Project 619

By Max

In a hidden underground lab, a group of female researchers recorded the progress of a secret technology that would affect drastically the balance of the mankind. Here are the records published in a feminist site.

Introduction.- Head researcher Dr. Esther Lake.

From the beginning of the time, the males have always dominate the females. Now with the technology to our side, we can change that fact and bring the future generations of females to a new era.

For this purpose, 32 orphans were studied in searched of the two more compatible subjects for out project. With certainly difficulty we have obtain the following subjects.

The first subject (from now on Subject1) is a male. He is 13 years old and his bad attitude is the primal necessity of the project.

The second subject (from now on Subject2) is a female. She is only 9 years old and she feels insecure and inferior to the rest. This attitude is also needed for the project.

They will settled in an large complex for examination and to record all the reactions they would have as the project will go. Inside the complex a recreation of a normal house was build. The windows project images of a false reality outside and two of our top scientists will represent the lovely sisters that adopt the two children.

Day1.- Subject1: 13, Subject2: 9

The two subjects woke up from the sleep serum they drank on their sodas while they made the trip to this complex.

Subject2 woke up first and began to familiarize with her new environment, her bedroom. Meantime, the Subject1 was please with the 'renegade' decoration of his room.

The two subjects went to the kitchen for breakfast. We have to note that Subject1 made the first contact with Subject2. He hit her on the shoulder and making her cry. Our covered scientist (from now on Parents) grounded the Subject1, but he didn't care.

After finishing the breakfast, the Parents left alone the subjects in the house. Supposedly they have to work.

During the day we registered the bad actions of the Subject1 toward the Subject2. As mostly of the men, Subject1 summit Subject2 to his will using his height and strength. Subject2 had to made his bed, washed the dishes, cleaned the floor, etc.

At the end of the day, when the Parents arrived, the Subject1 took all the credit for the hard work of the Subject2. Fearfully of the Subject1, Subject2 didn't say anything against him. The Parents congratulated the Subject1, as it was the logical reaction, and prepare the dinner for them.

Finishing the dinner, Subject2 went to her room to cry. The Parents visited her to give her some candies which made her happy again. Soon she fell sleep for being tired of all the hard work during the day. Subject1 stood awake until late to watch TV.

Using special cameras inside the bedroom, we could observe a special energy surrounding the subjects bodies. We called it 'Age Aura'. When a person is young the light around is low, when the person grows up the light become brighter. Our technology was designed to transfer 'Age Aura' between two people. The bulb lights of the bedrooms were part of this technology.

It was almost 3:00 am, when the fist part of our experiment started. The bulb light inside the Subject1's bedroom began to drain the light around him and using the bulb in the bedroom of Subject2, we gave that light to her. We continued the transfer until the two auras had the same bright.

Day2.- Subject1: 11, Subject2: 11

The drawers and closets of the bedrooms were settled strategically next to walls that formed the perimeter of the house. Behind those walls was our lab and during the night we change all the subjects' clothes to match their new ages to avoid any suspicions

Subject2 woke first again. She felt a little uncomfortable in her pajamas and decided to change her clothes. When she decided to make a ponytail with her hair, she noticed that it was longer than it was yesterday. We took note of that change and rapidly check the status of the Subject1, fortunately his hair was the same. More tested were needed to discovered why in the girl the hair grew and in the boy didn't shrink.

When Subject1 woke up, he didn't notices the pajamas were lose on him and he simply changed his clothes as usual.

When the subjects meet in the way to the kitchen both gasped when they discovered that they were almost the same height. It was because she grew and he shrunk, but they didn't notice it yet.

The Parents attribute this phenomenon to a natural growth spurt. Subject2 felt happy to be at least eye to eye with her brother, but her happiness didn't long enough. When the Parent went out, Subject1 remind Subject2 who was the boss and uses his strength to clear his point.

Again Subject2 did all the shores of the house until the Parents returned. This time Subject2 had more confident and accuses all the abuses of Subject1 to the Parents. This event cheered us to continue the project.

In the night again, we uses the bulbs to steal more age from the Subject1 and increased the aura of the Subject2. This time we reverse the original situation.

Day3.- Subject1: 9, Subject2: 13

Subject2 woke up in the morning and began to scratch her chest. She felt an itching sensation in that area and strangely it was very sensitive. Again, she felt that her clothes were to tight on her and remembering what the Parents said she run to the mirror and peeled off her shirt.

Small bumps appeared on her chest making her smile of happiness. Knocks on her door rushed her to find some clothes. Thanks to our little exchange, all her clothes fitted her nicely.

With a camera in the hallway, we saw Subject1 knocking hardly the door of Subject2's bedroom. Obviously he was upset for being ground yesterday and he was determined to show who rules.

When she opened the door, the expressions in the faces of Subject1 and Subject2 thankfully were caught on tape.

Now the changes were notable. Subject2 was at least 5 inches taller than Subject1 and thanks to the transfer Subject1 had lost part of his rebel personality gained in the puberty.

Subject1 decided to leave the things like this and walked to the kitchen to have breakfast. This turn of the events were well received by Subject2. Knowing that her recently growth spurt had made her taller than her brother, things will change in the house.

Meantime Subject1 seemed to notice that the house was bigger than he remember, but we thought that he linked it to the surprise to see at her taller sister.

The day continued without incidents, both subjects spare the chores and after a good meal they went to bed.

During the night in middle of the transfer while we were checking the progress in the computer, nobody noticed that the Subject2 woke up. The cameras taped that the Subject2 became aware of her transformation and she enjoyed it a lot.

When we discovered it, the damage was done and the experiment was on risk. The Parents went to the Subject2's room and explained in an hour what we were doing here. Subject2 agreed to help us with the experiment under certainly conditions. The conditions were accepted, because they would provide valuable information for the research.

One of the conditions was that she wanted to be 17 years old, she was already 15, but she wanted to be more 'developed'. When the transfer ended Subject2 was 5' 5" with a nicely pair of C-cup breasts that complemented her hot body.

Day 4.- Subject1: 5, Subject2: 17

With some modifications to the principal system, we made the bulb of Subject1's bedroom able to drain the drain of the Subject1 and to fill Subject2 with it.

In the morning, Subject2 made a visit at the room of Subject1. With the amount of aura he lost, his body regressed was too small for his pajamas. She nicely covered him with the sheets and proceeded to wake up him.

Since the rest of the experiment will took place in the next minutes, we decide to included the conversation between the two subjects and the reactions to their new bodies.

"Little brother, please wake up" Subject2 said.

"What do you want?" he said opening his eyes. At recognize the size of his sister he opened them wide "You… you have grown again"

"Yeah. Isn't it wonderful? Now I can be your big sister" she said.

"I don't think so, maybe you are taller, but I'm still older than you" he said.

Subject2 made the signal to activate the transfer. Slowly the aura of the Subject1 was absorbed and infused to Subject2.

Feeling her body blossoming, Subject2 continued. She took off the shirt of her pajama to show at the Subject1 her ample breasts constricted by one size small bra, which fitted her properly this morning.

"Do I look younger to you?" she asked.

"No" he said reaching the 4 years old.

"Of course not, I must to be older than you?" she said.

"Why?" he said completely confused.

Subject1 was now 3 years old and still regressing, his memory began to fail and Subject2 decided to play with his mind.

"Because I'm you mother silly" said the now 20 years Subject2.

"Are you my mother?" Subject1 was lost.

"Yes, don't you want me to take care of you" suggested Subject2.

The Subject1 wasn't thinking clear. His thought and emotions were mixing as he leave the one year old. He was an infant now.

"I guess so" finally Subject1 reply.

Subject2 unclasped her tight bra setting free her fuller breasts "Do my baby has hungry?".

Subject1 nodded with the head, he was now least than 6 months old.

"Come to mommy, she will feed you my hungry baby"

"The transfer end. Subject2 near to the 22 years old and Subject1 near to the 3 months old" I said through the speakers.

Subject2 clasped her bra and put back on her shirt. She stood up from the bed leaving a confusion look on the eyes of the baby.

"Do you really think I will take care of you after how you treat me, I don't think so" said Subject2.

Subject1 in her infant mind tried to understand what was going on. Using the mirror of the bedroom, Subject2 admired her young and matured body.

"Thanks for your years brother. They fit me nicely" saying this, she went out and closed the door.

In his loneliness, Subject1 began to cry.


The project was a completed success. In a few years, we will present a project to the government that will allow us than instead of condemning people to death, they send the convict with us and we will turn him into a baby. That way the convict will have a second chance.

The true reason of this proposal is to decrease the population of grown up men and to increase the population of grown up women.

Soon all the children of the orphan will be babies and young ladies. The convicts will have another chance while their years were added to female babies and made them women.

We need more tests with projects 527 and 397. Their technology will allow us to transfer knowledge and strength of one person to another, that way our grown up babies will have the maturity and power so much needed.