Prodigal Son

by Jennifer Loraine

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"A lesson for those who continue to plague our society with drug abuse and violence. How much more peaceful it would be if these abusers became permanent babies. No jails, just cribs and peaceful, co-existing households!...Justice would then be done!"

Jeff walked into his mother's house with the air of a conquering hero. True, he was nearly penniless, but a few days of drug dealing in this hick town ought to rectify that, he thought. It hadn't been smart to try and cheat the Mafia on a drug deal, he decided, but the opportunity had been too good to pass up. Jeff figured he could send them some money and buy them off after he got in business again. After all, it wasn't as if they actually lost money on the deal. He could set up shop in his home town until he made enough money to make a payoff. Until then, he'd lay low. If they caught him before he made some kind of deal with them, they'd kill him.

He set his bag down on the floor and waited in the living room for his mother's return. He called his girlfriend from next door and told her he was in town to stay. Now he wouldn't have to drive here to go out on dates with her. He'd have dumped her long ago if she hadn't been such a looker. He had high hopes of getting her hooked on drugs so he could introduce her to the porno film business. He could make a fortune off of her! It was just a good thing that she didn't know about his other girlfriends in the city and all the engagement rings he had given out there. He wondered what his mother would say if she knew about all of his girlfriends and the porno films he had made after dosing them with drugs. She'd probably want to have him arrested, the stupid cunt! She hadn't approved of his lifestyle very much when he left three years ago and he doubted she would now either. Still, it made a good place to hide while he planned his next move.

His mother came home from work and greeted him with a definite expression of distaste on her face. She wondered if he was still dealing drugs. If he was, he was in for a shock. She had thought long and hard about what she would do if he came home and acted that way again. She told him he was welcome to stay, but his drugs and his lazy lifestyle stopped at her door. If he wanted to stay under her roof, he would have to abide by her rules.

Two days later, she found his stash while cleaning his room. She called a friend of hers named Melissa and told her what she had found. Melissa agreed that drastic measures would be necessary to save her little boy.

That evening, Melissa and Jeff's mother waited in the sitting room for him. His mother told him that if he wanted to act like a wayward child then fine, she would treat him like a child. His mother gave him an ultimatum; he could either stay home for the next two months and obey her every order or she would call the police and turn him in for possession of narcotics. He agreed and Melissa told him to roll up his sleeve. Melissa injected him with a drug and within minutes he was drowsing on the couch. They quickly stripped him and dressed him in the new clothes they had bought for him, then took him up to his newly decorated room to put him to bed.

The next morning Jeff woke up feeling very strange; his head was spinning and his crotch felt like it was covered in something odd. His bottom made a crinkling, plastic sound when he moved it. He tried to put his hands down to feel what he was wearing and discovered that his hands were handcuffed in place. He struggled for an hour before he finally gave up and fell asleep again. When he woke, he found that he had to go to the bathroom. He was desperate, he had to urinate immediately! He screamed and called out for help for fifteen minutes before his mother arrived. She looked down at him and said, "How's mommy's little boy today? Is he thirsty? Does he want his ba-ba?"

He looked up at her and said, "What have you done tome, you bitch? Why am I locked up like this? Let me out of here this minute or I'll get out of here myself and beat the fuck out of you! Do you hear me? Let me out now!"

His mother pulled up a chair beside him and said, "Honey, mommy doesn't like that kind of language. Mommy doesn't want to hear any more threats or cursing from you. If you want to scream or cry like a baby feel free; we live too far from town for anyone to hear you. But no naughty language or you'll be punished, do you hear? Mommy put you in there to teach you a lesson and you'll stay in there until you've learned it. If you haven't noticed it by now, you're handcuffed into a baby crib and you're wearing diapers. You'll stay in that crib until your behavior improves. All you'll be fed (and I do mean you'll be FED, you won't be eating by yourself!) is baby food while you're in the crib. If you're thirsty, you'll drink from a baby bottle! Since you seem to like drugs so much, Mommy's friend, Melissa, has given you a drug that makes you very susceptible to suggestion. Mommy has been playing a very special tape of subliminal suggestions for you all night, by the time the suggestions have been thoroughly implanted into your deepest part of your unconscious mind. You'll find it very difficult to resist any of my orders from now on. Mommy has gotten tired of your criminal behavior and has decided to change it. When mommy gets done with you Honey, you're going to be law abiding and respectful!

Let me tell you a little story that Melissa told me when I told her what you had done; during WWII a criminologist decided to use behavior modification on a group of criminals sentenced to long terms in prison. He handcuffed them to their beds and dressed them in diapers as an experiment to see if he could regress their personalities to cure them of their criminal tendencies. If they had to go potty, they had to do it in their diapers while lying in bed. All he fed them was baby food and formula from baby bottles until the experiment was over. Within a month, they were cured. Of course, the treatment did create some minor problems for the prisoners; they all had to be toilet trained again and they had to be separated from the other inmates. You see, Honey they became babies again and couldn't take care of themselves.

That's what's going to happen to you, Honey. You're going to be mommy's baby again! The psychologist who conducted the experiment only used diaper training, enforced bedrest and feedings to make the changes in his subjects. Mommy's way will be a lot quicker! The drugs we'll give you along with the subliminal tapes will regress you in no time. Mommy will have her sweet little boy back in a couple of weeks! We'll be the perfect family again! Your sister Eileen will enjoy having a baby brother to fuss over and take care of. Doesn't that sound nice?

Jeff was livid, no one, not even his mother could getaway with doing this to him. He started to scream, "You fucking cunt! I'll break your neck for this when I get out! You think you can maaaaagggmmm....."

He was unable to scream the final words of his curse at her; she had taken a medication pacifier and forced it into his mouth, then squeezed the bulb on the end to push the medication into his mouth. His mother pinched his nostrils to make him swallow the vile stuff. He coughed and gagged on the foul liquid as it slithered down his throat.

It was his mother's old standby...CASTOR OIL!...... Jeff's eyes turned red from holding his breath as she tilted his head back and massaged his throat. His mother was making her point in no uncertain terms; he was being punished for his language. When the pacifier was empty, she removed it, refilled it and gave him another dose, and another and another and another.........

His mother talked sweetly to him as she worked, "Now this should coat your tummy and make you poo-poo in your dydee very, very soon!....Do you remember this, Honey? I used to give you this when you were a baby. I would give you some when you were irritable and out of sorts. Irritability usually means that a baby is full of poop and needs to be relieved of his constipation...."

Jeff cursed around the pacifier and managed to make himself understood. When she was finished she took the pacifier from his mouth and replaced it with another larger, adult-sized pacifier. She told him "Honey, Mommy told you she doesn't want you to talk like that. Mommy has coated this pacifier with an anti-nail biting compound. It tastes ickky, doesn't it? Don't worry, it won't hurt you! It's just a harmless, bitter-tasting vegetable extract mommys put on the babies' thumbs to cure them of thumbsucking."

She took a ribbon from her pocket and tied the pacifier to his head from the rear and continued, "You'll have to wear this Honey, until you learn to talk like my sweet baby again. Mommy will be back later to change your dirty dydee."

His eyes opened wide as she bent over him and put her hand down the front of his diaper and said, "Ohh, so mommy's baby hasn't peed yet. Mommy doesn't want her little baby to feel uncomfortable. She knows it's been along time since he's peed, so she's going to help him."

She pushed down on his abdomen and immediately his bladder exploded. She pulled out her hand quickly before it got wet and said, "There now, isn't that better? Now the diaper's nice and warm from baby's pee-pee. Mommy wants her baby to go night-night for a little nappy poo until it's time for his breakfast, okay? Close your eyes, Honeybunch and go to sleep."

Jeff wriggled in his diaper uncomfortably and continued to piss until he had emptied himself. The anti-nail biter compound made his mouth burn and his eyes water. His mother turned on the tape player as she left the room. He struggled to stay awake, but it was no use. His eyelids kept drooping in response to his mother's command. He felt very, very sleepy. Jeff fell asleep again wondering what insidious suggestions lay buried under the melodious flute sonata coming from the tape player.

He awoke to find himself wallowing in his own shit. The urine soaked diaper reeked of ammonia and his skin burned with an incipient diaper rash. He didn't know whether to scream in rage or weep in frustration. He wanted out! He didn't care if he went to prison. He didn't care about anything but getting out of the filthy diaper.

He had never been able to control his temper. The furies burning within him would build up until they exploded in a fiery display of frenzied rage. If he had been four years old his rages would have been described as temper tantrums. Certainly his girlfriends had described his episodes as tantrums to their friends and mothers.

He could feel the anger rising within him, threatening to choke him on his own gorge. His vision dimmed, becoming red at the periphery as his mind clouded with violent emotions. He erupted in a scream of passionate disgust and fury that devoured his reason. He damned his mother at the top of his lungs and cursed the day she was born with invective that promised to peel the paint from the ceiling. Jeff rattled and tore at his bonds in animal frenzy trying to jerk himself free by main force.

Melissa and his mother burst into the room together and fell on the howling monster who had been her son. Melissa took the syringe in her hand and plunged the needle into his arm, heedless of the pain it caused. Within minutes the powerful tranquilizer had taken effect and rendered him harmless. His mother was livid, she turned him on his stomach and cuffed his hands together in a single vicious motion. Then she stalked out of the room and returned a minute later with a hair brush in her hand. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled his head up to look into his drug-glazed eyes, saying "I told you I didn't want you to curse, Didn't I??? I'v e had enough of your temper tantrums, little boy!!! I'm going to give you a spanking you won't forget! EVER!!!"

She began to beat his diaper-covered bottom unmercifully. He began screaming again, not in anger this time, but in pain. He thrashed about in the crib, but to no avail. His energies had been spent in his earlier titanic eruption. His screams soon turned into long sobbing wails of torment. Jeff gasped and choked on his tears as she continued to lambaste his fanny.

He begged her to stop. He told her he was sorry. He wouldn't do it again, he promised. He became confused and thought she wanted him to confess his crimes. He told her about his drug deals, his attempt to cheat the Mafia and finally the porno films.

When his mother heard that he made porno films, she exploded in righteous rage and redoubled her efforts. She beat him until he whimpered in agony.

He told her in a broken voice that it hadn't been his fault that the girls had wanted to do heroin, he was only their dealer. So what if they had gotten hooked on crack! They were only sluts, weren't they?

It hadn't been his fault that the girl had jumped of the balcony. If the girl had done what she was told, he wouldn't have had to punish her. All she had to do was follow orders. Surely she remembered taking orders from her father, the stupid bitch couldn't have been older than fifteen!

She had already had sex dozens of times on camera, hadn't she? It shouldn't have made any difference who she had sex with at that point. He had been careful with the cigarette burns, hadn't he? They wouldn't have shown up on camera. And the swelling in her face and tits would have gone down in a few weeks!

When she heard this, his mother stopped cold. This wasn't a rebellious son she was trying to cure of disobedience. This was an evil, child-corrupting, murdering fiend!!!!

Melissa stood at the crib's side in stunned shock. She had known he was a drug abuser, but this! This went beyond any mere drug offense, he was hideously evil! She took his mother aside and began to talk to her. They had to do something about him, they couldn't let him loose upon the world again. They had to pull this foul beast's fangs before he did any more damage.

Melissa told his mother that she had something she had been working on at the lab that might help. She was a medical researcher who studied the metabolism of aging and had a serum in the final stages of testing that could reverse the aging process. If Jeff was turned into a very small child again, he wouldn't be capable of hurting anyone. It was preferable to their only other alternative, and that was to kill him! His mother agreed to Sally's plan at once. Melissa left to go to the lab for the serum while his mother stayed to watch over him.

While Melissa was gone, his mother sat in the rocking chair in his bedroom and considered the beast who had been her son. He had succumbed to the tranquilizer and snored as she glared at the face that had betrayed everything she had taught him. "That face,...the face of's not my little boy's face anymore", she thought, staring at his luxuriant mustache that was his pride and joy.

She got up from the chair, went to the bathroom and returned with her Lady Shick and a jar of depilatory cream. A minute later she was shearing the hirsute symbol of his manhood away with her razor. She finished by putting a thick coat of depilatory cream on his upper lip where his mustache had been. She didn't want to see any roots left of his manhood to remind her of what he had done. When the cream had done it's job, she carefully wiped it off his face.

She was astonished how young he looked without it. It was as if the evil that was within him had been contained in his mustache. Now that it was gone, so was the evil that went with it! He looked so innocent lying there in the crib.

Then the smell from his diapers hit her and she realized that he was still in his soiled diapers. She unfastened his diapers and cleaned him up, then put him in a fresh diaper. No matter what he had done to those poor girls, she was still his mother and it was her responsibility to take care of him.

When Melissa returned with the drugs to transform him into a child again, she took the drugs from her, thanked Melissa and told her to go home. His mother would take care of her son's punishment herself.

Several hours later she returned to her still sleeping, but restless charge as she set up the enema bag and put on a pair of latex gloves. Melissa said that the enema was the best means to use to begin the medication treatment and she was about to give her son his first lavage. She undid his diapers and spread his legs as he slept. Then she took the syringe and bottle of topical anesthetic Melissa had given her out of her pocket. The syringe was filled with the semi-hypnotic, Versed, and had amnesiac properties. Once dosed with Versed, he would be unable to resist the treatment and would immediately forget what had been done to him. He wouldn't even have bad dreams to disturb his psyche.

His mother picked up the bottle of spray anesthetic and thoroughly sprayed a small spot on his butt. She quickly injected him with the Versed and sat down to wait for the drug to take effect. A half hour later, she inserted the lubricated nozzle of the enema bag and gave him the medication till the bag was empty.

She was sure that if he had been awake, he would have been very obstinate and have fought the treatment. This way he would know nothing. Once the bag was empty, she added several more diapers and inserted a tampon in his rectum to retain the enema and prevent it's premature expulsion. The drug needed several hours to be fully absorbed by the his intestinal tract.

She noted his hairy body with a moue of disgust. Although she had a strong desire to shave him, she had been assured by Melissa that his hair would disappear within several weeks and he would be as smooth as a baby!...That was fine by her!...She covered him up and left the room once more.

Two weeks later, he stood before a full length dressing mirror looking at what he had become. All he saw was an oversized baby boy with plastic pants blooming out over his bulky cloth diapers. He could hardly believe he was really 22 years old. He looked so childish and babylike! In addition, he seemed to be shorter in height. Was this possible??... Or did the baby clothes and his submissive posture make him look smaller??...He appeared to be at least six inches shorter than he had last week.

He had found it was impossible to be fed baby food without dribbling food on his bib. Eileen and his mother took turns feeding him and neither one showed him much sympathy when he dribbled. They simply shoveled another spoonful in his mouth. It wasn't humanly possible to keep up with them. His tongue and teeth always seemed to be in the way of the spoon. The day he had chipped one of his teeth on the feeding spoon his mother had shown no compassion at all for his pain. Lately he had wondered if he wouldn't be better off if he lost all of his teeth. If he tried to talk, he'd gag on the food and if he put up his hands to try and get them to pause for a moment, they'd tie his arms to the high chair and double the pace of feeding. At the end of a meal his face and stomach would be covered in baby food and the tray of the adult sized high chair they fed him in would be a mess. Eating had become a humiliating ordeal.

He looked out of the window at the Sun to try and estimate the time. Soon Eileen and his mother would be up in his room to force-feed him his lunch of pureed vegetables followed by several bottles of infant formula. He glanced back up at his face in the mirror after staring at the reflection of his diapers. The weeks of nipple sucking had enlarged his cheek muscles and rounded his appearance into an infantile moonface. He saw to his dismay he had been slobbering down his chin and hadn't even realized it! The bib was soaked with drool!

He realized with utter despair now that his mother's regression treatment was working! She had never wanted him to grow up. She had been perfectly happy with him when he was her baby boy. His personality was breaking down and he was turning into a dependent infant! He had woken up three days in a row with his thumb in his mouth and he found himself sucking it absentmindedly whenever he was thinking about something.

Jeff realized miserably that it had been a week since he'd had any warning about when he was going to pee. He'd just feel the urge and bang! There he'd be, peeing in his diaper like a baby. That wasn't the worst of it, even though had had been behaving and she had let him use the toilet again to poop, lately he'd been staining the back of his diaper. He had already had several small accidents in his diaper and it was becoming harder and harder to control his bowels. The urge to poop in his diapers was almost irresistible. He knew that soon, he'd lose his bowel control completely and start messing uncontrollably in his diapers like a true baby!

The downstairs doorbell suddenly rang. His mother entered into his room trailed closely by her friend Melissa and said, "You'll be pleased to know I've called your girlfriend so she can she what you're really like, that must be her at the front door."

Melissa folded her arms and snickered, "But first we are going to get you dressed."

With Melissa's help, she pulled a frilly pair of nylon panties over his diapers and then put a very lacy and childish chemise on him. She made him stand and although he struggled somewhat, the medications had made him putty in the hands of the two very dominant women who were bent on changing his errant ways. The starched petticoat followed and was secured behind him to prevent him from fussing with it or removing it. It was short, coming to about halfway down his legs, covering his diaper and pretty frilly panties. The baby frock was purple with white polka-dot crinoline fabric with a satin ribbon tied around the waist and had puffed sleeves. The outfit was very fitting for a two year old, but hardly appropriate for a twenty year old adult male!... "A dress???", he thought to himself, "...Why are the bitches putting me into a dress?!! What's happening to me? Why can't I stop them??...I'll look like a fucking pansy!! If Megan sees me like this I'm fucked!"

The dress was several inches shorter than the petticoat and exposed his diapered condition for the world to see!...They made him sit before pulling short white anklet socks with lace edging on his feet followed by black patent Mary-Jane strap shoes. He was allowed to get up and led to the door. "Now get down those stairs so your girlfriend can have a good look at what kind of man she's been dating !..... After she sees what a big baby you' ve become, I don't think you'll be going out for quite awhile!....For that matter, I don't think she'll want to date you ever again! either!"

He whimpered and recoiled away from her touch. "Come on Jeff, It's time you said goodbye to your girlfriend!...", his mother said in a delighted tone, taking him by the hand and leading him to the door.

Jeff could only sob in bitter defeat. He struggled against his mother's demands in a last futile effort at independence before surrendering, before he acceded to the inevitable and went submissively to meet his fate. Eileen was waiting for them outside his door and took him firmly by the other hand to lead him down the stairs.

Jeff thought about what Megan would say when she saw him like this and in a last minute panic screamed, "No, no, please don't make me go down there! Let go, you bitches! I'm not going down!"

His Mother had grown exceedingly tired of his tantrums, tirades, abusive language and the plain simple fact that he spoke. She longed for the days when her baby was too sweet, too pure, too innocent to misbehave. She whispered in Melissa's ear, who whispered back. His mother nodded in return to Melissa.

"BE QUIET!!", Melissa roared. "Babies shouldn't talk back to their mommies! Your mother has grown tired of your petulance, Jeff! She won't put up with it anymore! And neither will I!.........As a matter of fact, babies shouldn't talk at all!....I'm going to put an end to your cursing and use of profanity right now!...."

. Melissa reached into the side pocket on her blouse and withdrew a capped syringe. Melissa injected the needle into John's upper thigh and squeezed, forcing a green tinted liquid into his muscle. "Aaaaaah, what the fuck is that?...What the fuck are you doing you cunt!..Fuck you! What the fu...gagoo gee gagagag.. googoogoo..wahaaaaaaaagooooogeeeee......."

All that came out was baby gibberish. The serum was causing him to babble like a baby. Everyone looked at him and giggled, then burst out in laughter. Eileen then turned to Melissa. "It's certainly an improvement over his cursing! How long will this wonderful language last, Melissa?..."

Melissa smiled at her and gloated as she placed the needle back in her bag. "As long as he lives Eileen. Mr. Potty-mouth will never speak another word again. The effect is permanent. I decided to give him a drug to accelerate his change into a baby. Instead of taking a month to change, he'll be a baby by tomorrow.... The enema treatments would take another two weeks and I had to act quickly! I didn't think we could control him if he threw a tantrum! He'll be as weak as a baby now with about the same muscular abilities."

His sister Eileen looked at him gooing and gaaing in a fit of rage!..."Serves you right! Now you talk like the way you look!....Baby! Baby! Baby!...... hahahahaha....."

Jeff shot her a look of pure hatred and noticed with shock that even in her stocking feet she was looking down at him. Even though he was wearing shoes, he actually had to look up to see her! He was startled by the notion that he was shorter than his younger sister. Was his imagination was playing tricks on him? Or was he shrinking?....The thought terrified him.

His mother laughed and grabbed him by the wrist then marched him the last steps towards the stairs. Without his mustache, he felt naked. He wondered if Megan would recognize him without his mustache. She had never seen him without his handlebar. It had been his trademark, his symbol of his virility and manhood. He had had it ever since he had left home and now it was gone, without even stubble to show the place where it had been. The depilatory cream had left him as whiskerless as a two year old girl. He was an adult caricature of an infant; his formula awash stomach bulged over the diaper in a inane parody of an infant's protruding belly. His mother had even thinned his hair to make it look more babylike in appearance. John's hair was silky soft like a baby's and his scalp could be seen clearly. All that remained of his carefully coiffured head of hair was a close cut, well-disciplined style more appropriate to an infant's first haircut than a man's.

He wasn't even able to walk like an adult because the bulkiness of the diapers forced him to waddle like a toddler. He had to be helped down the stairs like a small child still learning to walk. The crisp crinkling noise of the plastic pants reminded him with every movement how he must appear. Megan would see him diapered like a baby! What if he had an "accident" in front of her? How could he explain what his mother had done to him?

With Eileen smugly in the lead, clutching his hand tightly and with his mother and Melissa behind, he stumbled down the stairs to his intended fate. He rounded the landing to see Megan, his girlfriend staring up at him with a shocked expression on her face. She was appalled to see her once proud boyfriend dressed as a drooling baby in a crinoline frock and starched petticoat. She wasn't sure if it was the angle she was viewing him from or the juvenile clothes he was wearing, but she would swear he had gotten smaller! As he stepped down the stairs, the petticoat billowed up in front and fully exposed his fancy lace panties. The thick bulge under his panties was obvious, he could only be wearing one thing underneath, DIAPERS!!!

He went tearfully down to see his girlfriend and to say "nighty-night" baby style. His angry girlfriend stood at the foot of the stairs with her hands upon her hips, witnessing his slow, tottering waddle down the stairs. When he finally arrived at the foot of the stairs, he slipped and fell on his bottom with a thump! She laughed a bit at his clumsiness and the fact he was wearing a little girl's outfit. Apparently his mother was punishing him for one of his temper tantrums by humiliating him!

Megan stared down at the frocked apparition before her. The starched petticoat was erect and made the dress pop up in front, revealing his bare legs and underclothes. Apparently the stress of the fall and the thick diapers had burst the seam of the too-small panties. The crotch seam had parted allowing them to roll up around his waist and disclosing the plastic covered diapers beneath.

As Megan glared down at his tear streaked face, a huge yellow stain began to appear under his translucent plastic pants. She looked at his pee drenched diapers and shook her head in disbelief, then she told him in a condescending tone that she couldn't be a baby's fiance and kissed him goodbye patronizingly on his forehead.

He gurgled and babbled his apologies to his former girlfriend, but all that came out was an infant's prattle. Megan removed the engagement ring Jeff had given her and appeared to consider returning it to Jeff for a moment before offering it to his mother instead. John's mother took the ring and pocketed it, then asked to speak with her in the sitting room. They went in the sitting room, leaving Jeff sitting at the foot of the stairs in his wet diapers.

His face practically kissed her ankle as she strode by him mincingly in her five inch stiletto heels. There was nothing more he wanted at that instant than to suck on her nylon clad toes and bite her perfect ankle. "Ohhhhh God... Help me!....Her feet...Her marvelous feet.....Their fragrace is intoxicating", he thought half-consciously.

As she passed he noticed her sterling silver ankle bracelet. It was inscribed "Megan + Peter". "WHO THE HELL WAS PETER??", he thought in anguish.

Jeff attempted to get up to follow them but found that he was unable to stand without assistance. The inhibitor was acting very quickly. He was becoming disoriented and dizzy. What Jeff could not know, was that although he would soon be reduced to the size of a one year old baby, he would retain his memory and remain aware of everything that happened to him.

Jeff was forced to crawl into the sitting room on his hands and knees. Melissa explained to Megan that Jeff had had to come home because the Mafia was looking for him. She told her about the porno films he had been engaged to and how he had gotten girls addicted so he could force them to work in the films as virtual sex slaves and how he had become addicted himself in the process.

She explained that Melissa was a medical researcher who had been working on an experimental drug to rejuvenate people. They had given him the drug in an attempt to hide him from the Mafia. The drug had one unfortunate side effect; it turned the users into babies.

Megan was shocked by the news that he was a drug addict and expressed her profound sympathies for his mother. She told his mother to call her if there was anything she could do to help his mother with the burden of taking care of him.

Jeff tried to make signs with his hands to explain his plight, but he was unable to communicate his thoughts. He couldn't tell her that Melissa was lying and that he never used drugs. Everyone ignored him as if he was only a silly toddler. Try as he might, he could only gurgle baby gibberish. Suddenly, Jeff began pooping like a baby into his diapers in front of everyone. "Oh, no!", he thought, "Oh please God no! Not in front of Megan!"

The soft pudding-like mass oozed from his behind, filling up his diapers and making them sag beneath his crotch. Jeff remained motionless on the floor as the stench from his diapers crept across the room until it reached the women sitting on the couch. When the reek hit them, all eyes turned to him in accusation of what he had done. Jeff began to weep in shame at his infantile behavior.

His mother sighed, then asked Eileen if she would go get some baby wipes and a clean diaper for Jeff. When she returned, his mother made him lie on his back on the floor while she changed his dirty diaper in front of Megan.

Megan stood over him watching the entire operation with intense interest and was surprised when she saw his pubes had apparently been shaven. When she looked closer she realized that all his pubic hair had fallen out and was sitting in a wad at the bottom of his diaper. Her eyes ran down his bare legs and she realized that they too had been denuded of hair. There wasn't even a sign of roots! His legs were as smooth and free of hair as a newborn babe's!

Jeff closed his eyes to keep from seeing Megan's reproachful gaze and never saw his mother pass Megan an adult sized pacifier to put in his mouth. He opened his eyes momentarily and glared up her pleated skirt. Her creamy thighs slid into view as her skirt slipped aside and revealed that she was wearing red panties and black nylon stockings and fastened to a white garter belt. He shuddered as he thought how he would never get to touch her again. "Just one last time..," he thought to himself and reached up with his hand between her legs.

"Naughty, naughty baby! Mustn't touch!" she said with a chuckle as she intercepted his hand and placed it firmly at his side.

He blinked and closed his eyes tightly in anticipation of the slap he knew was coming. She knelt quietly beside him and gently slipped the nipple between his lips before he knew what was happening. When he opened his eyes, he saw Megan looking down at him with a triumphant grin. It was obvious from her expression that she was enjoying his predicament!

Megan looked down at him and said, "So Mr. Macho thought he could con me into taking drugs and becoming one of his film sluts, Didn't he? You've gotten exactly what you deserve, you bastard! Did you notice my ankle bracelet? I came over to tell you I was breaking off our engagement. I'm engaged to a boy named Peter now. Do you remember him? I'm sure he remembers you! You used to beat him up and steal his lunch money when you were in gradeschool. He's twice the man you ever were. I hope you like being a baby again! I'm going to enjoy watching your face when your mommy dresses you up in little baby clothes and takes you out for a morning walk in your stroller. When I see you out there, I'm going to call all our friends so they can come over and see what a big man you've become. I hope I get the chance to come over and babysit you. I want to see you crawling at my feet, crying for me to change your dirty dydee!"

John's mother pointed out to her that she really needed some additional help to take care of her son in the mornings now that he was a baby again. She asked Megan if she would be interested in the job. After a few minutes of discussion, Megan agreed to become Jeff's permanent babysitter. She wanted a chance to show him how being treated like an object felt. When she got finished babysitting him, he'd be a whimpering little crybaby!!...

She agreed to come the next morning for her first day as his babysitter and bid everyone goodbye, including Baby Jeffey.

He looked up her pleated skirt again in a frenzy of frustrated lust, admiring her ample feminine charms and mourning his loss of access to them. He followed her to the door on his hands and knees, blabbing incoherently in a last attempt to explain to Megan about the other girls.He sat on the floor by the door gooing and gaaing up at her in a vain hope she would take notice and help him.

His mother looked down at his futile attempts to speak and explained to Megan with a smile that her baby boy was trying to tell her goodbye. She grabbed his lower arm in her hand and waved it up and down telling him to wave bye-bye to Megan and asking him if he could say bye-bye. He struggled with the words but was unsuccessful, in the end he was forced to wave a tearful bye-bye as she took her leave of him.

Melissa told her then that it was time for Jeff's special medication and that due to it's potency, it had to be delivered by enema. She stated that the medication was necessary to maintain his development as a baby. Megan smiled as she knew now just how much easier he would be to handle and smiled at Melissa, acknowledging that she understood fully.

Megan took him by the shoulders and turned him around, giving him a swat on his diaper to get him started crawling toward the stairs. Eileen took him by the hand and helped him up the stairs to be returned to his crib for his enema followed by his afternoon nap. .......

As Megan left, Jeff's mother closed and locked the front door behind her. Melissa said, "Didn't you tell me that they have a daycare center for working mothers near the office were you work?". Jeff's mother stated that they did, as it was on the first floor of the building. Melissa continued, "You know, you may want to consider placing him in daycare too...".

His mother seemed a bit puzzled at this and asked, "Why do you say that Melissa??."

"Oh, I think that after you have a talk with your friends at work, they might like to see him. They could enroll their babies if they have a new one in the house. I wouldn't want Jeff to be without any playmates his age. I have plenty of extra serum I'd be willing to donate to a good cause, if they need some....."


Jeff stood at the side of his crib and let out a wail as the poop involuntarily slid from his flaccid infant anus and he began streaming pee into his diaper. Instead of his deep baritone voice, the plainted cry of a eleven month infant pierced the air.

He appeared to be a little less than a year old and was the very picture of a sweet, innocent babe. He was attired in baby blue tights over his diapers and plastic pants and wore a blue checkered smock with white edging in cotton. Drool ran off his chin in thin strings, rolling down his chest and wetting the top of his pee soaked diaper as he cried with an open toothless mouth and his eyes squeezed shut.

Megan came in with Eileen and stood at the side of his crib, looking down on the baby. He cringed in fear at their arrival. They looked so huge and threatening as they stood there cooing down at him as if he was a speachless babe!

"Peww," Eileen said, "...he sure is stinky this morning! I guess we need to change his dirty diaper, don't we, Megan? She nodded her agreement as she scooped him up and placed him unceremoniously on the changing table. As Megan began changing him, he realized that he was a helpless baby and there was nothing he could do about it.

He whimpered a bit as she pulled down the front of his diaper to expose the mess he had made within, but quieted when she stuck a pacifier in his mouth. Jeffey sucked vigorously on his binkie in humiliated frustration.

"Poor Jeffey !", Megan said sympathetically, "He doesn't like pooping in his diaper, does he? Don't worry Honey, you'll feel better after Megan gets you into a nice, clean, dry diaper!"

She turned to Eileen and said, "The poor little thing is unhappy because he's become a baby! I wonder how long it will take him to get better and return to his old self?".

Eileen chuckled and said, "Oh Megan, don't worry about him anymore. Mom says Melissa told her that he'll be a little baby forever!....Isn't that marvelous???. It would be difficult to take care of him if he got any bigger. This way he's easier to take care of and won't be any trouble for Mom!.. Melissa says that after a few years of being a baby, she's sure he'll get used to it and learn to like it!....... A sweet contented little baby!"

Megan laughed, "Awww, dear sweet little Jeffey , it won't be that bad!.....Megan loves her itty bitty little Jeffey !....I'll change you and feed you and you'll always get the attention you need!......."

She bent over and whispered in his ear, "Tomorrow Megan will bring Peter over so he can visit while Megan takes care of baby Jeffey . While your mommy's at work and your big sister's at school, Peter and I can do anything we want. I'll put your playpen in the sitting room so you can see us while we visit. Jeffey will be so jealous when he sees Megan and Peter making love on his mother's couch. Maybe if Johnny's good Megan will let him suck on her titties. Would Jeffey like that? I know Peter would like to see baby Jeffey sitting on Margo's lap in a dydee and crying for her titty.

If Johnny's bad, Megan will give him to Peter for punishment. I'm sure Peter won't mind putting you over his lap and giving you the spanking you've deserved all these years. "

Eileen pretended that she didn't hear Megan, but was appalled at the fact that Megan was going to have sex with her boyfriend in HER house. That was naughty!!! She thought she should be quiet and tell her mother later. (Maybe she'd get the chance to take care of two babies then! Then the lovers would have a chance to get together again!) She grinned and decided she'd save that thought for later.

Jeffey screwed up his face and looked like he wanted to cry. Megan straightened up again and spoke in a normal voice, "Megan will get you dressed and fed so you'll be ready for your first day in the daycare center where your mommy works. Your mommy says she's going to bring all her friends down from the office to see her adorable baby boy! She wants them to see what can happen to drug addicts. She told me that if the children in this town don't stop using drugs, she expects to see a lot of cases just like yours. Your mommy told me to tell you she found your address book of your drug customers. She's going to have a long talk with their parents....

Oh yes, she told me to be sure to tell you this last, she expects there'll be lots of little babies your age there to play with. If not today, then by the end of the week. She told me that she predicts the daycare should be having a lot of new babies to take care of very soon, Your mother told me to tell you that she thinks you'll know most of them.... "Awwww poor baby! He's weeping! I don't think he likes being a little baby again, Eileen!.."

Megan and Eileen giggled.

Jeff started crying his eyes out as he realized that this was only the first day of what would be a lifetime of helplessness and humiliation.

The worm had turned, the predator had become the prey. He wasn't the pusher, the pimp, the destroyer of women anymore, he was only his mother's beloved baby boy...... And he wouldn't be alone, not by any means!...



Copyright 1998 by Jennifer Loraine. All rights reserved.