"This time they crossed the line. I'm officially piss off" wrote a young woman in her diary "They always treated me like crap. First was Irene, she and her big brain. I was exposing my thesis and she disagreed with every single point in it, just for making me look like an idiot. Next was Victoria, in the gym class we had to climb the rope until the ceiling and get back, not big deal, but she challenged me and of course with the strength she had from pumping iron, she dwarfed me in from of the whole class. But the worse was in the swim class. Since I am 24 years old, I'm stuck in this pre-teen body, while Deborah had a body that any model would kill. She stood next to me just to show my lack of development and she treated me like a little girl. I was so mortified" she wiped the tears from her eyes "I'll make them pay for what they did to me" Judy closed her diary and cried over it

It had been 4 years since Judy started the university. At the third month, she met Deborah, Irene and Victoria in a party. The three girls looked at the poor Judy alone and sit with her. They drunk her and made her dance naked in the party. From that day, Judy's life turn into the most humiliating existence you could ever imagine.

Because she was crying, Judy didn't notice the appearance of a small sphere of light inside of her bedroom.

"I came to help you Judy, please don't cry"

Judy got up when she heard a strange voice in her room. She looked around and nobody was.

"I'm right here"

Judy turned in the direction of the voice and found a small sphere in front of her. She was ready to scream when the sphere spoke again.

"Not get scared. My name is Klia and I came from other dimension of pure energy when I felt your pain and I heard you cry. I think that we could help each other" the sphere said.

"How?" Judy asked trying to understand why she was talking to a ball of light.

"I can helped you to destroyed your three enemies, and instead you will do a little favor for me", Klia said.

"Anything you want if I can take revenge of them" Judy said very confident.

"Good, that it's exactly what I want to hear", then the sphere floated to Judy's head and inserted in it. Judy felt her body be charged with an energy she hadn't experience before.

"Now that we are one, let's go to find at the woman called Victoria", said Klia's voice trough Judy's mouth.

Judy got up and walked out of her room. It was 4 pm and she knew that Victoria and the other girls will be in the same place that she found them in the morning. Tasting her future revenge, she walked to the faculty.

All the classrooms were in class excepted for the one in the third floor. It was only use for grading the expositions of the students. Thanks to her high notes, Irene had a key of that room. She often passed whole days in it studying. She was in middle of a very complicate equation when someone opened the door.

"Who is there?", yelled Irene.

Judy came inside and closed the door behind her.

"What do you want dumb? Are you still crying like a baby for failing you exposition?" asked sarcastically Irene. "I think maybe you need to study more and try again in two years", she laughed aloud.

"After I finished you, I won't need to study anymore" said Judy appointing her finger to Irene.

Suddenly a ray came out from her finger involving completely Irene's body.

Irene felt like her life was been taking away from her. It was too difficult for her to think clearly, her thoughts were vague and empty. She looked disoriented at the smiling face of Judy. It was like Judy was enjoying her suffering. Irene screamed when her body got old, her hair turned white, crowfeet appeared in her face, and her hands hurt for arthritis. She was too tired to be stand so she rested in a chair.

"done you what to had me?" asked Irene with a shaking voice. She realized that she didn't said the words in the right order, but the true was that she can't.

"To answer your question Judy had taken you intelligence, that is why you can think correctly ,and I had taken you life essence", replied Klia.

Judy left the classroom with an old and confused Irene in it.

"I'm so smart now, even the harder demonstrations appear too easy for me", thought Judy.

"That is because you had the combine intelligence of Irene and yours" replied Klia.

"That means I'm smarter that Irene was", said Judy.

"It's correct, and when we finished you will be stronger and sexy too" said Klia.

Judy couldn't wait to meet Victoria in the gym.

Victoria was lifting the bars as usually when she saw Judy standing in front of her. Putting the bar down she walked to her.

"Do you lost something?" asked Victoria "Not really, I was just thinking in how easily you defeat me in class. You must be pretty strong, didn't you?" replied Judy.

Victoria made a muscle in each arm to show her strength. Judy ran her fingers over them and they felt like steel

"Press them hard Judy, they feel wonderful" said Victoria "If you insist". With an evil grin Judy pressed her muscles.

Victoria felt strange as Judy pressed her muscles. It was like Judy was pushing her muscle back to her arm. Victoria saw a small bulge in Judy's arms "So you were working out lately", "Not really", then Victoria saw the small bulge began to grow into a small muscle, then into a medium, and finally reached a bigger size of her own. She looked at her own arms and they were flat.

"You had right Victoria, they feel wonderful" said Judy caressing her new muscles.

"Bitch, give me them back" yelled Victoria.

Judy used her power in Victoria. This time Victoria felt very weak, her skin began to hang as her tone muscles were appearing in Judy's body. Victoria fell in the floor and got unconscious, she didn't have the enough strength to even stand in her feet. Even in the floor her body began to get old, her body arched and her hair was thinner and white, her veins were visible in her legs and arms, she was now looking as old as Irene.

"I had now two life essence, let's find the third one" said Klia as Judy walked to the pool.

If was getting dark when Deborah finished her practice at the pool and went to the dress. She removed her one-piece swimsuit leaving her body showed her naked glory.

"If so ridicule that I had to use this suit. The judges can't watch what nature gave me" she said admiring her hourglass shape, "If I could use a bikini, my pairs of DDs and my great ass would made some nose bleed" she giggled, then she saw a familiar shape entering in the room.

"Victoria, you had finished so early you lifting. Wait me ten minutes while I took a quickly shower". She put a towel a side of the shower and entered. The mysterious woman walked to the shower. Undressing her clothes, she stepped in the shower.

Deborah felt two strong hands coming from behind as they washed her breasts.

"I told you hundred of times that we can do this here. Can you wait until we get home?" asked Deborah.

"No, I can't" said Klia.

Deborah turned around and froze at the sigh of Judy's face in the body of Victoria.

"What you had done to her?" Deborah asked.

"Nothing different of what would happen to you" replied Klia.

Taking her by the arms, Judy lifted Deborah from the floor and pushed her on the wall.

"You had use your body to ridicule me for the last time" said Judy.

With her new power, Judy stole the attributes of Deborah as Klia took her life essence, then she left the old Deborah fell in the floor as she look pleased at her curvaceous body. Deborah for other hand watch disgusted at her body. She was lost every female curve of her body, her smoother skin was totally dry and stick to her bones, she had lost most of her hair, but what remained was white. With some difficulty she stood up, but she rapidly fell again for the osteoporosis in her bones.

Judy laughed aloud "And now who is the more beautiful woman on campus Deborah?, or the strongest? or the smartest?".

"You did this to Irene too?" Deborah asked.

"Of course I did. The three of you had made fun of my for the last time. I hope you enjoy your new body, because I will enjoy mine".

Judy got out of the shower and took the clothes of Deborah. "I will left my old clothes to you, they are more that perfect for you. My new body need to be show so I will borrow your clothes, permanently" Judy laughed and left Deborah crying and sobbing.

Judy walked confidently around the hall of the university. She was leaving jaws wide open and popped eyes as she passed. Right now she was the most gorgeous female they could ever see.

When she reached her room Klia spoke "No Judy is time for you to help me".

"We had a deal and you accomplished your part, what can I do for you?" asked Judy

"I want to live in your dimension, and for that I need a host to provide me a body" said Klia "I want that you get pregnant of me".

"But I can't raise you. I don't have the money to support you and feed you", Judy exclaimed.

"It won't be necessary. I took enough life essence to grow until your age. You will only carry me for a less than a minute, then I will born and age in about 2 minutes" said Klia "And you will not suffer any pain for my born" added Klia reading Judy's mind.

"OK, let's do it" said Judy.

"First, removed all your clothes, then laid on the bed". Judy did it. "Now, the process will begin".

Orgasmic waves of pleasure fill Judy's body, as a warm feeling concentrated in her belly. She saw between her huge breasts how her belly began to grow until she could saw it rising above her bosom. She felt the pressure, pushed hard and the baby Klia made her way out.

Baby Klia started to grow. Her body enlarge as she was aging. Soon she was a preteen, then a teenager. Her breast were growing round and firm, her legs and arms toned, her hair was long and blue. When Klia reached the age of Judy, she had a similar body too.

"Wow. We look like twins, excepted for the hair" said Judy.

"Yep, and now I want to tried every pleasure of your world" said sexily Klia as she kiss Judy.

Judy was shocked for the turned of the events and deep inside she like the feeling. She kissed back her and thought that it was the begging of loving friendship.

The end