Perfect Plan (Part 1)

by Libra (Revised by Piper)

"It's just not right," said Sandra Rines, whining for the third time that night.

"It's perfect, don't worry so much. His wife and daughter passed away over a year ago. We simply use that little drug that I kept from my old flame ages ago. You remember, the guy who always wanted me to be his 'mommy'," Rebecca said with a spiteful tone. "Besides itís only temporary. It will wear off after three months. If you donít take any more within the that time. Which is long enough for us to get our hands on his fortune," she added reassuringly.

"Here, take them now," Rebecca ordered.

"This is just not going to work!" Sandra thought silently, yet she obediently swallowed the two little pink pills. She'd heard rumors the drug was unstable. "What if something goes wrong?" she asked, in that worrying tone of hers.

"Donít worry, we can always come back to our apartment and wait out the drug's effect," Rebecca replied easily.

Sandra still worried, but it was already too late to go back now. She could feel something starting to happen.

Rebecca watched Sandra's clothes become a bit looser with each passing minute. Her jeans and panties went sliding down her now very thin hips. Her loose shirt now covered her body more than enough. Her long red hair was becoming very short. Rebecca watch with utter amazement. She had seen her old boyfriend go through a change like this many times, but seeing her roommate was a lot more interesting.

Sandra turned toward the mirror to see a 13-year-old version of herself continuing to dwindle. Her nose was getting smaller and more upturned every second. She could feel her body going backwards. Her insides were moving slightly, which sickened her a touch, and she watched her shirt go completely flat. She went from a petite 25-year-old woman to a cute, very little red-headed girl. It was true she looked more like his daughter then Rebecca could. Still, she didnít like the idea of becoming so young. She had been a little small all her life and now here she was again, trapped in a childís body and smaller than she could ever remember.

Rebecca bent down and said in a fake motherly tone, "How old are you, Honey?"

"I'm ... Uhhhh 5 years old!" said Sandra in shy, squeaky voice. She felt so much like a child it was starting to scare her.

"Good," said Rebecca as she stood up. She produced one more pink pill, and swallowed it.

Little Sandra watched intently as 32-year-old Rebecca aged back to 22 years of age. The transformation was more subtle than her own. Rebecca's breasts got much perkier, and her body became a little trimmer. Rebecca was overjoyed to say the least. "Sure, she is a beautiful, fetching, brown-haired 22-year-old. Here I am stuck as a small, sexless child," thought Sandra. She turned back to the mirror. Looking back at her was a tiny 5-year-old girl with bright red hair, in a very large shirt.

About then, Rebecca pulled Sandraís shirt off over her head, much to her embarrassment. "Hey!" yelled Sandra, her hands quickly covering her chest and privates.

"Donít worry sweetums, there's nothing to see," Rebecca replied with a smirk.

Sandra was starting to go red in the face. She knew this was all too true as her hands felt her small, bare vagina and flat chest with tiny nipples.

Rebecca walked over to the bed and pulled out some little girl clothes out of a Target bag. "Come here," she ordered. Sandra slowly obeyed, still keeping her hands firmly in place. "Put your hands down, Sandra. Little girls have no shame of their bodies," Rebecca lectured as she unfolded little girlís panties with Power-Puff girl Buttercup on them. Rebecca knelt and helped her into them.

Sandra dropped her hands to her sides and allowed her roommate to dress her. "I can dress myself," she protested in her chipmunk-pitched voice.

"I know, Sandra, but think of this as practice. Wonít you think he suspects something if a little girl barely old enough to tie shoe laces, can dress herself with no help from mommy?" Rebecca rebuffed in her motherly tone. "I have to call you Sandy from now on, and you call me mommy," Rebecca added seriously. "We only have one week before my big date with him. In a few months we'll be rich. All because I was smart enough to answer his personal ad perfectly."

Next was a two-piece sleepy outfit of the Little Mermaid 2. It was a little loose, but it fit her well enough. "Time for bed," Rebecca chirped, then added sweetly, "Do you have to go tinkle?"

"No," Sandy retorted sharply. She knew Rebecca would like nothing more than to see her lose her temper; Rebecca would find it all too cute to see her former roommate act like a child. Rebecca always thought that adult Sandra was much too serious at times.

Rebecca pick up Sandy and held her at her side. "Little Sandy isnít that hard to carry," thought Rebecca, toting her into her half transformed room. The walls were already painted pink and most of her personal stuff was in storage. The next day, all her furniture was going into storage, to be replaced with childrenís furniture they'd bought at the Goodwill store.

Her bed seemed to be a lot bigger to Sandy as she quickly got under the heavy covers.

Rebecca kissed her new little girl on the forehead. "Good night my little angel," Rebecca said, grinning from ear to ear.

Finally deciding to play along, Sandy responded with, "Good night mommy." It was becoming like a very strange dream. If the plan worked, she'd never have to worry about money ever again. Keeping this thought fixed in her mind, she soon drifted to sleep.


Perfect Plan (Part 2)

by Libra (Revised by Piper)

Rebecca walked back down the hall to her room, thinking about Peter Gray, the wealthy computer programmer. "What a fool he was to put so much infomation on that online personal ad." She had nice long online chats with him, mostly about himself and his life. She gave little out on herself in return, always steering the conversation back to him. He was a very lonely man who lost his family to a car accident over a year ago. He had a big house in the country and only left it to buy food and commute to his job in the city.

He was looking to start a family again and get back in the game of life. Being so bereaved lately, he decided to start simple with an online personal ad. Rebecca wasnít really into the personal ads, but she heard some rich guys put ads in them every once in a while. All she wanted was to be rich and be treated like a queen. He was the perfect potential victim: lonely, handsome, and rich.

It was the 'family' part Rebecca didnít like. She worked very hard to keep her body thin and healthy; the very idea of becoming pregnant was too much. She dreaded the very idea of gaining weight. If she already had a child, preferably one that was like his own daughter, it would be easier to make him fall in love with her.

She had been saving those pills for herself for when she got older. "What the hell," she'd decided; the chance to become rich doesnít come very often in a lifetime. After talking her roommate into the plan, she set up a date with him on the following Saturday.

Rebecca moved the bags full of girlís clothes and accessories off her bed, then climbed in and fell asleep, dreaming of ways to spend her new fortune. She had already spent a lot of her own money just setting up her trap.

If Sandy thought the events of the previous night would be the most humiliating in her life, she was wrong. She awoke around 6:40 A.M. to the call of nature. Her bladder had apparently shrunk right down with the rest of her body. She jumped down from her bed and ran down the hall to the bathroom. To her distress, Mommy Rebecca hadnít put the booster step in there yet. Sandy was too small and weak to lift herself up to the toilet seat. It was made for adults and there was nothing within range to help her climb onto the toilet. Sandy hurried into Rebeccaís room and nudged her awake.

"What?" said Rebecca sleepily.

"I have to go!" said Sandy in an urgent whisper, her legs pressed together.

"Go where?" asked Rebecca, still not opening her eyes.

"To the bathwoom!" whispered Sandy with more panic in her voice.

"Okay, okay," Rebecca said, slowly getting out of bed. She went around to other side of bed and pulled a booster step out of a bag, and carried it into the bathroom. Sandy was already there, dancing a bit trying to hold it in. Rebecca put the booster step by the toilet and trundled to her bedroom to go back to sleep.

Sandy quickly shut the door and was relieving herself on the toilet in a flash. "That was close," she thought.

After washing her hands (which was no easy task; even with the step she could barely reach the sink knobs), she pushed the step over to one side and decided to go watch some TV. Unlike her roommate, once Sandy was awake, she was up for the rest of day.

She didnít have to worry about her job. Much to her surprise, the company she had worked for had recently given her the pink slip because production was down. The only bright side was the severance pay, which was enough for her side of the rent for a few months. She had only taken the job to pay the summerís bills, anyway.

Sandy walked over to the remote sitting on a small coffee table and clicked the power button. She sat on the floor and leaned back against the couch. Some morning news show was on, the main story about how bad traffic was. Bored, Sandy hit the channel button until she found a cartoon called Digimon. She enjoyed cartoons more because news shows were so negative. She usually didn't actually watch the cartoons, but enjoyed listening to their cheery voices and music. The cartoon show Digimon was a lot more fun to watch than she expected. Soon, she was feeling a lot better now about being a little girl.

It wasnít until 7:30 A.M. that she heard Rebeccaís alarm go off. Rebecca worked as a data entry clerk at a small credit bureau. (More than once, she'd used her access to the computer systems to see how much money a boyfriend made.) Rebecca came into living room half asleep, walking on to the kitchen.

"Morning, 'Mommy'," said Sandy with sly tone. "Very funny, Sandra," said Rebecca, as she poured some milk on her corn-flakes.

Half-way through the next cartoon, the doorbell rang. Rebecca had finished her cereal and was nearly finished getting dress for work. She went to door, knowing who would be there.

It was the landlady, Ms Hudson; she had agreed to baby-sit what she had been told was Rebeccaís niece. Ms Hudson had a somewhat faulty memory. Every once in while she would forget little things like rent, and who needed what repaired. She was 61-years-old and had short silver hair. Sandra liked her; she was one of the nicest woman she had ever known.

"Good Morning," said Ms Hudson as Rebecca stood back to let her into apartment and shut the door after she enter.

"Morning," Rebecca responded in a dull voice. The only time Rebecca liked Ms Hudson was when she forgot the rent.

Sandy looked around to say "Hi" at Ms Hudson. Ms Hudson smiled as she looked over at a small cute red haired girl and said "Hi" back.

"This is Sandy," said Rebecca, gesturing. To Sandy, she continued with a small grin on her face, "This is Ms Hudson. She is going to look after you while I am at work."

Rebecca went back to her bedroom to finish getting dressed and was soon off to work. (When A few co-workers noticed Rebeccaís new look, she told them she lost a little weight over the weekend. She did like the extra looks they gave her.)

Ms Hudson enjoyed baby-sitting little Sandy, finding her a polite and well behaved little girl. She loved to comment on this and say Sandy looked a lot like Rebeccaís roommate Sandra. "Shame you missed her, Sandy, you would have liked her," Ms Hudson sighed. "She went visit her parents for a few months."

The rest of week went by in what had become a routine. Ms Hudson would continue to be the baby-sitter until she was no longer needed. She didnít mind baby-sitting Sandy, even if it was for Rebecca. Her niece was a doll, in her opinion, and fortunately nothing like Rebecca herself.

After practicing every night, Rebecca and Sandy had their mother-daughter routine down by Friday. Sandy didnít have to remember much. It took a little longer for Sandy to call her Mommy than Rebecca expected.

Saturday's arrival seemed to take forever for Rebecca, but for Sandy, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Rebecca was ready for her date an hour before he arrived to pick her up. At 7:00 PM sharp the doorbell rang. Rebecca nearly ran to the door to answer the bell.

A handsome, reddish-brown haired man was standing there with a dozen roses, looking a little nervous at meeting his blind date. He knew very little about her; all he knew was that she had a daughter and was a good listener. But he was 25-years-old now and ready to date again. He smiled as he saw Rebecca standing there in a beautiful red dress. When Rebecca invited him in, he quickly stepped inside. He stared for second at little Sandy as he entered. For a hard moment, he was reminded of his own daughter.

Rebecca smiled quietly when she saw this, pleased at his reaction. While he was distracted, she peeked behind him and asked, "Are those roses for me?" in her most charming and innocent voice.

"Yes," said Peter, breaking his stare toward Sandy.

Sandy continued to stare at Peter, though. She'd had no idea how handsome he'd be. This was the first time she'd ever saw him. Rebecca had failed to show her his picture or even describe him. Sandy felt a little jealousy form in the pit of her little stomach. Here she was in her babyish Little Mermaid 2 sleeper outfit, and Rebecca was in a slinky, sexy red dress.

Sandy turned back to watch rented movie Spy Kids. The movie was very good, despite being a kidís movie. Grinning more now then ever, Rebecca waved goodbye to Sandy, and left for her date with Peter.


Perfect Plan (Part 3)

by Libra (Revised by Piper)

Ms Hudson sat on the end of the couch reading a well-worn romance novel. She looked up only twice in that evening: to see Rebecca and Peter going out the door for their date, and again when Rebecca came back through the door a little after 10:00 PM. Sandy was such a quiet and responsible little girl that she hardly needed looking after.

After paying Ms Hudson and seeing her to the door, Rebecca picked up Sandy and did a dance twirl, eventually landing on the couch. Sandy was surprised to see her roommate so happy. Rebecca went into a long story about what happened, how he had asked questions about herself and where she was from. "He asked nearly the same number of questions about you, Sandy. He was very interested in us," Rebecca said with a devilish grin.

Sandy didn't like the sound of that. "What kind of questions?"

"Nothing, really. Mostly what you were like and if you were a handful or an angel," Rebecca said as she slid Sandy off her lap and got up. "Good news," she said as she grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, and sang, "We've got another date planned!"

The summer weeks drifted by for Rebecca and Sandy. It wasnít long before Sandy was tagging along on some of their dates. They went to amusement parks, movies, and a few times over to his house for short visits. Everything was going perfect in Rebeccaís opinion.

Sandy was feeling a little guilty for taking advantage of Peter. He paid lots of attention to her and even bought her little gifts. "He must have been a great father to his daughter Karen," thought Sandy after the trio had a great time at his pool. There was a nice privacy fence all around pool area, which was a good thing, as Rebecca forced Sandy to take off her bathing suit right out in the open, so Rebecca could towel her off before they went inside.

Sandy and Rebecca had learned a lot more about his family and the car accident that took his wife and daughterís life. Peter only talked twice to Rebecca about the accident, and asked her to tell her daughter. He felt it wasnít his place to explain why people die and where they go to a 5-year-old girl. Rebecca told Sandy all about it in a somewhat bored voice later on -- she only really cared about having fun and wearing Peterís gifts.

A long weekend was coming up and Peter asked if Rebecca and little Sandy would like to spend the weekend with him. Rebecca was happy to accept. "At last," she thought. She was starting to think Peter was too much of a gentleman, though she had decided to wait him out no matter what.

Sandy had been struggling with her conscience for weeks. A few times she had come close to telling Peter who she really was. She liked Peter a lot, and felt terrible for what they were doing to him. Rebecca had planned, after the wedding was legal, to divorce him and take nearly everything he owned. She promised Sandy half minus whatever it had cost for her clothes and furniture. Sandy kept her part of deal; she played the shy, cute little girl, too well. She always preferred being held in Peterís arms to conversation with him, at least in part to keep him from noticing how intelligent she really was.

Peter thought the girl was very shy and only trusted her mommy to talk to. In truth, he found her company much better than her mom's. Rebecca encouraged Sandy to stay around Peter as much as possible, glad that they were forming a strong bond. "The more attached he gets, the better," she thought.

The 90-day deadline was coming up soon, Rebecca noticed when she logged onto her computer at work one morning. A calendar alert popped up with a message that simply read, "Time for the pill soon." Rebecca had nearly forgotten about the bottle of pills hidden under the bathroom sink, at the apartment and another at Peterís house.

Sandy had completely lost track of when she was to take another pill. She figured she would tell Rebecca as soon she started to show signs of growing. It usually took a day or two for a person age back to normal, though for each person it was different.

The first night at Peterís house they spent evening swimming in the pool and watching PG movies on cable. On the second day, they ate out a very nice restaurant, and let off some old fireworks that night.

The next morning Sandy awoke so early that the sun wasnít even out yet. She was uncomfortable; her sleeper outfit was no longer loose. A good two inches of her tummy now showed. The youth drug was starting to wear off! She figured her body had just reached six years old. If she took one pill then, she should simply stay at six for another 90 days.

She decided to explore the house some more while everyone else was still asleep. Playing the polite and shy girl wherever Peter and Rebecca went, she didnít get a chance to see the other rooms of the house. Rebecca also kept a close eye on her to make sure she didn't tell Peter anything.

Sandy had often wondered about a room just left of Peterís bedroom. The door was always shut and she hadn't dared to go in yet, when she might be caught. She quietly walked down the hall to the door, then opened it slowly and turned on the light.

She was expecting to see a private study. Instead of a desk and book cases, she saw lots and lots of toys. This room must have been Karenís room. There was everything a little girl could want. Barbies, doll houses and a lot more. The room had a musty smell to it and the curtains were closed. Nearly everything was covered with clear plastic sheets, including the bed. There was even a baby monitor by the bed. "Karen must've had a few bad dreams," she thought. Except for the sheets, he must have kept the room exactly it was the day his daughter died. There was a box by the door, full of framed pictures of his wife and daughter and photo albums. It appeared that he had put the box in this room to help him cope.

Sandy was a little overcome with sadness as she looked through the pictures of happier times. Then she heard a door shut behind her. Startled, she turned around to see Peter standing there. "How long has he been there? The light from this room must have shone under his bedroom door and attracted his attention," she thought.

She jumped up and ran for the door, but Peter stopped her. "Itís Okay, I'm not mad," he told her gently, kneeling down to her level. Sandy was nearly in tears. She felt so ashamed, coming into this room without permission. Looking into his eyes, she saw he was almost in tears as well. She did after all look like his daughter. Perhaps for second he thought he was dreaming, seeing his own daughter returned to him.

"Do you know whoís room this was?" asked Peter slowly.

"Yeth, it was Kawenís" Sandy replied sheepishly. Her lisp came freely now.

"You're right, this was my daughterís room. Did your mommy tell you what happened to Karen?" he asked gently.

"Yeth, car accident," Sandy said sadly.

"Do you want this to become your room?" asked Peter in a more cheerful voice.

Sandy looked up at him in shock, eyes wide, and asked in an almost-whisper, "Why?"

"Because I love you," he responded with a smile.

Peter picked up Sandy in a hug with her arms around his neck and she buried her head into his right shoulder. As he wrapped his hands around her, he knew at that moment he loved her as much he loved his own daughter, even if didnít love her mother so much. He would marry her simply to be close to Sandy.

Sandy's guilt overwhelmed her at that moment and she started to cry.

Peter set Sandy back down and wiped away her tears, thinking they were of joy instead of sadness. The two of them had become really close in the past month.

Sandy decided that she wasnít going to take another pill to stabilize her age. She was going back to the apartment and would stay there until the drug wore off, then call Peter up to warn him of Rebeccaís plan. "Today," she decided; she was going to tell Rebecca she wasnít going to any part of her plan anymore.

Later that morning, Peter was cleaning Karenís old room out with a little help from Rebecca (she only helping in the hope of gaining more of his trust). Sandy spent most of her morning watching TV and jumping up to open the basement door for Peter on his frequent trips.

When Peter finished cleaning the room, he switched on the old baby monitor and noticed the power-on indicator light was broken.

Rebecca walked back into the room to see if he was done yet. Tonight was the night she decided. The last night of the holiday weekend was the perfect time to get him into bed. After that, he would be putty in her hands.

Peter finished packing the last box with old clothes that were too small for Sandy and carried it out. Rebecca happily let him go. "I'll finish up in here," Rebecca told him, though there was nothing left to do.

"Okay," said Peter, annoyed with her false help.

"Thanks," Peter told Sandy, who dutifully opened the door for him again. As he went down the steps, she shut the door and decided now was good time for to talk to Rebecca alone, out of Peter's earshot.

"Becky," said Sandy in a serious tone as she entered the room.

Rebecca spun around in surprise and fear. "Shhhh!"

"Donít worry, Becky, he's downstairs," said Sandy. "I donít want any part of your plan anymore," she began firmly, expecting an argument.

"Okay," Rebecca said simply.

Sandy just looked at Rebeccaís face, surprise banishing her arguments from her thoughts.

"We'll simply go the courthouse and get married in the morning," Rebecca continued. "I figured you'd want to bail out now. You can never do anything bad can you Sandy? I'll give him some story about you going to stay with my parents for the rest of the summer, giving us the perfect time for a honeymoon."

"I am not taking any more pills," Sandy warned, still unsure about Rebecca's reaction.

"Okay. I'll drop you off at the apartment after Peter and I are married. You really have no choice anyway. If you try to tell Peter anything, I'll tell him you're simply playing a game. Who'd believe a preschooler over an adult? Then," she continued menacingly, "I'd take you back home and force feed you my last two pills. I'm not going to lose my money now. I've waited too long and come too far!"

"Okay," Sandy responded in a small voice, backing down. She was still very small and weak, her head barely coming up to Rebecca's breasts. She knew very well that Rebecca could easily carry out her threat. She had no idea what two pills would do to her now, but it had to be bad. Maybe she could warn Peter before Rebecca left town with him. She had to tell Peter somehow, but until she was safe from Rebecca, she dared not utter a word.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Peter had heard everything. As soon as he'd entered the basement, he'd found the receiver and plugged it in to test it while he cleaned it. At first, the conversation was confusing. Soon, though, he understood perfectly. Shock and anger set in. But then he thought of Sandy. No matter what age she really was, he still loved her. He now fully understood why Sandy had behaved so sadly, but Rebecca obviously had no guilt. Rebecca would pay for her trickery, he decided. He would find the pills and somehow get Rebecca to take them. He knew all about those pills, and what would happen if someone overdosed.

Peter quietly went back upstairs and searched Rebecca's bags in the living room, but they weren't there. But he intended to search more later, until he found them.

As it turned out, he didn't have to search any more. That evening in the kitchen, Peter was preparing dinner when Rebecca came in to pour drinks. He watched out of corner of his eye as Rebecca broke two pills and put them into one of the drinks. She was planning to stabilize Sandy's age, and go one step further toward a permanent solution -- getting rid of Sandy completely.

Peter walked into the living and bent down to talk to Sandy.

"Leave the TV on and play along, Sandra," whispered Peter as he winked. "Itís time to bring Becky down. She spiked your drink with those pills."

Sandy tingled with shock and fear to hear that Peter somehow knew of herself and Rebecca. But then his words sank in, and her feelings turned to outrage at Rebecca for what she was trying to do. "Okay," she said crisply, her anger turning her young face red for a moment. While she calmed herself down, Peter took the remote and hid it under the couch. Then the two of them walked into the kitchen.

"Sandy, can you take this to the table and set up the silverware?" Peter asked, handing her a salad bowl.

"Yeth," said Sandy cheerfully.

"Rebecca, can you turn off the TV?" asked Peter.

Rebecca was a little annoyed at Sandy for leaving it on. Afraid that denying him a request could jeopardize her plans for the evening, she walked into living room to search for the remote. The TV was new and didnít have a power button.

Sandy played lookout as Peter poured half of Rebecca's drink into the sink and poured Sandyís smaller drink into it. He got a fresh glass for Sandy and poured her a new drink, putting the empty glass in the sink. The glasses he used at his house were all the same and Rebecca would never know the difference.

Sandy finished setting the table to best of her abilities. She could barely reach over the table despite her little growth spurt. Peter came carrying the drinks and set them down on the table, careful not to switch his drink with Rebeccaís. Sandy climbed up onto her chair and waited with anticipation for the evening's entertainment to begin.


Perfect Plan (Part 4 Final act)

by Libra (Revised by Piper)

Rebecca finally found the remote and switched off the TV. She came back into the dining room to see Peter setting the last dishes on the table. She was pleased to see Sandy already sipping her little drink. The pills would act slower because of the beverage, allowing Rebecca enough time to bundle Sandy off to bed before Peter noticed anything wrong. First thing in the morning, she was going to drop little Sandy off at a church somewhere. The drugs' effects would seal her fate as she and Peter left town on their honeymoon.

Peter and Rebecca sat down at the table and started to fill their plates. Peter helped Sandy fill her plate up.

If Rebecca was wearing clothes that were tight, she might have noticed her own changes taking place. While she watched Sandy closely, Sandy was careful not to stare back; if Rebecca suspected something, she may not finish her drink.

Peter glanced up on occasion to make sure everything was going as planned. "It is perfect," he thought. "She doesn't have a clue."

It wasnít until she finished her drink that Rebecca realized something was wrong. The expensive diamond ring she got from Peter was loose on her hand. She looked at her drink in alarm, then toward Sandy. Sandy, unable to contain herself any longer, burst into giggles.

"What did you do Sandra!?" screamed Rebecca in a much higher voice.

"She did nothing! I did it!" boomed Peter, an accusing scowl on his face.

Rebecca nearly fell out of seat from shock. "How?" She asked, near tears.

"The baby monitor," he replied coldly.

"But it was off. I saw the power was off!" she cried.

"No, the light had just burned out. It must have hit the floor once too often," Peter explained in the same cold voice.

The young teen jumped up from her seat and ran to the bedroom, leaving her shoes and long skirt on the floor behind her. Peter and Sandy followed after her, finding her socks in the hallway and her panties in the bedroom doorway.

Rebecca stood in utter horror in front of the full length mirror as she watched what had been a beautiful athletic body become flat and gawky, her face showing signs of baby fat.

Peter and Sandy stood behind her, watching her get younger by the minute. "Do you know want happens if you took more pills while you still under effects of old one or take one too many after your age is stabilized?" Peter asked Sandy conversationally.

"No," Sandy replied, giggling.

"If your age is stable, you get a little younger, and the drug effects your memory. You forget who you are and how old you were," Peter said bitterly. "She was going to make you a 5-year-old, for real. You would have had to go through life all over again." He looked at Becky.

"What happens if someone takes the pills while still under the effects of the drug?" Sandy asked expectantly.

Peter smirked. "You'll love this, Sandy: the mental effects still happen, and they grow younger. A LOT younger."

Poor Becky was down to twelve years old and started to feel nauseous. She stared at herself in the mirror as she listened to their conversation. She was losing a lot of height now. Tears were running down her frightened, increasingly childish face. The Plan was ruined, and she was to lose more than she would ever have guessed. Her body was rearranging itself on the inside now, and so was her mind.

"Pull her shirt off!" Sandy yelled excitedly.

Peter yanked Beckyís shirt off over her head, leaving the ten-year-old completely naked. Becky attempted to stop him, her feet leaving the floor for a moment as she hung on, but then she let go and used her hands to hide herself. The mental effects were beginning, leaving her confused.

Nine years old.


"I thought whittle girls werenít ashamed of their body?" Sandy sang, giggling again.

"Why am I covering myself?" thought Becky, feeling silly for doing so. "How old am I? Seven?" she thought as she shrank. She was forgetting where she was, or what was happening, feeling more dazed and less frightened by the minute.

She dropped her hands to her side and looked at the naked six-year-old, wet with shed tears, in the mirror. She reached out to touch the mirror. "There was an older girl here before, where did she go?" Becky thought. She didn't notice as the girl's belly began to plump outward, because she was looking behind her at a man and a girl around her age, who were watching her. "Who are they? Why are they looking at me like that?" She was shrinking quickly now. The four-year-old turned away from the mirror to look up at them uncertainly. She didn't know who the man and girl were, but they were somehow familiar.

As soon as she caught sight of the toys in the bedroom across the hallway, her worries fled her mind and she scampered straight for them. As the toddler dropped to her knees in front of the toys, the pressure on her tiny bladder became too great, and she started wetting herself with no thought of stopping.

After the feeling of relief, when Becky realized she was all wet, she started to cry. "Sorwee!" She was a big girl and she was supposed to hold it.

Seeing that the mental effects had taken their toll, Peter came to her and knelt on one knee.

"Itís okay. Little girls have accidents," Peter reassured her.

The physical effects slowed then stopped, leaving Becky tiny and cute, but wet and miserable, without a stitch of clothing and smelling of pee. Her tears stopped and she put her hands out for Peter to pick her up. He was only adult around and he seemed familiar. "Daddy?"

"Do you know your name?" Peter asked the distraught toddler as he picked her up.

"Beckee! daddy" she proudly said.

"Come on Becky, let daddy give you a bath," Peter replied, settling her to his side and carrying her toward the bathroom.

"You too, Sandy" he said, smiling down at the seven-year-old.

"Okay," Sandy piped. She pulled her shirt and jeans off, but left her underwear on. She was still shy and embarrassed to let Peter see her fully naked. As soon as she sat in the bath, though, her white underwear soaked through and became transparent. "What the heck," she thought, taking them off and throwing them into the open hamper. She had spent nearly all summer with Peter and trusted him enough to be completely open with him.

After Becky was cleaned up and calmed down, Peter dried them both and put Becky to bed. Knowing she still aging, Sandra decided to wear only her child-sized robe for the night, so that her clothes wouldn't pinch her while she aged back.

Becky was put in a cloth diaper for the night and was given Sandyís shirt to wear. It covered her almost to her ankles, yet allowed her to move freely. (All this was pointless however; the next morning she would be running naked through the house with Sandra chasing her, trying to get her dressed. After all, she was in her terrible twos now and would be for the rest of the year.)

Sandra spent the night with Peter as she slowly grew back to her normal age. The mirror was moved closer to the bed so Sandra could watch herself. They sat on edge of bed, gazed at her reflection, and talked. Peter wanted to know all about the real Sandra.

Feeling comfortable enough, Sandra took the robe off when she reached early teen-hood. She could no longer tie the belt and bottom of the robe wasnít covering much anyway. She was little red around the cheeks, but Peter said gently, "Itís not every day I get to see the girl I love grow up." She smiled and leaned into him.

As she grew, Peter fell deeper in love with her. Here was his little angel blossoming right before his eyes.

They watched as she entered womanhood, with her breasts slowly inflating until they were almost pointing straight out. Her hips flared, her muscles developed, becoming nicely toned. All of that swimming and running over summer as a little girl did wonders for her fitness as an adult.

With every plus there was a minus. Much to her dislike body hair grew in, and grew thick, between her legs, on her legs, and on her armpits. She was fair, so the hair didn't look horrible, but it itched her; she'd never had so much of it at once. "I have to shave before I go to bed," she laughed weakly.

"I have an old electric shaver that should work. Its in the bathroom in the closet," Peter offered.

"That will do."

It was 2:00 am when her breasts finished their growth and the hair finally stopped. Thank goodness she was only twenty-five; any more and she'd be shaving all night long.

She jumped up, went into his bathroom and closed the door behind her. She discreetly trimmed her bush as well as shaving the rest of her body. The hair on her head had grown a lot longer than before, she noticed. She decided it looked good though, so she kept it.

She and Peter had a very memorable night. After all, she was physically a virgin again, and it felt like her innocence had been restored. They fell asleep in each otherís arms.

Little Becky slept like a baby in Karenís room, with a panda bear almost as big as she was under her arm, and dreamed of playing dress-up with pretty jewelry.

Ms Hudson just couldnít believe Sandra the following evening, when she told her she was moving to a house in the country. Sandra had changed a lot over the summer, with longer hair, a tanned, fit body, and a toddler on her hip. She explained she met a man while visiting her parents, and he'd asked her to move in to help him take care of his adopted daughter. His wife had passed away and wanted Sandra to take care of her while he was at work. Ms Hudson didnít approve of such arrangements, but respected Sandraís decision.

The baby was cute, but she had a temper. She kept trying to tug Sandraís diamond ring off, throwing a fit when Sandra told her 'no'. "She is at that age," Sandra said laughing. "There are going to be a lot of spankings," she added silently as she resettled the squirming tot. Ms Hudson smiled and mentioned Rebecca's niece. "I think her name was Mandy? She was a perfect angel."

Even more surprising, Sandra told Ms Hudson that Rebecca had found a cheaper place to live and had to take it. All this was true, to Sandraís mind. She said Rebecca had sent Sandra and some movers to pick up all of her stuff for her while she filled out the paper work. "Figures," thought Ms Hudson rudely; Rebecca would leave the real work to other people while she did the easy stuff. Sandy paid the last month of rent in full, including Rebeccaís half.

Ms Hudson said goodbye to Sandra and tried to say goodbye to Becky, but the tot buried her face into her mommyís shoulder. "Isnít that cute? She's shy," thought Ms Hudson, as she watched them leave with the last box under Sandra's free arm.

Ms Hudson was sorry to see Sandra go, but not her roommate Rebecca. She had taken advantage of her faulty memory too many times. Her memory was bad, but she wasn't senile. Ms Hudson was glad she hadn't taken that baby-sitting job for free; in the three months, Rebecca had paid her nearly all of the missing rent.



A few days after the apartment was emptied of Rebeccaís stuff, nearly all of it was donated to the Goodwill by a Mr Peter Gray. The children's stuff was moved out to Peterís house for his new daughter.

Ms Hudson was cleaning out the apartment when she found a small bottle, in the bathroom, with a few pink pills still in it. The bottle was hidden under the sink, so it must have been the expensive stuff. She always searched apartments after tenants left, in case they forgot something. She thought of returning them to Rebecca, but Sandy had left no forwarding address and no way to reach her. The bottle's label said it was some kind of vitamin supplement. It had a name she didnít recognize but it looked good: 'Youth' something. Rebecca was a health nut and always bought the best stuff for herself. Ms Hudson smiled and pocketed the little bottle thinking she'd try one of them that night.

The End?


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