face grew sourer as Amy started chuckling.

"I didn't mean you were a cow, Rini," Amy said soothingly, "When a girl has a baby, her breasts start to produce milk."

"But I thought babies got milk from a bottle."

"They can, but some parents prefer to breast-feed if they can."

Seeing the puzzled look, Amy spent the next little bit explaining about breast-feeding. "Serena's mind is becoming more like a baby. So while you don't produce milk, she does find it soothing."

"Um... Amy, why did you say it was good I couldn't make milk?" The concept was so strange to her Rini wanted to laugh. She didn't remember her mother ever mentioning such a thing.

"I remember you saying that Serena was calling you 'Mama'. I wanted to make sure you weren't really her mother."

"Why would you think that?" Amy was saved from answering when Serena started crying to be changed.

As Rini rocked in the rocking chair that was beside the crib, she held Serena close to her breast. Baby Serena had been cranky all evening. Irene thought it might be gas. Rini thought it was the relentless heat. Carefully she shifted Serena so Rini could wipe some sweat from her forehead. Whatever the cause of Serena's discomfort, suckling seemed to calm the baby down.

Now as Rini looked down at Serena, she saw that the child was nearly asleep. After a short time, Serena's breathing slowly and her tiny body relaxed. Carefully standing, she carefully settled Serena into her crib before walking back over to the bed.

She could feel a cool breeze on one nipple. The fires from below had been gently stirred by Serena's actions. Lying on the bed, Rini started stroking her breasts. She noted their large size made them even more sensitive than before. She circled each semi-erect nipple until they stood out like tiny pebbles.

While continuing to play with one nipple between thumb and forefinger, Rini reached down letting her hand gently glide over her Mons Pubis, through her thick pink pubic hair, already damp with sweat, into her womanhood. Slowly she pushed a finger passed her Labia Majora, passed the Labia Minora to find the sensitive nub.

Slowly she started to stimulate her clitoris. Letting the heat within her build. She let her eyes closed as she felt the heat rising in her. She pretended that it was Darien's nimble tongue that was flicking across that magical spot. She pretended his hand was the one to gently pinch her nipple.

Her own musky scent filled the air, causing her arousal to increase. Slowly but steadily, she climbed towards climax as the world faded. Another finger slipped into her vagina. Her hips began rocking as her fingers move in and out in a slow and steady rhythm. Higher and higher she rose, her fingers and inner thighs becoming coated with her sweet honey nectar.

The intensity of the orgasm when it finally came took Rini by surprise. Her back arched and her muscles clamped down as she felt the jolting electricity run through her entire body. As she slipped into that afterglow that followed upon her climaxes, Rini was glad that Serena was asleep. Finally, despite the night heat, she drifted off into a comfortable sleep.

"Rini!" Irene called out.

"I'm in here, Mom!" Rini called out from the laundry room. She was standing beside the washing machine grumbling under her breath. Despite having Lita show her how to operate the stupid machine, she was still having problems with it. She halted her grumbling as her mother came into the room.

"What are you doing?"

"Washing some of Serena's dirty diapers." She hadn't really wanted to do the laundry but she was responsible for both Serena's and her own clothing so it couldn't be avoided. "Did you want something, Mom?"

"Yes," Irene answered, "I'd like you to do the grocery shopping for this week." Rini's mouth went dry and she felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. "Here's the list and the car keys, Rini. And while you're out, you can pick up the suit your father had dry cleaned."

Rini just stared at the car keys. There was no way she could drive! "Uh Mom... maybe you should do that."

"Rini," Irene said with a little exasperation, "What's gotten into you lately?" Rini just stood there looking glum. "What are you going to do when you get your own place?" That caused Rini to suck in her breath. Both her parents had been hinting that they expected her to move out soon. "We know you're still in college, so we don't ask you to pay for room and board but we do expect you to do chores."

"But Mom..." Rini began.

"Rini, this is a simple chore and I want you to do it," Irene iterated, "I'll look after Serena." Rini had been acting so childlike lately.

"But I don't wanna!" Rini whined.

"It's time you grew up. You're not a little girl anymore. You're twenty-one years old!" Irene was surprised when Rini burst into tears and ran from the room. Rubbing her forehead, she heaved a sigh. Counting to one hundred to calm her own nerves, Irene left the room and after picking baby Serena up from her playpen, went up the stairs. She tapped lightly on the door of her daughter's room and waited.

When there wasn't any response after a long moment, Irene opened he door and slowly walked in. Rini was lying on her bed, face buried in a pillow, crying. Serena started fussing as she sensed the mood in the room. Irene ignored her though and put Serena into her crib before walking over to grown daughter.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she placed a gentle hand on Rini's back before saying, "Rini, I'm sorry." Rini sniffled a little before turning to gaze up at Irene. "I shouldn't have lost my patience." Obviously, something was really wrong with her daughter to cry over so trivial a thing.

Rini sniffled again and pushed herself up into a sitting position. "That's okay, Mom." Wiping her eyes, she felt a little better when Irene gave her a hug. It almost felt like Serena's hugs used to.

"Rini, your father and I are just concerned. You're a very pretty and intelligent young woman. There's more to life than looking after Serena. You have a wonderful future ahead of you." Rini flinched. Giving a silent sigh, her mother asked, "Is there something wrong between you and Darien? You've been staying away from him for awhile now."

"It's... complicated," Rini responded. "I just need some time to work things out," Rini said. What she needed was for Amy to come up with a solution to change them back.

"Okay, I'll do the shopping," Irene said, "Now you look after Serena." One thing for certain, Rini would be a fine mother one day. She so loved and took good care of her baby sister.

"Thanks. I will, Mom," Rini replied, "I need to talk to her." Irene gave her a puzzled look before leaving the room.

Rubeus, floating high in his crystal ship, looked down upon the city. His emotions swirled through his mind like some great whirlpool. He felt a desire for the Rabbit, a fox's desire. But he also felt a strange type of contentment, and that bothered him.

The reason for the contentment lay upon his bed. She had a gentle smile upon her face. He was content with her. He did not know her but something in his mind said he should.

He heard a soft rustle as she approached. Felt her soft arms encircle him. She let her delicate hands run down his bare chest and over his washboard stomach. Sensations stirred as those hands gently but firmly gripped his manhood. Turning, he pushed her gently back to the bed and then down onto it.

He had made love to many women but this was somehow different.

Rini peered uneasily into the crib now bassinet. Serena had shrunk even faster than before. She was now no more than a newborn baby. She only weighed seven pounds. Only a wisp of blonde hair remained on her tiny head. Rini could hear Serena quietly breathing as she slept. She could hear and see the shifting Serena did. Deep down inside though, Rini was nervous. She sensed something was going to happen.

Bending forward, she gave Serena a gentle kiss, walked over to her bed, and lay down. It has been an exhausting day. Her mind seemed so crowded that she thought sleep would never come but she finally slipped into a deep sleep.

Part 9

Rini slowly climbed out of the fog of sleep. She opened her eyes and regretted the action as beams of sunlight stabbed into her eyes. She clamped her eyes shut and rolled onto her back. Her stomach rolled and Rini realized that she was going to throw up. Jumping from her bed, she only paused long enough to snatch a bathrobe before running into the bathroom.

A short time later, Rini entered her bedroom with a grimace. She hated throwing up and this morning's episode was something of a shock to her. Running a hand through her long pink hair, she walked over to Serena's bassinet. She felt fear grip her as she noticed that it was empty.

It took all of her effort not to scream. It would be difficult to explain it to the rest of the family where Serena had gone even with Luna Ball. Had Rubeus taken Serena? If he had, why hadn't he taken her as well? More questions rushed through her mind and Rini wasn't sure what to think. Maybe her mother had come in and taken the baby. Turning, she dashed down the hallway and down the stairs. She found her parents there but no Serena.

"Morning Rini. What's the rush?" Ken asked.

"N-nothing, Dad... I thought I sleep in." Rini hated lying but she couldn't help it.

"Why don't you bring Serena down and I'll give her her breakfast." She had a bottle of infant formula just finished warming up on the stove.

"I'll do it, Mom. I need to change her anyway." Taking the baby bottle that was full of formula, Rini dashed back up the stairs and into her room. "What am I going to do?!?" Rini asked herself, "I gotta call the Scouts..." But having four Sailor Scouts show up this early would be a bad thing. Her gaze fell upon Luna Ball. "I'll just have to give it a try and hope." She would then call Amy on Serena's communicator. Amy would know what to do.

"Well?" Lita growled a few hours later.

"There's nothing," Amy replied, "I keep telling you, there is no Negaverse energy signature." She had hoped there would have been. "I can tell you for certain that Serena was not taken by Rubeus or any of his minions."

"Well then, where did she go?!" Lita almost screamed.

"Take it easy, girlfriend," Mina soothed, "It isn't Amy's fault." Lita grumbled an apology before scowling at the carpet. "Serena just couldn't have walked out of her crib. From what Rini told us, she couldn't even crawl."

"Where is she?" Rini asked, "Please Amy, I gotta know."

Amy took a deep breath and put her minicomputer away. "I-I'm afraid that Serena completed the regression process."

"What?" Mina asked, "There's nothing after a newborn... except..." Her eyes widened in surprise.

"You can't mean... that she..." Raye swallowed, trying to come to terms with what Amy was saying. "Did you scan her mom?"

"There was no need. There would be no way to reverse that type of process without great pain."

"What process?!" Rini demanded, "What are you guys talking about?!?"

"Rini," Amy said softly, "Where do babies come from?"

"What does that have to do with this?" Rini asked with a scowl.

"Didn't Serena tell you that the woman part of a baby is an egg?"

"Yeah," Rini said, her puzzlement deepening.

"Well, if Serena was getting younger, she'd turn into an egg."

"But I woulda saw an egg," Rini replied then wrinkled her brow, "So she's in the fridge?" Despite the somber mood in the room, someone chuckled softly.

"No Sweetheart," Amy said gently, "Rini, an egg from a woman is very, very small and it can't survive outside of a woman's body until it grows into a baby." Taking a shaky breath, Amy added, "Serena died when she turned into an egg." Rini didn't cry. In fact, she didn't make any noise at all. Instead, she simply sat there and stared right through Amy. Right at the bassinet where she had seen Serena less than twelve hours earlier.

Late that night, Rini sat alone glumly in her room. She was twenty-two now and wouldn't grow any older but that was little consolation. Her cheeks glistened with tears as she silently cried. She held the stuffed rabbit that Serena had been hugging a day ago. "Serena..." she called into the darkness. The other Scouts had offered to stay with her but she wanted to be alone. Even Luna had left her although she had seen Artemis maintaining a vigil outside.

She swept her eyes around the darkened room before they rested on Serena's transformation brooch. Pushing herself up, she walked over to the brooch and picked it up from top of the dresser. "The Silver Crystal is mine..." Rini whispered. She could go home to her parents now. Save her mommy. That was why she came to the past, wasn't it? She dropped the broach as if it were on fire and backed away. How could she even think of such a thing? Serena was gone... dead... and it was her fault! She picked up the broach and carefully laid it back on the dresser.

Stepping back to her bed, she lowered herself onto it before curling up into a ball. She felt so alone. She'd at least have to see Darien some time soon to tell him what had happened. Would he forgive her? Maybe if she used the Time Key to go back and stop Rubeus, she could save Serena. It hurt her even more to know she couldn't bring herself to do even that. She was scared... Serena had always been there to help her along. She was the big sister she never had. Her confidant. And as the night grew longer, Rini sunk into an uneasy sleep.

The next couple of days were not much better. The Tsukino family had no recollection of Serena at all. They instead talked about Rini's upcoming senior year in college and her life beyond. Rini though kept mostly to herself, mainly because she thought she was getting sick. She kept throwing up and even the smell of some foods made her queasy. The main reason she wanted to be alone was simply because she felt guilty for taking Serena away from her friends. She was nervous the Scouts wouldn't like her. Had she not came to the past, Serena would be alive and well.

Early on the third day since Serena's disappearance, Rini heard a knock at her door. "Come in," she said softly. Amy came in and shut the door.

"How are you feeling today, Rini?" Amy asked gently.

Rini shrugged and then said, "I keep throwin' up."

Amy sat down on the edge of the bed and after taking out her minicomputer, asked, "Tell me when." So as Amy started her scans, Rini told her about throwing up. She then answered some of the strangest questions she could ever imagine out of Amy. As the blue-haired teen began reviewing the results of her scans, she began to look shocked. The expression of shock deepened as the data presented itself. By the end, she was glancing between her minicomputer and Rini while babbling about impossibilities.

"What is it?" Rini asked. She was worried she'd have to go to the doctor's, and that meant the chance of getting a needle or several of hem. She shuddered at the thought.

"You're... you're pregnant!" Amy blurted out, "This is impossible but all indications confirm that you are pregnant. And by my scans, you're in middle of your first trimester."

"Pregnant?!?" Rini squealed, "That can't be! It just can't be! This is all bad news! I'm stuck old, Serena's gone, and... and... I'm pregnant." She felt like the world was caving in on top of her.

"Serena isn't gone," Amy announced. Rini gave her a black look.

"That isn't funny."

"I'm not trying to be funny. Rini... you're pregnant... WITH Serena."

"Serena?" Rini asked. She ran her hands over her stomach. Swallowing hard, she asked, "H-how?" She didn't want to believe it, but if it was true... "Amy, promise me you aren't jokin'."

"I promise, this is no joke," Amy replied, "Serena and your unborn baby's DNA are identical. As to how... It's speculation but it could have been Serena's link to the Imperium Silver Crystal or part of the magic that Rubeus used. Either way, magic kept Serena's zygote alive long enough to implant it inside you... likely because you were the closest human womb available." Rini's head spun. She was pregnant with Serena. Serena was really inside her tummy?!

"But what am I going to do? I didn't make a baby like Serena talked about."

"That could be a problem," Amy said, "I'll have to give that some more thought but for the moment, we don't have to answer that. We should contact the others."

"Could you, Amy?" Rini asked, "I... wanna think a little..." Amy nodded and after giving the young woman a hug, left the room.

Rini sat alone again. Tears once again glistening on her cheeks. She felt happy in a way. Walking back over to the dresser, she caressed the top of Serena's broach. "I can go home now," Rini thought. She could go home to her parents. In a way, Serena was safe, and Rini would look after her. Serena could live and be happy with her and her parents in the future. They could be friends just like before.

A pang of fear shot through her. What if her parents didn't let her keep Serena? She'd lose someone very important to her. They wouldn't like her being big. They'd surely make her be little... She didn't want to be a little girl again. She looked down at her still flat tummy. It would kill Serena!

A shiver ran through her. Hugging herself, she paced to the window and stared out at the Tokyo skyline, thinking. Serena couldn't be there to help her trapped mother. Serena had promised to help. The Sailor Scouts could help but even Rini knew it took Sailor Moon to stop the bad guys. What was she supposed to do? She wished that Serena were here so she could ask her what to do. But if Serena was here, things would likely return back to normal and sadly, Rini didn't want that either. She couldn't be Serena's annoying little cousin again. And what about Darien? Her thoughts ran in circles, making Rini feel confused.

Hearing a knock at her door, Rini scrubbed at her puffy red eyes before calling out, "Come in."

"Are you okay, Rini?" Irene asked as she came into the room.

"Yeah Mom."

"Rini, I got a roast for tonight but you'll have to cook dinner. I have some errands to run and won't be back till late this afternoon."

"Uh, 'kay, Mom," Rini replied. She watched her mother leave before giving a large sigh. Yet another chore to do that she didn't know how to complete. She contemplated asking Lita but that would look funny. She was already stuck with watching Sammy today. Walking back over to the dresser, she picked up the broach and opened it.

The Imperium Silver Crystal seemed to twinkle with a magical glow. "What am I going to do?" Rini asked the Crystal, "I wanna go home but I know Mommy 'n' Daddy will want me to be little. Serena promised me she'd help me but she isn't even a baby now." And if she was going to wait until Serena was born and old enough to help, Rini would be here a long time. "If I stay," she realized, "then I gotta act like a grownup but I don't know how to!"

A slight chill ran down Rini's spine as a thought occurred to her. "What else can happen?" Her mother told her never to touch the Crystal; it could be dangerous. She knew something bad might happen but she was desperate. "Silver Crystal," she said, "I want to know all the stuff I should know!" Nothing happened. Staring at it, Rini pleaded, "Please Silver Crystal, let me know everything a girl my age should know!" She poured all of her frustration and hope into that wish.

Suddenly the Silver Crystal flared to life. With stunned amazement, Rini watched another Silver Crystal appear before her. "Both Silver Crystals," she breathed out softly. Before she could even contemplate what that meant, there was a pulse of brilliant white light that struck her in the forehead. Her crescent moon sigil glowed brightly.

As she transformed into Princess Rini, adult knowledge and understanding flooded into her mind and her eyes widened. So many things that hadn't made sense before suddenly did. Rini now knew that the second Silver Crystal had been inside her all along. She knew how to wield its power. She knew how to cook but most importantly, she knew that she would stay in the past and that she truly loved Darien. She wanted him by her side forever. As the light faded, she transformed back into Rini.

Blinking, she looked on in awed wonder at the two Silver Crystals as they slowly merged. And as they merged, they reformed into a crystal heart. It took on a pinkish hue. Rini's eyes followed it as it slowly sank back into the broach and reshaped the broach as it did so.

Cupping the broach in her hands, Rini softly whispered, "Please Mother, wait for me... Forgive me."

Raye and Darien were so deeply in the throes of making love that they never heard the knock at the door. Oblivious to the world, they did not hear the door being opened or someone entering the apartment. Darien heard his name being called out but it was not from Raye. He never noticed though; he was deeply enthralled with the pleasure he was feeling from the beautiful young brunette below him.

Higher and higher, they rose until it all came crashing down as an enraged woman's voice demanded, "WHAT IN HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!"

Darien froze. Jerking his head around, he gave a strangled cry. "R-Rini?!?!"

"RINI!" Raye shouted. Bodily flinging Darien off the bed, she yanked the sheets up around her naked form.

"What are you doing here?! I just..." Darien said trying to gain control of the situation.

"What is SHE doing here?!" Rini retorted.

"I'm..." Raye began.

"Stay out of this, you harlot!" Rini snapped at Raye while glaring at Darien.

"You don't tell me what to do, little girl!" Raye countered.

"Rini... now you know Serena's gone and..." Darien interrupted.

"Serena is NOT gone," Rini said. She was happy to see the blood drain from Darien's face. "I'm pregnant with her."

"Pregnant?" Darien squeaked.

"With Serena?" Raye squeaked as well.

"That is correct," Rini said "I love you, Darien, and I thought you would make a good father for my unborn daughter Serena." She glared at Raye before turning her gaze back onto Darien. "You have to make a choice: either me or Raye. I won't tolerate you sleeping around. My daughter will have a good man for a father." Both their jaws swung open.

"Yes, I understand everything now. So Darien, make your choice but you won't ever hurt Serena again. If you go with Raye, you won't see either of us again."

Raye was giving Rini the coldest stare she could manage. But her jaw was set like stone. "Don't listen to her, Darien," Raye hissed. Some overgrown little kid wouldn't take away her man.

"Choose, Darien!" Rini commanded.

"But Rini..." Darien began. Rini gave a stiff nod and turning,

started out of the room. "No wait!" Darien called out. Scrambling up, he

caught Rini by the arm. "Please... you love me?" He had to think! He had

been thinking that with Serena gone, he could maneuver Rini into what he

once had going with Raye and Serena. It looked like that plan was in

ruins. And yet, maybe he could talk her into a threesome. That had its appeal.

"Yes Darien, I do love you. And I know you loved Serena, even if you cheated on her." She saw him wince. "Like I said though, you have to choose. Either me or Raye. And if you choose me, you have to become a husband to me and a father to Serena. A father she will be proud to have."

Darien looked between Raye and Rini. Confusion and even frustration played across his face. Raye was a beautiful girl but still a girl yet to fully blossom. Rini, on the other hand, was a fully mature young woman. Her firm large breasts and magnificent curves were unlikely to be surpassed by Raye. There was also a bond with this woman, and to the unborn baby she carried, he could never explain.

He opened his mouth and closed it again. Rini seemed uncompromising and saying the wrong thing might forever cost him her attention. And moreover, might even cost him both Rini and Raye.

As the silence dragged on, neither woman blinked and both kept an intense gaze on Darien. Eventually he turned and said, "I'm... sorry, Raye. I have to go with Rini. I lived and died to protect Serena and for me to give up that right..." he trailed off as Raye snarled acidicly.

"Put your clothes on, Darien," Rini directed while she stared intently at Raye. Darien scurried to comply but Raye just returned Rini's icy glare. "Raye, you're so childish for a supposedly adolescent woman. I always believed you were Serena's friend. For her sake, I'm willing to give you another chance but changes are required." After all, her daughter would still need the Princess of Mars in her court.

"Oh?" Raye asked while cocking an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Taking a step forward, Rini summoned out the new Silver Crystal that she was carrying in her brooch. "I will not let you harm my daughter!" Rini said coldly. Darien gulped as the Crystal flared. Rini looked on with satisfaction as Raye began to shrink. She grew younger at a steady pace. Her womanly curves disappeared and her breasts flattened against her chest. She now only stood up to Rini's hips engulfed in the sheet she was holding in front of her.

Glancing over her shoulder, Rini gave Darien a satisfied look. "I'm going to make this permanent. Maybe you can do some maturing now."

"What the f*ck did you do?!?" a seven year old Raye demanded.

"Now, now, little girl, do you want me to wash your mouth out with soap?" Raye snapped her jaw shut. "If you're ever mean to Serena, I'll regress you again. Remember that, Raye. Now get up and get dressed."

"Go to hell, you pink spore!" Raye snarled, "When I get my hands on you, you're gonna be sorry!"

"Darien, please leave us alone so Raye and I can have a little discussion." Darien gulped and quickly fled from the room. Rini stalked over to the bed and caught Raye's arms. Lifting the struggling little girl up, Rini sat down on the bed and put Raye over her knees. "What are you doing?!?" Raye demanded.

"I'm punishing you for all the evil things you ever did to Serena," Rini replied. As Raye started howling in outrage, Rini started spanking the child's bare bottom. Swat after swat landed on Raye's tender bottom until Rini was satisfied that the child had been well spanked. Without word or comment, Rini morphed Raye's clothing into an extremely cute girl's outfit, dressed little Raye, and put her into a corner. "Stay there," she ordered. Walking out, she glared at Darien who was still looking rather pale.

"What did you do?" Darien asked.

"She's a petulant disrespectful little girl so I spanked her," Rini said, "And if I ever find out that you've been sleeping with other women, I just won't leave you, Darien. You'll get the same treatment I gave to Raye.

"Rini, I promise you, I will be faithful... and a good father to Serena."

Rini looked at him for a long moment with love in her eyes. "All right, Darien. I believe you. I'm going to take Raye back to the temple and regress her grandfather so that he's seven years younger. He'll need some extra energy to keep up with the little hellion." She chuckled at that. Then wrapping her arms around Darien, she almost purred out, "Then later, my love... I'll be back to play." After French kissing him deeply, she added, "All the way, Darien." As his eyes widened, Rini swept into Darien's bedroom, collected the still sniffling Raye from the corner, and left the apartment.

Part 10

Darien smoothed the wrinkles off of the clean sheets he had just placed on the bed. Rini had been gone for some time now and Darien was starting to worry. Worry that she didn't believe him. The thought that Rini was carrying Serena sent a shiver up his spine. He was both relieved and scared.

The knock that came at his door startled him. After checking the room to make sure there was no evidence that Raye had been there, Darien walked to the door and opened it.

"Hello Rini."

"Hello Darien," Rini answered. When he had moved out of the doorway, Rini entered into the apartment and looked around. "I take it you cleaned this place up?"

"Yes," Darien replied. He stood there, unsure of what to do. Rini had changed and this change had thrown Darien off-balance. He had always been used to being in charge; now it was different. This was an intelligent "older" woman. She was very different than naive girls he had manipulated before. A new excitement filled him.

Rini removed her shoes and wrapped her arms around him. Moving her head closer, she started kissing him. After a moment's hesitation, he kissed back. It wasn't a very deep kiss, but it was enough to disrupt his train of thought. His manhood was beginning to stir.

"Rini," Darien said slowly, "Are you sure about this? You made a promise to Serena."

Rini smiled, and the smile was filled with affection of her twenty-two years. "Yes, Darien, I am sure because I promised Serena that I would wait until I was older." She brushed her fingers gently across his lips, "I am older, and I know I love you."

"I love you," Darien replied. He felt himself sliding into those big beautiful red eyes. He gave a startled jerk as Rini laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Darien, you don't truly love me," Rini replied. Putting a finger to his lips to quiet his protests, she took his hand and guided him into the bedroom. "At least you don't love me yet. But you will." Pushing him backwards so he was laying on the bed, she straddled his washboard stomach. "Remember what I said, my love."

"I will, Rini," Darien replied.

Smiling, Rini looked down at the man she loved. Carefully removing the brooch that held the Silver Crystal, she placed it on the night stand before starting to slowly slide her T-shirt off. She watched with delight as Darien's eyes enlarged when the lace bra barely restraining her tremendous DD bosom was revealed. Slowly she reached behind her and unfastened her bra releasing its cargo for him to behold.

Rini felt a little shock of anticipation run through her as she noticed the almost hungry look in Darien's eyes. Tossing the bra down to the floor where her shirt lay, she carefully stood up on the bed. Careful to keep her balance, Rini put her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and panties. With painstaking slowness, she slid both down to her ankles. She smiled inwardly as Darien groaned. Glancing a little backwards, she could see the bulge in the front of his shorts aching to be released. Once off, she dropped both shorts and panties onto the floor before lowering herself to once again straddle Darien.

"You are beautiful," Darien murmured.

"Thank you, Darien," Rini said, a faint blush coloring her cheeks. Sliding back, she pulled at Darien's shorts and underwear with teasing slowness. He tried to help her but she brushed his hands away. She was going to do this at her own speed. "You may remove your shirt," she said in conciliation. Darien was happy to oblige.

She nearly giggled when his manhood started to extend, its form already erect. Once his remaining clothes were on the floor with hers, she moved herself so she was kneeling between his legs.

She could smell him this close; he smelled clean. She reached out her tongue and caressed the bulbous head of Darien's manhood. She ran it down the length of his shaft before working her way up again. Taking his testicles in one hand, she started to gently massage them while her mouth took his penis in fully.

She could hear his breathing started to speed up slightly as she worked at her slow and steady stimulation. A part of her mind said that she had once promised never to do this, but she knew now why Darien liked it. And to her, it was even mildly arousing.

As her teeth skittered across his hard member, Rini heard Darien gasp slightly. She could taste his pre-cum. She could now smell his musky scent. It had become stronger as his arousal grew. She felt his hands on top of her head stroking her long hair gently.

As her warm wet mouth slid up and down, her tongue assaulted his staff of life. She could tell by his raspy breathing that he was approaching climax. She could feel him start to stiffen. Concentrating her efforts, she pulled as hard as she could without breaking the rhythm. She was almost caught off-guard as his hips jerked slightly forward and his hot seed exploded into her mouth. She worked his shaft with her tongue, trying to draw out every drop until Darien's manhood became flaccid.

Carefully pulling away, she wandered out of the bedroom to the bathroom to spit out the semen. She would not swallow it. She would keep that promise to herself. The stuff still tasted horrible. Besides, it would give her lover time to recover.

When she came back, he was sitting slightly up on the bed. When he reached out towards her, she took his hand and allowed herself to be pulled to him. They kissed deeply while he lowered her onto the bed. She trembled slightly as his hands brushed across her nipples. Releasing the kiss, she felt his cool lips move down over her neck, across her chest, and around her large firm mounds.

He took a nipple into his mouth and started suckling at it while stroking her other breast. She could still smell his musky scent and felt the stirring of the fire from below. It was only a spark to begin with but as Darien's attentions continued, she felt the spark grow into a flame.

He kissed his way over to the other nipple, which he started to gently bite. His other hand though did not move to her other breast. Instead, it glided slowly over her flat stomach, through her thick pink pubic hair and slowly separated her labia. Rini gasped a little as first one finger and then another entered into her. The tiny flame grew in size. The heat started to intensify. But before she could start her ascent towards climax, Darien left her breast and kissed his way downward.

She quivered in excitement as she felt his fingers pull free only to, a moment later, be replaced with his tongue. She could feel it running the length of her labia. Could felt it flicking across her magic button. And as her hips began to gently sway, she felt him plunge deeply into her.

The air filled with her own musky scent as her inner thighs and outer lips became coated with her sticky honey. She closed her eyes as she felt Darien lapping at her honey. Rini was climbing still higher, the fire roaring beneath her as streaks of electricity flashed through her.

Rini felt Darien slowly push a finger into her rectum but she did not mind. It only added to the pleasure she was feeling. Her short ragged breaths told him she was enjoying his attentions immensely. But this time was different; she seemed to be teetering on the brink, that

was until his teeth gently grated against the sensitive nub.

Her muscles clamped down as an orgasm took her. Pleasure washed over her in a tidal wave. And as Rini sank into that wonderful afterglow, she had no chance to rest. She was aware of Darien's attention returning to her breasts. Slowly reaching down, she pulled his head to her. Rini kissed him deeply, her tongue intertwining with his. She could taste herself and that sent a ripple of pleasure through her.

"Are you ready?" he asked gently.

"Yes, my love," Rini replied softly while stroking his hair, "Very


Rini could see Darien's manhood was once again erect. A quivering anticipation ran through her as Darien moved in position between her legs. He leaned forward and started to gently stroke her breasts. Then ever so slowly he moved his penis to push against her Labia Majora.

Slowly his pushed his way inward. Passed her Labia Majora, through her Labia Minora and paused. "Rini, are you sure?"

The tenderness in his voice caused Rini to smile. "Yes." She felt a little fear flutter though her stomach though. This felt so different. She had to have him inside her now! She felt him start to slowly slide inward until he stopped again. "Darien, what's wrong?"

"This might hurt a little," Darien said gently.

Reaching upward, she pulled him into a kiss. When their tongues were dancing, his hips shot forward. She grunted as a sharp pain shot though her. Her hymen was broken. The pain was quickly replaced with pleasure and a fullness she had never known before. After a few more moments, Darien started the slow process. Drawing his manhood in and out of her in a slowly building rhythm.

Again, the fires started to build within her womanly frame. This time though, her hips began to rock with his motion. She felt his testicles slapping her as he rammed inward, then they slowly caressed her as he drew outwards.

His magic hands danced over her large breasts and her hands ran down his back. Both were seeking to enhance the other's pleasure. Higher they rose. Through her half-lidded eyes, she could see that Darien was pleasured and through that, she was pleasured.

The fires became hotter as the rhythm increased a little. It was so much different and yet the same. Feelings swam through Rini's mind as she and Darien shared their love. Sweat was glistening along hot skin, moans of pleasure were heard, and breath came shortly.

Teetering on the blink, the urgent need for satisfaction rose within her. Wrapping her legs around Darien, Rini's hips swung to meet his.

When it came, the pleasure crashed over both of them like a tidal wave. Even with adult knowledge, it surprised her as to its intensity. Her muscles seized and she could feel Darien's life giving liquid pumping into her. After a long moment, Darien slowly lowered his body to the bed beside his lover.

Cuddling together, Rini snuggled against him with a sigh. "I love you, Darien."

"I love you, Rini, and I will always love you."

This time Rini didn't laugh. Instead, she kissed him deeply before drifting off to sleep. She knew Serena would have been happy for her.

It was early evening before Rini returned to the Cherry Hill Temple. When she finished climbing the temple steps, she found Lita, Mina, and Amy staring at the child-sized Raye who was glowering at them.

"Hey girlfriend," Mina said as she spotted Rini. "Raye said you did this to her," indicating Raye's reduced stature.

"Yes, I did," Rini replied. The happy glow that she had felt all the way from Darien's was tucked away.

"So it's true, you have the Imperium Silver Crystal," Lita replied.

"That is correct, I have it," Rini replied. She walked over to where the others were waiting. "Where's Luna and Artemis? They need to hear this too."

"We're right here," Luna's voice came behind her. Rini turned to see both Lunar Cats coming up the steps. "How did you do this?" Luna asked.

"I wished to acquire the knowledge that a woman my age should possess. Everyone, I've made a decision. I'm assuming leadership of the Sailor Scouts. I will NOT be returning to the future."

"WHAT?!?" Lita and Mina cried out.

"That's right," seven year old Raye sneered, "She stole Darien and she wants him to f*ck her brains out." Rini glowered at Raye who glowered back. "If she can do this to me, she can change me back... She could even rescue Serena."

"WHAT?!" Luna gasped. Rini gave Raye another dirty look.

"Raye's referring to the fact that I'm currently pregnant with Serena," Rini replied.

"So you could use the Silver Crystal to make her normal again?" Lita asked, hope shining in her eyes. Rini nodded. "Then what are you waiting for?"

"Yeah," the blonde agreed excitedly.

"No," Rini replied. The others stared at her in disbelief. "I won't do that. Darien and I love each other and we're going to be married. Then, I'm going to give birth to my daughter and raise her here in the past."

"You're planning to be Serena's mom?" Lita asked.

"Like I said," Raye replied, "She just wants to have her brains screwed out. She even broke into Darien's apartment."

"How can you be so selfish?!?" Mina demanded, "Serena would have given her life for you!" Rini blushed slightly but returned Mina's gaze. "How can you take Serena away from us if you can save her?"

"Everything is set," Rini replied, "Darien's agreed to be Serena's father and..."

"Serena ALREADY has a family!" Lita snapped, "Give us Serena back!"

"Lita," Rini said calmly, "You don't understand. This is for the best. I am the Moon Princess and Sailor Moon now and I know what will be best for my daughter."

Lita's arm snaked out and she struck Rini's face. As Rini raised a hand to her reddening cheek, she turned to see the brunette's eyes were blazing with fury. "I thought you cared about her. You might be a princess, Rini, but Serena was my friend. I will never follow you! Never!!"

"Rini," Mina said softly, almost pleadingly, "You knew... you knew that Serena was okay... That you had a way to restore her and you didn't tell us? That is like majorly wrong." The accusation was plain on her face. "I'm with Lita. I won't follow you. Serena was my leader, my princess, and most of all, my friend."

"What about you, Amy?" Rini asked softly, "Don't you see that this way Serena can benefit from your wisdom and guidance? She can be that much better a leader. She can be that much better a Scout. She will lead the Sailor Scouts again. That I promise." Raye snorted and glowered when Rini glared down at her.

Amy was silent for a long time before looking at the ground. "Rini's right. Serena can be more of a princess... She had always wanted to be a normal girl. She can have that wish again." She looked up and flinched away from the dark looks that Lita and Mina were giving her.

"Are you sure, Mina, Lita... Are you sure you won't help me raise Serena?"

"You're a traitor, Rini. You should be ashamed of yourself. You came into Serena's life and made her miserable..." Lita said.

"And then you steal it away, Rini," Mina finished.

"So be it," Rini said. Closing her eyes, she drew out the Imperium Silver Crystal and concentrated. Lita and Mina had no chance of stopping Rini before bright white light flooded the temple grounds. When it cleared, Amy and Raye gave gasps of shock. Where the two teens stood were now two one-month old baby girls surrounded by piles of useless clothing. Baby Lita and baby Mina stared out innocently into the bright new world around them, all their knowledge gone.

"Wh-what did you do to them?" Luna asked.

"I held no malice against them. They were loyal friends to Serena," Rini replied while rubbing her cheek, "And they'll be loyal friends again. I regressed them so they'll be the same age as Serena."

"But what about Lita?" Artemis asked, "She doesn't have any parents."

"I'll alter things so Lita and Mina can be fraternal twins. Lita will have a loving family and Mina will have a sister," Rini answered.

"That sounds good," Artemis said with a smile, "Maybe she won't be so flighty. We can also start training them to be Sailor Scouts when they are young children as we did in the Silver Millennium."

"And you, Luna?"

"Yes, Rini, as you say," Luna answered.

"You disagree with me, Luna?" Rini asked.

What Luna said stung Rini to her core, "You are the Princess and I will follow your orders."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" Raye raged, "You're gonna let this little pink slut take over everything?!? Dictate our lives?!?"

"Apologize Raye!" Luna commanded, "Rini is our princess..."

"BULLSH*T!" Raye seethed, "Serena was right about her. She's a selfish little bitch!"

Luna and Amy opened their mouths but Rini held up her hand. "I should have taken care of this before. No matter, it's easily rectified," Rini said. Concentrating again, the Silver Crystal flared for a moment. After the light had faded, Rini gave a nod of satisfaction. "Now, young lady, you go wait in your room. I'll be speaking with your grandfather about your language and your disrespect of elders."

"No!" Raye whined, her young eyes filling with tears, "Please don't do that!" Her grandfather was a firm believer in the older ways of discipline. It wasn't fair. Ms. Rini was being naughty, not her.

"I said go to your room," Rini said while pointing a finger, "And

maybe I'll just talk him into washing your mouth out with soap." Raye sniffled but scurried towards the door leading into the living area of the temple.

"What did you do?" Artemis asked, "It's like she's really seven."

"She is," Rini replied with some satisfaction, "I removed her preteen and teen mental knowledge. She's still a Sailor Scout." Amy gaped for a moment then sighed. She nearly jumped when Rini touched her arm. "I know this happened fast, Amy," Rini said gently, "But I'll need your help... Serena will need your help."

"Did you forget we need Serena to defeat Rubeus? You've effectively reduced our forces down to two."

Rini lifted baby Lita and baby Mina up into her arms before saying, "Come on, Amy. I'll go tell Raye's grandfather what she's done. Then we can bring the twins back to their parents. We were just babysitting them for a couple of hours." She smiled evilly and added, "And then, we'll plan how to get rid of Rubeus and the rest of the Black Moon Family. I will pay them dearly back for what they did to my parents and my people."

"Rubeus!" Wiseman said as he appeared, "The Rabbit has the Silver Crystal and is alone. There will be no interference from Sailor Moon."

"Where?!?" Rubeus asked as he spun to face his master.

"At the dock in the park. Go get her and the Crystal and bring them back to me," Wiseman replied, "I sense something strange so be careful."

"As you command, Wiseman," Rubeus replied. Gathering his energy, he vanished from his spaceship. He appeared above the treetops in the park. Floating down in a secluded area, he made his way stealthily towards the dock. He could feel the anticipation pounding through his veins. An eager wariness overcame him as he started sensing the power that was ahead of him. The Silver Crystal must be strong if he could sense its power.

He saw the Rabbit standing at the edge of the dock. A feral look entered his eyes as he observed that she had grown even more. She was a frightened little girl in a beautiful woman's body. How marvelous. His member stiffened at the thought. He licked his lips and studied his lovely prey. Careful, he had to be very careful. Sailor Moon might not be a concern but the other Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask could be around and the Rabbit still had that moonbeam of hers.

Dashing forward, he tackled the unsuspecting woman. As they toppled

towards the water, Rubeus teleported them both back to his spaceship.

"Lemme go!" Rini screamed. She quavered and looked wildly around her. "Rubeus?!?" He smiled at the sound of fear in her voice. He had finally captured the Rabbit! Wiseman would be pleased.

"Rubeus?" The voice distracted him. Whipping his head around, he stared for a moment before scrambling up he walked over to the young woman he had been sharing his time with. "This is no place for you," he said gently.

"But Rubeus..."

"You fool!" Wiseman said as he appeared, "What are you doing playing with that trollop?! Watch the Rabbit! Get the Silver Crystal!"

"No, you can't have it! Mommy said so!" Rini quivered. She glanced between the three people present. The woman looked vaguely familiar. Rini's fear seemed to increase so she crab-walked away from Rubeus.

"The Rabbit..." Rubeus breathed, desire and indecision tore at him.

"Get her!" Wiseman commanded.


"Please, Rubeus, leave her alone!"

"She is nothing!" Rubeus snarled as he wrenched his arm free of his companion. Turning, he started stalking towards Rini. "I am the fox, you are the Rabbit... and I have finally caught you."

He halted as Rini's frightened look slipped away. He took a step backwards when she stood up confidently. Something was wrong. He heard Wiseman give a roar of outrage as the Rabbit's clothes melted away to a princess dress. And then, he was staring at the pulsing Silver Crystal within the Rabbit's hands, and true fear turned his blood cold.

Amy sat, hands folded in her lap, waiting. Artemis and Luna were pacing by her feet. "I should have gone with her, orders or no," Amy said, "She has no battle experience."

"Rini's stubborn," Artemis replied, "Like all women."

"What?!?" Luna demanded.

"I just meant," Artemis said hurriedly, "That once a woman gets her mind set on doing something, she'll do it even if it's impossible." Amy frowned slightly but Luna looked as if she wasn't sure whether to be insulted or complimented.

"I really wish Rini had not regressed the other Scouts," Luna replied.

"The plan would not have worked then," Rini's voice countered. Amy, Luna, and Artemis turned to face Rini who was grinning. "It worked better than I hoped."

"What do you mean?"

"Wiseman is destroyed... and Rubeus is healed."

"Healed?!?" Artemis asked in a shocked voice.


"Well, where is he?" Luna asked. She wondered why Rini blushed a fiery red and refused to answer.

High above them, Rubeus' spaceship winked out of sight, carrying both a changed man and his love. It carried them back to the future.

A month or so passed and during that time, there was a flurry of activity. The Tsukino's had given mixed reactions to learning that Darien and Rini were engaged to marry. The joyous news was marred only slightly by the surprise announcement that their daughter was pregnant. Ken required a lot of soothing by the two women in his life before he finally seemed happy about being a grandfather.

That wasn't to say that Irene wasn't upset by the possible image of Darien marrying Rini simply because Rini was pregnant, although she kept that to herself. She was just glad Rini had waited to get pregnant at an older age than she had. In addition, she couldn't help but be relieved that Darien was taking responsibility, unlike Rini's biological father. He had abandoned her as a pregnant young teen. Irene had been lucky to find Ken some years later; he showed so much compassion and understanding.

Sammy was happy he'd be an uncle and get his big sister's larger room.

Now as Rini smoothed her wedding gown, she thought about the upcoming night with her new husband. She hoped that somehow it would be better than it was before. She also hoped that once Serena was born, things would settle down a little bit. That was still over five months away according to Amy. Luna was still treating her with the cold civility of an advisor. Artemis was friendlier but that didn't count for much. He kept a close eye on the infant twins. Amy was nervous around her and Raye. Raye positively loathed her. Firmly Rini pushed those unpleasant thoughts out of her mind. This was her wedding day and she wasn't going to have it spoiled by gloomy thoughts.


Nearly fifteen years later, a thirty-seven year old Rini Shields sat at the kitchen table of her home sipping tea. She could easily pass for her mid-twenties thanks to the Crystal. More than one person was surprised when they found out she had a teenage daughter. "How did things go this morning?" she asked Luna who was sitting on the table with a bowl of cream.

"Better," Luna replied, "I think you having Raye younger than Serena was for the best after all. Her being twelve lets her keep up with the others but she doesn't try to bully Serena as much."

"I think I made a mistake with Lita and Mina though," Rini said with a sigh, "Those two alone are a handful but put those two together with Serena and they raise hell. I could only imagine if I had had another child." She looked sourly at Luna who had snickered. Serena had been an only child, much to the disappointment everyone within the family.

Rini had wanted more children besides Serena. Goodness knows, she and Darien gave the spark of life enough chances to catch. It never had though. She and Darien were disappointed in a way and even Serena seemed disappointed that her mom couldn't give her a sibling. Serena always wondered what it would be like to have a sister like her best friends.

Deciding to change the subject, Rini said, "I have another problem."


"I'm sure Serena is sleeping with someone."

"Darien?" Luna asked.

"I could only wish," Rini sighed. Luna gave Rini a shocked expression. "If it was Darien, I would know Serena was safe. And it isn't like he's biologically her father. I mean he was at one time her boyfriend." And if it hadn't been for her, Serena and Darien would have made love when Serena had grown older.

"It's been almost fifteen years since you two married. I'm just used to Serena looking to Darien as a father." Cleaning a bit of cream off one whisker, she asked, "Why not just give her the same talk that Irene gave her? You know what that is." Tilting her head, she added, "And why don't you ask Darien if he is sleeping with Serena?"

"Because he's been faithful to me all these years," Rini replied, "And I don't know if I could bring myself to actually put a stop to what they were doing." She looked at Luna sadly and said, "You know I was selfish really. Mina and Raye were right about that. I wanted my own happiness, my own destiny away from my parents. I thought I could keep Serena happy as well."

"Serena is happy. She's the same cheerful girl I remember," Luna replied. "Serena is a better Sailor Scout too; everyone is a better Scout. They're more of a team." She stood up and walked closer to Rini. "You and Serena are much closer now. I think if you tell her you're worried, she'd let you know what's going on." Hopping off the table, Luna wandered into the living room.

Rini gave a smile. Luna was right of course. She and Serena were much closer than they had been. They had a close relationship although Serena didn't tell her everything. That was reserved for the twins, Lita and Mina. Giving herself a little shake, Rini got up and carried teacup and saucer over to the sink.

No, it wasn't that Serena might be sexually active with a boy. She had been careful to tell Serena what was safe and what wasn't, like Serena once told her. Maybe she should give Amy a call. Amy was the family doctor. She had refused Rini's offer to be made younger. Instead, she took the time to go to medical school like she had wanted to. Sighing, she pushed the thought away. She was being overprotective, just like Darien was. Not being overly strict had led to more than one incident over the years.

No, what the real problem was very simple -- she didn't want to face what was coming.

Now that Serena was fourteen, Rini had been reminded of Serena's promise to help Rini save her mother. It was important that Serena keep the promise she made to a little girl so long ago. Rini had avoided thinking about the upcoming trip to the future. It had been over fourteen years. Was her mother even alive? Had her parents forgotten about her? Even thought she was dead? Would her parents forgive her?

Rini didn't know, and in a way, didn't want to know either. It scared her. Hearing a knock at the back door, Rini gave a jump of surprise. Looking out the window, she was even more startled to see Sailor Pluto, or rather Susan looking at her as she was not in her Scout form.

"Susan!" she said as she opened the door. She hugged her old friend tightly while starting to cry. "Where have you been? I thought you'd come to see me sooner?"

Susan smiled. She always had that knowing little smile. "You have grown up quite nicely, Your Highness. May I come in?" She tried not to laugh as Rini nearly dragged her into the house.

Once Rini had seated Susan at the table, and had poured some tea, she asked, "Did you come to help me go back to save Mother?"

Susan sipped at her tea for a moment before shaking her head. "There is no reason for you to return to the future." Rini gave a little gasp of surprise and sat down heavily on her chair.

"Mom... are my parents... dead?"

"No, they are quite well. But there is no reason for you to go back, Rini. There was never a Black Moon Family War. The Negaverse never attacked Crystal Tokyo."

"What?!?" Rini gasped, "But I fought Rubeus and Wiseman; the Sailor Scouts did as well."

"When you took over Serena's role, you changed the future," Susan countered evenly, "The Crystal Tokyo you knew is no more; you do not belong there."

"But if that Crystal Tokyo is no more, then how... how did I come back?" It even hurt to think of the possibilities. At that moment, Serena came into the kitchen, sporting her mother's meatballs and long blonde pigtails. Rini was reminded how Serena looked exactly as she remembered her before Rubeus attacked them.

"Hello ma'am," Serena greeted Susan pleasantly, "Mom, can I go over to Lita and Mina's?"

"Sure Serena... This is Susan. Susan, meet Serena."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Serena," Susan said, "We'll talk again."

The teen stared at Susan for a moment then shrugging, gave her mother a quick kiss before leaving the room. Her mom was cool but she had more important things to do than talk to the old folks.

Rini smiled at Susan and said, "So, because I became her mother, I changed history?"

"Yes," Susan replied, "And as how to you came back..." Susan's eyes flicked towards the doorway.

"Serena?!?" Rini asked with a little shock. How could she have been so blind?

"She was always your mother, Rini," Susan replied. And would be again, in time.

"Who's my father then?" She prayed it wasn't Darien. He was the logical choice and there was a resemblance as she remembered.

"You healed him, a long time ago," Susan replied. She didn't bother telling Rini that Darien had originally been her father. It would likely upset her terribly. And now that the future had changed, it didn't really matter.

Rini's teacup fell out of her hand and she stared at Susan, her eyes large with surprise. "R-Rubeus..."

They spent the next little while talking. And before Susan left, she patted Rini's stomach, "Don't worry about babies. You'll soon have your hands full." Getting up, she added, "I'd tell Darien to ask for a raise though, you're going to need it." Without another word, she transformed into Sailor Pluto before fading away.

Rini sank back down into her chair. Despite the surprises of this day, she was glad her fortunes had changed. But what had Sailor Pluto meant...

The End

Author's Notes:

I finished my first story. Yea! Since I saw Sailor Moon on the Cartoon Network last year, I wanted to write a story with the characters. Now that classes at college are done, I finally got some time to write this idea I had. I have only read a few stories centering on Rini but she always seems to end up with Hotaru or that Pegasus guy or she'd get a session with the other Scouts. I thought it would be nice if Rini could have the love of her life, Darien, in a way that was realistic. She could have a "change of fortune" from the ending episode I saw. I found a way to do that and get my love of Age Regression/Age Progression involved. I have seen little written in the Sailor Moon world using these themes. Thanks for reading my story.

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