by Lit-L-One

The Northview mall was crowded with people. Every shop on all three levels were practically filled to capacity. The sounds of parents and children alike echoed endlessly off the faux marble walls. They screamed that they had just found the right present, or were asking for one they wanted. Snippets of Christmas carols drifted from most doorways, combining in the walking space of the mall to create a symphony of noise. It was a complete and utter mad house and Justin was stuck right in the middle of it.

It was certainly not his idea to go shopping on the 12th of December, but his girl friend's birthday was on the 20th and there was nothing he could do about that. This was the third year in a row he'd done this and every time he swore that next year he'd remember to buy her birthday gift a month in advance at least. Of course it never happened like that, but he swore to himself that next year Angie's present was going to be in his hands before all these people swarmed the place like the swallows to Capistrano.

So far he'd been wandering around for about an hour with no luck. Nothing seemed appropriate or good enough. He'd long ago given up on clothes that never seemed to fit or makeup that was always just a shade or two off from what she thought looked good on her. The truth was she was not very demanding and would really look beautiful in anything, but Justin could always tell it was not quite her thing. She'd never say anything, but he knew. This year was going to be different. He would find something special.

A book might be nice, but she did not read that much and he wanted something more personal. He passed by a lingerie store and smiled for a moment. The no clothes rule went double for something like that. He didn't want to give her anything that could only be used in the bedroom; it would send the wrong sign… not that the two of them did not enjoy themselves in there. With a grin he walked on and was surprised when he nearly collided head on with an older woman, pulling her child along roughly by the arm. He dodged just in time, but ended up brushing her side. A wrapped box fell from the top of her overflowing bag and she fixed him with an ice stare.

"What is it with you punk kids today? Running everywhere without any thought for anyone else.”

Punk kids? Justin frowned. He was 22 years old and dressed very normally in blue jeans, Nike sneakers and a plain red t-shirt. The woman was the one looking like she was running for her life and the child at her side seemed none too happy about it. Even so, he knelt down and picked up the box, then gently put it back in her bag. "I'm very sorry. Have a merry Christmas.”

The woman made a quite un-gracious sound and stormed off, terrified child in tow. Justin sighed, not sure which one to feel sorrier for. "Some people just do not have the holiday spirit.”

He turned to look at the sound of the voice, focusing on an older man dressed in a Santa suit. He was gaunt and fairly tall, certainly not the pudgy, jolly image that one would expect from Santa Claus. Seeming to read his mind the man smiled and offered a slight bow. "My name is Nathaniel Grimm and I certainly do have the holiday spirit. Interested in a gift for your girlfriend?”

Justin looked at the man with surprise. "How did you know if was for my girlfriend?”

"Oh it's written all over your face. Do you have any idea how many young men I see wandering this mall aimlessly, trying to find something special? Luckily I have been able to help them, as I am sure I can do for you.” He gestured behind him to the entrance of a store Justin could have sworn was vacant a moment ago.

The man walked inside, and out of curiosity Justin followed. It was very nice, with at least two dozen clear cases filled with all manor or things. Glass figurines, hand panted jewelry boxes, gems and decorative pens. Then there were the rows of shelves and tables. Nothing that he could see had a price tag, but no doubt anything he bought here would be more money then he could afford to spend. "It's all very nice but… I don't think I could afford a gift from here. I love Angie, but a guy has to eat.”

Justin smiled at the shop owner and Nathaniel smiled back, very disarmingly. "You don't need to worry about that, I have always been able to come to a fair bargain with people. At least look around and see if there is anything you think she'd like. If you don't find anything, you've only lost a few minutes.”

It sounded reasonable enough and he had to admit the man did seem very nice. Justin continued to look around, eyeing various lamps and candles, then an assortment of books written mostly in languages he could not identify. Nothing seemed right until he found a display of various perfumes and oils. They stood out shockingly from everything around them because most were housed inside intricate crystal containers and vials. Many looked like they might shatter if touched, but feeling them convinced him they were solid enough.

Gingerly he pulled the stop from one of them and inhaled. It was like being surrounded by spring flowers in a field. He could close his eyes and practically see water dripping from the pedals of wild flowers. He could feel the rays of sun on his face. It was like someone had captured the essence of summer in a mountain field. Opening his eyes and closing the stop he turned and walked immediately to the counter. He did not even bother to look at any of the other bottles. "I want this, no matter what it costs. It's perfect for her!”

It was certainly not the best bargain hunting approach, much like going to a car dealership and opening up a suitcase filled with money on the hood of a Ferrari. He really did have to have it though. Angie would absolutely love it.

Nathaniel smiled genuinely, pulling his fake beard down and setting it aside as he took the perfume in hand. "Ah yes, this is one of our more popular scents. I can promise you any woman would be pleased with it.” He set it back down on the counter and started to tap a few keys on the register. Looking at his customer conspiratorially he hit the enter key and a price of $35.00 appeared in the digital display.

Justin blinked a few times, thinking it had to read 350, but it remained as it was. "No, I can't take it for that. I mean the bottle alone has to be worth 5 times that.” He was cut off by the shaking of the older man's head.

"I will be rewarded enough by your girlfriend's joy, and besides return business is very important to me. Just come back in at some point and tell me how it went. I used to be young and in love. I certainly do not mind facilitating that feeling in others. Besides, you seem like a good kid. I don't think I would have been anywhere near as polite to that woman a few minutes ago.”

He grinned and would not hear another word about it no matter how Justin protested. The money was exchanged without incident and he even walked the younger man to the door. Justin shook his hand excitedly. "Thank you again, I'll come back soon and buy something for the real price. You don't know what this means to me.”

The shop keeper grinned, "Your welcome, and thank you for your business. Oh and…” He ran back into the store quickly and returned with a tiny glass tube of clear liquid, no taller then a match. "This is a sample of a special cologne I make in shop. Try it and maybe next time your girlfriend will be the one in here getting you something special.” He tipped his pointy red hat, then walked back in the store as Justin thanked him.

This seemed to be Justin's lucky day. He thought he'd have to keep looking for several more hours, but now he could enjoy himself. He felt so good he opened the plastic top of the sample just given to him and dabbed it on his neck, arms and cheeks. It had a tingly sensation that made him feel alive and energetic, like maybe there was mint oil or something similar in it. That was not how it smelled though. It had the scent of… of well… something.

Laughing at his own lack of description, he paused and really thought about it. It certainly smelled like something, but damned if he knew what. After the experience in the shop he was sure he'd be awash in smell of something nice, but this seemed different. He supposed it would be milder since it was for men. It wasn't floral or plant like or any kind of spices, but it was very pleasant. Putting the mystery aside for now he made a detour for the food court. He had not expected to eat so soon, but found he was pretty hungry.

It was just as crowded there as it was everywhere else in the mall, but his rumbling stomach made him take a spot in the back of a line leading to some new Mexican stand. He did not really care what he had as long as it was meat, and this seemed the shortest wait. Soon enough he was navigating though the busy area with a tray of steak tacos and one of those cinnamon rope things. He took a small table along the edge and started eating.

He tried listening to the conversations around him, but there was too much noise. Instead he thought of where he would take Angie for her birthday. Maybe one of those fancy French places downtown. He didn't want to end up eating snails or anything, but he had always heard places like that were romantic. Dinner dates together were always pretty casual with Angie and him. She was low maintenance definitely, but that never stopped him from thinking of elaborate things.

The faint smell of strawberries broke his thoughts of the future date and made him turn slightly. He watched the salesman at the ice cream booth across from his table spoon fresh strawberries on a sundae. Justin was not even done with his first taco yet but suddenly had a strong craving for the berry topping. Not the ice cream, just the berries. The smell of them overwhelmed him and for some reason brought back strong memories of his 21st birthday party almost 11 months ago. His friends had taken him to a bunch of bars, getting him plastered by the end. The second place they went too had these amazing strawberry margaritas.

He could smell them so clearly, from all around him. His eyes closed for a moment and his face tingled as the very faint lines below his eyelids melted away. The scruffy hairs on his chin and cheeks thinned almost imperceptivity. His sideburns shortened. Unless someone was looking directly at him they would not have noticed, and everyone was too busy with there own things to notice him.

All at once the scent was gone and Justin opened his eyes. He felt so weird and wondered what made him drift off like that. He could not even remember what he was thinking about or why. However he was still hungry and quickly finished all the food on his plate. Having done what he came for he took the bag with Angie's gift and headed for the parking lot.

His red 89 Nissan Pulsar was close by the exit. It was a T-Top and at the moment both segments were off, exposing the warm afternoon air. He hopped in, started it up and rode on to his girlfriend's house. It really was a nice day. Using the back roads he was only about 10 minutes away from Angie's house. After having found such an amazing gift he wondered how he was going to be able to wait so long to give it to her. She was so beautiful when she smiled. He remembered one of their more memorable dates 2 years ago.

She suggested to him they take a free tour of the Lorina Linn chocolate factory on the edge of town. It was interesting seeing how it all was made, but the best part was at the end where they got as many free samples of more kinds of candy then an army of kids could eat. They stayed in the end room for close to an hour, eliciting disapproving stares from many workers there.

Justin could practically smell it. In fact he could quite strongly as the smell of chocolate carried throughout the town on particularly big production days, especially around Christmas. The rich smell filled the car much more then it should have. The tingle overtook him again and he let out a contented sigh as his sideburns shortened again, his stubble thinned and his skin took on the more vibrant glow of youth. He felt a little flushed and had to adjust himself in the seat, feeling kinda weird. The sound of a police siren really brought him back into focus. Cursing he pulled off to the side of the road and waited.

The cop took a minute before exiting his car and walking over to the driver's side window. Speaking in the most stereotypical way possible Justin smiled. "Is there a problem, officer?”

The man, black and at least 6 feet tall, looked down at him in a way that made Justin feel like he was being sized up. He had the vague feeling of a lobster in a tank with hungry dinners drooling on the glass. He kept his smile though.

"I stopped you because you were driving a little erratically. You haven't been drinking, have you son?”

Justin blinked in surprise, this was the last thing he expected. Shaking his head slowly he responded, trying to sound more sober then he was if that was possible. "No officer, I was just on the way to my girlfriend's house. I guess I got a little caught up thinking about her.” He blushed, not sure why he felt so embarrassed talking about having a girlfriend. Suddenly he just felt so… insecure.

The cop asked for his license and took a long time examining it. Several times he glanced between it and Justin, his eyes somewhat questioning. What could he possibly be finding so remarkable? After what seemed like an eternity he handed it back and spoke slowly. "Well, we all make mistakes sometimes, but you got to pay attention when you drive, Son. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt. I'll let you off with a verbal warning this time, but if I catch you again there will be trouble.”

Nodding quickly, Justin put his license away and spoke with contrition. "Yes officer, I'll certainly be more careful. Thank you very much.” He smiled at the cop, relived when he got back into his squad car and drove on. It was weird, he had never been pulled over before, but he always thought if it happened he'd keep his cool a bit more.

He'd almost forgotten about the encounter by the time he got to Angie's house. Seeing her would make him feel better no matter what. He moved quickly to the door and rang the bell. The moment she answered he jumped into the doorway and gave her a kiss on the lips. She pulled him closer and deepened it for a few seconds, then pulled away and winked, letting him come inside. "Well hello to you too, stud. Miss me much?”

"You bet I did, Angel.” Grinning ear to ear he realized he really had. For some reason he was more excited then usual to see her and in more then one way. All his insecurity had gone away, like just the act of seeing and kissing his girlfriend reassured him he really had one. That was stupid though, they had been going out for a while. Not only that but it was taking all his will power not to grab her, carelessly fling all the contents of a table off like in a movie, and take her right there.

She seemed to see the lust in his eyes and darted her tongue across her lips. "If you want me, Stud, you have to come and get me.” With that she took off like a shot up the stairs.

Justin grinned and followed quickly. He took the stairs 3 at a time, seeing his tantalizing prey just a little in front of him. He sped up as she ran into her bedroom, managing to tackle her right before she reached the bed. The two fell onto the covers, him on top, and they shared a long kiss. It was teasing, tongues probing and exploring. "Somebody's frisky,” Angie spoke in between lip locks.

He simply nodded and pulled her top over her head. It was clear she had not planed to go out today as her C cup breasts were not held by a bra. Immediately he started to kneed them in his hands, nibbling and sucking on her nipples. As she shivered under his body he pressed her arms up over her head and held her wrists while he kissed a trail from her nipples to her neck, then to her lips where he explored her mouth even more urgently.

Angie embraced Jason, pulling off his own shirt as he released her arms and slid down her body. With practiced ease he undid the buttons of her jeans, pulled down the zipper and yanked her pants to her knees. Her panties quickly followed and with as much urgency as his kisses he licked her inner folds, then plunged inside her slit. Her nails pressed into his back and her eyes widened in surprise. He was going at her like a horny teenager. The energy and lust of it had her hips buckling in orgasm before he was even done. He continued licking and running his hands up and down her waist as she moaned.

The sweet smell of her pussy drove Justin crazy and even while he was hurriedly casting his pants off, he could so clearly remember the first time he ate Angie out. They were both 19 and it was early into their 5th date. They had wanted to mess around since the first date, but both waited until they were sure.

The tingling was all over his body now. Justin's hair shortened, both on his head and his face. He'd never tried to grow a beard before but now his body was really incapable even if he wanted. Peach fuzz replaced the short stubble, something his girlfriend would have felt as he moved his face from between her legs if she was not feeling so hot.

Justin's body changed significantly for the first time, muscle mass fading away. He pushed her arms back down again, but it took a little more effort this time to keep her under control like she enjoyed. His own arms and legs became a bit thinner, his weight lessoning. Angie looked up slightly confused but attributed what she saw to lustful haze. Whatever she thought she saw it was forgotten as her boyfriend's stiff penis filled her, causing her to bite hard on her lip. He pumped in and out relentlessly, his lust taking charge. His hands ran all over her breasts and down her body, eventually stopping at her ass where he pulled her close in time with his pumping. It drove him deeper inside and her over the edge. Her muscles contacted over and over, wrapping around his member giving both of them an explosive release.

Panting like spent animals Angie just laid there, eyes closed and still moaning. Justin rolled off of her and closed his eyes. The smell of sex was in the air, in fact all around him. It was just like with Jenny Dwier when he was 17, not his first time but definitely one of the best. The feeling was more electric this time as the tingle took over his body. It felt more powerful then the normal afterglow of sex he was used to. He opened his eyes to see Angie on her side, looking at him with increasing alarm.

Nothing of his body was spared this time. He felt vaguely sick as he contracted in on himself, everything getting shorter. His arms and legs pulled in, though not a great deal. The soft peach fuzz vanished along with the entirety of his sideburns. To his great embarrassment growing up he had been a late bloomer and it certainly showed as his body rewound to age 17.

Angie was now very wide eyed. "What's happening to you?!”

Justin was silent in shock. His underarm and chest hair did not fade completely, but it was close enough. All his skin just looked fresher, his face more innocent. As if both were thinking the same thing at the same time they looked down to his crotch. He was still slightly erect from their encounter and he watched in horror as his penis deflated from it's proud 7 inches to something closer to a (in his mind) paltry 4. To add insult to injury, the fear and morbid embarrassment of the whole scene caused it to shrivel up, pulling in and making a little turtle head. His pubic hair thinned, leaving him close to hairless and painfully reminding him of just how much he developed between the later months of 17 and 19.

Nether of them spoke for a few moments. While Justin had a look of abject terror on his face, Angie was torn between shock and… laughter. Obviously something very odd had just happened but the sight of her formerly manly boyfriend's cock shrinking away and hiding… not to mention the total insecurity his body language was giving off… she never would have realized it if not for this, but she was getting off a little on his lack of power.

"Angie I… what… what's wrong with me?” Quickly he pulled the top sheet over his waist, noting with shame his girlfriend's half smile.

It was gone fast enough however and she sat up, sympathy in her eyes. "I don't know, sweetie. Has this… uh… ever happened before?” She was somewhat at a loss for words, not sure even where to start.

He quickly shook his head. "No of course not! I think you would be one of the first to know if I turned into a scrawny teenager after sex!!”

He sounded angry and the tone brought a frown to Angie's face. "I was just trying to help.”

Justin sighed and hung his head. "I'm sorry baby I… I'm just scared. I mean I've been feeling weird for a few hours now, but I didn't know that… well… what did I look like when I walked in before?”

Angie had to think about that for a moment. It was true she noticed something the moment he kissed her, but things had proceeded so fast it never really registered with her. She said as much to him, sounded apologetic. "If I had known, I would have said something earlier.”

They sat once again in silence, neither knowing what to say in a situation like this. Justin could not remember anything that out of the ordinary happening. He did realize he'd been having some pretty intense memories. "I felt weird while we were having sex. I thought it was just excitement, but I remember thinking really clearly of our date when we… well you know.” His cheeks turned bright red, both from the memory it's self and the fact that he was deathly embarrassed to say it out loud.

His girlfriend smiled widely at the realization and purposely moved her breasts a little closer to his face. "It's ok to say it. The date where you licked my clit until I came. Cause you know, I have breasts and you have a penis and together…” She stopped then, wondering if he could get any redder. It seemed he had lost a little maturity along with age.

He tried to be angry at her but felt only embarrassment. Even so, the sheet on his lap rose up a very little bit. Angie looked at it and this time could not help but laugh. She leaned in and kissed his cheek while he hurriedly covered himself with his hands. She quickly grabbed her top from the floor and put it on. "Lets try and think about more important things for right now, sweetie.”

Angie slipped out of bed and went to retrieve her jeans. Unable to help herself she bent down as far as she could while getting them, making sure her reduced boyfriend got a good look. He was purposefully looking away when she turned around, buttoning and zipping them up. She ignored his averted glance. "So every time you remembered something really strongly you felt that tingle and then... you got younger?”

Forcing himself to look back at her, Justin nodded slowly. None of it made any sense. "And I guess… I smelled things really strongly, like it was all around me, almost like I was there again.”

He watched as she paced about the room, seemingly thinking about his words. Could it be magic? How else could something like this happen? Maybe a chemical spill or some science gone wrong, but if that was the case why did it only happen when he had strong memories or smelled something? It did not seem random. Facing away from him she talked slowly. "Well maybe… maybe we should try an experiment.”

Before he could ask what she had in mind, or voice his objections because he certainly did not want to do any kind of experimenting, Angie turned and threw a towel at him. Acting purely on reflexes he caught it right before it hit him in the face. It smelled heavily of chlorine, obviously having been used by her to dry off after swimming in her backyard pool. "Remember that swim class you hated in High School?”

And he did. He did remember it very clearly. Every day of his sophomore year he was forced to swim in that pool. The chlorine and other chemicals practically burned at times and it was so unstructured that they mostly ended up splashing each other and treading water for the whole period. Worst of all was the shower room. At 16 it was so unfair how practically everyone else in his class was already more developed then him.

Angie could see he was lost in thought and quickly pulled the sheet off, watching him in fascination. He lost at least another few inches as his legs seemed to pull up to his waist. His shoulders which had not yet lost all of their broad shape thinned rapidly along with his arms and chest. Any upper body hair he'd had vanished into non existence, leaving his underarms and chest baby smooth. His penis shrunk at least another inch, but it was hard to tell because of his current deflation. He snapped out of his state of enhanced memory just in time to see nearly all his pubic hair retract. The few strands that remained only emphasized the size difference.

He stuffed the towel on his lap to cover it and shot a deadly glance at his girlfriend. "Why did you do that?!” His voice cracked with nearly every word only infuriating him more. Quickly he got out of bed and grabbed his pants from the floor. He pulled them up and found to his dismay he had to constantly hang on to the waistband or they would fall right back down.

His girlfriend really did to try and stay serious, but it was imposable. He just looked so cute like that. At most he was 5' 3” and perhaps 115 pounds. She marveled at how short and light his hair had become. He obviously started dyeing it as he got older. Trying to keep amusement from her voice she moved a little closer to him. "I'm sorry, baby, I just wanted to see how it worked. Maybe if you don't smell things a lot, or try and keep from remembering things in the past?” It was not very helpful but she could not think of anything else to say.

Dejectedly Justin sat on the edge of the bed so he would not have to hold up his sagging jeans. He practically tripped over the cuffs that were now far to long for him. His stomach made a massive rumble and he rubbed it softly. "I'm so staving. All this changing is really getting to me.” His voice had settled on a slightly higher register then before, but at least it was stable.

Angie smiled and sat next to him, patting his shoulder. "You look kind of hot and sweaty too. Why don't you use the guest shower to wash up while I make something? No one ever uses it so theirs no soap or shampoo or anything to smell.”

"I… I guess that would be ok. I do feel kinda dirty. Will you… help me figure this out after we eat?” He was trying to sound brave but it was obvious he was worried.

His girlfriend smiled warmly and nodded. "We'll figure this out somehow. Now go on, you'll feel better in a little bit.”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek then left the room, leaving Justin to think. He sat there for a full two minutes just lost in thought, then held on to the waist of his pants again and made his way to the guest bathroom. Angie's mom was a fairly wealthy lawyer, affording both her and her daughter a comfortable house and lifestyle. She was often out of state on business which worked out well. Angie could stay there as long as she went to college and she and Justin could spend almost as much time alone as they wanted.

He looked around hesitantly, making sure there were no plants or scented soap or anything that could be a danger to him like this. Satisfied he was safe, the pants dropped easily to the floor and he stepped naked into the bathtub/shower hybrid. Facing the nozzle away from him he turned the water on and felt the stream until it was just the right temperature. He moved under it and sighed gently. Hot water melted the tension from his body.

The steam built up around him and he inhaled deeply. He was frightened at first but it did not bring back any damaging memories to him. Taking a little bit of time he really examined himself. The thought that his girlfriend had seen him like this made him sick, but as scrawny as he was, it could always be worse. Certainly he was a lot younger, but something had to be causing this. Whatever it was he had hope he and Angie could figure it out.

As that thought crossed his mind she called out to him from the doorway. "Justin? Can I come in?”

Glad he was not alone he called back. "Yeah. I'm glad you're here. I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you. Most girls would be freaked out, but you're still…” Before he could finish his sentence she pulled the shower curtain open and slipped naked into the tub with him. "Hey! What are you…”

She silenced him with a kiss full on the lips. His protests died and he remained quiet as she slowly pulled away from him. "I was never all that popular in High School. I always dreamed of making out with a guy, but I was out of school before I really got the chance. And I want you to know… I'll love you no matter what happens.” She kissed him again before he could respond, pushing him against the wall and holding her breasts hard against him.

From Justin's vantage point they were a lot closer then usual when he stood facing her, practically eye level. He held his breath in ecstasy as she reached down and rubbed his reduced manhood, simultaneously biting and kissing his neck. Teenage hormones kicked in full effect and he tried to push her backwards, grabbing at her arms. Unlike so many other times before she did not budge an inch. He simply wasn't strong enough to hold or more her anymore. The realization made him nervous, but he forgot all about it when she slipped down to her knees. Pressing him almost painfully against the wall with one hand, she used the other to steady her as she slipped his dick into her mouth.

His legs quivered and nearly buckled from underneath him as his girlfriend's tongue slid from tip to shaft over and over again. Combined with her sucking he knew he couldn't hold out. As a man he had some staying power, but as a young teen he felt the pressure building immediately. He was about to blow when a powerful smell assaulted him. Bubble gum and… soap. It triggered a powerful memory of bubble baths he used to take when he was…”No... NO! Not again!”

Angie pulled away from him and watched as the tingle he felt robbed him of many more years, much faster then before. His light blond hair shifted instantly into a bowl cut while all muscle melted away. His arms and legs became thin and pudgy like a child's. Weight and height followed. It looked like he was a balloon and air was being let out. His pubic hair completely disappeared, leaving him totally bald down there as he had the last orgasm his body would be capable of producing. Every spurt dropped him another inch until his body was too young to feel that pleasure, or stay erect. Angie was entranced by the comical sight of his testicles tightening and raising back up against his body.

Justin could not hold back the tears as his once manly dick was reduced to a child's nub. To him it was just a symbol of everything that was wrong. It was less then 2.5 inches and he was less then 8 years old.

With a gentle smile, Angie lifted him up and held him with one arm while she turned off the water to the shower. Her free hand was wet and she wiped it against a towel as she exited the tub, roughly rubbing the small amount of children's bubble bath she'd put there off of it. She stroked his head and back as he cried, unable to stop. "Shh shh shhh. It's ok little one, I'll take care of you.”

"I'm not little! I'm big. Don't treat me like a child!” He was still crying a little, but managed to calm himself enough to speak.

Angie frowned and stopped her walking and gentle rocking. She gave his bottom a little swat and held him in front of her. His eyes grew wide in surprise and the crying stopped immediately. "You listen to me. You may feel like a big boy…” She said the last words distinctly, letting them sink in for him, "… but you don't look or act like it. You need my help and if you want it you'll behave and act your age. Is that clear?”

After swallowing a few times he nodded slowly. "Ye… yes Angie.” The way he said her name made it sound like a teachers or a babysitter.

Smiling at his tone of respect… or at least compliance, she carried him back into her bedroom. There on the bed were different sizes and types of clothes. "I thought this might happen sooner or later, so got some of my brother's old stuff from the attic.” She held up a pair of underwear that looked about the right size and with no protest from Justin, slipped them up his legs. They seemed to fit securely so she slipped on him a pair of jean shorts with bright yellow ducks sowed in. A plain white t-shirt followed and finally a pair of strap on sandals. She lifted him off the bed and stood him on his feet, admiring the work. "You look absolutely adorable, baby.”

That term which had always felt so endearing now made Justin very uncomfortable. He almost said something but his bottom still stung a little. He was sure it had been very little but in this state he was very weak. She was at this point the only one who could care for him. Who else could he trust? While he stood in his new outfit he watched as she herself got dressed. It was unsettling and he did not realize why until she was buttoning up her top. He felt absolutely no sexual attraction to her. Well he did in his mind, but his body would not respond. He rubbed his crotch a little when she was turned around, but sadly nothing happened.

He was quietly morning the loss as Angie picked him up again and started to carry him downstairs. "You must be really hungry by now. I made some food right before I came upstairs.”

She smiled down at him in a maternal way, making him uncomfortable. He tried to push his thoughts aside as he was placed at the kitchen table. He noted with irritation a high chair next to where she set him down. "What's that for?”

"I just wanted to be prepared, Baby. I was worried about what I'd find up there. What did you smell anyway?” She sounded genuinely curious.

Shrugging slightly he picked up the slightly cold grilled cheese sandwich and spoke in between bites. "Bubble gum scented bubble bath. I… don't know where it came from. I didn't see anything in the tub. What am I going to do if whatever this is can make me smell things that aren't there?!” He had not really considered that until just now.

Angie was obviously not too worried about it and knelt at his side. She stroked his hair gently. "Don't worry, baby. Like I said, we'll deal with this somehow.”

He was silent then and ate, not wanting to admit it but feeling better knowing Angie was there. She would save him… she had to. The late lunch was uneventful, though several times he found himself answering questions about his childhood that his girlfriend wanted to know. Talk of grade school and activities his parents used to entertain him with.

Before long it had been about an hour and Justin was looking a little groggy. Angie picked him up again and walked into the living room. She flipped the TV on and turned to the cartoon network. Old Loony Toons episode were on and she smiled. Her boyfriend looked less thrilled. "I may look like a 6 year old, but I'm not. Can we watch the news or something?”

Angie looked a little hurt. "You look tired and I thought it would be better to get your mind off of serious things. Just watch for a little while, for me at least. I loved these when I was a kid.” She smiled down at him again. It sounded reasonable enough… and he did kinda like these cartoons from his real childhood.

"Ok.” He tried to smile, knowing this had to be kind of hard on her as well. After all she did love him, he was sure of that, and watching your boyfriend slowly regress into a child could not be easy. For her he had to be strong… even if he felt anything but. If it made her happy to watch cartoons for a while with him then why not. He was a big boy, he could take it.

Watching TV really did relax him. The bright colors and funny music made him laugh more then a few times. Not just that but after a while he found himself pressed close to Angie's body, her arm wrapped tightly around him. She was so warm and comforting and even as the occasional thought of sex crossed his mind he was really just happy for the closeness. Cuddling with her was suddenly a much more appealing idea. He didn't even notice when she slipped a blanket over his body. The room was warm enough so he didn't need it, but the fuzzy material made him feel secure. Not long after he was dead to the world, his tiny chest rising and falling with the pattern of deep sleep.

Angie looked down at the little boy and could not help but kiss the top of his head lightly. Being as careful as she could, she withdrew her arm from around Justin's body and stood up. He ended up slumped slightly sideways but stayed asleep. Tip toeing through the living room she went over to a desk in the corner. It took a bit of checking but she finally pulled a long red crayon out and moved quietly back to the couch. Kneeling down she scratched the waxy surface and smelled it. Now that its top skin had been broken the scent was stronger. She held it out under her boyfriend's nose and waited.

After only a few seconds her efforts were rewarded. It took self control not to gasp as the shorts and shirt started to pool around Justin's body. His hair got shorter and more downy. His arms, legs, stomach and cheeks all filled in with baby fat, making him look even younger then the 4 years he eventually stopped at. His little sandals were now too big for his even littler feet and they slipped off and fell to the floor. Angie marveled at the tiny little toes that were exposed. Throughout the whole thing he only stirred slightly, his lips even curved into a small smile to show he was having a pleasant dream.

Angie decided to take him upstairs and put him in bed but as she got closer accidentally kicked one of the sandals, making it rumble across the floor. The sound and perhaps the general presence of his girlfriend standing over him made Justin awaken and look up in surprise. She towered over him, even more then before.

"How'd you get so big?” He put a small hand over his mouth and cupped his throat. He sounded like a girl, at least in his mind. His own tiny voice frightened him and almost made him cry. With great effort he stood up and frowned as every stitch of clothes fell at his feet. It was hard to stand on the shifting cushion of the couch but he did, needing to feel taller then he really was.

"I'm sorry, baby. You just started shrinking when I got up to stretch my legs.” The crayon was tucked securely in her back pocket. "Good thing I have some smaller clothes upstairs. I can dress you up and…”

"NO!” He screamed from the couch. Tears were brimming in his eyes and he stomped his foot on the couch, nearly falling down. "I'm big, I can dwess… DRESS myself!” He didn't know what was wrong, his emotions were just out of control. It took physical effort to keep speaking like an adult. All he wanted to do was cry. In his anger he lashed out. "Weave me awone you bitch!”

The last word hung in the air, both of them stunned into silence. He held his breath as Angie started walking towards him, obviously angry. Suddenly the expression on her face changed to confusion then… was it held in laughter? It was his turn to be mad now, wondering why she would laugh at a time like his. It took him a moment to figure out what she was looking at and when he did his eyes followed hers with horror. He was wetting himself. His insignificant penis was letting out a stream of pee that covered the clothes he'd been wearing.

He had not even realized he was doing it and now that it started no matter how hard he tried the muscles there would not respond and stop. Desperately he cupped his little thingy, succeeding only in messing his hands and causing the spray to reflect back and trickle down his legs. Now he was crying and it continued long after his bladder was empty. "It's no fair!” He swayed and fell back on his butt, looking and feeling completely helpless.

Angie had forgotten all about his previous swearing as she knelt by the couch and picked up his white t-shirt. It was mostly dry and she used it to pat down his hands, legs and crotch, then lifted his quivering body up and held it to her own. She bounced up and down comfortingly. "It's ok, it's ok. We'll get you cleaned up and dressed and find a way to make everything ok again. Alright?”

He could not respond in words right away, but the crying did ease up. Just hearing her voice and her promise made him calm down. He was carried effortlessly up the stairs and this time into the main bathroom. He watched numbly as his momm… his friend… his girlfriend filled the bathtub with water. She added a little bubble bath and he watched with the hint of a smile as they multiplied and grew on top of the water. It smelled like bubble gum… something that sparked a dim thought in his mind, but it was gone as he was lifted up and put gently into the soothingly hot bath.

"Now I know you're still a really big boy, but can I help you wash? It'll make things a lot faster and easier.” She sounded so comforting, her words so reasonable.

It made sense that she could do it better then him, so acting like a grown up he nodded his head, even kinda liking the idea. "Okay.”

Grabbing a wash cloth from the rack by the bath she dipped it into the water and squeezed it out over his head. He giggled a bit as she gently wiped at his hair, then cleaned off his face. It was amazing how dirty he had gotten since his shower not to long ago. He found himself playing with the bubbles as his back and chest were washed off, Angie's playful strokes calming him. He knew he was acting more and more like a child but he felt so safe with his girlfriend there. He could let himself slip a little bit.

Angie watched him with contentment as she bathed him. Her love of kids was well known to Justin. She had talked about it with him a lot when they spoke of marriage someday… that perhaps being the reason she felt a hesitation from him on the matter. She knew he wanted them too, just not as many and not so soon as her. This situation surely would not make him more receptive to the idea.

She moved the cloth down to his bottom and watched closely for a reaction as she scrubbed. His face turned a little red, making her smile. She just found his modesty absolutely adorable. True he had the mind of an adult, but he also seemed to act more like the kid he was becoming. On impulse she moved the washcloth to his front, wanting to see a little more embarrassment from him. "Don't worry, I'm just gonna clean your little pee pee, ok? It's all dirty from before.”

Justin turned very red then. He tried hard to imagine a time when he was using his ‘pee pee' to pleasure Angie, but the memories were hazy. All it was good for now was wetting his clothes and all he could remember of intimacy with Angie was cuddling and snuggling with her. The technical aspects of sex were still in his mind but it all seemed useless to him now.

The bright red of his cheeks did not fade until the rest of the bath was done. The faint smell of pee was gone, replaced with the soothing scent of the bubble bath. He felt his baby soft skin as Angie dried him off with a huge fluffy towel. She wrapped it tightly around him and cradled him in her arms as she walked back into her bedroom.

As she looked at the various diapers and pull-ups Justin glanced at them disdainfully. "I don hafta wear those, do I?”

"Well you did make a pretty big mess downstairs. It's the only way we can be sure you'll stay nice and clean.” She ruffled his hair and set his bundled form on the bed.

"Yeah, but I wath angwy then. I can control myself, really!” It was a struggle to maintain his adult speech patterns. He really didn't want to end up in trainers. He wasn't sure how much longer his mind could hold out.

Angie picked up a pair of Barney pull-ups and showed them to him. "Baby, it's for the best. You just don't have enough control at this age and it's not going to get any better.”

She was already starting to put them on as he protested. "It will get betta. You prwomised too make evweyting otay.” The material of the pull-up felt strange against his body. They pushed his legs farther apart and no amount of effort would close the gap.

"Yeah, I did promise to make things better… but maybe this is a better way. Why do we need to find a way to change you back? You know I'll love you no matter what you look like, and don't you feel close to me like this? You're just my perfect little boy in every way.” She looked down at him tenderly, with a glint in her eye that chilled him to the bone.

Justin swallowed hard and gathered up all his adult sensibilities, really focusing as he spoke. "Maybe it does make me feel close to woo in a way when I'm like this… but I'm a big boy… an adult I mean, and I could never be happy with a grown up mind in a child's body. We have to cwange me.”

Angie turned away from him and hung her head. "I know, baby. I know you couldn't. I'd never force you to live like that.” She turned back around, having extracted a plastic container from her pocket. As she walked towards the bed he could see the little image of a cartoon baby on the front. It was baby power. "Luckily I can tell you're losing your grip on your adult mind. Nothing one more tiny trip can't fix, then you can be my little one and I'll raise you as my own… assuming you ever grow up.”

Terror seized him at what she intended. He half crawled, half ran for the edge of the bed but one hard squeeze of the bottle sent a cloud of baby powder to cover him. Desperately he held his breath even as he fell hard on the floor. Angie walked over and stood above him. Nether moved for a few seconds, then she realized he would hold his breath as long as it took, until he passed out perhaps. With a motherly smile that didn't show even a hint she thought this was a mistake, her fingers dug into his belly and tickled him mercilessly. The uncontrolled, joyful laughter of a toddler filled the room, soon becoming a baby's cries as the smell of baby powder assaulted him.

A body jolting tingle started in his stomach and spread out to every inch of his skin. The feeling was nearly orgasmic as hair follicles recessed along with any baby teeth he'd had. Everything about him became innocent and pudgy. Arms and legs contracted inwards as he saw in his mind a memory that should have been imposable. He was only 6 months old, his mother powdering his bottom and wrapping him in a fresh pair of disposable diapers. She leaned down and blew raspberries into his stomach, eliciting carefree babble and giggles.

Angie could only imagine what little Justin was picturing in his mind, she had a pretty good idea at least. She simply sat on the bed and watched, cherishing the sounds of his voice becoming higher and his body getting younger. His little arms flailed about now, tiny fingers making then releasing a fist over and over.

An overwhelming sense of motherly love overcame her as she slid her hands over Justin's bare bottom and lifted him into her arms. Supporting his head and neck she gently rocked him, gazing into his vacant eyes. It was clear nothing was left of her former boyfriend and she had a feeling that if he did grow up it would be totally as her son. She grinned at that thought as she kissed and forehead and cooed in his ear.

Justin's cries of frustration soon gave way to a more urgent need. With a joy in her heart, Angie sat on the bed and unbuttoned her blouse with one hand. As her breasts bounced out she moaned softly at the weight that suddenly filled them. It did not seem strange to her at all as she felt the milk expand her bust to a healthy D cup. Without hesitation she moved him up to her chest and was gratified as his lips wrapped around her left nipple. He sucked greedily, feeling the most basic, mindless pleasure any baby can experience. Warmth filled his whole body. There was nothing in the world but him and his mommy.


The Northview mall was crowded with people. It was almost Christmas after all and everyone had to get their last minute shopping done. Angie pushed a pink and yellow stroller along the busy walkways, glancing about at the stores. It had been just over a year since that fateful day. The last day she had ever seen Justin. Several of their mutual friends had come to console her as the days where he was missing turned into months and finally the police were forced to close the case. They all feared the worst, knowing he would not skip out on her… especially after getting her pregnant. Of course her grief was such that she refused to see any of them until months after the birth. They all commented wistfully that he looked just like his dad.

The time since then had been a joyous precession of feedings, changing's and playing. They went to mommy and me classes, infant swimming and played dutifully together in the sandbox. Angie found that somewhere inside of her was the key to his condition. She didn't know how the power was given to her but she knew it was because of her desires that he had not and would not age a day. Only if she wished it would he become older, perhaps conforming to whatever age she chose or maybe just like a stopped clock starting again. In any case she could afford to take her time and enjoy things to her hearts desire.

The troubled sobs suddenly coming from the stroller made her frown. She moved off to the side and checked on little Timmithy Justin, remembering happily how moved their friends were that she gave him the middle name of her missing boyfriend. Slipping a finger into the front of his diaper confirmed what she suspected. Sighing she wondered what to do now. This was the second time he had wet the diaper since they left the house and uncharacteristically she did not have anymore with her.

"Excuse me miss, maybe I can help. I think I have some diapers here in the back for your little boy.”

Angie turned and was surprised to see a rather tall looking man smiling at her. She was about to ask how he knew what she needed, but she did look frustrated and had just taken her finger from her baby's diaper. It must have been pretty clear. She offered a warm smile to the man. "Thank you, that's very kind. I can't believe I left the house without enough.”

She rolled the stroller into the store and looked around. She admired the beauty of the various items. "You have such wonderful things here, I wish I wasn't on such a fixed budget.”

The storekeeper returned from the back with a horse print disposable diaper in just the right size. "Well why don't you take a moment to look around. You'd be surprised at all we have and I am always willing to make a deal.” He handed the diaper to her and tenderly tickled the underside of Timmithy's chin. "After all, return customers are important to me.”